Celebitchy’s most commented stories 2016: Brangelina split, Trump is President

The most commented posts of 2016 are a look at the stories which dominated the gossip news, primarily two somewhat shocking splits, a humorous hookup followed by an inevitable breakup and the extreme sh*tshow which was American politics this year. I think we’re all just about over the pile of flaming garbage which was 2016. I don’t want to jinx it because there are still a few days left. We’ve lost so many idols and legends and we’ve gained gross incompetence and a bleak future. Fingers crossed that 2017 is much, much better but I’ll take even marginally better.

Last year the most commented stories were about Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter’s wedding and their new baby. This year we were shocked to hear that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had split, that Pitt was investigated for child abuse, and that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp had also split amidst credible evidence that he was an abusive piece of sh*t. Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston made a cute and cringe-inducing pair until Tom came to his senses, and we thought that Hillary had the presidency in the baguntil she didn’t. These are the top 37 most commented posts of the year, in reverse order of subject.

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June and July: Tiddles is real

Remember June and July, when Taylor Swift dumped salty Calvin Harris and promptly invited the paparazzi to catch her cuddling with Tom Hiddleston on a rocky beach on Rhode Island? We were all so innocent then. In their whirlwind three month romance, Tom and Taylor traveled to Australia, Nashville , Rome and England were they were of course photographed at every turn despite the relative scarcity of paparazzi in those places. They met each other’s families and friends and we heard breathless sourced reports about how happy and in love they were. Tom even confirmed their relationship in an interview. Then Kim Kardashian dropped the receipts that Taylor was fibbing about not getting a heads up on Kanye’s Famous lyric about her. Tom was unbothered, according to sources, but the seed had been planted. These two split in early September, their summer romance a well-documented memory. Also, who could forget Tom posing in his underwear for W Magazine?

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May and June: Johnny Depp is a horrible person

Amber Heard & Johnny Depp Have Called It Quits **FILE PHOTOS**
Before we get into this sad story, I need to say that some of these articles would have received many more comments if we didn’t put the kibosh on the trolls commenting under multiple nicks on behalf of Johnny Depp. In fact we still get suspicious overseas commenters who come in to defend Johnny on posts about him, predictably repeating the talking points we heard from Johnny’s bros and employees. In late May, Amber Heard was granted a domestic abuse restraining order against Depp. Heard had multiple witnesses to Depp’s abuse and had tried to settle this out of court. Instead it became an all-out press war, with Depp attempting to smear Heard and Heard presenting concrete evidence of Depp’s abuse, including text messages and photos of her battered face. Heard was granted a $7 million settlement from Depp in the divorce, which she intended to donate entirely to charity. Depp’s subsequent behavior – paying only part of the settlement to Heard’s charities instead of directly to her as ordered, refusing to pay the remainder of the settlement and then requesting that she pay his legal fees – was textbook abuser.

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November: Welcome our new orange overlord

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go head-to-head in their third and final 2016 presidential debate, live from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News; as seen on NBC.
Our first inkling that a Trump presidency was possible was June’s Brexit, where UK voters decided to leave the EU and David Cameron subsequently resigned. Xenophobia and fear won out in the US too despite Trump alienating the Republican establishment and despite his horrible performance in the debates and in life. We soon learned how ridiculously unprepared Trump was for the presidency, but facts and evidence aren’t convincing to the people who actually voted for him. Many of us wished that Presidential term limits were not in force because we would have voted for Obama again and he probably would have won.

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September: Brangelina is no more

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s shocking split announcement on September 20 was the most commented post of 2016 (although not the most commented of all time, that remains reserved for Benedict Cumberbatch walking the red carpet for the first time with his then-fiance, Sophie Hunter). The follow-up stories, including that Pitt was under investigation by CPS after an altercation with Maddox on a plane (he was subsequently cleared), just brought it home that even the most rich, famous and attractive people have problems. Maybe we should have seen the rest of the year coming.

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  1. robyn says:

    To me there is only one story of any significance to the world and that was the American election. Maybe Obama would have won, maybe not. Hillary should have won by a mile but America showed its true colors and elected p*ssygrabbing conman Trump in large part thanks to Russia. This election was corrupted over years of cultivating Trump. Democracy was hit hard and stealthily by a foreign country. That is big … that is the electronic age and warfare like we have never seen before.

    • Katydid20 says:

      Agreed. I feel like everyone out there knows and remembers where they were when they realized Trump was gonna win……..

      • Shambles says:

        Drunk as absolute sh!t in my friend’s aparment, crying, calling people, and then dancing to the Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

      • WeAreAllMadeOfStars says:

        Yeah. It was my birthday, and I was sitting in bed sick as a dog, suddenly grateful for the way in which that illness and an exam recently bumped up to the 9th had foiled my original plans of creating a red, white, and blue birthday candle tiara and hitting the town that evening in honor of 3 consecutive Democratic terms. Sad face.

      • MC2 says:

        Right?! It’s a time in history for sure akin to where I was when Princess Di passed and 9/11. I remember my heart stopping, the room spinning and I turned to my husband and said “did the Russians hack our election?! Oh god- what is happening?!” I will never forget.

      • Rico Shew says:

        I was at wotk. At the start it seemed like Hillary was on track and people were indifferent but then shock waves went through the office as Trump surged to victory.

    • Nancy says:

      100. Every year couples you thought would last forever break up. You always have fluff pieces about the Taylors and Kardashians of the world. These stories were the norm on sites like this. But trump changed it all. We dropped our security blankets and were forced to face the realities of the world. We have to have faith, make changes where and when we can and make sure this is a pit stop, not trump’s world. If we remain silent, the world will never be the same again. We can’t let that happen. Half of the country already knows this and the other will soon learn. A year from now I have faith we will be talking about Taylor’s new boyfriend and Kim’s fourth husband and trump will be as he was before, forgotten.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes. My kids teased me because when he entered the race I dismissed his chances at winning, and I continued to dismiss him right up until election night. I just could not wrap my head around the fact that anyone could support this appallingly unqualified bigot. Who knew the extent to which the election had been corrupted — and don’t forget the anti-Hillary propaganda machine that endlessly churned — I feel so naive and stupid now. I also should have known that the tea party had gained serious traction, it’s happened in my own town, yet I foolishly continued to believe that reason and sanity would prevail.

      • LAK says:

        I’m not an American so i have no dog in this race, but my family was in politics and we continue to have conversations, debates, heated discussions about politics in general, especially American politics.

        Anyhue, for once we were all on the same side, namely Bernie. However, once Hilary received the nomination, it seemed like a done deal.

        That said, we dismissed Trump right upto his nomination. Then we all started paying proper attention to both sides.

        And winced at the numerous mistakes Clinton made. It wasn’t a case of Trump being brilliant or inciting people or tapping into something extraordinary. He did those things, BUT every week brought another mistake by the Clinton campaign and we could see her losing ground.

        Trump wasn’t necessarily gaining ground, but she was losing it.

        Following her progress was like watching a slow moving car crash.

        Still, considering Trump was her opponent, we thought that she might pull it off at the last minute.

        Post-election, people believe whatever excuse of the week is being given for her defeat. I guess it’s too soon. And Trump’s election is still too shocking.

    • EM says:

      And I read last night that consumer confidence is at the highest since 2001 so what I’ve learned is that the majority of Americans have become short sighted, lazy, mean-spirited and selfish. Not to be dramatic but this election and especially the outcome are the death knell to Democracy. At least Trump will be remembered for something generations from now.

      • Lindsey says:

        Did you see the response to the State Farm engagement ad featuring an interracial couple? It was so disgusting and hateful. It turned my stomach. Have they always been so hateful and now it is open season? It’s awful and disturbing.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      robyn, I totally agree.

  2. Nemera34 says:

    I’m still very heart broken about Brad/Angie. I don’t care what anyone who doesn’t like them say or think. I loved them together. And it just makes me very sad for them and the kids. Hoping they can come out of this as co parents supporting each other and their children together.

    Michelle and Barack Obama are going to be missed so much. I love them. And they have such class and dignity. We are going to be without that for the next few years. And I hope every time we see this Office going down the drain people are slapped in the face with how President Obama may not have done what everyone wanted him to do; but he will never be as gross as this person that will take the office seat next.

  3. Sixer says:

    What a rotten year. Even PAPER KNICKERS don’t make up for it.

    Please don’t give up, Celebitches. And here’s hoping you all find 2017 offers you something better.

  4. third ginger says:

    For American progressives, so much was lost this year. My hope is that issues that involve social justice [voting rights,Planned Parenthood, LGBT rights] will be supported. Sadly, many Trump voters do not oppose these issues; they simply did not think about them when they voted [as opposed to the strain of actual homophobes and racists who also voted for Trump. CB was a great distraction with all manner of wit and nonsense!!

  5. Luca76 says:

    Oh the Tiddlesbanging that was a glorious thing and a gift from the gossip gods over way too soon. And Brangelina over it’s the end of a gossip era but also no biggie because you know we are heading into Armageddon because of the Orange one sigh.

  6. Eric says:

    I’m very appreciative of the coverage CB gave to the election and its aftermath. While deeply concerned about the future, I found some if the articles and especially the comments informative and hilarious. This has helped me come to terms with a Emperor Zero’s upcoming presidency (however long that lasts).
    I’m looking forward to the snarky comments and posts to continue to help me get through this.
    Thank you posters and CB!

  7. MC2 says:

    The part about the accounts for pro-Depp is crazy. There is a poster who I think keeps changing her name but not her mo. She used to admit she voted for Trump (or was just considering voting for him during election), now she says that “I didn’t vote for him but……” and then she tries to start trouble in the guise of “just commenting, being helpful & wanting my free space”. I think her goal is to plant seeds that are pro-Trump and mainly to divide liberal women within. Or she likes this site, agrees with it and is too brainwashed to admit it but she spews things that aren’t true and put on here that HRC was a child molester. If this is mainly the same person and I think it is……a new name & then several posts in a row on one day only to change their name again but say the same things then it sucks. I think she causes harm (inserts herself to divide us & spread lies) and I think we should watch out & not give these trolls our time & attention. Watch out for the wolves in sheep clothing…..

    • Tiffany :) says:

      There was a pro-Trump commenter that posted a link to an article on Sputnik, the propaganda website run by the Kremlin. We do have to be a little cautious about our fellow commenters.

      • MC2 says:

        Yes- I am reading between the lines now on a post before I comment. I side eye posters who come across with a “I’m sure I will be attacked here but……” and don’t pick up the bait. They typically don’t seem too crazy and then after a couple posts they start pushing their leaders propaganda. It’s a crazy time we are living in! I am thankful that I learned about propaganda from studying WWII and came here to learn how to spot a catty b4tch with a hidden agenda.

      • Fluff says:

        It would be nice to have better commenting tools – like be able to create profile, verify it by sending verification email to subscribed email address & only then allow comments.. click on commenter, go to their profile page. See their photo, how long they are active , their history. Then it is much easier to see who is fake and who isnt. Like on Reddit or Twitter.. Celebitchy, invest in ur awesome commenting community 🙂

      • MC2 says:

        Fluff- I like it & I also wish we could up vote comments.

  8. minx says:

    I was sad about the Pitt/Jolie split because I thought they were a great couple. But I’m sadder about the way the whole thing has been played out in the media–sad for their kids.
    Trump is a disaster, a catastrophe, a nightmare. I can only hope he quits, dies or is impeached before he does too much damage.

  9. Jay (the Canadian one) says:

    I can’t see how 2017 can be better than 2016. 2016 had President-Elect Trump. 2017 will have President Trump.

    Meanwhile yes there have been a lot of celebrity deaths (which I think touch particularly close to home for people of my generation) but there are many more in that age group and time marches on. It seems wishful thinking to think 2017 will be pushing “pause” on that.

    Also, long may she reign, but I worry about QE2 going into 2017.