Adrien Brody’s girlfriend left him for Olivier Martinez

This story as being billed by Star Magazine as some kind male-homewrecking story, but it’s not really. It seems Oscar-winner Adrien Brody recently split with his girlfriend of two years, Elsa Pataky. Adrien really wanted to marry Elsa, but Elsa was all “Thanks, but no thanks.” Elsa didn’t really want to be in a committed relationship, and she didn’t want to be settled down, which is always one of the biggest breakup cliches. Next she probably told Adrien, “It’s not you, it’s me.” Then she told him she just needs to go and work on herself, and she’s always thought of Adrien as more of a “friend”. To finish the job, she probably told him “there are still things I need to do, things I need to see.”

Cut to Elsa with her tongue down Olivier Martinez’s throat. Apparently, Elsa has no problems being settled down, as long as she’s settling under a skeezy-yet-attractive, ratty-sexy Frenchman. Elsa must have waited a full two days before flying off to Paris to get into Olivier’s pants. Not only are they getting it on, Star is reporting that Elsa and Olivier are house-hunting together. Poor Adrien:

Adrien Brody’s Oscar-winning status seems to be no match for Olivier Martinez’s Gallic charm! The Pianist star, 36, is brokenhearted that his girlfriend of two years, Elsa Pataky, is getting hot and heavy with the French stud, a source tells Star.

“Adrien thought Elsa was The One, but she wasn’t ready to settle down,” says the source.

“So he gave breathing room and thought she’d return to him.”

Instead, Snakes on a Plane’s Elsa, 32, was swept off her feet by Kylie Minogue’s ex Olivier, 43. The two got close at a Paris cafe on May 5 and went apartment hunting the next day.

“Why wouldn’t she fall for Olivier? He’s gorgeous, fun and charming,” says the source. But there’s a word of warning for Elsa – and a ray of hope for Adrien, perhaps: “Olivier also definitely likes playing the field!”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, May 25, 2009]

A lot of people think Olivier is a total douchebag, which is probably true. But I still think the guy’s probably a lot of fun if you’re just looking for something short and sweet. There’s something about his face that says “I’m going to try to have sex with your friends… and your mother.” So, yes, not serious relationship material, and definitely not moving-in-together material. I give it two months before Elsa runs back to Adrien, crying about how Olivier slept with her mother.

Elsa Pataky and Adrien Brody are shown on 11/24/09. Olivier Martinez is shown below on 11/6/08. Credit:


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  1. Wench. says:

    Given half the chance, I’d never leave Adrien Brody. In fact, I’d make it impossible for him to leave the house, let alone leave me. He is divine!

  2. Mairead says:

    Well – if Olivier wouldn’t get serious with Kylie Minogue, this commitment-phobe will be right up this girl’s street.

    For what it’s worth, I’d much rather Adrien 😉

  3. Tassi says:

    hahahahaha! Great rundown of what his face says. Maybe this can become a gossip website tool for interpreting intentions? Brilliant!

  4. ferdis says:

    Thanks God. It NEEDED to end. Adrien is hot as hell, but when i saw their pictures in the bath tube at the castle that he brought to her, looking so in love, I though so cheese. Her fault, for sure. Brainwashed him.
    And yes, i fainted…of envy, of couse. Should be me.

  5. kiki says:

    didnt he buy her a castle?
    or some castle looking house.

  6. danielle says:

    Uh…she’s a moron. No real talent on her own, and she dumps Adrien Brody, who reportedly treated her like a freakin queen? Yeah, this will end badly for her.

  7. Davina says:

    Mmm, actually Elsa Pataki is not a moron. She is a well respected actress here in Spain and she can have just about anyone. Maybe the way she dumped him wasn’t the best… But he’ll survive.

  8. Celebitchy says:

    OOh I saw pictures of that castle in Hello! I will see if I can dig those up for you and add them to the story.
    Edit – oh here it is thanks to Lainey!

  9. Gracie says:

    Kaiser, hahahahahaha, you are the best at making up dialogue for the picture!

    I am still chuckling over that convo you made up for Brad and Angie over the whole “nanny” scandal.

    You are a very creative and witty writer. Love that.

  10. grisgris says:

    Olivier used to come into a restaurant I worked at in NYC all of the time. He was actually very nice and friendly and of course very, very good looking!
    I always felt sorry for him because he was dating that wet dishrag Mira Sorvino at the time. He would have to sit there while she sat crying for hours staring at a piece of cake.

  11. ChristinaT says:

    that’s what you get for putting so much into a relationship… what was the point of those cheesy pics anyway? to make us jealous? OK WE GET IT YOUR LIFE IS PERFECT AND YOU OWN A GORGEOUS CASTLE AND I HAVE A GAS BILL I’M BEHIND ON… GRRR.. you’re right though kaiser, that guy’s face DOES speak to me… and it says nothing good… wasn’t he only in one crappy movie with diane lane? brody is a substantial actor for chrissake… what a dumbass… reading that article made me want to puke though…

    all that being said and done though, i’d take brody and mend his precious little broken heart :-p

  12. ronnie says:

    Meh. I think Adrien Brody believes his own hype. I don’t though.

  13. MeowMeow says:

    I have loved Adrien since he said nothing in The Thin Red Line. He is so sexy. Love, love, love the nose. If she’s willing to leave someone who’s talented, sweet and not a total famewhore — and for a total douche, BTW — then so be it. I hope Adrien finds someone better. Like me. 😀

  14. blaugrau says:

    Davina, i’m also from Spain, and Elsa isn’t well respected at all, she’s like the spanish megan fox. She’s good-looking (thanks to surgery) but an horrible actress, and allways tries waaay too hard.

  15. Because I Say So says:

    I’d never heard of her until Adrien and the castle photo shoot. She seemed like she was using him so I say, good riddance. Adrien >>>>> Olivier

  16. anna says:

    I think Olivier would be great to have on hand for booty calls, but I don’t get the Adrien Brody thing… he was brilliant in the pianist but to me he’s so frickin fug!

  17. mae says:

    If only life were fair! I would have Adrien & that little chickie would get dumped on her ass!He is to good for her. He is so beautiful & so damn sexy. I do have a tendency to like guys w/ big noses. Don’t know why, just happens that way.

  18. michellle says:

    Who could blame her? OM is gorgeous, AB on the other hand is just dreadful.

  19. Giz says:

    Oh, just in time to promote his latest movie. Timing is everything!

  20. ChristinaT says:

    oh, right Giz… he meticulously timed it so that his girlfriend could stop on his heart and break into a million pieces right before a movie debut… great theory! *eyeroll*

  21. Bodhi says:

    She was in “Snakes on a Plane”? I’ve seen that movie many, many times (shut up) and I seriously don’t remember her.

    And if she is the Spanish version of Megan Fox (lol @ blaugrau!) then Adrien is FAR to good for her! Le sigh, I love Adrien…

  22. j. ferber says:

    Christina, Yes, he was in one movie with Diane Lane, but WHAT a movie! I’m not saying he can act (I never got that far in my thinking), but if you want to have a crazy, hot, meaningless affair, he’s your go-to guy. No substance, yes, but what smoldering eyes.

  23. stellapurdy says:

    Well since that castle is in my neck of the woods maybe I’ll take a ride up there and see if I can soothe Brody’s broken heart. And EF her for being the twit that she is.

  24. John Galt says:

    At least Adrien can act well.Same cannot be said of Olivier M who seems to do sweet FA anyway most of the time.I saw photos o this woman before the £35K worth of surgery and she was so bland with a huge hooter to boot. Still OM must be used to plastic given his last lady K Minogue, also a bimbo.His taste is really bad, except for Juliette Binoche

  25. Morfina says:

    To number 7 Davina:

    Here in Spain she is a well respected WHAT? From which Spain do you come from? Because HERE in Spain most people think she is a nothingbutaprettyplasticface who hooked with Adrien looking for F-A-M-E.

    I hope for him that they really broke up.

  26. on to you says:

    Davina, You have to be either Elsa or someone in her camp. Its so lame to be looking for websites and commenting in the positive to get people on your side. The public doesn’t like you.

  27. Macy G says:

    Olivier Martinez is quite repellent.From his tatty baggy denims which he seems to wear until they fall off, to his leather Euro-trash leather (tight) jackets, to his vast broken and bashed up nose that occupies almost his whole face, to his wet rubbery over ripe lips, to his thinning hair and his very built up shoes, not to mention his taste in women.
    Only thing that can be said about him is that media does not seem to care one bit about him.Then again neither does movie industry.One hit wonder in English movies.

  28. Great site! Olivier has a good reputation internationally as a professional actor. His performances have been well reviewed in “The N.Y. Times.” How many of his American contemporaries have the balls to act in a foreign language? The women that he has been linked to Juliette, Kylie, Goya Toledo, Mira are all intelligent, successful women. He must has some redeeming qualities. He stood by Kylie during her cancer bout, unlike, say, John Edwards. Elsa is no Penelope, Paz Vega or Goya Toledo but she has the courage to forge a career in a mysogenistic, ageist, homophobic and sexist business so let’s give her credit for the same. Should she have married Adrien a la Nicole, Katie, etc? It’s called show BUSINESS and we have no idea what the reality is. Grow up, children.

  29. j. ferber says:

    You’re right, Jeff. You make very good points.

  30. Krusticle says:

    To Christina and Macy G: check out “Horseman on the Roof” with Martinez and J. Binoche. Martinez was fab in Unfaithful with Diane Lane, but he was just as hot in “Horseman” — and younger, to boot. And, yeah, he is a man whore…you can’t have it all…

  31. Gin says:

    The young ones go for the bad boys. The ones who have experienced enough bad boys learn how to look for the good men. Elsa is a fool, but she is young. Adrien will end up with someone who will appreciate him and find him hot to boot.

  32. Holly says:

    Is it just me, or does she look exactly like Peter Facinelli??

  33. Lux says:

    Actually, the story repeats itself: her previous boyfriend a very bad french comedian, which she met on the set of a dreadful movie “iznogoud” (very appropriate title), she dumped the same way for Brody. Climbing the social ladder still?

  34. Gigohead says:

    Wow. I wish i had those options! I think Martinez is hot. Lucky girl!!

  35. maritza says:

    I agree, Martinez is hot!!

  36. gunter says:

    She’s beautiful but why she had so many plastic surgeries… 🙁

  37. Esmelrelda says:

    I LOVE Adrien Brody. LOVE HIM. I think he is so handsome and cool.

    I saw the spread in “HELLO” magazine and I was heartbroken seriously heartbroken. I thought he was going to get married! THERE IS A GOD! THANK YOU GOD! He is so sweet, kind thoughtful. What is that woman thinking?! She’s making a HUGE mistake. But that’s just like Adrien to “give her space” I mean! HELLO-There is a God! And you are so right Gin, the young girls go for the bad because they haven’t experienced real pain and the ones who have are all looking for Adrien Brodys. Very true.

    Addy, call me!…I love Castles.

  38. Ruth says:

    Davinia: I’m Spanish too, but I’m not trying to save everything from Spain. Elsa is a b…!! She’s always been a b… and everybody knew she was going out with Adrien because of his fame. Now she got part of his fame she has ran away. Love you Adrien

  39. Gita says:

    I just read in a Spanish paper Cuore Adrien and Elsa are still together. They have recent photos of them being kissy lovey dovey. I read on another site Elsa says that Adrien and her have their castle to look forward to spending time there,and she said this in Cannes Film Festival the other day. What gives? I guess it was made up gossip by the Star about her and Olivier Martinez. Can’t trust that dam magazine. Adrien’s still with her. *Sigh*

  40. Maria says:

    Love Adrien, he deserves better than the way Pataky treated him. Elsa can have Olivier he is not a star in Hollywood,he is old and lost any looks he had. Adrien will find plenty of beautiful woman who want to be with him. Goodbye Elsa.

  41. julie says:

    Hehe love the description of Olivier–I think my mother and I would both be interested…..

    Hot, yummy piece of French ass.

  42. Simona says:

    Adrien is the King of my heart and mind.
    He is worth all the best. And that’s not me of course but if I could be with Him, I wouldnt even need a house or smth. I would be the happiest girl in the world anyways. My God…I so love him. it even hurts.
    P.S. This ******* Oliver is not worth a fingernail of Adrien. Well, he’s perfect for Elsa though.

  43. CT says:

    She’s not that young, she’s in her thirties, which is pretty old for Hollywood, usually.

    I think he has really bad taste in women. I think he’d be good with Rachel Weisz, she has at least half a brain.

  44. Katalina says:

    I met Adrien before, we had drinks and talked together. Since were both in Industry, we both understand each other. He’s a great friend to rely on, and obviously this needed to end a long time ago. She doesn’t deserve a good, kind-hearted man. I just wish he was the one who broke it off first.
    I see Arien from time to time and we catch up over coffee once in a while. He is the kind of person that would fight for his friends, so I am fighting for him.

  45. Fan says:

    I guess I’m amazed of people’s comments when something like that happens to a person. All I can say is when looks are all that a person is attracted too, they get what they asked for. Brody is in his 30’s and still can’t figure out he’s being used? Get a clue fella. Money and power attract women like that. Why don’t you try a regular non-actress normal women who works steady for a living. You might find a real soul-mate that way.

  46. cara says:

    wow I thought I was the only one that loved Adrian,guess I will have to stand in line lol

  47. Anna says:

    My best friend had this exact same thing happen to him this year. The whole lot, him proposing… Even including the story of “i need time to grow”… Then her going to some really really attractive french-men.

    Guess what? I helped him overcome the whole thing… And now *she* is calling him and asking him to come back.

    So you never know the full story. Sometimes some people are really weird, and she might be playing Adrien Brody… or not.

  48. bella says:

    he didn’t deserve it! i hate her for doing it to Adrien…
    he gave her all and what is she doing??
    god it should be punished!

  49. Me says:

    Hang on a second, Elsa really is a gorgeous woman or as my boyfriend would say “she’s hot”. What man would not take his chance on her? Seriously, it doesn’t matter how hot (or not) the men are, just ask anyone and a majority will tell you they would give it a go if there was a slight chance she could be theirs. You can bash me all you want but I’ve seen a lot less hot women being at a centre of such dramas!

  50. Emily says:

    I am in a relationship, there are a lot of things that go on behind closed doors! I’ve been with the same person for 5 long years, and it get’s harder with every day. All I want is every little girls dream, to get married. If that fine ass man was mine, I wouldn’t have hesistated.LOL How can you not want someone as appealing as that, a new flavor. Yummy! I’m 24 and Lord knows when my boyfriend 24 going on 13, will ever ask me to marry him. Shit at this rate I might as well as him! Good Day

  51. Sky says:

    So maybe she really didn’t love him that way but why would she stick around for 2 years then !? She really hurt him, maybe she does need space and got afraid of the commitment but that didn’t make it right for her to go off with some french actor not long after! Adrien Brody’s a great guy, her loss.

  52. indiechick says:

    Elsa has a calculating look in her eyes. She reminds me of those shallow girls in The Hills. What did Adrien ever see in her? Should’ve known this would end badly from miles away.

  53. Gina B says:

    She’s a douche.
    The sooner he realizes that the better for him.

  54. Brooke says:

    OK, I’m cool with this. Adrien Brody is a single man once again, ladies. Let us look at this from the positive side. Now she’s gone she make way for me, haha just kidding.

  55. Joel says:

    Adrien seems like a good guy.

  56. fml asia says:

    You actually make it seem really easy along with your presentation however I in finding this matter to be actually one thing which I believe I might never understand. It seems too complex and extremely wide for me. I’m looking ahead to your subsequent put up, I will try to get the cling of it!

  57. brittany says:

    adrien is cool, cute, sexy and sweet. she’s nothing but an old hoe. there are smarter more interesting talented women out there, like me for instance. i would have never done something like that to him. he’s a rare kind of man. he actually cares. i would really appreciate that, and i would show him every day.