Emmy Rossum received horrid anti-Semitic tweets from Trump supporters

Do you remember when everyone was rallying behind Leslie Jones when she was being targeted by racist trolls on Twitter? Twitter promised to clean up their platform, they changed their TOS and purged a bunch of accounts including a Breitbart journalist who was encouraging his followers to target Leslie. For a while it looked like things were changing and like Twitter was getting more civil and then Trump was elected and it’s been like a blank check to racists and xenophobes to spread hatred and threats. For his part Trump has told his followers to “stop it” and has said he’s “saddened” but he hasn’t issued a longer statement condemning the attacks. (Not that it would mean much coming from a guy who regularly kicked people of color out of his rallies.)

We just heard that Silicon Valley stars were harrassed by Trump supporters at a bar in LA. Now Emmy Rossum, who is Jewish, was told by a Trump supporter on Twitter that she would be sent to the gas chambers. He even photoshopped up an example, complete with Trump sign. Emmy responded like Leslie, she retweeted the worst messages and called out the user, whose account has been suspended.

Also, Emmy really nailed it with this earlier tweet.

This makes me sad for so many reasons, not least of all the fact that all of our advances in technology and social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – are supposed to help us shed a light on things like this and eradicate hatred. Instead it’s like there’s a spotlight shining on all the cockroaches and rats who have come out from the basement and we’re expected to be ok with that.




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  1. RandomGirl says:

    Damn, some people are so heartless.

  2. Shambles says:

    Oh my f*cking God, that is absolutely horrid. Anyone who tries to say the Trump-Hitler comparison is an over-exaggeration, I give you exhibit A. His own followers are using THE most painful chapter in Jewish history, one of the darkest, ugliest moments in modern history, to intimidate Jewish people. That is not just an anti-Semitic tweet. That is straight up hate speech. Holy sh!t. I feel like I’ve been punched.

    • Cee says:

      It’s disgusting. That would be enough to make me quit social media.
      So glad I left Twitter years ago. There is no CONTROL, no consequences, for hate speech. It almost seems as if Twitter doesn’t give AF about it.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      I read 3-4 languages and you should see what’s coming out from Trump supporters’ mouths in UK, France & Italy.
      Not afraid to say the new fascism/nazism is definitely on the rise.

      • raqnaloap says:

        Agree on the Italians Trump’s supporters

      • IndifferentCat says:

        It cannot rise if we all, collectively suppress it. Trump will fail, he doesn’t have the talent to succeed, and the rest of the world will see how weak the right really is. If you base everything on hate then love will beat it. Hate is hard. Love is easy and natural.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        The rest of the world did not get to experience how weak the Right was in the 1930s and I’m afraid that although love is love is love is love, resistance will require organization, strategy, unity and leadership.

      • Snarky says:

        I lived in Italy for a year and speak fluent Italian. You are right; it is terrifying. I love Rome, but facism never really disappeared from that culture.

    • Trixie says:

      Well, NaziAmerica will be worse than what happen 80 Years ago, you will see, in 5 Years we will live in a complete f***ed up Society.

      But i’m really shocked how much came out of the Basement, gladly sharing their Racism Hate Xenophobia openly, it seems they will never learn, disgusting.

    • cora says:

      Americans don’t know this I suppose, or american media is avoiding it but, it is NOT just comparing Hitler to Trump, LITERALLY Trump’s campaign is a rip off of Hitler’s. Hitler’s campaign slogan was “lets make Germany great again”.In Europe we are horrified, by we I mean normal people, with values and common decency, not ultra extreme right supporters, like those of Marine LePen. Those are really happy and getting more and more “brave” as days go by.
      I beg you to spread the truth about Trump’s slogan because people just don’t realize this.

      • Llamas says:

        Actually that’s false. That started out as a meme.

        But on another note. Everyone is behaving like animals. Those tweets are repulsive and make me want to punch the screen. I’m sick of all the hate. I watched a video of some white guy wing dragged out of a car and beaten up with people cheering until he had to go to the hospital all because they thought he was a trump supporter. This type of behavior and the racist actions towards Emmy and others are absolutely appalling. And ALL this disgusting behavior should be getting coverage. No one should cherry pick what is bad. That is enabling disgusting behavior.

      • cora says:


        It sounds awfully similar though…

  3. Squiggisbig says:


    • ShoeAddict says:

      The worst part is, is the blatant violence on the streets. People being beaten up beyond recognition, places of worship vandalized, no one able to defend themselves against the blatant hatred and the physical abuse. Trump supporters, in my opinion, feel like they have been given a blank check to commit heinous crimes against people and places with no consequences. I am afraid that it will become worse once he is brought into office. And the smug little creatures that have come out from under the floors to visciously attack people on Twitter and any other platform. This is truly sickening. All of the platforms out there need to shut these people down immediately.

  4. SilverUnicorn says:

    “Instead it’s like there’s a spotlight shining on all the cockroaches and rats who have come out from the basement and we’re expected to be ok with that.”

    Exactly. And judging from the Retweets/Likes of some of these posts, the hateful bunches are gathering everywhere. I had blocked 3 accounts on Twitter before Brexit. Since then, I’ve blocked more than 200.
    These people feel now legitimised and it’s ‘us’ on the other side who should shut up and stop ‘whining’.
    It’s awful. Hugs to Emmy!

    • Trixie says:

      i was already shocked after Brexit, all that Hate, but after Trump, holy shit, now i’m really worried.

  5. YT says:

    All the trolls voted for Trump. He’s their role model.

  6. Liz says:

    It’s horrifying and I’m sure nothing will be done about it by Twitter. It honestly feels like this is the new normal and mainly because a Twitter bully has become the President.

  7. Radley says:

    I don’t know if Trump truly wants to be Hitler 2.0. But his supporters sure want him to be. And imo, Trump has major mental issues which cause him to seek validation on a grandiose scale. So, he may fall into becoming Hitler 2.0 just because the adoration he receives feeds his incredibly damaged yet colossal ego. Plus he’s an all around bad person.

    Emmy handled that well. There’s literally no excuse on earth for this.

  8. Lucky Charm says:

    From this point, it really doesn’t matter what (or how strongly) Trump says. By his encouragement he hate and rage has been unleashed and cannot be put back into the box. It will take many years, another generation at least, to fix everything that will be undone within the next six months. My heart is broken and hurts. And I feel nothing but contempt for anyone who voted for Trump, I don’t care what your “reasons” were, there is no reason good enough to justify it.

    • LinaLamont says:

      “From this point, it really doesn’t matter what [or how STRONGLY (my caps)] Trump says.”

      Watch yesterday’s interview with Leslie Stahl.
      He’s “saddened”. He said, “Stop it.”. Wow. What conviction. You tell ‘em, Donnie.

    • Trixie says:

      Look at Germany, 80 Years later, well Fixed? They still suffer, silently but still.
      I hope you’re right and in this Time it doesn’t need to much Time to Heal from what is coming…

  9. HK9 says:

    So, where are all the Trump voters who aren’t bigots? Why aren’t they coming forward saying this is not what they stand for? That’s because this is exactly what they do stand for. They’re disgusting.

    • kimbers says:

      I had the luxury of voting with my concious, in a blue state, while others had a terrible choice.
      I am currently traveling through a state that voted trump. The sheer amount of anti-hilary speech is crazy. I havent heard any other hate speech that i thought i would in a typical red state.

      From what I’ve found out is that Hilary is evil and a liar. She would not have saved jobs, since jobs started leaving this country beginning at the time of Bill’s presidency. Her desire for a trade deal would have taken more jobs over seas and would not bring in the manufacturing jobs this country once had. She owes too many favors to too many people. This state is sick of the arrogance the Democrat has and does not believe that the D party is still looking out for the working class. They blame the media for trying to project hilary into the white house before the primaries were even started. Some are very resentful of the media and the only way to stand was to vote trump. Some truly support trump he’s loud and transparent, while hilary is very much the politician. It was said they can keep trump in check better and are willing to wait 4 years or less if he is truly unfit.

      Wondering what the next group will say…

      • Carmen says:

        Nobody is going to save those jobs and especially not Trump. Those jobs are gone forever. They’re never coming back.

      • ichsi says:

        @Carmen Exactly. This probably what gets me most. How blind and stupid do you have to be to not realise that these are empty promises? WHY would a business man like Trump be interested in working against globalisation, capitalism and technical advancement, which are the reasons those jobs are gone? He PROFITS from them! How can you be so dumb? Then again, that self-proclaimed Nazi cockroach couldn’t even spell Sieg right, so I shouldn’t be asking this. Humanity really is not meant to last.

      • Aang says:

        I have to go to Philly soon. If I fill up in Syracuse I can make it without stopping in any red county. I have no desire right now to even pump gas near these people.

    • sauvage says:

      @ichsi: That’s what jumped out to me, too. Not that the biggest problem with the Trumpists is that they can’t spell sh*t; I still find it telling. Why even do any resarch into your hatred? Why even “back up” your hatred, if there is such a thing? Oh, right.

      I am so angry. I am so f***ing angry. And even more than at the White Supremacists, I am angry at all those people who will tell you with conviction that of course they’re not racist, they just voted for Trump because something something establishment. The KKK and the like, they were always going to be like that. They were always honest about it. But those “moderates” who are fine with just NOT CARING about all the implications this will have for others? Sorry, no. If you voted for Trump, you are racist, and you are misogynist period. If you are black and voted for Trump, you have sucked up all the racism and turned it into self-loathing. If you are a woman of any colour and voted for Trump, you have sucked up all the misogyny and turned it into self-loathing. So, yes, anybody who voted for Trump: You people are racists, and yes, you people are misogynists, AND YOU DON’T GET BROWNIE POINTS FOR NOT BEING OPEN ABOUT IT.

  10. Kiki says:

    It is pathetic that the leaders of the Free World would resort this atrocios, disgusting rhetoric and think this fine… But America, “the greatest nation in the world”, has the audacity to send hate and anger amongst their fellow man and expects the world to bow to the because they are the “greatest nation in the world”. I know this is not the USA but a lot of bad apples spoiled the bunch and they will become the most hated and most vulnerable.

    This is pathetic and depressing….. I PITY THE RACIST, XENAPHOBIC IDIOTS and that is the world feeling to give to anyone.

    I am so sorry Emmy Rossum that you have to endure such disgusting matters.

  11. manda says:

    And I’m so tired of trump supporters saying stuff like this isn’t happening, or if it is, it always has been. Ummm, nope, not at this level or this open it hasn’t.

    To add a little levity, I feel like Mugato in Zoolander, “what, am I taking crazy pills or something?!?” Shocking and upsetting that so many people think behavior like this is ok :(

    • Mare says:

      Are they all really Trump supporters? The DNC is known for paying people to cause trouble.

      • Carmen says:

        Let me guess — you voted for him.

      • Elgin Marbles says:

        @Mare. One of the great lies of this election season is that the DNC has been paying people to protest. It’s almost too absurd to address. Alt-right messeging guru Steve Bannon has been in charge of Trump communications. He’s the genius who coordinated the attacks of Jewish journalists and journalists of color. They were threatened and harassed on social media and a few Jewish journalists had their records doxxed. His last ad was a mimic of frames from Triumph of the Will. This candidate and his cronies defeat and diminish via bullying and foment distrust and fear. It’s not at all a surprise that there’s been an uptick in racist encounters and race and religion based violence. Things like this do not happen in a vacuum. If you are a Trump supporter, you need to be aware of it.

      • Jaded says:

        Mare, it’s everyone’s right to protest something they are horrified by. This kind of xenophobic behaviour is horrifying. Prove to us that the DNC hired people to protest and cause trouble. PROVE IT. What we DO know is that the Republicans deliberately targeted minority voters and removed them from voting lists starting in 2013. What we DO is that T-Rump has given his stamp of approval for his party to target all the women/immigrant/black/Latino/LGBT people in America with misogyny and hatred, otherwise all the unprovoked attacks on said citizens would not be happening. You must have a cold, cold heart to not understand that what is happening will be the downfall of ‘Murica, not its greatness. Shame on you.

  12. greenmonster says:

    This is more than disgusting. I was talking to a school social worker today who just had visited Auschwitz with a group of high school students last week. She said you can still feel the sadness and despair. She also said, this will haunt her for a while.
    The Third Reich with all of his crimes against humanity is the darkest and saddest chapter in the history of my country. We still try to deal with it and learn from it. It breaks my heart that people can wish anything like this on others.

    • Trixie says:

      I’m with you Greenmonster, we still suffer as i said above, some People will never learn, and now these People have the Power, disgusting, 10 Steps back for the society…

      What Trump is doing is nothing other than “Volksverhetzung”, get used to the Word dear American People….

  13. ria says:


    I know sadly a lot of people that are anti-jewish.

    These people are right -wing, leftist, Bourgeoisie, artists, middle -class, upperclass, low class, Christians, Moslems, germans, turks, arabian, polish people, russians, people of 30 different countries, refugees, other migrants, social Workers, teachers, lawyers, Communists, Capitalists.

    Most of these people don’t know jews, but when they Start talking politics it is in the end always the fault of jews and israel.

    I work as a nurse in a huge Hospital, and know way to many assholes.

    There are way less than 20 millions of jews in the world, i never understood how everyone always is faulting them.

    There are around 2.1Billions Christians and 1.8 Billions Moslems on this planet, but less than 20 Millions jews are so frightening to them.

  14. ria says:

    I did not forget the other Religions, but they are normaly are not evil about jews.

  15. Hmm says:

    Holy shit.

    What is happening??

  16. Sayrah says:

    Wow. This stuff is horrifying!

  17. Jessica says:

    In every news story I have read about the hate crimes that are taking place almost all of the comments are from Trump supporters claiming that it is Liberals trying to cause problems.
    There seems to be no willingness to accept that maybe some of his supporters are in fact not very nice people who now feel that it is acceptable for them to express the feelings of hate that have always existed.
    There seems to be no understanding that we aren’t so much upset about our candidate loosing as we are upset about how Trump ran his campaign on a platform of angry rhetoric. We are upset when people claim that this was an elction based on the issues. If this was really a vote on issues like economy and national security, maybe the Republicans should have voted for a candidate that actually understood them and had actual ideas about them.

    • Trixie says:


      you know what, i asked myself if Hate Crimes now in the US are socially acceptable and nobody will take action about that issue?
      Otherwise, the FBI has some of their busiest time at the moment, or which authority is resposible for Hate Crimes?

      An Voklsverhetzer President who causes Hate Crimes….. maybe a reelection would be a wise step…yeah i know won’t happen :(

  18. cindy says:

    oh my god…………is this really happening????? Is this the new normal?

  19. Franny says:

    I spent most of the weekend angry, but this reduces me to tears again.

  20. Lambda says:

    Haha, the moron could not even spell ‘sieg”.

    At my uber liberal alma mater, a few graffiti were found in a bathroom with such message as the swastika, Trump maga, the white man is back, the f word, the n word, brown low IQ people, and several other pleasantries. It was a very concentrated cocktail of shit.

    • Trixie says:

      I saw that too, well i’m not surprised….

      You described it perfectly.
      “concentrated cocktail of shit”

  21. ana caona says:


    Congratulations EMMY! your getting married! I love my Shameless folk! I hope they are all at the wedding.

  22. TOPgirl says:

    I’ve experienced racism from blacks, latinos, whites, and it didn’t matter what their religion was or what the hell they belive in. Racism is not just one group of categorized peoples. It is anyone and everyone.

    • Trixie says:


      the people try to paint a picture of the white uneducated man, but Trump has a lot of female supporters, he has foreign born (or from foreign origin) and POC supporters…it’s way more complicated than some people think.

  23. lucy2 says:

    This makes me ill. I truly don’t understand what is wrong with people, and am sickened that these hateful creatures feel emboldened by the election. Truly dark days.

    Twitter will have a problem on its hands when all of its celebrity and sane users start abandoning ship, and will regret not doing more to prevent this abuse..

  24. wolfie says:

    STAND UP AMERICA!!! “And they marveled at him,saying’ who is like the beast?’ “. Also, “that if it were possible, he should deceive the very elect.” Actually, Trump was mocking all of us when he said the election was rigged, because he already knew it TRULY WAS RIGGED IN HIS FAVOR!!! Now we are going to find out why the FEMA camps were built. Now we are going to find out why an actual city was built underneath Denver International Airport. Will we “wait and see”, or will we stand against evil?

    • Trixie says:

      i had the same thought too, that’s typical NPD behavior, do something horrorble and blame somebody else, even beforehand.

      When nobody ever investigate that election, than i don’t seen a silver lining for the USA :(

  25. Izzy says:

    Last week I moved the mezuzah on my side door inside so it wouldn’t be visible on the street. I don’t want my house targeted and I need to feel safe in my own home. A part of me died inside when I made that compromise.

    Welcome to Trump’s America.

    • Dee says:

      I am so sorry you have to feel that way in your own home and country. I have family in the states that are POC and some are Muslims. They are afraid and some have even decided to take their hijab off out of fear. Welcome to trumps America indeed.

    • Jaded says:

      Izzy that breaks my heart. My heartfelt wishes for you and all others who are facing a horrible time in US history, one that hopefully won’t last and will go down in history as “here’s how we did it wrong, let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

    • BTownGirl says:

      My Mom told me to do the same and it had to be one of the saddest moments of my life. ייתכן שאלוהים מעניק לנו שלום, my friend :(

  26. Josefina says:

    What I find hilarious is that I still read comments everywhere about how painting all Trump supporters as racist is ignorant and intolerant. Where are all these non-racist Trump supporters? Why are they not speaking against this?

  27. Anilehcim says:

    There are crazy, hateful people on both sides. I didn’t vote for Trump, but I watched the video of a Trump supporter getting his ass beat in the street as people filmed it and screamed “don’t vote Trump, that’s what you get for voting Trump” and then they stole his damn car. This election has brought a ton of terrible people out of the woodwork and emboldened them to wear their hatred and bigotry on their sleeves like a badge of honor. Frankly, it’s all disheartening and upsetting and the status of the country as a whole is bleak. I don’t feel great about protesters breaking the window’s of small business owners or starting fires, either.

    • Trixie says:

      Probably they were never go to elections, so you don’t know if these Trolls were Democrats, i doubt it….

      But all the Hate is caused by on Guy DT.

  28. my3cents says:

    Fun fact- his daughter (Ivanka) married a Jewish man and converted- but I guess that doesn’t bother his supporters much.

    Yes the world just got smaller, uglier, and scarier.

    • Trixie says:

      He will use that fact to say that he is not resposible, because you know….Ivanka is now Jewish…
      Hitler had Jewish ancestors, doesn’t stopped him.

    • Raina says:

      I bet he hated the fact that his daughter married a Jewish man, and converted her religion for him.
      He can say all he likes, but Trump is a very hateful man. I never see him socializing with Ivanka’s husband the way he socializes with his son’s wives. Maybe it is because Jared Kushner is Jewish?

  29. A.Key says:

    You know what, the wall he’ll build won’t be to stop people getting in but to stop people from getting out.

    One week in and the US is already turning into 1933 Germany. I’m guessing that idiot’s rhetoric alone will be enough to stop anyone from attempting to enter the US.

  30. Betsy says:

    I’ve never “gotten” Emmy Rossum, but what the everloving heck? The Rump supporters – the allegedly “good” ones – need to own the monster they’ve created.

  31. Talia says:

    I am definitely no celebrity, but I’m a proud Israeli-American dual citizen. And despite my non-celebrity status, I’ve also been the target of these anti-Semetic Trumpsters. Even worse, many of them are so-called evangelicals! I’m no Hillary supporter, but I’ve gotten WAY more respect from her supporters than I have from those who worship the orange baby-handed orangutan!

  32. teacakes says:

    This is utterly vile.

  33. Fluff says:

    “it’s like there’s a spotlight shining on all the cockroaches and rats who have come out from the basement”

    Well put.

  34. Bess says:

    This is just the beginning folks. An ugly world is about to get a lot uglier.

  35. Raina says:

    Poor Emmy. She is very beautiful but wow. Nobody should be sending anyone those types of tweets! How America has changed as of last week!

  36. serena says:

    God, that’s so awful! Banning them is really not be enough!