Amy Winehouse’s 3 day bender


The details of Amy Winehouse’s downward spiral have been published by the Sun, and it’s really sad to read. Before she overdosed and had to get her stomach pumped in a London hospital, Amy went on a two or three day bender (the Sun says 3 days, but their timeline seems to add up to about 2 days), downing drugs and booze. As soon as she returned from Lollapalooza, she started drinking and snorting cocaine.

“Amy, whose hits include Rehab and Back To Black, began the bender at 1pm on Monday within hours of arriving in Heathrow from a music festival in Chicago. The skeletal star swigged vodka and lemonades while Blake [Fielder-Civil, Amy’s husband of two months], 25, sank pints of Stella Artois.

“Local Lesley McCormack, 26, said: ‘Both Amy and Blake made repeated visits to the toilets during the two hours they were here. She went into both the ladies’ and men’s loos. I suspect they were taking cocaine. They were with another woman. Amy ordered a club sandwich, asking for tuna instead of chicken — but she never ate it.’”

[From the Sun]

The three left around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Around 10 o’clock that evening Amy and Blake visited their local pub in Camden, The Hawley Arms.

“They were spotted by a fan. He said: ‘She spent the evening knocking back Jack Daniel’s. They were acting quite strangely. Amy was backwards and forwards to the toilets all night.’

“The binge continued into Tuesday. A cafe owner near the couple’s home said: ‘She came in during the afternoon and was very jittery. She wanted everything done now. She said she didn’t know what she wanted but she said she wanted it hot. She was really out of it. I’ve only noticed her here in the last two months and she’s normally very nice and comes straight in and goes straight out — but on Tuesday it was different.’

“Hours later, Amy — who had just been nominated for three MTV awards — started convulsing.”

[From the Sun]

A friend of Amy’s husband said, “’It was like she had pressed the self-destruct button. She was downing coke, pills and ketamine, vodka and Jack Daniel’s. Even Amy says she will be dead within one year.’” After that she was taken to London’s University College Hospital, where she was given a shot of adrenaline and had her stomach pumped. It was originally reported that she had checked into London’s famous Priory rehab clinic, but it turns out that’s not the case. Instead she’s holed up in a London hotel instead, according to pretty reliable NME magazine. If this didn’t get through to Amy, I’m not sure what will. Getting your stomach pumped is a really traumatic process, and would scare a lot of people into at least taking their addiction more seriously and checking into rehab. I’m not saying it’d scare a person out of their bad behavior right then and there, but most people would check into rehab. Normally I’d make a lot of jokes, since “Rehab” is the title of her most famous song, but this just makes me way too sad for her. Truly, canceling your concerts and being so unprofessional is terrible, but she’s moved from terrible to tragic now.

Picture note by JayBird: Here’s Amy looking a LOT better, just a few months ago at the 2007 Brit Awards in Febryary. Header image of Amy with Kelly Osbourne at the 2007 ELLE Style Awards in London in February. Images thanks to PR Photos.


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