Tara Reid makes a good decision

Tara Reid in a car with her cleavage showing and eye makeup smudged looking extremely drunk
A wasted Tara Reid was leaving Dennis Rodman’s Newport Beach House on Wednesday morning when she drove her car into another vehicle. She then made a wise move by giving the driver a wad of cash instead of involving the authorities:

According to our eyewitness, Ms. Reid’s “pupils were clearly dialated, fow what reason I don’t know.” After exiting their respective vehicles, Tara told the owner of the other vehicle that she “didn’t want to deal with insurance,” and promptly handed the gentleman $700 dollars to “forget it ever happened.”


Reid most recently made news by enlisting the help of her friends to clean out the goodie bags at the Diamond Aquifer pre-Oscar suite. Here she is on the day in question hauling her loot.

Tara Reid getting free stuffTara Reid getting free stuffTara Reid getting free stuff

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