Leah Remini: Tom Cruise thinks I’m the devil, all Scientologists are taught that

Leah Remini is fighting the good fight against Scientology with her new A&E series and with her efforts to promote it. She’s telling the harrowing stories of everyday Scientologists who lost life savings, free will and their basic safety and wellbeing to the cult. This isn’t new information to those of us who have followed Scientology, but there’s still a large percentage of the public who have been hoodwinked by the cult, which hides behind a veneer of religious freedom, and who don’t realize how egregious their human rights violations can be. So what better place to talk about the show than on Larry King’s talk show, Larry King Now, where she again broke it down into understandable concepts which seemed necessary for Larry to get it. You can watch the full video at this link, a video segment is below and here’s some of what she said. I left out some of the details we’ve heard already.

Why Scientologists don’t question the cult
Of course we had access to that information, but taking that information to your church – you would get interrogated for even asking and you would have to pay for that interrogation, which costs thousands and thousands of dollars. As a young Scientologist you learn early on that anything coming from the press is a lie.

“Did you see people get better [in Scientology]?”
I saw people get better in ways that I can’t say they couldn’t have received that same help by talking to a bonafide therapist or a good friend… Scientology as a whole is fraudulent. Everything in Scientology is a promise that ‘when you get to these upper levels you will handle this in yourself.’ Those upper levels are confidential and they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s a pay-as-you-go religion. I’ve seen people cash in their 401ks, living [in] a way that is sacrificing their lives, their children.

They put up a front that they believe in God or that it’s secular that you can believe in anything. That’s a front, that’s a lie. I, like most Scientologists believe that what I was doing was good. I was a liar. I knew that I was lying.

“Tom Cruise believes [in Scientology]. I don’t think he’s out to fool you.”
No but Tom is very well aware of what is Scientology truthfully. He is very well aware that it’s an organization that is defrauding people out of their lives. But in his heart I believe that he believes it.

“Is this whole thing a fraud?”
I can’t say that. But what I will say it’s not worth giving up your whole life for. It’s abusive, it’s mentally damaging to people. Scientology demands that you put in two and a half hours minimum every day.

On Scientology’s claims against her
A lot of the teaching of Scientology is how to attack your critics, so I understand it. I’m sad for them because I know how hateful they are to anyone speaking out.

On Amy Scobee’s rape at 14 by a 35 year-old supervisor
[I’ve heard about situations like that] over and over again. I don’t want anyone to take my word for it. You don’t need to believe me. Google it. There’s story after story after story.

Fair game policy was replaced by ‘dealing with suppressive people’
Dealing with suppressive people means go after them, try to destroy their lives, try to find any crimes they have committed, you can lie about them. They have Scientologists picketing in front of people’s houses going ‘don’t trust your neighbor.’ They go after your jobs, when that doesn’t work they go after your family.

What would [Tom Cruise] say to you?
He wouldn’t say anything because he thinks that I’m the devil. All Scientologists are taught to believe that people like me are the devil [and] that we mean them harm… I believe that he, like me, has been lied to.

“You were in there quite a while. You must have liked it.”
Do people who are brainwashed like the circumstances they’re in? No, there were many times I wanted to get out. If I say goodbye I’m saying goodbye to [my family].

On Scientology claiming that ex-Scientologists are lying

They should sue us. It’s as simple as that. If we’re lying. They say this on every outlet they can. They have said this about every person who has spoken out and not one lawsuit has been brought against anybody. They’re a litigious group. If that were true they would simply sue us.

[From Larry King Now on Ora.tv]

This woman’s sheer patience and persistence are amazing. She’s so well spoken, matter-of-fact and thoughtful about what she went through, and what cult members continue to go through under Scientology. She also isn’t acting like she’s a savior or a martyr at all, just like she has celebrity privilege which insulates her from blowback, she has good lawyers and she’s going for it.

We have been asked to do recaps of Leah’s show, Scientology and The Aftermath, but honestly I haven’t watched it yet. Things have been so busy leading up to the holidays. We’ll continue covering Leah when possible and giving her the support and kudos she’s earned by being a hardworking badass. She continues to impress me so much. On Larry King she said she’s received “hundreds of letters” of support and that she’s also received letters saying she’s helped discourage people from joining the cult.



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  1. paolanqar says:

    Tom Cruise has lost any shred of credibility he had. Many people boycott his films because of either his connection to Scientology or because he is not a big lead actor anymore but just a creep.
    Nobody cares about him. Leah, you go girl. Bring them all down, one by one.

    • doofus says:

      I’m rooting SO HARD for her. I always liked her but when I found out she was a $cibot, she lost me.

      so glad she got out and is speaking out.

  2. I Choose Me says:

    Go Leah! So happy she’s continuing to speak out against that cult. Hopefully, her words empower others who’ve been wanting to get out. As Scientology’s critics and defectors grow, it can only help take away their power and influence. But she should watch her back nevertheless. People who thrive on having power over others don’t like to lose it.

  3. smcollins says:

    I’ve been watching her docu-series (there’s only been 3 episodes so far). It’s very engaging, as well as heartbreaking & infuriating. The next episode focuses on David Mascavige (sp?), and has his father speaking out. I’m definitely watching that one.
    I’m so glad Leah got out, and that she’s trying to let the world know the truth about this corrupt and destructive cult.

    • Brittney Buckley says:

      Engaging, heartbreaking, and infuriating are exactly the words I’d use, too.

      And for every family we see ripped apart, how many others are still going through the same thing? Cannot believe this cult still has protection as a “religion”.

    • Ramona says:

      On the subject of heartbreaking that scene where everybody just suddenly breaks down and Leah orders the cameras to be switched off, has stayed with me all week. Looking forward to Ron Miscaviges episode but that also has me wondering who they are saving for the final episodes. She must have something really huge if she is using one of her biggest Miscavige blows mid season.

      • Shelby says:

        Me too Ramona! When Mike Rinder started sobbing, I lost it myself. I cannot even imagine what losing your child because you raised him in a cult does to you psychologically and emotionally. I have so much sorrow and compassion for these poor families. And I am so grateful Leah is doing this series.

  4. Anyone else see the correlation between Scientology and what has happened with the election with Trump? I firmly 100% believe that gaslighting and brainwashing occured on a massive scale. The people supporting Trump are just like the people in Scientology.

    • Lilly says:

      Its the same approach— appealing to people with a weak or zero sense of themselves or their place in the world. They are searching for a “leader” or “religion” that will tell them what to do and what to believe and will reinforce their feelings of insecurity by demeaning anyone who is not a believer.
      The frightening thing is how many lost people there are who fall for it. Situations like Leah’s where a person deep within the cult finally starts to see it for what it truly is are so rare. I am in awe of her courage.
      I recently asked a colleague who was a huge Hilary supporter but comes from a family in the deep red south (she is barely on speaking terms with them) when the rabid fans of Trump would start to see the light that he is a con man. She screamed at me “NEVER!!” She said they are like cult followers and they will always find someone else to blame when Trumps promises don’t pan out.

    • The Old KC says:

      The whole time I was reading Going Clear, which I read a few weeks before Election Day, I could not stop thinking of Trump every time I read about L. Ron Hubbard. They are both grifters, sociopaths, and complete con men, not to mention, they have a deep-seated hatred of women (L. Ron Hubbard telling the mother of his baby that she should kill herself, save him the trouble?! Oh, and women cause our own miscarriages because subconsciously we don’t really love the baby?!) I see many parallels.

      • Konspiracytheory says:

        OMG, you just brought back a childhood memory of mine! My father was (still is) an avid reader of philosophy, theology, etc. I remember coming across Dyanetics in his bookcase and flipping through it. I read the part about women causing their own miscarriages, thought ‘WTF (and why is this in our house)?’ and shoved it back on the shelf. My dad never mentioned anything about Scientology – guess the book didn’t work on him, thank goodness.

  5. SnackieOnassis says:

    I am so glad she is doing all of this. I have been a fan of hers since she was on Who’s the Boss, but her association with Scientology was a bad mark against her in my mind. I happy to see her not just leave, but fight against them as best she can. Much respect.

    • Angelica says:

      Your screen name gives me life!

      ETA: I second your comment. Leah’s really impressed me these past couple of years.

  6. Allie B. says:

    My heart sank when I learned that she was a Scientologist several years back. I could not wrap my head around such a sharp, funny, and intelligent woman could be a part of that cult. This was the best thing that could have happened to those stuck inside.

  7. jerkface says:

    Wear those devil horns with pride. Love her!

  8. Eric says:

    There, there Leah. We all know who the devil is and it’s not you. I will give you a hint…he’s orange.

  9. valkenburg says:

    So I wonder if she still believes that “original” CO$ (as L.R.H. intended it) is good, and that it just went wrong with Miscavige and mis-management? That seemed to be her position when she wrote her book. It seems like she’s changed her opinion. I’ve read every book written by people who’ve left, and many were of the opinion that pure Scientology was good and right, and needs to be “reformed” back to the original beliefs and that it’s just the top brass who’ve set it all on the wrong path. But they still to think LRH was a genius and god-like man.

    • Ramona says:

      I think she like many others got something positive out of the teachings, otherwise why would they stay through the abuse? Thats fine. I have never encountered a religion that does not have ludicrous and bizarre origin story. Makes no difference to me whether you confess to a priest or a scientology auditor. Or whether you think evil demons or evil aliens roam the earth. The important things are that people must not be exploited and abused by the religious hierarchy and must not impose their beliefs on anyone else. As for the rest, if it makes her happy to ride with Xenu and makes John happy to ride with Jehova, me and atheist self dont really care.

      • Wiffie says:

        “I think she like many others got something positive out of the teachings, otherwise why would they stay through the abuse?”

        you cannot blame someone for staying through abuse, whether by a cult or partner, whatever. they have been systematically programmed over time to believe they have no option to leave, or that life would be over if they did. their normal-meter has been slowly veered so far off course, they don’t completely see how crazy their situation is until they are out of it sometimes. nobody likes abuse or stays because of the positive aspects they get out of it.

        it’s complicated and sad, but that’s why support for those is so important.

    • The Old KC says:

      I hope not, because L. Ron Hubbard’s original teachings and his personal history of blatantly lying about his military record, inventing a religion he claimed heals the body when he himself became very ill physically, taking money hand over fist from his wealthy parishioners, and impregnating woman after woman, then throwing them away like used tissues all point to a “religion” founded not on a desire to help humanity, but a desire to subjugate humanity. He obviously held his fellow human beings, especially women, in a deeply scornful regard. All Miscavige did was just pick up the torch (he may have upped the ante a few decibels, but the evil was already baked in.) LRH makes my skin crawl every time they show his face on Leah’s show. Uggggggh!

      • valkenburg says:

        You and me both! I wonder if maybe when Leah (and others) first got out if they knew all the real history of LRH? It’s possible they avoided reading anything negative about him on purpose (or just believed it all to be suppressive lies) because that’s how they were brainwashed. But surely she’s heard/read it all by now.

    • KWM says:

      Did you guys watch last nights special episode? It was really good, she and Mike Rinder took viewer submitted questions. One thing to remember with Leah, she was brought in as a child, she really knew no other way of life. And as she said last night, when asked why they would not read negative things, and she said you don’t. Because if you do you have to tell about it in your next session or someone finds out and submits a knowledge report on you. Then you have to go through mandatory sessions that you have to pay for which will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. And as she said she was one of the lucky ones who lived and worked outside of the church so she could google things. If you rely on the church for you income, residence, health care, clothing, everything you are not going to jeopardize that by google info. Plus the church blocks the ip address of websites that are critical of scientology.

  10. QQ says:

    Leah “No F*cks’ Remini Is the Angel Queen of my heart for this

  11. Avery says:

    Another site posted other comments from Leah and stated that Tom Cruise is looked at as close to a messiah. A sort of savior and super human that will save the planet. I believe it’s on Lainey’s site and that Tom is moving to clearwater florida…to reach super human status. The actual name of the building is super powers building!!! I can’t make this stuff up. Who thinks of this stuff??? I can see TC knowing all the lies but loving the attention, worship and feeding of his ego. TC knows exactly what this is and is benefiting from it and is keeping this train moving.
    I am so proud of her for speaking out and using her celebrity status. She will not get the blowback that others will get and she is taking it like a boss.

  12. MSat says:

    I’ve watched every episode and it’s fascinating. It goes deeper into some of the stories that were covered in the “Going Clear” documentary with the ex-Scientologists who were high ranking “church” officials. It’s amazing to me how long people stay in it before they wake up and realize what a scam it is – and the lengths the church will go to in order to make people stay.

  13. isabelle says:

    Her show…I can’t get over it, stop thinking about it. It really exposes Scientology and makes it easy to understand. The victims are real and it isn’t just a camera following people around. Its a very intimate show. Think she has done more damage to them than anyone at this point. She is angry and think she will not give up until its destroyed. So much respect for her because she is a savage fighter.

  14. Lori says:

    Never has anyone given Scientology the finger quite like this. Give ’em hell, Leah!!! 😃

  15. KWM says:

    I recommend everyone interested in Scientology read the unbreakable Miss Lovely. Holy shit, what they put her through.

    • isabelle says:

      She was Leah’s show last night, omg, never heard her story. Her talking about one of her boyfriends was a secret Scientologist turned her in to them. Then they tried to frame her committing crimes. Crazy! How are the even allowed to be an organization after her story and investigation?

  16. katie2you says:

  17. Choo says:

    Scilons are very, very bad news and need to be avoided at all costs. Leah is a star for dragging this out into the public arena.

  18. MD says:

    I feel the reverberations of “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” will be felt for YEARS to come. I hope that A&E will produce a second season (and a third, fourth, fifth…) of this docu-series. It’s an A-1 case study into destructive cult behaviours and mind control. I get excited when Tuesdays roll around!

    Leah…you are phenom. Be persistent in finding the truth. You got more “OT Power” in one of your pointy fingernails than that five-foot-one, wife hiding, cult thug leader has in his entire body. Make ’em squeal in pain!! Free the slaves!! Warn the people!! Hold the Scientology celebs accountable for their cult enabling!! I hope the IRS will revoke Scientology’s tax-exemption (the cult NEVER should’ve had it in the first place).