Colin Farrell wants his new girlfriend, Alicja Bachleda, to move in with him

Reports have come in steadily that Colin Farrell is pretty serious about his new girlfriend, Polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus. The two met last year while working on Neil Jordan drama Ondine, a film about an Irish fisherman (Farrell) who finds a girl/mermaid (Alicja) in his net. I guess it’s like Splash, but in Ireland, maybe? Colin denied dating anyone for months and months, even going so far as to proclaim his celibacy. The celibacy didn’t last long (if it even existed in the first place), because Colin and Anicja have been spotted together in Europe and America consistently over the past few months. Now this latest news, from Star Magazine – Colin is so in love with Alicja, he’s asked her to move in with him. Something about how he wants her to cook for him. If that’s all he’s looking for in a girlfriend, why hasn’t he found me?

Home is definitely where the heart is for Colin Farrell! The reformed bad boy, 32, went gaga for gorgeous Alicja Bachleda-Curus when the two shot the drama Ondine last summer, as Star revealed – and now he’s asked her to move into his $4.3 million Hollywood Hills pad.

“Colin wants to be with her all the time,” says a friend. “He loves knowing she’ll be waiting for him when he comes home.”

There’s another big plus to cohabitating with Alicja, 26, says the pal: “She really likes to cook for him!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, May 25, 2009]

If this was the old Colin Farrell who shagged every woman he saw, I would doubt the authenticity of anything having to do with this report. I would even doubt that Colin has some big Hollywood Hills home. But I tend to think there’s a lot of truth to it now. Colin really is a changed man, he’s not the hellraiser he once was. He’s clean and sober and he’s in an adult relationship and has been for a while. And he probably does have a big house in Hollywood – his son James probably spends most of the time with his mother, in Los Angeles, and Colin probably bought the house to be closer to the boy.

A few months ago, Colin gave a particularly heart-wrenching and honest interview about his special-needs son, rehab and his own “profound sadness”. Colin said, “I don’t know if I would be here if I hadn’t had [James]… He was a huge part of me going in and making certain changes in my life… The negative aspect to all this good fortune was loneliness. I never figured it out…I just had a broken heart and was profoundly sad. I had all these wonderful things in my life and yet I found myself at this point.” Sigh… so Irish, isn’t he? But I totally believe him, and if Alicja makes him happy, so be it. He deserves it!

Alicja Bachleda-Curus is shown in the header out on 11/26/08. Colin is shown on 1/11/09. Credit: Alicja is also shown below at the premiere of Trade on 9/19/07. Credit: Bauergriffinonline


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  1. janey says:

    “She’s really pretty,” i thought… until I looked at her mouth.

  2. stewie says:

    she’s got beautiful eyes, even if she does have too much makeup on…but it looks like some sort of event so I’ll give her a pass on the heavy makeup.

    and colin? le sigh…colin is just too damn hot.

  3. raz says:

    Isn’t he gay???!!!Everyone knows that….Nice cover-up buddy!!!

  4. kiki says:

    he looks std ridden she is just his flavor of the month

  5. Samantha says:

    Nah, he is only gay to the insecure straight men who for whatever reason actually feel threatened by a picture of him.

    And yeah…he is too hot for words.

  6. Camey says:

    Raz you have obviously never seen the Colin Farell sex tape.

    Hot, Irish and rich… what a lucky woman she is.

  7. Annie says:

    She’s gorgeous!

    I’ve never seen her before until now, but I’ll give credit where credit is due.

    until I looked at her mouth.

    Because I’m sure you’re quite the stunner.

  8. Kaiser says:

    WAY too much makeup in the bottom pic, but she is very pretty. She should leave her hair straight, it makes her look younger and not so much like a New Jersey hooker.

    No disrespect to Jersey hookers.

  9. stewie says:

    I take offense to your jersey hookers, comment, Kaiser.

    In NJ, the hookers have their hair MUCH bigger!


  10. blahblah says:

    lol @ all you ponytail/chapstick types thinking she’s wearing too much makeup! Jealousy! You know your men would love her! :) :)

  11. Casey says:

    He’s really cleaned up his act and seems happy, so good for him.

  12. the original kate says:

    i’ve seen colin’s sex tape and there is no way he is gay. nah-uh.

  13. asdfgngk3 says:

    She’s admitted herself that she’s only using him for the publicity.

  14. buttababy says:

    Colin is NOT gay but I did hear that he had the “package”. I don’t want to start any rumors because of course I don’t know for sure…but that’s what I’ve heard…….which was why he kinda fell outta sight and then the celibacy thing came up.

  15. LenkaSanch says:

    yeah.. Colin likes women and she answered the invitation. Have a good time darling!

  16. j. ferber says:

    Colin is always gaga for the woman he’s with at the time. Remember how in love he was with the Irish medical student? I believe she even postponed her studies for him. Wonder where she is now? I hope back at school. Colin does have a gay brother, whom he supports fully (how sexy is that?)
    I also remember reading that he propositioned a very attractive 70 year old woman, who turned him down, though he really tried to persuade her otherwise. The woman was immensely flattered. I believe this story. I think he’s a passionate guy and I’m glad he’s taking care of himself again.

  17. annie says:

    is’nt some other girl pregnant with his baby or is that her?

  18. Casey says:

    jferber, there’s a great clip of Colin being interviewed on the Jonathon Ross show last fall where he talks about how he propositioned Eileen Atkins during the filming of Ask the Dust, so it’s absolutely true.

    You could probably find it on youtube.

    He’s so funny!

  19. asdfgngk3 says:

    To Annie:
    No that was supposed to be Minnie Driver, but Henry looks nothing like Colin. It will be the next part of the story, however.

    We saw exactly the same story being printed about Muireann and Emma Forrest too. Then the next part of the story that comes out is that she’s pregnant or that they are married, just wait and see.

    It’s pretty obvious in the photos that whilst he is smitten with her, she can’t stand him. If this is true, it is unlikely it will last.

  20. asdfgngk3 says:

    Just curious, but how can something dated May 25th have happened yet?

    He supposedly lives in Los Feliz (sp?) to be closer to his son.

  21. Monika says:

    His new girlfriend is a polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus

  22. kika1993 says:

    Yeah,Alicja Bachleda-Curuś is very beautiful polish actress ;)

  23. Bakuś says:

    i met Alicja, she is very popular in Poland, smart & cute girl… :)

  24. annnn says:

    every polish women is beautiful like she. :D

  25. Barbie from Poland says:

    She is a very good girl. Very responsible, intelligent, talented woman and Collin can be sure that he’s dating with an angel – the best material for a wife. I wish them both good luck
    Alicjo, wszystkiego najlepszego, na pewno zmienisz Collina na lepsze

  26. agnieszka says:

    helo from Poland! ‘jak sie masz?’- (Borat)
    alicja, hope u will find happiness with this irish lad :)
    u will be one hot couple!
    good luck in US.
    ps. my boyfriends half irish so i know they can be really good at stuff… ha!!

  27. Chloe says:

    Alicja was great in the movie ‘Trade’! She really is gorgeous and seems a little exotic, too.

  28. Daria says:

    I like her. I from Polend ;D

  29. Jörg says:

    hey! every polish is beauty.. my wife is from Poland :) and Alicia is beauty too.. but my wife MORE! KOCHAM CIE SABINA!

  30. Maren says:

    mmmmm… sexy Irish… (ok.. and beauty polish xD)

  31. Biby says:

    ok.. she is pretty xD

  32. CassieM says:

    shes sooo preetee :O wow shes real??very very beauty

  33. crissy says:

    beauty gurl :] good luck Alicia&COLIN
    hes hoooot

  34. jacob says:

    lucky man so sweet girl

  35. Anya says:

    Word on the street about this “sweet Polish girl” is that she’s a witch to cast a crew on film sets. If that’s what Colin be it. He never thinks with his brain long enough to see if the woman his is with is worth his time and wastes 6-8 months on a nowhere “relationship”. Muireann McDonnell and Emma Forrest were prime examples that used the hell out of him. He needs to consider his son and make sure he makes good choices.

  36. Laurie says:

    I can see she has a big following in Poland and based on the posts here, and a lot of Polish fans that are delighted, that they are together.

    Her reputation as a person doesn’t seem to be great. There is alot coming out about her, that she’s especially nasty to people like the cast and crew that she doesn’t perceive to be in her league. I’ve also heard alot of rumors that she’s using him to keep her name in the spotlight. Time will tell.

  37. Medea says:

    Just to make her more familiar to you:,1992/title,Alicja-Bachleda-Curus-Boje-sie-zapeszyc/place,1/
    Polish actress and singer, born in Tampico, Mexico on May 12th, 1983. Her debut was at the tender age of 6, as she performed at a children’s music festival in her home-country Poland. Awarded several times, for her acting as well as her singing, Bachleda-Curus’ talents have taken her around the world, and she has performed on such occasions as the UNICEF concerts in Warsaw. Most noted roles include Zosia in “Pan Tadeusz”, Anke in “Summersturm” or Weronika in “Trade”, and in “Ondine”. You can also see her in “Schindler’s List” by Steven Spielberg. Fluent speaker in Polish, English and Spanish, and moderate user of the German language. Alice is also a member of the European Film Academy (European Film Academy – EFA).
    Her next project is “The Absinthe Drinkers” with Jurgen Prochnow and Peter Facinelli

  38. xploxite says:

    He’s a brilliant actor & a hotttttie, can’t wait to see his upcoming movies

  39. Tara says:

    Alicja is a great actress and a talented singer. She completely stole “Trade” from the other actors. I don’t believe for a second she’s a witch on set. Can’t wait to see her in Ondine and The Absinthe Drinkers.

    BTW, according to these Polish web sites Tim Roth is also in The Absinthe Drinkers.,89342,title,Alicja-Bachleda-Curus-u-boku-kolejnej-gwiazdy,wiadomosc.html?ticaid=17665

  40. Jess K says:

    I see everyone who say something about Alicja is from Poland. Well I see people from Poland are very pride abou this girl. he he he good for polih people… this Alicja have something with her mouth…Is she dother of Arnold Schwarzenegger ???

  41. moria says:

    Alicja is great! Really lovely and smart girl, great actress. I wish her LUCK!

  42. Paffx says:

    Both Catholic…

  43. ccc says:

    [From Star Magazine, print edition, May 25, 2009] ????
    How come it says May 25 if today’s date is May 22????? That doesn’t make any sense!

  44. iza says:

    actually, i come from Poland and i could easily believe she is a witch on a movie plan…her career is based on family and other connections…that is how she got part in Wajada’s “Pan Tadeusz”; she is spoiled girl from rich Polish family whose way of making business only reflects their true character…i am sure that she is using him to establish her name..well the only consolation she is not the first and not the last one to do that..and not only in Hollywood

  45. anna34 says:

    I wonder how she get role in Ondine?
    She wasn’t very famous in Poland. In USA Nobody has knew her.
    I fought that M.Cottillard ( OScar 2008!) will play in this film.

  46. anna34 says:

    I wonder how she get role in Ondine?
    She wasn’t famous in Poland. In USA – Nobody has knew her.
    I fought that M.Cottillard ( OScar 2008!) will play in this film.

  47. Medea says:

    To Jess K: to be true: I am not sure he deserves her. Not because of her achievement as an actrees but taking into account her wisdom, beauty and honesty

  48. marta says:

    Yeah,Alicja Bachleda-Curuś is very beautiful polish actress! Alicja is great;)
    i come from Poland

  49. Alain says:

    You better say nothing all yous polish with ur broken English, do you really always have to judge a people, and do you really always have to fight?
    Don’t you see when you’ve started all the others just ignored you? I feel so sorry of you.
    “I come from Poland” …well but I came from somewhere …”is she witch”??? I cant say she is a witch …she may be a gorgeous princess but witch ? no way….

  50. Mala says:

    Ah you people, you are just jealous and sad always saying bad things about others…you can’t stand if someone is happy its all because you have crap life….so sad

  51. ann says:

    She also is pretty and rich, is just mitologie about poor polish girl, she is singer and dancer too she had success since she finish 6 years old, her parents are rich people.
    What you think who can pay for study in New York at Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute????
    And other think she was born in Mexico in 1983 so in Poland was hard time nobody traveled to Mexico was comunism in Poland.
    So she is also lucky to be born in rich familly from Poland.

  52. Keli says:

    So where has she been since May 25th? That was the last time they were photographed together. And he’s been hangin’ out with his sister pretty much the whole time in London. Guess we’ll see what time reveals. Best to them both.

  53. Dorota says:

    Jak zawsze piękna Alicja :) powodzenia Alicja :)

  54. Hannah says:

    i have read some interviews with Alicja and i believe she is a truly smart girl and will not let herself be deceived easily. wishing her all the best but to be honest not with Colin ;)

  55. am says:

    Is she… pregnant with him? That’s what you can see here:
    What do you think?

  56. Harle says:

    Smart girl huh? Not if she got herself pregnant by Him!!

  57. Jazy says:

    Just what the world needs.. another Baby Momma. Colin! You’re 33!! Birth Control is a good thing!

  58. Stella A says:

    Alce is 26 years old and Colin 33 – quite resonable age to become parents. Kids requaire a lot of energy. I know something about it:)

  59. Dorota says:

    the Poles just wanted to feel important and show they know more about this girl then you all do…now me being judgemental… As for Colin and Alicja I think it might work out for them, the Polish and the Irish are quite alike in many ways.

  60. jae says:

    I, for one, find the way the Poles acted here quite pathetic.

  61. Magda says:

    You’re writing that Alicja has something with her mouth. I think it’s something like Keira Knightley. I’m also from Poland and always respected Alicja. She’s so talented and ambitious girl. Smart, inteligent and really modest, maybe that’s why you don’t know her well. She don’t want people to think that she is turning up her nose and not saying much about her career. Do not believe what dirty people say about her. That’s not true for sure. Good luck Alicja! And Colin, just be good to her :)

  62. mauro says:

    I was on the Cracow last year..
    Polish girls are really so beautiful!!
    Much more than Alicja I think..

  63. eM says:

    She just dont look good on pictures, but she is real real cutie…
    She’s gorgeous and also very smart. She’s also amnazing actress!
    isn’t she?
    Polish girls are the best! I know something about it. ;)

  64. fbeats says:

    i like women than men in this articles he looks like evil on his beard bad face and she is shining this articles like 100w light
    thanks for info

  65. Alicja says:

    Well…reading all those comments probably gives people misleading idea that we, Polish are bitter and jealous about “our” girl making it big in LA. But the truth is, that for you Alicja Bachleda-Curus is just a pretty, talented actress from Poland. I’m her age and actually grew up, seeing her making it “big”. It wouldn’t happen if not for her very well known and rich parents. I’m from the same city she lived in, have friends who went to high school with her and even met her once. And we all share the same feeling about this girl: arrogant, rude, spoiled, stuck up person. Very sad.

  66. MiszzMiszz says:

    oh yeah, she is gorgeous

  67. thema says:

    Alicja looks here very pretty. despite of my polish being i am not a big keen on of her talent or appearance. but what can i say…alicja good luck..if you’re happy that’s fine.

    ps. a wy nauczcie sie angielskiego zanim cos napiszecie ;)

  68. PeterPL says:

    Watch this! She’s in pregnancy in 7th month!!

    Polish gossip page

  69. dorothy says:

    people , stop being jalous!!!
    This is soooooooooooooo sad…

  70. A says:

    you know what, I’ve been reading and reading and reading your comments and don’t see any point in them, cuz what’s the point in judging someone you haven’t actually met? What can u say about this person? U can only repeat gossips and we all know what’s the precentage of turth in them…are they happy?? is she pregnant?? That’s not your business! Let them be! And for all those sad people from Poland (btw I’m from Poland too) so what that her parents are rich?! Maybe they were able to pay for her studies in NY (lucky her), but does it gave you the right to say that she achieved everything thanks to them?? I’m sure they are not wealthy enough to buy her a part in Hollywood movie ;) Similarly to Alicja,I’m lucky cuz my parents could pay for my studies in London, but everything I’ve achieved here is thanks to my hard work. So maybe next time you’ll think twice before saying something, cuz, metaphorically speaking, money may open the doors for you once, but it depends on a person how she/he will use it! Thus, if she was, as u said, successful only thanks to her parents, she wouldn’t have played in all those movies cuz someone would finally notice that she had no tallent…btw he’s wearing a lot of make up cuz the pic was made at Trade premier ;)
    Finally to Alain u seem to be a very sad, arogant and unhappy person. Maybe, we Poles write in “broken” English, but how many languages do you speak?

  71. leonila _ Poland says:

    Piękna, inteligentna, skromna :)

  72. Malwina says:

    That is not a good picture of Alicja:)
    I have seen her in Poland – she looks much better/trust me:DDD

  73. Ewelina says:

    A czemu akurat na tą stronę tylu Polaków wchodzi? Włącznie ze mną? :-D

  74. karolina says:

    I’m just curious. How could she risk to get pregnant with this sex addicted all-time unfaithful dude after one year dating? PEOPLE USE CONDOMS PLEASE

    another polish girl, hi from poland men;p

    nie wiem jaka ona jest, nie znam jej, ale w tym ogrodku z kurami w spolicowie byla urocza ;p

  75. Marla says:

    It hasn’t even been a year! Only a few months! Baby or not..the odds are against them. It’ll be interesting to see if he admits to it at the upcoming Toronto Film fest where their film is showing. I can’t wait to see if they go as a couple.

  76. March says:

    His choice
    Her choice
    So be it.

  77. polka says:

    piekna para, nie wiadomo jak dlugo przetrwaja ale jej na pewno pomoze to w karierze!
    na prawde mila i slotka aktorka a on extra facet!

    lovely couple, don’t know how long they will last but it will certainly push her career.
    she’s a lovely and sweet actress and he’s just the hottest guy :) i’m polish too, wish he had met me ;)

  78. J84 says:

    No kidding, but she has JAW like a HORSE! ;]
    And it’s obvious that she’s caught him for FAME & MONEY, cause she’s one f**ing
    Besides, it’s well known in PL that she came from very RAPACIOUS family…
    Run Colin, run! (when it’s not too late…)

  79. xxx@ says:

    Colin is hot! an in addition he is an actor so promiscuity is part of his occupational risk ;) :D Alicja looks cute and, instead, appears almost chaste which is really strange for an actress in the XXI century! And for sure she is different than Hollywood celebrities, which might be her charm in Colin’s eyes. Polish as well as other non-Western girls are still very different to their Western counterparts and guys do find it very attractive! :)
    Colin’s and Alicja’s due baby could be the outcome of all: passionate first stage of the relationship, Alicja’s cold calculation or just wanting to become a mum (yes, in Poland this usually comes earlier!). People writing about it is part of their profession no matter what is behind.
    Last but not least – the posts of Poles may appear childish… however, comments on their language skills posted by native speakers that usually have a hard time to say ‘hallo’ correctly in a foreign language is just ridiculous! The same like preaching about the nature of Poles and judging Alicja without having any understanding of her country and people… what I say!… often hardly knowing where the country is located or what is its capital – better do some extra reading before because it is you ‘folks’ that appear pathetic, narrow-minded, and arrogant.

  80. akina says:

    Im from Poland n i dont like her at all but anyway i wish all d best:) n i fell very sorry for people like xxx@, have nice live u jealousy ugly b***

  81. ash says:

    hiya:)shes so nice person i dont know wht shes doin with this tramp colin???he wont even let her go 2 c her parents or let em cum over 2c her,hes a proper wanker!!!hope she will dump him ASAP!!!she deserves better!!!

  82. miki says:

    tIs is normal that not know actress is meeting a famous actor and after 9 moths borning his child??You do not do things like that work for your things….shameªªªª

  83. Borcia says:

    he’s so ugly & anoying, & I hardly understand what a girl like her does with such a whimp…blaaaaah

  84. Sonz says:

    Stop hatin people ! Her jaw just looks like this on this picture see other pictures of her she is so pretty , lotz of girls would looove to look like her. and i agree about having too much make-up on this one picture but she doesnt usually were that much . and yh she wuz pregnant with his baby and she alreadi gave birth to it. no one knowz if its a girl or a boi because they didnt show off their baby yet. Wish them all luck xxx

  85. Karo says:

    I come not only from the same country, but also the same city as she does. And I know a number of people who went to school with her and didnt like her as a person. She even tried to lay a friend of mine once in a night club but he kinda didnt fancy her back:)The point is that the girl is a nasty, stuck-up cow who people dont really find that great. She has never ever been a popular actress in Poland. She only did a couple of cheezy movies that nobody really watched and one soap. She might be considered pretty, but on the other hand Poland is full of far more beautiful and talented actresses who have that lovely girl-next-door attitude and really deserve to be noticed and recognised all over the world. Regarding the relationship with Farrell, I think she simply run out of money in LA and had to jump in somebodys bed and hes just messing with her.Dont believe it will last and dont wish her that.

  86. maggie says:

    I’m from Poland. I know her, she didin’t play in lots of films, in few. But I thought she’s more wise.. So what, that Collin’s a star?! It doesn’t show him as a person. And he’s an awful person. His sex tapes show that. Here, in Poland, we see Collin not as popular star, but as a man, who desroys Alicja’s life. Especially Alicja’s family. Have you known Alice is almost that rich as Collin is?

  87. karolek says:

    Jebać Collina, ćpuna i kurwiarza. Nasza Alicja jest bardzo fajna, mam nadzieje że jej nie zostawi samej z dzieckiem.

  88. Evie says:

    I’m not Alicja’s fan but I wonder how many of those who say she’s ugly, has something wrong with the jaw etc, are fans of wooden, horse-faced Jen Aniston.

  89. Mexy says:

    You don’t have to think, she is pretty. The most important, is that Collin think that. If they are happy together, ok. Sorry about my english, but I speak three launguages, I can make small errors. As somebody has writed, how many launguages You speak? Even one foreign?
    ^ Here you got some her pics (from movies)

  90. Marcia says:

    Wiecie co? nie wierzę w to by ten związek długo przetrwał. Alicja jest teraz znana w Hollywood i LA z tego, że ma dziecko z tym całym Colinem :)

    prawie jak translate: I think, it isn’t a true love, it’s only a ‘hollywood romance’. BUT! Alicja now is fameous in Hollywood or LA, becaus she have a kid and ofc an affair with american actor ;)

    kisski ;P

  91. Mania says:

    She is pretty but that make up… could be better XD She look the best on unofficial photos. She was sweet in ‘Pan tadeusz’…How it will be in english? ‘Mister Thaddeus’. Movie based on book. Damn, in USA you probably don’t know that book >.<
    I hope that she will be happy with Colin and they baby. Good luck Alicja

  92. Mania says:

    oh, btw, I’m interesting how in USA people read second part of her surname XD ‘Curuś’

    and I like her jaw. That small defect make that she look a little bit like a small girl. Cute.

  93. Monika says:

    Alice is known in Polska.She’s plays in a few movie.I don’t understand why only became involved with the ugly “Playboy” xD

    Polska rządzi !! xD

  94. Donny says:

    They have a baby together.

  95. mx says:

    true is:- she is beautiful but not the most exotic women in the world.
    - Colin is very very famous. Alicja I know her wenn I heard that she gave a birth a Colin’s son. Before I guess she was just famous in Poland.
    -She was totally ignored in the golden globes.
    -She got pregnant in the first months she met him. ..she obligated Colin to baptize son in Poland…bullshit all this. Pretending to be Catholics while having children without being married ..and even worst they didnt know eachother well.

  96. .. says:

    YES YES they have a baby together…and probably he is gonna have some more with other girls if he continue having sex without taking care..
    And She has two options: to have another son of colin in order to keep him…or trying to stablish her name in Hollywood…before he lets her for another…
    Colin has been with more intelligent girls Salma Hayek-Emma Forest-Amelia Warnert that did not get pregnant in the first months…maybe because they do not need to that because they are already famous…some other needs a baby to try to get to Hollywood.

  97. Diane says:

    these two were pregnant (Alicja and Kim) only weeks into really starting this relationship. I for one think they hooked up on the set and he cheated on Emma Forrest and they re hooked up after Emma had kicked him to the curb. I mean they meet in Sept 08 and by Oct 09..they’re parents! Very irresponsible on both their parts.
    She missed a good chance to be seen at the Toronto Film fest with a noted director and actor but missed out. matter what projects she tries to do.. She’ll now forever be known as Colin Farrell’s second baby mama. She’ll never have the same amount of respect.

  98. mang says:

    polish girls are all sexy! i had sex with one , they are wild mang!!!

  99. magdalena says:

    hahahah im Polish too aaannnnnnddddddd????????? i feel sorry for the polish people which are thinking that Alicja is the best polish actress and she is so beautiuful….. jesus.. and everything started after she got with him.. before- silence about her, now she is a f…… star!! heeeeeellllllooooo!!! she is with him just for money!! she is a “star” but just in Poland.. and we got preetiest girls in PL..
    last thing-if you cant write in english dont even try.. its pissing me off!!
    to Polish people: wstyd!! idzie i zacznijcie sie do niej modlic!! taka wielka gwiazda?? a dlaczego bo dziecko z Farrellem sobie zrobila??? myslcie kuzwa cos

  100. Natalia says:

    ‘magdalena’. You’re wrong,sweetie. The Bachleda- Curus family virtually own Zakopane and half of Krakow (did you know Sukiennice belong to them?) So, no, she is not after his money. They are actually wealthier than he is. A re jelous because you’re single and ugly (and probably would love a rich man yourself ha ha) ? Childish and stupid !

  101. Izabela from Poland says:

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