Johnny Depp wants the court to order Amber Heard to pay his legal fees


Did you really think that we were going to make it through the holidays without a drunk scarf monster rearing his ugly head and trying to take it to his ex-wife one more time? Of course not. When we last checked in on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, her lawyers had filed a Request for Order (also called a “Right for Order” in some outlets), which was basically Amber asking the judge to order Depp to keep up his end of their divorce settlement agreement, including: paying her the first installments of the $7 million divorce settlement, allotting time for which Amber can get the last of her stuff from his homes and more. In a written statement to the court, Amber also accused Depp of planting stories in the press about how she was or is a golddigger, and for attempting to “punish” her by not paying her the settlement directly. Well, Depp is responding to the Right for Order… by asking Amber to pay part of his lawyer’s fees for making him file all of these responses.

There are appears to be no signs of a ceasefire in Amber Heard and Johnny Depp‘s ongoing divorce proceedings. In new court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Depp, 53, is asking that the court order Heard, 30, to pay $100,000 toward his attorneys’ fees and costs after the actress filed an “entirely unnecessary” Request for Order earlier this month. If Heard does not pay the fee within 10 days of the court’s order, Depp has requested that he be allowed to deduct that amount from his next divorce settlement payment.

According to the documents, Depp has already racked up nearly $1 million in attorney’s fees and costs with his lawyer Laura Wasser. The new filing also calls Heard’s behavior throughout their divorce proceedings into question, stating that she’s acted “erratically” and “uncooperatively.”

“The impact of her relentless pursuit on Johnny — the damage her false allegations have caused his personal and professional reputation, his and his family’s emotional well-being, and his finances appears to be of no interest to Amber,” state the documents. Depp also claims that Heard has continuously violated their confidentiality agreement “almost weekly.”

In November, Heard partnered with the #GirlGaze Project for a new video about domestic violence, and briefly shared her personal story, but did not mention Depp by name.

“Amber wants to maintain the media’s attention and thereby preserve her own fleeting relevance,” state the documents.

A court hearing on this motion is scheduled for Jan. 13, 2017. Heard filed a Request for Order on Dec. 13 to ensure that Depp pays the actress the remaining portion of the $7 million divorce settlement. She also requested that her $35,435 legal fees be paid in full. In her court filing, Heard alleged that “despite months of efforts and repeated breaches by [Depp], the parties have been unable to reach agreement on a stipulated form of Judgment” and claimed that Depp, among other allegations, had failed to pay the succeeding installments of the settlement.

[From People]

Like with so many Depp-originated stories this year, I had this image of Depp high-fiving his dude-bro apologists as I read this. Like, who the f—k is buying what Depp is selling besides his sycophantic bros? Who reads this and thinks “yeah, buddy, now you’re taking it to that bitch”? The guys who think that are in his crew. He pays their way and thus, he pays for their loyalty. But everyone else? Can we all agree that Johnny Depp is ridiculous? I hope the judge hands him his ass during the January 13th court hearing.

Oh, and Amber’s lawyer responded to Depp’s filing, saying: “After his string of recent setbacks at the box office, I’m glad that Johnny Depp seems to have rediscovered his comic touch with this laughable motion. It is just another lame attempt by Mr. Depp and his team to not pay my client the money she is owed. We look forward to prevailing in court — and to getting sick children and women in need the money that Mr. Depp is denying them.”



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  1. Nacelle says:

    Oh dear, her lawyer’s response will just make matters worse.

    • Chaine says:

      But it is an awesome response, amirite? I want to high-five Amber’s lawyer.

      • Nacelle says:

        Honestly, no.

      • NastyWoman` says:

        I think it’s a perfect response to his attorney’s “Amber wants to maintain the media’s attention and thereby preserve her own fleeting relevance,”

      • Ruth says:

        No.That reply is laughable and highly unproffessional.It would have been awesome for a tumblr or twitter post but not for a lawyer.Laura Wasser actually made a very serious statement by calling the allegations false and call for a NDA breach and all he does is a meaningless personal attack?Yeah,I wouldn’t want that guy to be my lawyer.

      • K2 says:

        The nasty swipe in Wasser’s surprised me, but this is worse. Maybe it’s how they do things in LA, but I’d be amazed to read legal correspondence like that in this jurisdiction.

        I know this split is nasty, but she’d have been better served had her lawyer taken the high road, IMO.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      Amber’s lawyers don t look professional in their reply

      • Cannibell says:

        It seems like pretty standard lawyer-speak, based on the communications between my ex and me around a couple of issues that were not nearly as dramatic. He was engaging in the same kind of mean-spirited nonsense, and those nasty little digs in letters from his lawyer were (frankly) ridiculous. Years later, his lawyer and I had lunch, and he shared that my ex had never paid him. Hope Johnny’s lawyers are getting theirs up front…..

      • Melly says:

        Amber’s lawyers clap back was gold!

      • Moe says:

        Johnny depp is a douche bag. Just had to say it

    • B says:

      If her attorney response was written/entered verbatim, sigh…so unprofessional and immature…they shouldn’t stoop to his level.

      • NastyWoman` says:

        But sometimes, you have to. They’re calling her irrelevant and a gold digger. They are leaking stories to TMZ saying she doesn’t plan on donating the money. So much pettiness in one person (and his legal team). Unfortunately, sometimes you have to wrestle in the mud with the pig just to show the pig who’s boss.

      • M.A.F. says:

        @ NastyWoman, no one does not need to go to the level of the other party.

    • smcollins says:

      That was my first thought too. Not very professional and not helpful to Amber. Is he her lawyer or her publicist? I guess taking the high road isn’t an option?

    • lucy2 says:

      Both sets of lawyers seem to be acting unprofessional, with the name calling and sniping. Stick to the facts and the law.
      Also, how did her attorney cost $35,000, and his is over a MILLION!?!?

      • Snowflake says:

        They prob charged her a lesser rate for the publicity of the case. Advertising for their firm.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Her lawyers are probably moderately expensive. He went to THE top divorce lawyer (who is also the most cutthroat) for high net worth individuals. His lawyers charge more.

      • Bridget says:

        Not to mention, Laura Wasser has a team, each of whom is paid a ton of money per billable hour. That racks up fast.

  2. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    I don’t understand how many can defend him.
    He doesn’t pay what he must in their agreement so she complains
    Now he is pathetic( and manipulative and controlling )
    Pay her and move on !!!

    • Gobo says:

      Could be stalling as well. There are rumored cash flow issues.

      • Don't kill me I'm French says:

        He needs to talk with his accountant

      • Don't kill me I'm French says:

        If he has money trouble ( and I think it is true : he is selling some properties ) ,why to negotiate another paiement agreement ?
        He need to move on because he looks pathetically after her .

      • Ramona says:

        I really dont think he has a cash flow problem. He has worked steadily for the last decade and Rum Diaries was his only passion project in that period which means the other cheques were in the multi millions. We know they were big cheques given that he has been top of the list of poorest studio investments for three years running. Even accounting for private jets and maintaining his island, I dont buy that he is broke.

        What you see here is just a misogynists failure to understand the concept of matrimonial property. That, combined with a heavy dollop of abusive asshole tendencies.

      • Don't kill me I'm French says:

        @Romana :
        We didn’t say he is broke .We say he has cash flow problems .

      • Ramona says:

        I know. I disagree with that too. He collects some art but he isnt one of the big Hollywood collectors like Stallone or Dicaprio. He doesnt have a cash guzzling side business like Renner. He has an island but he isnt running an amusement park on it, it wouldnt cost millions per year to maintain. He is a drug addict but dorsnt live ostentatiously as seen in that leaked video and the incident at their condo. He isnt a car buff. As far as I know he doesnt own the private jet, its a rental. He has some properties but hasnt made any big purchases in the last two years. In any case, were he cash poor, he would have had it factored in to the settlement. He would even have looked to hand over a property rather than cash. He isnt cash poor. He may want you to think that because it hides his true intention (to harass and stalk a woman who is trying to cut ties) but the man is not cash poor.

      • Bridget says:

        I find this part of the topic fascinating.

        Depp could have made bad investments, he could also have had to fork over a lot of cash when he and Vanessa broke up and still be paying child support. He could also very well have been swindled out of money (which does happen and is kept very quiet). $7 million cash is a huge amount to just have lying around, and then another $1 million for attorney fees. Renner’s side business may guzzle cash, but it’s been successful far before he hit it really big so one guesses that it doesn’t tap into his Avengers money (that would be an accounting nightmare!).

        Did anyone else think it was interesting how much less Amber paid in attorney’s fees?

      • silliness says:

        @Ramona, you make a very valid point. To me, all of this mess is because he’s really just trying to screw her over for leaving him.

        @Bridget, I considered child support and palimony, but the numbers don’t really add up, because it’s not like he’s paying out the settlement in one lump sum. He’s just being a huge nuisance about it an has been from day one. That to me makes the most sense. It’s possible there might be some cash flow issues, but considering the amount of the first installment, and the amount she herself initially donated thinking the cash was coming to her, it just reeks of an abuser trying to make things as difficult as possible to someone that is freeing themselves of that control.

        As for attorney fees, I guess what iO Tillet said was true: she did end up having to pay her attorney fees. That means he probably only agreed to pay a portion, but even if it’s only a portion, it’s a HUGE difference compared to his bill, which tells us all just how deep they’ve all been at working to discredit Amber and defend him by comparison to what her attorney’s have had to do.

      • Bridget says:

        Oh, what he’S doing is a classic attempt to maintain this last little bit of control – I 100% agree with you there. He would be doing this no matter the $$ in his bank account.

      • Agapanthus says:

        Laura Wasser won’t be having cash flow problems this xmas, being so busy working for Depp and Jolie.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think it is probably mostly just him trying to be an abusive ass, but it could be about having cash on hand. There is a difference between having assets valued at $7M and actually having $7M at your disposal to give away (not tied up in stocks, pension plans, MMF, property, etc.).

        That being said….so many quarters have passed. He is no doubt getting paid massive residuals on his many movies (some of which he was also producer).

        Some people can spend incredible amounts very quickly. So I think he probably has had enough funds come in over the past year to have the money to pay her, but if he spent it instead of putting it aside for a settlement, he might not actually have it to give away. But that would still be a dick move.

      • Sarah874 says:

        I have another theory… Drugs. It can’t be a cheap habit. I don’t think he’s as well off as he should be, and although he earns ridiculous amounts of money, he also seems to spend ridiculous amounts of money (island, anyone?). His earnings are also likely to be reported as gross amounts. I agree that he comes off as an abusive, controlling ex. ‘Tis a shame.

    • Chaine says:

      He is pathetic. Old Crazy Teeth trying to hide his double chin with that scuzzy little beard. And who does he think he is with his giant squishy hat and his tiny quaint sunglasses, Yoko Freakin Ono?

    • Ruth says:

      If there is in fact a NDA breach by her(cause we don’t know what they agreed on)then I find it pretty logical for the payment to stall.Remember,we basically have no idea what went on.I mean,if she agreed not to imply that she was a DV victim then the fault is on her,by law.

    • Elizabeth says:

      He is stalling cause he spent all his money on drugs and booze he is a douche bad

  3. Psu Doh Nihm says:

    This is all typical abuser behavior.

    People think that once you are no longer with your abuser that it all ends but that’s not always true.
    Mine filed an unwarranted restraining order against me that took months to get dropped. And I was the one who had been seriously physically abused. All 105 pounds of me was a danger to his 6’2 250 lb steroid pumped body.
    Then he would do things to cause me financial hardships, putting nails under all four of my tires, cutting the power to my home while I was out of town, causing all food items to spoil and having to pay and electrician to fix it. Etc etc. The list goes on and on.

    The sad part is HE is the one who left ME. So, his continued abuse was especially cruel.

    • Senaber says:

      I’m sorry you had to endure that. It must’ve been very scary. Wishes of safety and peace for you in 2017.

      I agree too he sounds like he just wants ultimate control over her. Her nightmare is not over.

    • Cannibell says:

      So sorry you’ve had to deal with this. Is there a DV agency in town that offers support groups? We have some really good people doing that in my community, and it can be both helpful and affirming to know you’re a) not alone and b) you have good resources at hand if there’s something you can do to nail him legally.

    • Alison Ryan says:

      My abusive ex ran off with a married woman who was always coming onto him when she was drunk, as soon as I left him. Later on I met someone awesome and several years later we decided we were going to get married. The ex then files to have our Catholic marriage annulled. So as I am happily moving on and he is already remarried for years, he decides to re-engage control over me through this “second divorce”. My brother and sister agreed to talk with the Archdiocese because they needed to interview my family and the ex told them my late father sexually abused me and I was mentally incapable of making a decision like getting married. My poor sister, brother and I were devastated by what he tried to do to me. Our dad died when we were very young and it’s always been a great loss for us. I am very happy in my marriage but the damage from his constant abuse and fear of seeing him in the city takes a lot out of me. Johnny Depp reminds me of him a lot.

  4. Jack Daniels is my patronus says:

    Ugh. What a ridiculous scum bag

  5. minx says:

    Could he be any more of a douche? Doubtful.

  6. MickeyM says:

    Love her lawyer’s response. Burn.

  7. jerkface says:

    Im so tired of all the pigmen and their B.S. i could just puke.

  8. Ivy says:

    I’d like to call him a pig, but pigs are nice.
    Will nobody offer him a nice rehab for Christmas?

  9. Mia4S says:

    He is such garbage.

    Oh and I do think he is having financial issues. Not sure how exactly (he should have a sick amount of money), but something is up.

    I did see the Fantastic Beasts movie and while it was enjoyable I have zero interest in the sequels now that I know he is involved. I mean, beyond his gross personal life his casting was such a dull, lazy, and predictable choice.

    • TheOtherOne says:


    • lucy2 says:

      If he’s in future films, you’d think he could borrow cash against those paychecks to settle this with her. He may not have a lot of liquid assets, but certainly he has means to get some.

  10. serena says:

    Lord.. I used to love him and now I can’t stand him anymore. He’s just making it worse for his already shattered image. STFU Johnny!

  11. boredblond says:

    I would’ve thought legal fees would have been one of the points covered in the lengthy settlement by their high price pack of lawyers..shrug..I honestly don’t care about either of these characters.

  12. HK9 says:

    I guess he truly doesn’t understand that acting this way only proves her point. He needs to pay the money, walk away and get on with his life.

  13. DariaM says:

    What is happening in that second picture?!?! Is he bleeding from the mouth while at a press call?

    • Dlo says:

      It does look like it. Ewwww gross his mouth is just ewwwwww

    • Kitten says:

      I can’t focus on anything else after I noticed that. WTF is happening there?!?!?

    • Megan2 says:

      I noticed that too! And how stained the other ones are? And even his fingers look horribly nicotine stained and unwashed. I can’t stop thinking about how he must smell, to be honest… his breath could probably slay dragons at 50 paces with teeth rot like that. How does he not have access to dental care?

      Also, why can’t he just pay Amber the money he owes and be done? I thought abusers were the sorts to do anything to make it go away once their crimes came to light. He seems to be dragging it out even longer… does he truly believe that most people don’t know what an abusive piece of crap he is? Are there still people who don’t??

    • hunter says:

      I’ve notice this before, I believe he has a red tooth cap in addition to the gold ones, for reasons I can’t explain but could be lumped into his necklace/scarf fetish.

  14. “Well, Depp is responding to the Right for Order… by asking Amber to pay part of his lawyer’s fees for making him file all of these responses.”

    Uh, she wouldn’t have to file all these motions for him to respond to if he would just pay her what has already been settled and agreed upon. If he thinks she’s going to have to pay his wife-beating behind’s legal fees, hahahahaha! He clearly has no remorse. Instead, he’s just pissed he’s been outed as a woman-beater.

  15. Shelllley says:

    I definitely will not pay to see another one of his movies.

  16. CATHY says:

    It’s not just “dude-bros” who side with him, I actually see way more women defending him.

  17. poppy says:

    didn’t know anal warts could wear hats!
    learning everyday.

  18. robyn says:

    This raggedy looking man has been a terrible turn off in this situation. He is counting on people viewing her as a conniving witch because people, including women, normally side with the men no matter how vile … example Trump!

  19. SusanneToo says:

    Hard to believe he was once considered cool and quirky.

  20. Harla Jodet says:

    So his legal fees are around $1 million and her legal fees are only around $35,000, wow his lawyer(s) are really screwing him. hehe!

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      Even if I dislike the tone of their reply,I agree about how her lawyers are efficient and not expensive compared to Depp’s lawyers

  21. Monic says:

    The depp stans are here today I see

    Amber’s lawyer response was perfect. As nasty as all the nastiness his lawyer put her through

  22. Sunshine says:

    I a am ashamed that I once loved Johnny Depp.

    • silliness says:

      Don’t be. We saw the light, compared to a few others. I’m just glad she got away and the rest of us got to see him for his true colors.

  23. MrsBPitt says:

    I cannot believe that his legal team has not advised him to pay Amber, and get this over with as quickly as possible. Any tiny shred of popularity JD may have had left, is going right down the toilet, the longer he drags this out. I can only assume, that JD, himself, is making these idiotic decisions…What a foolish, abusive, controlling, moron!

    • Mooni says:

      “Any tiny shred of popularity JD may have had left, is going right down the toilet, the longer he drags this out.”

      Eh, not sure about that. Not many people in real life are even keeping up with this divorce anymore.

    • hunter says:

      The longer he drags it out, the more his legal team makes, soooooo…..

  24. iheartjacksparrow says:

    As part of the settlement, Amber had to drop the abuse allegations. Then she announces she’s giving part of the settlement to help abused women. Then she makes a video about abused women. Then she writes a letter about abused women. I think the amount requested is proper monetary sanctions for obviously breaching the order.

    • Don't kill me I'm French says:

      She publicly talker about abuse because he stopped to pay so it is him who broke their agreement in first

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      We got it, you’re a Depp fan. Enjoy.

      However, let’s use an analogy to explain why your argument does not work.

      Let’s say someone named Mary accused someone named Joe of stealing her wallet. Lawyers get involved. They reach an agreement: “Joe will give Mary money if Mary agrees to stop saying Joe stole her wallet.”

      Mary says okay, but then Joe doesn’t give Mary the money.

      Mary, at the same time, makes public statements about how theft is wrong and people shouldn’t steal.

      Is Mary accusing Joe of stealing her wallet? No, she’s saying that theft is wrong and people shouldn’t steal. She is not accusing Joe of stealing.

      If Joe were not a thief, he shouldn’t have a problem with that. And if Joe did not steal her wallet, he REALLY shouldn’t have a problem with that. If anything, he should agree: “Mary’s right! It’s wrong to steal!”

      Amber Heard is well within her rights to talk about domestic violence/violence against women/partner abuse. How people connect the dots is up to them, but it is highly unlikely that any nondisclosure agreement would limit her speech beyond direct accusations against Johnny Depp. She is free to speak out on any subject she wishes; in this case, it happens to be domestic violence, and we draw an inference that she does this because of her firsthand experience. That inference is on us, however, not on her. General statements that certain types of crime are hard for victims to talk about, and why, are not necessarily damaging to Depp. This is not slander. And the courts know the difference.

      He still owes her money. Everything else is a smokescreen.

    • BrooklynTam says:

      Nope she only dropped the restraining order. She never said her claims were fake and in fact the joint statement said she didn’t lie.

  25. mrspanda says:

    I’m Team Amber but I suspect she has been quite badly advised throughout this process. I agree he’s being a complete jerk (and would be regardless) but I do wonder if she’s been getting the best advice and support. If there was a NDA then her video may have been an issue. And now his team will use that to justify his clear stalling of the payments. Hopefully she really didn’t breach any of the terms and this will be clean cut in January. I really hope she keeps some of the money also to start her new life!

  26. kat says:

    This is what is called a high conflict divorce. One narcissist out to destroy the person that they once loved because they MUST have their way. I an a SSDI disabled 63 yr old ($897 a no) going against a federal contractor’s highest employee where the lowest paid employee makes $33 an hour, he/his employee swear that he is making $2000 a month, The exact same amount that the judge ordered me in alimony in 2009 and he has been employed by the federal government since 2011, It is mental/financial abuse that I have fought for 7 years. My ex owes me over $100,000 which would be millions compared to eating frozen burritos and living in the “hood”after having a Upper Middle class marriage of 20 years, It is amazing that our family court system is allowing this kind of master/slave harassment to continue, It is only getting worse. I am a anxiety- ridden depressed quivery mess because I have no control over my own life. He has been able to avoid every order in court. DISGUSTING.

  27. Snowflake says:

    That was an awesome reply by her lawyer!

  28. sage says:

    Wasser is making serious coin this year.

  29. silliness says:

    I’m still trying to sort out how NO ONE is advising him what an abusive, controlling shit he comes off as with every move to block her from moving on from this mess. His attorney isn’t because as she herself has said, she’s “not the right person to give relationship advice” and “your therapist will probably charge you less.” Plus she’s making bank, so what does she care? I’ve looked up a bunch of her high profile cases, and she loooooves to drag them out. That story about “filing at the same time to distract, yada yada yada,” is all bullshit, because she’s only been a part of like, three cases that worked out that way.

    Another thing he’s doing by not following through with the agreement – because it’s so much more than just the money; she needs her personal things back, car signed off to her, etc, that he isn’t complying with – is that he’s basically forcing her arm to take it to court again to force the settlement agreement terms. She’s going to be responsible for those legal fees, since they’re outside of what they agreed with the divorce settlement. And now on top of that he’s filed a response that is going to require another response from her, where they’ll go to court over it and thus increasing her legal fees, regardless of how stupid his charges are and how unlikely he is to succeed in that end.

    It is SO EASY for him to put an end to this. Just make your effing payments and give her her stuff and follow through with your end of the settlement. IF she indeed went against the terms of the NDA (which I highly doubt she did), then there’s terms outlining that, and I’m sure it gets deducted from the next settlement payment. Yet he’s the one refusing to let this be done.

  30. Kath says:

    My god, what an absolute arsehole.

    I can’t believe that for so many years Depp managed to cultivate an image of being laid back, artsy and non-materialistic. What a joke! He is an aggressive, greedy, corporate, abusive scumbag.

  31. BrooklynTam says:

    Interesting how Wasser NOW claims that the allegations are false while simultaneously forgetting that she agreed to the joint statement that states that Amber didn’t lie. Oops! Btw that’s the first time ever that his side has denied anything! But it’s months after they admitted that there were no lies. Nice try anyway. He still owes the money which is being used to help people.It’s all his fault that these people haven’t gotten this money. He’s SCUM and is just showing his true colors every second.Hope the judge embarrasses him and forces him to wear only 1 scarf a week

  32. Lia says:

    What a piece of scum he is. No honor at all.

  33. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    How in the world can Wasser say, “…false allegations…” when there is video of him having an insane, drunken tantrum, bruises and medical documentation, and witnesses who attest to the physical assault? The whole statement just reads “Johnny is the*real* victim here” which is clearly hogwash. It’s yet another example of his efforts to control and manipulate the circumstances, and his unending vindictiveness toward Heard. So gross.

  34. EMAu says:

    He is a total turd, no?

  35. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    He’s gross in every way. Just gross

  36. Sansa says:

    Needs the cash for his full dental reconstruction! Lol.

  37. ImFlying says:

    My stomach turns looking at his face, hair, eyes, teeth…. clothing. He looks like one of those cars parked in the back of the walmart parking lot that belongs to a hoarder.

  38. FF says:

    He has proved a million times over how jealous, controlling and vindictive he is towards Amber with just how he has responded to her filings.

    Any normal person would have just given her the money and moved on. But he is abusive to her through and through. That is all his behaviour is trying to achieve.

    He definitely was controlling and abusive in their relationship and marriage. Now she’s trying to move on, he won’t let her.

    Even if she let him keep the $7 million, he would still be after her to pay his legal fees, while making rando filings, and refusing to give her access to her personal belongings.

    She looks like the life is still being sucked out of her. Slowly.

    Anyone skipping over this to accuse her is in denial.