Kristen Stewart in Roberto Cavalli at the Elle WIH event: unflattering or cute?


The annual Elle Women In Hollywood event was held last night and various women were honored and given “awards” for various reasons. The fashion was, surprisingly, not awful. These kinds of pre-awards-season events are always difficult to read – should you go with cocktail-formal or formal daywear? A suit or a sundress or a cocktail dress? Who knows? Most women read the event correctly and went with little black dresses or simple cocktail dresses. Kristen Stewart wore this Roberto Cavalli dress which… actually, I kind of hate. It doesn’t do much for her figure – it makes her look flat-chested and thick-waisted and she’s neither. She walked the red carpet solo, but her new girlfriend St. Vincent was at the event, and according to E! News, they were loved-up at the dinner.


More photos from the event… I think Dakota Fanning gets it wrong more often than she gets it right, but I really like her in this pale yellow MiuMiu dress. Very simple and elegant.


Lupita Nyong’o in Duro Olowu. This might be my favorite look from this event? While I don’t care for the “trumpet” aspect of the skirt, the whole look is so pretty.


Anna Kendrick in velvet Gabriela Hearst Fall 2016. This, to me, looks totally ‘90s. This really was The Look circa 1995. Except you would wear your velvet slipdress with Doc Martens, black lipstick and a center part (she’s got the center part!).


Felicity Jones in Dior. The dress is lovely, the hair is “wrath of God.”


Helen Mirren in Victoria Beckham – what kills me is that Helen Mirren has a better figure than nearly every woman half her age. She looks absolutely amazing.


Amy Adams in Lanvin. This is a simple look and it’s fine. Not really noteworthy, although I bet many women would love to own this dress.


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Melly says:

    I can’t decide if Kristen’s dress is too long or too short. I do know that it’s the wrong length.

  2. SusanneToo says:

    All of the long dresses would look much better at knee length, imo..

  3. BonnieJean says:

    Helen Mirren is everything & wins hands down in my book — Dakota looks great as well. Kristen always looks, just plain awkward & Lupita’s look is hardly praise worthy.

  4. Ankhel says:

    I think Kristen’s dress is fashionable, and that the length flatters her legs and saves the dress from being a bit boring. Dakota’s dress on the other hand, is the kind you can buy at every other mall for 120$. The shoes too, and her hair and makeup looks like mine at 15. If I was her I’d get a stylist.

  5. M says:

    Felicity’s hair…

  6. tegteg says:

    My thoughts:
    I LOVE VELVET DRESSES. Yay for winter! I do think the seams on Kendrick’s dress are weird though. Felicity’s dress is gorgeous, but that hair is so bad.

    That copper color of Lupita’s dress makes her skin look even more radiant, but is that a scrunchy in her hair? I can’t tell.

    Dakota looks really good here, this is a win for her.

    Helen Mirren is a goddess and it really isn’t fair to compare mortals to her. I especially love her necklace.

    Amy Adams seriously has the most incredible hair. Her choice in clothes is usually bad, but her hair is almost always perfection – she doesn’t get enough hair props, she needs a contract with Pantene or something.

    I got to the bottom and read the first comment and remembered that Kstew was the “feature” of the article. I hate her current hairstyle, her look bored me and I completely forgot about her by the time I reached the bottom.

  7. Laurita says:

    Kristen has some very interesting marks on her feet…
    Reminds me of vintage Kirsten Dunst.

  8. hey-ya says:

    …I really liked Anna in the Twi movie..she’s had an excellent career since & has managed to retain a sense of humour about Hwood…unlike some people…however she probably hasnt got 50 mil in her bank account…

  9. Aa says:

    Amy looks preggo.

  10. phlyfiremama says:

    Felicity Jones and Amy Adams look AWFUL, IMO. Amy’s right boob looks like it is at waist level from this angle~KStew, however, is KILLING it in this look! Wow.