Zoe Kravitz spent the holiday in Miami, making out with her boyfriend


Zoe Kravitz doesn’t really hide her personal life, but she doesn’t exploit it either. She’s managed to find that balance of “holding hands with her boyfriend in public” and “not walking the red carpet with the latest boyfriend.” It’s a weird balance, but she does it well. For the first half of the year, Zoe was dating singer Twin Shadow, but the relationship seemed to fall apart by the end of the summer. Then in October, she “went public” with actor Karl Glusman. There was a bit of a kerfuffle because when the first photos of Karl and Zoe came out, no one could ID Karl. No one knew who he was. I’m still not completely sure who he is, but you can see his IMDB page here – he’s in Nocturnal Animals, The Neon Demon and the new Netflix show Gypsy.

Anyway, Zoe and Karl took their love to Miami. They were photographed playing on the beach on Christmas Eve, and I sort of believe they probably spent the holiday there, together, possibly without their families. I mean… sure. I think it’s totally fine to spend Christmas/Hanukkah at the beach with your boyfriend and not your family. But she’s been dating this guy for (at most) like three months? Would you choose a boyfriend of three months over a holiday with your mom and siblings? Granted, I’m pretty sure Lenny Kravitz has a place in Miami, so maybe Zoe and Karl spent the holiday with her dad.

Also: what do you think of Zoe’s blonde hair? I think it’s too white-blonde.



Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Danielle says:

    I wondered about celebs spending time with new bfs/gfs rather than family after reading glasses the kstew post.

  2. smcollins says:

    As drop-dead gorgeous as she is that shade of blonde does nothing for her. Too severe in my opinion, but if she likes it…

  3. freebunny says:

    Lol, don’t forget Karl’s biggest role in Love.
    I mean, I like the guy, he’s lovely but I can say I know him very intimately.

  4. als says:

    I think Zoe resembles Gwen Stefani a lot. They both have edgy looks and relationships addicted personalities.

    • perplexed says:

      Is Gwen Stefani as relationship addicted as this one? It seems like she’s only been out with three people in her life, and she’s in her late 40s.

  5. Snowflake says:

    Lenny Kravitz has a place in Miami? *Packing bags, loading car*

  6. KC says:

    Don’t like the blonde. Anyway, considering who her stepdad is I’ve always thought it was interesting that she looks like Daenaerys from GOT. With that blonde hair I think she’s now a dead-ringer for the character.

  7. ria says:

    Her Mama looks so pretty, her Papa so cool, her Stepdad so awesome, maybe she is still searching out what look works for her.

  8. Lucy says:

    I like Zoe a lot. Don’t know him, but he’s really cute!

  9. serena says:

    I don’t think blonde hair suit her well. Anyway I would have loved to spend a Christamas with Lenny Kravitz and/or Jason Momoa.. damn.

  10. jenn12 says:

    Karl Glusman put it all out there in this French movie called Love. And the platinum isn’t her best look, so I hope it is for a film. I love her confidence, but Cree Summer is her godmother and Lisa Bonet is her mom, and Lenny Kravitz is her dad, so no surprise that she’s edgy and confident.

  11. huh says:

    She looks like an albino *** with that hair.

  12. Coconut says:

    Lenny no longer has a place in Miami that I’m aware of (and I study him). His main place is in Eleuthera, Bahamas, and it looks like Zoe was there on 12/26, along with LK and his righthand music partner, guitarist Craig Ross, Craig’s wife Goya Toledo (Spanish actor and bestie of Penelope Cruz), and Craig’s daughter Devon Ross. There’s a photo of Zoe and Devon on Devon’s IG feed 12/26.

  13. QQ says:

    Corollary to Zoe ( who I love, No I don’t mind the hair but it isn’t a “best” look for her I’m surprised that no One covered the ADORABLE vid Jason Momoa made basically Honoring his mom/wife and kids, ( who were shown! Gorgeous!!) where he casually Includes Zoe by mention as one of his kids, he called her Zozo Bear ( and i almost died) .. it really was so so so tender and loving