Mark Wahlberg is ‘optimistic that the future will get better’ under Pres. Trump


Following the election, Mark Wahlberg was asked about what lessons we could draw from Donald Trump’s victory. He basically said that the lesson for Hollywood was that no one cares what they think, and that they should shut up about politics, because elitism, etc. Because I guess Trump isn’t an out-of-touch elitist too? So as Mark promotes Patriots Day – a film about the Boston Marathon Bombing – he’s been getting a lot of questions about Trump and politics. He keeps saying he doesn’t want to talk about it, but every now and then, he offers a glimpse of what he really thinks.

When he was chatting with the Daily Beast, the discussion turned to the Muslim community of Boston and Trump’s proposed “Muslim registry.” Wahlberg called the idea of a registry “absurd,” and said: “I have so many friends who are devout Muslims and wonderful, amazing people.” Okay… so what’s the issue with being a famous actor and saying, “You can’t treat Muslim citizens this way?” Wahlberg is a riddle! Then he was asked by E! how he feels about the upcoming Trump administration, and this is what happened:

Mark Wahlberg can’t help but think the United States will be OK when Donald Trump becomes president.

“Being the positive person that I am, I have to hope so,” Wahlberg says. “I have to remain optimistic that the future will get better.”

I chatted with Wahlberg and director Peter Berg over the weekend at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, where they were promoting Patriots Day, their new drama about the Boston Marathon bombings. Wahlberg, 45, credits his Catholic faith for helping him remain positive about the future. “Peter and I have had endless conversations about this,” the actor said. “I think he’s always convinced I’m trying to convert him to Catholicism, which I’m not, but life is short. If we live to be 100, it’s still a short amount of time. I want to live forever. I want to be with my loved ones forever and my faith allows me to deal with loss, disappointment, failure, all of those things, sickness. It reminds me that things can always be worse and how lucky I am, how blessed I am, how fortunate I am and I want to encourage people to have the ability to look at things in a positive way.”

[From E! News]

It’s been said many, many times before, and it’s worth saying again: if you’re a white, straight, cisgendered man in America, chances are pretty good that you won’t be feeling the brunt of the oncoming catastrophe of the Trump administration. Mark Wahlberg and his fellow white bros have the room and the space to feel optimistic, because statistically speaking, they were the ones voting for Trump anyway. To the rest of us non-white non-bros, we can see that the future looks pretty f—king dismal. And we don’t think we’re being pessimistic by saying so.


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  1. swak says:

    What future, Mark? Yours? Because there are many people suffering now because of Trump being PEOTUS – terror being wrought on people in Trump’s name. Get a clue.

    • Saraya says:

      Many people have been suffering for the past 8 years, so what’s your point?

      • Tate says:

        Just wait, buttercup. Trump hasn’t even taken office and he already has the match lit to burn us to the ground. Enjoy!

    • Andrea says:

      For the record, one of the most revered Democratic president was a Catholic – JFK. I think the Catholic faith calls for compassion and goodwill. Obviously, compassion and goodwill appear to be in short supply for both Donald Trump and the GOP. I think Mark’s trying his best according to his faith, and I think it’s unfair to write: “If you’re a white, straight, cisgendered man in America, chances are pretty good that you won’t be feeling the brunt of the oncoming catastrophe of the Trump administration.” He gets asked about the election results, what’s he going to say: “Man, we’re all doomed, especially if you’re poor or a person of color.”

    • zxc says:

      I have a feeling I know what “good future” looks like to him..

  2. HappyMom says:

    White males have daughters, wives and girlfriends who could very well be impacted. Also, provoking China and Iran has implications for EVERYbody.

    • Kitten says:

      And Pruitt?!?!
      If he slashes the EPA budget to the point where they cannot do their job, what kind of an impact will this have on our environment? That’s something that affects every single one of us.

      Gah. So sick of the tacit acceptance of this administration from white men. At least my BF is freaking out appropriately.

    • Kate says:

      Obviously, they didn’t care all that much as they voted for him anyway. Also, their wives and daughters actually voted for the ORANGINO in good numbers.

    • jinni says:

      Their white wives and daughters voted for Trump too. So they are more then cool with being made second class citizens as long as all the other minorities are treated like subhumans. Let’s not forget how during the most racist and darkest times in American history that white women were ride-or-die/ right along side their men in a lot of atrocities and this election showed that things haven’t changed much over time.

      • NastyWoman` says:

        This is the reality of things. I know so many minorities who voted for Trump because he would “get” the other ones. Puerto Rican, Cuban and black people I personally know supported him because he would “get rid” of the Mexicans; Jewish friends voted for him because he would “solve” the Muslim problem. White women reported not feeling “safe” under the Obama administration, so they voted for him as well. As an Afro-Latina, all I could do was shake my head at the cognitive dissonance. If all of the groups Trump insulted banded together, he would not have stood a chance.

      • jinni says:

        Nasty Woman:

        I know. It was shocking to see how many people you wouldn’t think would vote for Trump, actually voted for Trump because they hated another group more than they cared about making things better for themselves. Like they were thinking “Sure Trump hates people like me, but as long as he gets rid of these others I’m cool with losing my rights”. It’s mind-boggling.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Upper income “white wives and daughters” will still have plenty of privilege and advantages, will be able to afford the out of pocket expenses for contraception not covered by insurance, will continue to have access to the best medical care– and if they need abortions, they will have the means to take some time off and go on a convenient “vacation,” just as they did in the old days. They will shrug and say “what’s the big deal?”

        Its the lower income women on medicaid who will resorting to the coat hangers, who will pay with their lives.

      • Lightpurple says:

        @MissJupitero, they will still be able to buy what they need but not necessarily access to the best care. Paul Ryan’s plans include slashing reimbursement to places like Mass General.

      • Aren says:

        @Nasty Woman, exactly.

        Nobody wants to believe minorities can be racist too, and even if not all of them are, there are lots who do have issues with one another.

      • Dinah says:

        In Alabama, every woman who I know who voted for Trump said she’d love to be grabbed in the pussy by such a rich man. These women are subhuman.

    • Nicole says:

      Well tell that to the hoards or white women that voted for him. They clearly think they will be protected because as long as it’s not them then who cares right?

    • Fire rabbit says:

      Not even white, privileged, cisgendered males can survive environmental destruction. Mother Nature doesn’t care about gender, skin colour, titles or money in the bank. All collapse with her.

      • Godwina says:

        This. It’s mind-boggling how these “I got mine, fuck the rest of you” people ALSO think they’re somehow immune to the ravages of climate change, war, and general lawlessness. Because it’s coming faster than we feared now.

    • sarah says:

      Many of the white males who love Trump have infected their children with the kind of hatred that one needs to have to love Trump. White women in the US are going to be in danger as well – no reproductive rights, no access to birth control, especially in red states.

      This guy is a jerk. I don’t know who he is, but I don’t like him.

    • PowerToThePeaceful says:

      I have to disagree that if you’re white male cisgender etc you’ll be “fine”. Trump simply used the language if white supremacy xenophobia etc. While the ridicule is heinous and scathing and can spur hate crimes- it’s just lip service that got him elected by the bigoted. We may lose planned parenthood but that may be the most noticeable social reform. Trump and his team just want to rape our landscape and what’s left of our clean environment. He wants oil folks and that’s it. No sustainable climate- no healthy life forms. We will all suffer in a decade- despite the gender orientation religion etc. This is an equal opportunity F.

  3. Kitten says:

    Expected as much from this guy.
    Michael Shannon is the only white cis guy who’s opinion about Trump is worth listening to.

    • lightpurple says:

      Patton Oswalt, Joss Whedon, John Cusack, Chris Evans are all blasting Trump on Twitter regularly.

      • Kitten says:

        Yeah I just saw the Patton post and shared it on social media. Didn’t know about Chris Evans but I’m proud of him if he’s going hard on Trump.

      • Lightpurple says:

        @Kitten, Evans is the nephew of Mike Capuano and has worked on his campaigns. He has been pretty vocal about his anti-Trump views since the p*ssy grabbing tape was released.

        Of course,George Takei, Don Cheade and Jeffrey Wright are anti-Trump Twitter warriors

      • Kitten says:

        I always forget he’s related to Capuano. I Googled and read up on Evans’s comments. Really happy that he’s being vocal about this.

      • SusanneToo says:

        Josh Charles and Alex Winter are on his case daily.

    • HappyMom says:

      I have plenty of white, straight male friends who are regularly critical of Trump.

      • Kitten says:

        Critical sure. I know plenty who are critical, but few who are outraged.

        I do REALLY appreciate Robert Reich’s take-downs of Trump, though. I’m kind of in love with that guy.

      • Esmom says:

        Me, too. These are the same guys who were knocking on doors for Hillary prior to the election. Not because they really loved her but because they were panicked at the thought of a Pres Trump. They are all in pretty dark head spaces now.

      • Megan says:

        My husband has always been a huge fan of Hillary. He is just as shattered as I am.

      • sarah says:

        Both of my sons, white and in their 20s, are outraged. My 55 year old white husband is beyond outraged. They are sick over every new appointment the Trumpuppet is making. I raised them right. They despise him.

      • Melanie says:

        My white husband is so disgusted, he can’t even talk about it. He’s enraged. I’m still so sick over this. My grief is deep. My anxiety and depression are back. I try to read things online to cheer me up, but the reality still hits and I feel sick all over again.

        I’m truly terrified. I’m marching in LA on 1/21 and I encourage everyone that can to do the same. Marches are springing up all over the country, and the more that show up, the better. We cannot be complacent. People need to wake up and get involved. I’m so scared my country is going to disappear. The country I knew and loved.

        Also, my anger towards the supporters is through the roof. They truly do not understand why we are so upset. They can’t grasp that this is bigger than my candidate losing. It’s because the monster that won has the power to truly destroy us all. Why they can’t see this is killing me. And my father is not speaking to me because he voted for that maniac. How on earth he raised me, I’ll never know.

      • Godwina says:

        There are white cis straight able-bodied *Canadian* men who are hella outraged, so I imagine many more in the country that will actually be ruled by the incoming moist mango of horror and hatred.

  4. Tate says:

    Just his cabinet picks alone should singnal that things will be far from ok. Not to mention that Trump himself is beholden to Putin. I would say we are pretty screwed and won’t recover from this anytime soon.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes, yes and yes. Every morning I have a new episode of despair and panic.

    • ichsi says:

      You would think that this would ring the alarm bells even of these privileged f*ckboys but apparently ignorance knows no bounds. Can someone be deader than dead to you? Because Marky Mark just managed to become that to me.

    • Godwina says:

      It’s a true cabinet of horrors, and I’m sorry we’ve all lived to see this.

  5. Megan says:

    He needs a huge dose of STFU.

  6. jinni says:

    Of course his racist ass would say that. “Positive person” my ass. He’s probably hoping this means he can get his record erased now that more people like him are being even more bold in their racist beliefs and affiliations. He is disgusting.

    • Megan says:

      Where was that “positivity” and Catholic faith when he was committing hate crimes?

    • Lightpurple says:

      He withdrew the request to have his record cleared months ago.

      • Melanie says:

        @saraya His faith may have changed him, but he’s still far from the perfect Catholic he tries to project. No amends were made to the victim. Zero. The amount of money this asshole has, he hasn’t donated a dime to the man. He should have written him a check for $1 million and begged for forgiveness. Instead, he just begs for a pardon. He’s a total dick.

  7. Greata says:

    You Mark Wahlberg, are an idiot.

  8. leigh says:

    It’ll be really easy for me to boycott his work.

  9. Kate says:

    Be patient Marky Mark. In the very near future, you won’t even need to pretend being sorry for your racially motivated attacks.

    • Kasia says:

      Remember how he tried to force the dude to publically accept his apology? Mark has always been trash.

      • Sigh... says:

        “Remember how he tried to force the dude to publically accept his apology”…*just* so he could have the felony assault/battery expunged and get a liquor license for his restaurants.

        Yup. Rich, classicist, racist trash celeb who’s not taking his own advice and shutting up abt politics.

  10. minx says:

    Oh, I can’t stand this homely little guy.
    Go away.

  11. Sam says:

    Wasn’t he the one who said celebs shouldn’t talk politics? So why is he still talking?

  12. Josefina says:

    You guys are headed to an inevitable economic crisis, which will definitely affect straight white cis men as well. Racist rednecks are rejoicing now, but in a few years they’ll face the consequences of putting an incompetent idiot in office. People are so fixated (understandably) on Trump’s bigotry, they overlook how completely STUPID and unfit for the job he is.

    Mike Pence, Steve Bannon and Vladimir Putin are the only white men who actually won something this election. Everyone else will lose to varying degrees. Whalberg himself has a lot of money so maybe he wont lose much. But Trump’s core supporters, middle class men lacking in education? Lol. They wont be faring so well under the crisis.

    • Original T.C. says:

      Don’t forget that even the Trump supporters during exit polls admitted that he wasn’t qualified to be President. They KNOW he is incompetent and corrupt and they still don’t care. Sticking it to minorities, Muslims and those feminists was more important.

      And also most of his male White voters have jobs and make over $70,000. College educated White women also make more money than the average person. The majority of the unemployed or under-employeed White population voted mostly for Hillary. However I” sure even his wealthy White voters will be screwed over at some point.

      • Godwina says:

        College-educated white women, according to 538 and other measures I’ve seen, did NOT vote for Trump en masse. It was white women without a college degree who stormed that gate. I feel it comes off as gross and classist to point this out, but I also like to think accuracy counts when we’re pointing fingers.

    • Kitten says:

      What are you talking about?!?!?

      “The economy is doing great! My stocks are up 65 points!”

      -My boss, a Trump voter.

      • Kitten says:

        Plus Trump is bringing back coal jobs!!

      • Josefina says:

        It’s always like that. We also had a business-man turned president. Good thing is the denial does eventually wear off. When you hit rock bottom, Trump’s approval rating will as well. Sad parte is, well… you will have already reached rock bottom for that to happen.

        Seriously, though, Im shocked at the ammount of people defending Trump saying a month has passed and things arent that bad. Really? Delinquency already skyrocketed and, dude, this is still Obama’s term? If you guys are ”'””””””’fine””””””””” right now is because he’s not in office yet. And even out of office this douche already found a way to piss off China.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        Well, even those duds will have trouble breathing once the environment is complete toast. I’ve reached the point where my only consolation is that at least we’re ALL going down. What a f*cked up year.

      • Kitten says:

        Oh I hear ya.. it’s infuriating.

        These people live in an alternate reality, truly. I freaked out on my boss when he was talking about Trump’s affect on the stock market and how good his administration will be for this country.
        I was like “Have you been paying attention to his cabinet picks?!?!”

        But again, these people walk around with their heads up their asses.

      • Kitten says:

        You guys saw Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy? Can it get any worse?

        This is the same dude that said the Exxon oil spill was an “act of God”.
        I just….it’s almost impressive how awful these choices are. If his intention is to run these cabinets to the ground, then he’s definitely on the right track.

      • Stacey says:

        This boom won’t last. The only reason the stocks are good right now is because of speculation. Once Trump puts his actual policies into effect, the stock market will plummet.

        They are already saying that housing and car prices are going to skyrocket under the Trump administration. He will also force the Fed to raise rates.

      • sarah says:

        And Rick Perry gets $238,000 a year from the company involved in the Dakota oil pipeline.
        America – it’s crazy.

      • isabelle says:

        Told one of my co-workers. “I’m so going to so rub what you said and what I said in your face 2 years from now if not sooner”. He didn’t laughed but I did!

    • Tate says:

      We are definitely in for tough economic times. What will piss me off even further is when the world is burning to the ground and the Trump voters still refuse to see that they did this to us.

    • Lexie says:

      I was about to comment on this – the economic crisis would (probably) eventually have happened under a HC administration too, but under Trump it will likely hit us within in the next 18 – 24 months.

      Anyone considering having children in that window needs to really, REALLY think long and hard about that and what it could mean for the financial future of your family. I know I am.

    • sarah says:

      Right now, Trump has the lowest approval rating of any President-Elect in modern times: 40%
      68% said he is unlikable.
      65% said he is reckless
      62% said he is unqualified to be President.
      Figures cited in Charles Blow Op-Ed in the NY Times yesterday.

      But only 1/2 of eligible voters voted, and less than 1/2 of them voted for Trump. Plus, Russia. So…we will have his idiocy for 4 years. Unless the Electoral College do their duty and vote for someone else.

  13. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    This sort of confirms to me that he actually voted for Dump. Not surprised at all.

    After watching Chris Hayes special with Bernie “Petty Boots” Sanders last night, I find that a lot of Dump’s white voters have an issue with cognitive dissonance. (This includes Marky Marks inability to realize that he is just as entrenched in Hollywood as some of the people he is bashing.) Now, this is something that all humans seem to suffer from in one way or another, but I have never seen such a complete and utter denial of facts from such a large group of people in my short life. The entire show was infuriating on so many levels. I am trying to be more understanding but those people are not making it easy.

    I keep coming back to the same thing: he said what he said, why would you vote for someone who said those things at all, even if you thought he was lying? Chris asked that and no one on stage even attempted to answer it.

    • Snowflake says:

      Why would you vote for someone who said these things? EXACTLY. That shows you what kind of person he is. This Hispanic guy at work told me he’s just saying that to get votes, but he’s going to put more money back in our pockets. Then he proceeded to tell me there is no racism anymore. I told him, you’re going to tell me you’ve never experienced racism? He was like, no, I grew up around all kinds of people. When we moved to a nice neighborhood, people would sometimes give us looks but that was about them being snooty, we just ignored it. At that point, I felt like my head was going to explode so I told him we probably shouldn’t talk about politics at work.

      • Aren says:

        @Snowflake, many people lie to distance themselves from reality. Some hispanics say they have never experienced racism because they don’t want to identify as hispanics.
        Same for females, the other day I heard this girl say she “didn’t need feminism” and a bunch of stupid nonsense, which I know she only said so the guy she likes (who is a misogynist idiot) would consider her “not like other girls”.

    • Stacey says:

      I guarantee that in 2-3 years time when everything has gone to hell that one of two things will happen:

      1.) Trump supporters will lie and claim they voted for Gary Johnson. I heard this quite a bit after Bush II became super-unpopular after Katrina and the Iraq War boondoggle grew. People who I KNOW supported Bush all of a sudden claimed they never voted for the guy and voted third party or left the space blank in the 2004 election.

      2.) The Bernie bros will insist that “If we had just nominated Bernie….” as if Bernie would have beaten Trump. Hillary got nearly 3 million more voted than Trump did and lost. Bernie would have lost too – did anyone see how anti-Semitic a lot of trump’s supporters were on social media?

  14. Shambles says:

    F*ck you, dude.

    I can’t today. It’s rainy and gloomy here and I’m feeling the full weight of melancholy in knowing what’s happening in my country. It’s painful and it’s heavy, so Mark Whalberg can honestly just go f*ck himself. I know that’s not productive discourse, but I have nothing else to give this guy. Your greatest contribution is what, Mark? Underwear pictures and a talking teddy bear who smokes pot? Honestly just go f*ck yourself and your white hetero male bullsh*t.

    Even the most progressive white dudes I know simply cannot get it through their heads that maybe other people’s life experiences are different than theirs. It’s exasperating.

    • minx says:

      Same here. It’s cold in Chicago and going to be bitterly cold this weekend.
      I’m just in a horrible funk thinking about what has happened to this country.

      • Esmom says:

        minx, I’m in Chicago too. The weather is definitely exacerbating my foul mood. And I’m already over the snow and it’s only early Dec. It’s going to be a long winter.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      Nailed it.

      • dandan38 says:

        I am actually biracial, but I know well, what we’ve done thus far, isn’t good enough. I AM from boston, Dorchester, hang out at Arnold Arboretum, I still think we should try to be optimistic as well, for posterity.

    • Kitten says:

      I completely agree. After a heated debate (me: “I’m NOT changing my mind on this!!!”) I FINALLY got my guy to stop perpetuating the dog whistle narrative of “the poor white working class” and I feel like this is major, major progress.
      Finally, he gets it.

      Still, he was angry but not outraged by every cabinet position up until Pruitt. As soon as he saw this administration would be gunning for the environment, that was the final straw.
      Better late than never I guess, but I’m still disappointed that human rights weren’t the thing that set him off. Sigh.

      ETA; This excellent article finally made him understand:

      LOVE The Root.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        Oh my god, WHAT is it with some people? ALL of the sh*t that’s happened until now wasn’t enough? No disrespect to your bf, I know plenty of people who still don’t get it. I’m just done with these poor white folks and their taxes or whatever. Sure, they are just scared for their own future and their own bank accounts and that is an excuse to vote for hate???

        I said this in the last Jon Stewart post, I’ll repeat it until I’m blue in the face. NONE of these “fears” are an excuse. Because I’m sure the Germans were worried about their f*cking infrastructure so they voted for the guy who promised them the Autobahn. And that made it okay.

        Also, that article is excellent. And incidentally applies to my slightly harsh comparison as well. Germans weren’t p*ssed that they were poor after WWI. They were p*ssed that so many Jews weren’t.

      • Kitten says:

        Abso-f*cking-LUTELY and a slow clap to everything you said. I really am at the point where I refuse to listen to that tired ass line about the white working class. Stop infantilizing these people FFS. They made a conscious choice to vote for hate because they are pathetic, scared, sad people who can’t handle the fact that non-whites and women suddenly have a strong voice in this country.
        Screw them.

      • sarah says:

        Here is my theory:
        Many of these white men got good jobs with great benefits right out of high school, or without even having a high school degree because of manufacturing and unions. First, many of them voted their unions away (and as a teacher, I can’t understand the many teachers I work with who vote Republican!!!) and then their jobs left.
        Since they are white men, they have never really had to expect less than a perfect life with very little effort. They aren’t like the immigrants I know and teach, parents and kids who work 18 hours a day and live in a small apartment behind their businesses. These men expect it all! Yes, I’m painting with a broad brush, but I know a lot of these guys. That their life now sucks is often because they refuse to get retraining and be flexible. They want what they want, they DESERVE it!! That one older guy in the CNN Van Jones video said that the white people out there are what makes the world go round, and they resent that the sun doesn’t shine up their butts anymore.

      • Kitten says:

        Yes Sarah exactly and its that sense of entitlement that makes me crazy.

    • Cassiopeia says:

      boogie nights was good

  15. huh says:

    Trump voter!

  16. Luca76 says:

    Well I’m sure someone like Mark whose committed hate crimes will be overjoyed at what’s coming down the line for our country.

  17. Kristen says:

    Of course he is! He’s a rich, white, heterosexual male!

    • Akboat says:

      The keyword here is rich. It won’t matter to him when SS is gone or if we are hit with terrible inflation. I’m sure he’s one of the .1%.

      Also, it totally disgusts me that he’s going to get richer by making a movie about the Boston bombing. Profiting off of other people’s pain.

      • Deering24 says:

        Eheheh. Given his and director Peter Berg’s “America Fuck Yeah!” collaborations, it’s a good bet they are angling to be the TrumpReich’s Gustav Grundgens and Veit Harlan. :p

    • Lucy2 says:


    • Aren says:

      Don’t forget racist, and extremely violent.

  18. Div says:

    It’s interesting that a hardcore Catholic like Mark seems to be low key supportive of Trump (based on some of the comments he made lately) considering how Trump has attacked the Pope….So many damn hypocrites… long as it doesn’t hurt (straight white Christian males) they really don’t care that much…..

    Also, I hate the fact that he’s basically been allowed to bury his hate crime committing past.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      He’s so far from a hardcore Catholic. He talks the faith. He doesn’t walk the faith. Not by a long shot. It’s all smoke and mirrors with that one.

      • Sigh... says:

        Yeah, he’s about as “hard core” about his beliefs as Mel Gibson and Kris Kardashian… Cherry-picking their Christianity, the lot of them.

    • Aren says:

      Oh but remember Facebook said The Pope supported Trump! *laughs*

  19. Arock says:

    Screw marky mark and the horse he rode in on. (That’s all the energy I have right now)

  20. QQ says:

    UGH this Short roidy Garbageman again? Can we CANCEL him alright already? Of Course he is optimistic he’s probably walking with a power hard on every day since the election

    Club Founding member and Fl Chapter President NO COUNTRY FOR THIS *SSHOLE FOREVER AND EVER since at least 2000 (aka he still had Good Looks to disguise what stays coming out his mouth)

    • Esmom says:

      “short roidy garbageman.” LMAO, best description I have ever heard of Marky Mark. Hat’s off to you, QQ. And you’re right, his looks are starting to catch up with his sh$%ty soul.

    • hogtowngooner says:

      Short roidy garbageman is such an accurate description of this shitheel

    • I Choose Me says:

      Perfect description is perfect.

  21. anonymous says:

    “if you’re a white, straight, cisgendered man in America” and also christian. I don’t know how anyone can be optimistic about a Trump presidency.

  22. JulP says:

    Anyone who is still optimistic at this point hasn’t been paying attention. As people noted upthread, each one of Trump’s cabinet picks is worst than the last. He is choosing oligarchs who will end up dismantling the very agencies they lead and pursuing policies that serve only to further enrich them and their corporations/industries. And did anyone read China’s response to Trump’s phone call with Taiwan/twitter tirade in the Global Times? We’re either headed toward WWIII with China (which would likely mean global extinction), or China will destroy our economy by starting a trade war and/or demanding payment on the $1.24 trillion of our debt that they hold.

    Best case scenario is that only the U.S. is destroyed by Trump’s presidency (but even this ignores the long-term effects of global warming, which will only get worse when Trump dismantles the EPA, withdraws from the Paris agreement, and amps up fracking/drilling).

    Slightly OT, but what bothers me more than anything is that Trump supports don’t even care that he stole the election thanks to Russian meddling. They don’t care that his secretary of state pic is a friend/business partner of Putin. They care more that their guy won than about the future of this country. I guarantee you that if Hillary was PEOTUS, and the CIA had evidence that Russia had helped her win, these assholes would be out on the streets wielding their shotguns, demanding her resignation/impeachment. As far as I’m concerned, Trump, the Republican politicians who are still supporting him, and all Trump supporters are traitors. They do not get to claim that they are more “American” than us after this.

    • Kitten says: much YES to that last paragraph. I just cannot with these people.

    • Lynnie says:

      I truly feel bad for Obama’s legacy. I have no doubt that he’s going to go down as one of the most competent presidents in the 21st century, but to have 8 years of work dismantled by a bumbling orange autocrat in the span of 30 days has gotta suck.

      History will certainly not be kind to those who chose party over country, but that’s going to take a long a long time unfortunately 😢

  23. Mew says:

    He’s a do-er not a don’t-er.

  24. Triple Cardinal says:

    Not just straight, white, Christian and male. Add wealthy, healthy and relatively young. Were any of these variables to change, his status and worth would deteriorate.

    Wahlberg doesn’t get it: His position is more precarious than he thinks.

  25. mazzie says:

    Trump won’t read the daily briefings! This is the man Roidy-racist thinks will make the future better?

    We’re right next door to America and we’re keeping an eye out because what happens there affects us. Ugh.

  26. Merritt says:

    It is not surprising that Mark Wahlburg, a man with a history of committing hate crimes, is optimistic about how things will be under Trump.

  27. wolfie says:

    He can be smug now, but it only starts with Muslims, minorities, women, and LGBT. It will move on to anyone who doesn’t fall to their knees and worship the evil Beast. If your faith is so strong Marky, you need to start actually reading your Bible. May I suggest Revelation.

  28. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    A friend who is movie journalist in Belgium met Walhberg for this movie recently.
    They talked about politics and Trump
    In off after the interview , they talked about Obama and Trump.Walhberg said him he voted Obama and if he had been able to vote Obama 3 Times ,he will do.
    He doesn’t buy that Walhberg is a Trump supporter

    • Kitten says:


    • JulP says:

      Huh. Based on this interview, I would have thought he was a Trump supporter. Maybe he is really just trying to find a silver lining, but c’mon dude, wake the fuck up! Our window of opportunity to fix this (convincing electors to vote for Clinton instead of Trump) is closing rapidly, so we need more people to open their eyes and see how big of a threat Trump is. Looking on the bright side isn’t going to do us much good if Trump gets sworn in on January 20 and begins his assault on the environment, economy, women’s/LGBT/minority rights, education, medicare, Social Security, etc. etc.

    • Triple Cardinal says:

      So, was he lying then…or is he lying now?

      • Don't kill me I'm French says:

        He met Walhberg 2/3 weeks ago.
        Remember how Trump was mellow after his win .
        My friend agreed with Walhberg about how Hollywood support didn’t help Hilary during the campaignl

    • Josefina says:

      He may not be a supporter, but anyone who is optimistic about his administration is, at least, politically clueless. Its like feeding your dog chocolate and hoping for the best. Maybe you didnt want to kill your dog, and you did love your dog, but you’d still be an irresponsable owner.

      • jc126 says:

        Maybe he’s found that life is more pleasant when you try to be optimistic. I try to be optimistic, because being pessimistic never has helped me, I’ve found.

  29. robyn says:

    The future will only get better with Trump, if he is jailed for conspiring with Russia to win the election. Get real Wahlberg, unicorns don’t exist and Trump is a pussygrabbing conman that has no business running the free world.

    And thank goodness for the entertainment industry because the news media failed to do their job!!!

  30. Izzy says:

    Perhaps when jerks start grabbing his wife or one of his daughters by the pu$$y, he’ll have a change of heart.

  31. Greed Fatigue says:

    I’m not outraged over Trump because i find neoliberals who try to pass themselves off as progressives more offensive. So i have zero sympathy for Clinton or her supporters.

    • JulP says:

      Ugh. Look, I have no love for neoliberals either and voted for Bernie in the primaries, but can’t you see that a neoliberal who would continue Obama’s legacy is far better than an unhinged lunatic who is most likely going to dismantle our government, eliminate all of our social welfare programs, attack the rights of women/minorities/Muslims, and get us involved in WWIII?

      • Greed Fatigue says:

        Clinton’s hostile stance towards Russia and talk about imposing a no fly zone over Syria had me more worried about WW3 than anything Trump has said about China. The Dems were going to continue with their imperialist policies and continue to remain beholden to Wall St to the detriment of the working class. Doing all that while paying lip service to being progressive is something i find deeply offensive.

    • Annetommy says:

      You lost me at “I’m not outraged over Trump…”. Nothing worth hearing after that.

      • Greed Fatigue says:

        And Clinton lost me at being beholden to Wall St, inadequate action on climate change and continuing America’s imperialist foreign polices.

      • Josefina says:

        Anyone who gives a shit about American imperialism would be wise enough not to call that country “America”.

        Hone those trolling skills. You’re rusty.

      • Juls says:

        @Greed Fatigue:
        Your name says it all, doesn’t it? I’m fatigued by greed, so I’ll vote for the most greedy person possible. SMDH. You whine about the liberal stance on climate change? Why don’t you Google Trump’s choice for head of the EPA. Beholden to Wall Street, you grumble? Trump is a card-carrying bro that will cozy up to Putin and use the the system of capitalism to fill his coffers, as well as Putin’s (that’s the deal, right?) to the detriment of everyone else. He doesn’t care if the world burns. And neither do you, apparently. Your hypocrisy will not save you from nuclear winter when Trump launches nukes at North Korea when they hurt his tiny -baby feelings and HE starts WW3. My only question is, will you jump up and down with your hand in the air, begging to go to the front lines, with as much enthusiasm for Trump as you do now, so I can stay home and pray with my family? If your answer is no, then STFU and go away.

      • Kitten says:

        LOL @ “Hillary is beholden to Wall Street”
        So sure, hire the guy who’s in bed with Exxon and Goldman Sachs as an alternative.
        Smart thinking.

    • Joh says:

      As no great man ever tweeted: “Sad”
      Clinton would have evolved and listed to experts.
      No such luck with Mr trump.

    • Josefina says:

      Why do you insist in trolling? Nobody cares about you in real life you need attention from weird anons in the web? You let out your sexual frustration making anons angry? Im serious. With all the wikipedia articles, vídeo games, movies, series and porn you can find in the web, I dont understand why people like you spend their free time trolling others on comment sections.

      Oh, and this has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. But Im sure you’ll find a say to get her involved in your answer.

    • Kitten says:

      It just wouldn’t be a proper trolling without “But Hillary….”

      • Juls says:

        Apparently Greed Fatigue (WTF with that name) has decided the heat of the kitchen was too much. High fives for running another troll out of our one place where we have a modicum of intelligence.

      • Kitten says:

        Sometimes I think the mods let them in here just so we can vent a bit. It’s kind of cathartic honestly…

      • Saraya says:

        Ironic, considering you basically replied to him/her with “But Trump…”

    • Lambda says:

      Greed Fatigue, it’s all cool, but can you take it one step at a time and clean your Australian back yard first?

  32. Joannie says:

    After reading a number of comments I conclude you are feeding off one another and actually making the situation worse if it could possibly get any worse. Trump won. Vote him out next election if he lasts that long but going off on anyone who doesnt bitch about Trump on a celebrity gossip site isnt doing anyone any good. And blaming white people is as racist as one accuses Trump of being. STOP! No wonder the USA is a mess.

    • EP says:

      But it’s been such an effective strategy for them . Oh wait…..

    • Kitten says:

      Yes much more effective is to come on a celebrity website to literally complain about people complaining.
      And you’re absolutely right that the USA is a mess because of people complaining on a celebrity website and getting mad at white folks.

      Thank you so much for your insightful post. I really learned a lot.

      • Joannie says:

        Racist rants certainly dont help! Its adding fuel to the fire. JMO

      • EP says:

        Kitten’s right. Kitten’s always right. I thought you would’ve picked that up in her posts.

        @JULS: I doubt Greed Fatigue ran off. He was probably blocked for making waves.

      • Juls says:

        And you are right. On both counts. OKITT is the best. And the mods keep this place my favorite site to visit without worry of being shouted down and called an idiot/braindead/ignorant for daring to speak one word against Trump. Thanks to all celebitches and much love!!!

      • EP says:

        Blocking people for being abusive is OK. Blocking them for having a different opinion is not. Greed Fatigue was merely expressing a different opinion to neoliberals who frequent this site.

      • SusanneToo says:

        @EP. This is a GF post from Sunday. (S)he’s made similar nasty posts since first appearing.

        Greed Fatigue says:
        December 11, 2016 at 8:52 pm
        Not to worry. Only another four years of having Trump’s middle finger jammed up your ass. The time will fly by

      • EP says:

        Granted that’s a bit crude but i think she was being flipant rather than nasty. And I don’t recall any other comments of her’s that have warranted being blocked.

      • Juls says:

        1. I don’t think neoliberalism means what you think it means. Please educate yourself, reading comprehension is key. It does not apply to myself or any other non- Trump supporter on this site.
        2. GF was not being insulted. This person ( that you assume is a woman, for whatever reason) was challenged on their views and refused to respond with anything resembling a coherent debate, which I would welcome but it’s not to be.
        3. You chose to say “awwww shucks, that’s just okay” when confronted with hateful things this person said, but still defend them. Yep, you are in the fold with people that shrugged off Trump’s atrocities and screamed “but Hillary’s emails!” like a robot.
        4. Every site that has comment sections are full of Trump supporters, like yourself, that can’t stand informed, intelligent people that disagree with you. Go visit one of those instead of trolling us.
        5. Thank you for volunteering, in advance, to fight in Trump’s wars, so I don’t have to.

      • Joannie says:

        There are many times I agree with Kitten. She’s insightful and thoughtful in her comments. I understand her rage over Trump but sometimes I feel like this forum is a place where people come to take out their racism towards white people. Racism is bad, really bad.

      • EP says:

        @JULS: Trump supporter? I’m a Greens supporter. The Democrats have far more in common with Republicans than they do with the Greens, so I actually despise the Democrats more than the Democrats despise the Republicans. The problem with fake liberals like yourself is that you only look at the superficial differences betweem the two corporate parties, while progressives like me can’t see past their fundamental similarities.

  33. Apples says:

    All he said was that he wants to remain optimistic! Gheez, it’s not like he dismissed all fears people have a the moment.

  34. Dinah says:

    Marky Mark wants to wear his man-panties while he clings to Commander Kong as they ride the bomb down together. Unlike Melanja K., Marky at least wears underwear.

  35. Luci Lu says:

    Maybe Marky Mark can get back together with “The Funky Bunch”, and perform at Donald’s inauguration, since his people are having a very difficult time booking credible A-list talent. So much so, that they’re offering to pay money, when air fair and accommodations are the norm. Well, they can always rely on Ted Nugent and Kid Rock, who always look like they’re high, stink, and smell like crap. Bwaaahahaha!