Yikes, Kim Kardashian ‘currently has no imminent plans to file for divorce’


Even though you guys regularly yelled at me, I was a believer in Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s marriage. As in, I thought they truly loved each other and they complemented each other very well. Kim loved that Kanye was a true celebrity – Kanye loved that Kim was already famous, wealthy and that she didn’t need him to launch her career. Of course there were cracks in Kimye’s façade, but I still believed in them. I thought they would last for a long time. But it finally struck me this week that they’re probably going down, sooner rather than later. Kanye flew to New York to go apartment-shopping and meet with Donald Trump. Kim is staying with her mom and she’s still dealing with the aftermath of the Paris robbery. Just when Kim needed Kanye the most, he wasn’t there. And just when Kanye needs a support system, he seems to be pushing them away. I feel like we’re going to get a divorce announcement in the next few months. For now though, Kim wants you to know that she has “no imminent plans to file for divorce.” Ouch.

When Kanye West arrived at Trump Tower to meet with President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday morning, it was the latest in a dramatic series of events that has put stress on his relationship with wife Kim Kardashian West. But a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE exclusively that their political differences are the least of their worries.

“That’s so far down the list of what they’re dealing with at this point,” says the source. “Lots of couples have political differences; that’s not a deal breaker. They’re dealing with much more important things than who each of them supported for President.” However, an insider adds that the reality star “currently has no imminent plans to file for divorce.”

The source tells PEOPLE that there have been several stressors in the marriage. West, 39, was only recently discharged from the hospital where he spent over a week being treated for exhaustion. The rapper’s hospitalization came less than two months after Kardashian West’s own traumatic experience, in which she was robbed at gunpoint and had millions of dollars worth of jewelry stolen from her in Paris. The dueling crises have taken a toll on their marriage.

“Kim needed him after the robbery,” says the source. “She needed her husband. But that was the beginning of his issues, so he wasn’t there for her like he probably should have been. So Kim was trying to be supportive of him, but she needed his support at that time. She had to be the stronger one,” the source continues, noting that she was trying to give some normalcy to the couple’s two children, North, 3½, and Saint, 1. “She was going through a lot. And you know that the Kardashians are very close and very supportive of each other, and they got her through it, but there are times where a wife needs her husband.”

As the couple is navigating the rough waters, people in their inner circle are encouraging the couple to keep working on the marriage. “We’re telling them to hold on, to get through this,” says the source. “They both need to understand that adversity is what will make them stronger as a couple.” Those close to the couple believe that some good can come from the latest challenges. “If they can get through this season, they will create an unbreakable bond,” says the source. “If anyone can do it, they can.”

[From People]

She “currently has no imminent plans to file for divorce.” The wording, my God. Even as late as last week, I was still a Kimye believer, but no more. I now believe that Kim is planning her exit. Because her father was Robert Kardashian, Kim has deep ties to the LA legal community, and she’ll have her choice of the best lawyers around. She’ll probably go with Laura Wasser, who represented her during her last divorce, with Kris Humphries. She’s probably already meeting with people and strategizing for the best time to walk. But here’s what I’m also thinking: if and when she files, it won’t come as a surprise to Kanye. Like, I think he’s already preparing for it too, which is why he went to New York this week.



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  1. Alix says:

    For better or worse? I guess not.

    • Hannah says:

      Kanye wasn’t around Kim during her pregnancies and she had a very difficult first one, I am not an Kardashian apologist, but he was the first to ditch the “for the better or worse”.

      • Missy says:

        And he certainly didn’t stand by her after the robbery. I am no fan of Kim, not even close…but I feel like she’s been totally let down by him, couldn’t blame her for leaving him.

      • hnmmom says:

        I agree. Don’t like any of them but can’t fault Kim if she divorces him. He is not a partner, he’s someone else she needs to take care of at the expense of herself. That’s not a marriage.

      • Ctkat1 says:

        Agreed. Not a Kim fan by any means, but I think Kanye immediately going from the hospital to Trump tower shows just how unstable he is. Reports are that he has been refusing medication and medical advice, which makes him very unpredictable and unstable. He’s another thing she has to take care of, and Kim’s not a nurturer. She puts herself first, her kids second, and there’s no room left for an unstable husband who is not trying to get better (and at this point, is absolutely hurting her brand- see Trump visit). This sounds like shade, but it really isn’t. I totally get how she can look at her current situation and think that overall her life will be easier and better without him.

      • swak says:

        Please stop with the “Kim had a difficult pregnancy”. If she had such a difficult pregnancy she would not have been able to fly around the world like she did. Also, I can fault Kim, she wasted no time in finding someone to marry and I don’t care how long you have been friends with someone, it doesn’t mean they are good for you to marry. And the only side of the story we hear is Kim’s side. I’m not apologizing for Kanye’s behavior but there is her story, his story and the truth somewhere in between.

      • Bridget says:

        Kim was never with Kanye for his love and support anyhow – she was with him for his fame and status.

    • Bonbon says:


      RIGHT ON. The whole difficult pregnancy storyline was greatly dramatized. The girdles, he high heels, the globe trotting……puhleez.

      When KW was getting her Vogue covers, then his brand of crazy wasn’t a problem,

    • Wendywoo says:

      As my late (very catholic and so no divorce) grandfather said when my mother broke it to him that she was divorcing my dad- “It’s not better for one and worse for the other”. Kanye wasn’t there for her. Kanye is playing roulette with his meds and mental health. Kim deserves better.

  2. vbv says:

    Every man they touch is forever destroyed and turns to make huge life altering decisions, gets addicted to things, becomes deranged and self-destructive…

    lamar, this idiot, bruce, rob, ray j… no one is safe unless they make their exit quickly.

    • Alix says:

      I don’t think they target men who are smart enough to know any better.

    • Yellowrocket says:

      These are grown men who are more than capable of making their own decisions.

      Kim did not give Kanye his mental health issues, kris did not make Caitlin transition because she was mean to her, she felt like a woman since before she met kris, Lamar odom has serious addiction issuesfrom Before he met khloe he didn’t start taking drugs because khloe wasn’t supportive enough.

      The kardashians are not exactly Quakers, but blaming the woman for the mans issues is unfair and just simply not true.

      • sherry says:

        Thank you! Stop blaming the women! If anything, I would say the Kardashian women are attracted to men who need “saving.” That’s an entirely different psychological issue, but the problems with the men were there long before they hooked up with a Kardashian.

      • Onika says:

        This! These men can think for themselves. I blame the Kardashians for a lot of things but these knew what they were getting into. I actually salute the K girls for not putting up with too much shit.

      • vbv says:

        @ Yellow

        Agree to disagree.

        I am not saying they were all picture perfect specimen of mental health and exemplary social standing. And I did not equate Bruce’s transition into Caitlyn a ‘destruction’. But it seems Bruce suffered greatly due to the callousness and the manipulative nature of these women and how public they have all chosen to be. They have dragged these men along with no consideration to their feelings or future. Look at Rob.

        They are awful role models for women, they are anti-women, they proudly refuse the label ‘feminist’ and they deserve no defending.

        Harsh, but true.

      • Bridget says:

        The Kardashians don’t make any of these people make bad decisions (though I won’t call Caitlyn transitioning a bad decision) but they have no qualms hanging their partners put to dry publicly, and employing a scortched earth media policy and happily ruining whatever reputation any of these people have left in an attempt to make themselves look better. Once they’ve sucked everything they can get out of their partners, they just trash them.

      • Dj Jazzy Jen says:

        While I agree they didn’t force these men to do anything, they sure as hell enabled the behavior for their gain and took every opportunity to exploit very serious issues such as addiction and mental health. They see those things as good business for storylines. That is something they should be be blamed for.

    • Artemis says:

      The men knew who they were before starting a relationship. Heck, Kanye knew Kim for at least a decade and in that time cheated on several girlfriends and a fiancé with Kim and Kim was exactly the same even with a HUSBAND. They both knew EXACTLY who they were as they’re both selfish and vain as hell so they were a perfect match in heaven so to speak.

      The rest of the men had no issues capitalizing on their fame either. It got Scott a career in what? Partying? That type of man would be broke otherwise because he’s not interesting in working hard for his money and is fine living off the wealth of the Kardashians while cheating left and right with younger women and avoiding his fatherly duties.
      Lamar had issues before Khloe, the man has a tragic family background with the loss of his mother and his father being a deadbeat addict (likely genetic) and other losses throughout the years. That’s rough for any person. So it’s normal to gravitate towards a big family like the Kardashians (just like Kanye) who have supported him in the past and where there for him far after Khloe separated from him.

      Caitlin is transgender, how is that being destroyed? She chose to stay with Kris who didn’t want her transition but Caitling still chose to have even more kids and left his other family behind. Methinks Kris was the upfront one and Caitlin tried to blame her for her lack of decision-making/agency in her gender identity. Or you’re just being transphobic, I can’t tell from your simplistic statement that doesn’t take the man’s agency into account.

      Rob hates women, that was clear years before he fell out with his sisters. The fact that he attacked them while he was still using his mother’s money, is telling. He needs to stop blaming women for his own shortcomings and admits he uses them as a crutch when it pleases him.

      As for Ray J. The man always brings his connection with Kim up and he even tried to make a song about it so don’t cry for him. Also he profited greatly from this connection so don’t cry for him, he was just fiiine. Plus he’s a POS, just look at his most recent arrest. Hardly a naive child who needs protection.

      • vbv says:

        Rob did not.

      • Lady D says:

        Scott’s parents were very, very rich and left him a lot of money. He didn’t and doesn’t need Kardashian money.

      • Artemis says:

        Yes he did, he cheated on girlfriends ALL the time, Fit Rob was a major player but woe is him when he got cheated on (Rita Ora). He publicly shamed her like he was such a catch and started gaining weight. Then he just lost it completely because nobody cared about him anymore which is when he adopted this Victim persona. And the way him and Blac Chyna got together and dealing with each other, he’s not exactly Boyfriend of the Year. He always did the least but he was considered hot before so he got away with it.

        Rob went off about his sisters before but when they tell him to grow up basically, he throws a hissy fit and can’t deal with anything anymore. Dude doesn’t have half the hustle or stamina his sisters have and can’t deal with any negative trown at him but when he feels like putting down people, it’s justified all of sudden to bully or pester? When depressed Rob starting hitting back at his sisters and getting attention again with Blac Chyna too, he all of a sudden had no issues getting back online and starting crap again after claiming he didn’t like the limelight. His issue was attention, he feels entitled to it.

      • Artemis says:

        @lady D

        Scott is booking party gigs based on his connection to Kardashian. No money in the world would have allowed Scott to build an image of a ‘career party-er’. He was just a hanger-on on the D-list party circuit before meeting Kourtney. And when his mug got on television, he started building his ‘brand’ so to speak. Lord Disick would have been ‘Lord who?’ if not for dating a Kardashian.

        And the way he’s partying, you could burn through a lot of money really quick as it happens with so many ‘famous’ people who don’t have a work ethic to speak of. Mansions, paying for company and connections and travelling needs a steady cashflow not to mention the drug habits and expensive but futile fake rehab attempts at a glorified spa.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Agree one hundred percent. I can’t stand the Kardashians but blaming them for the issues of the men in their lives is ridiculous.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      Great father material. Smh

  3. detritus says:

    When he met with Trump is when I finaly gave up, and figured they are going to be done fairly soon. Would you want to date someone who supported Trump?

    I do really think those selfish famewhores loved each other, I just don’t think the timing worked. My take : Kanye never fixed himself enough to be a full parent and partner, Kim noticed this after the robbery. She then had to take care of him, because her tragedy spun him out of control.
    If his mental health issues were dealt with properly I don’t think it would have rolled out this way.

    • vbv says:

      The only reason Kim elevated from X-list to a solid B-adjacent is him. She would stay with him even if he met Hitler and Lindsay Lohan as long as he kept up the appearances. He is not keeping up with his end of the deal. He is no longer a respectable celeb, but a joke.

      She will want out because of that. Not because of Trump. He supported Cosby. That is a much bigger offense.

      She herself was seriously considering voting for Trump, besides, most 1%ers – gay, latino, black – always consider the Republican option. She only backed out, because she was afraid of the backlash.

      • Ramona says:

        All of this. Just to add that the fact that Kanye might have a solid IN to the White House is a plus for her. Sure she and her mother can always find invites to the WH Correspondents Dinner and other celebrity events in the building, but Kanye may actually be in a position to develop a relationship with POTUS. Of course Trump would just be using him as some kind of perverse black mascot but Kanye is too dumb to see that.

        Anyway, I guarantee you that Kim and Kris are already planning sleep overs in the Lincoln bedroom. We can talk divorce if Kanye is unable to deliver to the Koven some White House status.

      • vbv says:

        @ Romona

        PMK is digging deep to spin all this and generate cash and publicity to further her station in life and quench the thirst. I cannot wait what deviousness she’ll come up with.

      • detritus says:

        That’s an interesting take too and I bet a lot of it is bang on, image is a big deal to her because it is how she makes her money, style not substance.

        I always thought she knew he was a giant risk. I mean she hooked up with him after the Taylor Swift award hijacking. He’s always been loud, egocentric and kind of obnoxious, but also brilliant in certain ways. I bet she thought she could help his image to a certain extent too. But I don’t think Kanye does handlers well. I honestly think tha

        Supporting Cosby… Goddamnit Kanye. Stop being such a giant obnoxious toolbag.

      • Bonbon says:

        Nailed it.

    • Lena says:

      Yes, if i was in a situation like that i probably would have given him a chance to get better, but would have reconsidered after his meeting with trump. Either he is still not in his right mind and not trying to get there and staying when he won’t seek real help won’t help him or the kids or he really is not seeing trumps hateful words and the terrible events he is encouraging as a dealbreaker and that should be a dealbreaker to anybody.

      • detritus says:

        I mean, I guess I could maybe see it, if it was my partner trying to convince Trump of something. But also, that’s just a losing proposition, and Trump, so I’m not sure.

        I still see him being a little lost too, but if they are ending that would explain it. Breakups can be awful, and he always seemed all-in to me. This was his new family, not just his wife and kids, all of them.

    • Lisa says:

      “Would you want to date someone who supported Trump”? Half of this country supported Trump. There are both democrats and republicans in most families and almost every work place. The left needs to stop thinking Trump supporters are rare. They are not.

  4. Louise177 says:

    Don’t know if they’re getting a divorce but saying “no imminent plans to divorce” could just be a response to the current rumors they are divorcing. Kim and Kanye may not be divorcing now or in have plans to in the coming weeks. I don’t read into anything because it could be read as a thousand different things.

    • LadyMTL says:

      It’s the choice of the word imminent that makes me think they won’t last much longer. I mean, she could have just as easily said “no plans to divorce” and that would have been a lot more clear. I don’t think she’ll divorce him soon (i.e. it won’t be this year or even early 2017) but if they make it past Easter I’ll be surprised.

      • AnnaKist says:

        That’s exactly the way I took it, LadyMTL. “Imminent” is the operative word. “We have no plans to divorce” would have shut the speculation down, for the foreseeable future, at least. I think there is already a well-thought-out exit plan, but she/they will wait a decent amount of time before making any announcement. Doing it “imminently” will attract so much vitriol that their brand will be so damaged she’ll have to go into a much longer self-imposed exile than now, from which they may not recover. The entire family’s “businesses” are at stake. West might be an arse, but in his current state, he will get all the sympathy.

    • Ashamed 2 b a Fl girl says:

      I think it means Kim/Kris won’t announce it 10 days before Christmas.

  5. Lalu says:

    I want to say that I am not surprised at all… But I do realize that is rude and disrespectful considering they have two children together. Uh. I just hope their kids will be okay.

    • Alix says:

      I don’t think it’s ruse or disrespectful at all. Saying you’re not surprised isn’t the same as wishing it upon them.

  6. Talie says:

    I totally believe the Blind Gossip tea that they’ve never even lived in the same house, and these construction projects they do are just for show. And if that is the case, then Kathy Griffin also helped spread the BS by saying they are her neighbors and she visits. Girl, bye. That house doesn’t even look livable!

  7. Val says:

    Finally Kanye can be with his true love, Riccardo.

  8. lightpurple says:

    ” But that was the beginning of his issues,…” No, it was not.

    And how long is “imminent” in Kardashian-speak?

  9. Katie says:

    This honestly saddens me. I really thought they would last, but given that Kim’s best friend and advisor is Kris, it makes sense. Of course she would tell Kim to run. She already got what she needed from Kanye, which was an elevated persona. This is all $$$ in Kris’ eyes… more tabloids, more Kim on KUWTK, more new relationships in the future to capitalize on. It’s sad; I do think if they could get through this, they really could be happy together for a very long time. Sad for Kim, sad for Kanye, sad for the kids.

  10. Lena says:

    I don’t think her considering divorce means that she never loved him, people who love each other at the beginning divorce all the time. Having to deal with a mental illness is hard on anybody, adding her own recent experiences to the mix and adding that he immediately went to see Trump instead of working on his illness…. actually seeing trump alone would have me consider divorce and while I don’t like her she seems to have become increasingly aware pf political/social issues and even if Kanye is too delusional to see it I can believe that it freaks her out as a woman, as a mother of biracial children and as the stepdaughter of a trans woman to see this dangerous idiotic hater in power.

    • astana says:

      My white best friend and her black Hispanic husband both voted Trump. I know a few other interracial couples with biracial kids and they also voted Trump. I know lots of people who voted Trump, and theyre not all white men. Isnt that crazy? People voting for who they want, based on the issues they care about? I would love to hear the nasty name calling and rude dismissal of those people. How will they be rationalized away?

      • MrsBadBob says:

        Republicans voting republican surprises no one. Voting for a toolbag who wants to build a wall and deport you, is not something worth rationalizing.

  11. vbv says:

    These two did not have a real sex life – both babies were conceived via lab technology because she was near barren due to being on some 2 decades long non-stop birth control pill regimen. They do not live together. The never-ending house renovations is just another reason to prolong this ambiguous transitional period, and not be a real married couple.

    Two children mean nothing. Anyone can have kids, but being real parents is a totally different issue. He doesn’t seem like a real dad.

    Kim is self-involved, dense, and shallow and he resents her, himself, and is paranoid and delusional. She is not being taken seriously and people have no patience left for him because the flaws suffocate the talent or the celeb-related halo effect. And by ‘people’, I mean the people he is desperate to impress and get close with.

    • Rachel says:

      I’m pretty sure any fertility issues that Kim may or may not have had would not be caused by ‘some 2 decades long non-stop birth control’.

    • LooseSeal says:

      Taking birth control does not leave you barren. That’s ridiculous.

    • Chaine says:

      I don’t disagree with you about their relationship but why do you think being on long term birth control causes infertility? That is simply not true.

    • k47745 says:

      I agree with everything you’ve said, except for the statement that being on birth control for decades makes you barren.

      It doesn’t.

      Ask my kids.

      • vbv says:

        She claimed it so herself on that dumb ass show of hers. Her body, her doctors. I’ll take her word. We all stand for women, right?

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Yeah I’m no fertility specialist but millions of women (myself included) were on birth control pills for nearly two decades and able to conceive successfully. I’d guess that Kim’s fertility issues were like those of many people: of unknown etiology but fortunately for her, reversible.

    • Snowflake says:

      I don’t think she was near barren, that was just a story line. She saw all the attention Khloe got with her problems having a kid with Lamar and jumped on that. I do think they were probably conceived in a lab. He was in Paris while she was pregnant, that doesn’t indicate a loving concerned spouse. Kim did not want her ex-husband Kris Humphries moving in with her, I don’t think kanye and she live together. I’m really starting to think this is a sham marriage and he really is gay. She made him look straight and he gave her access to designers and other people who wouldn’t give her the time of day otherwise

      • vbv says:

        If she is low enough to lie about her health and willingness to get pregnant solely to further her fame and publicity, then I have no words. She herself claimed so. I choose to take her word, because if I don;t, you will all call me an anti-feminist misogynist.

        Her claim, her words, her story. I am only repeating it.

      • Bess says:

        Khloe was going to knowingly have children with a full-blown addict. She is a fool.

    • Lightpurple says:

      She got pregnant with North while she was still married to K Humphries. That sounds more like an oops pregnancy than infertility issues

      • swak says:

        Not a fertility issue and the only reason they did IVF the second time was to be able to ensure they had a boy as they only implanted boy embryos.

      • Ange says:

        And despite her whinging she had the second one really quickly and easily as well. There are women out there who would give everything to have her fertility ‘problems’.

  12. teehee says:

    These two dinguses are perfect for each other, but ironically you cant expect two dinguses to survive anything more than a joint photoshoot where the illusion of a stable relationship is portrayed.

  13. grabbyhands says:

    I don’t know-do you really think PMK is going to allow her to walk away from all the potential White House invitations and press if Kanye is intent on making himself a stooge for the Big Orange Splot? I’m skeptical. I’d bet any kind of divorce drags out for quite a while.

    • swak says:

      I would be surprised if Kanye got any White House invitations. Trump is using him and the two football players he also met with to show that he, Trump, is not racist. He met with Al Gore about the environment then chose someone who doesn’t believe, like Trump, that global warming is real. Also, a list of those in the EPA who are involved with climate meetings is being asked for by the transition team. So, no, I don’t believe Kanye will be going to the White House any time soon.

      • Lynnie says:

        I heard the Energy Department refused to hand over the list, so the climate change people are safe… for now.

      • swak says:

        @Lynnie, they did refuse, but once he is president the carnage will begin. Hopefully those people being targetted are looking for new jobs right now.

  14. anonymous says:

    Im sorry but I can even blame her at this point. Imagine raising a girl with a Donald Trump supporter.

    • Lynnie says:

      Imagine raising a girl with PMK as her grandma. It works both ways, and unfortunately the kids in that family are going to get the short end of the stick no matter who looks after them.

    • astana says:

      I’m raising two girls and a boy and I and my husband are both Trump supporters. Please call us ignorant and all sorts of other nasty names that really showcase your tolerance and acceptance.

      • MrsBadBob says:

        You are uninformed, I’m sorry if you don’t like my opinion, I don’t like yours either, and we’ll see how you feel about him after he he starts making the numerous mistakes he will make. Then you can come back and brag about how you and your family voted, just like with Bush, Jr. You drink that right-wing koolaid and believe we’re intolerant all you want, but you and your family are sadly misinformed if you think this asshat has any interest in doing right by you or me or this country.

  15. lucy2 says:

    Two attention hungry narcissists couldn’t be supportive enough of each other. Shocking.

  16. paolanqar says:

    Considering her comeback on social media ( a twerking butt) my theory was right. She was gone for a while to fix her ass and have it reduced.
    I can’t believe how obsessed she is with her body especially with everything that is going down in her life now.
    Utterly inappropriate and offensive towards her own husband.

  17. Jessie says:

    He wasn’t there for her pregnancies. She had to tour everywhere with him, and he was hardly there supporting her projects. He wasn’t there for her properly after the robbery. He thrives on drama. He won’t take care of his mental health, even though it affects his marriage and his family situation. I am not a Kim apologist but if she walked now I wouldn’t blame her.

  18. Nancy says:

    Kim has a new lover to the surprise of nobody: People Magazine

  19. SQ says:

    Does it seem farfetched to think he might have been behind the robbery? With his money problems and the timing of his breakdown, it occurred to me that she may have discovered something recently.

  20. everlyB says:

    Whats the big difference if they’re married or divorced? They are still in some way together due to the kids and can profit of each other, making headlines in the news. No?!

  21. vbv says:

    Talking to pres elect VS Publicly supporting Cosby…

    … yeah, THIS was the bigger offense. SMH

  22. Bess says:

    The status of Kim & Kanye’s marriage depends on what else the Kardashians can squeeze out of him. If he can still get them into A-list events, PMK will keep Kanye in the family.

  23. HeyThere! says:

    I’m not going to pretend like I know them, but I would hope she wouldn’t just drop the father of her children after a bad few months. Unless there is mental or physical abuse happening-then get the hell out. I’m with you on the fact that I believe in them. It’s been a bad year but they have two small babies together and they seem to just work as a couple.

  24. Dani says:

    It’s sad how some people have to fight for the right to get married or to even be with the one they love. But here comes Kim Kardashian, ending her third marriage, because she’s inconvenienced. JFC. For better or for worse only applies to if it’s good or not for Kimmy.

  25. Mari says:

    She’ll file after the holidays and Valentine’s Day, so my guess is sometime in March. After, of course, she makes it look like she was the only one trying to make it work. I bet she’ll schedule couple’s counseling but she’ll be the only one to show up, making her the victim who tried tirelessly to make her marriage work. As for Kanye, he’s been checked out for a long time, so I don’t even see him giving quotes on the marriage/pending divorce for months. Maybe he’ll sit down for a tell-all with Barbara Walters in a year.

  26. CatJ says:

    “Kanye West Apparently Forgot That His New BFF Body-Shamed His Pregnant Wife”- great item by Carolyn Todd in Refinery29 about the crappy things drump said about Kim in an interview with Howard Stern. Does Kanye not think about these things……??? I guess I just answered myself……

    • BJ says:

      I haven’t read the article but Trump also called Khloe a fat piglet,ugly,etc when she was on Celebrity Apprentice .

  27. Dq says:

    Man, I’m surprised how many people really fell for their sham marriage, like they were in lurve…funny stuff.

  28. me says:

    I have a feeling she wanted a divorce way before the robbery happened but was afraid of “public opinion” as it is her third one. I think this is why there have been so man “leaked” stories about how horrible Kanye is and his “lack of support”. It’s all one sided. He could be very supportive and we just don’t hear about it. He stopped his show and flew to her the minute he found out what happened. It’s not like Kim and her family are so supportive. They weren’t there for Rob or Lamar or Scott until the cameras showed up. I just feel bad for the kids. That is all.

    • swak says:

      He did not fly to Paris to be with her. She flew out the same night (within about 3-4 hours) to NY. People were surprised that she was allowed to leave so quickly with the investigation just beginning. That being said, you are right, we only know her side and not his.

      • me says:

        Oh yeah I met to say he flew to NYC not Paris. I am sure he would have flown to Paris but I believe Kim was in a hurry to get out of there. But still, we never hear HIS side.

      • BJ says:

        He was already in NY.He was performing in Queens when he learned about the robbery.

    • RussianBlueCat says:

      I have to wonder if Kim asked for a separation or a divorce just before Kanye had his breakdown? The stress of knowing his family was going to be torn apart was the breaking point.
      Kim(and Kris) could not pull the plug on the marriage with Kanye ending up in the hospital. The public backlash would be swift and even worse than the blowback that happened after Kim divorced Kris Humphries

  29. Paisley says:

    Kim needs to just cohabitate with her next guy and forget marriage.

  30. Lynnie says:

    My question is if they get divorced will she still be invited to all those fashion shows and industry events? It just doesn’t seem like she brings anything to the table by herself besides clicks and notoriety, and even that isn’t necessarily a good thing for the events/publications she attends.

  31. Shannon says:

    I’m no Kardashian fan, but grown men should be capable of making their own choices. If he’s not there for her when she needs him, he’s busy being needy and meeting with Trump and dying his hair when he should be spending time with her and his kids imo. I don’t know the inside details, obviously, but from here it looks pretty bad. I think I’d be very close to losing my patience at this point if I were her.

  32. serena says:

    “Currently, imminent”.. ok, we got the gist of it. I also think divorce is coming, and soon.

  33. Arpeggi says:

    “She needed her husband. But that was the beginning of his issues, so he wasn’t there for her like he probably should have been.”
    Is that really going to be her excuse to leave him?! I get that he didn’t seem supportive during her pregnancies (yet, she had second child with the guy) and that he didn’t seem very interested by the things she was doing (reality show, being paid to attend parties, etc. mind you, I wouldn’t want any of that either). Those would all be good reasons to decide to call it quit. Saying that his mental instability is too rough to deal with could work too, it can be really tough for friends and family. Especially if the person refuses to seek help or stick to treatments. But seriously? Blaming him for not being there for Kim because he was struggling with his own mental breakdown is a low and selfish reason. You don’t plan those, you can’t put your psychotic break on hold because someone needs you, it doesn’t work that way.

  34. Cee says:

    I wish them the best. That’s all I’ve got.

  35. ravensdaughter says:

    “That which does not kill us (outright) makes us stronger.” Friedrich Nietzsche
    Whoever said that they would form a very strong bond if they get through this was right; now it’s just the daunting matter of getting through this…

  36. Selena Castle says:

    But hang on… I always thought that the man was gay and she was a beard and he was a story line.

  37. A Fan says:

    Did anyone really think the intention was for this marriage to last?


  38. Veronica says:

    A part of me kind of wanted them to work out because they’re both so hilariously narcissistic together, but I knew that was a long shot. Neither of them are in a good place right now, and if you can’t make the connection to support each other under those circumstances, relationships fall apart.

  39. Danielle says:

    I hope Kim does what’s best for her children and Kanye gets the help he needs. I don’t blame Kim wanting out. She’s probably tried as much as she could but if he’s not taking care of his mental health, Kim shouldn’t have to be a mental health caretaker as well as a mother wife etc.