Brad Pitt thinks Angelina has ‘no self-regulating mechanism’ about their kids


When I read People Magazine’s headline – “Brad Pitt Slams Angelina Jolie for Revealing Details About Their Kids: She ‘Has No Self-Regulating Mechanism’” – my first thought was, “Did Brad really call up People Magazine to complain just days before Christmas?!” But he did not do that. People Magazine got their hands on Brad’s legal filing ahead of their January court hearing, and People is using Brad’s written statements to the court to create a story. Basically, we already know most of this, but having it in Brad’s words makes it newsworthy. Brad’s lawyers tried to get all of the documentation and filings pertaining to the divorce put under seal several weeks ago. There was an emergency hearing and Brad’s request was denied, but there will be another hearing in a few weeks. So Brad has filed a statement with the court explaining why he wants all of the filings sealed from the public:

In the latest salvo in Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s bitter divorce proceedings, the actor has accused Jolie of releasing sensitive details of their custody agreement to the media through public court filings. Pitt filed a memorandum to his request to have divorce documents pertaining to custody sealed on Dec. 21, outlining specific reasons why information about their ongoing custody battle over their six children should remain private. In the documents obtained by PEOPLE, Pitt slams Jolie for, he says, compromising their children’s privacy.

Jolie “appears to be determined to ignore even agreed upon standards relating to the children’s best interest,” state the documents. Pitt claims Jolie “exposed the children by making public the names of their therapists and other mental health professionals.”

He asserts that Jolie has “no self-regulating mechanism” to prevent sensitive information from being released to the public. As evidence, he points to the re-release and filing of documents that contain private information. “Although she had already made them public, she did it again.”

Pitt’s legal team also drafted a proposed order, which the actor would like the judge to approve. Jolie’s team now has the opportunity to respond to the request before a judge makes a decision. This filing comes just weeks after Pitt’s request for an emergency hearing to have all documents sealed had been denied. Laura Wasser, Jolie’s attorney, previously said the actress does not oppose sealing documents to prevent details from becoming public, but that Pitt’s team didn’t consult with them before the emergency hearing, which is why she opposed it at the time.

[From People]

Once again, if you go back to the (now public) disclosure of the emails between Jolie’s lawyer (Laura Wasser) and Brad’s lawyer (Lance Spiegel) ahead of the temporary hearing, you might get a better sense of what led to this current situation. Wasser and Jolie felt like Brad wasn’t paying attention to the therapists’ advice and that Brad was merely thinking about his own reputation. Spiegel and Pitt felt like Brad had every right to short-cut the temporary custody agreement. As for Brad claiming Angelina has “no self-regulating mechanism”…um… okay, well, that’s one argument. Another argument is that Jolie’s legal strategy is shortcutting Brad’s ability to paint her as The Villainess in the press. The Leg is not amused.

Update: Several commenters noted this Vanity Fair article on Pitt’s filing has some interesting quotes from an unnamed source close to Angelina. The source claims Jolie has already signed an agreement to seal the records, and that Pitt’s statement to the court makes no sense. There’s also the suggestion that Jolie could have gone public at any time with what really went down on the plane, but she hasn’t.


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  1. Sunrise says:

    Trashing your kids’ mom in the name of protecting their privacy isn’t helping.

    • almondmilk says:

      “No self-regulating mechanism,”

      Really Mr. Brad “Alleged drunk psycho on a plane terrorizing his kids” Pitt, which is why and how we got here. #letusnotforget

      Actually he sounds a lot like the jerk who is “missing a sensitivity chip,” that Aniston always claimed.

      I might have to re-assess her.

      Also, that new husband of hers who told Brad to ‘eff off’ in a meme.

      They may start growing on me.

      Because this dude right here…is almost as gross acting as Depp these days.

    • LadyT says:

      This latest news has been pulled off a court filing, not phoned into TMZ. If the records were sealed, we would not be privy. Catch-22.

      • Moe says:

        Neither one of these parents is acting very grown up and sadly it’s all in public. But it does see he genuinely wants to see his kids more and if reports are correct, he hasn’t seen them much. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to understand what the problem is. Whatever happened on the plane there’s no investigation now. People make mistakes. Why can’t he see his kids more? She spent a lot of time in the not so recent past praising him as a father. I work in family law and one things for sure: these kids are not going to thank her if she’s making it difficult for their father to have a genuine relationship with them. She may be too close to it to see. Now I know I’m gonna get s..t for saying this cause the comments on this site really seem to hate him. Just my opinion.

      • MiniMii says:

        Yup. All of this would have been moot had both parties exercised some forethought and requested sealed custody documents right from the start.

        I think AJ really dropped the ball when she & her lawyer nixed Pitt’s request. It wasn’t discussed prior to, so freaking what? At the end of the day, it would have given the kids (innocent bystanders in all this) privacy, and THAT should be both parents number one priority, not silly legal wrangling for control.

    • Dolphin7 says:

      Trashing your kids father and keeping court records doesn’t help either.

    • EMAu says:

      Because Jolie didn’t trash him? She made out like he was a child abuser.

    • LoveIsBlynd says:

      The wording of “no self-regulation” is a spin on brad’s own OOC abusive behavior towards his own children and spouse. I loathe spin. It’s a trendy political/social tactic and so foreign to plain speaking honest people. Those of us who don’t think with a strategy just get blindsided and confused; I’ve learned the hard way to identify BS spin. It took five long years to document each and every negative spin that was hurled at me by my borderline x in a custody case; I won out after five years and I learned scientific skills as a result. Also, it’s a common mis-filing of custody cases to file as either criminal or family- the latter is sealed the former is open for the benefit of the public, I believe. So for me, his behavior is criminal or so it’ seems, and was filed as such. Now his representation is asking it be filed as purely a family matter.

  2. Sera says:

    He is being a big jerk. As for self control, didn’t his lack of self control on a plane start this whole thing. He should be thanking his lucky stars that the leg has more self control than he does.

  3. anniefannie says:

    Obviously all parties benefit from privacy and Wasser’s assertion that they objected because they weren’t notified in advance is the height of hypocrisy. Why would they need to be notified of something that clearly benefits the children… BS

    • Lucinda says:

      My only thought it they were trying to establish precedence that if they let this get through without going through proper channels of advance notification, then Pitt would feel empowered to try other stuff without properly notifying them. They also may have been trying to NOT to reiterate publicly that the original filing of the custody agreement had been due to Pitt’s trying to circumvent the therapy and in some weird way protect Pitt’s reputation in this whole thing.

  4. sophie says:

    My understanding is that he requested an “emergency hearing” but the judge denied the request (for an emergency hearing) and said that they have to wait until January. It was the “emergency hearing” that was denied – not the reason for the hearing. At least that is how I understand it.

    • Nemera77 says:

      that is exactly what happened. And to the point..they are both trashing each other. Some people don’t seem to be able to see that each of them is doing the same thing and hiding behind the children. Brad and Angie both.

      • almondmilk says:


        I’m really tired of BOTH-ISM.

        NO. SImply put. Only one parent was a drunk aggressive mess on a plane. Only one parent is in a modified personal type rehab it seems, only one parent is being drug tested several times a month, only one parent caused his kids to have to enter into therapy to get over the mess he caused. That is Brad Pitt.

        Only one parent has been deemed responsible and has sole physical custody. That is Angelina Jolie

        BOTH parents however, agreed upon the actions and therapy that one parent (Pitt) must go through to prove himself responsible enough to parent his kids unsupervised.

        Instead of buckling down and doing the work needed on himself and to aid his kids through this, he’s playing games.

        Again, Angelina never said anything about Brad not having joint physical custody when he’s well and completes therapy. These weren’t her recommendations anyway. They were the recommendations of the professionals which…


      • Nemera77 says:


        the therapist job is to counsel the kids. They should not be in charge of saying when a parent should be seeing their kids. Any good therapist would recommend child and parent reestablishing a relationship as soon as possible. taking months and months to do this is not in the best interest of the children. And I don’t buy for a minute that these children are that traumatized over that incident on the plane. And I don’t buy that all 6 children are living in fear of their father. Children that are actually physically abused by their parents are given more visitation than Brad is. And I for one think he was dumb to sign the original agreement. He probably did it to assure Angie and the kids. But that agreement is being used to now hinder his contact with the children. Are there issues. sure; but this just all seems so blown out of proportion. These children are not “special” and are no different than other children. I have seen children that have been hurt by a parent and put in foster care.. Trauma.. but even then there procedures in place where the children are seeing that parent; even having sleep overs. There has been no evidence of abuse by Brad on these children. This is just a divorce and custody case. The level of therapist being involved is just over the top and disproportionate to what we know and the fact that DCFS didn’t file any court documentations.

      • Lee says:

        @almondmilk: thank you for the cogent recognition that there is no moral “equivalency” between the parents in this situation.

      • almondmilk says:


        Oh well gee Nemera, if you “don’t buy it,” i guess it never happened then.

        So you think “he was dumb to sign off,” and you think the only reason was to “assure Angie and the kids?”

        Assure then of what?
        That he wouldn’t be an irresponsible out of control alcoholic and decide one day to take his kids jet skiing or atv riding?

        …and you think that he shouldn’t have tried to assure them of that when he perhaps may have first come down from the chaotic drunk plane high and was lucid enough to think straight and feel guilty as h*ll.

        Because i think that was the best decision he ever made.

        Maybe saved his life.

      • dotdotdot says:

        “Any good therapist would recommend child and parent reestablishing a relationship as soon as possible.”

        No, any good therapist would NOT recommend that. Any good therapist would watch out for physical and emotional safety of the kids. They are the most vulnerable party here, yet each week it is all about what Brad wants and needs. Not kids, Brad. Seriously, you would think that being an adult should be about responsibility and freaking giving your own children time to process?! Apparently not, because daddy’s desires are not being catered to fast enough.

      • Nicole says:

        It is BOTH. We have no proof of what he did. I just have a simple question. Please do not be offended and go on the defensive, but why is this so personally important to you for you to be right? As the public, we have no idea what is and has transpired, except for what both parties choose to leak and that may not be true. Your posts are extremely aggressive and it is quite abrasive. For those of us that don’t know these people, it just strikes me as strange. But I wholeheartedly understand if you have had a similar experience.

      • Nikki says:

        Team ALMONDMILK here; for Nicole to say ALMONDMILK seems too invested is like a no argument!! ALMONDMILK listed clearly and concisely all the reasons she/he is pro-Jolie, but the only rebuttal is she seems to care too much?! +100 to all ‘MILK’S statements.

      • Carmen says:

        @dotdotdot: Thank you. I am a licensed CSW and I can tell you that a reputable therapist will recommend reestablishing a relationship when the children are ready, not because the non-custodial parent is demanding to see the kids ASAP.

        I expect there will be a major meltdown on December 26, when Brad claims Angie sabotaged his Christmas visit.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        I don’t think anyone expects Pitt to spend Christmas Day with any of his children. The most he may get is a couple of monitored hours with some of them at some point before 2017 if the therapist/s and AJ agree to it. That is all per the agreement that he , no doubt, regrets signing.
        I would be shocked if Pitt and the children spent any significant time together until a court ordered custody arrangement is settled and enforced. In other words, not until well after the January 17 hearing and whatever motions Pitt then files to guarantee him access to his children.

      • Nicole says:

        I care about the kids, not the grown ones acting less mature in the situation. Read downthread, upthread, all the threads. No reason to attack people.

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        Thank you @almondmilk, ONE parent is OOC. If a person defends themselves and their children, then they are complicit? I am so tired of that as well- I went through five years of defending the safety of my child and the opposing council kept saying, “both parents fight each other”. Well no. I was advocating for my child’s best interest in the face of abuse. I abhor when the advocate is labeled as “complicit”- it’s blamey, wrong and unjust. We need to examine our vocabulary and not trump along with spin and labels.

  5. manda says:

    OMG y’all—check out the cat rapper guy in the “Featured Links” above. He will not disappoint. Thank goodness I’m off today because I have wasted a ton of time on him already, and am preparing to waste some more!

  6. Lucy2 says:

    So messy.
    Privacy is only going to happen for the kids if BOTH parties stop commenting via the media. Brad’s side keeps making it worse by continually complaining about her.

    • NastyWoman` says:

      But he hasn’t complained, has he? The only thing he has said repeatedly is “this should be sealed.” And I tend to agree.

      • Aiobhan Targaryen says:

        @Nasty Woman His claims of privacy are a new development stemming from him being publicly embarrassed, not for the benefit of the kids. He tried to claim that the kids were being kept from him and Angelina filed papers in court, not flying to TMZ or any other gossip page, disproving his entire story.

        If he cared about their privacy, why not start all the way in the beginning and talk with Angie about sealing everything? Why wait until now? If not talk with Angie, then talk to Laura who would then bring it to Angie. Angie would not have had a problem with it at all. He wants everything to go his way and she is not having it. She is not the one that needs to compromise here, he does. All he has to do is follow the agreement that he originally set up until the kids are ready, not when he is ready.

      • NastyWoman` says:

        Aiobhan – But that’s exactly what happened; his attorney filed an emergency motion asking the case to be sealed. Angelina’s attorney initially opposed. The emergency motion was denied. However, it now sounds like Angelina DID agree to seal the proceedings. And divorce sounds contentious – I doubt they (Brad and Ang) are even speaking. This is all being done through the attorneys.

      • Nemera77 says:

        Brad requested everything be sealed in September. Angie didn’t agree at that time

      • Fa says:

        Read back that filing it clearing said both parties approved the sealing and it wasn’t filed with the court, we know that filing because it was part of the exhibition of one of the lawyer during the hearing Dec 7, something happened after that as he was under investigation

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree it should be sealed. What I don’t agree with is his team shouting about it to the media.

      • Fa says:

        To show face and that he care about his kids, he just using his kids to seal what happened on the plane

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        Criminal charges are typically public (we need to be informed) whilst family court rulings are sealed. There is obviously some grey area here.

  7. Talie says:

    He has a winning public argument because 90% of people are going to agree and say this should be sealed.

    That being said, both of them could end this…well, Angelina could end this, since it appears she is the hold-out. Just let it go, draw up a custody agreement, and move on. You know all those kids have internet access, so they are aware.

  8. Nemera77 says:

    They are both behaving badly. BOTH OF THEM. When Angie and Wasser filed the S&O Wasser released a lot of personal information about The Children and Brad. If the goal was to show what Brad has agreed to do following the DCFS investigation then fine.. but it was not necessary to release all the stuff about the children. That could have been seal. And Angie and Wasser didn’t do that. So Brad filed to have things sealed. His filing was denied because it was not deemed an emergency and it was too broad. Now Spiegel has refiled and condensed things to just sealing documents. We all know and have known through Angie’s released statements what Brad is doing regarding therapy and drug testing. There was no need to make everything so public. And they did that 2 times. One with the S&O which was an agreement that could be filed by either of them but was not required to be so. Then all the information about the kids was released again when Angie filed another motion. I think Brad and his lawyer are doing what they need to do in order to be ready for the court case on Jan. 17th; but with the added tit for tat to do what they think Angie and Wasser did to them. Angie and her attorney were notified of the filing and Wasser wanted to have 16 days notice. this gives her that plus 11 days.. so 27 Days.

    It is clear to me that Angie and Brad are mad as hell with each other. Angie wanted it known what Brad is doing and that is the reason for the S&O filing. Because both of them should have requested this all to be sealed and kept private. Protecting the children is not what either of them are doing. Brad and his lawyer offered a request to have the case sealed in September. Angie didn’t agree. That then is on them both because Brad could have requested the Seal then. They are both shitting on each other. and Neither of them is doing what they should for their kids. They are not talking to each other. The children have been taken from their home. Moving over and and over. I’m sure that is very traumatic. To be taken from home, see your parents acting like total asses and know that you life is quite different. Brad and Angie are both playing PR Games. And neither of them is innocent. I have been a fan of them both for 12 years.. and I can see that they are BOTH GUILTY. No one has clean hands. I hope a Judge ends up making the decision. Then they are both going to have to accept that they messed this up by acting like children and not parents that love their children.

    Both of them are wrong…

    • Fa says:

      There wasn’t anything bad about that documents it just headline that kids have therapists and their names but it was bad for him

      • Nemera77 says:

        We know from the beginning that Brad had volunteered for drug testing. The thing is Bad for him or not DCFS/FBI cleared him. and if things had been that drastic they would have filed some report. Not closed the case. Yes Brad agreed to the recommendations. and according to the emails he had complied with everything asked of him.
        And if the names of the therapist were listed don’t you think the media has been contacting them. Hell people call anyone associated with these 2 all the time. I am a fan; but I can see that Angie wanted the world to know this about Brad. And that is what this was all about. And sadly that is not about the kids.. it is about Brad and that she and he are mad at each other.

    • Nicole says:

      Listen to the Talking Heads or Stop Making Sense!

    • Moe says:

      I also think a big problem here is the lawyers. Everything becomes a big zero sum game once you’ve got them involved. Jolie is a shrew bitch. Pitt is a drunk psycho. Family is hardly ever this black and white in my personal and professional experience. People are flawed and messy and good and bad , but it does seem at one point these two loved each other and wanted the best for their kids. It depresses me greatly. I see it everyday in the courts. No one wins except those who are collecting a paycheck.

  9. crogirl says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention how Angie’s sources said to Vanity Fair she already signed the agreement about sealing the files and that Brad filed this only for press purpose.
    I believe her, he’s acting like an entitled brat. He probably heard from the therapists that the kids don’t want to see him for Christmas or something like that and now he is taking it out on her. Pathetic.

    • loislane says:

      This. I read It too. i’m currently puzzled by Pitt team.

    • Nemera77 says:

      If Brad had a signed agreement then why wouldn’t his lawyer add it to the filing and then Angie and Wasser could reply and the Jan. 17th case could be cancelled. If there is an agreement maybe it hasn’t been sent to Brad/Speigel with a signature. And if there was an agreement why didn’t Wasser or her staff file it. Because they are filing all documents. See the S&O. Which was another private agreement; but they filed it with the court.

      Brad maybe being a brat like you say. but his filing this is not bratty. Just following what he has to legally do.

      • Bitchy says:

        Angie doesn’t produce evidence neither for Pitt’s alleged substance abuse problems nor for Pitt’s abuse of the children because the child protection agiencies didn’t consider that “incident” on the plane to be serious enough to file a suit or even impose restrictions on Pitt.

    • crazydaisy says:

      Yes– Daily Mail reported same, and made it the headline. Team Angie called this a “Press Move” since she also supports sealing the files. ( Just not as an emergency measure. It will happen next month I’m sure…)

      • Bitchy says:

        Angie supporting the sealing of the files is a recent development. Because Angie has understood that she would look bad if she didn’t agree to have them sealed. She got quite some backlash in the media for refusing to have them sealed earlier. The whole story about that sealing as an emergency measure is just a lame excuse by Angie’s team.

  10. Sixer says:

    I hope I never get divorced. “Winning” the divorce seems to always be the only game in town. What on earth happens to otherwise reasonable people when they get divorced?

    I don’t see any self-regulation by any parties here. She’s releasing details and he’s right – it’s better for the children to keep the media storm minimised as best you can, whatever the truth of what happened. More media = more re-traumatising of children. She’s bang out of order. He seems to only care about it because it makes him look bad. She’s right. How charming. Not. He’s bang out of order.

    But there are children involved. It doesn’t matter who is right in the public eye.

    I’ll never look at these two the same again.

    • Jack Daniels is my patronus says:

      This, sixer. I’m so disgusted with these two. Those poor kids

    • original kay says:

      Makes Gwen and Chris look fantastic, and I never thought I’d say that about Gwen.

      But it seems they really did it, managed to divorce quietly, respect each other in public and keep their children’s needs first and foremost.

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed. Neither side seems capable of being mature or big enough to put their kids’ needs and well being first. It’s gross.

      • almondmilk says:


        What part of trying to make sure an alleged irresponsible alcoholic person with problems, gets the help that he needs so that he can one day parent his children safely and responsibly unsupervised….called not putting your kids well-being first?

        How is getting a divorce, and just letting your drunk ex drive them to soccer practice the responsible thing?

        If you’ve found yourself bashing Angelina in the past for no reason, one should really refrain from commenting – it’s not like you’re objective.

        Also, how can anyone compare two couples where no one is a raging alcoholic to Brad and Angelina?

        Gwyneth and Chris were high on nothing but macrobiotics.

        ..and sure Nanny-gate was about Ben’s wandering d* which has zero to do with him being able to parent unsupervised. Heck, he had the nanny right underneath him (guffaw)

      • MrsBPitt says:

        @almondmilk….where is the proof that Brad is a “raging alcoholic”! Did he get drunk on the plane? Yes…but, I know tons of people, who have been drunk before, but are not alcololics. Did he screw up big time, being drunk in front of his kids? Absolutely! But, he has passed all his drug tests, since the incident on the plane. And as for Brad wanting to spend and extra hour (supervised, by the way) with his kids, is not askng for a lot. I would be pissed at Brad, if he didn’t care about seeing the kids. And, sealing, everything, about the custody issues, can only be good for the children. I am not for or against either of them. I hope they can make their divorce work for the sake of the kids. I like and respect Angelina. But, she is a human being, with human feelings, and I can only imagine, that she is pissed at Brad, and sometimes, because we are all human, emotions, can rule our actions.

      • Lindsey says:

        Do you have any proof he every drove them under the influence?

        He may have been on the precipice of alcoholism or had a substance misuse issue but I find it highly unlikely that an alcoholic would be able to go cold turkey and maintain the commitments that he has. I think the diagnosis would have come up in the e-mails and that one of the top addiction specialist would not have signed off on informal, weekly outpatient counseling if he was an alcoholic and had a repeated history of endangering his children or putting them in situations compromising their safety due to substance misuse. There are people who have done much worse and get more visitation. It is a punitive agreement and a harsh overreach that will be remedied by the judge.

      • Sixer says:

        almondmilk – Angelina can deal with whatever Brad did in privacy. Nobody is even saying that she shouldn’t. What she shouldn’t do is leak details to the press. What he shouldn’t do is leak details to the press. Each time either one of them does it, it is re-traumatising their own children. To my mind, it’s abuse. Every leak, including the ones made by Angelina, is an extra occasion of abuse heaped on those children. He’s done it. She’s done it. In the course of this divorce, they have BOTH tried to win in the public eye by abusing their children.

      • someone says:

        Do you think if Brad was a raging alcoholic/drug user that fact wouldn’t have been included in the emails Angelina’s lawyer sent to Brad’s lawyer? Do you honestly think that Angelina wouldn’t have put some reference to that in the email rather than just say “let’s wait until Monday to see what the therapists says” ? There is NO WAY Angelina’s lawyer wouldn’t have brought that up if it were an acknowledged fact when she was replying to Brad’s lawyer. The lawyer would for sure have put in a reminder of Brad’s issues if those issues were established fact.

      • siri says:

        @almondmilk: You’re arguing as if you personally know these people. I don’t, and I didn’t see any proof of Pitt being an alcoholic, or raging, and irresponsibly acting by drunk-driving his kids to soccer practise. We don’t know ANYTHING really, it’s just guesswork.

    • NastyWoman` says:

      An actor’s currency is likeability; and I’m liking both of them a lot less these days. Him for the pettiness and she for the histrionics in the divorce filing and the leaks that followed. Hard to believe the kids are so traumatized that they can’t spend any time with their father. (And, yes, I know the talking point is that the therapist decided the kids are not “ready” based on what the kids are saying. Because kids are so rational…)

    • Nicole says:

      Never really liked them, so this just affirms it for me. They are being so hateful.

    • Bitchy says:

      There is one way to produce two winners in a conflict: don’t go to war!!!!
      Any war and any battle that you avoid is a war that you have won.

      But unfortunately Angie didn’t quite go for a quiet divorce. She called the authorities on Pitt and the authorities didn’t find anything against Pitt. She wanted drug tests on Pitt and those tests are negative. When Pitt wanted the files sealed she opposed. And then she agreed to the sealing of the files because she was made to understand that it would make her look bad if she disagreed. The alleged opposing to an “emergency sealing” is just a lame excuse. Once her children grow up they will understand.

      • Rhea says:

        I take it you were there since you know for sure she’s the one that calling the authorities on Pitt? IMO, both Jolie and Pitt are not really thinking about their kids at this moment. At this point it doesn’t even matter who started it first. If Jolie was guilty for wording the separation as for the health of the family ( and thus, opening up a speculation), don’t tell me that Pitt was not doing the same by using the word no self-regulation to described her? Don’t tell me he’s not using the public sympathy and the media for his own benefit, too? They are both playing the PR games and none of them coming out from this smelling like a rose.
        Once their children grow up, they will understand what BOTH parents did.

        With that said, I do hope that someway, somehow (perhaps since it’s a holidays season)— they could cast aside their anger and hurt to start working together repairing their family. I’m wishing the best for them all as a family.

      • Paige says:

        +1,000 way too many people acting like they know what happened on that plane, be it they are overzealous with supporting Brad or Angelina. The way Brad and Angelina are acting team kids all the way!

    • Madailein says:

      Completely agree, Sixer! NEITHER of these two are behaving in their children’s best interest.

  11. Lahdidahbaby says:

    No matter what side you’re on or which way you look at the issues involved, this whole thing is disgusting from BOTH sides and a tragedy for the children. The two of them are quickly dimming their stars, as far as I’m concerned.

  12. loislane says:

    Brad really is showing his true colors isn’t he? He’s so petty. Now we Know how all the thrashing Jen Aniston in the press came by. He has zero honor.

  13. Fa says:

    If angelina really wants to hurt him or the kids she will have long time leak the plane accident like Amber team did with Depp but angelina still protecting Brad anyone of Angie team can leak that information and nothing he can do about it, but Brad is not helping his kids by complaining about the therapists methods

    • Nemera77 says:

      Angie was complaining about the therapist too. Which is why she was requesting they bring in another therapist. Because she felt too that the kids were not opening up and progress was not being made. I think that the kids are not reacting to the therapist because maybe they don’t like them or don’t like people watching them. People change doctors. And from reading the email exchanges they were both (Angie and Brad) not happy with the progress.

    • Bitchy says:

      Jolie accused Pitt of having committed an “incident” on the plane and she publicly accused him of drug abuse. She has not delivered evidence for either accusation.

      As for the therapist: perhaps the problem simply is that there are two parents at war with each other and the kids get that. So why should the kids get therapy and what for? A shouting match on a plane? It is their parents who should be sitting on that couch: “How to divorce my partner and parent of my children in a civilised and dignified way without dragging the kids into this.”

  14. Ellen says:

    Seems to me like Angelina fired the first public shot with the initial separation announcement for the “protection/safety of her family” or whatever. That was NOT required and we can expect a lot more sniping to come between the parties. Brad had to STFU during the investigation but no more so I would expect him to come out swinging.

    I’m no brad or angie fan, doubt the kids were all that traumatized solely by the plane incident, but suspect this is just the of the “who is the better parent” iceberg. Every parental failing of both will be coming out in the next year or two if both of them don’t stand down.

    And a third party, non aligned therapist would be a good idea for all. The initial therapist was assigned as a result of the plane mess and its time for a new therapist.

    • Nemera77 says:

      I have been a fan for years.. but yes the initial statement from Angie was cryptic and open to a lot of WTH.. and the subsequent statements were the same. And yes Brad is now in the game of Tit for Tat.. and they are both doing the worse they can against each other.

      a judge is going to give Brad Joint custody. That is a given. Hell Chris Brown has custody of his daughter. So they better get it together and come to some agreement and move on.

    • NastyWoman` says:

      All of this. I was afraid to have the unpopular opinion that each seems to be trying to one-up the other on who is a better parent.

      Here’s a newsflash: kids are extremely resilient. Not sure what the need is for a team of therapists. And kids (particularly teenagers) argue with their parents all the time. All. The. Time. They are testing their boundaries. I’m so happy I don’t have the money to have a team of therapist tell my almost-13 year old that he doesn’t have to see me or speak to me whenever we have an argument (usually over something stupid).

      • Nemera77 says:

        exactly. too many people in the kitchen. and Brad acted like a fool and caused this.. but damn this is just all over kill. And these children are not special little beings that need a freaking army to assess them. If they had been any other children of just regular people this would have been over by now. MONEY can be a curse. and it this case they are making all of this bigger than it is. The plane incident whatever the hell it was is not major enough to equal all of this mess.

      • Nicole says:

        Thank you for your tact and not being passionate and unreasonable in your posts.

      • someone says:

        Exactly!! And after arguing with their parents kids will hide and not face the consequences until they can’t hide any more. I’m seriously wondering what kind of therapist they are using that thinks letting the kids stew on this is the best route….

      • LadyT says:

        YES. I’m still hung up on what started this whole mess. Dad acted like an a$$. He said and did regrettable things one night on a plane. Apologize from the bottom of your heart and then DO BETTER. Why on earth three months later the kids are considered “traumatized” is beyond me. Really Angie? What you see in your humanitarian efforts is trauma. Ugly fight with Dad just doesn’t cut it for me. And since when do kids get to call the shots? Isn’t that the very definition of raising entitled kids? The power does not belong in the hands of teens. It’s called life. Get over it. Move on. People make mistakes. This aspect of it has been blown WAY out of proportion.
        Please note: My comments relate only to this incident, NOT to children raised by a truly abusive father. THAT father can rot.

      • Nicole says:

        I agree. This therapist does not seem to have the interests of the children in mind. So sad, but it seems like money is making his decisions.

      • MichLynn says:

        Agree with you all above. This is a power struggle between Brad and Angie. (I think this whole mess is going to boil down to where the kids will live.) And I think splitting 50/50 with both traveling the world and having home bases in different countries is going to get messy.

        And yes kids being “traumatized” 3 months later after working with a therapist? Something isn’t right. Maybe the kids are “traumatized” because their dad was yanked out of their lives all of a sudden, and they’re normal life of globe trotting has come to a screeching halt. They could be upset from picking up on Angie being upset about the divorce and pissed at Brad. Kids will pick up one’s parent’s feeling for the other, even if it’s not intentional. Maddox and Pax could feel that if they see Brad that would disloyal to their mom so they are refusing to go. They need a better therapist to help them work throught this whole mess.

      • KB says:

        I think it seems like the unpopular opinion because most of us just aren’t posting. I mean people are calling Brad a raging alcoholic and just straight going after people who might not believe that. They’ve decided there’s a good guy and a bad guy and they know all the details. It’s just not worth it to jump into the fray, IMO. But I don’t think we’re in the minority.

      • Agapanthus says:

        I feel the same. Posters have been attacking others and accusing them of being misogynist for not agreeing with Jolies’s strategy or taking her side only. I have found it quite upsetting and it has put me off posting tbh. I think they are both behaving appallingly and care only about the kids.

        Anyways, happy festive season everyone, peace and love to mankind and all! 😊

      • astana says:

        Exactly! It is strange that people think that yelling at a teen is some horrible child abuse. Really? If someone can’t handle a raised voice then how will they ever handle any adversity or less than ideal situation in life? It’s not great to be yelled at but I can’t see how it’s this hugely traumatic event in life. Maybe I’m wrong but I try to emphasize resilency and dealing with hardship and unpleasant situations in a realistic way, which isn’t flying off the handle and calling a team of therapists every time precious juniors have a sad feeling.

  15. Obsidian says:

    They love with passion, they hate with passion. I just wish there were no kids involved. Both of them think they’re doing what’s best for their kids. They each think they are right and the other one is wrong. There is no compromise. It’s a lose-lose situation for their kids. Sad.

  16. Adorable says:

    What ever Brad,you’re just worried about your own Pr!…Angie gave a statement regarding Brad being cleared from charges such as she’s relieved he’s not being charged….Had Brad came to Angies Defence regard the Tabs claiming she’s keeping the kids away from him,I have little doubt we’d be here…he could’ve given the statement & in public they’d look like “a united front”for the sake of “The tug of war”…but since Brad let Angie take the bad press due to HIS bad behaviour,those documents shed light that Brad is the one in the wrong,so “brand”Pitt…quit the leaks against the mother of your kids & this could go smoothly as I don’t believe Angie has “turned up the heat”as yet….By now we’d know exactly what happened…she’s no angel(none of us are)…but I’m side eye-I got u Brad

  17. Maya says:

    Brad Pitt – the man who feels his reputation is more important that his children and their mother’s happiness and welfare.

    He was the one who behaved badly and didn’t have any control and thereby traumatised his children.

    He was the one who told the media to be nice on him and he will give exclusives in return.

    He is the one who constantly attacks Angelina for something he did.

    Angelina – I am glad you aren’t taking this bs and is fighting back with facts. The truth will come out one day and you will be exonerated and praised for being a good mother.

    • KB says:

      He asked that the media not fight his request to seal the case (because they can file a claim of public interest as a reason to keep it unsealed) and that in exchange for them NOT fighting the seal, he’d give them access in the future (unrelated to the divorce, of course.) You know this and you’re intentionally twisting it to make him look bad. How does this help Angelina or the kids?

    • GoOnGirl says:

      Why don’t we all just agree now that Brad Pitt is God, walks on water, and does no wrong. Something happened on that plane that was caused by Brad. All Brad had to do was issue a statement, any kind of statement, saying he made a mistake, apologize to his wife and children, and agree to get treatment if this is his way of righting a wrong. Did he do that? No. He’s to busy worrying about HIS image. Never mind Angie’s. God doesn’t like ugly. I’m stating that’s why his movie Allied Flopped. How does any one of us know the other children want to even see him? I’m betting Vivi is upset that Mommy is upset and could care less about Daddy at this time. I’m also like Celie in the Color Purple. Until Brad does right by Angie, everything he touches is going to flop. Man up Brad. Admit you were wrong. What I want for Angie and “HER” children is to become even more famous, make more money, find a man who really, really loves her, and move on! After all, living well is the best revenge. After this, Brad will have his “good guy” image, but may be not the kids. Almond Mile, Maya, and other who are not blinded by brad’s I”m a good guy image, keep posting the truth. So sick of seeing all these “commenting doctors” stating Angie’s menopause drove him to him. It’s all Angie’s fault. Let’s just all agree on that and let Brad keep on enjoying his good guy image. Besides, after looking at his recent pics, I’m not so sure he wasn’t off somewhere recuperating from a face lift. Besides this, he isn’t the one currently looking after 6 kids. He needs to STFD and STFU!

  18. Loo says:

    I am so sick of these two’s mess. I loathe divorcing couples who can’t see beyond their own ego (and in this case public images) to just play nice for the children’s sake.

  19. Fa says:

    Just days before Christmas his lawyer had to file this which include insults toward angelina, both have 2 smart teenagers boys that already protected their mother and still don’t want to speak with their father because of that accident not because of Angie, what you think these boys will do when they see online that their father lawyer is insulting their mother and all the headlines said (Brad slams…), so how do they spend their holiday with their kids when there are still a tense between them and some of these kids saw this headline and not forget their daughter will be 13 on January, 8th

  20. Anna says:

    IMO – The words “self-regulating mechanism” are deliberate. A foreshadowing of Pitt’s intention to line up an affirmative defense to the allegations made in AJ’s declarations so far. It sounds like a mental health salvo. W won’t know however what he is about to sling, because he won’t sling his mud until the file is sealed 1/17/17. Where they state ‘appears to be determined to ignore even agreed upon standards’ I agree. The S&O states specifically that it is binding regardless of whether or not it is filed with the court. The reasoning that it was filed so that it can be “enforced” is horsepoo. ITS A COURT ORDER BECAUSE THE JUDGE SIGNED IT. It was a blatant disregard of her children’s privacy. It states as much in the order. It says in the interest of the minors privacy, this will not be entered into the courts record because “it is a valid and binding agreement whether or not entered by the Court” (See paragraph 10 of the Stip).

    The reason why the motion was filed yesterday is because of the holidays it was the last court day to file before the hearing (16 court days are required before a motion). The only thing in the docket of documents filed from petitioner regarding the motion to seal was filed 12/7 at the ex parte request was a Responsive Declaration which stated “the request to seal is a thinly veiled attempt to shield himself , rather than the minor children, from public view”. This last assertion that she ‘already agreed to seal’ is meant to mislead the public. Sealing a file MUST be requested if the Court. It cannot happen via ‘agreement’ or Stipulation. A formal motion must be filed and a decision/ order made by the judge. IMO it is fact that AJ’s side is misleading the public and filing the Custody Agreement was an agregious invasion of the children’s privacy. These acts constitute an ‘at any cost’ approach. To be sure, they are preparing for a major response for custody via RFO and my feeling is it will contain information about AJ that is much worse than a bad drunken night on a plane, but it will be done AFTER the file is sealed which makes Brad and his team the more interested in what is best for the family. I believe both parents deserve custody here. AJ would do well by hammering out the joint custody agreement in mediation sooner rather than later. There are always two sides,

    • Sansa says:

      after RFK wives incident, the media released the custody information where RFK had pages on his wives behavior and it was’nt pretty or stuff you’d expect to read … This is going to get worse afraid if they can’t work it out privately they are facing leaking every dirty little thing being leaked…is that a risk they want and is it worth it?

    • Tulip Garden says:

      Thank you for taking the time to post this. It makes perfect sense and aligns with what I was already thinking.
      Quick question, does either this or the previous filing limit info/documents being released to the public ONLY about the children? Does either or both filings privatize info/documents on each parent as well?
      I hope you don’t mind the question if you have time to answer.

      • Anna says:

        Hi Tulip:
        A party requesting that a record be filed under seal must file a motion/application for an order sealing the record, accompanied by a memorandum and declaration with facts sufficient to justify the sealing. Cal Rules of Court 2.551(b)(1). These facts include (Cal Rules of Court 2.550(d)(1-5)):
        -there is an overriding interest that overcomes the right of public access
        -a substantial probability exists that the overriding interest will be prejudiced if the record is not sealed. ETC…

        The courts have held that overriding interests such as the protection of minor children apply here. After the motion is granted by the court, the judge will detail in the order the manner in which records will be sealed. Could be the entire file, or not but certainly anything related to the children’s privacy in this matter. You can google the rules if Court I cited for detail.

      • Tulip Garden says:

        Thank you for your answer. This seems to confirm my general idea that the judge will decide if anything beyond matters dealing with the children are sealed in January.
        I hope he seals the whole file.

    • Agapanthus says:

      I thought exactly the same about the term self regulating mechanism, which is often applied to people with borderline or full blown personality disorders. I suspect, too, this is the line they will be persuing in the custody battle. Not saying this is true as I obviously don’t know and haven’t assessed AJ, but there have been suggestions made about this in the past, so it’s highly possible this will Pitt’s strategy

      Poor kids, it is going to get very, very, very dirty. They will need all the support they can get.

    • Paige says:

      Brad didn’t file a RFO. The 17th court date is about sealing the documents. The hearing isn’t for a custody agreement. Brad is already slinging mud. His kids can now go online and read stories about his father slamming their mother. Brad and Angelina don’t know what that judge will tell them especially with the way they’re acting. If they choose to fight dirty it will only make matters worse for the kids not help the situation. They can’t even talk to each other. It’s been almost four months, and only speaking through their lawyers is making it worse for their kids. Instead of divorcing eachother the kids need a divorce from their parents. They have parents that are acting selfish and are more concern with how they look in the media than how their actions are hurting their kids.

    • Fa says:

      You wrong this time he didn’t filed RFO documents with the court which can only mean that they agreed to give him more time therapy visit or without therapists with the kids, now he sticking to the sealing document only

      • Anna says:

        I never meant to imply he had filed an RFO re modification yet. I’m saying he will once he is free of the public view. It won’t be a nice declaration toward the mother of his kids. I am pretty certain of that. If he doesn’t file a Request for Order to modify his parent time then I am a monkeys uncle. This will also trigger a mediation process and possibly an evaluation. Parties are required to enter into mediation before the RFO will be heard. Hopefully they get their order for joint custody written by the mediator, but I do not think Angelina will go for that. My instinct tells me that both sides will be heard by a judge and he will still come out with joint Custody because it is in the children’s best interest. It may not happen immediately, but over months it will happen. We may never hear about it though, unless one of the parties or clerks leaks it.

    • Anna says:

      *sorry for the typos and misspellings in my post

      *must by requested OF the court — not IF the court. ETC. Lol. I do my best with the autocorrect

    • Sigh says:

      Anna- I agree with you in regards to Pitt’s team’s strategy. The ‘no self-regulation mechanism’ is usually associated with BPD. They’re going to use her mental health in this case. Which is probably another reason he wants the case sealed.

    • KB says:

      Wow, I had never heard the self regulation stuff but I just googled it with borderline personality disorder and it’s a common term. Very interesting. Using that language may also encourage her to not fight him on sealing the case.

    • Dana says:

      Self- regulation mechanism could mean she doesn’t know how to control her emotions. She makes decisions without thinking about the long term effects. If Pitt tries to use her mental health as a strategy in court he’s going to need facts and talking about her past won’t hold any water. If either Brad or Angelina have plans to fight dirty in court it will only hurt their kids in the end. I can’t think of one case in which fighting dirty in court helped the kids.

      • KB says:

        They’re already fighting dirty. Both of them. We wouldn’t know anything about anything if they weren’t.

      • Anna says:

        Hi Dana. I’m not on anyone’s side. I’m pointing out that there has only been one side filed with the court. Her declaration states that he has a problem with drugs, anger and alcohol. He does not wish to have any dec filed with the court about her until he knows the file is sealed. We don’t know what he will say, but it will include his defenses against what she alleges. IMO he will not bring up the past. It will be related to the kids and the relationship and in almost every case I’ve seen, both parties when exposed have less than favorable behavior to hide. I have opinions regarding both of their parenting and they are both responsible for what can be perceived as an unstable home life. No school, fighting in front of children, etc. I believe they are both worthy parents. I believe the incident was blown out of proportion by Angelina and I DO NOT BELIEVE that these children are traumatized. DCFS would not hesitate for a moment to monitor Pitts visitation and put him in anger management for at least 6 mos. if there was an indication of abuse. And, incidentally, DCFS would make sure visitation took place weekly and it would not be left up to 6 therapists. He is the father of these children, he cooperated, he passed the tests and jumped through the hoops and now harm is being done to the children by separating them from him. The number one problem in these cases is parental alienation. I think in terms if what’s best for the kids and my belief is that AJ is dropping the ball on this. You are entitled to your opinion as well. In the end, both are their parents and nothing will change that. The answer is mediation, not alienation and mudslinging, but he must get his side of the story in the record. Pleas remember, he didn’t “slam her” in the press with this filing. The snitch in the clerks office getting paid by TMZ released the public document drafted by his attorney which IMO is absolutely right on point.

      • Dana says:

        Both have dropped the ball. They’ve messed up and I feel like neither want to admit they messed up. Someone has to be the bigger person and address their issues by talking to the person and not through lawyers. It’s clear that isn’t happening.

        It’s vicious cycle that won’t end. Brad didn’t slam Angelina but it looks that way in the media because of Spiegel’s shady comments. It’s like Laura’s comments about Brad. The lawyers and Brad and Angelina only care about winning, but who cares about the children? At least four of their children have access to the internet.

      • Friendof says:

        If he uses that term there are probably many, many incidents he will cite. Incidents that occurred during their 12 year relationship. They fought. A lot. Angie has spoken of their fights and the kids used that as part of their vow to say “I’m sorry”. The kids have seen a lot of fighting. Fighting probably takes two and goes both ways. The details of the fights and who did what will come out. Whatever brad did on the plane should just come out and be done. He can’t avoid it forever. But it probably doesn’t make him a person with borderline personality disorder. Not an alcolholic either. He passed the test and presumably continues to pass the drug and alcohol tests. Much about Jolie’s personality suggests that she is unable to self regulate. She is definitely a person of extremes. Brad said that is what he loved about her. But, apparently its getting old.

      • Agapanthus says:

        Tumultuous and difficult relationships are a fundamental aspect of BPD. So is the ‘either you are with me or against me’ construct. BPD is a horrible thing to live with, both for the person affected and the others in their lives. It is typically a result of very poor/dysfunctional attachments in early life, which hugely impacts the ability of that person to form healthy attachments. Substance abuse, eating disorders, suicidality and self harm are very common. Emotional regulation is poor, so there are huge extremes of anger and other emotions.

      • Noelle says:

        In Angie’s life and the management of her career and the way their kids behave in public (well behaved, no tantrums, seemingly balanced) and with her (always affectionate towards her, body language suggests complicity, trust and deep love), it does not seem that there is much dysfunction coming from her. Her past relationships have ended without tumult and her exes are speaking fondly of her and she remained friends with them. Nobody’s perfect. Her cancer scares, losing her mother, her father’s despicable behavior towards her, the heavy surgeries, must have taken a toll. Its very sad that it came down to all this. BP made a big mistake apparently and now because of the mutual handling of the aftermath it’s coming close to an irreparable situation. There are six kids involved including at least three able to fully read and comprehend the mud being thrown around. Its devastating. When it is lawyer against lawyer it without any communication between the two parties it can only become uglier.

      • Fa says:

        Correct, Brad said in his interviews she is the one who always get read the kids, bag their bagages when they’re going to another country, always plan kids birthdays, always find something do with the kids when they out of school

  21. jilly says:

    Lance Spiegel Brad’s lawyer, defended Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, actors with much to hide with serious mental problems and drug abuse ….. and the wives of these two actors was defended by the lawyer of Angelina, Laura Wasser .. .. then she must already know the tactics of this lawyer … from the beginning they threaten Angelina and her lawyer to get what they want …. in September they proposed a S & O for sealing the documents …. Brad and the lawyer probably wanted to go to court against DCFS but wanted to make sure no information about the state of the brad was released or that if the request was denied Brad would feel humiliated. Angelina would not agree as she had to be the non offend parent so the DCFS did not take the kids off her too and put on the foster care.
    As much as the methods of the DCFS are questionable, to fight against it is not the advice of any specialist lawyer in this area or any family that had the involvement of the DCFS, which in the beginning did not take seriously and had their children taken,
    And to get the investigation closed would take more than months, years, without almost contact.

    • Anna says:

      Hi Jilly. I just want to clarify something. This case is being handled by the Los Angeles County Superior Court who has jurisdiction in this matter. DCFS matters are handled in dependency or “Children’s Court”. DCFS and Children’s Court have no jurisdiction in this matter. Both parties have every right to file appropriate papers for custody at any time regardless of any agreement previously entered into by the parties. It is called a modification and is IMO appropriate in this case. If he wasn’t seeking joint custody and unmonitored parent time given the facts in this case, then he would be considered an absentee parent. Joint custody is appropriate and DCFS has no say in the matter.

    • Nemera77 says:

      I don’t get why people are still thinking that DCFS is involved in this actively. The case is closed.

      Angie and Brad have enough money to fight DCFS from putting the kids in Foster care. And the case was closed and DCFS didn’t file any legal documents with the court. They made recommendations. Those are being adhered to. And the document that both Angie and Brad signed stated that the document could be changed and amended.

  22. Missy says:

    Reminds me of the “sensitivity chip” comment from Jennifer aniston.
    I do have to question why all this court stuff to do with the kids hasn’t been sealed..if I was their mother that would’ve been the first priority. Who cares if Pitt is bashing her to the media, children should come first, not the image of the parents. They both look bad in this situation

    • Stella says:

      Aniston is no better, she proved she had a massive sensitivity chip missing after she turned into a homewrecker and what she did to Heidi Bivens.

      • lissanne says:

        Yes, they are exactly the same. Well, excepting for the fact that Aniston was not married to Heidi Bivens, and there were no kids whose well-being was at stake.

        So tired of the “homewrecker” trope. What an insult to women. It’s 2016, not 1956.

    • Ramona says:

      The sensity chip statement was made about Brad but was triggered by what they (Brad and Angie) both did. With all the rumors swirling, before the divorce had come through, in the midst of that humiliating period for Jennifer, they did a ridiculous happy family photo shoot (for Vanity Fair?) It was basically them and five kid models photographed as a suburban family. Even if the guy I was dating was this insensitive, I most certainly would never participate in something like that. Jen is too diplomatic to say it but both those people had a mean streak.

      • Tarsha says:

        Ramona that photo shoot was for work, it was a promo shoot for M&MS. All actors do promo shoots for work, it is their job. There was nothing ‘mean’ nor personal about it. The juxtaposition was the outer ‘happy family’ who have it all, and in reality they were miserable and contracted to kill each other. The posing of the couple with a make-believe family was a selling point from the Director’s point of view. That is what actors do, Ramona. They do photo shoots and promo work. But what was ANISTON’S *EXCUSE* for her posing for a personal photo shoot with her and Justin, SIX DAYS after news of their affair broke, and poor Heidi Bivens fled their apartment? SIX….DAYS!!

        And considering how passive-aggressive Aniston is and all the digs she got in about them over 10 years until she stopped coat-tailing them and making passive-aggressive jabs at Brad and Angelina and their children in interviews, plus hiring Handler for the racist comments, she is far from diplomatic and has a mean streak a mile wide herself.

        Forgot to add that when she broke up Justin and Heidi, she was releasing cosy photos of her and Justin, shot by that pedo Terry Richardson, 6 days after Heidi fled the apartment. Just 6 days after. Clearly Jen was flaunting it and rubbing it in Heidi’s face, and her and Justin were together for 14 years, so you’d have to be an insensitive jerk of enormous proportions to do that, which is what both her and Justin have. Aniston is cold, selfish, manipulative, cruel and EVIL. But clearly you bought her phony butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth ‘sweetheart’ (my arse!) act and have been snowed by her and can’t see through her.

        A promo shoot for work is bad, but rubbing it in someone’s face with cosy photos that you have posed for with a dirty but well-known photographer only 6 days after they learned her partner of 14 years was cheating is ok? Such hypocrisy. Such DOUBLE STANDARDS. You cannot be for real!

  23. bellebottomblues says:

    I think both parties have made questionable choices throughout this and that like most married couples know where to twist the knife/push buttons.
    I have to think that Brad has stuff on Angie also and doesnt wanna spill it in public because the kids will have access to it later…..
    maybe thats another reason he wants everything sealed, so he can get his possibly inflammatory statements about her in front of a judge without hurting the kids?….
    just some random thoughts, feel free to expound lol

  24. NeoCleo says:

    “The leg is not amused.” Thank you for that!!

  25. someone says:

    Brad’s lawyer HAD to file something because the case is coming up on Jan. 17th and there is a deadline to submit supporting documents. With the holidays and court closing Brad’s lawyer was required to file documents before Christmas – Brad wasn’t doing it to be spiteful for the holidays. Angelina may claim she signed an agreement to seal the records but she never filed it with the court nor passed it on to Brad’s lawyer to file it. If Brad’s lawyer doesn’t file supporting documents and then Angelina withholds her voluntary agreement at the last minute Brad would be screwed at the hearing on the 17th.

  26. Candies says:

    When you have a reputation, you protect it everyone does but I don’t think fighting in public helps.
    I hope the new year bring them peace. Sad this is them. They owe us for the wasted time supporting what was a mess… Lols

  27. molly says:

    I don’t know why people keep bringing up brad was cleared by dcfs & fbi? That doesn’t mean he is innocent of any wrong doing? The proof is his two older boys want nothing to do with him. The fact that the children need therapy speaks volumes. So for brad to call Angelina a bad parent with no self control is the most hypocritical thing i have heard. Look at the damage his behavior has caused? What i don’t understand is why has there been no couple therapy or family therapy yet? Surely them talking to each other instead of through lawyers should of been priority of the healing process?

    • LadyT says:

      Oh no. I believe there was a major family fight on that plane with Brad being the a$$. He admitted as much. BUT i think that type of thing happens in most households somewhere along the way, and is handled perfectly well without therapists, claims of “trauma” and, quite frankly, children sulking for 3 months.

      • Sera says:

        We don’t know how many times it has happened. Plus in a confined place like an airplanes got to be scary. Especially for the kids. Brad just needs to take responsibility for his actions and move on. I would have more respect for him. Right now he seems more concerned about saving his image. Praying for Angelina and the kids.

      • LadyT says:

        But we do know- that after an exhaustive investigation by DCFS, looking for an ongoing abusive pattern, he was exonerated.
        He agreed to all the temporary safety demands put in place while the investigation was underway. That is being responsible.
        I’m sure he’d like to move forward after all this time but is being held to the original temporary agreement, which he finds ill-fitting at this point.
        I don’t get the repetitive comments on here about his concern for his image. Who DOES want there dirty laundry waved about globally?

    • EMAu says:

      Why do you immediately presume it’s all one sided. Have you not stopped to think that having 6 nannies, and for the kids to have no constant schooling or friends outside of their siblings problematic? Both Jolie and Pitt have contributed equally for kids to need therapy. It’s never one sided.

  28. molly says:

    Even though people are saying angie fired the first shot? I seem to remember that she asked brad to release a joint statement together before she filed for divorce & he said No. The reason she released the statement ” for the health of the family”? You have to remember,at the time child services were fully involved in the investigation. Angelina had to prove in no way was she protecting & siding with brad, otherwise they would not have given her custody of the children. I believe at the time she did what she thought was right. In hindsight anyone can say what was she thinking? But until you are in the same postion i don’t think we can judge her decisions at the time.

  29. Tallia says:

    Why don’t they both STHU and let the courts do their job? The PR is starting to disgust me. Stop being selfish, put the kids first and stop bad mouthing each other through “leaks” and “unnamed sources”. UGH.

  30. crogirl says:

    Could you please try to explain why Brad doesn’t want the kids to have a minor counsel. You seem to have a lot of legal input and I am generally puzzled with this. I do think he cares more about his reputation than protecting the kids but I still don’t see why that would work against him.

    • Anna says:

      In this case hypothetically let’s say Maddox wants minors counsel because he wants to keep from visiting. It would likely be favorable to Angelina because without it there is a high likelihood that Brad would prevail in his request for joint custody of Maddox without minors counsel. Who really knows though.

      California Rule of Court 5.240 sets forth specific factors the court should take into account in determining whether to appoint minor’s counsel, including whether (1) the issue of child custody is highly contested or protracted, (2) minor’s counsel would be likely to provide the court with relevant information not otherwise readily available, (3) knowledgeable counsel is available for appointment, and (4) the best interest of the child appears to require independent representation. Since Family Code 3151 charges minor’s counsel with representation of the child’s best interests

      • crogirl says:

        Thanks for answering. I think factors 1 and 4 could definitely apply in this case.
        I still think he should allow it. I know we are all projecting here but imo there’s no way Maddox would ever choose Brad over Angie, even if there was no incident.

  31. Agapanthus says:

    Does anyone else think that we would know what went down on the plane if it was truly terrible? Surely Jolies’s side would leak this? There have been so many leaks from both sides that I think they would have put it out long ago if they thought it would help their ‘case’. Or are they just threatening one another: Jolie to reveal this and Pitt alluding to her mental health?

    I wish they would stop it, it is so damaging for the kids.

    • someone says:

      Yep, I’ve surmissed that what happened on the plane must not be as bad as what people are guessing or it would be out by now. And that Angelina is holding it over Brad’s head, whatever is is. If it were truly bad then Angelina would trade off the total and complete “vindication” she’d get by releasing it for the small amount of leverage she has over Brad by NOT releasing it.

    • KB says:

      It’s possible she’s holding on to the details as her trump card, but given all the other details leaked and given how hard he’s fighting her, I don’t think she’d have the patience to hold on to it. If it was truly terrible or race related as others have surmised on other posts about it, I think she would have already taken that swing. It probably serves her to not explicitly state what happened because clearly people’s minds go pretty dark when they don’t know for sure. The case will probably be sealed mid January so she’s got a couple more weeks to leak new details if there is more to be released. The “self regulation” term which may be setting the stage for accusations of borderline personality disorder is clearly a sign he’s coming to fight.

  32. MSat says:

    So, if I’m reading this correctly – Brad filed court documents that were not sealed, which People then got their hands on, in which he complained about Angelina not sealing her documents???

    My head hurts.

  33. Yareally says:

    She’s way less comfortable/natural around Brad Pitt but that’s ’cause she’s just closer buddies with Billy Bob, but the yareally point is even a guy like Brad Pitt tries to elevate the people around him and sees value in the people around him that don’t necessarily see that value in themselves

  34. Ramona Q. says:

    Amazing how love can turn to hate just like that. Spouses aren’t real family. No one can divorce their family.

  35. Noelle says:

    From VF 10 years ago: Aniston’s intimates note acidly that Pitt could have done more to refute the mean-spirited rumor that his wife wouldn’t bear his child, which reinforced the impression that he had good cause to leave her for Earth Mother Jolie. To some, this looks like sheer hypocrisy.

    “When Brad and Jen were in the marriage, having a baby was not his priority—ever,” says one mutual friend. “It was an abstract desire for him, whereas for Jen it was much more immediate. So is there a part of Brad that’s diabolical? Did he think, I need to get out of this marriage, but I want to come out smelling like a rose, so I’m going to let Jen be cast as the ultra-feminist and I’m going to get cast as the poor husband who couldn’t get a baby and so had to move on?”

    History repeats itself.

    • robyn says:

      I remember the twisted logic used to cast Jennifer Aniston as the witch who wouldn’t have babies when he moved on to Angie. People built their careers on hating Aniston and I always thought Brad could have said more to stop the meanness.

      • Fa says:

        Brad used everyone in his life for his so allege clean image, but this time he messed up with his kids life whether he cleared of any wrongdoing is not the problem, the problem is because of that accident his kids need therapy to cup with the aftermath of that accident, and that’s fact
        Now he’s using his kids to protect his image, this court filing mostly protect him not particularly the kids

      • Tarsha says:

        What? Are you serious? ANGELINA was cast as the witch who ‘stole’ Brad from the perfect pure as the driven snow ‘sweetheart’ Aniston. When has Aniston ever looked bad? She came out of it smelling like roses, thanks to her and her pals and fans creating the wronged wife narrative. NO ONE has built a career on hating Aniston!!! People have LITERALLY built their careers on hating Jolie! Want PROOF? The TABLOIDS, who cast Angelina as the evil demon no matter what the situation. CHELSEA HANDLER, who used her stand up ‘comedy’ to call Angelina a c..t among other things, to talk about Shiloh’s sexuality (at six years of age!), and to mock the Asian and black adopted children.

        And then that Etheridge creature who came out and slammed Angelina after she had a mastectomy, of ALL times!! Then, again, just recently she came out and spewed a bunch of lies about Angelina, then sang a song about it!! The tabloids, Handler, Etheridge. That is at least 2 people and the mass media. Actually, I can include Ian Halperin and Andrew Morton in that, who kept blogs and wrote a book, spreading horrible lies that she slept with her mother’s boyfriend. OUTRAGEOUS things. So that is 4 people, plus the mass tabloid media over all. So Aniston came out beloved and unscathed, while she cheered as people built their careers on hating Jolie. So you want to get your facts straight, because to say that ANYone built their careers on hating Aniston is completely opposite to the TRUTH, unless you meant to say Angelina, but wrote Aniston instead.

        MANY people *actually* built their careers on Jolie, whereas Aniston is the beloved patron saint and untouchable. NO ONE has built a career on hating Aniston! No one!! She has had EVERYone on her side.

      • Glea says:

        Talk about twisted logic!!! Aniston fans give her a pass for everything, and excuse away everything she does. For example, they point blank refuse to believe Aniston when she has *repeatedly* said “there was no bad guy”, “no one did wrong”, there was no affair etc (despite fanning the flames of that belief), but ignore that Matt LeBlanc’s father said Aniston committed adultery when she had an affair with Matt, while married to Brad. Even more frustrating is they ignore that Aniston homewrecked poor Heidi Bivens and Justin Theroux, was parading about off the set of Wanderlust and calling Justin her boyfriend, when he denied an affair with Aniston and said he was still devoted to Bivens. Then it came out that Aniston and Theroux were on, and Heidi fled their apartment. 6 days later, Aniston and Theroux released cosy photograph shoots of them done by Terry Richardson. Only six days after Heidi found out that Aniston had an affair with her partner. Wanna talk about a ‘sensitivity chip missing’, Aniston???

        The frustrating thing? Aniston’s fans moral gymnastics would have won gold! They said that, despite Bivens and Theroux being a couple for 14, yes, fourteen years, because they weren’t married it “doesn’t count”! Quick! Someone tell Goldie Hawn and her partner Russell that! 14 years, a home, a life together, and Aniston’s fans said in their 1940s era mentality that it “doesn’t count”, because they “weren’t married”, and “obviously Justin wasn’t into Heidi because he didn’t ‘put a ring on it’ so it is Heidi’s fault for staying for 14 years [etc]” – yes, that is verbatim what many said, they blamed HEIDI!! I swear, Aniston could hack a baby’s or puppy’s head off in broad daylight and her fans would find a way to excuse it and/or blame it on Jolie.

        So you want to talk about twisted logic? Try that one on for size!!! Don’t forget, make sure it fits, because if your guy doesn’t ‘put a ring on it’, 14 years “doesn’t count” for anything! smdh!

    • EMAu says:

      Relationships that arise from adultery never last, full stop. Both Jolie and Pitt have character flaws here, no point making out one is a saint due to her engineered PR and the other a sinner.

      • Tarsha says:

        Please stop perpetuating tabloid lies. There WAS NO adultery. It was proven there was no affair. Even Aniston herself (who committed adultery when she cheated on Brad with Matt LeBlanc, and then homewrecked Heidi Bivens and Justin Theroux) said that MULTIPLE TIMES! Why do you not believe her, and everyone that knows them and all sai nothing happened? Also, the one thing that you can’t claim is that, even if there was an affair, this split is from issues due to adultery.
        They lasted ELEVEN YEARS, which is almost THREE TIMES as long as his marriage to Aniston lasted!!! And they are splitting due to issues with the children which couples who never started from an affair, do. So, sorry, this has NOTHING to do with adultery.

        Also, Paul Newman and Jennifer Woodward lasted what, 30 years? And Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson? They’ve been together for decades and they started from and affair when Hanks was married at the time to his first wife. So you are WRONG. Regardless, how long do you think Aniston’s marriage with her bought and stolen Justin will last? Lets not make Aniston out as a victim or a saint, when she is extremely manipulative and a master pr manipulator.

    • Tarsha says:

      Aniston also could have done more to refute the mean-spirited rumour that Pitt and Jolie had an affair. It seems that Aniston herself was good at fueling the flames and fanning rumors. Afterall, there were rumors about Aniston not wanting children way back when her and Pitt were still married. Anyone remember that SNL skit she did where she pretended to be a reporter questioning when she was going to have a baby? She had no problems then playing up the rumour and even mocking it, as Pitt was crying on tv about wanting children. Talk about a sensitivity chip missing! Mocking it was extremely insensitive to Pitt, her husband.

      It was so ’abstract’ for him that he was crying on tv about wanting children with Jennifer. And it was so ’immediate’ for her, that she signed up for 6 movies, back to back, in one year. Two of them Pitt had to hear about from Variety magazine. 6 movies one after the other, despite her promising the year Friends ended, she would concentrate on starting a family.

      6 movies, back to back. I think that deceit from her was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Brad. It became clear she never intended to try for a family, at all. And he put his hopes and dreams on hold for years, for her. What did he get out of it at the end? Being lied to. Yes, we can all see how ’immediate’ it was for her. Immediately not at all.

      That VF was a disgusting hit piece on Pitt, and shouldn’t be referenced for anything other than proof of what a manipulator Aniston is and how dirty she will play. Pitt has children, Aniston still doesn’t. In the final wash, THAT is the proof. Actions, vs words. It wasn’t rumours, there was a lot of truth in it. But Aniston created the ’Team Aniston’ thing and fueled affair rumours and attempted to destroy Pitt and Jolie.

      Maybe Pitt’s friends should have told how Aniston not only didn’t refute the mean-spirited rumour of an affair but she actively fanned the flames. But as always, there are double standards for Aniston. Her supporters give her a free pass for everything and hold others to a different standard. She is never called out for the horrible things she does. Hypocrisy, indeed.

  36. jilly says:

    It’s just another low blow from Brad’s attorney, Laura has already shown through the emails that the sole purpose of the request for the seal of the documents was for Brad and his lawyer to be able to file a petition to change visits against the Therapists …. at any moment Brad’s lawyer in the emails cites that it is to protect the children …… and yes he threatens Angelina for her to agree to them or sign a new S & O, or request for a seal Of the documents because he wanted to enter the court with a new document … and Laura was amazed and surprised by the attitude of Brad’s lawyer
    Much worse use the children as an excuse, to protect yourself …..
    Good thing that Angelina seems to have someone very prepared and with a past to face Brad’s lawyer …. this Lance Spiegel is very low

  37. kodakay says:

    “…No Self-Regulating Mechanism”? Just like Aniston accused him of lacking a sensitivity chip? And so it goes… As the Stomach Turns…..

    The shoe doesn’t feel so good on the other foot.

  38. Libra girl says:

    They have BOTH handled this poorly from day one. Period.

  39. Joannie says:

    Well these two have certainly lived up to my expectations. Took longer than I thought.

  40. Veronica says:

    A man accused of irrational behavior trying to paint his ex-wife as the irrational one. How original.

    • EMAu says:

      He was accused without evidence, whereas she has enabled the children’s details to be made public.

      • Fa says:

        Someone reported they were accident or altercation between him and his son, it wasn’t without evidence his team even said he come face to face with his son, so something happened and he was cleared after a long investigation, so don’t say without evidence, and you have to read the email of his lawyer where angelina even testified that he is a great father and it was one time accident. The detail you said she made public, they’re documents that her lawyer had to reinforce an agreement with the court, it’s in her right to do and sealing documents take time they couldn’t do during the investigation if you want to blame anyone you have to blame both parties

  41. Noelle says:

    “Cleared” was the statement of his reps. It wasn’t the wording of the departments involved. It doesn’t mean nothing happened since there wouldn’t have been any involvement of the different agencies at all or for that long and so thoroughly. The investigation was closed by the children’s services once an agreement about drug testing frequency, children’s visitation, temporary custody etc was drafted following their recommendations. So there was something tangible, no “lies”. Also – from the various exchanges we have seen (statements, lawyers exchanges etc.) I see a pattern from Jolie of following the guidelines/respecting safeguards with the goal of sharing custody ultimately. I didn’t read anything damaging for the kids in what’s publicly available (for those who look for it). The kids know what happened. And what happened itself was damaging. And the investigations were probably damaging. And what’s damaging now is the media evil depiction of their mother. AJ has always been transparent about her past, her life, her health etc. Something happened involving a child that launched a storm, she filed for divorce requesting sole custody so that the children wouldn’t be taken away from her during investigation and after investigations were closed she wanted to follow the agreement until all is parties are ready for a healthy shared custody. I don’t see anything damaging in this. She seems to have no trust left and she wants things to be on the record. She also is following Wasser’s strategy, for better or for worse? What I don’t get is what on earth is her Olivia Pope paid for because she is useless.

    • Friendof says:

      Cleared, in that the case was closed by both agencies with no further agency involvement. That is pretty much cleared of the child abuse charges. He obviously behaved badly. Drunks do not present a pretty picture. But there was no actionable child abuse behavior or the agencies would not have closed the cases.