New couple alert: Cameron Diaz and Adam Levine?

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Cameron Diaz is certainly wasting no time getting over her breakup with hunky model Paul Sculfor. The confirmed bachelorette was seen getting cozy with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine at Hollywood hotspot Chateau Marmont over the weekend. Levine was formerly linked to Jessica Simpson.

It seems Cameron Diaz has wasted no time moving on following her split from model Paul Sculfor earlier this month.

The Hollywood actress, whose year-long relationship with the former Essex bricklayer ended after she refused to move to the UK, was spotted enjoying a lunch date with Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine.

The pair dined together at the Chateau Marmont over the weekend sparking rumours of a budding new romance.

They certainly dressed the part of a new couple in matching blue jeans and crisp white tops and spent more than an hour exchanging flirty glances and conversation over a meal.

Levine, 30, is known as something of a ladies’ man in Hollywood and has been linked to a string of starlets including Jessica Simpson, Natalie Portman, Paris Hilton, Maria Sharapova and Kirsten Dunst.

His last romance was with a cocktail waitress named Rebecca Ginos who worked at popular LA celebrity haunt, Teddy’s.

Cameron, 36, has enjoyed her fair share of high-profile romances too.

Prior to her relationship with Sculfor, she briefly dated singer John Mayer and had a four-year relationship with Justin Timberlake.

Her other love interests have include Matt Dillon, Jared Leto, Edward Norton, Vince Vaughn, Djimon Hounsou and Gerard Butler.

Aside from stepping back into the dating scene, Cameron is also busy promoting her new film, My Sister’s Keeper, where she plays a mother of three in a moving story about a family living with cancer.

Famed for her quirky performances in romantic comedies, Cameron admits fans might be surprised to see her take a drastically different direction in her new movie.

But she told Vogue magazine she reveled in the challenge.

She said: ‘People who put labels on themselves limit themselves. If you are a woman who’s been labeled as a sex symbol, for instance – I mean, I am not saying that’s the label people would apply to me.

‘But if you see yourself that way, inevitably you get to a point when you are no longer a sex symbol. And if you can’t move past that, you’re putting a limit on yourself; you’re arresting your development. And that’s where I think a lot of women get in trouble.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I read “My Sister’s Keeper” and was horrified to hear that Diaz would be playing the mother of the two girls in the movie. I can’t see her being convincing in this role at all. I don’t think she’s a horrible actress, per se, just not who I would picture playing the mother of two girls- one of whom is battling a terminal illness.

Back to the topic: Cameron certainly does have a thing for singers, doesn’t she? I doubt this will become anything serious, but they do look good together.
Cameron Diaz

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  1. loldongs says:

    She’s got a bloated lumpy face.

    I don’t know why she’s apparently so attractive. I don’t see it.

  2. me says:

    settle down already, are you going through all the men in hollywierd, you and jennifer maniston will end up lonley, manless, childless, hey but you will still be rich

  3. CandyKay says:

    They’re a perfect couple. Both look much better when they’re airbrushed.

  4. Cinderella says:

    Now that relationship is going places!

  5. Retail Employee says:

    Adam Levine’s voice annoys the F*ck out of me; we are forced to endure Maroon 5’s tunes at the big box mart prison where I work. Try listening to …and she will be loooooved… or this…love…has…taken it’s toll on me a few billion times. I have to go to the washroom everytime I hear this dudes falsetto voice. Cameron’s fake happy smile is annoying too, but I can at least turn the page while doing my business.

  6. Lisa says:

    Oh, yeah. Poor desperate Cameron Diaz. So pathetic. She’s famous, successful, rich, and has a perfect figure. But no HUSBAND so let’s all talk about how pathetic she is. Nice.

    …Because that’s what gives me meaning in life. Having a husband. Nothing I do matters if I don’t have a man. Get a life ladies.

  7. Gloaming says:

    I know Cameron’s all for recycling but isn’t she taking this a bit too far..

    First John Mayer and now Adam levine, what is it with Jessica Simpsons leftovers?

    Though i imagine she would draw the line at Nick whatshisface.

  8. Teri says:

    Diseases must run rampant amongst them the way they switch partners.

  9. diddy says:

    cameron diaz , jennifer aniston and jessica simpson seem to have the same taste in douchebag men

    lets see….
    aniston and diaz have shared ; vince, mayer , paul

    aniston ,simpson and diaz have shared ;john mayer

    diaz and simpson have shared ;jared leto and now adam levine

    god the diseases in that little group must me off the wall lol

  10. stellapurdy says:

    Manless and Childless…


  11. christie says:

    she is looking a lot like ellen pompeo in this picture, who i find funny looking and irritating to listen to.

  12. j. ferber says:

    Adam Levine looks like he’s so full of himself in the header picture. I wouldn’t date him, but I wouldn’t date John Mayer, Vince Vaughn, Jared Leto, Nick Lachey, etc. either. Couldn’t even imagine it. But maybe these Hollywood women have other agendas going besides whether or not the guy is a jerk. For me, the jerk factor is a deal breaker, but maybe if they change partners so much, it doesn’t matter to them.

  13. SixxKitty says:

    Is it just me, or is everyone lately
    “formerly linked to Jessica Simpson” ???

  14. BEEBEEC says:

    She secretly meets up with a black guy and pretends to date others..

  15. sandy says:

    sad that in today’s society, women are lampooned for not following the traditional path of marriage & babies. guess the gender equality movement was an EPIC FAIL. i don’t know who/what is to blame for that, but it’s pretty pathetic. on that note, george clooney is a wifeless, childless whorebag! there, that should even the score 😉

  16. DiMi says:

    I think he’s the best revenge she could get against Justin Timberlake. He’s better looking, more mature, smarter, and a more interesting musician. However, he’s also a womanizing jerk. So….

  17. Chrissie says:

    Adam is a God. Cameron is a goddess. They both are lively and playful. I can see MAJOR great sex in their bedroom, if any. All of you blabbing around them are just unable to get what fun might be like with any of them two. Go Cameron. I would share a bed with hottie Adam at ANY time. Can’t wait to guess which Maroon 5 song will be dedicated to her 😉

  18. JPC says:

    Adam is not full of himself: he just happens to be HANDSOME and hella talented and he just reckons it, but he’s an adorable guy when you meet him, not full of himself at all. You all talk just because you like to assume things about these people without have even met them once. They live a different life, which is a wonderful one, and I guess here some just got jalous. Cameron is beautiful. Adam is beautiful. They will have their fun and God knows if I’m not envious (of her… but if I would be male, I am sure I’ll be anvious towards him). Go guys. Do yer thing.

  19. j. ferber says:

    JPC, just because you met him once doesn’t mean you know whether or not he’s full of himself. It’s your impression, just like it’s my impression (granted, from seeing a picture) that he is. But for all I know, he could be the most modest guy in the world, though I don’t think that is the case. Hollywood is not a place for milquetoasts. Narcissism would be more the rule.

  20. MaRi says:

    @ferber : I don’t know how many time JPC met Adam, but I had the blessed chance to do it for seven (and only in three of them the occasion was related to his status of Maroon 5 singer) and I can just share the same impression he/she underlined: Adam is a lovely person, even strangely shy under certain circumstances. Sure he is a womanizer, can’t deny he is. Sure he can take the advantages and disavantages of Hollywood life (he was born in Hollywood, after all), but this doesn’t make him a bad person at all. Press or whatever can speculate over him, but those who got the chance to really see him will all tell you he’s adorable. His circles are related to celebrities because he’s one. What he has to do, bury himself in a grave, and not have a life? He’s really reclusive compared to most of Hollywood scene, and that’s appreciable. He likes to have a spiced up life, but why should we blame him for it? He’s adamantine in that, and that honesty is actually admirable. He likes sex and lovelife. Isn’t this just… natural? The day he will find the one he will commit. Same for Cameron. They’re both beautiful, talented, free and lively. Let them live and have fun. I know I would in their place, and I would do my things regardeless of all people blabbing about it. To be a celebrity doesn’t mean to have less dignity than normal people, and I am sure if all of us would live their space of life, we would do lots of what all of them do.
    (PS: sorry for my lenght… I overwrote ;))

  21. j. ferber says:

    I see your point, MaRi. I also like your way of disagreeing in such a nice way. It helps people (me included) to truly hear what you are saying, rather than immediately going on the defensive. Refreshing.