Is it possible that Drake & Taylor Swift could actually happen as a couple?

Two months ago, we were talking about how Drake was totally and completely in love with Rihanna and how he wanted to marry her and get lots of tattoos celebrating their love. Unfortunately for all of us, Drake and Rihanna had some kind of falling out earlier this month and it doesn’t look like they’ll get back together… anytime soon. They’ll probably be back together by Christmas though, let’s face it. Still, Drake and Rihanna’s split happened just about a month after Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s split. Coincidence?!? Probably. But isn’t it interesting that two super-famous musical stars are single at the same time? Not only that, but isn’t it interesting that Tay-Tay flew back to LA immediately after her Austin, Texas concert just so she could attend Drake’s big 30th birthday bash? New York Mag thinks it’s suspicious! Especially since Tay-Tay came to Drake’s party knowing that she could possibly run into Madame Bad Blood herself, Katy Perry, not to mention “Dear John” Mayer. Taylor still went to the party and she ended up spending a lot of time with Drake.

Drake celebrated his 30th birthday at LA hotspot Delilah on Sunday with starry guests including “Bad Blood” exes Taylor Swift and John Mayer.

“The tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife,” a spy told us. Mayer’s other ex Katy Perry also attended, and sources told us she and Swift completely avoided each other.

“They were put on opposite sides of the room and didn’t even look at each other. Taylor came through the front door with Karlie Kloss and the Haim sisters while Perry entered through the back with a gang of friends, who were inappropriately dressed for the formal affair. Katy and John chatted, but Taylor avoided both of them,” a spy said.

Guests noshed on dinner from Carbone and sipped Virginia Black whiskey cocktails. We’re told after the dinner, Drake joined Swift in her booth, where they “were intimately flirting, talking closely and laughing. The only person he spent more time with other than his mom was Taylor,” the source said.

[From Page Six]

Other outlets insist that Drake spent the most time with his mom, although it is notable that Taylor did make such a point of attending his party AND that Drake and Taylor spent so much time together at the party. Which brings me to a series of questions. How does a guy go from Rihanna to Taylor Swift? Are there men who are attracted to both Rihanna and Taylor Swift? How badly does Drake want to be in all of the gossip columns? And finally: is this really happening? TELL ME IT’S NOT HAPPENING. I would not know what to do if Tay + Drizzy really happened.


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  1. mkyarwood says:

    …. Was it Rihanna’s decision, the last time they split? Is this the ultimate retaliation? lol

  2. Cool Character says:

    Men will slept with anyone regardless of their type

  3. LiterallyaShambles says:


    Also, look at his face in that picture where she’s hugging him, lol. That is not the face of attraction.

    Also, of course Taylor has to post a picture of herself going to someone else’s birthday party.

  4. Sam says:

    Stop being ridiculous. They’ve been friendly before. They’re both Apple artists. Of course she was going to his party. Nothing more. Nothing less.

    Although I do wonder at what point in time Kanye plans to go on a rant about how his supposed friend, Drake, would invite Taylor Swift to his birthday party. You know it’s coming folks.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      A) Gossip Cop debunked this story days ago.

      B) it is possible for a male and female to be friends/aquaintences without it being a romance; and

      C) I think it is more likely a case of Tay Tay selling the whole “Katy and John were also invited to this party, but look, the birthday boy spent more time with me so I am more popular and he must like me more” kind of thing.

  5. NL says:

    Also, is it possible to hug Taylor Swift and NOT look awkward af? Because I’ve never seen anyone pull it off.

  6. MeeMow says:

    That’s a pretty platonic looking hug.

  7. OhDear says:

    So we should have a photoshoot, I mean invasive pap photos that neither of them arranged beforehand, of her meeting Drake’s parents soon, yes?

  8. anna222 says:

    I would love this to be true but goddamn… I pity the woman who comes after Rihanna.

  9. OriginallyBlue says:

    This sounds like Taylor’s people wrote it because they had to get in a dig at Katy. I don’t see Drake going from Rihanna and his Instagram girls to TS. She’s trying to get people talking.

  10. MissMerry says:

    seems like she would swoop in on a guy who just had a fallout with a great love of his life (rihanna) and so he’ll take the bait, they’ll date, she’ll get intense about it quickly, he won’t be as into it, they’ll break up, she writes an album about it.


  11. Skins says:

    Don’t think he is Swifty’s type

  12. ElleBee says:

    I ship this purely so that Rihanna can shade tf out of her.

    That picture of them hugging looks like his old Aunt Mavis (smells like moth balls), who he hasn’t seen since he was 2 asked him for a hug when she visited from out of town.

  13. AbrarAk says:

    She looks like his evil stepmother.

  14. lwil2 says:

    Are there men who are attracted to both Rihanna and Taylor Swift?

    YES. they’re called MEN

  15. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    Oh please. There is no way that she is dating or even considering going out with Drake’s Cakes. He, to prevent my black behind from getting in too much trouble here, is not her type. Like at all. Just go back and look at all of her previous attachments and you will see a pattern with her.

    It is too early in the morning to post my cynical take on what she is doing.

    • LiterallyaShambles says:

      No, please, be cynical! We eat cynicism for breakfast here :)

    • detritus says:

      I think I’m getting a similar impression.
      There a whiff of her trying to make Hiddles and Calvin-steal-someone-elses-name-for-publicity jealous and be ‘cooler’ than Katy by dating a black man.

      Someone yell at me if that’s too far.

      • Fiorella says:

        Well not Just a black man, a man who is seen as talented and funny therefore cool

      • detritus says:

        Yes, for sure. Not just anyone, he would have to be famous, talented, and approachable enough to her audience. Drake is perfect for that.

        I’m thinking in machiavellian terms, also my tinfoil hat is firmly on. Who else would give her a career boost?

        She can’t go country, already been done. She’s already done the EDM boy, and the popstar AND the heritage politico underager. I think she even tried to go Rock N Roll with the brief thing with the Take Me to Church dude. That leaves hiphop and R&B. Kims locked down Kanye, Legend is with Chrissy, Frank Ocean is not getting with her and I can’t think of any mini van majority pleasing others. Athletes generally have too short a shelf life and too much ego. So Drake?

      • remi says:

        With all her arranged relationships I doubt it’s about any chemistry or physical attraction. Drake is the cool guy of the moment without being too hardcore rapper like so I imagine that she would latch onto him to help her image. He would make her look a lot cooler. But I don’t think it would be in his interest at all to date her. And while men don’t really have types I would find it weird to see them together. I imagine he goes for voluptuous types like Rihanna who sort of radiate sexuality and confidence. He would get bored of Taylor Swift so quickly cause she looks very asexual to me. As in she’s a good looking woman but I find it a bit cringe when she tries to be sexy cause her personality is anything but and she just doesn’t have that confidence and ease. She’s like the typical 60′s housewife to me personally. Very prim but also very rigid and everything about her just seems so fake and pre planned.

    • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

      @ LiterallyaShambles lol.

      Detritus stated pretty much how I feel about what she is doing. I also believe that she is still trying to prove that she is not a racist hypocritical troll by getting papped going to parties where black rappers are at or hosting. Taking photos with Drake and many other black men who are not Kanye. As if doing these things is just enough to prove that she can tolerate being around other races by taking photos with said other people and having a ten-second convo that neither one of them will remember having a day or two later.

      • sanders says:

        Agreed Aiobhan Targaryen about her photo ops with black artists.
        But I think Drake and her are not that bad of a match. He strikes me as someone who could relate to her culturally even if they are in different music genres. I think that they could play the PR game well together.
        This could really help her with the Kanye fallout.

      • Aiobhan says:


        Creatively it may work in the long run as they would put all their time to writing new songs, but emotionally and PR wise it could be a toss up. He seems to be a commitment-phobe who puts women on pedastals. She just wants to appear as if she is the eternal popular HS girl that everyone wants to be around -even though she is fast approaching 30. It would end even worse than Hiddleswift.

        Plus, seeing interracial relationships out in public bring out the worst in some people from all sides. Taylor is a brand and is all about her money; she would never risk that for a fling or short term relationship with a black dude or any man of color.

  16. Deedee says:

    I hope it’s true. People would loose their s h I t.

  17. MI6 says:

    Pkease. This is either an Apple merger or a weak attempt at making Rhianna jealous 😅
    Or both.
    Drake looked more excited about kissing Madonna.
    This girl has zero shame. This is all her PR to generate buzz ahead of her new album and to make her look slightly less white. #fail
    Third option: she’s still trying to get Calvin’s attention after performing “their” song last weekend…
    There is no WAY any guy goes from Riri to TayTay. #downgrade

  18. t.fanty says:

    She is five more years of Botox away from becoming Nicole Kidman.

  19. Lolo86lf says:

    There is no way Drake and Taylor are dating. There is no chemistry between them. She is not his type. Drake likes his women more voluptuous, more filled out. I don’t think that she is attracted to ethnic men either it seems to me.

  20. QQ says:

    Im Gonna self reference cause this is a Discussion I had I Least two Years Back, same pic and everything ! And I 100% stand By: Trash Buffet Music

  21. TyrantDestroyed says:

    The photos remind me of Miranda Kerr and her soon to be groom at the airport, zero chemistry.

  22. Jade says:

    I kinda think Drake maybe isn’t so into white women, I’m pretty sure he has always dated black women, so gonna say Taylor is not making the cut. My guess is there is a musical collaboration coming up

  23. Tris says:

    Look at all the explosive chemistry they have in the hugging photo. *eye roll*

  24. Me says:

    Taylor tries so hard to be sexy, bless her. Fails every time. I think she stole that outfit straight from Kim kardashians closet.

  25. Dilettante says:

    The pics of her in the tube top are from the party. The blue dress ones (including hug) must be from another time?

  26. Fiorella says:

    I don’t know why it’s so impossible that he would like her and be attracted to her after Rihanna? Rihanna’s maybe a little prettier in the face and has a different body. Taylor is still fit and pretty. The atrippers drake has been said to date are probably even hotter than both or these ladies. Rihanna’s main appeal is a kind of natural charms and coolness. But Taylor seems smart and funny enough and even if she wasn’t, as we know men often go for someone younger and simple after being broken-hearted. Rihanna doesn’t seem like the be all end all of personalities despite her style and charms. Remember the racist Asian thing against katreuche.?

  27. JH82DC says:

    The picture of them hugging is from a few years ago at an awards show–it’s not from this birthday party…
    Also, celebrities always invite business-related people to their parties—he invited all his “work friends”, so it’s not unusual that she was there. She’s a big force in the music business. However, I don’t believe they are collaborating the way he did with Rihanna, but I can see that she might be contributing to the writing of a song instead, like she did with Calvin Harris.

    I also don’t understand why people are annoyed that she posted a photo of herself dressed up for his party. Famous people post up photos of themselves going to different events all the time (without the host of that event). For example, I love Chrissy Teigen and follow her on instagram, but she posts photos of herself dressed up going to different events all the time. Same with maaaany other celebs… Why all the hate because Taylor did it too?
    Don’t get me wrong, Taylor’s persona is so contrived she annoys me to no end, but let’s not go overboard in bashing her for the things that famous AND non-famous people do on social media… Some of my friends do the same thing. If they think they are looking spectacular on a particular day, you KNOW they’re going to be posting up a photo! And they’re definitely NOT famous, lol.

  28. me says:

    I don’t think so. I mean Drake is just a flirty type of guy. He was at a wedding in a small town in Canada on Saturday and walked out with the bride ! It was a cute moment and nothing happened but it was funny. That’s just the type of guy he is. Him and Taylor won’t happen…she’s not even his type and I don’t think he’s her type either.

  29. Abby says:

    Nope. How could you go from Rihanna to Taylor? I do not see this happening at all. I think this is made up wishful thinking from Taylor’s team.

  30. Freyja says:

    Kind of a downgrade, but Jimmy isn’t much to look at himself.

  31. Bliss51 says:

    You guys are sooo funny! If, huge if, is to happen. And sooooo it begins?

  32. Veronica says:

    They could just be friends in the industry, who knows. It would be interesting to see it work out. Frankly, I’ll be glad to see Drake move on from Rihanna. That relationship dragged on way too long for both of them.

  33. browniecakes says:

    Maybe he’s got nothing to do in the next three months and can date her. And she already met his Mom so check that off the list. Canadians are kinda like Brits, right?
    Seriously though, she probably wants him to sing on her album.
    She’s dressed to kill here, even if she threw a cardigan cape thing over it. Are those fake tattoos on her new boobs?

  34. kimbers says:

    If they couple up, and it’s not for song, then i would start believing his gay rumors….never believed rhirhi story.

  35. deevia says:

    Ms. Aryan Goddess and a black jewish man? Say it ain’t so.

  36. SMD says:

    Sixer and Lilac flowers, what kind of photo ops would be staged. Good girl gone kinda bad y’all! Oh this is gonna happen…

  37. Erica_V says:

    Dang a girl can’t even get dressed up to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of her debut album without getting killed for it…

  38. serena says:

    “..who were inappropriately dressed..” sounds like camp Tay. Anyway, I hope they won’t happen!
    Also,where is Orly in all of this?

  39. MellyMel says:

    No! Hell no!! Just…no! He would never. Also he’s talked about his type before & she ain’t it. Not even close. They’re friends in the industry.

  40. RJ says:

    Taylor is hot AF. Of course Drake wants some of that.

  41. ncboudicca says:

    Hmmmm….I always thought he was gay so if she’s going to continue to beard AND wants us all to know that she’s turning down the White Supremacist invite to be their Aryan Princess, then this pairing makes total sense.

  42. DesertReal says:

    Nah. It’s more likely that Swifts people are putting this spin on things in their ongoing Taylor Has Totally Moved On- Lets Collectively Forget Her Lying/Stage 5 Clinger Tendencies Okay? campaign. Plus she seems like the type to completely monopolize someones time at their own party, no less.