Ryan resents Reese

Ryan and Reese after the Oscars
The highest paid actress in Hollywood may be having trouble with her marriage. At least that’s what Life and Style is set to report. On the red carpet at the Oscars, Ryan Philippe lauded his hardworking wife, but he was later seen sulking alone at parties after the event:

As Reese made the rounds, Ryan sulked alone, the report details. “He sat by himself looking pretty resentful,” says a partygoer. Marital problems aren’t new for this pair, who admitted to seeking marriage counseling in 2002. Lately, they’ve played the happy couple at pre-Oscar events, but on the night of the Academy Awards, it was clear that their relationship is still on the rocks

She was even overheard asking at the Vanity Fair party, “Did I thank Ryan (during the acceptance speech) “He’s so easy to forget most of the time!”

While Reese’s career has skyrocketed, Ryan has been in smaller roles. He appeared in best picture Crash, and has several projects in the works, but has not achieved Reese’s level of fame. Reese will be 30 this month and has been married to Ryan, 31, since 1999. They have two children: a daughter, Ava, 6, and a son, Deacon, 2.

Along with declaring Ryan forgettable, Reese also dedicated her Oscar to all the “boys who dumped [her].” Her husband was probably just grumpy and tired after all the stress of the Academy Awards, but she should still focus on her current relationship instead of harping on the past.

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