Coach confirms deal with Selena Gomez, won’t confirm it’s worth $10 mill

Page Six and other outlets reported last month that singer Selena Gomez had landed a $10 million contract to design a line of purses for them and appear in advertisements. It sounded like a great idea, Coach has been floundering lately and Gomez is the most popular person on Instagram with 104 million followers. Earlier this year Gomez took a 90 day social media break and gave up using her phone while she sought treatment for mental health. She has since returned to Instagram and her latest post (above) is of her lovingly holding a Coach pouch with a monogrammed tag. Selena writes that she will “get the honor to design with [Coach creative director] Stuart Vevers.” Only according to statements from Coach, Gomez isn’t designing a full line with them as previously reported, just a piece for their collection. Coach reps also confirm that her social media influence was a big draw, but won’t confirm that the deal is worth $10 million.

As part of her new partnership with Coach, Ms. Gomez will appear in the brand’s ad campaigns (beginning with fall 2017) and social media; team up with the Coach Foundation in its work with Step Up, an organization empowering girls in underserved communities; and work on designing a piece for fall with Stuart Vevers, the brand’s executive creative director. It will not, as earlier reports indicated, be her own fully-fledged fashion line under the aegis of Coach.

“I am so excited to work with Coach and love the clothes and accessories designed by Stuart Vevers,” Ms. Gomez said in a release issued by the company. “I am especially looking forward to getting to know the Coach team as well as becoming involved in the foundation’s support of Step Up.

“On top of all that, collaborating on a piece with Stuart for next fall makes this beyond special to me…”

“I came at this because I was inspired and excited by the idea of working with a woman I felt I could really identify with at the end of the day,” Mr. Vevers said in an interview. “At the end of the day, I design for an authentic, honest woman. Selena possesses that ease and that romantic charm and that cool confident attitude — that’s what I’m excited about. At the end of the day, the numbers are not my focus. It’s that this feels organic and right for where we are right now…

“We’ve gone through a big reset,” Mr. Vevers said. “I’ve found that when people know what we’re doing, they tend to be very positive about it. I think sometimes it’s about getting the message out.” Working with Ms. Gomez, he said, was a great way to do that.

[From The NY Times]

I love Selena and am happy that she got this deal, whatever whopping amount it’s worth. The Times reminds us that she also appeared in ads for Louis Vuitton over the summer, but she must have been smart enough to work out a deal where she was able to move on to other ads after that wrapped. As I mentioned in our last post about this, I was loyal to Coach purses for years but have moved away from the brand recently. Selena’s involvement will likely convince a lot of women to take a new (or first) look, and hopefully they’ll also create some purses which will make it worth it to switch to the brand.

2016 American Music Awards

Selena Gomez Catches A Flight At LAX

Selena Gomez Arriving On A Flight At LAX

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  1. Deanna says:

    Is her audience the sort to have the money for a Coach purse though? I’m Selena’s age, and there’s no way I can justify spending heaps on purses/wallets/bags…

    Hope her mental health treatment is going well

  2. Louise177 says:

    When it’s reported that a celebrity is designing something I wonder what they actually do. I feel like they are given options and they just say what they do and don’t like.

  3. milla says:

    i have no idea why i like her. i don’t know her songs, but she seems cute. maybe i am in the wrong.

    same goes for miley. i just think she has good heart. also, i heard her sing and she is amazing. but she sang old, famous songs.

  4. Joni says:

    Coach makes more sense for her than Louis Vuitton.

  5. the_blonde_one says:

    *whispers* in the thumbnail on the main page I thought it was that Kardashian sister. The tall one.

  6. Steph says:

    Did she get something done on her face? She looks different….

  7. Lifethelifeaquatic says:

    I recently purchased my first designer handbag and I went with coach…very well made and nice designs..leather very sturdy. I know they are really trying to revamp their image after all those years with the tacky C print stuff…

    That being said, I did go into Kate spade while shopping yesterday…it was an outlet but I was super disappointed by quality. Same with Michael kors. Didn’t compare to the handbags at the coach store and basically same price…just sayin’

    When I purchase another bag I will likely purchase from coach…

    • tmot says:

      I get mine at Goodwill and on ebay and I love them. They are practical and well designed as far as useability. The patchwork ones I think are tacky but the older, plainer leather ones are the best. They last for years!

      As for the Kors bags… I just don’t get it! :-P

  8. Loca says:

    No offense to Selena but she looks so much like Ritchie in the orange jacket photo. They have a similar face structure.

  9. jerkface says:

    Coach has been closing retail locations nation wide because they oversaturated their market via Coach brand outlet stores and had to also compete with Michael Kors who completely watered down any enthusiasm for his brand through selling items at TJ Max and other buy out style retailers. (even though its widely known you aren’t getting a discounted bag as much as you’re getting a cheaper bag with a name brand label on it that is specifically made for a lower end market)
    The luxury industry in general is changing the way they present and sell due to the advent of instagram and pinterest. You will see the die off of markdowns in well known retail chains and the removal from stores like Bloomies, Macy’s, etc. Their thought line is that once the allure of exclusivity has worn off a brand and every wanna be is carrying their bags that less people will view their product as special.
    It makes sense that they would choose her for those reasons. She’s presenting herself as responsible person in control of her life and she can indoctrinate, so to speak, a younger consumer that will grow with the brand. She’s not erratic like Demi and not as annoying a Taylor Swift has become to the adults who still purchase those types of items from them. Chances are the piece she “designs” is a little tester to see if a new style sells to a specific demographic.