‘Family friends’ claim George & Amal Clooney are expecting twins


Ever since George Clooney married then-Amal Alamuddin in 2014, the tabloids have been Bump Watching the crap out of her. Not only that, there are a million stories about Amal’s alleged IVF, possible surrogacy and more. She’s 37 years old and George is 54 years old. While it wouldn’t surprise me if they did need some help to get pregnant, I’ve always wondered if both of them had taken kids off the table with each other. I mean, do kids really fit in with their lifestyle? Then again, many feel like George has really tried to change up his personal brand, and fatherhood would definitely help that along. So, what’s new? Well, Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper is reporting that “family friends” say that George and Amal are expecting.

Could George Clooney be about to become a daddy—twice over? A report in Lebanon’s Daily Star claims that the high-profile Hollywood actor and his wife, Amal, are expecting twins, citing as their source a family friend in Lebanon. Amal Clooney has joint British and Lebanese citizenships. Amal, a 37-year-old prominent human-rights lawyer who works in a prestigious London law firm, married the 54-year-old Oscar-winner in Italy in 2014. The couple live in a historic mansion in England. There have been numerous false reports since their marriage that the Clooneys may be expecting, and the couple have not commented on the new claims.

[From The Daily Beast]

If true, this might be an explanation for why there were no Clooney pap-strolls in the last few months of 2016. Granted, it did feel like George and Amal were trying to dial it back in 2016 (compared to the Look-At-Us grandeur of their famewhoring in 2014 & 2015). Could it be that they’ve gone quiet because Amal is expecting? Will George and Amal roll up to the Academy Awards this year with baby bump? That would be amazing. As for the idea of twins… if twins are happening, I will believe that they had some fertility help.


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46 Responses to “‘Family friends’ claim George & Amal Clooney are expecting twins”

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  1. jmo says:

    LOL well now that Brangelina is over it’s their time to shine ;D

  2. Talie says:

    I was at a talk Maureen Dowd gave and she said Amal had visited the NY Times before the election for an off-the-record talk. She suggested Clooney may run in the future now that Trump broke through as a celebrity.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I always expected that Clooney wanted in to politics. He’s been very vocal about issues from those at home to Dafur.

      • Jayna says:

        I’m surprised to hear that. He said this a year ago and was very specific about it.

        Asked whether he’d ever run for office during a press conference in Beverly Hills, Clooney laughed. “I’ve been asked that for almost 20 years now and the answer is just, no,” said Clooney. “Who would ever want to live like that?”

        ” I’m friends with a lot of those guys and I just think it’s hell,” he said. “I commend people who go into public service because it’s such a horrible way to get elected, it’s such a horrible time while you’re in office, it’s more polarized now than arguably since the Civil War in many ways, and I think people will argue over things that they believed in 6 years ago or 8 years ago because it’s not their guy saying it.”

        “So, no, I wouldn’t want to be in politics. I have no interest in it… I have every interest in being involved from the outside and trying to get things done that are important to me.”

      • Kate says:

        The man really loves his work and his lifestyle. I doubt he’d give that up for a political career.

    • mayamae says:

      But you no longer need kids to run for office. We have openly gay politicians, and one very prominent and powerful closeted politician.*

      *Although that isn’t necessarily your point.

  3. QQ says:

    AMAZING! If True>.. OMG the fashions!!!

    • Miss M says:

      Right?! Dying to see this happening!
      If this was “leaked”, it’s his team trsting the pr waters to come forward officially…

    • Tiffany27 says:

      That was my first thought too QQ! Ima need damn near daily pap strolls.

  4. Patricia says:

    I don’t think his decision to become a father would be to help “his brand”. I’m sorry I just don’t see that. Becoming a father is a major life change and an incredible responsibility and gift. I think George would be doing it for the right reasons.

    If they have twins on the way, best wishes to them!

    • Ramona says:

      Ikr? Hes known as a well liked actor director humanitarian who married a distinguished human rights lawyer. Why would he need to “work on brand” at this point? Its not like they hooked up on a movie set while the other was married. Theres no scandal to hide. If this is true, he probably just met someone he wanted to reproduce with. It happens. Often.

      • supposedtobeworking says:

        right now his brand is sort of ‘inauthentic, former cocktail-waitress loving, hyper-aware of his own press, takes himself too seriously, married a poster girl for social climbing’ guy. Yes, Amal has worked hard to get where she is, and I am not tearing her down. She loves a camera, and seems to have great appreciation for celebrity, and George helped sell their image. So I think kids would definitely change the narrative of his brand.

      • mayamae says:

        I don’t really believe that’s George’s brand. But if so, he’s a shoe in for the Trump voters.

  5. tracking says:

    Could be true, we haven’t seen them in quite a while. But I always thought he was clear about not wanting kids.

    • SusanneToo says:

      He was always clear about never marrying again and, well, ….

    • Jayna says:

      There was one interview he gave a long time ago that was the only time he talked actually having kids. He said if he did it would be at a time when he wasn’t focused so much on his career, which he very much was at the time, because he would want to be able to devote time to his child. Other than that, he pretty much has said kids aren’t in the cards for him.

    • Megan says:

      Just the idea of having twins exhausts me. More power to them.

      • molly says:

        The idea of having twins at 54 exhausts me. I had mine at 30, and while wonderful, it’s no walk in the park. The Clooneys would obviously have plenty of hired help, but kids and babies are still kids and babies.

    • Kate says:

      His friends said years ago when he was in hospital due to his back injury he asked them all about how they juggled family and work.

      He always seemed like someone who actually quite liked the idea of having a family, but liked his work more and was self-aware enough to realise it. His back means he can’t quite work like he used to, and he’s always said he’ll happily age out of leading man roles rather than force it, so now he might feel he has time to dedicate to family.

  6. Jamie says:

    Probably with help.

    • astrid says:

      I was under some impression that he was “fixed”, which might be complicated to reverse

      • MostlyMegan says:

        Actually they can just extract the sperm directly from the scrotum for IVF, no need for a vasectomy reversal unless you are doing it the ‘old fashioned’ way.

      • spidey says:

        @ MostlyMegan “unless you are doing it the ‘old fashioned’ way.”

        Can’t think what you mean. :lol:

    • BTownGirl says:

      Or it could be that women are more likely to release more than one egg at a time as they age! On the other hand, I’ve always just assumed he had a vasectomy. Either way, if this is true, I can’t wait for the maternity outfits ;)

  7. Sarah says:

    She always gets a lot of hate on the Internet, poor woman.

    • Louisa says:

      You know what does deserve hate though? Those jeans. Yikes.
      I’m in love with the dog though.

    • mayamae says:

      As a Brangelina fan, I noticed that their fans somehow perceived George/Amal as in competition with Angie/Brad. There were endless comments that George and Brad were never really friends, and specific attacks on Amal’s physical appearance and activism. Since I’ve been reading here for years, it was very easy to see that these commenters were the most fanatical in their love for Brangelina.

      • YepIsaidit says:

        They are still trashing them on justjared. LoL they truly believe George is in love with Brad Pitt- but in their minds who isn’t in love with Brad Pitt.

  8. Zapp Brannigan says:

    2017 is off to a cracking gossip start!

  9. Jayna says:

    Meh, I don’t believe it. This early they wouldn’t be telling the type of relatives that would go to some publication.

    I think he’s the type that would actually be a great father, though, at this time in his life, more settled.

  10. Fa says:

    This picture were in the mid October when she visited him on the set, she is not even 3 months top now how do they know is twins?

    • Rachel says:

      Supposedly she’s due in March. Which still doesn’t make any sense. There are photos of her at the end of October and she’s so thin, you can see her hip bones through her jeans. Maybe that’s when the surrogate is due?

    • molly says:

      Depending on the potentially fertility-assisted route they took, they’d know within days of a positive pregnancy test if it was multiples or not. You get a tremendous amount of monitoring and ultra sounds by using specialists.

  11. Yup, Me says:

    I love the idea of them being a CFBC happy couple and her doing her thing with her career and their commitments to their passion projects. If they want kids, I hope they have them, but I appreciate representation for people who choose not to have children and still manage to have fulfilling lives (somehow- how do they find the will to survive? :-/ )

  12. Em' says:

    When I was sixteen I would dream that I was older and that I was married to George and we had twins. Our kids were best friends with Brad and Jen’s babies, obviously.

    No that I admitted one of my darkest secrets I will see myself out.

  13. Nimbolicious says:

    Then again, a blind in the last couple of weeks said they were on the verge of Splitsville, so who knows what the dealio is….

  14. Bianca says:

    Not 37 yrs old.
    39 next month.

    • Miss M says:

      Good catch! She is, at least, 2 years older than me and I am turning 37 next month. Ha!

    • noway says:

      Yes they both are aging in reverse he is 55 and 56 in May. But I guess when you are talking about babies in the tabloids we age them differently.

  15. NeoCleo says:

    If this is true then I am really looking forward to seeing their kids. They will be glorious.

  16. Dana says:

    I’m sure this has nothing to with all the divorce rumours which have been aroud for weeks. Amal was seen looking her usual skinny self in November no sign of a baby bump. If she is supposed to have them in March she would have been show in November. If it’s true Amal isn’t carrying them which could explain her hiding there are pictures of her drinking alcohol in June/July/August. I don’t see George slowing down And Amal doesn’t have a brilliant career she get’s bought into cases for the attention she is a junior barrister with clients who are the worse of the worst. Amal loves her designer wardrobe do you really think she will ruin her skinny butt for a kid? George has made it more then clear he doesn’t want kids at all he has mentioned his films are his legacy and he has talked about that with his parents. I think this rumour was started by Amals side to try and stop all the divorce rumours. Why would George start a rumour in Beirut? George is busy editing who knows what Amal is up to maybe some plastic surgery? Her boobs are way bigger then when they started dating.

  17. Deeanna says:

    It is perfectly possible for a healthy 39 yr. old woman to produce healthy eggs. In my own family two different women gave birth to healthy babies at ages 40 and 41. Each of tem were first time mothers and each of tem only had the one child.

    • noway says:

      Yes it is, but your odds are reduced and a lot of these women do go to fertility specialist, and I say this as a 36 year old first time mom of one. Most of my friends who waited to have children till late 30′s needed help too. Some just a bit of help and some a lot, and one ended up adopting. Let’s also not forget even with the likes of Mick Jagger procreating in his 70′s men’s fertility drops too, and mid fifties is pretty old. In my case my older husband in his mid-forties was the problem.

      • DekuScrub says:

        I am a healthy 37 year old who is pregnant with her first child. It took us two months to get pregnant – naturally. Baby is thriving and my fertility is sound, as well as my boyfriend. People naturally assume that only a woman will struggle to conceive naturally after 35, which is not true. Men’s fertility also declines after 35, sometime even more so than women. My ex had only 20% healthy sperm when we were married, while I was like the Nile Delta in terms of fertility.

        Long explanation short, Amal’s age isn’t the sole determination of her fertility. The issue could be with Clooney himself. You’d be surprised how most men assume that, because they have semen every time they “finish” after sex, that they are completely chock full of healthy sperm.

  18. Me Three says:

    He’s 55 and will be 56 this year. Just saying…