Katy Perry dressed up as Hillary Clinton for Halloween: terrifying or funny?


Hillary Clinton has been having a rough few days. There’s good news though: Katy Perry is still #WithHer, come hell or high water. Katy Perry is so pro-Hillary that Katy even dressed up as Hillary Clinton for Kate Hudson’s Halloween party. To say that Katy-as-HRC is disturbing is an understatement. I feel like… Katy spend a lot of time with a makeup and facial-prosthetics team to get this look. And she doesn’t even look that much like Hillary, although the wig is pretty solid (for a Halloween costume). Interestingly enough, Katy didn’t want her boyfriend Orlando Bloom to dress up as Bill Clinton – no, “Bill” is just some guy, probably some close friend of Katy. Orlando dressed up as Donald Trump, if Trump was a giant ginger troll.

Since I don’t have much to say about Katy-as-Hillary, let’s talk about the Real Hillary. As I’m sure everyone has heard by now, the FBI is reviewing their investigation into HRC… because of some emails they found on a computer belonging to Anthony Weiner. Weiner is being investigated by the FBI for sending sexually explicit emails and photos to an underage girl. Presumably, Weiner’s now-estranged wife Huma Abedin – one of HRC’s closest aides – checked her email on her husband’s computer at some point, and there’s some kind of electronic record, I would guess. Everyone’s doing a lot of guesswork because FBI Director James Comey’s letter to congressional committee chairmen announcing the new review was pretty cryptic and unspecific. As it turns out, Comey might have violated FBI and Department of Justice policies by sending the letter, and there are reports that Comey was specifically told to NOT send the letter by his boss, the Attorney General. Now everyone is debating whether Comey is a moron, a partisan hack, an ass-covering bureaucrat or a brave, sensible hero to the GOP.

I don’t have the answers. But much like Katy, I’m still #WithHer. Because the other option is a giant troll who happens to be a serial sexual abuser of women.




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  1. lizzie says:

    someone (our new president…cough…cough) is going to investigate Comey for this and when they do they will find a big fat check from the RNC or the Trump Foundation at the end of the trail.

    • SusanneToo says:

      Can Madame President fire Comey a minute after she takes the oath of office? Or better yet, let President Obama fire him as his parting gift.

    • Flan says:

      Find it really shady that he does this just before the elections.

      It’s not like he just found Hillary rigging elections in Belgium or something, but the way the first news reports talked about it, it was something massive. Instead it seems an aid opened an email on someone else’s computer. Stupid, but not like Hillary did that herself. And we don’t even know what the email was about, could have been about reserving dinner or a link to a news article.

      Also, I read that the Bush administration has similar email issues, but on a larger scale. Why is that not being looked into more?

      • lightpurple says:

        Because Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell would never challenge the Bush administration. Ryan went ballistic with the FBI head back in July when they closed the investigation. This is a make-up gesture to him. They have spent 20 years and probably over $100 million of our tax dollars investigating this woman and have found nothing other than the fact that her husband, an admitted adulterer, cheated on her. Even the women they keep putting forth as “victims ” of her husband, they themselves found they couldn’t prove their stories and they discovered that using our tax dollars.

      • M.A.F. says:

        The reason why no one is talking about the Bush emails is because according to the GOP the Bush years never happened. We went straight from Bill Clinton to Obama.

      • Annetommy says:

        I think it’s appalling that this information was released. There IS no real information. No-one including the FBI seems to know if there is anything of significance in these emails. The Federal Bureau of Insinuation. And since when did the FBI give a running commentary on its activities? It’s meant to investigate and report to the Justice Department, which decides if there’s a case for prosecution. But no, this guy decides he needs to throw a firecracker into the election campaign and give Trump, the serial liar, fraudster and molester, the only good news he’s had in weeks. I am beyond pissed off. And if I got hold of the ridiculous and sleazy Weiner he wouldn’t have anything to sext after I’d finished with him.

    • OTHER RENEE says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Just how big is that deposit to that offshore account?

  2. Esmom says:

    Those costumes are terrifying as hell. I think they could have done a nice homage to the Clintons with clothing and wigs and mannerisms and props. The facial prosthetics are terrible and don’t enhance the resemblance at all.

    As for Comey, I vote for partisan hack, With a dash of sanctimonious prick.

    • smcollins says:

      That’s what I was thinking. The weird prostetics are too try-hard and ruin the whole thing. The wig and pantsuit would have been enough.

    • Bee says:

      Yeah, neither of them really resemble either person, apart from the clothing and similar hair. The faces are beat. Sometimes you can try too hard.

    • zinjojo says:

      She looks nothing like Hillary, and my take away from the makeup and prosthetic is that they enhance how close together Katy’s eyes are.

      And ITA with your assessment of Comey – although the dash of sanctimonious prick seems more like a huge heaping cup.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      I’m with you on Comey, Esmom.

      • QQ says:

        Same and tbh Republicans can hurry up and let this sh!t go, is tired, corny, we know these people talk and do what they do and a lot of being a politician is gladhanding and making compromises, Im sure we’d find way way way worse from their rank and file if we felt like looking, they think this is supposed to make up for nominating a racist and basically taking off that B*llshit veneer that this is about “entitlements or less goverment” or whatever the more politically adroit members of the party want to call it, but no its not really not even close.

        (I actually was polling my friends this weekend about it and was mostly met in several texts with an eyeroll and a variation of “AND THEY THINK THE OPTION IS TO VOTE FOR A REPUBLICAN ANYTHING LET ALONE THAT POS!??! EVER”)

        Also Katy looks Like the actual definition of uncanny Valley

  3. Swak says:

    Does not look any where close to Hillary.

  4. LiterallyaShambles says:

    In reading about what Comey did, the general consensus seems to be that it’s outrageous, unprecedented, and he’s an absolute idiot. I agree, and it makes me feel better, but I’m still so anxious I can barely sit still.

    • Esmom says:

      I’m trying to keep my anxiety in check but it’s hard. This Comey thing is clearly GOP dirty tricks and payback for all the sexual assualt accusations against Trump. Sigh.

      • lightpurple says:

        GOP dirty tricks to try to save their lower ticket candidates so they can maintain control of the Senate and not lose so many seats in the House

      • LiterallyaShambles says:

        So it’s safe to say this was some GOP nastiness?

      • lightpurple says:

        @LiterallyaShambles, I think so. The House has been investigating emails and Benghazi for years and they got the FBI involved initially because people started complaining about the House witchhunt and Ryan and Issa thought it would give them credibility if the FBI took over. And the FBI found nothing of substance. Ryan freaked out when they closed the case.

      • LiterallyaShambles says:

        I don’t know how credible it is, but I’ve seen some rumblings on twitter that DJT’s daughter in law implied that DJT knew about this letter beforehand.

    • Louise177 says:

      I agree that Comey sent the letter to sabotage Hilary. There’s no info given about the email so it seems like there’s a scandal. Doing it so close to the election makes it obvious. Hopefully the FBI does release the emails or more information about them. Really scared that Trump will win because of this.

    • Nat says:

      General consensus? Really? According to the ABC/Washington Post poll from this morning, a third of likely voters say they are less likely to vote for Clinton now because of this re-opened investigation. Considering the race is a dead heat now, I’d say it’s time to panic.

      • Flan says:

        @Nat; hope that those are mostly people planning to vote for Trump anyway.

        The way the news sites presenting this in the first few hours was way over the top from what it was. For a moment it seemed as if Hillary had been doing something utterly criminal, but now it’s about an aid having opened emails on someone else’s computer (and we don’t even know what they’re about).

      • EM says:

        True, it does seem like those on the fence will vote elsewhere – 3rd party or Trump. Wonder if there is another Supreme Court case in our future – not sure how that would work but Comey’s action reek of interference with the election. Frankly he could have spent at least 1-2 days investigating these “new” emails before writing to the Senate/releasing statement. He could have determined substance and provided a more informed statement that showed it wasn’t just a partisan act. I’ve had this sickening gut feeling for a while that Trump is going to win.

      • SusanneToo says:

        I’m hoping the rage it inspired is even more galvanizing to Hillary supporters.

      • lightpurple says:

        @EM, a Supreme Court case would be extremely problematic given that the Republicans have seen to it that there are only 8 justices.

      • Kitten says:

        I think I’m gonna vote early tomorrow. Kinda bummed that I won’t get to experience the Election Day excitement that I always look forward to but I don’t think I can take the anxiety any longer.

        This election is so effin stressful…… I swear I’m seeing more greys coming in daily. Ugh.

      • Valois says:

        Kitten, have you made up your mind on whether you’re going to vote for Clinton or a 3rd party candidate? 🙂

      • Original T.C. says:

        “a third of likely voters say they are less likely to vote for Clinton now because of this re-opened investigation.”

        Sounds like those people were looking for reasons to NOT vote for her and are most likely part of the “undecided” waiting for Devine intervention to vote Trump.

        At this point if you think a clown like Trump (who has the emotional intelligence of a 2-year old, the intelligence of a 5-year old, knows nothing about domestic and international affairs, is a sexual predator, hates everyone who is not a Christian white male or a beautiful 10/10 Christian white woman) is a valid candidate for the presidency of the USA over one of the most qualified person to ever run for office then I have nothing to say to those people that will convince them.

        They have to go in that booth and live with the consequences of checking off Trump. Meanwhile I’m looking for which other country to relocate to when I have children, because they will be nothing but target practice for Trump’s police force and his open carry voters. I’m sure there are countries who will open their doors to educated POC’s, Muslims and Jews. Trump can have a brain drained USA to Lord over. God bless.

      • Nancy says:

        At this point a vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Trump. Everyone knows he is an evil man. I just typed in the reasons, but the post was too long. He will destroy our country. Hillary is not who I would have choose as President, but she is the one I voted for. The thought of the future with him is terrifying and listen to him…..to the whites holding signs Blacks for Trump. He is brainless, wants to punish women who’ve had abortions. My God he said his daughter is a hot piece of ass. He is on the same as Putin, you know, our ENEMY. OMG here I go again. Hillary for President.

      • Annetommy says:

        Original TC, you are absolutely right. Anyone that votes for Trump knows how vile he is, and by their support they are endorsing and collaborating in his vileness. They will have to live with the consequences if he wins, and those consequences would be at least as bad for them as for anyone else. But I am hoping that that will not happen.

      • JK3 says:

        1/3 of all likely voters. Not just folks voting for Clinton. If 43-44% is voting for Trump and that 1/3 came from them, the impact is moot. We don’t know because they presented this without that. The email issue is pretty much baked in and the 34% of die hard base republicans that carried Trump to a plurality in the GOP primary thought that something was up with the email issue anyway.

      • Kitten says:

        @valois-HRC will get my vote. My dude is not happy about my decision (he voted Stein) but I’m completely confident in my choice. I’m 100% in agreement with him that the two party political system sucks, but this election is not the time for a symbolic vote.

    • BritAfrica says:

      Oh LiterallyaShambles, our hearts are with you from over here across the pond. Hope it all goes well on the 8th…….or the 28th for those voting for the Groper-in-chief!

    • Lorelai says:

      LiterallyAShambles, same. And no matter what the repercussions are for Comey (if there even are any), the damage is done. All we can hope for is that the damage is minimal.

      Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than I am about this can explain if we can expect some consequences for Comey.

  5. Jess says:

    I’m crying from laughing, looks nothing like Hillary but definitely hilarious.

  6. Nancy says:

    I think it’s funny as Hell. She took her support, along with Orlando to a new level, very creative. I personally want to dress in a long sleeved Cleveland Indians Tribe shirt with a Cleveland Cavs jersey over it. Windians! Dear Karma: Remember all those 3-1 Warriors lead jokes I made….I was only kidding…Roll Tribe.

  7. SusanneToo says:

    Voter fraud is alive and well. Two women in Iowa have been arrested for voting twice – for trump!!! Ha, ha, ha!

    On a more serious note, a man in Florida has a trump sign in his yard and the figure of a Black man hanging from the tree next to it. At the UW Badgers game a man in the bleachers had an effigy of President Obama with a noose around its neck. The people around him didn’t seem to mind. At a trump rally another man stood in front of the press corps and repeatedly chanted Jew-S-A while making hand gestures. They’re putting it out for all to see with no shame. It’s truly frightening.

    • Flan says:

      Disgusting! Can’t imagine what you would feel if you’re black and you drive by something like that. Time to put more about all the lynching that went on until the sixties (which means some of the killers are still alive!) into American education.

      On another note:
      I don’t understand how Trump and the Republicans still have the remotest chance of winning.

      They have shown how much they utterly despise:
      -Black people
      -Latino people
      -Gay people
      -Jewish people
      -Muslim people
      -Disabled people
      -People who give a damn about any of the above
      -Lots of smaller groups or persons

      Apart from some women desperately trying to show how they’re ‘one of the guys’ by running after Trump, this would mean that far more than 50% of the American population would feel insulted.

      It could only become a problem if the above groups stay home or vote third party.

      • SusanneToo says:

        Lynching actually went on even longer. Where I live, Mobile AL, Michael Donald, a nineteen year old Black man had walked to a convenience store to pick up something. On the way home he was accosted by two KKK members, beaten, murdered and strung up from a tree. Unlike so many of the hundreds(thousands??)of previous lynchings these murderers paid for their crime. One was executed, the other is serving life w/o parole. This was the first execution for white on black crime in Alabama since 1913. Michael’s mother sued the United Klans of America for wrongful death, was awarded $7 million and bankrupted the organization.

      • Flan says:

        @SusanneToo, Thanks for your comment. I read it was the sixties not long ago, so I thank you for setting me straight.

        That people still glorify in lynching is disgusting, but only shows how long it takes before values change.

        Quite a few people are still alive who approved of segragation, and lots of people raised by them are here as well. Wonder how many have Trump banners.

    • MellyMel says:

      The man with the Trump sign in his yard actually had two (black) men hanging from his tree. The faces were covered, but you could tell by the way the were dressed what they were trying to do. And according to the news he was sharing the display with a neighbor who said everyone that is upset is being ignorant! Either way it’s disgusting and horrible. Who needs Halloween when everyday people are this scary. Frightening indeed.

    • Flan says:

      That voter fraud woman seems to be obsessed by black people and how ‘stupid’ they are, but can not write a decent sentence in what I assume is her native language.

      That’s typical of racists that tell themselves black people (or any other group) are less than them, because deep down they know they’re bottom of the barrel themselves.

      • SusanneToo says:

        That’s because the scumbag pols tell them as long as they keep the n’s, the j’s, the whatevers down, they’re doing okay. And in their anger and cluelessness they believe it.

    • bucketbot says:

      My aunt told me that DT is trying to back down on his ‘election are rigged’ chant now that some republican was caught double voting.

      Somebody should play a compiled video of all his lies till date on a giant screen at one of his rallies. Like a before and after. So republicans can see what a scumbag liar he is.

      • Lorelai says:

        BucketBot, I think HRC does actually have a list (constantly updating) of all of his lies on her website. The scary thing is that his supporters don’t care. The truth is unimportant to them.

        It’s terrifying.

    • Lorelai says:

      Shut up! Someone thinks it’s acceptable to display a recreation of a lynching on their property? That is beyond disgusting. People are so awful and this year is really bringing them out. Jesus Christ.

    • Lady D says:

      What is the penalty for voter fraud as perpetrated by these women? I assume there are varying sentences depending on the magnitude of the crime, but what can they expect? A fine, probation, or maybe jail time in their future?

      • lightpurple says:

        Ann Coulter was arrested for attempting voter fraud a few years ago but it still around screaming about voter fraud.

    • Kitten says:

      I saw it in my feed this morning and my jaw dropped. I don’t know why I’m surprised. So f*cking deplorable.

  8. BearcatLawyer says:

    This “scandal” has almost nothing to do with Hillary, except that she likes to read things on paper instead of a screen:


    • Flan says:

      The emails were not even from her.
      She has not lied or broken the law.

      Lots of news sites blew this up majorly if this is all that it’s about.

      • Tate says:

        The media was dying for a scandal. 11 days to go and Hillary was way ahead in the polls. This whole thing is disgusting. I can’t wait to go vote and get this over with.

      • Lorelai says:

        It’s going to be the longest 11 days we’ll have to endure. (Well, since November of 2000, at least.)

    • lightpurple says:

      Jason Chaffetz seems very angry that the FBI cannot give him the answer he wants in that video. I want every single one of these snake-like members of Congress to refund the tax payers every single penny they have wasted on endless, useless investigations of the Clintons. And I want that refund to come from their own personal assets.

    • SusanneToo says:

      Thanks, Bearcat. That really clarifies it. Also, the FBI doesn’t even have a warrant yet to look at the emails.

      • Erica_V says:

        ^^^THIS – they did not have a search warrant until last night – so sending a letter implying you’ve read things you don’t have a search warrant to read is a HUGE issue and why some in Washington are saying that Comey violated Huma’s 4th Amendment Right.

  9. Lucy says:

    OB’s costume is actually pretty awesome. I also like the man and woman as the Secret Service.

    • KiddVicious says:

      The Secret Service guy with the beard resembles Casper Smart, J-LO’s ex. My first thought was “at least he’s found work”. LOL

  10. LiterallyaShambles says:

    You guys should look up This American Life with Sarah Barielles and Leslie Odom jr. and listen to the song they did together. Sarah wrote a song from the point of view of POTUS and his inner thoughts about this election, and Leslie (of Hamilton) sings it. It’s powerful and moving and exactly what I needed in the midst of this mess. And by that I mean I needed to cry my eyes out.

  11. SusanneToo says:

    Pence is on FTN right now mealymouthing around. I hope his career is soiled and ruined forevermore because of his association with the orange turd. Not to mention his teabagger policies.

  12. Bettyrose says:

    I’m still with her and Drumpf has nothing to do with it. These absurd email scandals have nothing to do with student debt, foreign policy, health care…

    • Esmom says:

      You’re exactly right. The faux outrage at these emails is beyond ridiculous. I can’t deal with it anymore, I actually have a stiff neck from the stress right now.

    • Lorelai says:

      BettyRose, me too, but unfortunately a decent percentage of our country’s population has a hatred for HRC that outweighs all that.

      • Guesto says:

        Equally unfortunately, I actually think Michael Moore’s grim prediction is a real and terrible possibility. Those who support Trump have shown that they’re on a mission and are totally immune to and uncaring of anything that gets in the way of their blind hatred.

  13. SusanneToo says:

    Kudos to tweeter pi who compiled this list:

    David Duke, KKK Grand Wizard
    Jared Taylor, White Citizens Council president
    Don Black, Stormfront founder
    Rocky Suhayda, American Nazi Party president
    Jean-Marie Le Pen, French neo-Nazi party founder
    Robert Mugabe, genocidal Zimbabwe dictator
    Vladimir Putin, KGB former head and accused murderer
    Kim Jung-un, murderous communist dictator
    Louis Farrakhan, Nation Of Islam president
    Alex Jones, insane proponent of deranged conspiracy theories
    Roger Ailes, serial sexual harasser
    Roger Stone, cuckolding fetishist
    Martin Shkreli, indicted Ponzi schemer
    Mike Tyson, convicted rapist
    Don King, twice convicted murderer
    Ted Nugent, open racist and anti-Semite
    Sarah Palin, matriarch of drunken trampy brawlers
    Matt Drudge, self-hating homosexual blogger
    Gateway Pundit, self-hating homosexual blogger
    Milo Whatisopolous, self-hating homosexual racist
    Pam Geller, hate blogger linked to terrorists
    Paul Manafort, secret Kremlin agent and organizer of attacks on US troops
    Stephan Bannon, wife-beating anti-Semitic campaign CEO.
    Katrina Pierson, convicted shoplifter and welfare cheat
    Ann Coulter, Anti-Christ

  14. Melly M says:

    Maybe it shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but I’m still struggling to wrap my head around how many people there are on the “corrupt Hillary/everything is a big conspiracy anyway” train. Almost everyone I talked to about it this week: someone I cooperate with for my job, someone at the gym… All normal, educated people…

    • SusanneToo says:

      And they can’t grasp that Politico clocked Hillary lying at 28% or being one of the more truthful politicians and trump at 71% or almost every time he opens his anus mouth????

    • Original T.C. says:

      I hate to say it but Barney Sanders and his supporters started the Hillary is corrupt and in bed with Wallstreet thing. Then the YouTube video complied with Hillary’s “lies”. This spread on Facebook. Trump just picked it up at the tail end to add “crocked Hillary”.

      People just assume it’s true because of the Sander supporter videos. I was so heart broken when the news break came out that the FBI are reopening the investigation. I didn’t even watch the new.

      Twenty-four hours later I braved CNN only to realize they had NOTHING!! Just a report of emails read by her aide from her husband’s computer. It put more fire under me to Fight For Her. I am going to get out the vote like no body’s business.

    • Flan says:

      @Melly M, I more and more get the feeling that people who say ‘she’s just as bad’, don’t really read up on anything.

      They want to sound informed, and smart for not ‘falling for either’, but if you ask them precisely why, they never have a clear answer.

    • Lt says:

      What do they say?

  15. Lorelai says:

    This is only somewhat related, but I recently watched the documentary “Weiner” about Anthony and Huma and it was excellent. I would highly recommend it.

    I have no idea what possessed them to give the filmmakers such intimate access, but it was amazing. And even more interesting now, knowing that this most recent nonsense was brought about by the investigation into that dirtbag and his inability to keep his d*** in his pants.

    I wonder if Huma is at the point where she is too much of a liability for HRC to keep on board? I know Hillary adores her, but…

  16. nicegirl says:

    Katy Perry is a loyal HRC supporter. I’m with her. 🙂

  17. I'mScaredAsHell says:

    Long time lurker….first time commenting.

    This election feels eerily similar to Bush vs Gore in 2000. Hillary Clinton is being swift boated via this ridiculous focus on emails. So many far more important and consequential issues, and all we hear about are emails.

    An ignorant, clueless sexual predator may become President and that should scare any rationally thinking person shitless.

    Please everyone, do your best to get out the vote and impress upon people the importance of this election.

    Pray and pray with fervor. God help us all.

    • Christin says:

      I share your concerns. We have a major party candidate with ZERO political office experience who refuses to disclose his tax returns. But let’s focus on e-mails again.

      When I become overly concerned about a Gore repeat, I remind myself that we lived through eight years of a doddering movie actor who had noticeable signs of dementia (who allegedly made decisions based on his wife’s astrologer’s advice).

  18. Nic919 says:

    She looks like Paris Hilton in thirty years from now if Paris doesn’t do Botox, fillers or plastic surgery. Bill Clinton looks like a burn victim. There are way better fake masks of those two at the dollar store.

  19. Leigh says:

    Those prosthetics are terrifying! Girl just slap on the clothes and wig, do a little make-up to age yourself if you feel it’s totally necessary and call it a day. As it is, this costume only causes confusion over who she’s supposed to be,

  20. Lana banana says:

    Katy needs to see how the kids are really doing the Hillary costume…I went to several halloween block parties over the weekend and there were many hillary costumes…as in a Hillary mask and a prison suit.
    Marketing wise, that revelation couldnt have come at a better time given that Halloween pop up costume shops around here have arranged FBI costumes right next to Hillary masks and orange DoC jumpsuits now as a couples costume idea.

    I was a zombie fairy all weekend but today had to buy a work appropriate pirate hat for tomorrow and I’m making rumchata cake balls that are hopefully not as much of a pinterest fail as they currently appear.

    Happy halloween everyone!

  21. Otaku Fairy says:

    They look more like undead versions of the Clintons. Something about the faces is off.

  22. Lt says:

    So creepy! Especially bill wtf

  23. Neelyo says:

    You know those pics where they photoshop celebs to look like ordinary people? All I see in the header pic is one of those asking ‘What if Princess Di had lived to middle age and become a real estate agent?’

  24. JustCrimmles says:

    Bill looks like Tom Brady, Katy looks like any middle aged woman, but the troll is the most accurate Halloween depiction I’ve ever seen. Nailed it.