Brad Pitt’s lawyer accused Angelina’s lawyer of violating the kids’ privacy


Last week, the family court judge denied Brad Pitt’s request to seal all of the divorce and custody records. Brad’s legal team filed the request after several weeks of what turned out to be not-so-undercover drama. Angelina Jolie’s team had maintained that the current custody situation was not being determined by Angelina’s whims, but by a court-ordered child-psychiatrist. Brad’s team had apparently been trying to short-circuit the family court order and basically harangue Angelina into providing more access to the kids for Brad. The entire time, Brad’s PR had been playing the “poor Brad misses his kids, he’s been kept away by Angelina the Witch card in the press. So when Angelina reacted by publicly solidifying the temporary custody arrangement, that’s when Brad and his team suddenly wanted everything sealed. Because that’s when everyone found out that Brad is still being drug tested, and that he only gets to see his kids when the shrink says he can.

So, what’s new? I don’t even know. Yesterday, the Daily Mail published an exclusive about all of the behind-the-scenes legal wrangling, involving the emails between Angelina’s lawyer (Laura Wasser) and Brad’s lawyer (Lance Spiegel). This, to me, was not new information, but it’s interesting to read what the lawyers were writing to each other, and how the custody battle has escalated significantly in the past month. You can read the full Daily Mail piece here.

The basic gist is what we already knew – Lance Spiegel was emailing Laura Wasser about getting Angelina to give Brad more access to the kids. Wasser was basically like we can talk about that but for right now, let’s follow the agreement that we set up in October and let the shrinks determine everything for the good of the kids. Spiegel kept threatening and haranguing, and Wasser was like, okay, cool, so I’m going to court to get the October agreement placed as the formal temporary-custody agreement. Spiegel then emails Wasser about how – by filing those papers with the court – she did “irreparable damage” to the Jolie-Pitt kids’ privacy, and that by filing the custody thing with the court, confidential information was made public. Basically, the headline is “Brad accuses Angelina of releasing confidential information about their kids,” but the situation is so much trickier than that. Reading through the emails, I totally understand why Wasser did what she did? I also feel like Brad’s lawyers are mainly concerned about how Brad LOOKS in the custody battle rather than the actual well-being of the kids.



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  1. Greata says:

    Smoke and mirrors, promises of exclusives , all to shift the focus off of Pitt’s drug/alcohol issues. Please, how dumb do they think we are?

    • vanna says:

      Sadly a lot of people are buying it. Even rational smart women.

    • Katherine says:

      It was not a “court ordered” psychiatrist. This was a voluntary plan drafted and executed between the parties while Pitt was still under investigation by DCFS and the FBI – not exactly without a coercive element. Once the investigations were concluded and no actionable abuse was found there was room for amendment to the custody agreement to allow more visitation. An entirely reasonable and probably healthy expectation.

      • MrsBPitt says:

        @Katherine – Brad did everything to the letter while the investigations were ongoing. Once, he was cleared of any wrong doing, why wouldn’t he expect to be able to see his kids more. And, I don’t understand, why, some people are going nuts because Brad wants to spend more time with their children. If he didn’t care whether he saw them or not, now, that would be a concern…

      • bluhare says:

        I think you and Katherine agree, MrsBPitt! I agree as well. If he was cleared of wrongdoing I don’t know why he can’t see his kids more either.

      • tracking says:

        +2 And making the dirty laundry public, which is unquestionably harmful to the kids, was her decision.

      • Ramona says:

        To add, I think his requests have been more than reasonable. An 1 hour additional therapy session with two kids at each session is far from demanding. Furthermore, he isnt taking that by force. He is requesting it of her and later pointing out that he does have legal recourse but that it would be better to stay out of court. Her response is to refuse to seal the files to block him from moving to court for fear of embarrassment or harm to the kids. Thats using the kids as human shields. If you cant agree, let the files be sealed and let him get a judge to weigh in. Whatever justifies refusing a dad an extra hour a week with his kids must be so grievous that the judge would agree with you.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Agree with everyone else’s comments above.

      • Fa says:

        What you are not getting is that yes he allow to get more visits but the therapists told him to give us time because the kids are not ready yet, you can even read Wasser email say let’s first hear what the therapists are saying and he is not listening

      • Ramona says:

        @Fa. The concern from Brads end likely has to do with the therapist. He may have simply accepted the therapist that Angelina nominated without researching him. As I have said before, psychology isnt a hard science, there are multiple approaches to every situation. This guys approach may coincide with Angelinas interests (IF her interest is to drag out the reconcilliation). A different therapist may take the approach that time apart between Brad and the four younger kids is unnecessary and damaging. I believe Brads side have requested a different therapist be added on as well as complained that this therapist hasnt addressed “issues that he has raised”.

        As for what those issues might be, I dont know but I suspect its parental allienation. And if it is and it comes up in court before those files are sealed then this shit will get even messier.

      • Yepisaidit says:

        The only reason Dcfs closed the case was because the recommendations were put in place. Like Angelina’s lawyer said DCFS was happy with the safeguards for the children. He only signed it because he wanted dcfs to stop and he never planned on abiding that agreement. Angelina is simply following the rules.

        Plus, as I’ve said before how did he do anything of the recommended things while he was traveling the world and vacationing? His own lawyer admits his two sons don’t want to see him.

      • Lindsey says:

        ^ That isn’t how it works though DCFS doesn’t back off because of an unenforceable and temporary between two parents. If you think about it it only makes sense, people lie. They could just draw up a parenting plan, sign it and drop it/make a new one to get DCFS out of their lives. If they felt Brad was abusive they would have set up mandatory programs like anger management, parenting, and substance abuse classes. Their investigation and the FBI’s ended because there was no evidence a crime was committed or of ongoing problems. The recommendations were put in place at the very beginning of the investigation, not as a final agreement to get them to close the case.

        Brad did abide by the agreement throughout the investigation continuing to today. His lawyer said so and her’s did not disagree. Angelina is simply “following the rules” she is trying to keep it in place, possibly for a good reason, she has not stated why. Brad feels like now that the DCFS investigation has ended and cleared him, he has jumped through all the required hoops, and wants, understandably, for this temporary agreement to end. He was willing to follow the rules up until he was cleared, now through his lawyer he was requesting a schedule that reflected the outcome of passing the investigation into his parenting, possible substance abuse or dependency, and psychological state. He would like to see his children more. Now since she isn’t willing he will go to court and let a judge set the schedule.

        As for his traveling, the man he is reporting to for drug tests is one of the top physicians in the country specializing in addiction. The rehab he runs is super posh and can run north of $80,000 per month. He is used to working with people in high powered careers and the erratic schedule and complex logistics that go with it. A urine drug screen is a very easy test and could be done by any reputable lab and he could meet his weekly therapy quota through teleconference when he wasn’t stateside. Plus, now that is over.

        As for the two boys that leaves four kids who he really wants to see and really want to see him. He may also feel he has done it Angie and DCFS’s way, has given them time and space, and now needs to try to repair that relationship himself. Minors can be compelled by the court to see the other parent. Hopefully he doesn’t have to go that route.

      • nikko says:

        What did Brad do to Maddox? Beat him w/ a baseball bat; come on all he did was yell at and push the boy. How many parents yell and push their kids especially if he’s all up in their (my) face. I don’t understand why Angelina is allowing all this to go on. She knows that Brad is a good father and she shouldn’t want her kids to take sides. I’m really disappointed in her. I thought she would be a better person.

      • Jag says:

        @nikko – They had their French home on the market for months before this came out, correct? We don’t know how Brad has been acting, and considering that she filed for divorce the way she did, his actions on the plane might have been the last straw of many incidents.

        As for downplaying what Brad did to Maddox, you have no idea what he said to the boy, nor do you know if that were the only time he had been physical. He might have been restraining himself because people were watching. (At least, that’s the way my dad was; he was completely violent at home and not as violent when we were around others.)

    • Bitchy says:

      There is no evidence for Pitt’s drug abuse issues. There are just tests that Jolie demanded. Nothing more.

      • Ankhel says:

        He’s not a bad father for wanting to see his kids more than one hour or so per week. He’s never been found to be an unfit parent by any agency or court. End of.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        She doesn’t have the power to order drug testing.

      • Fa says:

        DCFS recommended the drugs testing before closing the case and not her

      • Ramona says:

        I dont think she means power, per say. I think she means that the circumstances under which that deal was struck was such that Angelina had unequal bargaining power. When you are facing both a DCFS and Federal investigation the duration of which is unclear, you take what little contact with your kids is offered. And you dont quibble over terms.

      • Ramona says:

        Fa, do you have a link for that? Because I have followed this story closely and theres nothing about DCFS requesting regular ongoing drug testing. As best I know, this was something Brad voluntarily agreed to presumably because he didnt at the time really have bargaing power and he saw it as useful in fighting the for joint custody. If she claims he is an addict, he can say “errr, clearly not, see the test results”. In other words, it was strategy not a DCFS order, But once, DCFS completed their investigation and cleared him, Angelina issued that unnecessary and shady statement implying that DCFS was dropping it because “the checks were now in place” rather than because they found no wrongdoing on the plane. It was intentionally misleading and so unnecessary. An example of her side playing games too.

      • Yepisaidit says:

        Ramona , it was stated in the statement Angelina lawyers released (that no one believed until she filed the paper work) -DCFS was happy with the safeguards put in place for the children.

      • Ramona says:

        ” it was stated in the statement Angelina lawyers released”

        Exactly my point. Firstly, thats not how DCFS works. You will not be cleared of anything even remotely as serious as we are to believe by simply putting “safeguards in place”. What we know from both DCFS and FBI sources is that there was nothing requiring action. Also, IF they found something requiring “safeguards”, they would be monitoring these safeguards. Furthermore, Angelina would have quashed his attempt to change it by simply reporting that to DCFS. But theres no mention, even from Wasser in those emails, about “DCFS safeguards”. She isnt even trying to make that argument, guess why? Also, if Angelina had such a strong point as “DCFS requires these safeguards”, she would be more than pleased to get this before a judge. She wouldn’t be trying to block his path to court by refusing to seal the files.

        What they have is a temporary voluntary agreement. They are required by law to come to an agreement or else the court sets one for them. Thats the reason she registered it, to show the judge that they had come to an agreement at some point and that he doesn’t have to make temporary orders pending the custody trial. The fact that you have been misled to believe otherwise proves my point; that she engaged in some very shady propaganda to try and disuade the public that DCFS found nothing.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        So, you’re just another person who refuses to believe Angelina and her lawyers – rather believe Brad and his anonymous sources. Mmmk he was trying to deny the entire thing until she filed the paper work to force him to abide by his signed agreement.
        She has nothing to lie about just like Amber Heard. You know cops “cleared” Johnny Depp as well… Doesn’t mean they didn’t do anything harmful.

        Just to clear everything up I wish Angelina’s side would tell us exactly what Brad Pitt did but then there would still be people making excuses for him.

      • O.o says:

        @ Ramona The emails are no longer available online (they magically disappeared from all the sources) but you can still find the declaration of L. Wesser presented at the court on the 6th of Dec which states: “The Custody Stipulation memorializes the custody and visitation arrangement set forth above and incorporates recommendations made by DCFS. I have not attached copies of documents our office received from DCFS in order to protect the minor children’s privacy and to comply with confidentiality statutes.”
        We don’t know what was exactly recommended by DCFS, if they named the therapists – safeguards or just therapists, or any other details, but it’s obvious that whatever was agreed between Angie and Brad was a result of these recommendations. You seriously believe that Brad, if really innocent of any addiction, would agree to these rules? Being checked every week? Risking that it might be made public? I don’t think so. And would such strict rules be set if there was no confirmation from the children that Brad indeed is overusing drugs and alcohol? Just Angie’s words? I don’t think so again. I see it’s so easy to believe that everyone is in the wrong: Angie, the kids and therapists. The only person who is right is Mr Pitt.

      • Fa says:

        Thank you o.o, DCFS would’ve not recommended this extreme safeguard if there were no a problem with Brad
        I think the kids witnessed this kind behaviour before but the plane accident was the last straw

      • Lindsey says:

        He voluntarily agreed to drug testing at the beginning of the investigation (which the dates on the newly filed doc reflect) In the e-mails his lawyer said Brad had been following the temporary order and had not violated it and did not get any pushback from Angie’s lawyers. He thought it was strange they would file a months old document without cause. I would say passing weekly random drug tests starting right after the incident would show he didn’t have a drug problem. He couldn’t have smoked weed two to three weeks before the first test to pass. Also, since alcohol was one of the things he gave up/is being tested and he went at a few days later looking pretty good then he wasn’t an alcoholic. Alcohol has the worst withdrawals and can even be deadly. Going cold turkey opiates are easier to detox from. The only other thing close is benzodiazepines.

        He may have been on the precipice of full blown addiction and scared himself. He may have thought that he had a substance use disorder. That’s why he chose a prominent addiction doctor to treat him.

        Fa- Urine test are hardly extreme and it is pretty standard to drug test parents and common for continued testing if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the inciting incident. Them walking away without placing required classes or drug tests means they are satisfied he is not an addict or abusive. (DCFS no longer requires these tests, nor are they given the results. Their investigation is closed. He has to continue because that is the agreement made with Angelina. It can be revised if they both agree or by judicial rulings)

      • SpecialK says:

        Let’s be real here: how many cases have DCFS researched for blatant child abuse and were not held to the standards Brad is being held to? This is absolutely overkill on AJ’s part. Families fight. Especially at the end of a marriage. Show of hands at all the parents on here that have yelled at their kids in the heat of the moment? Come on.
        As a parent who has gone through ALL of this, keeping them from their father and forcing monitored visits will only alienate them from him more. I don’t have a horse in this race and don’t care either way but this is getting ridiculous on her part.

      • Maia says:

        It is a deliberate strategy on her part. Angelina was estranged from her own father and grew up with extreme animosity towards him. Her mother adapted the same strategy that she is doing now.

      • LadyT says:

        YepIsaidit- You do realize that Angelina’s lawyer Laura Wasser represented Johnny Depp.

      • almondmilk says:


        Yes, let’s be real:

        You’re confused. We’re not talking about any criminality on Brad’s part. We’re talking about a couple that’s divorcing and is faced with immediately deciding custodial issues when one parent is quite possibly an alcoholic/addict or at the very least has dependency issues he needs help with. If the rumors are true and Brad still does not get himself together, it could be a tragedy in the making and Angelina knows this (as did Brad when he agreed to the testing and monitored visits).

        This isn’t a game.

        Brad has already admitted that when one of his girls was choking on an ice cube when she was younger and he was smashed.

        Angelina is protecting her kids. Period.

      • almondmilk says:


        That’s a lie.

        Angelina became estranged when she grew older, as a child she saw her father on occasion (usually when he felt like it, like a lot of deadbeats) but a quick Google search will show you she wasn’t estranged at 4, 6, 8, 13, or 14 etc. Pictures show her happy to be with Dad like any kid. Obviously her mother who had custody didn’t try to prevent that – so what are you talking about?

        To imply Voight wanted joint physical custody is hysterical. The man is old school. He saw it as his ex wife’s job.

        Angelina’s mother was sweet and torturously in love with Voight, very co-dependent and as Angelina described at any point had Voight come back in their lives to be a family (and it’s said he kept yo-yoing for decades, which was very hard on Marcheline) she would have taken him back.

      • Zut alors! says:

        @ LadyT who wrote:
        YepIsaidit- You do realize that Angelina’s lawyer Laura Wasser represented Johnny Depp.

        And Pitt’s lawyer represented that paragon of fatherhood, Charlie Sheen. What is your point?

        Laura Wasser also represents Jennifer Garner. Care to read the tea leaves on that too?

      • Stella says:

        Maia, Jolie became estranged from her father later on in life due to him leaking info about her and publicly attacking her, it had nothing to do with her mother. Absolutely nothing at all WHATSOEVER to do with her mother Marcheline. Marcheline never kept Angelina from Voight, and Voight and Jolie had a good father-daughter relationship until much later, so that debunks the lie that it was her mother and now she is doing it.

    • LadyT says:

      My point of course is that some people are happy to take Wasser at her word when it suits them in their unwavering support of Angelina. But this same lawyer referred to Amber as “manic and irrational” , to her leaked texts as fake or doctored and asserted that Heard was “attempting to secure a premature financial resolution by alleging abuse.”

      • Zut alors! says:

        I imagine Wasser’s response came from information given by HER client, Johnny Depp. What does Depp’s divorce have to do with Angelina? Different people, different circumstances.

  2. Lora says:

    Wooow, to think how things were so private with them… they are getting on my nerves!!!

    • Lindsey says:

      They have to go to court in a month I believe and then this part of the custody drama will be over. If he has been passing weekly drug test for months I doubt the judge continues it and rules on a court set schedule for joint custody.

      • Yepisaidit says:

        When was he taking drugs tests in November. While promoting his flop or while vacationing? I hope her lawyer brings all that up.

    • doofus says:

      what keeps hitting me about this whole mess is, yet again, how we as fans know almost NOTHING about celebs personal lives unless they put it out there. so many folks (superfans and non) just assumed that these two were happy and would be together “forever” – there were really no signs of trouble until “the plane”. it’s also interesting to me how quickly it went bad. like you said, this couple had their sh*t on lockdown. they were so private, demonstrated by how Jolie was able to get her surgeries done with NO ONE knowing.

      and now?…it’s all being put out there.

      those poor kids.

      • almondmilk says:


        It’s so disingenuous when people say ‘those poor kids.’ Especially when half the people are Chelsea Handler-esqe.

        I don’t get the sentiment that the kids are ‘poor kids’ because it’s all being ‘put out there.’

        I get the need to sympathize because their mommy and daddy are no longer together. I feel bad for any child who has to experience parents breaking up.

        But the diisngenuousness comes when people seem to yammer on about privacy and what is being ‘put out there.’ In case you’ve forgotten the kids were on that plane. This genie can’t go back into the bottle. A parent acted out and they were witness to it. They’re the children of celebrities, as famous as the Royal kids. We all know their names and ages and ethnic background. They’ve been living with the most vile tabloid covers most of their lives and no one seems to care.

        Yet a court document on a program to heal and mend the family, in the wake of a drunk parent acting out in front of them (which they’ve seen) is detrimental.

      • doofus says:

        I only said “those poor kids” because I feel bad for them.

        because their parents are divorcing.

        and because this sh*t his getting played out publicly.

        and these are things I’ve said before.

        you need to stop reading into things. and stop being so antagonistic toward other posters.

      • Sarah says:

        I was thinking of this when reading the thread about Harry and his girlfriend and people here all gushing over how wonderful she is, and how much in love they are. I laughed, cause we have no idea of anything. Maybe he just wants some sexy fun and maybe she’s using him for publicity! I mean, we have no idea!!! Its all speculation.

  3. Xboxsucks says:

    This emergency hearing made brad looks worse and privacy? We got even more details because of his filing .if there was a doubt that he is behaving like a imature prick , it went again after reading their emails convo.

    • Katherine says:

      No idea how Brad’s response to the public filing (which was not under seal) of highly personal and potentially emotionally harmful information about the children – certainly violative of the children’s privacy – made HIM look worse. The even more violative filing which provided highly personal details was in the response – not in the original filing seeking a sealing order. There was absolutely no reason NOT to seal all those highly personal emails included in the exhibits to Angelina’s responsive filing.

      • Yepisaidit says:

        It’s not harmful to do the children. It’s harmful for Brad and his oh so important image. He was trying to get “more” time because he skipped out on them during promotion for his flop and while vacationing.

      • Agapanthus says:

        If you read the court documents, there is a psychologist with a ton of qualifications and experience saying it IS harmful to the children.

      • SpecialK says:

        Of course its harmful to the children. As a child even HAVING parents can embarrass the hell out of them. For them, the demise of their parent’s marriage is flashed all over the planet and hurtful information they probably don’t want to read themselves, little own millions of strangers is out there.
        You don’t need a therapists to see that. IDGAF about Brad or whatever this does to him or to AJ, but this will absolutely harm those kids.

  4. Talie says:

    I actually do think it’s very detrimental that he has gone from being a steady figure in his kids lives to almost nothing. He did the agreement at that time to cooperate with the FBI and DYFS. It’s not really relevant now…and why should he do a multitude of drug tests? He’s never been arrested for any drug related crimes. And clearly any drug use he engaged in was cool with Angelina for the past decade.

    • Kate says:

      Angelina is an adult though. The problem seems to be consumption while with the kids. That’s a tiny bit different.

    • Tess says:

      Just because someone was never arrested for any drug related crimes does not mean they never did drugs or had a drug problem. All that indicates is that they were never CAUGHT with drugs. Pitt has been open for years about his past drug use-mostly pot if I’m remembering correctly. I’m not going to touch how asinine your “any drug use he did was clearly okay with her” statement because it is so asinine and ridiculous.

      • Kate says:

        Seriously people really want Angelina Jolie to be at fault. They don’t even wonder why indeed Brad Pitt is the only one asked to undergo drug tests.

      • Talie says:

        I just don’t buy that’s he’s some reckless criminal who has to be barred from his kids. Then again, I’ve been swallowing the propaganda Brangelina has been selling about themselves for the past decade, so that’s probably part of why I can’t get on board with “Brad sucks.”

      • bluhare says:

        I don’t want either to be “at fault”. Their marriage is ending; they both participated in it. Whatever happened is their business and not really ours.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Exactly! This isn’t a criminal trial, “at fault” is irrelevant going forward unless a criminal or deviant person in involved. I don’t think that is the case. The marriage didn’t work out, the divorce still can!

    • Agapanthus says:

      After reading all the court documents, my take on it was that after he did the initial drug tests and was cleared by the DCFS and FBI, he wanted more access than he had with the kids. The initial agreement was temporary and voluntary and he wanted access increased. Not that surprising a move in a custody case really. His lawyer comes over as very aggressive compared to Wasser in the emails.

      • Fa says:

        But the therapists are saying give us time because the kids are not ready yet, as his lawyer said the 2 eldest sons are still not talking to him,

      • Bill says:

        Anyone at least read the e-mails before coming to comment? The gossip sites create a sensational call and ALL blaming and attacking Angelina.
        Brad has a big agency behind CAA, which runs a lot of these sites.
        He managed to promote a movie, with all the protection not allowing the media and yet no one complained, spoke ill of his attitude, that he is controlling, manipulative and yet the narrative continues that it is all the fault of Angelina.

        Someone believed that Brad could stay longer with the children than stipulated by the therapist ….. only he and his lawyer were threatening Angelina and her lawyer.

        There’s an e-mail that Laura wasser is shocked after a week Brad’s lawyer has been demanding changes and threatening to enter the court to make amends, but for that he wanted Laura to seal the documents. And she did not understand, because she was not aware of another document they would need to take to court.
        And that after they signed S & O on October 26, Laura wasser and Lance Spiegel met November 9 for the responsible therapist to stipulate the dates of visits of Brad and the children. Just to remember November 9th was when news broke that the DCFS investigation against Brad had closed.

        You do not need to be too expert to understand that even though the investigation has closed, Brad still has to comply with the DCFS recommendations.

    • Xboxsucks says:

      That made sense , it must be hard for everyone and for the kids the must but we dont know the in and outs ans They have a team of professionals who are treating the kids and brad so i am assume they know the best approach.

    • Lucinda says:

      You assume she was cool with it. Lots of marriages have someone abusing substances and the other person not doing much about it but still not being “cool” with it. Clearly it escalated to a point where she felt the need to get the kids away from it. Early on Pitt conceded that he did lose his temper and things did escalate on the plane. Only they know exactly what that looked like but from a child’s perspective, it doesn’t take much to look terrifying.

      As for protecting the kids, I guarantee that the vilifying of their mother in the press is much worse for them than a custody agreement being made public. They know what they are seeing. They know who their parents are and the best thing for them is to have stability which is likely being able to stay in one place consistently right now which is what is happening.

      Jolie knows she is a public figure who has been vilified for years by the press about something that happened before her children existed. It’s one thing to hear mommy is terrible about something that isn’t real. It’s another to hear it in relationship to your father. My guess is Jolie knew she would be vilified if she took the kids and split, regardless of what actually happened so she drew first blood in an attempt to get some of the truth out there in the narrative.

      Guess what happened? She was vilified anyway and the press is supporting Pitt because in the long run, he is worth more money than her. She may be one of the most powerful women in Hollywood but she is still a woman and the press has invested too many years making her a monster to switch gears now and make her the heroine.

      I think he has anger issues. I think he has substance abuse issues. I think he blew up and now his two oldest sons don’t want to be around him. I think Jolie probably stayed longer than she should have but also genuinely loved him and he her. I think it isn’t unreasonable for him to want the arrangement to be modified but I also think he is more concerned about his public image than truly healing his family because I don’t think he believes his issues are as big as they are. He is probably blaming her. And that is my analysis, worth exactly what you paid.

  5. Megan says:

    If Brad is concerned about his kids’ privacy he should stop leaking stories to TMZ.

  6. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    Brad seriously needs to fire his lawyer because he is not doing Brad any favors at all. Brad’s lawyer forced Laura’s hand and Laura pushed back. Now he is trying to cover his ass for the mistake that he made. All he and Brad had to do was back off of Laura and follow the rules,

    They played themselves.

    • Katherine says:

      Nothing Brad’s lawyer did “forced” Wasser to fail to place the exhibits to her response under seal. No reason at make to make those emails in the exhibits public fodder. Nothing.

      Angelina should have joined Brad in his resquest to seal the personal filings. In fact, Wasser said Angelina didn’t oppose the sealing.

      • Bitchy says:

        I don’t get it either. Public records of such a celebrity couple must be damaging to the kids. Just imagine how other teenagers who don’t like the Jolie-Pitt kids can torture them now.
        Why didn’t Jolie agree to have them sealed?

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        Yes, she had a perfectly fine reason for not putting anything under a seal. You don’t have to like it, but they are her reasons. She does not have to kowtow to his demands- especially when he is being unreasonable and not following the rules that he participated in setting up.

        What about those emails are so damaging to the children? Did we learn any detailed information like V and Knox are throwing up all the time due to nervousness? Did we learn that Maddox may be smoking pot to cope with his anger and disillusionment? The only thing that was humiliating was to Brad’s image. He got caught lying and then was caught off guard when Angelina and Laura had the audacity to submit proof that he was lying. He is still being tested and being held accountable for his behavior by the judge and Angelina’s lawyer for what he did to that family. He is still being scrutinized and not her. Those kids are going to counseling because of his behavior and not her behavior on that plane that night. He has limited visitation rights because of his shitty decisions, not hers. Full stop.

        She also did not say she would not consider to put everything under seal. She just did not agree to Lance’s bullying and Brad’s piss baby demands of the emergency hearing. The judge agreed that there was nothing about the situation that was an emergency, so he THE JUDGE, denied Brad’s piss baby request. Another hearing could be scheduled for a later date or has been scheduled at a later date.

  7. giulia says:

    Ugliness. I just started watching divorce on hbo and this mess reminds me of it in a way. Regardless of who is right the docs should be sealed and a gag order put in place too. Whatever reason wasser filed the agreement, not agreeing to seal is a bad look for jolie.

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Yes. Seal it, deal with it privately, move on. Regardless of anyone’s “image”, it is best for all parties. What a mess!

  8. lucy2 says:

    I do agree his team is mostly concerned with his image right now, but I also think it should all be a lot more private. The children’s custody status shouldn’t be a news headline, it should all be worked out in private, and I think the courts should have sealed it for their privacy.

    • jinni says:

      Maybe since now we know that Pitt is buying the media on the promises of exclusives ( Lainey dropped this in the last post about the divorce), Jolie and her team feel that the docs have to remain open. This way no matter what his media army put out there or how much they try to spin things, the truth of the situation (in the form of the legal docs) will not be buried under his machinations.

      • Ramona says:

        Why does she even care? I’ve heard for years that she DGAF about public opinion so why now. If there was ever a time to just let it go, this would be it. You can play PR games about being branded a homewrecker but not over your kids relationship with their dad. Just no. Seal this process and gag everybody concerned. Anybody engaging in media machinations at this time (i.e. Both of the them) is a sh*tty parent. Them poor babies deserve better than these two.

      • Squiggisbig says:

        While I agree that keeping everything open prevents brad’s team from obscuring the truth of the situation I still fail to see why that is more important than having all of this information publicly available. If I were the older children I would find it humiliating for everyone to see what a hot ass mess my dad is.

      • jinni says:

        @Ramona and Squiggisbig:
        They are both not the greatest parents. That is true, I will not argue on that because I never thought building their whole public image on their family and thrusting their kids in the spotlight their whole lives was healthy or good. If they hadn’t this custody battle would have bee quieter because the public would not have been invested in kids that they knew nothing about.

        As for why what the public thinks mattering now, as others have pointed out many of the kids are older and we also know the the oldest boys are very protective of Jolie. So maybe she is now caring about what the public thinks of her because her kids are old enough to read the things being said about her. Maybe it hurts them that all these strangers think these horrible things about her and wonder why she does not say something. Maybe that is why now she wants the truth to out there and is not just brushing off the tab stories. So having the case open to the public may just be what the kids (at least the older ones) want / are okay with.

        I am not saying that what I wrote is what is happening, but with what we know of the situation I don’t think this scenario is out of the realm of possibility.

      • mini says:

        I totally agree. Brad is very concerned with his image. I really think that Angelinas attorney got tired of Brads team putting out negative stories about Angelina and trying to make him look like the victim in all this. Remember people it is Brads bad behavior that started this whole thing. The older boys are not babys and do not seem to want to see him right now. He doesn’t seem to care bout them.

      • Bonobochick says:

        Though as seen in many comments, there are some who still simply don’t care about what Brad is doing so long as they can demonize Angelina or draw up false equivalences to blame both of them equally for not even doing the same things.

      • sanders says:

        As Jinni said up thread, they both used these kids to build and shape their public image. I actually thought that selling the baby pics, even if for charity, was not a good decision. It draws attention to these kids and measures their worth in money. What really put me off was how the white bio kids got more money for their pictures than the poc adopted kids. No surprise there, we live in a white supremacist society.
        Still, why would parents of multiracial children participate in this dynamic? Now it is out there that the poc kids’ value is less than the white kids. That is awful enough but then the parents endorse this idea by accepting the money. This was a huge red flag to me and so I’m not surprised that this situation has turned ugly and the children are in the middle of it.

    • als says:

      Yeah, because privacy is the issue here.
      Never mind the fact that a megastar (that has marketed his movies with the help of his family as well) is apparently in the habit of having alcohol induced rages that vandalize planes and scare people off, does drugs in front of his kids and, against his self-promoted image of good guy, is now trying his best to blackmail his wife into protecting his image.

      Yeah, privacy is important here. In the name of ‘privacy’, they should all agree to Brad’s term (AJ, the judge, the public), especially since he has been from the very beginning the most belligerent part. In his own words, he did not want the divorce, he has no problem, he loves his kids and people should happily do what he says and take him at his word.

      • Katherine says:

        You are way out of line making some crazy allegations without any evidence. You need to back away from all the lurid and baseless tabloid garbage. Save your brain!

      • Bonobochick says:


        I mean, this is basically whatI’ve been seeing from some… that it’s all really Angelina’s fault – she even MADE Brad have the altercation with Maddox – and she needs to capitulate to the man, er Brad, because he’s in the right no matter what.

        I’m not sure if some of the worse comments are internalized misogyny or based on blind fangirling over Brad.

      • Ramona says:

        Here it is, the inevitable accusation of misogyny. On other sites, the accusation is misandry, lol. I cant speak for everyone commenting but a good chunk of us are trying to look at the situation objectively. Some of us, including myself, are actually long time Angelina fans disturbed by how each side has played this. There are a lot of outlandlish accusations aimed at Angelina on other sites (such as she is a heroine junkie with UN ambitions manipulated by two witches) but Als first paragraph is also outlandish. It takes a small seed of truth and uses it to build up a big boogie man. In other words, there are two extreme positions being expressed and I would bet my life that the truth is in the middle.

      • Agapanthus says:

        +1 @ramona. It’s all projection of course.

      • lucy2 says:

        I know you are being sarcastic, but YES, privacy is an issue here. Those kids do not deserve to have their family issues and custody agreements blasted all over by the press and tabloids. They did not choose to be public figures, and this has to all be traumatic enough for them without all the media attention and everyone knowing their business.
        To be clear, I don’t give a rats about Brad Pitt or his image (in fact I think he’s skated by for years while the tabloids ripped the women in his life apart). Regardless of who he is or how the court decision helps or hurts him, they need to do what is best for the kids. My opinion is that’s sealing the documents.

      • SpecialK says:

        Ramona: Bingo! Totally agree. As a divorced woman (who is actually BACK with her ex for 3 years now) let me just say there are two sides to a divorce and the truth is somewhere not even remotely close to the two stories told. Both of these two people are being ridiculous on leaking stories to control the narrative. As someone who is a fan of neither, this situation should be completely private for the KIDS no matter what it does to each other’s “images.”

    • Friendof says:

      He’s probably concerned that all the therapists have been named and will be watched. More fuel for the fire of public consumption.

    • Bonobochick says:

      @Ramona, you are all over this thread demonizing Angelina and bringing up false equivalences, then dismissing Brad as having any true fault in the situation.

      No one needs to project on to what is clearly laid out for all to read from you: Angelina is at fault and Brad is blameless. That’s not projection, that’s internalized misogyny, which is evident in all of your comments to this post. There’s not a single moment where you don’t blame Angelina or her lawyer for not capitulating to Brad’s demands immediately.

  9. Elle says:

    How much time and effort spent those two persuading us that they have the perfect family and how perfect father he is, and how wonderful mother she is, blah, blah, blah
    This situation was brewing for ages. This doesn’t happen overnight.

    • Kate says:

      Isn’t that always like that in a possibly abusive situation ? You just don’t want to recognize you’re in it and you fight hard to convince the world and yourselves everything is all right. Even celebrities are not immune to that.

    • jinni says:

      The more someone tries to persuade you of a thing the less likely what they are saying is true.

  10. Spidey says:

    Actually we have no idea of the real ins and outs of this situation

  11. swak says:

    I have nothing to say other than they BOTH need to stop with the public airing of what is going on with the custody of the children. They can rip each other apart for all I care but leave the children out of this.

  12. OhDear says:

    As I’ve said repeatedly before, Pitt needs to focus on his issues and repairing the relationship with the kids.

  13. Kate says:

    It must be so hard for Brad to divorce a woman without being able to blame another woman for it.

  14. Guest says:

    Nice to see it confirms Brad is all about Brad and HIS IMAGE, considering he’s teh one being incestigated and required to do therapy and drug tests, but as its EVIL Angelina and he doing oh boo hoo Brad,

  15. MissMerry says:

    woah, i know it’s the picture and his expression but that top photo doesn’t even look like Pitt!

  16. Maya says:

    It’s a man’s world where men especially white men can get away with everything.

    Brad of you really love your children then do them a favour and stop with your childish PR games. It seems that you love your image more than your children.

    In the years to come, your daughter will ask you why you let their mother take the blame for something you did. Your sons (if they ever speak to you again) will ask you if you can get away with everything because you are a man.

    Oh do tell your lawyer that it wasn’t Angelina who publically mentioned her children’s name in this mess. It was him who specientiined your two oldest sons names and threw them to the wolves.

    You will end up living alone without your children if you don’t grow up and take responsibility.

    • Kate says:

      I mean, he let Angelina take the blame for his first divorce so that is not new behaviour for him. I never understood his good guy image anyway. AJ might have been drinking blood vial and fucking other people’s husbands but he was screwing an underage albeith emancipated girl at the time. Scum.

      • almondmilk says:


        Just a clarification ‘Kate, ‘ when Brad was boinking a minor, Angelina was years younger than Juliette Lewis and in the 6th grade.

        So she wasn’t sleeping with married men ‘at the same time.’

        Just to clarify further. I realize many of you belong to the church of misogynist Chelsea Handler but i believe Angelina when she says she didn’t sleep with Brad Pitt before he officially separated from Jennifer Aniston. Guess what? Brad says the same thing, as does the patron saint of scorned women everywhere, Aniston herself. So why are you still creating these demonizing scenarios 12 yrs later which just encourages some women to ‘team’ hate on Angelina?

        Who are these other ‘married men’ you speak of? Angelina was married herself from 19 to 21(Jonny Lee Miller), then from 24 to 26(Billy Bob Thornton). She met Brad at 28.

        Where are all the husband carcasses she is supposed to have deboned? Are you confusing her with Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor?

      • Stella says:

        There was no ‘blood vial’. It was a teeny tiny pinprick of blood in the center of a a glass pendant. And she was not ‘drinking blood’. See, this is how chinese whispers get out of control. It is a tiny diabetic test droplet amount of blood in a glass pendant. That became vial. Then, that morphed into vial(s) plural. Then, DRINKING blood. And she has never banged any married man. I think you need to stop believing all these bizarre tabloid bs stories, on both accounts.

    • Carmen says:

      He’s always been more about his good guy image than anything else. After his first divorce he just sat back and let Angelina take all the heat. I lost a lot of respect for him behind that.

      • Stella says:

        I agree. I’ve always defended ‘Brangelina’ as a couple but I really hated how he just let Aniston get away with her clear vendetta against Jolie that she used the tabloids as well as Handler to further it. She has made comments about Jolie a couple of times (Jolie has never once acknowledged Aniston or Handler save for saying she wouldn’t have a problem meeting with Aniston), the children a few times (kid on each hip), laughing at a cartoon of her shooting Jolie, then Handler mocking the black adopted children etc etc. I really wish Pitt would have unleashed on Aniston and threw the book at her, I think he could really dish on Aniston if he wanted, but he said nothing about his ex-wife’s active vendetta against the mother of his children, nor against Handler, nor all the pro-Aniston tabloids. I think a real man would defend his wife’s and the mother of his childrens – honor, and nip it in the bud.

      • Nemera77 says:

        Brad has never been a “good guy” and never played to that image.. any more than Angie is the maneater.

    • Fa says:

      The tabloids are not even talking about his sons not talking to him, they are still protecting his image if the situation were the other way around imagine how angelina will bash right and left by tabloids, we all know now women in general can’t win with the press

    • Ramona says:

      As they say, watch what he does to his ex, you are next.

    • Lindsey says:

      While I am sure they will have issues with both parents and how the divorce played out you are putting way too much stock in media strategy because that is what you know and what matters to you. They will care more about hostility, custody games, the way they talk about and to one another, ect. They are a family and the family will matter more than outsider opinion. Also, why would only one child and specifically a daughter ask him that? If you feel like they will view it as dad threw mom under the bus, why would only a daughter care?

      Also, he does have a pretty open, honest response to that questions that tackles both issues. When marriages end it causes both parties a lot of pain and anger. It is stressful, you can’t think logically due to heightened emotions, you strike out at the other when you shouldn’t, and it brings out the worst part of some people. Also, unlike regular divorces the industry I am in has set this up to be a game with a winner and a loser and #teams. On top of that reputation maters a lot. That’s why I can forgive your mom choosing to fight me over sealing the documents. Easy.

      The hard stuff will be explaining all the (admitted) blowouts and emotional turmoil that was a significant part of A&B’s relationship. Also, explaining why he was away so much, why they didn’t really have a home, why they didn’t go to school – grass is always greener comparisons to a more traditional childhood and parenting style.

  17. Jade says:

    Ok who am I judge and I wouldn’t know everything that happened, but I do pity Angelina. Angelina grew up without a sane father figure. If the kids no longer trust or respect Brad, repeated history surely is hurting her now. Anyway, wish both and the kids the best.

  18. mar says:

    It is obvious that they each have their publicist jump onto every thread written about them. Nobody can be that invested in their lives.

    • kay says:

      ok then, brad.
      or is it angie?

    • Allie B. says:

      I agree…and it’s troubling how quickly everything became pro Angie with zero evidence and even once things were dismissed. Is there any logic being applied here?

    • jinni says:

      Have you never seen how long these Brange posts use to be back when they were together? They would get hundreds of comments, only then it was mostly everyone gushing over how perfect they were and how anyone that didn’t think they were the reason for the sun rising each morning was a bitter hater. Their posts have always gotten a lot of traffic, where have you been?

      People are only now talking about how we shouldn’t post or that they need privacy mostly because Pitt is being seen as a douche and since most of their fans seem to be more fans of Pitt then her they aren’t comfortable with Pitt not being seen as the perfect, best father in the world that he and Jolie sold him as.

  19. Fa says:

    You so right Kaiser the agreement is so embarrassing to Brad than the kids
    And their divorce documents were already open no seal so angelina lawyer re-enforce the agreement with the judge, why he didn’t seal the divorce before that
    Also Daily Mail are too late to report this as exclusive when TMZ already published these email

  20. anniefannie says:

    It seems people twist info into a pretzel in order to absolve AJ from obvious PR machinations. It seems when she refuses to seal the documents its alleged she’s doing it so Brad can’t misrepresent their current custody issues and villianize her but then in the same thread accusations fly about BP playing the press. Its obvious to anyone that’s ever been party to a divorce that privacy for the children’s sake should be a priority….

    • tracking says:


    • Yepisaidit says:

      If she was serious about the Pr angle we would know exactly what Brad said and did to Maddox. I bet that is the reason he wants it sealed now because she’s not playing games anymore- she’s not going to hold his hand and make it all easy for him like she used to. He tried to get around their agreement because he was promoting his movie and vacationing. If he cared about his kids he would’ve put everything on hold – since he’s the all powerful Brad Pitt who the media is killing themselves to protect why wouldn’t they protect him had he stopped everything for his children. Angelina did. Her Netflix movie was supposed to come out in Nov. now it’s been pushed back to next year because it’s not finished. Her humanitarian work is on hold as well and she’s only sending video messages because she is not traveling away from her kids in this difficult time.

      • Gwen says:

        Pitt had obligations with the studio. You can’t blame him for promoting a film he was obligated to promote. That’s just nonsense.

      • Fa says:

        Exactly that’s why a source from angelina said to people magazine after the judge refused, sources said if Angie didn’t want to seal documents and destroyed Brad the tabloids will have heard what happened in that plane

  21. green says:

    “the mark of maturity is when you stop blaming others for your problems.”

  22. crazydaisy says:

    I agree with this statement from Brad’s lawyer, which is why Brad asked that the files be sealed: ‘The minor children should be protected from embarrassment and stigma resulting from public access to information concerning their emotional status and their relationships with their parents.’

    The family court judge didn’t actually “Deny” Brad’s request, as Kaiser wrote in the lead-in to this article. The judge ruled that it wasn’t an “emergency” request, and they set a date to address it next month. It’s a good request. The kids need to be shielded from people like us, lol.

    • Yepisaidit says:

      The only one being embarrassed Is Brad Pitt.

      I know I keep saying it but why in the hell would he be traveling all over the world promoting a flop and he even had the nerve to vacation while he was supposed to be abiding an agreement so that eventually his kids would be ok with him?

      Very weird and not normal for a man who wants more time with his kids.

      • Agapanthus says:

        I think it’s called contracts and work. If you are involved in a custody battle and divorce, do you stop going to work?

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Angelina did. People seem to forget she was filming a movie in Cambodia with all of her children helping. No doubt the promotion would have been a family affair but she’s not done editing it- had to put it on hold for her children. Like any good parent would and now it will be released sometime around on Aug or sept.

        Hollywood is not normal work and Brad Pitt is allegedly so powerful there why couldn’t he get them to move the release date so that he wouldn’t have to travel during the time his children needed him the most? Unfortunelty, for his children he is selfish and probably thought he was gonna get an Oscar nod. Poor Marion tried her best but brad Pitt was so terrible that Oscar is a no go for the flop.

        It must be killing him that critics are blaming him and his bad acting for it being trash. LoL I knew it just by looking at the trailers. Terrible.

        But there is absolutely no excuse for him taking a “relaxing and restful” vacation while his kids are trapped in La and in need of therapy because of his actions.

        The faster he completes the DCFS required agreement the better for the children.

      • Lucy2 says:

        She has full time physical custody of 6 kids. He does not. She was editing a movie, something that can be more easily put on hold. He had contractually obligated promotional work for a film where millions had already been sunk into marketing and a fixed release date. I don’t think it’s all that comparable at the moment. If they had equal time, shared custody I would agree with you, but that’s not the current situation.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Lucy, I guess Brad Pitt is not as powerful in Hollywood as he wants us to believe.

        If the situation was reversed Angelina would be evil for flying the world promoting a movie and then taking a vacation, but I guess more is expected of mothers and I highly doubt she would have done any of that. She puts her Children where they should – #1 priority.

        Brad has career and image as his #1 but he’s a man so I guess that’s okay.

        I’m happy his movie flopped and won’t even make 50m domestic. That’s what he gets for being selfish.

      • crazydaisy says:

        It’s his job to promote his movie. He didn’t look too happy about being there, but it’s his job. (He skipped that other promo thingie, right after AJ filed, remember? …And we all understood, but “the show must go on” — that’s the business he’s in.)

        As for his “relaxing and restful vacation” — I don’t know. He couldn’t have Thanksgiving with his family. Maybe going away helped him deal with all that’s going on. I don’t fault him for that. My feeling is that the whole lot of them are suffering big time right now.

      • TheOtherSam says:

        @YepIsaidit and others: there is NO way Brad could get the release date of Allied changed, especially so last minute and certainly not for his personal life. Just no way – it’s a major studio release, the rollout was planned months in advance at a huge outlay of cost. He had contractual agreements and went ahead and fulfilled them. If Angelina was involved in similar situation, she would have done so as well.

        Angelina’s Cambodian project is not yet completed and more importantly is her own project, so she could put it aside temporarily to be stay the kids at this time. That’s commendable and she may have had to juggle other commitments, but don’t confuse her project with Allied or Brad’s obligations there. Two very different situations.

    • Bill says:

      Last year he started filming War Marchine and ended in January, Angelina was still filming in Cambodia until the middle of February and Brad started Allied at the end of February. I’ve never seen him make a movie after another. Even at Father’s day he traveled alone to participate of a race in France. And we just saw him traveling alone. The people talk about the two English women … but what caught my attention was to see Angelina’s brother always with her and the children ….. I think that Brad’s problem was already happening.

      • yepIsaidit says:

        His manager, publicist or whatever the hell he is told Brad pit (Sony leaks) that he would regret it if he didn’t do the flop Allied. Lmao bad advice.

      • Gwen says:

        @Bill I didn’t really think about that until now. It was odd to see Angelina’s brother spending so much time with the kids. It’s not odd he’s spending time with his nieces and nephews that’s normal. By odd I meant, I don’t remember seeing James Haven spending that much time with Angelina and family like we saw in the last year. Not in the eleven years of their relationship. Same with Brad spending Father’s Day away from the kids. That was also weird. Don’t fathers spend that day with their kids? Not in a different country even if you have Pitt’s resources. Clearly whatever personal demons Pitt has got out of hands this past year. Of course this is just speculation. But the plane incident was more than likely the last straw.

      • Friendof says:

        I thought that brad and angie’s fighting that she’s spoken of had gotten so bad that brad had to leave the house. Escaping was not his friend. He should have stayed and insisted on the divorce and custody now being played out in the public eye.

  23. Anna says:

    They’re both playing in the media, however, the child-psychiatrist WAS NOT court ordered. Therefore putting the information of doctors, dates and times in the public record was bad. Because it states specifically in the agreement that it did not need to be filed with the court, it was in no way a move to protect the children. It is meant to buy time. Brad has to file a Request for Order Modifying the Custody and Parent Time. Because the agreement was filed with the court, if he doesn’t follow the agreement, he can be brought into court for contempt of court order. IMO the only reason he has not yet gone in to modify the order is because he must first have his Motion to Seal the File be heard so the nastiness he is about to hurl is not public.

  24. molly says:

    I can see this from both sides. Brad just wants more time with the kids. Angelina i think is truly scared of dcfs? The thought that if she goes against their rules or recommendations, the children may still be removed. That is why she is continuing with the therapy that they wanted, even though it clearly isn’t working. When brad asked for more than what was in the plan, angie fought against it because of what dcfs would say or do? People do not realise that just because brad was cleared, dcfs are still very much apart of their lives. I could be reaching? But that is what i think is happening.

  25. Paisley says:

    IMHO, one could make the case that by keeping Brad from the children, this matter is being more blown up and confusing the kids.

  26. Fa says:

    From Lainey

    The temporary custody agreement was put in place on October 26th – Angelina has full temporary custody of the children, Brad has to go therapy on his own once a week and participate in joint therapy sessions with the children and Angelina, and has to submit to drug and alcohol testing four times a month. And it’s up to a therapist to decide whether or not the supervised visitation schedule changes. These terms were agreed upon by both Angelina and Brad. Three weeks later, however, Brad’s lawyer was sending letters and emails to Angelina’s lawyer demanding to change the terms of the agreement, asking for more time with the kids and asking to add another therapist to the therapy team, without consulting the therapists that have been handling the case. Angelina’s lawyer responded and was like, OK, we can do that, but can we sit down with the current therapy team first, and get their buy-in, before we make any changes? Here’s the exact wording from correspondence.

    • roses says:

      What also seems to be getting lost in all of this is Wasser stating joint custody was the end goal for both sides.

      • Fa says:

        Yes as Wasser said the end goal is joint custody but Brad is inpatient and rushing the kids without listening the therapists view who said that the kids need more time
        As you can see tabloids are not interested in that particular line of Wasser because tabloids still want custody war where particularly it doesn’t exist in this case

      • YepIsaidit says:

        FA, he probably wants to rush so he can have paparazzi take “good daddy Brad” photo-ops lol

      • LadyT says:

        Yes, she stated joint was the goal. But the only legal document filed in court asks for sole custody and that’s the only thing that counts. Most on these thread are clearly taking anything Brad spins with a healthy dose of salt. I recommend doing the same with Angie and her team. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

      • Fa says:

        “Yes, she stated joint was the goal. But the only legal document filed in court asks for sole custody and that’s the only thing that counts.”

        She filed sole custody because he was under investigation and DCFS trust the non offender parents with the kids so she didn’t have choice when she filed the documents she can’t side with Brad in this situation her priorities are their kids

      • LadyT says:

        I disagree. She has every choice and a team hired to carry out her agenda. As does Brad.

      • TheOtherSam says:

        Wasser did say joint custody was the end goal and reunification with the father as well but within *six to twelve months*. That’s an unbelievably long time to complete reunification with a father who’s been their co-primary parent and caregiver all their lives. Questionable behavior back in Sept aside, there are convicts who get faster unity and more time with their kids.

        If in fact Angelina’s side have been pushing this long, drawn-out timeline in their private negotiations, then I can’t blame Pitt’s side in the least for asking for more time and a final custody agreement as soon as possible. There’s no reason to keep him so far away from the younger kids at this point, they can continue their therapy as needed and continue to let the therapists guide them.

      • Kate says:

        In 6 months or a year. Which is extreme. People can go to jail for neglect and get joint or sole custody back faster than that.

        He was cleared by DCFS. Either there’s something major everyone’s hiding from the authorities or Wasser’s proposal is wildly disproportionate.

  27. Sage says:

    Isn’t this last weeks news? Why is the DM posting this now with a headline damaging to Angelina’s PR?

    • Fa says:

      Because she’s not answering their phone call

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Or it was one of the promised “exlusives”‘from Pitts side. Shady shady. But a lot of fans who were called haters knew Brad Pit always cared more for his image than anything else.

  28. TOPgirl says:

    Wow her kids are all very attractive. I feel sad that they divorced. I hate seeing photos of her with the kids and no Pitt in the picture. I hope they resolve all their differences and get along again for the children. I still think Angelina and Brad are good people.

  29. Joannie says:

    Maybe they should get rid of the therapist, lawyers and all of the other people hanging around, hire a mediator agreed upon by both Pitt and Jolie and figure what’s in the best interest of their children. Especially if money is not an issue! This is so greasy.

    • Sage says:

      Right!? I bet they wouldn’t even need a mediator if they would just start talking to each other.

    • Lady D says:

      Two of the children are refusing to be in the same room with him. They need a therapist. I wonder what he did on that plane?

      • Joannie says:

        We don’t know that for sure. Those children are his. He should be speaking to them not some stranger therapist. And the mother should be encouraging the relationship for the sake of the children.

      • Sera says:

        I wonder what he said on the plane. Teenagers are so sensitive. Brad was angry and drunk he probably doesn’t even remember what he said. Obviously Maddox and Pax are hurting. Hard to unbearable things someone you love, especially a parent says to you.

      • Friendof says:

        I wonder what their mother is telling them for all these months to make matters this bad for the children that they need a trauma specialist. If the child agency and the FBI under all this scrutiny from the public, did not find child abuse, the kids need to be kids and the mother needs to stop promoting this weird dependency. Why does she keep them in the house 24/7. Why can’t they at least go visit their grandparents who are probably worried sick. That is not healthy. The father needs to get back in their and spend time with the kids to help them heal if healing is the problem. They need to heal with a father and a mother. Not just with a mother.

    • Lady D says:

      He’s looking to improve his image. What his children need are very much secondary to what he wants and thinks he deserves.

      • Jayna says:

        There’s not a Hollywood star out there who wants their private struggles and messy divorce out out there because of their careers as I’m sure he doesn’t, but also because it’s private and personal and because of their children. I’m sure there’s tons that we could hear from celebrities about their split and we don’t because they keep it private because ultimately that’s the best thing to do when you are a family splitting up. Angie has been all about the images of her perfect family for her career. She was a master at it. She may be angry right now, but it isn’t helping the children by not sealing this case.

      • Gwen says:

        Pitt also played into the happy family image. He may not have spoken as much as Angelina about their kids and relationship but I do remember quotes about the kids and Angelina being overjoyed to see him when he came home for work and all the gushing comments about Angelina being a perfect mother like Angelina gushed about him being a perfect father.

        Brad cares about his image as much as Angelina. If he didn’t he wouldn’t need his laywers and CAA to leak information to PEOPLE and TMZ like Angelina’s lawyers did at the beginning of this divorce. I do agree the documents should be sealed. Why weren’t they sealed already? They should have come together months ago and sealed the documents.

  30. Gwen says:

    Both lawyers aren’t helping Pitt or Jolie. They are useless. They need to grown up not have other speak for them and do with what’s best for their children. I hope and pray we don’t get anymore PEOPLE articles about how Brad feels. But I’m pretty sure we will since his birthday is Sunday.

  31. hey-ya says:

    …who’s representing the kids in all this…some of them might have opinions about who their carer should be…

    • crogirl says:

      Apparently noone is representing the kids becuse Brad Pitt is against it. According to Wasser’s e-mail to Spiegel Angie wants the kids to have a separate minor’s counsel but Brad doesn’t agree.

      • Carmen says:

        The family court usually appoints a guardian ad litem to represent the children’s interests. Why isn’t that being done in this case?

  32. giesinger says:

    The only thing I know is that I’m disappointed with how these two handle their divorce. Who knew that Brad and Angelina are that chidlish and leaking stuff to the press etc?

  33. Sarah says:

    I hope they both kissed their HW careers goodbye.

    • Sera says:

      What a stupid response. Why would a messy divorce hurt their careers. They are still talented people.

    • Stella says:

      I don’t think Angelina really cares about her hollywood career anymore, she is more about her UN work.

  34. geneva says:

    He should be seeing his kids one night a week and every other weekend at least…incredible how the high paid lawyers and everything else are resulting in his being further alienated from the children who are now being raised by an in house psychiatrist? You know a psychiatrist can also prescribe are the kids now under the care of a stranger who can give them pills if they become anxious. I would rather be in the care of a Dad who loves me if I was a child…and in my humble opinion a child who is 10 should not be asked by his mother “do you want to stay with me and this man today or go somewhere far with your father?” …and assume the child will know what to say..they are too young to really know how to speak for themselves…and keeping Pitt from his kids is parental alientation..which is illegal.

    • CiCi1 says:

      Putting teams of lawyers and doctors in place to distance the kids from their dad, is her plan. She’s making some pretty obvious moves toward Parental Alienation of the kids. He won’t see his kids for quite a while, and she’ll play games around all of their future meetings, and possibly have future false allegations come out to keep him under supervised visitation for as long as possible.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Having 5 therapist say the children should not be alone with Brad is hardly alienation. If she was trying to alienate she wouldn’t need Drs. She would just go for sole custody. It seems Brad is tired of all the therapist because he’s wrong and The 5 Drs prove brad Pit is a sh-t dad and kids don’t want him. Not Angelina’s fault her kids love her more. Lol

        Laura wasser said the therapist are prepared to testify against brad pit and who knows Maddox and pax might too.

      • Friendof says:

        Who hired the 5 therapists? Why can’t brad add one that may have another point of view on kids and trauma. What kids need 5 therapists, a trauma specialist and legal counsel all before they can spend time with dad? Child abuse was not found. The agency dropped the case. The FBI found nothing warranting further investigation. If every family fight was judged this harshly we’d all be in trouble. Dealing with teens is hard. Fighting with the mom in front of the kids takes two people. This probably wasn’t the first time they found in front of the children. Its not right to do it, but this punishment of the dad is overboard. It all looks intentional to keep the dad from going to court to get a judge to intervene and grant him some custody. He followed their every wish until he was cleared as it was correct to do. Now he has the right to go to court to get this over and done with. Not dragged out for 6 months to a year until the mother approves. They are both parents.

  35. Ghoul says:

    hope one of the kids will write a tell-all-book about their lives and parents lol

    • YepIsaidit says:

      In this case it’s going to be a daddy dearest book and not the mommy dearest they want to read about.

      The fans are hating that Brad turned out to be the bad guy and some of the kids don’t want to see him.

      Maddox will soon be old enough to say what he wants to say publicly about Brad pit and perhaps he might even be called to testify against him if a child custody case goes further than it should because daddy dearest doesn’t want to listen to 5 therapists

  36. perplexed says:

    “I also feel like Brad’s lawyers are mainly concerned about how Brad LOOKS in the custody battle rather than the actual well-being of the kids.”

    I think both of them care how they look. I don’t think Brad comes off well, but I don’t think she does either. They’re both looking annoying. Maybe they both hired law teams that are kind of sucky and like leaking things, but neither side looks good.

    I didn’t think these two would stay forever, but when I pictured them splitting, I didn’t ever think it could get this messy. Geez, all that gushing in interviews they both did over each other seems so freaking fake now.

    • Candies says:

      They are public figures offcourse they care about image but privacy should be intact regardless… She is exposing children to gain sympathy and upper hand . but she is the one who screw everything from the get go . she leaked stories and start a war and her comnenters all annoying… And she want him to go her way only. I hope he don’t let fear stop him. You sometimes have to get down to low people level. I couldn’t believe I say this about her but she deserve it.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        Her leaked stories were from her lawyers and were simple one line like ” Angelina filed for the health of her family.”

        He came out swinging with lies to people magazine and then told on himself ” he put hands on him because they were nose to nose” -that came from Brad’s Team. Everyone seems to forget that little tid bit. The rest of the people magazine article about “why Angelina filed” was more lies – they said she filed for divorce because Brad bored the hell out of her lol maybe he did bore her but that’s not why she filed. She filed for her kids.

  37. Candies says:

    ^ she already did kiss goodbye her carrier..
    That’s why she is acting like this I think. She has nothing to lose its over. He still have carrier and can start over IMO.
    Also she doesn’t want him to leave unpainted if she can’t have him imo. She is a nightmare.At this point I won’t be surprise if he regrates he took up with her? Wouldn’t he be in similar place in carrier or personal if he was with another woman minues the hate and isolation she is made of? Just saying…

    • Sera says:

      What you are saying makes no sense. Angelina has said her goal over and over is joint c custody. Brad s fans don’t want to believe he can b e a jerk but all men can , especially when drunk or angry. None of this would be happening so publicly if it were not for the plane incident. Angelina
      Is a go I d person and yes I f h e cheated , which I think he did, she is hurt but would never hurt her children of that I am positive.

      • Candies says:

        I never say he is free from blame on this or is not capable of wrong deeds…I’m saying she has more fault and she was all along IMO.

      • crazydaisy says:

        I haven not seen one place where Angelina says she wants joint custody! Where is this information? I hope it’s true, but where is it?

      • Paige says:

        It’s in the emails between Wasser and Speigel. In one email Wasser said the goal is for them to share custody.

      • Ramona says:

        Iirc Wasser says that the goal is reunification between six months and a year. Thats an outrageous timeline especially when the younger kids actually want to see their dad. The teens are a different case because they have expressed a reluctance to meet with him (although Pax may be doing a little big bro idolization here and in that case could benefit from a one on one session with his dad to clear the air). If the younger children want to see him and he wants to see them, why stand in the way. Especially when the visits are supervised. Brad should just request the court to appoint a neutral therapist in January, most child psychologist would laugh at this guys methods.

  38. molly says:

    Candies, i think u read too many tabloid stories. Brad is the reason this whole mess started. Angelina has been villified for trying to do her best within this difficult situation.

  39. Candies says:

    I don’t read at all. You should say I shouldn t care instead lols.

  40. Libra girl says:

    I’m genuinely asking…..has it been confirmed 100 percent that Brad DOES have an alcohol/drug problem? I can’t imagine that the courts would keep him under supervised visits if this wasn’t true right???

    • Nemera77 says:


    • Friendof says:

      All I’ve seen is that he was probably drunk on the plane and that afterward he was drug and alcohol tested and every time he came up negative. The only thing I’ve heard about a drug and alcohol problem came from Angelina saying he drinks, smokes weed and has an anger problem. That started the rumor. All I’ve heard is that he has come up negative every time he was tested. He might have been drunk and angry on the plane, but an addict an alcoholic I haven’t heard except for her somewhere when she first filed. If he was an addict he probably couldn’t stay off all this time of the tests. Once someone puts it out there, it seems to stick. Even when there is no basis in fact.

      • Libra girl says:

        I’m not defending him but unfortunately people believe the bad over the good. Hopefully they both get it together for the children. Enough mud slinging. It’s immature.

  41. Sansa says:

    honestly trying to be fair to these two I loved them together and was a total Stan. Having said that I imagine having Brad limited to very quick, monitored visits can’t be helping. Both parent love their children and children need the love and support of both their parents. Divorce should be controlled where change is minimized as much as possible for the sake of the family. What if all the kids were yelling and then the fight with Maddox went down and all those kids now feel like their actions helped break up their parents? Could that be why so many support people are now engaged? We don’t know jack. Despite where this is at now the court will spli the custody fairly if the parents can’t do that on their own, while time goes by and their father is outside and they will probably have more guilty feelings the longer this drags out. So IMHO if AJ believes time apart from Brad is helping the children, that’s hard for me to understand. It feels to me like the opposite, the sooner it gets back to whatever is ‘normal’ (( where I don’t believe they were abused)) the better. The weird thing is I was badly abused as a child so where that’s the scenario you need dramatic change . But this doesn’t seem to be a child abuse situation.

    • Nemera77 says:

      and I am still a fan of them both. And I don’t believe that Brad is some crazy drug monster. NOR that Angie is an evil witch. I think they are both angry and disappointed in each other. They are not talking and that is the problem. I think maybe they are trying to distance themselves from each other. but they have 6 children and they need to come together to do what is best. I don’t know what happened.. but I just don’t think it rises to the level this has reached. Brad and Angie have been co parents to these children. Angie was not doing it alone and neither was Brad. The children need to be with both parents. That is healthy. The therapist said the kids are not opening up. They can’t make an evaluation. It has been near 3 months. At this point they need to come up with something. because in most case it doesn’t take this long for some kind of evaluation to happen. and since they have only seen Brad with the kids a small number of times how can that help. Outside of using some verbal things.. how can anyone think 6-12 months makes sense before he is with the kids.. He didn’t kill someone. He didn’t hit his children. So why is this all so drastic. It just seems so over the top.

      • Carmen says:

        “The therapist said the kids are not opening up. They can’t make an evaluation.”

        That therapist was totally out of line sharing that with anyone. With all the media intrusion into their lives, of course the kids are going to be guarded about what they tell the therapist. It could take many more minutes this before they open up — especially Maddox, whom the media has essentially blamed for breaking his parents’ marriage up. That kid might never open up to anyone but Angie and maybe to his brother Pax.

  42. jilly says:

    The big problem is that nobody understands that they are not fighting for custody. And yes Brad after doing something on the plane that his lawyer confirms but says it was an isolated case brought to the family DCFS and the FBI.
    Because of the therapies, tests, and the little time Brad can have with the children, it only shows that if Angelina did not act fast and ask for a divorce, the children would be taken away from her as well. She did everything she could to show that she could stay with them during the investigation period … and much of that helped Brad’s investigation be closed. Most DCFS investigations end up like Brad’s. The difference is whether children are torn from their parents in this period. The investigation is open for years until … they for having money and good lawyers have succeeded
    And from the outset who cares for Brad’s career and the lawyer he chose, he made sure not to treat the matter as if it were something serious just a divorce, he took no responsibility for anything.
    Having a few more details now we know that what happened on the plane was something serious. Because both Angelina’s lawyer and Brad’s lawyer talk about the children being traumatized, the therapists may not be able to get the kids to open up.
    The mistake was that the lawyer was threatening Angelina’s lawyer, making demands outside of what they had agreed. Angelina has already had to make many difficult decisions …. and I do not think she knows what to do or what the best solution so much that DCFS required them to sign S & O, which is pretty much a guarantee that Brad would not try to tempt Angelina. I think even for this reason these visits are only dealt with by lawyers and therapists.