Tyra Banks v. Paulina Porizkova: the drama continues

All the real drama is going on behind the scenes at America’s Next Top Model. Of course it is… did anyone suspect anything else? After Paulina Porikova was fired – by phone - from being a judge on ANTM, there’s been a catty war of words between Paulina and Tyra. First, Tyra’s people were trying to make it clear that Paulina was not fired for anything to do with her personality or attitude. Tyra claimed that the economy is bad (it is) and ANTM is facing a limited budget these days (which might be true). Thus, some of the “fat” had to be trimmed from the shows production costs. Like, say, Paulina’s fat contract.

Apparently Paulina doesn’t have any confidentiality agreement, or she doesn’t care if it’s enforced, because both Star and the National Enquirer have some funny quotes from Paulina. Star reports that Paulina is saying she was fired because the producers told her she had an “ego problem”. If that came from Tyra, that’s the funniest thing in the world:

Did Paulina Porizkova get the ax because of the budget… or her big ego?

Last week the America’s Next Top Model judge announced she was leaving the mannequin competition after one of the producers told her she has an “ego problem,” but a rep for the show says it’s all about the Benjamins.

Earlier today Top Model executive producers Tyra Banks and Ken Mok issued a statement saying Paulina wasn’t fired because of her ‘tude.

“The current state of the economy has forced shows to make major budget cuts industry wide,” the statement reads. “America’s Next Top Model is not immune to these financially challenging times. We’ve had to make significant cuts in every area of the production and, unfortunately, Paulina was a casualty of these cuts. Tyra, who pursued Paulina to join the show as a judge multiple times, was incredibly saddened by the decision the show was forced to make. We really enjoyed working with Paulina, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.”

This story differs from the one Paulina is spinning.

“The reason I was told I was fired was because, it seemed that America’s Next Top Model has gotten too fat and they needed to cut some fat and the fat was me,” Paulina told The Late, Late Show’s Craig Ferguson. “So I figured it was either that or my gigantic huge ego. Which I wasn’t aware of until I was told by the producers that I have an ego problem.”

[From Star Magazine]

The National Enquirer’s version of events is just as funny. Paulina says that if ANTM’s producers are really concerned about money, perhaps they should make sure Tyra shows up on time. Paulina claims that one of the biggest financial wastes of ANTM is the thousands of dollars the crew is paid to wait around for none other than Tyra Banks. Is it too old-school to say “Oh, snap!”?

Tyra deep sixes Paula from Top Model, cites economy. Paula charges “BS!”

Porizkova, the Czech born beauty was recently let go as a judge for the reality contest after a year on the skein. Paula alleged she was pink slipped for an “ego problem” with Tyra..

But Banks and show runner Ken Mok said “We’ve had to make significant cuts in every area of the production (because of the economy) and unfortunately Paulina was a casualty of these cuts.”

But Paula doesn’t buy that line – countering the producers could have saved moolah if Tyra wasn’t tardy!

“I shouldn’t say this because this sounds bitter, but if Tyra came in on time, they would save somebody’s salary,” Paula said. “If she actually showed up on time for the judgings and they didn’t have to pay a lot of overtime, they would save a lot of money.”

Ladies, we suggest you settle this by stepping into the ring for a pay-per-view catfight.

[From The National Enquirer]

Paulina came in after Janice Dickinson and Twiggy, and by far Paulina has been my favorite of the old-school model-judges. She’s funny, and she’s mean when she needs to be. ANTM contines to be a ratings success, and advertisers still support the show. So crying poverty doesn’t really make much sense for the producers. Also, Tyra is one of the executive producers on ANTM, and I suspect Paulina’s firing may have had more to do with a clash of personalities than with finances. Most likely, Tyra pulled rank on Paulina for several reasons, of which we’ve only gotten a glimpse of.


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  1. HEB says:

    Give me a break, ofcourse she was the first to go, Nigel has been on that show for years and Miss Jay has a huge personality! If I had to pick between the three of them I’d dump her too!

  2. waldemar says:

    Whatever the reason, it is a shame. She is fun.

  3. kiki says:

    makes me like Paulina more
    its Tyra show she is HBIC , headbitchincharge. and no one is going to outshine Tyra. those wannabe models on there just would Never cut it into the world of modeling they are not pretty enough or smart enough and Tyra will never ever foster any girls modeling career who can outshine Tyra modleing career. and its not like the winner has much of a career after wining this show. Adranne Curry , Mrs. Pwter Brady said that ANTM is cheap cheap production too,A friend of a friend went to a audience taping of Tyra talkshow and said tyra when not on camera was beyotch and self centered.

  4. Tia says:

    Tyra is so annoying and irritating !

  5. blahblah says:

    Tyra sucks. She is so fake. You can tell her ego is huge and she’s super super super fake. I have no idea why she got popular… I bet if she didn’t have green eyes, she would not be as popular. Or maybe she just had a lot of dirt on the big shots that gave her the opportunities.

  6. Wow says:

    Tyra is a trip.Its wonderful that she done some commendable things with her celebrity, but she is annoying on her show. She totally hijacks the conversation and makes the issue about herself.

    She’s a little bit “extra”.

  7. ! says:

    Paulina has a good point. If Tyra wasn’t consistently late and they weren’t having people hanging around getting paid overtime to do nothing, then maybe no lay offs would have happened!

  8. layla says:

    Paulina was the only judge keeping it real.

    Tyra cares more about promoting her “model projects” each season than finding a real next top models. And of course… her own ego!

    Compared to say Australia’s NTM (where the judges are hard and truthful, the models still measured weekly and the challenges each week actually help prepare them for the real modeling world) … these judges are all fluff.

    Modeling is a tough game and there is a reason why no one from ANTM has gone on to say the heights of modeling that Alice Bordeu has.

  9. MomInNH says:

    Each of the old school models seems to last a season or two and then they put someone new in their seat. It probably helps to keep viewers interested.

    They should probably have explained that to Janice, Twiggy and Paulina beforehand though. I wonder who they’ll replace her with.

  10. Ophelia says:

    Ugh! They will just have to find another retired model. It’s obviously personal. And Allison totally should have won. That other girl who won is plain.

  11. Hieronymus Grexx says:

    with Dwayne Dibbley?

  12. Linda says:

    I’m not watching this show anymore! Now Paulina is gone! Tyra acts so obnoxious, she’s not tolerable to me any longer. She should have asked Paulina if she could take a pay cut instead of just firing her. I also think the blonde model should have won.

  13. Pufft says:

    I stopped watching the Tyra Banks Show after the tenth time Tyra made the show about her and her ancient modeling career. I get that she wants to relive those fond memories as a black woman struggling to make it in the modeling industry while being compared to the likes of Naomi Campbell. I totally get it. I just wish she would take that walk down memory lane in the privacy of her home.

  14. Kerry says:

    It’s Tyra’s show. If you have a problem with that then you shouldn’t be watching it. It’s quite obvious to me that she fully intends to be the dominant personality on the show and rightly so. Paulina has every reason to be upset, but that’s no excuse for a lack of professionalism. Many people have lost their jobs in this economy for whatever reason. You don’t b’tch and complain publicly, you just take the hit and keep moving. She not going to ingratiate herself with any potential employer if they believe she’s the type to run her mouth when things don’t go her way. Grow up, Paulina.

  15. lola lola says:

    Tyra was never a top model. Sports Illustrated doesn’t exactly turn out actual super-models. Paulina was the first real supermodel they’d ever had on the show (ok, well Twiggy was first)….Tyra couldnt take sharing the spotlight with someone who was smarter, quicker and more likeable then Tyty.

  16. voodoobetty says:

    Paula is everything Tyra could never be, a classy, intelligent, articulate and beautiful woman, inside and out.
    Tyra’s personality is about as real as her weave. Narcissistic bitch.

  17. orion70 says:

    the only two that look like they have any remote fashion sense in that photo are Nigel and Paulina. Tyra’s dress looks like it could have come from Wal-mart , and i’ve a hard time taking fashion advice from anyone who looks like they should be stepping into a clown car.

  18. Feebee says:

    Have never seen the show but have seen a little of Tyra’s talk show. Totally siding with Paulina. And while I’m a pretty liberal thinker, what the hell is that sitting in between Tyra and Paulina?

  19. tyrasucks says:

    I can’t stand Tyra, the only way I can watch the show is to put the TV on mute when she speaks. Tyra is so full of herself but she’s just a wannabe Oprah. actually liked Paulina, I don’t think she had an attitude or ego.

  20. CC says:

    Tyra banks isn’t looking so great these days. She looks more like Star Jones in that pic above. I hate to say this, but she needs to lose some weight. Being that tall and having that extra poundage just doesn’t look good on her. She just looks big. She should tone down the makeup as well.
    Paulina is at least 10 years older than her and looks 10 times better.

    Too bad she was kicked off.

  21. Marianne says:

    C’mon, who the hell Tyra thinks she is? Twiggy and Paulina are far more relevant and important as high fashion models than Tyra ever was or will ever be. Even Janice Dickinson had a much superior career. Yeah, Janice was at the top of her game in the late 70s and she made the cover of Vogue seven times, in a time when only super-super models got the cover of Vogue. She was a global phenomenon. She may have not been the first supermodel, as she calls herself, but she was definitely among the best of her time.
    The likes of Tyra and Heidi Klum gained fame for taking dumbs pictures in bikinis and panties for Sports Ilustrated and Victoria’s Secret. Paulina did her own bit of VS and stuff, but she’s in a different league, she made those swimsuits look like a Balenciaga gown. because she exudes class from the inside. She’s class. Tyra, well, she tries, but she’s trashy.
    I always thought it was funny to see Tyra presenting herself as someone that young models should aspire to be. Why, Tyra?

  22. Grandizer says:

    Tyra’s ego, and the fact that Paulina had the balls to disagree with some of her comments is why she is gone.

    If they were crying poor mouth I can’t really understand why as every time I dvr’ed the show, I noticed the commercial breaks were longer than usual.
    So you know they are making money…

    Nigel, the 2 Jays are what really make the show.

  23. Maritza says:

    It really doesn’t matter who they put on the show because Tyra is the one that rules, she decides who stays and who goes and it was not going to be neither Nigel or the queen.

  24. bharmony10 says:

    Wow! I can’t believe all of the people bashing Tyra on here. I actually like her. It’s a shame that when people get some success the so-called “public” finds a reason to put them down. I liked Paula too, but I feel that Tyra is trying to change the modelling industry, whereas Janet, Twiggy and Paula were all about keeping it the way it has been for years: stick skinny, tall and mostly blonde. Not that women who look like that aren’t beautiful, but there are other types who or beautiful too. Now I think we should all hold hands and sing “KOOOOM BYE YAH”

  25. Amy S says:

    They should also get rid of the judge Ms. Jay. He is soooo anoying !

    Then hire back Janice Dickinson. Janice was the best!!

  26. teddy says:

    Paulina was a Super Star Model in Paris at age 15. Paulina dominated the Fashion world in the 80′s. Paulina has a Perfect face and have class. Tyra has big forehead and is Fake.

  27. kiki says:

    a different kiki than the one above no tyra is not a god people get overly star struck most of them have egos a lil big headed or dysfunctional can we say koo koo like paris mom saying kim is copying her daughter koo koo and all the petty jealousies it is really laughable because most think they are more important than they are aka.reality check and yes koo koo ka koo koo