Leah Remini’s A&E docuseries ‘Scientology & the Aftermath’ looks good right?

I’m sorry this took me a couple of days to get to but I wanted to be able to do it justice. Leah Remini has a new docuseries on A&E which is coming out on November 29 called Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. We’ve heard that it will focus on Scientology’s effects on families, but the trailer, which was aired on Entertainment Tonight, makes it look much more comprehensive than that. For those of us who have followed this cult for years, there’s little that surprises us – physical abuse, child neglect and abuse, forced abortions, forcing couples and family members apart, using slave labor, bankrupting members, but there are some sad bombshells in this trailer, particularly a former Scientologist explaining she was statutory raped at 14 by her 35 year-old boss. Of course Scientology higher ups did nothing to protect her or prosecute the perpetrator. That seems kind of inevitable given everything else we’ve heard about Scientology, but it’s still shocking and heartbreaking. As Lainey writes, it’s like Leah is shocked too, although at this point how surprising is any of this to her? She’s surely heard these terrible stories and she lived it too. Here’s more of what’s in the trailer above (in case you can’t watch it) and some quotes from Leah on the show:

“My whole life I was a very dedicated Scientologist. I didn’t want to find out what I’d done was a lie,” the 46-year-old actress says in the trailer, which is intercut with former members emotionally recalling their experience with Scientology. “Something inside of me was saying, ‘Get them out of this thing.'”

[Former parishioner] “I was 14 when I started in Scientology. I had a boss who was 35 years old and we had sex. The organization did not tell my other, did not tell the police. They’re going to sweep it under the carpet and it will all be over with.

[Remini] “Fight for your family, fight for your daughters, your sons. Let’s get to the abuses, let’s get to the abortions. Wake up.”

Remini, who left Scientology in 2013 after being a member since childhood and has since disavowed the Church, is executive producing the eight-part series.

“This series is about sharing the truth about Scientology,” Remini said in a statement about the show. “Truth born out of very personal experiences. Truth that is shocking, things I did not expect to find when I embarked on the journey of making these shows.”

[From ET, additional quotes from trailer added]

Scientology has responded by personally attacking Leah and all these former parishioners because that’s what they do. If you care, you can read that on People.

I really give credit to Leah for making this series, at her own personal peril, to speak out against the horrors of Scientology. The cult no longer has the power it once did but their fair game policy puts a target on defector’s backs and they routinely stalk, harass and spread lies against people who leave, not to mention people who speak to the press about them. Some strange “suicides” have occurred among Scientology’s enemies, I’m just saying. Leah has her celebrity to protect her, and I hope these other ex Scientologists have good people around them as well. I’m looking forward to this show.

Leah Remini Signs Copies Of Her New Book "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology"

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  1. BeBeA says:

    Leah, you in danger girl, is the first thing that comes to my mind. I love how brave these people are ,talk about it get it out there and save someone else if you can!

    • Belle Epoch says:

      RESPECT. I believe she is doing this for all the right reasons and at some peril to herself. I’ve heard stories about cars mysteriously going off the road and so on – I hope she has very good security.

      • qw says:

        Flo Barnett, David Miscavige’s MIL committed suicide by shooting herself. 3 times in the chest, then once in the head. With a long rifle.

    • Ripley says:

      Honest to God, Shelly Miscavige has been missing since August 2007 I’d be scared to go against them. They do not mess around. Isn’t Tom’s mom still missing or has she returned?

    • teehee says:

      I dont think shes in danger anymore. There is now too much info out against Scientology, that its in her favor and to their own jeopardy now, actually. KUDOS to her for taking it this far !!

    • Suzy from Ontario says:

      So proud of her for what she is doing!! The more that this dangerous cult is exposed, the better! I can’t believe that they haven’t been more seriously investigated. I get the feeling that they must have some “friends” pretty high up to avoid trouble based on just what people already know about them. Stuff comes up and then just seems to fade away and no one gets arrested and it all dies off quietly over and over. It’s very suspicious. That Miscavige guy needs to prison imo. I can’t believe it is all just allowed to go on and no one ever gets prosecuted or put in prison! Maybe this docu-series will change that. Fingers crossed. What she’s doing is dangerous, based on how they “Church” has treated people in the past, but there is power in numbers and safety in high exposure. The more people, especially high profile people, that defect and tell their stories, the less the cult can do to silence them. Too many eyes are on her and watching. I’m sure it’s driving Tommy and his pal nuts!

    • Megan says:

      I will be watching this to support Leah. I don’t think that I would be brave enough to take on CO$.

  2. swak says:

    Hope it comes to Netflix as I have been cable/dish free for about 3 years. Or I’ll have to head over to my daughters to watch it.

    • Imqrious2 says:

      Swak, they have a website and an app. You might be able to screen it that way. Esp. On a computer, you can plug an HDMI cord into the computer, run it into the slot on the side of your flatscreen, and watch it “on tv” that way 🙂

  3. trollontheloose says:

    every time I pass by the Celebrity Center I always feel the vibes of American Horror Stories: The Coven. I’ll be sitting at the cafe cross the street and see these teens sweeping all around the chateau and then the one for the plebe which is down Fountain Av with buses of “ordinary people ie not he famous and rich ones like some type of factory workers from China. All dressed in black slacks and white shirt, adults like going to school that demand uniforms. you should see the bus it’s 1950’s era and they look like sardines waiting to be smoked.

    • SnackieOnassis says:

      I leave near Clearwater and whenever you drive through downtown you see them in their uniforms and it’s just creepy. The city could have a vibrant downtown, but after so many years of cultists buying up real estate they own most of the property and use it for themselves. It’s getting a little better, but they are heavily involved in the local government and have a lot of power over what goes on. But hey, they are currently redoing all of the sidewalks at no cost to the City, and the locals don’t want to piss them off.

      • Bethy says:

        When I lived in Tampa and friends used to come to visit we’d go to Clearwater – they have the best beaches in FL, in my opinion. Once walking along in the city center of Clearwater, some Scientologitsts told us to “get off THIER sidewalks.” It was vastly amusing, as we basically told them to f off. You don’t own the streets!

      • trollontheloose says:

        I used to live in Los Feliz and I was shocked when they bought the KCET-tv building/studios. World domination.

      • Sumodo1 says:

        Yes! I lived in the area. It’s hard to explain to children. Too many of these Sci kids are runaways.

    • stinky says:


  4. jerkface says:

    I support her in this cause. And on a completely superficial not I think she looks amazing these days. Like she’s healthy and happy and motivated.

    • Annie says:

      I’ve noticed how good she looks, too, since leaving Scientology. So much healthier, as you say.

    • Myrna says:

      She has looked amazing since leaving the crazy cult and going public against it.
      Freedom is gorgeous on her!

  5. RussianBlueCat says:

    What surprises me about Scientology is with all the negative press they get, there are still people willing to join.
    I walked by a location in Toronto and they had tables out front and people getting “stress tested” or whatever they do to lure people in. What I also found interesting is that the building has been under “renovations” for years, yet you never see any work actually being done.
    This cult must be hard up for new members to bring in much needed cash

    • swak says:

      I really need to go down to where the center is in my city and watch – it’s not near. Passed by it one day taking my grandson to work and saw some car driving in and thought “NO, don’t do it”.

    • Betsy says:

      If people don’t “follow” Scientology in the news at all, I don’t think they’d necessarily know or be able to guess that a stress test is a cult intro, you know?

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        Cults are rampant these days- especially in the yoga community. I just realized I am a cult survivor and it took 5 years of litigation to get my son out- he is now 5. The strategy is to act fast against these cults- because if members get into the judicial system they can create laws to make these evil organizations stronger.

    • Lindsay says:

      It is very odd and sad. Although it does take some time before they actually talk about Scientology. So you have to know about the stress test, e-meter, ect to make the connection. Although if it is on front of their building it is harder to hide.

  6. 76May says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I fully support Leah Remini and plan to watch her series. I also bought her book. Good for her for being so brave and honest.

    • Chetta B. says:

      I am also going to buy her book. It’s worth mentioning that I tried to buy it here at Coles in Ontario and Scientology will not allow it to be sold in Canada, the store employee told me. They will SUE you if you sell it. So I must buy it through eBay 🙂 and I will! Imagine, eh? They’re frightened of the book because it’s factual.

      • CatJ says:

        I borrowed it from the library, here in Alberta…..if you get a chance to read a copy, it’s fascinating…..and scary!

      • Squiggles says:

        I came across the same thing when the book first came out. I was contemplating ordering it from the US. But things have changed. I can now get it at my local library and promptly put myself on the waitlist!

  7. Kitten says:

    I have nothing but respect and admiration for this woman. She’s tough as nails to go up against CO$.

    • detritus says:

      To leave your ‘family’ too.
      Leaving any religion is so hard, leaving a cult like scientology? Even harder.
      I have nothing but respect for her, especially on speaking out. She has a platform and she’s using it to the best of her ability. That is incredibly laudable and she’s one tough cookie.

  8. Margo S. says:

    Leah is the sh!t. She is so strong and brave. As are all these people in this series. The more people talk about this his, the more scientology will suffer.

  9. paolanqar says:

    Maaan i hope nothing will ever happen to you girl.. but even if something happens we all know under what rock to look for answers.
    She is such a fearless woman and I really respect her for what she is doing.

  10. QQ says:

    Leah’s Field of F*cks lays Barren, Never to grow back! and I ADORE her for it!

    Get em Girl!

    • detritus says:

      She has burned that field to the ground. She has salted the earth that she once grew her fucks upon, and none shall be found there hereafter.

      I am loving it and her.

  11. KWM says:

    I’ve been following the crazy that is Scientology for years, ever since a guy who our family has known forever went to high school with my brother , got involved in $cientology, got out, was going to write a book about his experience and was suddenly one of those suicides mentioned above.

    If you are interested follow The Underground Bunker, Tony Ortega was one of the first journalists to take on the cult and he has been harassed for years. He had a story the other day about Leah being followed and stalked and everything they claim the never do.

    I truly believe she was shocked, in the early days of $cientology you were not allowed to read anything about the church other than the official cult magazines and publications. It has gotten a little harder with the internet, but those caught reading non authorized websites are subject to being turned in and labeled an SP.
    Also celebrities are treated so much different than the poor guy in Clearwater. They are celebrated and given the world, it really is 2 different cults.

    • LiterallyaShambles says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your family friend. The deeply sinister nature of this cult makes me shiver every time I think about it.
      How much has to come to light before someone can do something about it?!
      But I guess the FBI is too busy trying to rig the presidential election to worry about rape, forced abortions, slave labor, brainwashing, kidnapping, and murder.

  12. Franny says:

    She is so incredibly strong.

  13. Deanne says:

    Leah Remini is an incredibly strong, brave person and I have so much respect for her. The way Scientology uses the threat of losing family and friends to force people to stay, is beyond despicable. Either you hand over all of your money and keep in their good graces, or risk never seeing your children, siblings, parents etc. again. Tom Cruise can take his ‘beautiful religion’ and shove it.

  14. Ariel says:

    The cult of scientology grows weaker and weaker.
    In a world of bad news, this is such a wonderful development.
    Ms Remini’s book (just finished it) made me so much more sympathetic to how people, good people, searching for meaning, get swallowed whole by all this nonsense.
    I am setting my DVR to watch every episode of this.
    Hope the show is crazy popular.

  15. Lindsay says:

    “As Lainey writes, it’s like Leah is shocked too, although at this point how surprising is any of this to her? She’s surely heard these terrible stories and she lived it too.”

    It is because she is a human being capable of empathy. It is very different to know something in theory or even reading about similar situations doesn’t prepare you for sitting across from an incredibly strong and brave survivor talk about the horrors and trauma she went through. Discussing being raped at fifteen is uncomfortable and difficult even in ideal conditions. Talking about it with a stranger, knowing it will be shown on TV, and accusing a group that has a history of disturbing retaliation is amazing. Leah surely knows that and admires it as well as being greatful the survivor would open up to her.

    Sitting across the table from someone, seeing the pain it caused should always be moving and shocking. Not to mention Leah probably feels bad for believing in, financially supporting, and advocating for the group that both victimized her and covered it up.

    Sitting there with a ‘yeah, yeah, this nothing I haven’t heard before’ attitude would be incredibly cold and callous and make the survivors feel uncomfortable, like they are just one more sad story, and make them less likely to really open up or agree I’m the first place.

    You can know something like this was done on a mass scale and still be shocked and appalled by each victim’s story

  16. Mikeyangel says:

    I have followed the shit show Scientology for years. I live within an hour of Clearwater, home to one of the most beautiful beaches anywhere, and unfortunately these criminals. Anyone who speaks up against them is a hero. I really like her. I remember the first time I saw her (the beach girl on saved by the bell) I thought she was tough and cool (I was like 14). I commend her and I think she is brave. As she left fairly recently, I bet she still has plenty of person revelations about Judy how bad of a religion it really is, and how deep and wide teaching that bad really is. There isn’t much good in Scientology. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Hinduism, all have beautiful tenants that if followed (whether true or not) will in many ways, help people be better versions of oneself. Obviously it is the extremists of any group, that themselves pick and choose which tenants to follow then go nuts with it, that make it look so extreme. It feels like that is ALL Scientologists, or many. Very extreme. You are Scientologist too or we won’t speak, even if it dear old mom or dad or granny. they are super extreme, which makes them much more scary to me. I know most religions have very scary skeletons in their closets as well, but they have had to calm the hell down. How Scientology still manages to stay so public is beyond my reasoning skills.

    • stinky says:

      …its simple: Blackmale.
      That’s how they stay public and don’t care.
      They’ve got everyone telling them their deepest, darkest, secrets and pain…
      If you turn on them, they’ll terrorize you.

  17. squee says:

    Anyone else see Louis Theroux’s My Scientology Movie? If so, thoughts?

  18. lucy2 says:

    I give her a LOT of credit, for not only getting herself and her family out, but for then continuing to fight for those who don’t have the protections that her wealth and celebrity afford her.

    I’m looking forward to watching this, and hope the message continues to spread so no new people get tricked into this cult.

  19. Erica_V says:

    She’s so brave! Will def have to watch this.

  20. VegasSchmagus says:

    I will definitely watch this show. Her whole family escaped that nightmare, and on some level, they’re all still paying for it.

    I loved her docucomedy “It’s All Relative” – I’d laugh until I cried. All of the yelling, slapping each other, all of the over-pronunciation of words – brought me right back to my childhood growing up on Lawngyland. 🙂

  21. cynic says:

    Props to her. I hope a lot of people see the docu-series.

  22. Libra girl says:

    Definitely watching this. COS gives me the chills. I cannot understand how people are still there.

  23. MD says:

    More power to Leah Remini in exposing this cult.

    This is the kind of fearlessness I wish more reporters had when interviewing celebrity Scientologists. Turn the tables and tell them you won’t go along with their film/TV promos unless they’re ready to answer some tough questions. Damn that “exclusive” access to hell and just do your bloody job! It’s about time that people stop cowering in fear and realize the cowards behind the cult front of invincibility. Hit them with facts, fines, investigations, and questions. Scientology folds under pressure. Leah has proven it. She hasn’t been sued for writing her book nor for talking about her experience within the organization. There is no penalty for speaking the truth!! Yes, she’s been followed as an intimidation tactic but nothing else has happened. If anything foul were to happen to her, Scientology would immediately be suspect. In fact, the cult is afraid of her!! Leah will keep finding ways of speaking out until (hopefully) the government, law enforcement or the general public will take action.

    Aside from Scientology’s policy of disconnection (which involves discontinuing all communication with someone…even if it means breaking up marriages, families or friendships), one other big problem is the cult’s drug rehabilitation program that’s identical to its religious exercises. Narconon is the name of Scientology’s rehab front group (different from the legit Narc-Anon. Always note the cult is a con, as in NarCONon). The cult takes advantage of desperate families looking for help for their addicted loved ones. It falsely states a success rate of 75% which is outrageous. Many “graduates” of the program either immediately become part of the staff (the norm is to have several years of sobriety under the belt before becoming a trained counsellor) or they go back to abusing drugs/alcohol again and OD soon afterwards. Yet this quack operation manages to get state approval instead of being shut down (there have been several deaths within a few of their facilities). Google and discover the horror stories yourself. It’s abominable how the health system could let the public down by giving these clowns some space to harm the vulnerable.

    Anyway, I hope Leah continues to give David Miscavige some ulcers. GO LEAH!!!!!!!

  24. Choo says:

    Terrible, terrible people.

    What they’re doing to Jim Carrey right now sickens me.

    Good for you, Leah.

  25. Me says:

    Is she pregnant?