Cops called to break up loud fight between Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt


Paris Hilton sure knows how to ingratiate herself to her new neighbors. Boyfriend Doug Reinhardt recently moved into a new place on the same street as Paris’ little sister Nicky. Paris apparently moved in with him, at least according to TMZ. Though it seems to be just Doug’s house, not “their” house. Since moving in, they’ve had a loud, raucous party that resulted in several neighbors’ cars being keyed and egged. Because apparently Paris and Doug’s friends are 13-year-old boys.

To further prove what good neighbors they plan on being, last night Paris and Doug has such a loud screamfest that neighbors had to call the cops. Sounds like this cohabiting thing is going really well for them.

For the second time in less than a week, Paris Hilton turned her new neighborhood upside down — this time cops were called to put an end to a nuclear argument.

It happened at 1 AM this morning. LAPD officers were called to the home of Paris’ BF, Doug Reinhardt. Paris moved in on Monday. Apparently, Paris and Doug had such a screaming argument the neighbors couldn’t sleep.

When cops arrived, we’re told Paris and Doug wouldn’t open the front gate, so they hopped the fence. Paris and Doug opened the door, cops spoke with them and the loud arguing stopped.

A TMZ spy says earlier in the evening, Paris and Doug were at an event in Hollywood and had a pretty intense argument. Apparently, they took it home.

[From TMZ]

What kind, thoughtful souls. Not only do they have no problem with screaming at each other ‘till all hours of the night, but they’re also unwilling to open a gate for police officers in order for them to tell the couple to tone it down. Lest you ever think that Paris Hilton is anything other than 100% about Paris Hilton. If she wants to scream so loudly her neighbors can’t sleep in the middle of the night, that’s her right darn it. How dare you disturb her fight by complaining to the police?

Moving in together does one of two things: cements a relationship or ends it. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you which way this relationship is going.

Here are Paris and Doug at the launch of T-Mobile’s new Sidekick in Hollywood last night. Images thanks to and Fame Pictures .

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17 Responses to “Cops called to break up loud fight between Paris Hilton & Doug Reinhardt”

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  1. SeVen says:

    someone should also call Hazmat for her herp. that shit needs to be contained.

  2. vale says:

    I feel compelled to ask:
    Nicky Hilton is earning her own money with her clothing line on top of the bucketloads of Hilton money. Who is this Reinhardt dude that can afford to live in the same block as her?

  3. Jaclyn says:

    Vale, unfortunately, Doug has earned a lot of money from starring in various episodes of “The Hills”. They pay all the “actors” loads of money for each episode >_<

    And wow, Paris has horrible man-shoulders!! She should gain some weight, maybe she’d grow some boobs then too.

  4. Gracie says:

    When are they going to put Paris in a rocket ship and blast her off into outer space?

    She has lived long enough on Planet Earth.

  5. gaby says:

    They talk to each other??? I’ve never see a couple with less personality than these 2.

  6. Cinderella says:

    Sounds like they deserve each other.

    Did he actually buy the joint or is he renting? If he’s renting, maybe he won’t be there long.

  7. Gracie says:

    How many guys do you suppose she’s dated since she was, let’s say 13?

    Would it be in the hundreds or perhaps the thousands? She seems to go through like 1 every 3 months or so.

  8. M says:

    doug was / is a baseball player. My guess is that that is where he made his cash.

  9. Schmange says:

    How close do these people live together that neighbors can hear them in their own house??

  10. j. ferber says:

    In the header picture, I can’t tell who loves the camera more, him or her. But I can tell each loves him/herself more than anything else on this earth.

  11. jenn says:

    Schmange- i imagine Paris’ shrill voice carries quite far.

    i think Doug Reinhardt looks so much like Ryan Reynolds. Didn’t Paris date Reynolds as well?

  12. Joe says:

    roots and wank eye.

  13. ! says:

    Normally I’d correct you Joe and say “wonk” eye, not “wank” eye…but in this case I’m calling it a freudian slip…

  14. Trashaddict says:

    White trash with money…..

  15. Nony says:

    Aww you guys, don’t be hating. It’s twoo wuv!

  16. Magsy says:

    So spoiled, so entitled, so vacous, and empty. Whatever could Paris Hilton be raising her voice about? Is one of her chihuahua’s squeaky toys missing? Did she bust a heel off one of her size 11 shoes? I guess now that old BFF Nicole is a mama and expecting another, poor Paris has no besty to hang with. Hmmm maybe it”s time to grow the f*&k up!

  17. orion70 says:

    Schmange…that’s what I was thinking. Those neighbours must have awfully sensitive hearing. Or are incredibly nosey.