Drew Barrymore & Steven Spielberg are working on an ET sequel


It’s been 27 years since E.T. came out – quite a long time to finally be thinking about a sequel. But that’s exactly what Steven Spielberg and Drew Barrymore have in mind. According to the National Enquirer, the two have been secretly working on a follow-up to the smash hit

Wizard of Awes STEVEN SPIELBERG just launched secret talks with E.T.’s favorite Earth girl, DREW BARRYMORE, after concocting a plot to reunite her and the planet’s favorite alien in a long-awaited sequel to the classic 1982 mega-smash! …Yes, we have LIFT-OFF! … Spielberg’s storyline has E.T. returning to Earth because he longs to see Gertie – the little girl who’s now grown up to be his adult human friend.

“Steven and Drew are being very secretive about this baby,” said an insider. “But they want to do this project and work together again. Steven has an incredibly brilliant story in mind for the sequel that will bring E.T. back to Earth!”

[From the National Enquirer, May 25th, 2009, print ed.]

Sequels always have a high probability of failing. They rarely match the original, let alone surpass it. But in this case they’ve got a shot. Steven Spielberg and Drew Barrymore are Hollywood powerhouses, and they both put out consistently likeable and marketable films. Drew is a master of the lighter comedy, and Spielberg knows how to bring substance in just the right measure.

A lot of sequels make the mistake of trying to simply retell the first successful film, in a blatant attempt to rake in cash. They don’t try to move the story forward, and are often just slap-dash remakes more than anything. However the E.T. sequel would be an entirely different story. If done well (and how could it not be with Spielberg and Barrymore?) it could be one of the rare follow-ups that’s as good as the original.


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  1. kiki says:

    do they need the $$?
    wait I think Spielberg does ( Bernie Madoff victim )

  2. KDRockstar says:

    Not true. Trust.

  3. KateNonymous says:

    Even if true, I’ll see your “But in this case they’ve got a shot. Steven Spielberg and Drew Barrymore are Hollywood powerhouses, and they both put out consistently likeable and marketable films. Drew is a master of the lighter comedy, and Spielberg knows how to bring substance in just the right measure.”

    And raise you a Crystal Skull.

  4. Anna says:

    Oh. Please. NO.

    Don’t ruin yet another great film by making a sequel.

  5. Ronnie says:

    I saw this movie at least twenty times throughout the years and cried each time at the end..I think I’ll rent it this weekend for the granddaughter. I don’t think they need to make a sequel it was perfect just the way it was..

  6. K.L. says:

    Sigh…another rape of my childhood.

  7. K.L. says:

    And another thing..it wasn’t enough to put in unnecessary changes when they released the anniversary edition DVD a couple years ago?! Like editing out the use of handguns with friggin’ walkie-talkies?! F-you Hollywood! Because of P.C. nitwits like you, kids are going to miss out on all classic movies and television in it’s original form.

  8. Dolkite says:

    I doubt this one is true. Spielberg got a lot of pressure to do a sequel after the first film hit big and he refused. Besides, this was in The National Enquirer, not exactly the most reliable news source.

  9. Hannah says:

    Latest issue of Empire in which Steven himself edits and answers questions from actors:

    Eva Mendes: Would you ever make E.T II? I would fight Drew Barrymore for a part in it!

    Steven: Thats sweet. Eva doesnt have to worry about a bout with Drew because I’m never going to make E.T II – E.T is a closed story. It had a beginning, a middle and a definite ending, and we had nowhere to take it except to go home with him or back to Earth for a second time.

    (Empire June 2009 page 162)

  10. I loved the original and think it should just be left at that.

  11. Magsy says:

    For gawd’s sakes can we let go of the 80’s now? Spielberg was great in his time, but to remake a movie like ET now just wouldn’t fly. Too corny, too sappy, people don’t care about outta space, aliens, unrealistic kids/teens, California subdivisions. Look how poorly the last Indiana Jones movie did? Time to say bye-bye Spielberg to an era.

  12. dirtyoldman says:

    I guess Spielberg needs the money.

  13. becky reed says:

    I AGREE WITH Christina Bledsoe

  14. Ling says:

    this next statement will probably make me rawther unpopular in this thread.

    I… hope to god it’s true.

    The only thing I would love to see more than Drew Barrymore trying to hide an overgrown frog from her boyfriend was if that boyfriend were played by Adam Sandler.

    I’m being absolutely serious here and plead ignorance. (I wasn’t properly alive in the 80s.)

  15. J says:

    You don’t have to look over your shoulder or worry anymore.
    You’re free to do whatever you want D. I’ve figured it out. What staves off being angry and hurting is doing stuff that makes you happy. The more you do, the more action you take, the better you feel. You were trying to tell me, just didn’t get it. I also didn’t have it in me to take the knocks before now. Don’t know why, just didn’t. Not looking at the unknown as scary. It is, but also exciting. Love who you need to love. My dream is actually that. To find someone to love. The art or show business is just the thing I hope will help me find it. Don’t know how long will do it, but until I feel the need to do something else I guess.

    “I don’t want to talk about how you broke my heart” because I know I broke yours too.

  16. J says:

    If you really were free, I’d be really tempted to hope you meant some of the sweet notions that you’ve been putting out there. As in, no former lover waiting around to be ‘there for you’ and that he wouldn’t have a reason to either, but I think we both know it’s just one more reason it would never work between us. It has nothing to do with how I feel (whatever you really feel), but I really do need someone to love, for that love to be a good thing for both me and the other person. I don’t think it ever would be with you and me, at least not as good as you could be with him. There’s no getting around it, no matter what I do.

  17. J says:

    If you want something from me, or want to know me, you’ll have to get in touch with me. I won’t be phoning your office again anytime soon. 🙂

  18. maritza says:

    I love Steven Spielburg’s movies, he is a master Director and the combination of Drew will really be worth watching.

  19. Oceans 13 says:

    I think he should direct another film about an extraterrestrial encounter, a close encounter of the third kind, set in the present age on Earth, because that’s such a forte with him, but I don’t think he should make a remake of or sequel to anything he’s already done.

    The new Indy film did quite well. It also had to compete head-on with the monsters of Iron Man, Wanted, Get Smart, Jesse James, The Hulk and Batman, but still did very well.

  20. wes says:

    That sucks