Cannes: Brad Pitt & Quentin Tarantino’s drunken exploits

The photcall and first press conference for Inglourious Basterds has already happened in Cannes, and there’s some funny stuff coming out. Brad Pitt is claiming that he doesn’t even really remember signing on to the film because Quentin Tarantino got him hammered on five bottles of wine. Brad describes this as taking place “at the end of the summer”, which most likely means that Quentin came to visit Chateau Miraval last summer, after Angelina gave birth to the twins. So Brad has been drinking heavily ever since the babies were born. And Angelina was taking care of the babies while Brad and Quentin got drunk on French wine. There’s more:

Brad Pitt said today his appearance in Quentin Tarantino’s new Second World War film began over five bottles of wine and some kind of “smoking apparatus”.

Inglourious Basterds stars Pitt as an American army officer leading a group of Jewish-American soldiers around Europe taking violent revenge on Nazis.

Tarantino was a bundle of energy as he talked about the movie today, clearly delighted to be back in competition for the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival 15 years after he won it for Pulp Fiction.

“Quentin came to visit some time at the end of the summer, we talked about backstory, we talked about movies,” he said.

“I get up the next morning and see five empty bottles of wine right on the floor. Five.”

“And something that resembles a smoking apparatus – I don’t know what that was about – and apparently I had agreed to do this film.”

“Six weeks later I was in uniform, and I was Lieutenant Aldo Raine (his character in the film).”

Tarantino said he was only days away from abandoning the project altogether at the casting stage after struggling to find the right actor to play one of the German generals.

[From Metro-UK]

There’s another interesting article, but this one is mainly quotes from Tarantino. Which is great if you love him (like me) because the man is a first-rate talker. The crux of the interview seems to be director Lars von Trier’s recent Cannes claim, as he was being booed for his film Anti-Christ, that he was God. Tarantino makes a similar claim, but hedges with “I am god… as far as the characters are concerned.”

Ebullient as usual on stage, Quentin Tarantino met the press today shortly after the overwhelmingly packed first screening of his new film, “Inglourious Basterds” this morning at the Cannes Film Festival. He praised Cannes as the holy land and declared himself god. But, there’s more to the story.

Opening in German-occupied France in 1941, Tarantino’s latest follows a young woman who opens a Paris movie theater after barely escaping the execution of her entire family by the Nazis. Elsewhere, a group of renegade Jewish soldiers band together to capture Nazis, ultimately joining forces with the woman (and her movie theater) to plot the demise of Hitler and his cohorts to end the war.

Asked this morning whether he stands by a previous statement that he loves all of his characters, QT continued the steady stream of auterist language being found here in Cannes this year.

“I love [my characters] from this god perspective because I am god as far as the characters are concerned, because I created them,” Tarantino said today.

The talk of the film may very well be the role of Nazi Col. Hans Landa, arguably the key character within the ensemble cast. Played by Austrian actor Christoph Waltz, who practically steals the show, Tarantino explained today that without the right man to play the role, he was ready to scrap the movie.

“I realized that I was writing a pretty impressive character pretty early on,” Tarantino explained, reiterating that finding the right actor was essential to the movie. “There was something very liberating about [being willing to walk away] from it rather than make a compromise.”

Later in the gathering, fellow actor Brad Pitt validated Tarantino’s assertions about authorship, saying, “It’s a real pleasure working for an auteur and something special to come here to the holy land with him.”

[From Indie Wire]

It’s true that Cannes was the first festival to recognize Tarantino as a genius, and it cracks me up that both Quentin and Brad Pitt refer to Cannes as “the holy land”. The reviews are starting to come in, and it’s about what I expected. The high-brow media outlets don’t care for Basterds, while everybody else thinks it’s pretty good. BBC News has a decent review of the film, calling it a “comic revenge fantasy” and a blend of western and war genres, with some “camp-operatic” parts. Nearly everyone is interested in the German actor Christoph Waltz, a TV star who plays SS officer Colonel Hans Landa in the film, many pointing out that he steals every scene he‘s in. The biggest criticisms thus far seem to the time (Basterds is nearly three hours long) and “Pitt’s character not getting the screen time he deserves.” So Quentin got Brad hammered and made him smoke some kind of homemade bong, and Brad didn’t even get the best part? For shame, Quentin.

Photos of Brad Pitt without the glass thanks to Bauergriffinonline. Photos of Pitt drinking water from

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  1. DeE says:

    Not a fan of his persay, but he looks great here.

  2. Wresa says:

    “So Brad has been drinking heavily ever since the babies were born. And Angelina was taking care of the babies while Brad and Quentin got drunk on French wine.”

    Did I misread or is that no where in the story? Or were you joking and it went over my head? It just seems presumptuous, like looking for an excuse to put them down.

    Or did I miss something? I’m sick and chugging NyQuil so, its possible…

  3. Mairead says:

    There was a hyperlink in that sentence Wresa – there have been a few reports over the past number of months that have Brad as being a borderline alcoholic, because no adult ever drinks at private parties, premieres or award shows. 😯

    @ DeE; per se 😉 Brad has done a nice job with the ould “Grecian 2000” hairdye that’s for sure 😆

  4. Exiled says:

    Why is he dressed like Howard Hughes?
    He tries to come off as a bad ass on a bike, but then wears a cream suit with a tucked in scarf

    I’m usually a fan, but this screams poser.

  5. Ursula says:

    From what I have heard, Basterds is quite not good, actually some reviews have really been scathing,

    As for Brad, it is obvious from his looks that this whole adultery cum child collecting cum shacking up with psycho women cum do gooding and child pimping is takin a toll on him. He also seems very uncimfortable in his skin and with his co stars.

    If he was drinking that badly during the summer and Angelina was bedridden with kids, who was with the rest of their brood? Come to think of it who is with them now while Brad runs around the world and Angelina lives in the Waldoff hotel?

    With her holier than thou attitude, I doubt whether Angelina is condoning his drunken sprees and what were they smoking with tarantino, I wonder. This split is a matter of when and not if. I don’t see these two aging together and bouncing grand kids.

  6. Kay says:

    Brad Pitt looks absolutely GORGEOUS at the press call conference in CANNES, and I cant wait to see his film. He’s a grown up….he can drink or smoke anything he darn well pleases. It sure hasn’t stopped him from loving and caring for his kids and Angelina. God bless the Jolie-Pitts! They rock!

  7. redred1 says:

    The interview on the Today Show this morning was a strange one. He all but flat out refused to answer certain questions. He was acting strange. I don’t know , maybe he was just tired or something, but he was not himself.

  8. Hanh says:

    He sounds like he’s just pretty tired. I mean, he’s a pro, but you can’t always be “on” all the time especially if you’ve been doing interviews all day with all different news outlets. You just get tired.

    Alot of these stories are blown so out of proportion. If it was a normal couple like any of us, what they do would be no big deal, but because its them, every thing is waaaaay exaggerated. Hey sometimes I like to go just chill with the girls, too!

    He has alot of responsibilities! So what if he went out one night and just took a break with Quentin! If he did this every night, then its a story, otherwise, sheesh people. Get a life.

    I’m not pro-Angie or pro-Jen, just pro-Common Sense.

  9. yadira says:

    He is aging like fine wine. I think he is looking more handsome in those pictures.

  10. Pufft says:

    What I’m dying to know is simply this, is Christoph Waltz German and Austrian? See, many people get it wrong by assuming the two countries are the same state, when really, they haven’t been since the Moscow declaration in the early 1940s. I know the confusion partially stems from the fact that Austria was merged into Nazi Germany in the 1930, but please, update you information cabinet. Austria is a republic with its own set of laws, elections and Chancellor.

  11. It's A Joke, Moron! says:

    Please tell me you’re not really this stupid, Celebitchy? BRAD WAS JOKING! Why is it people can only tell he’s joking when George Clooney is around. Pitt says stuff like this all the time as a joke. Use some common sense would you?

  12. Kaiser says:

    Pufft: My bad – Waltz’s nationality is Austrian, but he’s some kind of huge television star in Germany, and I think he lives there now.

  13. kiki says:

    F him, hes just a parody 0f himself now. I saw the Anncurry kissass reporter to the Pitt/Jolies and he came off as a douche in the sunglasses and scarf moviestar role playing so Eff him

  14. morgs says:

    that outfit is horrible. Brad Pitt trying to look like Brad Pitt. What makes it worse is that Tom Ford dressed him. Usually Tom gets it right.

  15. Sakota says:

    Ugh, I am so not seeing this movie. NOrmally I would be happy to go to a Tarantino film (especially after seeing Kill Bill), but I cannot look at him without thinking of him as Brad Pitt, not a general leading troops against Nazis and torturing them. During a preview I almost started laughing.

  16. jayem says:

    Lookin’ good Mr. Pitt!! Wow. Hot!