Michael Shannon: Donald Trump ‘is a black hole, a soulless, evil piece of sh-t’


In the weeks following the election of Donald Trump, America needed a hero. We needed a foul-mouthed preacher to guide us to the light. We needed someone to be savage, to say what needed to be said. That person was Michael Shannon, who just so happened to have a handful of interviews scheduled for the days after the election. Shannon explained the Trump victory in a simple, striking way: “This country is filled with ignorant jackasses” and “moronic a—holes” need to have their own country. Shannon also said that any senior who voted for Trump needs to get in the urn. It was all pretty amazing. Well, Shannon has more to say, although this interview was conducted just days BEFORE the election. And he’s still hilariously savage. Michael spoke to New York Magazine for their Oscar-preview issue, and you can read the full piece here. Some highlights:

This is what he said the Saturday before the election: “I don’t know if these people are stupid or not, but it’s certainly a huge con! It’s just very strange that people derive hope from the personage of Donald Trump, because Donald Trump is devoid of hope. He’s a black hole. He is a soulless, evil piece of sh-t.”

He loves his jean jacket with MIDNIGHT SPECIAL stitched on the back: He’s been wearing it nonstop ever since he got it as a wrap-party gift two and a half years ago, in brazen disregard of the unspoken actor rule that it’s super-embarrassing to wear your own swag. “I’m still promoting it!” he declares. “I like this jacket so much, and I love that movie.”

Wearing a Hawaiian shirt to a cool TIFF party: “I find the tyranny of fashion surrounding the entertainment industry kind of silly. It’s not like you’re at a funeral. It’s a party!”

He hates iPhone culture: “The main thing I’ve noticed about the iPhones is that, inevitably, you’re having a conversation with somebody and then they say, ‘I gotta show you this picture!’ And then they’ve got so many pictures on their phone they can’t even find the picture they’re looking for!”

His rare forays into romantic or sexual scenes: “I’m making my way into porn! The ultimate goal! Just trying to prove myself.”

His chances for an Oscar: “Well, I’d better win a damn Oscar if you’re putting me in the Oscar issue! It’s about damn time, Jesus!” he says, though he’s not planning on campaigning for Nocturnal Animals, which is probably his best shot. He’d rather be like Mark Rylance last year; skip the handshaking, just be too good to ignore…. But if someone wants to throw him an award, sure, go for it. “I’m just always kind of bewildered by it, because I look back at my life and where I come from and the fact that I’ve gotten to this place, to be in this position and it just never ceases to amaze me.”

[From Vulture]

New York Magazine also makes a big deal about how, in real life, he’s a really big guy. He’s apparently 6’3” and he towers over most people. Combine that with his gorgeous, profane liberalism, and I really do have a deepening crush on him. I’ve always thought he was a great actor, of course, but now I feel a significant attraction for him. Also: I completely agree that Donald Trump is a soulless, evil piece of sh-t. But what really bugs me is that millions of people don’t see it. Is it stupidity, or something else?

This is Michael at the InStyle party at TIFF this year. Seriously!!!


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Sixer says:

    You can’t have him, Kaiser. I want him. He even swears almost as much as I do.

    Plus, that top photo is the best worst outfit I have ever seen. Even better than the silly shirt one. Red trousers, maroon shirt, random tie, random jacket. This man dresses like me, I am sure. Top of the clean laundry pile style. It’s the best style.

    • Kitten says:

      He’s simply the best. Those outfits deserve their own website.

      So last night in my FB feed I noticed this meme; it’s a picture of Curt Cobain with the following quote: “In the end I believe my generation will surprise everyone. We already know that both political parties are playing both sides from the middle and we’ll elect a true outsider when we fully mature. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not a business tycoon who can’t be bought and who does what’s right for the people. Someone like Donald Trump as crazy as that sounds.”

      … the quote is then attributed to Cobain in 1993.

      So (because, of course) immediately underneath that someone posted a link to Snopes debunking this as a completely fabricated quote made up by someone at TrumpTrain.com (yes that is an actual site) and saying that there was only an unsubstantiated rumor that he muttered something like that.

      But as bad as it was that someone posted a completely fabricated quote without fact-checking first, even worse were the comments underneath. People talking about how much they love Trump and how for once we have a POTUS who actually cares about the people in this country and how he’s going to bring back coal jobs and on and on.

      It was really jaw-dropping to read the level of delusion from his supporters. Honestly it was the first time I really started to understand the mindset of a cult member. These people have a blind allegiance that borders on religious fervor for this Orange Mess. It’s just…terrifying to behold. I think it shocked me so much because I don’t see a lot of pro-Trump stuff in my feed. I’ll see some links that people liked, but nothing like the full-on Trump-worship that was on display in that thread. It was traumatic.

      • robyn says:

        Cult is a good word, Kitten. Comments can also be purchased and bought. I think Trump has a team working day and night to give the impression that Trump is the saviour … some comes from Russia and some is homegrown. So even comments can’t be trusted amid the fake news stories. Readers must be very discerning and unfortunately most are not.

      • Kitten says:

        SMDH…It’s like they live in this insulated bubble, completely divorced from reality.

        This election has really driven home the fact that the average American doesn’t GAF about politics. I’ve never seen so many politically ignorant people in my life, which explains why Trump’s schizophrenic political ideology appeals to them.

      • Nancy says:

        Kitten I read that quote too and knew it was bs, my God, they spelled Kurt’s name wrong! Trump’s followers are as frightening as he is and are in all likelihood ready to drink the kool-aide. Michael Shannon said it all…..Seth McFarlane is another one who cannot bear this sociopath. How I dread this man and what is happening to our country.

      • Sixer says:

        I feel your pain – and shock and horror – Kitten.

        Brexit is a bit like that. People voted on their emotions. The pro-Leave was a campaign ran purely to appeal to those feelings and also to incite them further.

        But now Brexit is meeting reality and even the ultra-pro-Brexit politician put into cabinet to be in charge of leaving the EU is having to propose ways of doing it (access to single market, keeping a level of immigration) that are in direct opposition to those feelings. It’s dawning on the people in charge of it that everything they thought could be achieved, can’t be achieved. But it’s certainly not dawning on the people they told these things could be achieved and these people are getting angrier and angrier.

        It’s awful to watch, honestly. The things people were incited to feel strongly about are literally physical impossibilities.

        But the brick wall of reality exists nonetheless. And the country is a tinderbox of high emotion meeting that brick wall. It’s not pretty.

      • Kitten says:

        Ha ha ha…and I spelled it wrong too, Nancy, because I was reading off on the meme. Sigh.

        I’m just astounded by the fact that people don’t see through this man’s long con…just blows my mind.

      • lightpurple says:

        My FB this morning had an explosion of Trumpets heralding The Great Carrier Save of 1,000 Jobs! Only 1,000 is not a lot of jobs; some of those jobs were staying any way; Carrier is still moving most of its operations to Mexico; and this marvelous deal is going to cost the taxpayers of Indiana roughly 49 million over 7 years, the bulk of which will not be offset by the amount in income taxes those 1,000 workers pay; and Carrier could still leave completely at the end of those 7 years. And the people celebrating this as Trump taking care of Americans moan about handouts to the unemployed and welfare recipients. Apparently, corporate welfare is okay. We need more Michael Shannons, red pants, hawaian shirts and all.

      • WTW says:

        Crazier to me is the CNN clip of Trump supporters swearing up and down that 3 million “illegals” voted in California. Really? The reporter even tried to get them to clarify whether they meant 3 dozen or 3 million, and they insisted million. They said Obama told the “illegals” they could vote, so they did. WTF?
        Trump can’t handle the fact that California voted against him by a 3-to-1 margin, so he starts this rumor that there were millions of illegal votes, and his supporters have run with it. In reality, the handful of cases of voter fraud all involved his supporters trying to cast an extra vote because he told them the system was rigged. GTFOH

      • Kitten says:

        @ Sixer- “It’s dawning on the people in charge of it that everything they thought could be achieved, can’t be achieved. But it’s certainly not dawning on the people they told these things could be achieved and these people are getting angrier and angrier. It’s awful to watch, honestly. The things people were incited to feel strongly about are literally physical impossibilities.”

        I’m still waiting for the first part of that to happen here. If they’ve figured out it’s an impossibility, they sure are hiding it well.

        @ LP- The Carrier shit is pissing me off. It was a HADNOUT FFS and at the expense of taxpayers. I saw a stat that said Trump would have to do one Carrier-sized deal a week for 30 years to match Obama’s auto bail-out, a bail-out that was PAID BACK. Ugh. I hate these people..I’m sorry I just can’t take the ignorance anymore.

        @WTW-This man lies like the rest of us breathe. I seriously don’t think he can open his mouth and tell the truth yet this is the “political outsider” who will save the country. Gah! Makes me so angry.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Yikes. What you described terrifies me Kitten. Why is this happening in the world? Where have critical thinking skills gone? Why are people so content to live in a bubble and exchange reason for self-deluded fantasies?

      • Kitten says:

        @ I Choose Me
        That’s exactly it–critical thinking is DEAD.

      • Littlestar says:

        That’s what I’ve observed about Trump supporters, they have a complete disassociation with reality. They live in an alternate universe where real world facts aren’t applicable.

      • Sixer says:

        Kitten – I guess that’s the big difference, really, isn’t it? The UK post-Brexit is dependant on negotiations over leaving with the other 27 states, and also on trade deals with non-EU countries, also requiring negotiation. So, for example, the PM just went to India and India said, yes, lovely, a trade deal. But only if you give us more visas for our citizens. Not what anti-immigration Leave voters want to hear! But the US under Trump – well, it’s all up to Trump and the GOP legislature. So they CAN do what they want. Here, the pro-Brexit politicos are getting a lesson in our reality – but the people who voted Leave? Not so much.

        Littlestar – I call it magical thinking. People making political choices based on emotion (including prejudice) are not very well connected with reality.

      • cynic says:

        According to Trump lackey, Scotty Nell Hughes, there is no such things as facts.
        This is the mindset we have to deal with now.

        Oh, and Michael Shannon is my hero!!

      • Rischa says:

        A lot of Dems like to live in bubbles too and are very intolerant of oppossing views. Some pro Dem sites will delete comments that are politically inconvenient. I’ve ecperienced it firsthand.

      • PowerToThePeaceful says:

        Sad to say it’s all about whitelash. People who voted for him sympathize with nazi-ism. There is no other way to explain everything. It runs chills up my spine to finally state the obvious. God help us all.

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        This is what “those jack-asses who voted trump” are about:
        1) they are nazi-sympathizers
        2) they are nazi-sympathizers who are too ignorant to understand their own label

      • jwoolman says:

        The Carrier deal sounds as though Indiana will be paying the wages for the few hundred people who will still have jobs. Where is the money coming from? What programs will be further cut? Pence already cut education and healthcare. The workers themselves are still worried about pay cuts and the uncertainty of how long they will have those jobs. It seems to be really about other federal contracts for the company that owns Carrier, they think that if they give Trump this propaganda win (which at least won’t cost them anything), they will get more military contracts.

        The local tv reporter who really pushed the story was denied press credentials for the press conference. He actually went down to Mexico to talk with people about it, and was told workers there expected $3 per hour. I’m sure he would have had some interesting questions for Trump, Pence, and the Carrier people.

      • Toxic Shock Avenger says:

        @IChooseMe- Critical thinking is fancy elitist liberal nonsense, didn’t you know? I blame it in no small part on the “teach-the-controversy” bs going on in schools. At some point, respecting other people’s RIGHT to hold a certain opinion got twisted into “respecting everyone’s opinion” which is NOT normal, sane, or necessary. If you’re babbling idiot, no one needs to respect your opinion, and I do NOT pay taxes so teachers can schoose OR be forced to feed that crap to kids. Is it any wonder they grow up to be adults completely incapable of telling the difference between facts and opinions?

      • Candice says:

        I find it incredibly ironic that you’re using a fake news quote that you read off Facebook to get your point across.

        Don’t you see that bullshit news and fake propaganda is exactly how Trump was elected? Before you post a quote that you read on Facebook as your argument against Trump, why not do some simple fact-checking first?

    • MI6 says:

      You can both fight me for him.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      I want him! He’s mine, mine, mine!

      Seriously, I find his honesty to be deeply refreshing and comforting.

    • I Choose Me says:

      I can’t quite get on board with his style of dress but if I get my hands on him he won’t be wearing ‘em for long so.

    • almondmilk says:

      Get in line beaches. Lol. He’s mine. I started Netflixing the ish out of him last year. Just watched everything Michael Shannon. I didn’t know his politics or what he was like in real life and had never read a single interview. I was just crushin’ regardless. Sure he could have been David Duke’s nephew and i would have heaved and writhed in psychic pain, but he’s this glorious foul mouthed Trump loathing progressive (or maybe he isn’t and just hates the sh* out of Trump) either way, fine by me, he’s like me..but a guy…and that face..that bone structure – he’s like if a young David Letterman and Rob Pattinson could somehow procreate and had a 40yo 6’3″ baby.

  2. littlemissnaughty says:

    That outfit is everything and so are these quotes. Goddamn, what a nice thing to read on a Friday.

    It’s stupidity, hate and desperation. But I can’t even think about that right now, my brain needs a break from the crazy. I’m going to re-read those quotes and stare at the outfit some more instead.

  3. KB says:

    He seems taller than 6’3 to me

  4. Ashamed 2 b a Fl girl says:

    I’m not big on celebrity “worship” but this guy is turning into an effing god for me.

    • V4Real says:

      I’ve been saying for years what an underrated actor he is.

      I love him even more now.

    • MsGoblin says:

      Agreed. He’s da bomb.

      It’s funny that “it’s super-embarrassing to wear your own swag” for film actors, but in theatre, it’s a very proud moment and right of passage to don your show jacket.

      I’ve still got mine. Too bad it no longer fits!

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      Add me to the queue!!

  5. lisa says:

    when michael and i are married, please no gifts. just make planned parenthhod donations.

  6. grabbyhands says:

    ::::HEARTS IN EYES:::::::::

    Michael Shannon-don’t you EVER change!!!!! What a great way to start Friday morning. :)

  7. leigh says:

    Love it!

  8. LB says:

    I love him. He’s so brilliant in Take Shelter. Among dozens of other movies.

  9. Who ARE these people? says:

    New fan here and I haven’t even seen his movies.

    • WTW says:

      Crazier to me is the CNN clip of Trump supporters swearing up and down that 3 million “illegals” voted in California. Really? The reporter even tried to get them to clarify whether they meant 3 dozen or 3 million, and they insisted million. They said Obama told the “illegals” they could vote, so they did. WTF?
      Trump can’t handle the fact that California voted against him by a 3-to-1 margin, so he starts this rumor that there were millions of illegal votes, and his supporters have run with it. In reality, the handful of cases of voter fraud all involved his supporters trying to cast an extra vote because he told them the system was rigged. GTFOH

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      I’ve seen him in Man of Steel and he was the best part of the movie… However, the film didn’t win me over, these interviews… yes!!

  10. Juls says:

    I just saw on the news that Kelly Ann Conway had some words with a Clinton advisor and felt literal rage and disgust at what a despicable person she is. It’s people like her, that excuse Trumps words/behavior as somehow normal that voted for this bloviating puss ball. I’m cranky today. Happy Friday everybody!

    • robyn says:

      I admire his spunk to speak openly and not be afraid for his career. Trump does seem devoid of something intrinsically deep and humane but what about all those people who go to his rallies and who support him. They are not less soulless than other folk yet they have spurred Trump onward. Trump would be nothing without them and they have scared me more all along. Seeing people like Conway and her big condescending grin and the Republican acceptance of the nonsensical feels to me like scraping nails on a chalkboard. Intolerable.

      • SusanneToo says:

        In a couple of years they’ll be all “OK, I lost my job, I lost my healthcare, I lost my house, but don’t you dare tell me I voted wrong! Crooked Hillary! Make America great again!” You can’t reason with stupid.

  11. Patricia says:

    I still STILL cannot understand how we got here. Trump is indeed a black hole. How depressing, that some people see any hope and excitement in him. He’s so goddam disgusting.
    I keep saying the electoral college will do the right thing. My husband says don’t even get your hopes up. But I’m clinging to the thought…. how can we possibly continue with this jackass? Did anyone see the transcript of trump’s conversation with the Pakistani President? He has no freakin idea what he’s doing, NONE! This is literally what the electoral college is FOR, to protect us from some horrible decision that shouldn’t have ever been made.

    • SusanneToo says:

      I saw the transcript of that conversation and also Colbert’s complete evisceration of him over it. I watch Colbert every night just to revel in his monologue filled with bleeped takedowns of trump.

      trump is truly a moron – you’re fantastic, the Pakistani people are fantastic, every Pakistanic I’ve met(one, maybe?) is fantastic, everything is fantastic. Now, what’ll he say to India?

      • jwoolman says:

        Trump forgot that his nemesis Mr. Kahn, who at the Democratic convention offered his copy of the Constitution for Trump to read, is originally from Pakistan. So is his wife. Trump didn’t treat them like fantastic people. Khan was one of the speakers that Trump said (in front of media, cameras rolling) he felt like punching.

    • Tourmaline says:

      I’m still in a bit of denial because my mind can’t take in the full horror of the reality that he is the president of my country.

    • jwoolman says:

      Conan had a truly funny bit claiming that he had obtained audio from phone conversations between Obama and Trump which of course he shared with the audience. Maybe too true, but worth tracking down to see/hear it.

  12. Lightpurple says:


  13. Guesto says:

    His rage is as soothing and welcome as an ice cold G&T on a balmy summer evening.

    Can he be president, please, instead of the black hole of soulless evilness that is Trump. And can he wear that seriously hilarious outfit in Pic.1 for the inauguration.

  14. Lisa says:

    “Donald Trump is a soulless, evil piece of sh-t. But what really bugs me is that millions of people don’t see it. Is it stupidity, or something else?”

    Maybe they do see it but they want someone they think is a hard tough businessman to lead. But those same people think Hillary is an evil Machiavellian bitch. Why don’t they want an evil Machiavellian bitch to lead?

    • kay says:

      because even when it comes to insults, we’d all rather be the prick than the bitch. gender trumps, even in cursing.
      go figure.

    • Esmom says:

      The reason I think they see it is because so many refused to admit they were going to vote for him. But since he won they seem to think it somehow absolves them of choosing hate and xenophobia.

      I am still just beside myself…every day with new horrors unleashed on us…I need to go back and look at Shannon’s photos to calm down.

  15. ash says:

    i loved this guys since Boardwalk Empire….. literally…. HE SHEPHERDED that show…..

    He was a brut, rude, crude, dangerous, peculiarly attractive guy…. almost ultra masculine but in a disgusting but primal way…. weird I know

    • almondmilk says:


      Bingo. He did. He was the only reason i watched Boardwalk Empire, and chalky white.

      I started watching him in The Iceman on Netflix last night, similar character ( iceman was a real life hitman) a cold assassin for the mob but a devoted and loving husband and dad.

  16. Megan says:

    Hawaiian shirt, yes. Jorts, NO!

  17. HK9 says:

    I love him and the outfit.

  18. boredblond says:

    He may be right in his assessment but I just wish he’d get his facts right..it was the 18-29 group that turned in smaller numbers this time for dems..the over 60 bunch voted more dem than the last 2 elections. He’s bitchin’ at the wrong bunch

  19. Lindy79 says:

    Loved him for years, didnt think i could love him anymore after the dramatic reading of the sorority letter but i was so wrong.

  20. AG-UK says:

    Loved him since Revolutionary Road. Great in 99 Homes and everything else, the hit man et all.
    The iphone story is so true they scroll up/down looking for a picture usually someone doesn’t care about. If I want to show a photo I find it FIRST,

    • Jayna says:

      Michael was so amazing in 99 Homes. Andrew Garfield was great also. It was the first time I realized that Andrew is a really strong actor.

  21. Jade says:

    Hahhahahhs! Who is this guy?!

  22. LisD says:

    I officially love this man and his IDGAF attitude. 😍

  23. BonnieJean says:

    I am not familiar with this guy other than what I’ve read on this site. And looking at his pictures–I just can’t take him seriously. He hurts my eyes.

  24. L says:

    Thank you God for sending us Michael Shannon. 💗

  25. Megan M says:

    Why is no one talking about Comey anymore? I heard a lot of people say they couldn’t vote for Hillary because the FBI was investigating her again.
    And some told me they couldn’t vote for her because Hillary has an illness – which was proved by Youtube videos. Maybe these people can’t handle the Internet -too much information.

    • robyn says:

      It’s because we all have the attention spans of gnats and a kind of global amnesia. Trump and his minions are counting on it. Comey should be investigated and possibly fired or impeached, Trump should be jailed for colluding with Russia and “pussygrabbing conman” should always precede Trump’s name lest we forget.

    • Megan M says:

      Why would that be strange? If someone did something right in July and something wrong in October, he would be okay in July but not okay in October…

  26. Jayna says:

    I love Michael Shannon. I adore Rachel Weiscz. Recently I watched a movie on I think Amazon, Complete Unknown, they did that was put out this year. It wasn’t a good movie. It was more like a play anyway. But just to watch the dialogue between these two great actors throughout the movie was worth every second.

  27. Laura says:

    Michael Shannon has a new fan for life! Telling the truth!!!

  28. Pandy says:

    That outfit is everything! New crush.

  29. jerkface says:

    I love cussing and jorts and big strange men in stupid shirts. Its my jam.

  30. Insomniac says:

    I just laughed so hard at this that the lady at the next table turned around to give me a death glare. Maybe Michael’s Trump hate is so strong it’s emitting rays from my phone.

  31. Dq says:

    The Hawaiian shirt get up is making me hot. He’s the only one in such a ridiculous outfit who could swoon me. Love you, Michael. Stay beautiful 😘

  32. maggie grace says:

    His reading rendition of the angry sorority girl was the best thing I’ve seen in my whole life.

  33. ravensdaughter says:

    Wow, he pretty much nailed Trump (although with all his money, perhaps as shit he does not smell…)

  34. Radley says:

    He’s an oracle of truth. I wanna party with him. And what delightful red corduroy pants!

    Hearing more from him, I get why he and James Franco are friends. They’re both liberal special snowflakes who choose to march to the beat of their own drummer. And speaking of sex scenes, they have one together in The Broken Tower.

  35. SpecialK says:

    I fell for him when he was in Boardwalk Empire. He was so good and creepy! *sigh*

    • I Choose Me says:

      Yes! He has this intensity. The kind that makes you imagine him taking you up against the wall, yet at the same time you see that he can be sweet and gentle. Yeah, he makes me hot and I’m happy to see that I’m in good company.

  36. QQ says:

    Oh My Word!! Im Lady Tingly!!!!

  37. Tourmaline says:

    Keep it up with the regular infusions of Mr. Michael Shannon!!

    Is he wearing red cordoroys in that top picture? Smashing

    edited to add: OMG that was before I saw the cut off jorts, floral shirt, and purple/pink tie-die sneakers. YAAAAAAS

  38. lizzie says:

    love michael shannon. love him in everything – even when (especially when) he is a total creep. but – midnight special was an incredible film. his tenderness in movies is as powerful as his intensity in others. he had the same vibe in a much smaller role in Mud – same director – awesome amazing flick – same type of tender hearted character. amazing actor.

  39. Margo S. says:

    I love Michael Shannon. He is so friggin cool. You have to watch his actors on actors for variety. It’s on youtube. It’s him and Adam driver. SO GOOD.

    And about why people can’t see how shitty trump is. It’s because the Republicans do everything they can to keep their people simple. It’s easier for them to control uneducated people. And I don’t mean like going to uni makes you educated. You can just pick up a book and read it and learn something. They don’t want the majority of Americans doing this. They just want them to take their word for it. It’s been like this for centuries. Well it won’t work for me!!!

    • Esmom says:

      You nailed it, Margo S. A little faction of Tea Party Republicans in my town has been out to shut down the library for over a decade now. They claim it’s a frivolous use of taxpayer dollars and act all innocent when accused of trying shut down education for the populace. And don’t even get me started on how much they demonize the public schools and teachers. UGH.

    • Toxic Shock Avenger says:

      NAILED. IT. Somehow, being ignorant is now patriotic. Sickening.

      • Justjj says:

        It just allows these asshats to rewrite history every four years. It’s truly gross. I can’t even look at the news coverage of Trump. I literally can’t. Watch TV. Look at social media. It’s just too sick. Michael Shannon is cute.

  40. Sunnyjyl says:

    He wasn’t even on my radar, but I love him now. I’m glad this is a community of people who see Voldemort for who he is.

  41. PaulY says:

    I’m sorry, but this story is bringing out my own snarky side, so I thought you all of you thoughtful ladies could maybe use a little chuckle to help offset the stresses of Trump’s pending Presidency:



    What was that about “superior” genes, Donald?

    P.S. No need to scroll past the photo in the 2nd link, as that’s where you’ll find the irony (and humor) in his statement.

  42. BooBooLaRue says:

    Sorry I am late to the party, just heard of him. I adore him now. Testify brother.

  43. Blackbetty says:

    Love this guy. I haven’t seen anything that he hasnt acted well in.

  44. robyn says:

    A “black hole” or a slippery snake. How did genital grabbing “The Don” Trump get away with not giving a proper health assessment or more importantly showing his taxes where his business dealings would be revealed. I certainly hope the FBI, despite helping him win, will at least be able to eyeball and investigate these taxes before they give him the keys to the White House. They might find criminal activity or large conflicts of interest. Does anyone know if Trump has to at least show his tax history to the FBI and CIA before being let in on American’s secrets. I sure hope so. Scary.

  45. Julia says:

    Yup, he nailed it!

  46. Silvie says:

    In person, this man is sexy AF.

  47. Toxic Shock Avenger says:

    So, we can make Michael Shannon chair of the DNC, right?

    I’m kidding – he’s got better things to do – but not really. Trying to play “fair” and “nice” has not worked with these Tea Party/Trumpet types. Gloves off.

  48. Tredd says:

    Who gives a SH1T what the guy with no mirror in his house thinks?