Kylie Jenner looks like Kardashian 2.0 from the front and the back now

Seriously though, it’s worth pointing out that Kylie Jenner is NOT a Kardashian. She is a Jenner. While Kim and Kourtney Kardashian got their dad’s small-framed-but-curvy Armenian genes, Kylie and Kendall got their father’s long, lean genes. But you wouldn’t know it from how Kylie Jenner has remade herself into the new version of Kim. At this point, Kylie looks like Kardashian 2.0, now with an even faker butt.

So, yeah, Kylie posted this photo on Tuesday. Many sites have pointed out that Kylie’s actually giving a shout-out to Fashion Nova jeans, and that’s a problem because Khloe’s got a new denim line called Good American and Kylie’s not promoting her sister’s line. But this isn’t just mindless promotion out of the good of her heart – Kylie is absolutely being paid to shill for these high-waisted monstrosities. Beyond all of that though… look at how Kylie has gone “full Kardashian” from the back. I’m sorry, but no. Kylie was always going to be built like Kendall – long and lean, and not curvy in the least. But now she’s got the fake boobs and a butt that looks more “Kardashian” than Kim’s. It’s almost a full Khloe-esque Pinocchio Butt.

What else is going on with Kylie? Well, she was criticized for her Christmas presents to her nieces Penelope and North. North is three years old, Penelope is four. And Kylie made them special “lip kits,” because small children love high-end lipstick.

Last thing: Kylie’s lips look like she’s having an allergic reaction to something.

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Photos courtesy of Kylie’s social media.

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  1. Angel82 says:

    She looks so plastic. It is so sad.

    • C says:

      She looks deformed.

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        This has to be an odd photo shopped picture- is it possible she’s made her rear end this large? I really mean no disrespect to women who are shaped this way. But ORLY- is this how bit it is or is this a fake photo?

      • Snowflake says:

        Definitely Photoshopped. The belt loop is really long, so I think they stretched the middle of the jeans down to give her a smaller, more hourglass looking waist.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        I knew that if she had just ONE MORE thing done to herself, she’d go from looking pretty to abnormal/freakish.

    • doofus says:

      plastic AND sad…empty eyes…

      • Radley says:

        Yeah, these posts actually make me feel bad for her. Did she ever have a chance coming from that family?

        And using toddlers to pimp cosmetics is just horrendous. Please let these little girls be little girls.

      • vespernite says:

        So damn empty! Her vapidness really pisses me off. Money can’t buy substance.

    • Pawra says:

      SO sad.
      I’m actually starting to pity her since she doesn’t have the sense or awareness to pity herself. She REEKS of desperation and it’s just so pathetic to watch her deform her body for attention.

      • Mel M says:

        That’s all she has in her head. Thinking about the next selfie, the next procedure, the next big purchase. And I can’t stand how all of these girls over use the word “obsessed”. They are “obsessed” with everything it seems.

      • Aang says:

        I feel this way about pretty much all medically unnecessary plastic surgery. But only the K family seems to be bashed for it. Other cases get the “their body their choice” treatment. Yes the K’s take it to an extreme but fake boobs or a fake nose on anyone are still as fake as Kylie’s new butt. There is something wrong with a person’s sense of self when they deform a perfectly fine body part to try and meet an impossible standard. I see it as a mental illness. There are real risks to any surgery and risking one’s life in pursuit of subjective perfection is not normal. People who have had accidents or illness are another story.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        I’ve seen lots of cis famous women who get any type of work done be bashed for it, not just the Jenners/Kardashians, but the Kardashians/Jenners probably get more criticism for it because they’re in the public’s face all the time and disliked, they always tell the same old lies about the work they get done, (women who are honest about not being all-natural can escape some of the shaming), they keep getting multiple things done to the point where they look unnatural and like the sister or cousin of the girls they were before the surgery, and in Kylie’s case, because it started when she was 16. (and was at least allowed, but possibly encouraged by her mother).
        It’s not automatically a mental illness for an adult to get one or two different types of cosmetic procedures done in their lifetime just because that carries medical risk though. People regularly do all kinds of things with their bodies that are unnecessary and carry different kinds of medical risks, either for beauty or some kind of fashion statement, out of laziness, for pleasure, or just because of convenience or some habit they have. It may be vain or careless, but it’s not necessarily a mental illness.

    • NastyWoman` says:

      The only “good” thing about this is that none of them can now say they are “natural.” Because both Kim and Khloe deny having fake butts.

    • minx says:

      She’s so young and looks so old.
      She will constantly be undergoing surgery and procedures to maintain all the work she’s had done at such a young age.

    • MorningCoffee says:

      Just sad and empty.

  2. Tessa says:

    I’ve often pointed this out. Underneath the dark hair dye, concrete foundation and plastic surgery, is a freckley, lighting haired slender Northern European descended child. She is NOT a dark Armenian temptress.
    Plus, BOAK go away

    • Millennial says:

      Yes. It super bothers me the extremes she’s gone to look more like her Armenian sisters — it’s cultural appropriation at its worst. I don’t know why more people don’t call her out on it more.

      • Lynnie says:

        Because if you point out that Kylie and her sisters are culture vultures you get 4784999 responses saying, “oh it’s just hair,” “or I have xyz, so this isn’t a racial thing,” or my personal favorite, “cultures are meant to be shared!!!1!” (while completely ignoring the nuances and why exactly the Kardashian-Jenners are not the ones to share such culture). So in other words people don’t see CA as much of a big deal yet.

      • Shijel says:

        What, call her out? No, you cannot try to be like your wildly successful Armenian-American breadwinning older sister? I don’t know. Not sure if I’m comfortable with throwing “cultural appropriation” around among family members, especially considering that Kylie and Kendall are both black-haired and tan naturally, and not ONE of these Kardashian or Jenner girls have those tits and backside naturally.

        Can we not?

      • sirokese says:

        Cultural appropriation at its worst?
        Armenian sisters?

        Her sisters are US citizens with an US citizen father of Armenian descent in the 4th (?) generation and an US citizen mother of European descent.

        Maybe sister or Kim appropriation.

        It is very likely that I know more about Armenia than the Kardashian Klan.

      • NastyWoman` says:

        Is it Armenian culture she is appropriating, though? Because even Kim didn’t come by anything but her dark hair naturally. She bought her lips, hips and butt around the same time she started hanging out with Blac Chyna. Does no one remember that Chyna was BFF’s with Kim for a while (before Tyga started creeping with Kylie)? What they are appropriating is the body type most associated with black women,

      • sura says:

        Lmfao appropriating culture to be more Armenian? Haahhahahahahab

        No. every si gel person in that trash family except kourtney appropriates black culture. They have fetishes for black men so change everything about themselves to attract them.

      • Emily says:

        @NastyWoman Kim had full lips her whole life as well as a large rear end and boobs as a teenager. Did she inflate her butt/hip area more in the 2010’s? Yes. But it’s inaccurate to say she never had that silhouette naturally. She most certainly did.

        Large boobs and/or large hips are not a solely black feature.

      • NastyWoman` says:

        @Emily – I’m old enough to remember the original Kim and EVERYTHING is inflated. And I never said that silhouette belongs solely to black women, I said it’s most associated with black women. Black women are the most maligned and least regarding group of women in history, so – you know what – let us claim our body type. And that is a black woman body type that they are copying.

      • KB says:

        Kim got breast implants when she was a teenager, wasn’t that in her divorce papers?

      • Ican't says:

        As much as I hate what Kylie has done to herself, I can’t call this cultural appropriation. People use that term too loosely. Is is CA when a black woman straightens her hair? Is it CA when when a white woman gets lip injections? Come on people. Let’s just agree that altering ones appearance at such a young age is sign of insecurity and aim our outrage where it belongs…at Trump and the year 2016 🙂

      • Millennial says:

        I guess I should clarify that I intended my comment to be about her attempts to make herself look more “exotic” (loaded term I know) – browner skin (not just tan), more almond shaped eyes, etc… I certainly would call that appropriation. A nose job or lip injections are one thing, but now she just looks like a younger Kim, and she shouldn’t, given that Kim is half-Armenian and she’s not.

        I also agree the Kardashians have cashed in on a lot of African American features. That’s a whole nother can of worms.

    • Talie says:

      Sometimes she will post a “no-makeup” photo and she really is loaded up with freckles and much more pale. That makeup is really caked on.

      I noticed the butt expansion during her birthday in Turks…her hips had really blown out. It’s like an episode of Nip/Tuck.

      • McMe says:

        I’m trying to respond to sura – A fetish refers to feelings for a particular object, not a person. I’ve been called a fetish many times as a black woman and it’s very offensive.

    • Matomeda says:

      You know…this is a bit weird. All she’s trying to do is look like her sister, which is its own issue. But cultural appropriation? They aren’t dressing up in traditional garb, etc. Armenian is white- causcaus mountains region. And there are dark haired people in every country- Kris Jenner always had dark hair and eyes and she’s of Germanic descent! This is a strange thread.

      • Lynnie says:

        There have been numerous threads/examples/discussions of Kim (and later on Kylie and Khloe) ripping off black/urban culture whenever they need to look edgy or want to tap into their target demographic. Kim’s first butt lift that started this whole thing wasn’t some sort of Armenian back to her roots thing that’s for sure. That’s the CA I’m talking about.

      • NastyWoman` says:

        Lynnie – You said what I tried to say above, but got caught up in mod.

      • Marie-France says:

        @Lynnie & NastyWoman: THIS

    • profd'anglais says:

      Armenians are Caucasian… literally, as historic Armenia included regions in the Caucasus mountains. They tend to be darker complected than people from Northern Europe, but they aren’t a different race. It’s sad that Kylie can’t be happy with her natural appearance, but that’s hardly cultural appropriation.

      • rocio says:

        This. I don’t see anybody saying Angela Sarafyan (Clementine in Westworld) is anything other than white and she was born in Armenia to Armenian parents rather than in California to parents of Northern European and Armenian descent. We’ve seen Kim shift her style, body and even her skin tone (from a pale quite sallow Olive toned white to a very tan orange-brown) and we’re seeing Kylie do the same. They obviously see it as profitable. It’s also appropriation of the worst kind: rich white women wearing a stereotypical aesthetic of economically deprived black women as a costume. If poverty tourism makes you feel dirty, so should this.

    • Matomeda says:

      @Lynnie yup that’s for sure! +1 on the kardashians CA black culutre

  3. Gaby says:

    Damn! How can anyone think this looks remotely good? She legit scares the hell out of me.

    • Tourmaline says:

      Amen. I am scared and need to be held.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      My brain can’t understand how she won’t topple over when she stands up. I hope that is photo trickery, because she looks so outside of her body’s frame. That must feel so odd to sit on after spending your whole life sitting on real butt.

  4. NOLA says:

    She isn’t recognizable anymore. I have no words.

    • AMY says:

      I totally agree. Right down to her eyes. Nothing looks the same anymore! What makes me sick and scared is that my 18 year old niece loves her lip kits and thinks she is “so beautiful”. She even colored her beautiful, natural red hair…black to mimic this thing!
      I have tired to preach to her that this girl is not a normal role model. She is fake and is famous for nothing. I am so scared for our young ones. THIS IS WHO THEY CONSIDER A ROLE MODEL…WTF.

  5. Teatimeiscoming says:

    What she has done to herself is grotesque

    • Tate says:

      It is really sick and she is still so damn young. Can you imagine what she will have done to herself by the time she hits 30?

      • teatimeiscoming says:

        Not even 30; just once it’s settled and what she’s done is no longer “fashionable.” I mean, you can remove implants, but you’re left with saggy spots that require fixing.
        At this point, she’s more plastic than flesh, and it’s sad. It’s sad on so many levels that I can’t begin.

    • Saras says:

      I always felt gross seeing her overly sexed up since she was a kid. She is still under 21 and it still makes me gag. Great mom! Pedo peddler P.M.K.

      • Otaku Fairy says:

        We both agree that Kris Jenner sucks as a parent, but calling it ‘pedo peddling’ when a parent allows a daughter under 21 (and in the case of 18-20-year olds, that ‘allows’ deserves a lot of quotation marks) to dress a certain way perpetuates into the victim-blaming ‘girls, women, and their parents can/are supposed to make abusive perverts keep their hands to themselves with a little good-old-fashioned modesty’ myth.

  6. Sam says:

    It’s like the Kardashians and Jenners don’t realize that your boobs or butt don’t get big like that over night. That’s why we can tell everything is fake. They’re one way one day and then the next day they’ve got a new butt, boobs or lips to show off. Fake. Fake. Fake.

    In regards to the lip kit. I think it’s the right idea. My 4 and 3 year old nieces love lipstick but I wouldn’t get them an actual lip kit. More like kids lip gloss or something like that. They have cute Disney ones and stuff.

  7. lightpurple says:

    North’s favorite colors are pink and purple? Not black and gold?

  8. MissMerry says:

    I feel like when you see her in person it’s like looking at a doll you shouldn’t touch, or it’ll fall apart.

    how does she kiss anyone?

    and WHAT is that going to look like in 5 years…10 years…i don’t even want to imagine the sagging, extra skin, etc…

  9. Shijel says:

    Sigh. The Jenners never had a chance, did they. I’m torn. I want to talk sh-t about them so bad, but with a family like this + no discernible intelligence or even book smarts, these girls were screwed from the start. Did they even finish high school? I know Lucifer’s Homegirl pulled them out of school to be homeschooled at some point.
    And to think before all the plastic surgery Kylie really was the cutest. I can’t believe she was dubbed the “ugly Kardashian”.

    Well, they’re lost to the mouth of madness now. A crying shame.

    • Lady D says:

      Kendall is going to end up looking like the freak of the family with her normal frame. I wonder what she thinks when she looks at her sisters? Does she think they are beautiful?

  10. Mari says:

    I’d say she’s well on her way to looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein. So sad.

  11. SM says:

    Shouln’t this be treated like some sort of mental health condition? She is clearly not well and her mother is ignoring that.

    • HappyMom says:

      Not only ignoring it-but clearly encouraging it. Some of those procedures she had when she was a minor.

    • NOLA says:

      My thoughts exactly! I am disgusted that her family is ignoring this (or, more likely, actively encouraging it). She needs help – therapy, a psychiatrist, a good mother-daughter heart-to-heart, etc. I worry about her mental health. This level of plastic surgery does not seem healthy at all

      • jwoolman says:

        The mother in this case encourages surgical modifications, so I doubt that a mother-daughter heart to heart would help. Assuming her mother has a heart, which is a bit in dispute. Khloe said she overheard Demon Mother saying stuff about her nose when she was only about 9 years old. About the same age, Kylie was already worried about her “thin lips” and helpful Kim told her that she can get that changed…. So Kylie really didn’t have much of a chance.

    • Arpeggi says:

      Since when are mental problems taken cared of in that family? Lamar and Scott are addicts but hey! It makes good story lines, right? Rob is messed up. Bruce was laughed out and belittled while he was trying to transition (not a mental illness, I know, but going through it brings anxiety issues I’m sure, you’d need support not being laughed out by your spouse). Everything was pointing to Kanye going into a massive mental breakdown but nothing was done to prevent it… And every single woman in this family underwent plastic surgeries so they’d look “good”/”bang-able”. Of course you’ll get body dysmorphia growing up under such circumstances. No one in this family recognize that mental illness exists and need to be dealt with.

    • Samtha says:

      I agree. It’s very sad. She’s destroyed herself.

    • Red32 says:

      Her mother and Caitlyn were too busy fame whoring to deal with her body dysmorphia or the creepy creeper grooming her while she was underage.

      • NastyWoman` says:

        The creeper who seems to favor a certain body type. Which is probably why he should have stayed with his son’s mother, since she already possessed it.

  12. Lifethelifeaquatic says:

    This is so sad. I have no words. Her body does not look human any longer….I wonder how she will feel about it 10 years from now…or when huge asses aren’t “in style” any longer….I think it’s a trend that’s dying. I hope.

    Anyway, she looks ridiculous.

    • chaine says:

      IKR? that’s what i wonder all the time… eventually tide will turn back to skinny twig women with flat rears, and then she’ll wish she hadn’t injected and implanted lord knows what to be curvy with a big booty.

    • Emily says:

      Eh, she will just remove it. Money will provide whatever body type is “in style” for her.

  13. Nancy says:

    She must hate herself and worship or be over the top jealous of her step sisters to want to look like them so desperately. I remember years ago she said she is curvy (which she wasn’t) like a Kardashian and Kendall was thin like a Jenner. If she’s carving up her body so much at 18, what will she look like at 30. Good mothering Kris, all of your children are officially damaged.

    • WhatThe says:

      Half sisters. Same mother.

      • Nancy says:

        Yep they both share the blood of PMK, which further proves my point above, poor parenting, damaged children. She was around somewhere when Kylie, a teenager was dating an older man, buying her own home, and living as an adult before she was legal. This isn’t just on her shoulders, Caitlyn was so busy working on herself, she seems to have forgotten her daughters. To sum it up, one effed up family. Money isn’t everything, but it seems to be to them, how else could they afford to transform themselves. Run Tristan run.

  14. lightpurple says:

    What “doctor” would agree to do that to a human body?

  15. laur says:

    I just hope it’s padding and not injections/implants because that thing looks ridic on her…

    • NastyWoman` says:

      It’s from working out. Squats, doncha know? Khole even has a video showing you how to get a booty like that. :-/

  16. Jem says:

    Kim did it and made mega-bucks; she’s just following the formula, I guess. If your part of that family this is the pressure you grow up under. This will be North someday too.

    • Lynnie says:

      Yeah I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that North doesn’t have a chance which is a shame 😢

      • Tate says:

        Unless North is extremely confident as a young woman she will face the same fate as her mother and aunts. I am hoping she will beat the odds.

      • Nicole says:

        Let’s hope for the best because Kanye’s mom died from surgery.

  17. WhatThe says:

    I would think that all that plastic crap in your face, boobs, butt and elsewhere must be a little painful. And she’s so young. Wait until gravity sets in.

  18. Nemera34 says:

    She has obviously been influenced a great deal by Kim and her rise to “success”. She wanted the life that Kim has. And she is doing whatever to get there. It reminds me of All About Eve. And as many here have said; it’s very sad what she has and is doing to herself. But look and Khloe. She is doing the exact same thing. just on a different scale. The two of them are trying to be Kim.

  19. Bess says:

    The doctor who did this work should lose his or her license to practice medicine. Kylie has already gone overboard with the fillers & she’s only 19.

    Also when did huge hips become stylish?

    • lightpurple says:

      So far not in my lifetime. I have a big butt, although nothing remotely resembling that thing and I cannot understand why anyone would do that to herself. Clothes don’t fit properly. Pants can be painfully uncomfortable and skirts don’t hang right.

      • chaine says:

        same here. pencil skirts are out of the question. have to buy pants two sizes too big from my waist in order to fit my butt. i HATE it.

    • Bettyrose says:

      In the early 90s of 90210 & high-waisted jeans, big hips must’ve been somewhat stylish. I always felt good about my curvy hips and butt in those years. I didn’t start noticing the cultural obsession with slender hips until the 00s, but I might have just been clueless.

      • Snowflake says:

        @ Bettyrose
        You’re right, i remember being ok with my big hips then. Later it seemed like every guy i liked wanted some thin, petite girl. Thin became in. Now hourglass is in i guess.

      • lightpurple says:

        I have never found high-waisted jeans that fit both my butt and waist.

    • dodgy says:

      Huge hips became stylish with Beyonce and JLo.

    • ash says:

      well i dont know when they became popular for white women…. but uhhh

      Black and Latino populations wide hips and big butt has been the rage since the dawn of time, naturally.

  20. JulP says:

    Based on those recent pics of Kim, it looks like she transferred some of her excess butt fat to Kylie.

    I really can’t believe she thinks this looks good. Had she just left herself alone, she would have been a beautiful young woman. But, as some posters above mentioned, she probably has low self-esteem (thanks to her shitty family & upbringing) and/or BDD. I just feel sorry for her at this point.

  21. Darkladi says:

    I came here to point & laugh but…. poor little Bratz doll 😔

  22. Dani says:

    My daughter is a few months younger than North and would have LOVED lipstick as a Christmas present. She doesn’t put it on anywhere remotely near her lips lol but she likes make up.

    That aside…I sort of get Kylie, but most of me doesn’t. I know tons of girls who had breast implants at 16-17. A girl I’m verrry close with had them gifted for high school grad instead of a car. So okay, I get THAT. But the butt stuff? The new face? Why are is no one fighting for this girl? I can see an overdose or attempted suicide in the next five years once she realizes wtf her life has come to.

    • detritus says:

      See, I know a friend who had a breast reduction at 17 for health reasons, but I can’t imagine giving your child breast implants at 16/17. It’s like agreeing with them that their body isn’t good enough,

    • NastyWoman` says:

      Wow. “Gifting” a child of 16-17 fake boobs is the worst parenting ever.

      • kay says:

        no kidding, eh? the “gift” of self rejection. why???????
        well i guess i can be grateful i had boys and likely never have to worry about them wanting to be ‘gifted’ with a plastic hose…or coconut balls…or whatever ridiculous procedures men could get.
        oh, and thanks for some perspective i did not have prior to reading this thread.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I wanted breast implants at 16 soooooo badly…but I am glad I didn’t get them, because I had a D cup by the time I was 20. Not every body is fully developed by 16 years old, and it might be pointless pain and risk at that point.

  23. Joy says:

    Guys, it’s all just puberty and PMS swelling!

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Make-up contouring and “overlining” her hips and a$$
      I just feel sorry for her, she would have fared better raised by wolves.

  24. Frannydays says:

    She needs to switch her plastic surgeon appointments to psychiatric appointments 🙁

  25. Frigga says:

    Her ass is a monstrosity.

  26. Margo S. says:

    I just think she’s too young to be making such drastic decisions about surgery. If you want to get work done to feel better about yourself I’m all for that. But do it along with therapy, meditation, diet change, etc. Make sure it’s a mind body spirit transformation. She is obviously a very sad young girl.

    • Jess says:

      The sad thing is other young girls are following the same model and are getting their lips and body altered to match kylie’s new look. Here’s one example of a young “famous” instagrammer who is an obvious clone of kylie. She went from this:
      to this:
      and you see tons of comments from young girls calling her “goals” and saying she is perfect and natural.

      She doesn’t just stop at her face, she photoshops her body and if you read the comments, you’ll see young girls idolizing her and her “perfect” body:

      • Grey says:

        Ugh! This makes me so sad and so mad at the same time. Every time I see someone online drooling over someone else’s life, body, boyfriend etc., I feel this slow simmering rage inside. Why is no one telling these girls that they can be their OWN GOALS!? Be the best version of themselves, and not waste tons of time and money trying to be someone else. I mean, I get it, that is pretty much the point of Instagram, but it makes me so mad that few are advocating in that age and peer group to be unique and yourself. I just want all of them to get past their twenties so they can realize that and be free to be themselves! End rant, was just so bothered by that today.

      • Cee says:

        I watch a lot of YT make up tutorials and I used to watch Amy Macedo and my God she is a Kardashian clone. Her make up foundation is 5 shades too dark and orange, and you can see the tan lines on her hands. This look is EVERYWHERE and it’s freaking me out.

  27. Molly says:

    She’s just so sad.
    Also, those pinks and purples were a sweet gift for her nieces, but ONLY if she changed the lipkit formula entirely. I own some, and honestly, the staying power is amazing, which would make it a tremendous mess for little kids.

  28. huh says:

    Maybe the kurves are courtesy of Kris? She was a pretty woman.

  29. Paris says:

    Thing isn’t real… I mean her butt isn’t real. God!
    Photoshop? I hope… And she is only 19. Sad and tragic.

  30. I Choose Me says:

    This is sad. Very sad only.

  31. VegasSchmagus says:

    Along with a plastic surgeon, they must also share the same plumber to reinforce the toilets in their houses……..

  32. Linda says:

    Have any of the members of this family been to an optometrist lately? Can they not see how foolish and ridiculous they look. Kylie is getting really creepy and grotesque looking.

  33. Emily says:

    Just for the record, I have always thought her chest was real. I used to watch KUWTK when she was just a kid, she developed a very large chest pretty early on and it was noticeable. Not to sound creepy–I was similarly endowed as a kid myself so it stood out to me.

    However, the butt/hip situation is surely not natural. I understand she’s trying to achieve a certain “look.” In this family, adjusting yourself via surgical procedures seems to be the norm. I just hope she’s happy. She’s so young and it’s clear she does have an ambitious and kind personality. I hope she tapers off the modification soon. :/

  34. Jade says:

    While I think her sisters and Mum prioritise looks, I think the tipping point for her was a boy. I have a feeling that a boy she liked when she was going into her teens, kept comparing her to her sisters, especially Kendall. When you’re a teen, that hurts and your world hurts, and you want to show the boy or boys what they missed out.

    • NastyWoman` says:

      I think the “boy” (Tyga – let’s not forget he groomed her from when she was under-age) compared her to his ex (Chyna). That’s who Kylie is morphing into and that’s who Kim initially emulated.

  35. Chem says:

    That’s so stupid

  36. Joanie says:

    That ass isn’t just fake, it’s badly photoshopped. Zoom in on the waist.

  37. Lisatorner says:

    It’s not photoshop it’s real she had the upgrade done after her bday when she had “food poisoning” she came back with fat injected in her breasts and and upgrade to her butt. She was just strategic about how she revealed the new body parts a bit at a time. She got the new butt and breasts when she went blonde. (Distraction technique) you can see it in that god awful terry Richardson calander.

    I believe she is mimicking a combination of Kim, Chyna and now Demi rose who tyga hired to make Kylie jealous when she broke up with him.
    It totally worked she went running back to him and had more surgery to make her body look like Demi rose.
    She is 19 and has already had two butt lifts, fat transfer to her breasts, two nose jobs, full veneers and a face full of fillers which is updated biweeekly. Every time she gets something new done she does a strategic roll out posting pictures directly focusing on the area of surgery and then denies it.

    Yet they try to normalize this as “Kylie just being Kylie” “Kylie is special and more mature than other girls her age” instead of a cautionary tale. She reminds me of Tamara ecclestone, all the money in the world but all she wants is to be a page six girl.

  38. Erica_V says:

    That has to be Photoshop right?

  39. Brandi says:

    The kardashians/Jenners appropriate the SHIT out of Black culture, using the “hood girl” style to look cool/edgy. To the ppl who say, it’s just hair, clothes, or that it doesn’t matter, they are either being willfully ignorant or don’t want to admit it. I mean, let’s face it, white people/non black people appropriating Black culture isn’t new at alllll. I side eye the shit out of Black people who think the Kardashian/Jenner women are cool/stylish or look up to them. On another note, a part of me always feels a little sorry for Kylie. When she was younger, before all the surgeries, ppl online used to call her the uglier sister (along with Khloe) and I’m sure it was really hard being a young teen with all those comments about your looks, and comparing her to Kim and Kourtney. It’s sad because she didn’t really get a chance to grow into her looks and mature out of the awkward teen phase. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that out of all them, Kylie and Khloe have had the most extreme “transformations.”

  40. Juluho says:

    I don’t think makeup is a bad gift for little girls, they love it (little boys too). She’s starting to look like Brielle, right? Same lip eye weirdness going on.
    I hope we’re peak plastic surgery right now and future generations stay away. Nothing wrong with a bit here or there but this alien weirdness has got to go.

  41. JezMyOpinion says:

    She’s no more a Kardashian that Khloe is.

  42. lucy2 says:

    That looks like a funhouse mirror photo. Wow.
    Fake butt, fake boobs, fake eyelashes, fake lips, pounds of makeup…and so young. it’s really sad. Kim’s got 15+ years on her and is already starting to look weird from all the surgery, God only knows what this girl will look like by the time she hits 30.

  43. LAK says:

    I really hope for her sake that is photoshop.

  44. Dana says:

    Look at the boxes in the height of her hip – they are bend. Def Photoshop. Pathetic, either way

  45. Twinkle says:

    She is so tragic.

  46. ASH says:

    If only she were as invested in expanding her brain as she is in expanding her body parts.