Is Britney Spears dating her Slumber Party costar, Sam Asghari?


We haven’t heard much about Britney Spear’s love life lately, which is likely a good thing since she doesn’t always make the best choices. However, Britney has been out not once but three times with her Slumber Party costar, Sam Asghari. Sam posted their second date to his Instagram but when fans flocked to the post to get confirmation of a romance, he took it down (you can see the photo here). But just this Sunday they were spotted at Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ. So, are they a thing? Here are the pap shots so you can decide:

Despite every fiber of my being saying I shouldn’t, I love her outfit in these pics.

As I mention, this is a third date, although we only know where two and three took place. Part of me is wondering about the Marie Claire article Kaiser covered in which Britney talked about a terrible first date she had had recently with a guy she really liked. In that interview, she said he didn’t feel the same about her – I kind of wonder if she was talking about Sam and he came around or if she misread the situation at the time?

Let’s see where this lovefest started (NSFW – language and because it’s not a very good song):

Okay, sure – I can see where the idea to date might have popped into their heads. FYI – the slumber parties I attended at Cindy Sperling’s were very different than Britney’s slumber parties. I was able to find one interview with Sam. Obviously he is very dedicated to his fitness routine. There are a few dodgy answers, like he decided to get in shape because he was bored at a club without a date but the site that interviewed him is questionable so maybe they deserve the blame more than Sam. Sam is a very good looking man, not that that is important but he really is. And he likes to pose with babies he’s worked with. Prior he dated playboy model Jessa Hinton

There is something about him shielding her in those pap pics. Most are saying he’s keeping her warm but it looks more protective to me. Before you demand my feminist card, which, honestly, I don’t know which drawer I left that in, I honestly think my gut reaction has to do with wanting someone to look out for Britney more than anything else. I think Britney has really gotten her life back on track and I think that took effort on many people’s part. I’d like to see her happy, especially if she’s having fun. So until I hear otherwise, I am going to join Team Britam (Speahari? I really do suck at portmanteaus).

I’m assuming this was for another job?

Now I know what 💤 like a baby means @dadmeetsbaby

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Photo credit: Twitter, Instagram and Fame/Flynet Photos

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  1. detritus says:

    Is pale lipstick coming back, or is BritBrit just refusing to give up on her 90s roots? It’s not good, but it’s bettter than that plus the dark brown liner.

    • Hannah says:

      Britney have a very distinct look that is kind of 90’s and trashy.

    • Kitten says:

      Nude lipstick…pleasegodno.

      The outfits are atrocious as usual but I gotta say: her body is bangin’.

    • QQ says:

      The Former… it literally could be a pic from 1998-2003 we wouldn’t know.. also this guy is probably more of the same or “her” Casper/Mariah’s new twink/Madonna’s random dancer

    • HeidiM says:

      Why can’t that woman get a good weave? Really. I do not understand. The man looks like a ‘roided up Zayn but if he’s nice ish too her I don’t care.

  2. Lalu says:

    Oooh… Something about a man holding a baby… Hot. Guess it’s primal.
    She looks good… Except never a fan of her hair.
    I think most of us root for Britney (for whatever reason) and want her to be happy.

  3. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    Love Britney and she does seem more like her old self but I am not digging the Vegas stripper look she’s been rocking lately.

    I always hope she finds real happiness.

  4. SilverUnicorn says:

    Ok completely ignorant here… what’s a slumber party?

    I don’t love her outfits, except the light blue one…. I still like her voice but I haven’t liked one of her songs in ages.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      A slumber party is when you have a friend or friends, spend the whole night at your house. It’s sometimes called a “sleep over”…because friends sleep overnight at your house…

  5. Chingona says:

    Well he is good looking, but a little too bulky. I just hope he isn’t using Brit for publicity and exposure for his career.

  6. perplexed says:

    What is happening to her face? Does extreme exercise do that to it? She’s not old.

    • KB says:

      She was a pretty prolific tanner and smoker in the aughts and now she’s 35. I think her skin looks about how I’d expect it to.

  7. the_blonde_one says:

    GIT. IT. GIRL!

  8. Julie says:

    I actually like her song more than the same 5 songs I keep hearing on the radio everyday.

  9. Silvermistie says:

    I thought that was Christie Brinkley in the top photo

  10. Sigh... says:

    I rummaged thru his IG. Heh…he def has the “Blue Steel” expression perfected.

  11. TJ says:

    I don’t like that he’s walking in front of her in that one pic. I want him to be next to her.

  12. Mar says:

    Why am I getting a gay vibe from him?

  13. Tallia says:

    Whenever I look at her face it seems like she is one moment away from losing her sh*te. He looks like a twink, so I doubt the relationship “vibes”, but I do love that he is shielding her, that’s a good friend.

  14. Kate says:

    If he is ‘dating’ her he’s just another contracted boyfriend. Whenever she’s single for an extended period she sexually harasses/assualts her male staff members and takes up with blatant users, so her father has to keep throwing guys he can control her way or else risk massive lawsuits and theft.

    It’s all just horribly sad, not a fun gossip story.

  15. Snowflake says:

    Britney’s body is insanely toned! You can see the muscles in her back.

    As far as the video, faux lesbianism is so lame. Does every video have to appeal to a man?

  16. Bridget says:

    Britney Spears isn’t just going on regular dates with people. He’s been vetted and most likely set up. She famously does not like being single and Team Spears knows that.

  17. Shells_bells says:

    Her body is on point, but the hair and overall styling just keeps getting worse. And PLEASE Britney…stop whatever you’re doing to your face!!!

    Also, gaydar is pinging hard with this one.

  18. Val says:

    I’d hit it.

  19. chaine says:

    Poor Brit-brit! In the pap photos she looks giddy and excited and he looks totally bored and not into her in that way. I wish her dad would let her retire into obscurity and hopefully then she can have a real relationship…

  20. sage says:

    He’s too beefy and well manicured, but still better looking than her previous Bf’s.

  21. I Choose Me says:

    Get it girl. Have fun but don’t get too invested unless you’re sure he can treat you right.
    The song is catchy as hell and I love it, risible lyrics and all.

  22. K says:

    Did you guys see her Carpool Karaoke bit? I felt so sorry for her. She seems so empty headed, but not in a dumb way…just a way that is so controlled she has no independent thought…Like she’s not herself. And the facial expressions…I know the guests are there to put on a show but the setting is pretty intimate. It’s a great opportunity to be more yourself without going overboard with the stage persona…idk what I’m trying to say other than I felt like it was inauthentic but that she wasn’t trying to be inauthentic like other guests (eh hem Madonna) were trying to be…