Kristen Stewart & Stella Maxwell are for-sure dating, they spent Christmas together


About two weeks ago, the Daily Mail published some suspicious photos of Kristen Stewart in Savannah, Georgia. The photos were suspicious because she was seen out and about with model Stella Maxwell. The last we heard, Kristen was loved up with St. Vincent, but it looks like that love affair was over just as quickly as it began, and Kristen moved on with a lingerie model. The whole thing felt very “Leo DiCaprio,” honestly. Well, the latest is that Kristen wants you to know, for sure, that she’s dating Stella. People Magazine reported just before Christmas that Stella and Kristen are really happening.

Kristen Stewart has a new woman in her life. The Personal Shopper star and Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell are officially dating, a source in their circle confirms to PEOPLE.

“Kristen is dating Stella Maxwell,” says the source. “They are having fun.”

The pair were recently spotted spending time together in Savannah, Georgia, where Stewart has been filming a new movie about Lizzie Borden, who was infamously accused of murdering her father and stepmother with an ax in the 19th century.

“When Kristen filmed in Savannah, she spent several days together with Stella, who came to visit her,” a second source tells PEOPLE. “She was with Kristen on the set most days and seemed to have fun.”

The actress and model seemed to be enjoying their time together walking the city streets and laughing together on set. Stewart was also photographed with scraped knees and a bruised face, although it is unclear how she sustained the injuries.

“Kristen also seemed very happy with Stella around,” the second source continued. “They weren’t affectionate, but definitely acted very friendly and like they had the best time hanging out. Stella seems very easy going. She is always very smiley and has a cute personality.”

The source in their circle says it seems the model is staying with Stewart in L.A. Stewart and Maxwell were first seen together at the Met Gala earlier this year, and were pictured leaving an afterparty in the same car.

[From People]

I think it’s probably like I assumed a few weeks back – the celebrity-lesbian community is small and insular and they all date each other. St. Vincent has probably gone back to Cara Delevingne, or perhaps Cara has moved on with Amber Heard, and I’m sure Soko is looking to break into the group in a bigger way. You know who I feel sorry for? Alicia Cargile. Alicia probably thought that Kristen would come back to her after St. Vincent, because that’s totally Kristen’s M.O. But it seems like Kristen has a new M.O. An M.O. involving lingerie models.

Stella and Kristen were apparently together on Christmas Day too, at least according to these Twitter photos:


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Shijel says:

    Wasn’t she back together with Alicia just moments ago? What is it with this woman?

    Poor Alicia. I wish she’d just put her foot down and remove herself from this toxic, uncaring user and abuser that is KStew. Yes, she’s beautiful. But the girl just seems so utterly rotten inside.

    • jinni says:

      True, but people don’t see that because she is female and so give her a pass. If she were a dude he’d be called all kinds of grimy for the way he treated Alicia. People would be saying he is a dog and douche for perpetually keeping Alicia as a back-up gf and then tossing her aside when the next pretty thing walks across his path. They probably would even be saying he is emotionally manipulative/ abusive or plays mind games with Alicia. But since she’s a woman it’s considered acceptable and even empowering.

      Kstew just seem like someone that can’t be by themselves. I hope Alicia finds whatever she is looking for within herself and leaves KS alone, so Alicia can allow a better person to enter her life.

      • Ella says:

        I’m sorry if I’m missing some detail you must be privy to, but who was holding a gun to Alicia’s head and forcing her nearly 30 year old self to be Kstew’s “back up gf”?

      • Belle says:

        This !!!!!!! Couldn’t have wrote it better

      • jinni says:

        @Ella: I am not saying that anyone is holding a gun to Alicia’s head. I am just commenting on the difference in the attitude people have towards KStew’s behavior when compared to male actors who hops from relationships to relationship.
        It wouldn’t matter that Alicia was almost 30 if KStew was a guy, they’d be infantilzing her to make it seem like she was being forced to stay in that crappy situation in order to drag the guy. But since KStew is a woman, people can understand that Alicia has free agency over her life and chooses to be in this messy set-up, so KStew isn’t treated like a predator which would have been the case if she were a man.

        That’s all I was trying to get across.

      • NastyWoman` says:

        Ella – no one is saying that Alicia is forced to be in the relationship, but that also doesn’t mean that people can’t voice their opinion that KStew seems to be a crappy and manipulative person to be in a relationship with.

      • Shijel says:

        Ella, callous. Consider yourself lucky that you’ve never succumbed to the snares of a manipulator, someone who preys on your low self-esteem (and I am sorry, Alicia taking KStew back screams of low self-esteem, whether she had it before she started dating her, or after).

        KStew’s relationship are highly publicised. And pardon if I can’t help but consider a woman who willingly began a relationship with a man she knew was married, and who keeps a back-up girlfriend while she herself is out there having fun with a new hook-up every few months as highly toxic, self-serving and manipulative.

        @jinni, right on. KStew, at least publicly, appears to be predatory. And I refuse to scold anyone who falls victim to said predator. I’ve had too much experience with such predators myself. They lure you with good times, put you on the back burner when they go and have their fun, and when fun gets old or doesn’t work out, they come back to you… which obviously gives you a bit of an emotional rush – ha! She came back to -me-!
        But no. It’s just another manipulation tactic by someone who cannot stand to be not admired, who just cannot be by themselves.

        Really wishing that Alicia can break out of it and find someone better. How many times has she been the plan B for Kristen when plan A didn’t work now? Soko? St Vincent? Stella Maxwell?


      • Otaku Fairy says:

        @Ella: I agree with you.
        @Jinni (Ugh, you’re not that same one from the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard threads, are you?) and @Shijel: For all we know, Kristen and Alicia have some kind of arrangement where Alicia is a FWB Kristen goes to in between other relationships or hookups. Most of the people who will automatically paint that kind of arrangement as ‘abusive’ and ‘predatory’ without any evidence are probably going to be the ones who feel like a woman is being abused, manipulated, and preyed upon whenever sex or dating don’t come with a monogamous, long-term committed relationship anyway. Whether the consenting adult in Alicia’s shoes is a woman with another woman, a woman with a man, a man with a woman, or a man with a man, not everybody would jump from “This person has decided to be the fuck buddy so-and-so gets with in between relationships” to “this person is being preyed upon, manipulated, and abused.” As for the affair Kristen participated in a few years ago, that proves she’s definitely capable of very selfish behavior, but that doesn’t mean she’s necessarily tricked, preyed upon, or abused this older woman into being her fuck buddy. I’m not seeing a sexual double standard against men here either. 2016 has shown that men can get away with a lot more than having a consenting adult fuck buddy in between other relationships.

    • Veronica says:

      They might have just decided to try it again on the rebound, and it just didn’t work out. It happens. Provided she’s up front with her partners, I don’t have a problem with her having fun.

    • ctgirl says:

      While I suspect that Kristen Stewart is a terrible significant other based on her previous behavior, what I find most interesting about this post is that it has been up since yesterday and there are only 25 posts. It used to be that any post about Kristen Stewart easily garnered over 50 comments in 4 hours. This drop in response may be a sign that the public no longer finds her interesting/relevant.

  2. Lucy says:

    She seems like a terrible person to be in a relationship with.

    • zxc says:

      She seems terrified of being alone (single). Always in a relationship, and sh*t goes south she probably first finds a back up and only then breaks up. I’ve met people like that and have learned to stay tf away from them.

  3. Loo says:

    I think it’s painfully clear that this is just how Stewart is with relationships, whether she is dating a woman or a man.

  4. Rainbow says:

    I don’t care about Stella Maxwell but i love her jacket in the last pic.

  5. Scotchy says:

    Her and her entourage including Stella were in my local hipster healthy grocery store a couple days ago. All I can say is that they looked greasy and the blonde one looked emaciated. All in all not that interesting, but Stew really jumps around..

  6. Annie says:

    Don’t feel sorry for Alicia. She was already waiting in the sidelines since Kristen was with Robert. It’s rumored they were fooling around behind his back too. For the longest time all Alicia did was follow Kristen around, being her “assistant”, living off of her. This is why so many Kristen fans don’t like her. She was part of the do-nothing hanger on crowd Kristen calls “friends.”

    At one point you have to find your dignity and your own independence. You can’t put up with all sorts of humiliations just because your girlfriend is a wealthy movie star who takes you on nice vacations year round. Those LA hanger on crowds will do anything to belong to the inner circle. Befriending movie stars is all they got.

    The way Kristen refused to admit Alicia was her girlfriend or even be seen holding hands with her, but then was all over Soko for the paparazzi after barely knowing her, and then St Vincent, and now Stella and the PEOPLE confirmation is only proof that for all her complaints about the spotlight being on her and Robert’s relationship, she definitely enjoys being with famous people. She enjoys the attention and press. No way will she ever settle again for a regular girl who doesn’t have her own life outside of a relationship. Alicia’s life revolved around Kristen. She had nothing else going for her because she made it so.

    Alicia needs to change her number, move on, and have her own occupation and life. Following Kristen around and being her love sick puppy doesn’t look cute after the fourth time she was dumped publicly.

    • Dubois says:

      A few things:
      1) It’s well believed Kristen and Robert were in a PR relationship. There are pics of Alicia in the background, but my opinion is that at that point Robert was bearding for Kristen.
      2) Alicia has herself clarified that she has never been anyone’s “assistant”. This was a rumour perpetuated by the DM. I don’t know her exact job title, but it’s Digital something or other – and she does work
      3) A number of Kristen’s “hanger on crowd” work for her is some capacity. The chubby gay guy does hair, the blonde girl serves as her assistant
      4) I’m not a KStew fan, but have read up enough to know the basic facts.
      5) There are pics of Kristen and Alicia holding hands. A simple google of both their names will bring them up – although Kristen was never overtly affectionate with her.
      5) As far as Alicia finding her self respect etc, I agree with you. I just wanted to dispute your first paragraph and a few other points.

      • Annie says:

        “Well believed” by a few doesn’t mean it’s true. It has already been proven they lived together for years. PR relationships don’t go that far. 5 years of their lives is too much to call it PR. People still shilling the PR theory need to get over it. They were together. Period. If the relationship was used to boost the Twilight films, that’s another story.

        And regardless of that, if people thought Alicia was Kristen’s assistant it was because she was always with her, NOT WORKING, traveling with her whenever she was asked (what job allows that?), and taking care of her dogs when Kristen wasn’t at home, all while living at her house. She gave all her time to Kristen to pretend at any point that she had her own occupation and life. Kristen was her life.
        Also, just because some of her friends work (sometimes) doesn’t make them any less hangers on, or that they’re not trying to break into the business somehow. They all want to act, write, sing or record music. And they all have time to hang out with Kristen at noon in the middle of the week whenever she’s in town, or they spend weeks with hee on location, so yeah, busy peeps they are.

        All I’m saying is, Alicia saw a lot of benefits and became well connected just from being with Kristen, so her crawling back to Kristen every time is not just about love and lack of self-respect. Kristen is the highest profile actress of her generation. Alicia wants to record music/is recording music. Being the most recognizable Kristen girlfriend can only help her “career.” She will take her back every single time.

      • Ramona says:

        Alicia wasnt an assistant? Wow. So Kristen was being open about spending time with this girl and a tabloid closeted her? Thats kind of funny given that its a major role reversal.

  7. FishBeard says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with dating around in your twenties, or any age for that matter. I’ve never cares much about Dicaprio’s dating pattern either. Maybe because I don’t take offense at short-term or non-monogamous relationships. But I think we should be cautious about labelling her a “predator” or “abusive”, because there’s really no evidence to support that claim, and bisexual women are already heavily stigmatized as is.

    • Shijel says:

      You’re right. But this girl’s got a pattern. Of course, I’ll never know the facts about these people, but when observed through the lens of of a gossip site, patterns emerge. Starting with her knowingly sleeping with a married man. Hard to think of someone who does that and continues behaving the way she does as someone harmless. I’m bisexual. Done my share of dating. But my lovers never overlapped, nor did I have a girlfriend on the backburner for whenever my dalliances didn’t work out.

      Again, I don’t know the specifics or the arrangements, and I never will. But from the gossip perspective + her past behaviour it’s not difficult to guess that this person has issues.

      • starbuck says:

        I agree with this. As I observed over the years, this girl does not seem to be a nice person and seems to have some problems. My smutty senses are tingling big time. I tend to believe Soko’s twitter description of her to a tee. I don’t think this has anything to do with sexual preference, she seems to treat her partners poorly no matter what gender. And those she’s been with longest seem to get the worst of it. She seems to be struggling to be honest, with a few different things. It doesn’t change the fact that she seems to be very callous and selfish. What comes around goes around.

    • K2 says:

      Yeah, I’ve never had any problem with DiCaprio or Keanu Reeves. It’s the Ben Afflecks of this world that grate. Pick a lifestyle and live it, rather than dragging a wife and kids in your player wake.

    • Otaku Fairy says:

      @fishbeard: Agree 100%. There are totally valid things people have criticized Kristen Stewart for- the cheating, her comment about Woody Allen, and probably other stuff I have no clue about- but turning her hooking up with the same person in-between other relationships into ‘she’s an abuser/predator!’ seems like a bit of a reach. I don’t have a problem with Dicaprio’s hook-ups either. Terms like that don’t need to get watered down by being tossed around and applied to any and every situation where a woman gets involved in some type of sexual/relationship situation that people disagree with, like being someone’s FWB or hooking up with some older person with money.

  8. Skins says:

    Are you sure that isn’t Bridgette Neilsen in the last picture?

  9. Emma says:

    They might not be lesbian. They might be bisexual. Cara and Amber Heard are for sure bi, so maybe don’t title it the celebrity lesbian circle