Kylie Jenner showed off her noticeably bigger chest on Instagram this week


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It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner has had a ton of plastic surgery. She keeps trying to “deny” it, but in the span of five years, everything about her changed. Her eyes changed, her chin changed, her lips changed, her nose changed, her butt changed and yes, her breasts changed. Many of people noticed when Kylie went “silent” on social media for several weeks this summer, then made a triumphant return with what looked like completely new breast implants. We even discussed it back in August, when she tried to say that she was just “bloated” because of her period.

Well, long story short, guess who looks like she’s gone up a size once again? Kylie posted these Instagrams this week and everyone is like, “My God, did you get even bigger implants or something?” And you know what’s so sad? Like, that’s the whole purpose of Kylie posting these photos to IG. She wants you to see her latest work, which she’ll then deny. I wonder what her excuse is this time. Period bloat again? Food poisoning? Maybe she’ll just go with “I gained a little bit of weight and it went straight to my boobs!”

Incidentally, I spent a few minutes looking through Kylie’s Instagram feed and I got so depressed. She should change her handle to @SadPlasticDoll.

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

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  1. Shambles says:

    First thought upon reading the headline:
    You can get noticeably bigger than she was already?!

    But alas, it’s possible.

    Also: her style is ludicrous. Awful.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      Girl is starting to look like Michael Jackson.

      • Placebo says:

        Omg, I was thinking the same!

      • mrspanda says:

        That was my first thought too!! I think it’s her side profile/cheeks and chin that are looking so sharp and chiseled. I think her face will keep getting smaller (except eyes/lips), and body will keep getting more cartoonish 🙁

      • EM says:

        When I first saw the picture I thought it was a plastic/wax figure. Kardashians used to be my least favorite family now they are 2nd to the Trumps but seriously this girl needs psychological help.

      • valkenburg says:

        I haven’t ever watched their show, only know about them from sites like these, so I haven’t seen the transformation take place. But I saw an old Oprah interview of Kris Jenner, when this girl was 15. She looks absolutely nothing like her real self now. She is completely unrecognizable from the teenager she once was. Kim looks very different in the face, too, but at least you can still tell she’s the same person. But Kylie looks like a completely different, plastic mannequin.

    • Kitten says:

      The last picture tho. Sigh. She’s so self-conscious to the point where every single pose is precisely calculated to emphasize a body part (butt, boobs, thigh gap, etc) in the most blow-up-doll-like fashion.
      I thought plastic surgery was supposed to imbibe you with confidence? Or at least, that’s what Kylie and the Ks tell us. So then why do they all seem so damn insecure with their bodies?

      In the famous words of Donny Trump: sad!

      • Shambles says:

        Can body dysmorphia be caused by a parent? Because if so, they probably all have body dysmorphia disorder, caused by Kris Jenner.

      • Tiffany says:

        You’re so right about the calculating poses. In the last one her arms are behind her back and she’s arching. There’s something sad about the obviousness.

      • I Choose Me says:

        I feel so sorry for her. Looking at her eyes she’s not happy and hasn’t been for a long time. She keeps trying to alter her body to fit some perfect unattainable ideal thinking maybe then she’ll feel satisfied but she won’t be. That’s the horror of body dysmorphia. Eventually she’ll go too far a la Michael Jackson or Joycelyn Wildestein. I just want to give her a hug, remove her from that toxic family and send her to get some intensive therapy.

    • Rice says:

      Is it weird that my back hurts just by looking at her pose?

    • Eleonor says:

      Two words:

      Courtney Stodden.

    • Ruby says:

      Calm your nipples.

    • TheOtherOne says:

      @Ruby I just officially fell in love with you. Hilarious.

    • Zip says:

      They do but they don’t end up looking like strapped-on basket balls.

  2. Burr says:

    As someone who has a big chest naturally, I can’t believe people actually pay to get this done. The grass is not greener on the other side !1

    • Miss V says:

      Same! But a lot of people like the attention. I absolutely hate that people think my chest size is a conversational piece, but when you are starving for attention, you will do anything to get it.

    • Swak says:

      I know what you mean. My youngest had DD’s by the time she was in 5th grade. Effected her shoulders (the joints were really loose and had both tightened). She had hers reduced.

    • paolanqar says:

      Exactly. i have a small chest that gets bigger as soon as I gain weight and it makes me very uncomfortable. Running is very painful.
      I honestly believe that women who want bigger breasts do it to seek men’s approval or attention because there is nothing funny about big boobs.

      • Zip says:

        Running with the rights sports bra is key. Up to size D it should be possible to find one (don’t know about bigger sizes because I have not been there). I had the same problem and there is only of type of a certain brand that does the job.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        I can only find the right bra on the internet. Moving Comfort. They are awesome for running. Not cheap but they last a long time and you can barely feel your boobs.

      • Jag says:

        Look into SheFit. I haven’t tried one yet, but one of my friends swears by the brand and she has a large chest like I do.

      • Tryannosarahs says:

        Also Panache. They have bands from 28 and up and all of the cup sizes. Great investment sports bras.

      • Snowflake says:

        Thanks guys for all the suggestions. 🙂

      • lightpurple says:

        I just want a sports bra that I can get off without help. I swear someday somebody will find me, nearly starved to death and seriously dehydrated because I tried to get out of a sports bra and got both arms trapped in a position wrapped around my head with my breathing cut off until I fell unconscious onto the locker room floor.

      • susiecue says:

        Wacoal makes great sports bras! They have really helped me (DDD) and re: lightpurple, they clasp in the back, not come over your head which is so much easier to remove and get into.

      • Bridget says:

        FYI, Moving Comfort is now Brooks (the bras are still the same, the branding has just changed). Enell is a good one for the super busty as well!

      • April Underwater says:

        That’s a pretty awful thing to say. Women have breast augmentations for many reasons, and given how invasive a procedure it is, I doubt that “Oh, I’d just like more attention please” is the most common reason (though for someone like Kylie Jenner, whose career depends on attention, this could be true in her case). If you want to really understand motivations, I’d recommend browsing the blogs on I say this as a woman who had a breast augmentation 4 days ago, having dreamed of getting it dome for over a decade. I’m 32, been married for 5 years and with my husband for 11. I’m not looking for any male attention. I developed a pair of flat, asymmetrical, tubular breasts that never filled out, and I’ve never felt comfortable or womanly. What I would like is to be able to shop for clothing that actually fits – even as a f*cking marathon runner (so yeah, I’m in great shape, thanks very much) I have wider hips and thighs but tiny shoulders and no chest. Try buying a dress/jumpsuit when your upper body is three sizes smaller than your lower body. Try buying a bra when your underbreast chest measurement puts you in a b-cup but a b-cup bra is just a gaping shell over your bony chest. Yeah, it’s a concern that smacks of first-world privilege but I live in the first world, I do a lot for charity and just this once I wanted to do something that was just for me.

      • Zip says:

        @April Underwater You’r is an entirely different situation than the one of ladies with perfectly fine smaller breasts. I think this is what is meant here.

    • sherry says:

      I’m with you. I used to be so self-conscious of my big boobs until I moved to LA and realized all of these women around me were paying big $$$$ to get what I had. It helped me to embrace my body type somewhat.

      When I was working in Beverly Hills, one of my co-workers “accidentally” fell into me with her hands out. Almost immediately, she turned to the rest of the office and said, “They’re real!!!” I was horrified. (This was before Seinfeld did it).

      That said, I have always wished my boobs were smaller. I’ve never been able to wear cute spaghetti straps or go braless.

    • chaine says:

      IKR??? I was a late bloomer and was so envious of girls with big boobs until mine suddenly ballooned to that size… 🙁 I second the recommendation of moving comfort for exercise but because i have a small frame what has worked for me is wearing the C-size for my band size, which keeps them very squished an immobile.

  3. Belle Epoch says:

    That is a bizarre photograph. It’s sad that she wants to be Kim 2.0.

    • RedOnTheHead says:

      Totally bizarre. But what I can’t figure out…is it the pattern on the top? Or do the new ones appear to be sitting halfway down her torso? Way lower than they should be?

      • Lacia Can says:

        Turtlenecks on a large chest are not a good look. I never, never wear one without a sweater to cover up. The shirt by itself does indeed make a large bust look saggy.

      • sherry says:

        High necked anything is not a good look for those of us with large bosoms.

      • Bridget says:

        She’s got boobs that are too big for her body, too. They don’t look like they’re placed correctly because of that. Holy crap.

      • April Underwater says:

        If they’re implants, the Dr will have placed them so that her nipple is centred to the implant, which means lowering her inframammary crease if her nipples naturally sit quite low. This is pretty common, but a reputable surgeon would probably hesitate to put in such large implants if he/she had to lower the crease to that extent.

    • Anilehcim says:

      She posted a picture of herself in a cut off shirt and panties and she really is morphing into Kim. She must go to the family surgeon and tell him to make her look more like her big sis. They’re all so gross with their attempts to become perfect. The thought of living in the mirror to the point where you think you need to have every tiny slight flaw removed/smoothed/plumped is sickening to me.

      • Little Darling says:

        To me all I see is her morphing into Blac Chyna. Even Kim doesn’t look THIS blow up. It’s so sad.

  4. Psu Doh Nihm says:

    That pose doesn’t help any either. She is poking her chest out by pinching her shoulders.

  5. manda says:

    This girl…. who poses like that? “Here are my jugs!” She is so desperate and thirsty. I think of what she will look like / be when she’s my age

  6. Redd says:

    What the FK is wrong with this girl, her mother, this family??????

    • GingerCrunch says:

      I feel your outrage! It sickens me to look at her now. And we’ve got years to be updated on all her “looks”. Help us, baby Jesus.

    • JFresh says:

      This is her “catalog”, right? That’s the only way I can understand it. She’s for sale to Middle Eastern and other mega rich business men the world over. How much do you think she gets per night?

  7. lightpurple says:

    Kylie, honey, those things are sagging even more than my 88 year old great aunt’s do. They’re supposed to be up higher. Much higher. And they must be doing some real damage to your spine.

    • Becky says:

      Lightpurple, I was gonna say they’re hanging way too low, not attractive imo.

      How old is this girl? I think one of the problems is that someone with low self-esteem goes ahead with all these cosmetic enhancements, because they can fund it, but they’re fixated on their appearance so it’s all superficial. That and they get hooked on it.

    • Zip says:

      Where are they supposed to be? At her throat? Looking at the size they seem to be heavy and very fake but I think her boobs have always been at that place, even when they were smaller. I hate to defend her here but boobs are different. Some are just naturally located a bit lower than others. I have no sympathy with people who get PS for attention but this is body shaming.

      • Blaire Carter says:

        Low boobies high boobies all deserve love!

      • lightpurple says:

        Her body was fine before she started altering it. And somewhere in the vicinity of her chest might be a good location.

      • Bridget says:

        I think her new boobs are too big for where her natural ones normally sat. Fake boobs are notoriously perky so I don’t think they’re sagging, I just think that she’s chosen to modify her body in a way that goes counter to her natural symmetry.

      • Doc says:

        No need to body-shame her…

    • WeAreAllMadeOfStars says:

      I agree. That the weight of them is making them that low on her chest at 18 is crazy. She’s going to spend the rest of her life in the surgeon’s office getting them jacked up over and over again.

  8. Karen says:

    All I want for Christmas is a Kardashian free news feed. Even for a day.

    I just feel so bad for this girl. She had beauty, money, and every opportunity…. but with her odd family felt the need at such a young age to slice, shave, suck, inject, and implant her body.

    • Anilehcim says:

      I think we’ve been doing pretty great with getting a break from this family! They’ve been on the decline since October. Let’s hope this trend continues.

  9. Remi says:

    The saddest part is how many girls in their 20s who went through higher education and are obsessed with everything this girl does and think her and Kendull are true beauty icons. It just shows that if you have money and you are famous people literally venerate you. Actually sometimes you don’t even need to be famous, just have the money. Without the money her and Kendull would be two nobodies probably working at the mall but now they are cultural icons. Seriously annoyed with how vapid people are these days.

    • Anilehcim says:

      I totally agree! It turns my stomach how many girls/young women are so into Kylie. I just don’t get it.

      • Lynnie says:

        I used to go on this one site, Refinery29, but eventually stopped because every other article would be some variation of “YASS, Kylie Jenner wears a shirt and we are SLAYED.” The readership complaining got so bad that one of their “beauty editors” had to write a response saying why they sold out, and justified it with “Well she brings in the clicks, so you’re just gonna have to deal with it.” So some of it is the fashion print industry using her to raise sagging revenues.

        Another part of it is people living vicariously through her, and a lack of any real fashion icons/interesting things happening in fashion nowadays. I can’t really think of anyone who’s a really dominant force in the industry who could cancel out the Kardashian/Jenners, and it doesn’t help that the in trends are all conforming to one another. Add that to the fact that Kylie shares EVERYTHING, the upcoming generation was scarred by the Great Recession (so they’re more susceptible to displays of wealth), and Kylie is a relatively cheap solution to feeling luxe.

  10. alexc says:

    Android sex doll.

  11. Hannah says:

    She makes me feel so better about myself, with all her money I would have better taste in clothes, I wouldn’t look like a plastic doll and with my regular-not-famous-at-all-and-make-up-normal self I have a better man that Tyga.

    • doofus says:

      I will NEVER understand why she is with that LOSER.

      dude has no career, gets shamed (well) by other rappers, is broke as a joke (how many cars has he had repo’d?!) and is SO DAMN UGLY.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      Instead of being horrified by her, I’m gonna think like you, Hannah! I’ve got wonky, mismatched, reconstructed breasts thanks to cancer, and ya know what? I’ll take ’em over this monstrosity HAPPILY.

  12. minx says:


  13. RussianBlueCat says:

    I would love to know the answer to this question, if she or any member of her family was asked: Are you happy with your life?
    With all the money and fame, that family does not seem very happy. All smoke and mirrors. Just sad

    • Hannah says:

      I think they believe fame and money cures it all and it’s so not the case. I know this person who was very fat and had a bariatric surgery, lost lots of weight and became thin and got really depressive, having to face treatment. Months later she revealed she had this thought that all her problems would disapear as a thin person, that she believed all thin people were happy and problem-less and that seems to be the case of the Kardashians, they picture this amazing life people wanna have, but in the end of the day they have problems like everyone else, only they cry in mansions and not in regular beds.

  14. Talie says:

    Right now her surgery looks decent because she has natural fat and collagen helping everything settle. Khloe is starting to show the effects though…her new lips look like The Joker. She better be careful….look what happened to Lara Flyn Bolye from all that plumping. Her lips stretched and ever came back.

  15. Gaby says:

    Yikes! She really makes me feel icky or something.

  16. grabbyhands says:

    I think the thing that annoys me the most is that the work is obvious, then she dresses and poses to make it obvious and then when everybody starts to comment she falls back on the saddest of transparent excuses.

    At this point it is a giant setup-she’s not denying it thinking we’re all dumb enough to fall for it, she denies it because she knows we DON’T fall for it, but will talk about it endlessly and rakes in all the attention. And we all fell for it again.

    Sigh. I let myself get played by one of the dumbest families on the planet. Again. Still, kudos to her for finding new ways to manufacture attention-PMK taught her well.

  17. Gabby says:

    She will say that she doen’t have implants again, which may be technically be true. She just keeps adding fat to certain areas of her body, and that’s why they are no so up and sag, because it’s fat and not silicone. Because the body absorbs part of the fat. I think she had them done before, but after the results were partially absorbed she wanted more.
    Just compare her chest during Halloween Xtina costume, and one month later, on Christina’s birthday party, wearing basically the same clothes but her boobs are much bigger,

  18. Nancy says:

    Holy cow udders! She looks like she should be in a comic strip the way she is thrusting her chest out and they still are headed towards her waist. Yipes. Guess the baseball hat is her way of going incognito since we ALL know she doesn’t want attention…

  19. MissMerry says:

    maybe these people are trying to do a ‘good thing’ by making this body type so boring and repulsive that people stop obcessing over trying to have an hourglass figure, DSL’s and all the other features this family of women have paid for over the years….


    maybe soon the goal of beauty will to see how LITTLE you can look like one of these fools.

    • Lynnie says:

      Idk if it’ll be soon, but I think the pendulum will eventually swing back to naturalish. Which makes all the (relatively) permanent enhanced cosmetic alterations even more silly. Like they will fade out after a time, but they’re going to be stuck with fake parts for forever.

      That being said, there are people who have the hourglass body type/features normally, and just because the Kardashians abuse theirs to death doesn’t make people who have that type of body repulsive. Not trying to say you were saying that, just putting it out there.

    • Louisa says:

      But but, they’re not hourglass, they’re pears, or at least Kim is a pear. They can pay all the money in the world, their huge fake breasts look simply mismatched with their shoulders and they end up as pear-shaped women with bigger breasts, à la Scarlett. Not that I have anything against pear-shaped women, I just like facts ^^

  20. Margo S. says:

    Celebs who deny surgery are so funny. We have eyes people. We also have Google images and can pull up photos of you from years ago to now and look at the difference. My breasts are large, and I’ll tell you, they’ve been big since I was in grade 6. Kylie. Girl, you had nothing up there until last summer. Fake boobs are fine though! I don’t see why all the denying? If it’s going to make someone feel better about themselves then that’s all that matters.

  21. margie says:

    what fresh hell is that thing she is wearing?

  22. Angel says:

    I hope she’s pranking and has just stuffed her bra with socks cause those things look hideous! Counselling is so needed….

  23. TJ says:

    I think she wears a lot of face tape too. Esp in pics with hats/hair covering a lot of the forehead and ears.

  24. kimbers says:

    Her body and if SHE thinks she looks good like that…

  25. Bonobochick says:

    So she’s still single white female-ing Kim. Hmmm.

  26. Linds says:

    Wow she sure has been on her period for awhile now, girlfriend should get that checked.

    • Chetta B. says:

      Aren’t their excuses hilarious? One time when Kim had her lips inflated and the paps got hold of it, she said they were “swollen from the flu”. LOL

  27. lemonbow says:

    I think she has had a ton of work done but I’m not sure about a second boob job, looks like a padded bra and her arms are behind her back with her back arched. I think she is baiting us and it worked. But yeah, she for sure got at least one boob job at some point, takes one to know one 😉

  28. Bess says:

    Kyie doesn’t even look human at this point.

    When a person has so much work done on their face and body at such a young age, what happens to them during the aging process? There has to be a limit to the amount of injecting, tucking, implanting, shaving, etc. that the human body can handle. Kylie is only 19 yet she’s had more plastic surgery than a mid-40’s divorcee.

  29. Donna says:

    EVERYTHING that comes our of the Kardashian/Jenner mouth(s) is a lie for the sole purpose of getting attention.( I didn’t have lip injections, My butt is natural, I’m just bloated..blah blah) A sex tape made the “famous” and their lies and nonsense will keep them “famous”. If people quit buying their crap and talking about them every day maybe they will just go away.

  30. cd3 says:

    The real crime here is that damn ugly burgundy cheetah print shirt. This girl is in her teens right? Why is she dressing like a Florida retiree with that ugly shirt and the baseball cap?

    [apologies to Florida retirees]

  31. serena says:

    Good god… they’re too big for her frame, and that’s all I’ll say. *rolls eyes*

  32. Chetta B. says:

    She actually looks like a Madame Tussaud’s wax figure!

    • eggyweggs says:

      I know it’s a beauty filter, but my first thought was how blurred/waxy she looks in these photos. She doesn’t look real.

  33. Nik says:

    Every time she gets a new procedure she think she has finally found happiness that hole in her soul if finally filled. Then she realizes she is the same empty human with no real purpose in life and has another procedure. She is a sad being and will be the next one in a psych ward.

  34. Rina says:

    Bless her heart.


  35. artistsnow says:

    Kylie was an adorable girl. But her standards were outlandish. Perhaps not her fault, but nonetheless she has ruined her looks at an extremely young age. YOu cannot turn back plastic surgery. You are forever changed.

    It IS very sad and depressing. Particularly since my 17 year old LIKES Kylie and her ridiculously expensive and mediocre makeup. ugh ugh ugh.

  36. Sunshine Gold says:

    She’s definitely the saddest of the Kardashians (well, Rob). At least with the others they were somewhat formed into adults before the fame hit, but she’s been molded in a very shallow and toxic environment that clearly did a number on her. Kendall has more natural self confidence and a better sense of who she is (I guess being naturally pretty and having a successful modeling career helps), so she isn’t desperate and sad like this.

  37. April Underwater says:

    Guys. Breast implants take 3-6 months before the final results are apparent. When they first go in they sit very high and tight and are swollen (and often look a little square and/or pointy like a martini glass). Then the swelling goes down a little. Then they go through a process nicknamed the ‘drop and fluff’ where they settle lower and fill and round out at the bottom – after which they usually look larger and fuller. So yes, maybe she had implants back in August, but if she did, no she hasn’t had them enlarged now – they’ve just settled.

  38. me says:

    Man she really loves attention doesn’t she? Yet she claims she likes to be “private” and hates being “famous”. Ok girl. She’s following Kim Kardashian’s handbook…it’s all been done before Kylie !!!

  39. Bahare says:

    Kris Jenner should have been arrested for child abuse and I’m not kidding.Of course Caitlyn is responsible too. Instead of breaking away from the clan and being more independent she has morphed into a Kardashian too. Doesn’t a pimp dress you up and then make money from your body.Ihave also wondered if Kylie knows how to read.

  40. JezMyOpinion says:

    She’ll claim that it’s a bra and weight gain that grew her chest. Just like she said it was contouring and lip colors when she lied about her lip blowups.