2017 Golden Globes recap: Brad Pitt, Hidden Fences & Jimmy Fallon sucks


Honestly, I was surprised by a lot of what went down at the Golden Globes last night. There were some pleasant and not-so-pleasant surprise wins. There was unpleasant Jimmy Fallon. There were some fascinating viral moments. And while some of the night dragged, I do have to give it to the producers: they shoved a lot of drama into three hours. So, let’s get to it! My highlights from the 2017 Golden Globes. You can see the list of Globe winners here.

Jimmy Fallon sucked. Coming off of so many years of dominance from Tina Fey & Amy Poehler, it was inevitable that Fallon would get bad reviews. And while I enjoyed the pre-taped musical opening, the rest of Fallon’s performance fell flat, starting at the very beginning when the Teleprompter went out and you could feel his panic rise. His Chris Rock impression was… okay, especially when “Rock” joked that no one would thank OJ. Comparing Donald Trump to King Joffrey… meh. Burning Batfleck via Matt Damon’s presence…eh. Ernest, Young & Putin? Nope. But as I said, the musical number was cute.

Surprise wins. I thought Moonlight’s Mahershala Ali had it in the bag for Best Supporting Actor, but they gave it to Aaron Taylor Johnson! I was also shocked by Billy Bob Thornton’s win. And so much love for Atlanta, although every time Donald Glover went up there in his velvet suit, an angel got its wings. The biggest surprise win? Isabelle Huppert for Best Actress in a Drama with Elle. I really thought it was going Natalie Portman. Portman thought it would be too (hahaha).

The Night Manager. Speaking of surprises, Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston won acting awards over the People vs. OJ Simpson people. In Hugh’s case, I was not mad and Hugh could teach a master class in giving great speeches. Hiddleston on the other hand… his speech was so bad that I’m going to write a separate post about it. Still, enjoy Hugh Laurie denying Hiddles.

Viola Davis is everything. She won for Fences. She’s a national treasure.

LaLa Land. It’s in better shape than I thought. It picked up Best Musical/Comedy, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling won lead actor awards. Gosling’s speech was very serious, and he thanked “my lady” Eva Mendes and dedicated the award to Eva’s late brother. I wish Eva had come with him to the Globes! Maybe to the Oscars?

Steve Carell & Kristen Wiig. Hopefully, producers have found next year’s hosts.

Brad Pitt’s “surprise appearance.” Yeah, Brad executive produced Moonlight and he absolutely deserves credit for that, because Moonlight is an amazing film. But it’s also a really significant black film. The only speaking roles are for black actors. And there was Brad, a white guy, representing the film. It’s notable that the crowd was feeling very pro-Brad. Very “thank God you dumped her, dude!”

Casey Affleck.
He unsurprisingly won Best Actor in a Drama. These are my feelings.

Meryl Streep. I was all locked and loaded to drop receipts about how Meryl has had major issues with feminism and race, but her Cecil B. DeMille Award speech was amazing. Relive it now, complete with maybe the best cutaway ever, to Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn (two conservatives) looking bewildered. Like, “what’s privilege? What do you mean?”

And finally, Hidden Fences. At first I thought it was a one-off before the red carpet even started. Jenna Bush-Hager made the mistake to Pharrell Williams’ face:

Black Twitter was already riled up, and then Michael Keaton came out there and MADE THE SAME MISTAKE. Hidden Figures and Fences are two different movies, but I guess when movies have black folks in them, they’re all the same to white folks. Which probably led to one of the funniest Black Twitter takeovers on Globes night. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: #HiddenFences.



Photos courtesy of WENN & NBC.

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  1. SamfromTrinidad says:

    I also found Viggo Mortensen looked a little uncomfortable during Meryl’s speech. That made me smile…

    • Jess says:

      uh this comment makes no sense, Viggo Mortensen hates trump… Just because someone dislikes Hillary, that doesn’t automatically make them a right-wing conservative trump lover who hates the press.

      • Betsy says:

        Yes, he’s anti-Trump. But go back and read what he said during the election.

      • Jess says:

        I’ve read what he said during the election and I don’t see what’s controversial about it. Just because he stated that he would vote for Stein, that doesn’t automatically make him a avid Trump supporter or right wing. In fact, if you’re voting for Stein you’re probably on the other end of the political spectrum when it comes to trump’s policies.

      • Matador says:

        Viggo was outspoken for Jill Stein. He doesn’t care that he helped Trump win.

    • msd says:

      Viggo looked emotionally moved by her speech not displeased.

      Dude didn’t vote for Hilary because she was too right wing for him. Now, people can take issue with that but to lump him in with Gibson or Vaughn … no way.

      • HadleyB says:

        He totally looked emotional I swear he was going to cry.

      • Beer&Crumpets says:

        Yeah, Viggo’s mug was more “lump-in-my-throat” than “I’m-so-uncomforatble” to me, too. Dude looked like he was into it. Mel and Vince looked more like they were vehemently making sure their faces weren’t doing anything weird that might be caught on camera. So then they were so busy not making it weird that they made it weird.

        That shit happens to me all the time and I hate it. I could almost feel sorry for them. ALMOST.

      • velourazure says:

        Can we talk about catatonic Denzel Washington? He looks like he hasn’t slept in 6 months.

      • Dani says:

        Velour – Denzel looked like he was ready to weep on cue. Dude needs a hug!

    • almondmilk says:

      I thought so too re Viggo.

      Seeing gross Mel Gibson at that table front and center made me almost retch. Yea i know he was there for yet another blood and guts war extravaganza about brave men doing brave things he and his Gibson family wouldn’t do when they fled America and went to Australia to avoid the VietNam War, but still seeing that racist, sexist antisemite belied everything good.

      Funny how Vince Vaughn is only now letting his reich wing flag fly. Is it because he’s half Middle Eastern and he feels he needs to overcompensate by being a right wing douche because there are now a lot of xenophobic reich-wing a-holes out there who think that fact makes him un-American? Just asking. Because when he was poised to be Jennifer Aniston’s ‘savior’ no one mentioned this, he was exalted by the mini and and there were a lot of the usual ‘Brad who?’ comments.

      Speaking of Brad. Yea. I thought the hooting and hollering was unnecessary. As some Twitter user said last night was that reaction for attacking his kid on a plane? That said, i figured much of it may have been his tables- the cast and crew of Moonlight glad that he showed up for them. But there were others who were a bit too rigorous with the applause – and should have attempted to be cool (i saw you Matt Damon). I’ll reserve judgement for now, before i label H’wood a ‘Melissa Etheridge.’

      Meryl’s speech was fire. It meant something to have probably the greatest living American artist say those words at this time. We’re talking about where you come down for legacy and history’s sake- because truth be told, with someone like Trump at the helm, i don’t know if we’re going to make it.

      • Mathilde says:

        Half Middle Eastern?!? Since when?

      • doofus says:

        Mathilde – his paternal grandmother was Lebanese, so I’d go with “part” Middle Eastern.

        His bio on wiki and IMDB list several (6-7) other nationalities in his background, but no other “middle eastern” countries. so, I don’t think you could even say “a quarter middle eastern”.

      • Mathilde says:

        So not Middle Eastern like Amal Clooney but more like Jerry Seinfeld or Wentworth Miller. That certainly could be problematic 🙂

    • Robin says:

      I think Viggio was about to cry. His lips were quivering.

    • SM says:

      The reaction from Viggo seemed quite appropreate here. Maybe even a bit too emotional. Anette Benning on the other hand. So icy: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1292865100775049&id=868164246578472 for example in this video from 49 sec mark.

      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        I guess I can’t let it go, but someone who threw away a vote when the orange apocalypse was at the gate….sorry. A vote for stein/johnson was a vote for trump. I have no forgiveness for the civic irresponsibility of “liberal” voters. My ten year old did the math and calculated that the special snowflake syndrome of stein/johnson voters gave our country to the oil dictator & pals. Boom.

      • Jess says:


        Except your logic relies on the assumption that gary johnson’s voters would have voted for hillary, so that is ridiculous. As for stein voters- there wasn’t enough voting for her in the swing states to make the difference. Also, if Hillary had gotten all the Jill Stein voters, and Trump got all the Gary Johnson voters, Trump would have won by even more than he already did. Boom.

    • SM says:

      The reaction from Viggo looked just fine to me. Anette Benning on the other hand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxyGmyEby40&t=245s at 4:18 mark. Now that is a reaction.

  2. Tifzlan says:

    I’m really sad that The Night Of didn’t win anything. I thought it was much better than People vs OJ. So gripping and a complete rollercoaster of emotions when I was watching it.

    • Sixer says:

      Me too. I thought American Crime Story was um… accomplished and high quality but not, oh I don’t know, I can’t think of a word… not special?

    • Tifzlan says:

      I utterly, utterly love him. Idris will always be IT for me, but gosh, Riz is coming up pretty close… that essay was so, so good. Thank you for sharing, Sixer!

      • Sixer says:

        He comes from a similar area of West London to me and every time I read interviews with him talking about it, I recognise every single thing he says. He describes both the good and the bad of it with real accuracy. The bit about exporting national myths in that essay – so, so true.

    • TyrantDestroyed says:

      I am disappointment at this too. The story was compelling and the acting was extremely good.

    • Anilehcim says:

      Totally agree. Night Of deserved so much more last night. Has Michael K. Williams ever won a Golden Globe? Because he deserves one. Was he even nominated? Personally, I think that The People vs. OJ was the most overrated fad of 2016… it got so much attention and praise, and I just don’t understand why. It was SO soap opera-ish and campy, like everything else Ryan Murphy does. They left a lot out and pathetically made the Kardashian family a much bigger part of the story to try to appeal to their fans and draw in viewers.

      I am seriously hoping that the trend of dragging up 90s crime stories dies down, especially this new interest in bringing up JonBenet again. Sarah Paulson was great, but otherwise I thought the entire mini series was crap and way overrated. And Cuba Gooding Jr. needs an intervention or something because dude is a complete mess.

      • GoOnGirl says:

        @Anilehcim: I did so enjoy John Travolta’s over the top performance. He made me laugh so hard. He, and Sarah Paulson, were the best part of the show. And you’re right! Cuba Gooding should retire. He was terrible.

  3. AnkitaH says:

    Meryl Streep!! Just wow. That speech was so beautifully written… She ripped apart Orange Cheeto without even mentioning his name.. Pure Class, she was!

    • Tifzlan says:

      It really was such a beautiful, beautiful speech. Poignant, impactful, heartfelt. I hope Jimmy Fallon took it to heart.

      • milla says:

        But people seem to think that Brad Pitt standing is more important…

        MS is a smart woman her words are wonderful. Do not hate, educate. And so she did.

  4. Bettyrose says:

    Almost makes me wish I’d watched this instead of Sherlock. Sounds like they were equally surreal.

    • Betsy says:

      Dang! I missed Sherlock!

    • PunkyMomma says:

      Sherlock was amazing! No contest here — Benny won the day for me.

      • Bettyrose says:

        IKR? The episode was dizzying but I thought Cumby nailed it. He must’ve been slamming Red Bull between takes.

      • Sixer says:

        Is that the second episode? Did you guys realise that Toby Jones was riffing on the Jimmy Savile scandal? I was wondering that as I watched it tonight.

      • Bettyrose says:

        Sixer, I had to Google that but yep, that’s definitely who the villian was. Still, the episode was a whirlwind of WTF? and Cumby handled it beautifully. Truth is though I don’t think I’m a Cumby fan. But Cumby-Sherlock is my obsession.

  5. Maya says:

    Meryl stole the show with that amazing speech.

    How about using that speech to show support for Angelina who is being bullied by the media and Brad’s people for choosing the welfare of her children?

    Of course Hollywood would cheer for Brad, they also cheer for Depp, Roman P, Woody Allen etc.

    Most of Hollywood is pro male so they will always choose the side of the man.

    And Brad seems to care more about these people cheering on him than the welfare of his children. And he still doesn’t care that people are attacking and blaming his children for the divorce.

    I hope the truth comes out with evidence and the world gets to see how HE was in the fault.

    • Michelle says:

      Totally agree, Maya.
      Sick of the Angelina bullying, and Brad and his team have been part of that.
      HW cheering him on at GG, has brought forth even more attacks from the media, and on social media.

      • Maya says:

        Yes and Brad’s PR is also CAA, the most powerful agency in the world with lots of contacts in the media.

        I sincerely hope the video on the plane and the true details will be released/leaked to the public. It seems that Brad doesn’t care about his children being attacked so it’s up to Angelina (as usual) to fight for her children.

        Brad can put a stop to these attacks on Angelina and the children put releasing a single statement admitting to his mistakes but he won’t. His image is more important than his children.

        I hope her career goes higher and higher and that Karma will take care of Brad’s beloved image.

      • Mathilde says:

        And what if “the true details” are not what you are hoping for? Many of these people have actually met the couple, they may very well know something that we do not. Maybe that’s why they cheered!

      • KB says:

        That’s the worst part, mathilde. Why is anyone hoping he did something truly terrible to his son and then, that whatever he did becomes public knowledge? I bet his kids aren’t hoping any of it becomes public, why else would Angelina be holding back? Her side has said that she’s keeping the details private to protect her kids. What kind of person would hope the opposite occurs?

    • Michelle says:

      Yes, if had no wish to make a statement to make it clear the responsibility lies with him and not Angelina, then surely he could have made the effort to do so when their children are also being blamed?
      Just shudder to think if the situation had been the other way around, what would have been demanded of Angelina. Brad, and his image are so protected, but she has stood up on behalf of their children.
      I too hope the truth will out, some day.

      • Felicia says:

        Who is blaming the children? Do we have a link or something?

      • doofus says:

        Felicia, the ONLY people “blaming the children” are people who already don’t/didn’t like this couple and this family. read: no one whose opinion really matters.

        as for Pitt “standing up for his kids”, I made this point last week…even IF he stood up and said “I was totally at fault, stop saying bad things about my estranged wife and my children”, WHO would stop? the people talking smack about the kids wouldn’t stop because HE said so…their next step would be “oh, Jolie MADE him say that”. this suits their narrative of Jolie being the evil succubus and Pitt being the innocent. he could knock on their doors and say it directly to their faces and they’d STILL see it as Jolie’s fault so all this “Brad should speak up for his kids; he doesn’t care how about their welfare” is pointless.

    • Sixer says:

      Those projecting feelings and motivations of children in order to defend Jolie are EXACTLY THE SAME as those projecting feelings and motivations of children in order to defend Pitt.

      Both outrageous and reprehensible.

      Maya, you SURELY cannot believe that mentioning children in the middle of an acrimonious divorce in the middle of a massive international event beamed around the world would be BENEFICIAL to those children? Because if you do, you really do need to stop and reflect on what you are saying.

      • Maya says:

        @Sixer: where I am saying that he should say something on that stage yesterday?

        I am just calling Hollywood out on its hypocrisy and nothing else.

        Like kaiser said, Meryl could easily have said something about sexism going on in Hollywood and how men treat women horrible there well. But she won’t because then she will lose her career.

      • LAK says:

        Sixer: Valiant effort, but completely wasted on Maya.

      • Felicia says:

        I think Sixer was talking about Meryl, not Pitt. And inserting herself into an ongoing and very contentious divorce, one she probably knows absolutely nothing about, would have been incredibly out of line.

      • lightpurple says:

        Or releasing more details or video of an event that one believes was traumatic to them would in any way benefit them.

      • Maya says:

        @lightpurple: that is exactly why Angelina hasn’t said what really happened and Brad knows that. Why is why he is attacking her on the media knowing she will never talk about it.

        But the situation here is not just Angelina but also Maddox being attacked. Don’t you think he deserves better from his dad?

      • Felicia says:

        Just to turn that around, his Mom isn’t saying anything to defend him against any of that either. She is the one, after all, who filed. Where is her statement saying “Maddox was absolutely not the reason for our divorce, it was my choice for my reasons alone”. And the whole sleeping in his Mom’s bed thing, shouldn’t she be the person denying that? It’s not as if Pitt is living with them these days.

      • GB says:

        The most interesting thing is that both side and their supporters accuse another side for smear campaign. They, media, fans see what they want to see, all manipulate facts, avoid mentioning the one which are uncomfortable for them etc.
        It shows that being objective doesn’t existe anymore.

      • LAK says:

        GB: Like the Brangelina vs Jen decade of doom, this Brad vs AJ vs the kids will be another ten years.

      • Sixer says:

        Maya, you said

        “How about using that speech to show support for Angelina who is being bullied by the media and Brad’s people for choosing the welfare of her children?”

        So you explicitly wanted a Streep speech in which, instead of not mentioning Trump by name, she didn’t mention Pitt by name. Which would then lead to headlines all around the world this morning creating yet another inferno of internet warriors dragging children into their battle of Pitt v Jolie.

        I think this is a terrible thing to wish for. And, if you don’t, I don’t know how clearly I can say it: you really need to stop, sit down and THINK about the things you are saying. No children should be subjected to this level of public scrutiny. Regardless of which parent is in the right or wrong vis a vis a divorce. Issues affecting children (I don’t give a stuff for either adult) are PRIVATE. For the sake of the CHILDREN, not the parent.

      • Tanguerita says:

        Exactly, Sixer, don’t even bother. Doesn’t matter what the subject, Maya will always find the way to make it about her beloved Angelina. I am not sure this couple’s divorce is even on Meryl’s radar. There are much more important issues to be concerned about at the moment.

      • Shijel says:

        Don’t bother, Sixer. Maya’s presence in any thread Pitt or Jolie or both are mentioned is, at this point, comparable to a spam bot.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        Sixer, your statement is admirable but WAY too sane, reasonable, and responsible to make sense to a one-note, one-subject, Angelina-obsessed poster who is wildly suggesting that rather than addressing a matter of dire national concern (First Amendment rights under a personality-disordered incoming POTUS), Streep should have inserted herself into the tragic, traumatic disintegration of the Jolie-Pitt family.

        Still, BRAVO to you for saying it.

      • Capella says:

        “How about using that speech to show support for Angelina who is being bullied by the media and Brad’s people for choosing the welfare of her children?”

        re Maya’s comment above

        Sixer I agree, and Lahdidahbaby … Yes !!

        The reason Meryl Streep could solidly state her opinion (as could most of us) is because she has actual evidence and footage of trump to base it upon. Trump tweets, trump is on camera, trump doesn’t need the press to skew his statements to sway opinion (which they do no matter who it is) … Trump puts it out there for us to think critically all on our own. The public may have different opinions about the evidence but, they are basing their opinions on actual evidence. People can champion Angelina and they can champion Brad based on tons of stuff that is out there but, in terms of knowing what was happening in their marriage, home, on that flight or behind the closed doors of lawyers and counselors and what their MOTIVATIONS are based on the differing headline in OK and US magazine !?!? is absurd … we know almost nothing! And even though I know nothing about what those children are thinking, I am guessing they LOVE BOTH THEIR MOTHER AND FATHER and this is an incredibly difficult time.

        Meryl Streep covered a lot of bases in her speech because her emphasis was abuse of power as Kaiser stated, and lack of empathy. We can only hope it resonated where it needs to resonate and not just with those of us who wholeheartedly GET IT! One would hope it exposed something in Casey Affleck as well as many sitting in that room and those tuning in. But more so, one would’ve hoped it created at the very least, a humble and evolved response from Donald Trump. Nope … as Chaise stated above, someone needs to tell him to put on his big boy pants!!

      • Radley says:

        I think everyone could do the Jolie-Pitts a favor and get up outta their divorce business. It’s not our concern. I wish everyone well. And everybody knows there’s three sides to every story: yours, mine and the truth. We the general public will never get the truth, so why pick sides and add to the acrimony?

        Idgi…people are strange.

    • serena says:

      I agree, sadly. Pitt is a really powerful in the industry (as Woody, Depp, etc) so people side with him and bash Angelina without even knowing what the truth is. I’d really like to see some celebrity-movement that sides with Angie, tbh.

      • Fa says:

        The problem is angelina is not that into Hollywood anymore if you noticed from the last 5 years she distanced herself from Hollywood, she is doing more humanitarian work than acting and she concentrates on directing hard subjects movies

      • GoOnGirl says:

        IMO it would be nice to hear Pity say something to defend his son and by proxy, his wife, Angelina, who is home being mom to the large family he always wantec. He remains silent, meanwhile playing his pity party to the hilt. Never thought I’d say this, but this man is a hypocrite. And Angie and Maddox deserve so much more and someone so much better.

      • Michelle says:

        Agree – serena and GoOnGirl, well said!

    • Ramona says:

      I thought we agreed that the faded rocker WhatsHerName speaking about her old friend Brad was a crap move. How is it that we now want a public figure to use one of the most watched moments of the year to trash the other parent? Maya, seriously.

    • Adorable says:

      Still shocked by Brads behaviour in all this…guess Ego & suspected drinking issues are to blame……Angie sleeps better at night though with her truth on her side…sure Brad “looked”good but still stress and guilt(I hope)are to blame for the weight loss as well as detox from drinking…..as mundane as it is can’t wait for Angie to hit a red carpet cause she was the real show stopper!

    • TheOtherMaria says:

      That is entirely way too much conjecture on your part.

      I’ve not read any articles smearing Angelina, maybe comments, but narratives from authors tend to be neutral–unless you’re reading trash mags.

      Also, being happy at receiving support has nothing to go with caring for his kids, considering you’ve labeled him an alcoholic abuser over ONE incident, a little support from people who actually know him probably felt nice.

    • Matador says:

      Not enough eye roll gifs in the world for this comment.

    • Katherine says:

      What nonsense. Brad’s been through an ordeal which apparently wasn’t based on much if anything at all. And since we have NO FACTS we can’t judge.

      Brad has always been well liked and respected in the industry and showing you’re happy to see him come through his ordeal is a decent thing to do. Twisting it into a diss on Angelina is ridiculous and just more useless speculation.

  6. Lena says:

    Did anyone else get a little misty-eyed during Ryan Gosling’s speech? Maybe its because Im PMSing but when he started talking about Eva Mendes staying at home with their daughter while pregnant with their second and grieving her brother while he tapdanced around making that film, I shed a frigging tear! IDK. It was just great to hear him praise his “silent” partner and her family.

    • Marley says:

      I’m not surprised. He’s always seemed like a genuinely nice person.

    • Ramona says:

      I too loved his speech. First suggesting that it was Reynolds to lose was pretty sweet of him. Basically legitimising Reynolds run even though Gosling is the far more critically acclaimed Ryan and if ever theres a confusion over which Ryan is to win an awards ceremony, its probably Goslings. And best of all, what he said about Eva and topping it off by dedicating his award to her brother. I chocked up a little bit.

  7. Fa says:

    Angelina dumped him no the other way around

    • Carmen says:

      They know that. He’s getting the sympathy vote because the “wicked witch blindsided him and now she won’t let him see the kids.” Or something like that. Brad is going to milk this divorce for sympathy as long as Aniston milked hers for sympathy. Shit’s getting old already.

  8. Marley says:

    Happy with Isabelle Huppert’s win. Now the presure will be on the Academy to nominate her for an Oscar

  9. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    Black Twitter can be vicious sometimes.. and then you have these moments that make me proud.

    I am annoyed but not very surprised by Blah Blah Lands win. What a snooze fest that was overall. This is like The Artists domination from several years ago. Ugghh. Ryan’s speech was cute though.

    I did not get a chance to watch Meryl’s speech because I am an old lady with a bed time, but Viola’s speech beforehand was lovely. I want someone to give a speech like that to me one day. She came off warm and utterly sincere.

    I hope Viola gets all the awards this year.

    • Felicia says:

      I kind of loved The Artist. It’s the sort of film that no one in Hollywood would have even considered making. And I think that managing to convey emotions using only facial expressions and body language, without the benefit of speech and intonation has got to be a very difficult thing to pull off well. I’d be hard pressed to come up with the name of anyone in Hollywood who could have pulled that off as well as DuJardin did.

    • Louise177 says:

      I thought I was hearing things when Michael Keaton said “Hidden Fences”. I guess white people get confused when more than one movie has a mostly black lead cast.

  10. LAK says:

    I adore Isabelle Huppert, and ELLE is a tour de force about a very uncomfortable subject.

    I thought she was a long shot given the field nominated with her, plus Natalie Portman has all the hollywood big guns campaigning on her behalf.

    I was so happy that won. I hope this goes all the way to the Oscars, but sadly Emma Stone will get the Best Actress Oscar.

    • Brea says:

      I’m so happy Isabelle won too! She also gave a great perfomance in “Things to Come” this year!
      If she won’t get the Oscar I hope Amy Adams gets it.

  11. applapoom says:

    Brad Pitt still is ridiculously gorgeous and doesn’t he know it?

    As for the media hating on AJ…as a mother I feel if the children still love me then who cares what those vacuous people think? As long as they know the truth about what happened.

    • Maya says:

      Even if it was only me (the mother) who was attacked then yes, I won’t give a damn.

      But here, the children especially Maddox are being blamed and attacked with vile names.

      The children deserve a father who stands up to them and not care about his own image.

      And few people here will still go on and on about how both of them should stop with the media. Apparently we still live in a world where the man still gets the benefit of the doubt and the woman is not allowed to fight for her reputation because it can hurt others.

      Bs – why should Angelina stay quiet and see her career going down because of something Brad did? She has the right to fight back especially to show her daughter that women are allowed to fight back.

      • Felicia says:

        Unfortunately Maya, Jolie’s very first statement “for the health of the family” made it about the children and not just husband and wife. Pitt’s comment at the time was that she had just unleashed hell on the kids. And as we can see now, he was right about that.

        It might have been a lot wiser and more shielding for the kids, no matter how pissed off she was, to have worded it in such a way as to make it about Brad and Angie and not involve the children in the reason you are giving for filing for divorce. That right there left the door wide open for speculation and that’s exactly why it’s happening. Unfortunately.

      • Maya says:

        There it is – blame the woman as usual for everything. Brad’s behaviour caused the whole thing to collapse and yet it’s Angelina’s fault.

        She gave a single statement and he is the one who unleashed hell on the children with his behaviour and continues attack on Angelina through the media.

      • Felicia says:

        “Brad’s behaviour caused the whole thing to collapse and yet it’s Angelina’s fault”.

        We were talking about people (trolls) blaming Maddox for the divorce. Whatever Brad’s behaviour was, whatever Angie’s behaviour was isn’t the subject here.

        The subject here is why people even bring up Maddox as “the cause”. That one is squarely on giving the children as the reason you are divorcing. Otherwise, you know what everyone would be speculating about? Probably about who cheated on who, but that’s between adults who can defend themselves.

      • KB says:

        Maya, you’re the only one I see bringing up Maddox. Have some respect and stop talking about the poor kid.

    • als says:

      I don’t think AJ cares a whole lot what HW thinks. She’s been in the industry herself and has branched out lately.

      But the hypocrisy of Brad is ever present and impossible to be denied by all people that still use common sense. Brad came out to campaign for himself, the movie did not need him.
      Marion Cotillard needed him during press in the US for Allied and he wasn’t there.
      But Brad is also a long term player in HW, he is experienced and I bet he knows exactly what people are saying and how his wife is perceived. He is playing into her ‘bitch’ image just like Depp has now made it official in divorce papers that he is playing on Amber’s ‘gold digger’ image.

      It is also amazing that in the Brad-Angie case a lot of people claim to be ‘horrified’ of the ‘show’, worried about the kids but when pressed, they will come out and blame Angelina for everything. It is a very subtle way to protect sexy Brad (that pees for drug tests) from evil Angelina.
      In Depp – Amber situation people were more straight forward and just came out and defended Depp at all costs.
      Not to mention all the other numerous divorces in HW, with or without kids, that people seem to have no problem following, they are nowhere near as ‘horrified’ as in the Brangelina divorce.

      • GB says:

        Of course if Depp’s friends didn’t defend him you would say that they saw something and they knew his “awful” personality. All of those friends were quite close to this couple for the last two years. Notice one thing – that many his close friends weren’t present at their wedding ceremony, hers were all. Why ? They weren’t invited ? Maybe they didn’t support this union ?

    • Chaine says:

      I’m gonna stick out my neck and say he looked underweight and unhealthy.

      • Shaaaaade says:

        I’m sure you will get called out. This isn’t a Kate Middleton thread. Comments like that are only allowed on those threads.

      • Carmen says:

        I’m gonna stick out my neck and agree with Chaine. He’s lost too much weight. It can’t be easy for him having to come home to an empty house night after night, but i can’t feel too sorry for him because he brought it on himself.

  12. ElleBee says:

    Black Twitter is the highlight of every award show tbh. I also have the added bonus of Caribbean Twitter for music shows.
    On a slightly more serious note Hidden Fences is as passively racist as not bothering to learn how to pronounce an “ethnic” name. Time to do better hollywood

  13. Katydid20 says:

    Did Jimmy really need a Teleprompter? He couldn’t remember those terrible jokes without one?

    • pinetree13 says:

      I also don’t understand…. I mean he doesn’t have THAT many lines to remember. I’ve given longer presentation than his lines added up. Wouldn’t you memorize them anyway just so your delivery is smooth so it doesn’t sound like you’re reading?

  14. Nicole says:

    I have many thoughts:
    1. Black twitter of course always dominates the conversation when needed
    2. Fallon was terrible. The only good part was his opening number
    3. I had a rage blackout when Ali did not when for Moonlight. He’s still the favorite for the Oscar but yea they got that wrong. Also wrong was Thorton’s win. Started off wrong for me last night
    4. My annoyance when Damien was talking about how difficult it was to make La La Land when the other Best Picture contender is freaking Moonlight. Please stop sir. Ugh.
    5. Moana not winning. What in the world.
    6. Meryl got the speech right. Considering how annoyed I’ve been with her BS answers about feminism…loved her speech.
    7. Loved Ryan’s speech. Loved Moonlight winning best picture which sets them up nicely for the Oscars. Loved Tracee winning (first time in 35 years). Loved ATL winning.

    • Parker says:

      The minute Mahershala was robbed of his rightful win was the minute I changed the channel. After swearing a lot.

  15. Leesa says:

    Ugh!! Why did it have to be THAT ‘actress’ who spoke against Trump!? Why oh why. 🙁 I hate Trump, but I also intensely dislike Streep, she is SO over-rated!! I believe she is a mediocre to average actress who has a huge publicity and marketing strategy behind her and that is why she wins awards. The films I’ve seen her in, she’s been woeful. I’ve hated her since Kramer vs Kramer. I cannot think of one award she has gotten that she’s deserved, except for a Rasperry, if she’s won one of those. She is an example of media hype over talent. — Quietly slips out the door to avoid the oncoming outrage from posters.

    • GB says:

      Media hype can work only for some time – two/three years, not more. You don’t have to like her and her acting style, it’s OK but she has been steadily present in cinema for 40 years, she survived hundreds studio’s CEO, producers, journalists etc.

    • Ramona says:

      Acting awards are subjective. I personally enjoy love her performances and her movies generally but theres a tonnes of other people who get feted for reasons that escape me. E.g Dicaprio, Dame Judy Dench, et cetera.

    • Carmen says:

      Are you kidding me? Did you see her in “The Devil Wears Prada”? She was sensational. And I wish she’d kept the platinum hair from the movie. That mousy brown just doesn’t cut it.

    • siri says:

      I agree with Streep being over-rated, although that’s all very subjective. I watched almost all her performances, and think she tends to overact. To that, she employs plenty of mannerism. I always see Streep acting (like I see De Niro), but I guess it’s also a matter of personal preference of acting ‘style’.

    • SuzanneAlex says:

      I agree with Carmen. It’s true that Streep sometimes is overexposed and has certainly made some clunkers (Mamma Mia, Ricki & The Flash come to mind), but how could she not make some missteps in such a lengthy career especially when roles for women of her age are so scarce in Hollywood. I defy anyone to watch Sophie’s Choice – her first Oscar win – and not see her as the most talented person in HW – she is transcendent. She gives similarly sublime performances in Silkwood, August: Osage County, Julie and Julia, Death Becomes Her and Prada to name a few. And IMO she embodies these characters – you never feel like you’re watching someone act.

      • Capella says:

        Totally Agree SuzanneAlex
        Yes, it is subjective but other actors, colleagues and film making technicians revere her ability! Viola Davis introduced Meryl Streep with reverence and she is no dummy on what it takes to be a brilliant actor. She described how Meryl Streep is brilliant at observation and then illuminating every nuance in the human condition with her acting abilities!! Maybe it is because she makes it look so easy or some of the characters she portrays are not the greatest (and yes, she has had a few clunkers). I think (subjective opinion) the sign of a great actor is when I forget who they are and I only see and feel the character they are portraying which is essentially what she does … for me at least.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      Um, Sophie’s Choice? It’s not like she was celebrated for just one role. She has had sooooo many roles that she was amazing in over the course of decades. I think she is, objectively, incredibly talented.

  16. serena says:

    I love Steve Carell and Kristin Wiig, I really hope they’d get to host next year’s Golden Globes!
    Also I’m so freaking happy the Night Manager won, mostly because I think Hugh Laurie is such a wonderful amazing and underrated actor. He could really school a lot of the people who were there. More love for Laurie!
    Loved Meryl’s speech but I still can’t forget what she blabbed on feminism and race this past year.. I hope she’ll redeem herself, this is a first step in the right direction though.

  17. pwal says:

    Re: Brad presenting Moonlight… GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!

    He (and Gosling) presented The Big Short last year. Brad was the producer of that. I suspect if he hadn’t introduced Moonlight, some would have a problem with that. Oh, he’s ashamed of it… why isn’t he using his star power to promote it… blah… blah… blah…

    Dude doesn’t get all Clooney or Oprah about his production efforts i.e. making it all about ME ME ME! Maybe that’s where the resentment lies… he’s not changing up his game, so he’s not running scared, like many were hoping for…

    • Maya says:

      Oh but he is scared and a coward who choose his image over his children.

      • Sera says:

        You are so right and he has CAA as his PR firm so Angelina doesn’t stand a chance in the world of Hollywood lo e but thank God she cares more about her kids than Hollywood, unlike her ex.

      • smcollins says:

        @Maya Give it a f*cking rest already! We get it. A thousand times over, we get it! You’re not a Brad fan. Why you feel the need to put in your two cents *every* time his name (or Angelina’s name) is mentioned is beyond me. You’re obsession with these two, and that you seem to think you’re some kind of expert about their family & relationship is a tad creepy (this being a gossip site not withstanding). Just because some people don’t feel the same (or as passionately) as you do doesn’t make them wrong. This is supposed to be a post about the GG, but of course it dissolved into a debate about Brad & Angelina’s divorce. Not everything is about them, no matter how hard you try to make it that way.

      • Jaime says:

        What ^^SMCollins said. Your numerous comments on the subject make your stance on BP clear. You don’t need to keep regurgitating the same thing over and over again on every thread, Especially since not a single commenter on this site is privy to the real story. It’s unneccesary and sort of unhinged.

        CB comments keep me sane, for the most part. You are ruining my chill.

      • Maya says:

        @SMcollins & Jaime: so I thought this was a free world and people are allowed to say what they want? And allowed to write on every post of they wished to?

        But apparently not. So I can expect both of you to attack the other commentators here who also comments on every single thread about Trump with the same thing to be quiet?

        You two can easily just skip my posts but instead choose to personally attack me instead. How mature…

        It seems to me that it you too who seems to be unhinged and seems to lose your minds over my comments.

        And if you need to chill on a gossip site then it’s clear that YOU are the one who needs a life and some other form of help.

      • Lascivious says:

        Thanks @smcollins. This Maya poster is exhausting, disinterested in discourse, and unreponsive to logic. I find it tiresome and frustrating; like arguing with a child. It’s driving me away from CB–I find myself skipping those posts and, more and more frequently, CB altogether, because the comment section seems to devolve into fantasy and name-calling.

      • Layla Beans says:

        @Lascivious I am right there with you. This Brangelina divorce thing is going the way of Benedict Cumberbatch daring to marry Sophie Hunter – bonkers.

      • L says:

        @SMCollins and Jaime:
        how about just simply scrolling past Maya’s comments..no one is forcing you to read them..she’s allowed to post however many times and what she likes on this post just like you…much outrage about nothing.


      • LadyT says:

        Maya- Free speech is a two way street. You’re free to say whatever you want and others have the right to freely speak against you. Simple.

      • Maya says:

        @Ladyt: where am I saying that they aren’t allowed to say what they want?

        If you read carefully then you can see that I said they could just skip my posts of it hassles them that much.

        And those people above are hypocrites – they are constantly writing the same stuff on other posts especially Trump ones and yet they have the audacity to call me names?

        As you said free speech goes both ways but for some it only goes their ways. Otherwise they will call you names, say you need mental help etc (just read above).

      • almondmilk says:

        Don’t sweat it @maya – you’re spot on.

        You keep doing you.

        Isn’t it amazing how some women get sooo angry
        at the handful of posters who choose to defend Angelina on these boards. They want us to shut up and go away so bad, so they can give her mass beat downs in peace and uninterrupted.

        Like your average Trump voter, some posters here hate when you correct the record and insert a bit of reality.

        They’d much prefer to do their favorite thing, which is, totally create their own version of their breakup (that it’s your ordinary split between two people that grew apart) and they LOVE to leave out that Brad behaved badly with a child, admitted to some version of this truth through his legal team, that he may be a habitual alcohol/substance abuser (hence his having to whizz in a cup several times a week) and is in therapy, as are his children.

        Those things get left by the way side, and Angelina is demonized because she says she left and put this plan in place ‘for the health of her family.’ Which by the way could include Brad.

        What an awful woman she is to have gotten the whole lot of them in therapy. Brad’s lost so much liquor and roid bloat people are saying he looks like a new man, but rather than say he’s dried out, the more heinous misogynists online are saying it’s because he ditched his children and wife.


        Yea, sorry- I’ll be supporting Angelina against this disgusting bs from here on out.

      • almondmilk says:

        +1 @L great advice.

        To @LadyT – again, yes ‘free speech,’ is a two way steet, so why do you choose to only address @Maya when posters are telling her to stifle it?

        How about addressing them for wanting to shut her down?

        Your post makes no sense, and appears to be just you piling on for brownie points.

        @L gives good advice that applies to everyone fairly, and did it in a nice way. You @ladyT are singling Maya out and saying it’s ok for people to want her to shut up and it’s fine if she’s personally attacked.


    • GB says:

      If you want to criticize someone the reason you always find, but some people are so transparent and they lack of subtlety that it’s only ridiculous now.

    • NastyWoman` says:

      This. He also came out for 12 Years a Slave, which he also produced, I, for one, am happy that he’s producing these movies that lets black voices be heard. Whatever else he is or isn’t, he is an ally and we need as many of those as we can get, at least for the next four years.

      • sanders says:

        I feel the same way about brad. I gravitate towards films about poc and have seen 12 years, Selma and moonlight. Interestingly, his name comes up in the credits for all.
        Oddly, I’ve never been a fan of his and have actually not seen any one of his films, except 12 years where he had a minor role. I respect him for this, considering the alternatives, like Matt Damon.

        White stars with production company are in a position to nurture poc artists and put these stories out there. The fact he is so low key about it makes me respect him more as he isn’t using it for pr purposes, yet. Feel so cynical about stars.

    • Jellybean says:

      As producer it is his responsibility to represent the film as a whole in this way. Whatever you think of Brad Pitt he is doing a fine job selecting, producing and promoting challenging and diverse films. In contrast, a lot of people in Hollywood talk a lot but do very little.

  18. A says:

    Brad looks ridiculously good!

  19. Luca76 says:

    I love the sentiment behind Meryl’s speech but let’s take a moment and remember that Hollywood has ALOT of work to do on diversity, sexism etc. Nope Meryl Hollywood isn’t welcoming of immigrants (unless they are white).

    Oh and as for Brad Pitt. Let’s not forget this is the very same room and people that honor Woody Allen and Roman Polanski and basically wet themselves with admiration. I’m not saying he’s as bad what I’m saying is of course he’d get that reception in that room.

    • SandyCheeks says:

      Wrong post

    • sirokese says:

      What exactly has Pitt done, even though not as bad, that you group him with Polansky and Allen, who were accused of crimes?

      • Luca76 says:

        Hmm well I admit I don’t know what he’s done Except the statements that he went ‘nose to nose’ with Maddox.. As I said I don’t think he’s as bad as either man. I’m just not surprised that the same group of people who cream themselves over Allen,Polanski, Casey Affleck etc would be supportive of Brad.

    • Fa says:

      Brad was there to test himself, how will Hollywood received him and he got what come for, poor Brad pitt, that’s why he got the same crisis management as Justin B, mission accomplished, after all is Hollywood they give standing ovations to any white privileged actors case on point Casey A, and don’t get wrong me I am not accusing anything towards Brad it just that Hollywood prefers or praise men in general than women

    • Aren says:

      This is one of the reasons why people are quick to call AJ a calculating, manipulative, and generally crazy person, because some of her fans come across as completely out of their mind when it comes to defending her actions.
      I’m no fan of Brad, I was (WAS!) a huge fan of Angelina, but saying that Brad is like Polansky or Allen is absolutely disgusting.

      • Luca76 says:

        Ok how many times do I have to say (this is the third) BRAD PITT ISNT THE SAME as Allen or Polanski. And thanks for calling me ‘out of my mind’ that’s the equivalent of me calling you illiterate for not reading my comment correctly. I don’t hate either one.

      • Fa says:

        No I never said he is like these guys, on contrary but I am just point out male privilege and all the headline make it like Angelina is the devil, and Brad is free from the witch and his peers are happy that he is finally free from her, that is it how the tabloids presented him when he got the applause from his Hollywood friends particularly from males

      • almondmilk says:


        Really? You *were* “a HUGE FAN of Angelina,” eh?


        Uh…first of all, no one said ‘Brad is LIKE Polanski or Allen.’ Way to deliberately misconstrue to heap baseless criticism on a whole group of people worldwide (Angelina’s fans, supporters and admirers). They said the room (GGs) in the past, has supported some of the worst/bad behavior by men, so they’re not surprised at all, that they’d support Brad Pitt.

        Also, pretty certain only Angelina haters call Angelina ‘calculating, manipulative and crazy, ‘ the rest of the world ranks her as ‘Most admired’ and ‘Most influential’ usually in top 10 lists with Hillary, Oprah and Michelle Obama – and her industry tends to give her Herscholt Oscars.

        That said, listen to yourself. Are you saying Angelina’s *fans* make people think SHE is “manipulative, calculating and crazy,” NOT anything she did/does? How so? How does a person’s fans make you hate the person? Did they slap your mother in the face, or just choose Angelina’s side to support in the face of misogynistic rancor, as slippery eel alleged rehab patient and possible scary Dad Brad milks the ‘Poor Brad’ tabloid narrative like his ex before him?

    • Shambles says:

      I hear you, Luca. This is the Hollywood that welcomes rich, white men with open arms no matter what they do. Of course Brad Pitt is still the golden boy, no matter what he did or didn’t do.

      • Carmen says:

        And in the end, the adulation is all that matters to him, more than his marriage or children or anything else.

      • Fa says:

        It is obvious he was there for that adulation and reconnaissance and nothing wrong with that Hollywood is all about ego, oh and yesterday it was his daughter birthday

      • Lili says:

        Exactly! Mel Gibson for christ sake was there, I can’t believe, so yes. Let’s say if it was the other way around and It was Angelina standing there after being investigated, oh well, the internet would explode. I don’t hate Brad and honestly I am sad for their breakup, but I am disgusted by how the world still is sooo unfair with women.

    • Anilehcim says:

      “I love the sentiment behind Meryl’s speech but let’s take a moment and remember that Hollywood has ALOT of work to do on diversity, sexism etc. Nope Meryl Hollywood isn’t welcoming of immigrants (unless they are white).”

      THIS. Excellent post. Personally, I’m really over how many celebs want to act like they’re at the forefront of equality and understanding and especially when they want to preach to those of us in the real world, like they weren’t confusing two black movies and they don’t all passively sit by while award shows routinely treat colored people like they’re less than. It’s easy to look down from an ivory tower when you live in a bubble and think that you’re enlightened and doing your part. I’m over the preachiness.

  20. Frannydays says:

    You can tell how not good of a comedian he is by the telempromotor moment. A good comedian would have ran with it, done some improv, thought of the Mariah joke on the spot. He just stood like a deer in the headlights.

    • sage says:

      He looked so scared!

    • mee says:

      i thought that was his joke – shadows of mariah carey – and it fell sort of flat bc it wasn’t clear whether he was parodying mariah or there really was a technical issue

    • Anilehcim says:

      Jimmy Fallon is the worst. He comes up with cool stuff on his show, but he is the world’s worst interviewer and his fake laugh is the reason that I don’t watch The Tonight Show anymore. IDK if he came up with it himself, but lip sync battle was brilliant. He was incredibly overrated when he was on SNL and he is still overrated. I do feel that he has his moments though.

  21. GotItGirl! says:

    I don’t get how a room of people clapping for Brad means they are happy he “Dumped Angie” When that isn’t even true. We all know they got a divorce and Angie Divorced Brad.
    If Angie had given a speech, you wouldn’t say the crowd was clapping because they are glad she “dumped Brad.” Why make a issue when there is’nt one? He gave a speech, I don’t see what he did wrong at all
    I don’t get how everything he does has to become so negative and a personal attack on Angie.

    • Stella says:

      They aren’t divorced.

      • SandyCheeks says:

        They aren’t divorced yet, true, but that doesn’t take away from the point OP is making.
        Why make assumptiond just to get the loons going? We all know a mention of B&A always gets the clicks and stirs the pot.

      • almondmilk says:


        Way to sound objective with your “loons,” comment.

        Exactly what makes those of us supporting Angelina and the kids during this time, “lunatics?”

        Apparently women supporting Angelina, the parent deemed responsible who has custody of the children and is trying to heal the lot of them, are hysterical and lunatic…

        …while those stalwart fiercely loyal supporters of Brad Pitt who dole out harsh criticism of Angelina on the regular, means they are objective, and level-headed.

        Odd, some of the people here I used to go toe to toe with who, just for example, loved referring to Angelina’s double mastectomy as “chopping her boobs off,” and regularly body shamed her larger reconstructive implants, weight, etc. – seemed like lunatics to me. I mean, where does it say you have to lose your humanity because a woman you’ve always hated gets a medical procedure and brings awareness to BRCA? If your mom had to have one would you speak like that? Doubt it.

        That kind of stuff seems crazy to me, it’s not crazy to admire an admirable woman.

      • K says:

        Personally I find anyone going to such extreme lengths as getting personally involved and defending either party a bit loony. I mean unless you know them and what happened why get so upset? That you think a room full of people clapping for a person as they walked on stage as anything other then reflex at these events.

        Considering how much they all drink I’m guessing none of them were paying that close of attention to who was on stage.

        With all that being said if you view the customary clapping at award shows as an attack on Jolie or siding with Brad you are loony.

        They might be siding with him over her but remember they know them so it could be based on personal relationships but my guess is it was oh a person on stage better clap.

    • Aren says:

      Some people might not want him to succeed, they probably were expecting to hear he was destroyed and miserable.

    • Dana says:

      It’s the media. This morning, I came across articles about Hollywood being #Team Brad. I’ve seen comments like “Brad looks good. He seems to have gotten rid of the dead weight” or “He looks sad. Poor Brad has had the life sucked out of him by his crazy ex”. I saw them on Twitter and gossip boards. He was there to promote Moonlight but the media and others have turned his appearance into a gossip fodder.

    • Dani says:

      Agree with you, gotitgirl. It couldn’t possibly be because he’s a terrific actor and producer with years of ties to Hollywood and most of the people in that room, nooo.

    • Lalu says:

      I doubt there were more than two people in that room that even care about this divorce. Seriously… What someone else said “someone’s onstage… Time to clap”. They probably couldn’t care less. They have their own problems.

    • hogtowngooner says:

      I think there was some serious straw-grasping when people “cheered for Brad” that was about his split with Angelina. We can’t be sure it’s because of that reason and that reason alone. I think people want to string this situation up as another example of misogyny in Hollywood.

      If – and that’s a big IF – it was, perhaps the “minimally talented spoiled brat” remark extended beyond the Sony boardroom and many are glad she’s got a foot out of the Hollywood door by getting more into international politics/humanitarian work?

  22. Pedro45 says:

    Ok, I will say it. I thought Meryl’ s speech was smug, tone-deaf and self-congratulatory. I am fully on her side as a liberal feminist who voted for Hillary but that speech was everything the GOP can use against us. Her smugness about art being better than football or MMA — people can enjoy art and sports, or neither, and still be good, smart people. There’s just no need to perpetuate the “I’m better than you because Art”.

    • Anastasia says:

      That football line was the only part that I sort of cringed at. It was indeed tone deaf. But the rest of it? Excellent and needed to be said. And needs to be repeated.

      • Pedro45 says:

        Maybe I need to rewatch but I was put off by her tone and I am on her side.

      • tracking says:

        Agreed @Anastasia

      • Kori says:

        Yes and some of those fields are more inclusive than the more ‘tolerant’ art fields. I enjoy football, I love movies and tv and books. There’s not a competition or need to run one down to make a point. Many athletes train hard and long at their craft as well.

    • mrspanda says:

      Pedro45 I agree! I’m also on her side, but enjoy watching some MMA sometimes. I know it’s a bit barbaric and the sponsorship/marketing is tacky as hell but some of those fighters are incredibly talented and dedicated – and I do think it’s an art form of sorts. Amanda Nunes is a blackbelt in Brazilian Jiu jitzu, Ronda Rousey (overrated) but was a Judo Olympian for USA. Amanda is from Brazil and has been training constantly for the past 2 years, without being able to afford a return flight to Brazil, and has just won the women’s belt last week. She’s a lovely gracious person, a proud lesbian, and yes, an immigrant, Meryl! Amanda started her marshall arts training at the age of 6 and has dedicated her life to the sport. It just felt like Meryl being pretentious and a dig at those ”Nascar-like people” who like MMA (i.e. Trumpets). I’m not american but I found it pretentious. That followed by the teary eyed self congratulatory ode to the diversity of Hollywood (!) and the pan to audience to show equally teary eyed actresses in 500,000 gowns. Didn’t Meryl recently say Hollywood is run by rich white men? Arghh I know I’m being super critical but I think the wrong messengers drive the divide even further, despite their best intentions.

    • Betsy says:

      I heard it as, “yes, you can enjoy sports, but after a while you’re going to want to look at something else, too.” And I’m done thinking we should avoid offending the world’s most easily triggered population. Look who they picked. They can stiffen their backbones and accept thoughtful, heartfelt criticism of who they felt was an accept choice.

      • mrspanda says:

        I don’t think it’s offensive, just a bit tone deaf. Her words were that if you kick out all the outsiders in hollywood you are left watching just football and mixed marshal arts … which ”ARE NOT!… the arts. I found that bit pompous and annoying, and I’m not a Trumpet by any stretch.

      • mrspanda says:

        (P.s and the majority of MMA stars are immigrants (it’s an international competition) so there would be no MMA either according to her logic!

  23. Lucy2 says:

    Meryl definitely has had some out of touch missteps lately, but that speech was everything. I’ve grown to really dislike Vince Vaughn, so if it pissed him off, even better.

    The Hidden Fences tweets are awesome.

    I thought the moment with Brad was weird. That’s the kind of applause one usually gets one returning from an illness, or coming out of retirement to present an award. All he’s doing is getting divorced, again, likely due to his own actions, again.

    • Felicia says:

      It makes me wonder what that room full of people who actually know them both, unlike any of us, have been hearing over the years. We get the glossy PR friendly version. They get the first hand gossip. He’s also clearly the more social of the two, which would likely tip things in his favor.

      • Dana says:

        Not really. Being in a room with a couple for an award show, every two or three years isn’t the same as going home with a couple.

        @Lucy2 +1

      • Felicia says:

        Working in the same industry, the same town, with one or the other (or both), having friends or friends of friends who did. Or who said or heard this or that at some industry party. Who did this or that on set. And this over how long, 20+ years? I’ll bet movie people are the biggest gossips out there and at that level there is probably max, one degree of separation. Agents, PA’s, movie crews, hairdressers, makeup artists, clothing designers. That’s not 2 hours once a year in the same room.

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree the people in that room know them a heck of a lot better than most, many of them have worked together and known each other for many years.

        The tone of it (if applause can have a tone) just struck me as kind of funny.

      • KB says:

        That’s exactly what I was thinking. The reception felt like it was as supportive of him as it was an insult to her. It wasn’t measured at all like you’d expect with most Hollywood divorces when they both work in the industry. I was surprised by it, to say the least.

  24. JulP says:

    I loved Meryl’s speech. It really is frightening that we’ve elected a thin-skinned bully to the highest office in this country. We will all pay dearly for that mistake.

    Other thoughts: I was shocked Mahershala Ali lost to ATJ! I though ATJ was good in Nocturnal Animals, but if anything, Michael Shannon and Jake Gyllenhall were way better (why the hell isn’t Jake in any awards conversations btw? Poor Jake!) and Mahershala was just perfect in Moonlight. I was also shocked (but pleased!) that Huppert won best actress over Natalie Portman. I’m kind of disappointed that LLL won so many awards, because now I think it’s going to win best picture at the Oscars (and Moonlight was a much better film in every respect). The TV awards were pretty surprising too. I’m going to have to start watching Goliath, I’ve heard good things about it (and I love BBT …) Oh, and Brad Pitt is looking good lately …

  25. Almondjoy says:


    Lawd. The tweets were gold and had me cracking up but at the same time it really was sad. One of those “let’s laugh to keep from crying moments.” It showed a total lack of research or care for black cinema. Two completely different movies with different subject matters and people couldn’t be bothered to notice.

    Jimmy Fallon. Call me crazy but I had ZERO CLUE he was doing a Chris Rock impression. Now I can’t stop laughing at how awful it was.

    I’m obsessed with Kristen Wiig. Love her so much.

    • Shambles says:

      The Hidden Fences thing really is so shameful. There’s no excuse. Imagine if they’d been calling up two black actors to present, and they said, “And here’s David Freeman and Morgan Oyelowo! Eh, whatever, same thing.”

      Ugh. I’m sorry, Almond.

      • Betsy says:

        Sorry, indeed! I don’t follow movies much so I didn’t know there were two similarly titled movies (I just know I want to see the NASA one with Ms. Spencer and Ms. Monae), but holy crap, if you work in the field that’s unacceptable! Wait to underscore that to some, certain people and their contributions are indistinguishable and invisible.

      • Almondjoy says:

        Agreed, Shambles and Betsy. No excuses. Hidden Figures and Fences. Two completely different titles. This was such a fail on their part.

        Betsy,I haven’t seen Fences yet but Hidden Figures was amazing! So inspiring.

    • Abbess Tansy says:

      I was waiting for some tweets on that stupid mistake with #HiddenFences and they did not disappoint. No excuses for that, you are so right.

      Kristen and Steve should host next year, end of.

  26. Slowsnow says:

    Kirsten and Steve for the WIN!!!!

    Streep’s speech cleverly doesn’t name Trump which makes one think of censorship. My parents lived half their lives under a dictatorship and it reminded me of their stories about “tricks” to say things without saying amongst friends, on TV etc. Very, very astute.

    • GB says:

      It was really present in polish media during 70 and 80 when it was always how to outsmart the censors, but thanks to it many great movies, series, programs, books etc were created.

  27. Lucy says:

    “It’s notable that the crowd was feeling very pro-Brad. Very “thank God you dumped her, dude!”” I agree with most things on this post, but this is just…really?

    • Carmen says:

      Especially since he didn’t dump her, she dumped him. I think the crowd was more like “chin up, guy, and don’t let that witch get you down,” especially since the media keeps reporting he is crying and devastated over being separated from the kids.

  28. almondmilk says:


    No need to condescend to @Maya (‘deep breaths’) we can all discuss and disagree without that kind of immature personal response.

    I must say Felicia you show your own bias by stating that Meryl’s comments about Trump are ‘relevant to more people than Angelina.’ Why not say Trump’s actions are ‘relevant to more people than Brad Pitt?” He’s the one we’re discussing. The crowd’s (some) reaction to HIM. Angelina wasn’t there.

    Again, it seems a way to deliver a jab to her.

    Also, i don’t see why it’s so confusing. The shocker of the year is that Brad was being investigated for possibly abusing his children and having an alcohol/substance abuse problem. His physical custody of them was and may remain in jeopardy. Clearing him of criminality, doesn’t mean he was cleared of being drunk and out of control and terrorizing his kids. He agreed (with Angelina) to do a modified rehab, get tested and have therapy.

    I believe Maya’s point was, when those are the only facts you have, and he himself hasn’t spoken about what went down- certainly hasn’t *directly* asked for their support or directly blamed Angelina Jolie, it’s more than distasteful to soak up and preen to cheers.

    He is coming across as weak and compromised.

    But if it’s his choice to make this a popularity contest with Angelina and have her and is children dismissed and attacked (yes, i read several tweets on how Brad is looking great after losing his 1000 children and Angelina), after all she’s done in the world by way of her humanitarianism and good works – not to mention being the amazing mother you’ve crowed about. Then that just shows me he’s quite probably weak trash and not a man.

    • Anna says:

      I am not here to defend Brad, but “weak trash”(?) I would feel bad characterizing him that way because I do not know him, but according to Angelina, he was “a great loving father” from 2005 into 2016. I will take her word for that. He says the same about her. I’ll take his word for that. There has been far more positive praise of each other in the press in the 11 years they were together and everyone knows that. The media are playing their game right now. Whatever went down, and IMO it was a lot of problems over several years, I am looking at this from a legal standpoint. He is making all the right moves so far. He is smartly waiting for the file to be sealed, not being weak. Her attorney made it clear to his attorney that Angelina is not willing to amend/modify the stipulation between the parties now, and he wants it changed now which is within his rights; so, his next move will be to file a Request for Order to modify the agreement and I am sure his attorney will as soon as he can under seal. The contention in this matter has been hyped by the media, but in actual fact, it can become far more contentious than we will ever know if they are not in agreement about custody. But, in my experience, things will settle down once he is allowed non-supervised, increased time with his kids while they go through the Court/Judge/Magistrate to put something more permanent in place…but, child custody agreements are never really permanent. You can seek to modify any time. Let’s not add to the negative characterization of these parents…they’re like most other parents and we should be glad they are both looking out for their children’s best interests and want to be good parents to them. Even though they are not in agreement right now, there is hope for the future and they CAN become friends and family again even if they are divorced…I know this as fact because I have been through this personally and my children’s’ father is a close family friend now.

      • almondmilk says:


        I dont mind repeating and clarifying when people disagree respectfully. Perhaps you didn’t read my post in its entirety, I said:

        “But *IF* it’s his choice to make this a popularity ccontest with Angelina and have her and his children dismissed and attacked…that shows me he’s quite *probably* weak trash and not a man.”

        That’s not a definitive statement, it’s predicated upon certain actions by him which i describe in detail.

        That has ZERO to do with Brad Pitt having been a “good father,” from 2005 to almost current day.

        Everyone knows you can have good parents who cease being good parents for a variety of reasons, namely illness, substance abuse and/or addiction. Can they control it on their own. Typically no, it’s called a ‘disease,’ for a reason. Does it mean they will never be the good parent again, that they once were? Of course not, they can be – it’s why people choose to be rehabilitated.

        I didn’t read anything about Brad’s alleged bad acts, nor his therapy and testing because of it – in your post. You wrote nada about that. This happens a lot around here. Women who want to leave out the specific incident and specific problem that may have gotten Brad and Angelina to this place (Brad, alcohol/substance abuse, fight w/his child), then pontificate about the unconfirmed personal issues between the two of them, that may have been at the heart of a split..but that they have zero evidence to support.

        You say Brad is ‘making all the right, smart moves,’ well I’m glad you find something admirable in someone who it was recommended and agreed upon (by both parties) should be in a modified rehab.

        Wanting to not be in rehab and not accept professional advice is typical of the person who NEEDS to be in rehab. They are slippery eels in denial. A person who finds time to leave rehab and therapy to promote movies, go to award shows and vacation in Turks doesn’t seem as committed to the process.

        That, I’d remind you – is what people need to focus on. If you are the responsible custodial parent, and the other parent is NOT and you have seen first hand why that may be (due to alcohol, substance abuse, etc) what sane parent gives THAT parent unsupervised custody (and of kids who currently refuse to see him) BEFORE HE EVEN FINISHES THE PROGRAM as he agreed to do.

        I mean what I’m hearing, are excuses from women who want to present Brad in the best light possible. They don’t see him as a possible addict wiggling out of rehab and agreed upon processes…they PREFER to see him as ‘Poor Brad Pitt’ thwarting the evil ice queen at worst, or at best thwarting an angry soon to be ex.

        Except i simply disagree with your premise, and believe Angelina feels the health of her kids, and Brad, is paramount. Despite what Brad and the tabloid narrative and some posters on message boards have said about her.

      • Anna says:

        Hi Almond–I am looking at their agreement and there is no mention whatsoever about rehab. He IS drug/alcohol testing (this has been asked of many of our clients both male and female and some with a drug or alcohol problem and some as clean as the driven snow) which he may or may not need. I have not mention his alleged bad acts just as I have not mentioned her alleged bad acts because I do not know the truth which usually lies between the two parties in my experience…but I can tell you this, if he had hit her back with accusations of being unfit, those kids could have been removed from the home. None of us will ever know the whole truth. But I can tell you this, these two are the only two parents these kids have and I am sure in these circumstances they are endeavoring to do their best to DO BETTER. I won’t ever debate who is the bigger ass*le of the two because there is far too much ammunition on both sides to call it a draw.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Thank you for your legal observations and your clear explanations of things. Also good for you that you have a good relationship now with your ex. Your child I’m sure greatly benefits from that.

      • Paige says:

        “Her attorney made it clear to his attorney that Angelina is not willing to amend/modify the stipulation between the parties now, and he wants it changed now which is within his rights”

        Actually documents were filed that state he will get more time with the children this month and February. I saw them online a few days ago.

      • almondmilk says:

        Really @Anna??

        ..and what “bad acts” has Angelina Jolie committed to have her investigated by 4 different agencies, have had to drug test, and agree to and complete therapy w/only supervised visits?

        Last time I checked Angelina had primary sole custody of her kids and was trying to heal the lot of them.

        Regarding ‘rehab,’ it is short for rehabilitative. I don’t know what you’d like to call the counseling and the supervised visits and the drug/alcohol testing he had to adhere to – but the point of all that is to rehabilitate someone and it sure isn’t Angelina Jolie.

        So once again misogyny rules the gossip board: Brad’s very serious issues that terrorized his kids and are being treated therapeutically, are downplayed…while Angelina, the custodial parent/mom, who very well may just be playing hardball to get this guy help and clean so he won’t menace or be a menace to his kids…is maligned and besmirched and called an ahole.


        Please stop kicking the woman in the teeth when she’s the only parent not going drunk berserk on a plane and scaring her kids (allegedly)

      • Anna says:

        Hi almond. I will always respect your opinion as long as you can understand that I know exactly what misogyny is and I would appreciate it if you do not refer to me or my posts as misogynistic. I have a love of woman that I venture to guess dated farther back than yours, but who knows. 😉 I am open to your POV it is as important as mine as far as I am concerned. My reference to the ass@ole debate wasn’t calling Jolie or Pitt a name. My point is they both have horrible information out there about bad behavior and there is no real factual corroboration. I’m willing to overlook human frailty and even more serious problems as long as there is intent for good behavior going forward. EQUALLY MAN OR WOMAN. Angelina does not need my dumb opinions to move on with her life and neither does he. I am happy if they both have decided to move closer together in their decisions for their children. Jolie is no victim and neither are her children. I’m sure she would take issue being seen as the victim of misogyny, she’s so above and beyond that

    • Michelle says:


      Huge +1

  29. S says:

    I was stunned, though I shouldn’t have been, by the decidedly raucous greeting Brad Pitt received; as if a movie star stepping on stage was a courageous move akin to a bullied child standing up against a raging father. (Too soon?)

    Hollywood might be mostly anti-Trump, but it’s not because of the pussy-grabbing, as that’s their standard modus operandi. See Mel Gibson sitting front and center as a nominee as proof positive, if you didn’t already have enough evidence with Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Casey Affleck, et al.

  30. Marianne says:

    I wasn’t watching the red carpet with Jenna Bush so I didn’t realize she made the mistake, but I did catch Michael Keaton and thought “Oh boy”. I mean, its certainly unfortunate the mistake was made twice but can we really sit here and say that its because they’re ignorant white people who think all black movies are the same? People mis-speak all the time. I once was talking about the musical “A Chorus Line” and accidentally said “Carousel” which is a completely different musical. Sh** happens sometimes, ya know.

    • Goldie says:

      I don’t think Jenna Bush and Michael Keaton are racist, but I also think it’d be naive to think it’s a coincidence that they both mixed those particular films up. If anything, I think it’s indicative of the lack of diversity in Hollywood in general. It’s so rare to have more than one film with a predominantly black cast receive awards attention that people start to think they’re the same film.

      • Marianne says:

        Im not saying that ignorance isnt in play. But, we dont know for sure if they actually got the two movies mixed because they are predominately black movies.

  31. MellyMel says:

    Black Twitter never ever disappoints. Meryl is everything and a goddamn Queen. And Brad looked really good last night. I don’t know if he stopped drinking or what but the boy looks good and I haven’t thought that in some years.

  32. AmunetMaat says:

    I have to give props to Tracee Ellis Ross. She is the first AA woman to win an award in that category in 35 years. She made history last night. The last being Phylicia Rasheed for Cosby. That win exploded on my timeline last night. Actually, so many diversity moments from GG exploded on my timeline, from Janelle Monet’s awesome gown, Tracee Ross’s win, Viola Davis win and Danny Glover’s win, and #blacktwitter the night really felt like it was a huge achievement for African American actors. I even saw memes popping up before bed showing all of the black winners this year. I also heard that Viola’s speech on Trump was outstanding and she was getting a lot of good press about it.

    • sanders says:

      I love Tracee Ellis Ross in Blackish. I watch it just for her and the mom-law character. So glad she won.

      • AmunetMa'at says:

        It’s such a funny show. I don’t DVR it but I watch all my 30min comedies on demand & I really love that show.

    • Locke Lamora says:

      Donald Glover seems to be a shitty person, I don’t get why he gets so much love here.

      TER, on the other hand, I’m so happy she won.

      • AmunetMa'at says:

        I’ve never heard bad things about Donald Glover (thanks for the correction, I’ve been watching Lethal Weapon (tv show) ). I’ve only heard that he is a super dope talent and ppl love his new show.

  33. Betsy says:

    Loved Meryl’s speech.

    Oh and more Kristin and Steve!

  34. Joannie says:

    Not a big fan of Brad Pitt but last night was the best I’ve seen him look in years. I think the audience was cheering for him because of the fact that he’s going through a very public and nasty divorce and he still showed up. Angie would have got the same response.

    • Lady D says:

      Agree that she would have received the same response. They are both Hollywood royalty.

    • Kori says:

      Maybe. I think part of it is Brad has always been an insider who also know produces really successful films that garner awards. Angelina is known and liked but I think there’s more respect for her out of industry efforts.

    • Lalu says:

      Yes. Pitt looks good. I was asking myself if he got a new face. I haven’t seen him looking good in quite a while. Whatever he changed… Giving up the alcohol or getting some rest… He looks so much better.

  35. HoneyHammed says:

    I love how people are calling out the obvious, Hate bait, that is being displayed about the Brad Pitt stuff.
    Not a fan of neither, but really?
    People clapping means that they are giving a opinion on a situation that has nothing to do with the Golden Globes? Should they have thrown tomatoes at him? I just don’t get what one has to do with the other.
    Brad Pitt speaking on a movie that he is EP of, is somehow how a issue because he is white while doing it? How is the person who helped bring a movie with a all black cast, being crapped on because he choose to speak about a movie he helped make with a all black cast?
    Are we just trying to make a issue out of thin air?

    • Kori says:

      It’s a fine line. He stayed largely behind the scenes for 12 Years but he definitely uses his name and fame to push these movies he produces–especially harder sell ones, either because of subject matter or lack of big names.

    • Joannie says:

      I think most in that room could appreciate the fact that parts of their lives are open to public scrutiny no matter their success or artistry.

  36. neil says:

    Oh dear, what will everybody do when Brad and Angie get back together again?

  37. emma says:

    The musical intro is totally from La La Land!

    I’m totally over Fallon’s schtick of “romantic with men” for laughs — the Ryan Reynolds and Justin Timberlake bit.

  38. Kri says:

    I know these issues are real ever present and urgent but can I just say….Black Twitter is the most.Epic. Hilarious. Tidal flood of Tea ever!!!!! Just take all my time Black Twitter I don’t want anyone else.

  39. SM says:

    The only good thing from yeasterday was Meryl Streep and her speech. Her outfil was surprisingly nice and fun too. The only fun thing was Steve Carell and Kristen Wigg. As opposed to Jimmy Fallon. He spend the first half of monologue freaking out over teleprompter and then just thew a few Trump jokes just to try make us forget he was the only late time host who invited Trump on his show and acted like bros with him. Well it did not work. He seems to be eager to move past each of these jokes as if someone made him say those jokes. Probably this what happened anyway because this is the room dominated by anti Trump crowd. Equally dissapointing – fashion. I mentioned that in the post on Sunday that judging by the fashion at pre parties it will be a gloom opening for awards season. And it was. The only dress that I liked was of Caitriona Balfe. And I had no idea who she was before tonight. Also I find some of nominations and wins problematic. Why is Peaky Blinders overlooked? Cillian Murphy deserves a nomination for it as well as probably Jamie Dornan. In my mind both of them deserved that award more that Tommy Hiddles who is oficially the biggest try hard on earth.

  40. A.Key says:

    This whole thing is literally a bonfire of vanities with every person in that room desperately trying to steal the spotlight and be the center of attention. Exhausting. These award shows (emphasis on the show) only prove what most forget – these people only work when they have a written script coming out of their mouths and coordination and direction telling them what to do and how to behave. Otherwise it’s just downright embarrassing and sad.
    Honestly, more attention should be brought to directors, screenwriters, producers, and the crew, these are the people who actually make these puppets look interesting.

  41. NYCgal says:

    Brad looked absolutely fantastic. He is doing good work in bringing poc movies to the front and not only that, but steps back and lets the artists take the credit for it. It’s far more than what some of his peers are doing. The fact that he also cleaned up and looked great doesn’t hurt. His personal issues should remain between him and his soon to be ex wife and should be none of our business.

  42. Bocca says:

    While I love me some Hugh Laurie, him winning over John Lithgow or Sterling K. Brown just felt wrong. And, yes, Tom Hiddleston is pretty, but the speech was god-awful. LLL is a fun movie, but its screenplay is nowhere near the level of Moonlight’s or MbtS’s, IMO.

    The Wiig/Carrell bit was great, but the Globes need to do a better job of time management. They can’t let all the presenters and winners at the beginning speak forever, only to cut the big winners at the end short.

    Fallon was a meh MC. Naomie Harris was the most gorgeous thing of the evening.

  43. Kori says:

    I was just looking at articles about the “Hidden Fences” fiasco. Michael Keaton got stopped about it and was pretty blase, even surprised people noted/cared. He didn’t think it was a big deal. Jenna Bush Hager apologized, pretty tearfully, on NBC and on social media. Al Roker and Natalie Morales, who were both there on the Red Carpet, defended her. In their view, there is so much happening at once, she’d already interviewed people from both movies and it was her first time on the red carpet interview scrum. Roker was pretty annoyed about how she was getting dragged for what he viewed as a simple error with nothing malicious or malignant behind it. She was also defended by Octavia Spencer on Twitter and Pharell as well.

  44. almondmilk says:


    So you think Angelina is lying about the whole thing (like Trump, her doppelganger in spirit according to you?) and that Brad Pitt is the innocent party just waiting for his agreed upon counseling, therapy and drug testing to end, so that he can get his joint custody.

    A few questions:

    No where does it say Angelina wants to “terminate Brad Pitt’s parental rights once and for all,” this is the issue i have with some women on these boards. They refuse to see Angelina as anything but a cartoon villain. Certainly not a mother, a woman who loved her husband and still cares about his welfare and definitely not the diplomat and humanitarian and grown up she’s been for the last 15 years. It’s quite sad. Why would she want to destroy Brad Pitt, if the rumor that he let alcohol/roids/substances control his life? Why would she want to destroy the relationship her kids had with their father?

    She wouldnt. Shed want him to get help, and complete the agreed upon program – not weasel out of it.

    But please do go on, how’s it go? .. Angelina is Trump and Brad is Barack. Yes, someone actually is conflating a mom and her traumatized kids dealing with a drunk outta control Dad, to racist Trump slurring the President.

    • GB says:

      But it’s her who filed for sole physical custody of their kids, it doesn’t matter if she changed her view or not. First thought matters, it’s like Amber is gold digger because of her extortion letter when she presented all her exorbitant demands.

      • noelle says:

        AJ filed for sole because of the investigations BP was subjected to by the different agencies, so that the kids could remain with one of the parents instead of being taken away. She didn’t “change” her view; as her lawyer stated in the correspondence with BP’s lawyer the end goal has always been healing and joint custody. It’s a point that has been clarified a while ago.

      • LadyT says:

        noelle- 1. Angie and Brad had a “private” temporary agreement giving her sole custody because of the investigations. (Not filed in court initially because the purpose was to mediate privately.)
        2. As for her divorce filing, something completely separate from the above agreement, she filed for sole custody. She didn’t “have” to. This is what she wants post divorce sometime in the future. Her lawyer absolutely spoke about “joint” but what was filed was for “sole” physical custody.

        Noelle- Google emails between the lawyers ~Dec.7th. Brad asked for an extra hour a week. Wasser basically says their hands are tied- let’s ask the therapists and talk next week, but then she files the private agreement in court so it’s no longer privately negotiable. Now he has to go to court to change it.

      • Noelle says:

        Thank you for clarifying. I am lost on the strategy by AJ’s team here. I wish it had been played out more discreetly. The various statements from AJ were due to increase interest. “health of the family” “safeguards in place for the healing” etc. Even though she probably had good cause to file for divorce in the first place I wish all had been done to shield details from the public. Whatever she does will be vilified anyway, so I feel she could have taken the higher road. I admire her for her work and integrity but I fail to understand how her “real life” Olivia Pope and her top divorce lawyer who usually advocates for complete lockdown have not been able to avoid such a storm. In the end it reflects more positively on BP -who only released one statement- than on her. No matter what he did, for the children it would have been better to seal it all since the beginning .

      • LadyT says:

        Those are the facts of the case as clearly and unbiased as I can relate them.

    • Dolphin7 says:

      Facts: he was cleared by all agencies. His drug test immediately after the incident were clean. From what we know, they continue to be clean. She has denied him more visitation time. All of this-any kind of substance abuse, any kind of therapy, any kind of questions about custody could have been settled behind closed doors. It will be interesting to what happens on the 17th.

      • Noelle says:

        when did she “deny” more visitation time? i’d like a quote from the filings if its stated as a fact?

      • LadyT says:

        Dolphin 7-
        The 17th is the date to seal. I have no doubt he’ll come ready to file for some more time with the kids. But that’ll be considered at a new hearing further in the future. She’ll be able to respond, etc. etc. Things move slowly in the court system. Wasser knows this and was aware when she filed the private agreement in the court unnecessarily. Jolie is going to have sole custody for a good long while.

  45. Billy says:

    Brad is with the face of who was thinking … “so many people happy to see me and do not know me and my children do not want to see me, therapists do not listen to my demands, Angelina’s lawyer does not accept the threats of my Lawyer, DCFS and FBI investigated me for months, I have to do tests of drugs and drinks, “why In the real world, my charm does not work? LOL

  46. Dolphin7 says:

    It’s in their December filings somewhere. He asked for more visitation and a different therapist, she said stop let’s not do anything and run it by the therapist we have now (the one with poor ratings with parents saying he does whatever the parent paying him wants).

  47. Noelle says:

    Finally a joint statement by AJ and BP. – ‘The parties and their counsel have signed agreements to preserve the privacy rights of their children and family by keeping all court documents confidential and engaging a private judge to make any necessary legal decisions and to facilitate the expeditious resolution of any remaining issues.’

    ‘The parents are committed to act as a united front to effectuate recovery and reunification,’ the statement concluded. ‘ (Daily Mail)

  48. d says:

    Seems like they’ve agreed to keep things private going forward, to which I say: ABOUT FRICKIN’ TIME.

  49. Talia says:

    I don’t think it’s inherently racist to mix people up.
    Granted, it’s a major fuck up for a journalist covering an event. But it’s easy to mix people up disregarding of whether they are white or black. It’s our individual perception that bundles people together.
    So I totally get how one can mistake Samuel Lee Jackson for Lawrence Fishburne or January Jones for Blake Lively or Keira Knightly for Natalie Portman, Jada Pinkett for Zoe Saldana, Amy Adams for Isla Fisher, etc.
    And those stories are often told by white celebrities as a nice joke how they signed an autograph on behalf of another actor. But when it comes to black actors than it’s automatically racism and all hell break loose. This is racism.

  50. bap says:

    Angelina is a Great Lady that loves her children. Angelina is not worried about her career only her children are her main priority. Angelina is a strong and powerful woman and will not stay in relationship that is destructive to her children like some will.

    Perhaps some women hate her because she will Not stay in relationship for appearance sake.

  51. Ana says:

    Why did Brad present Moonlight instead of any of its actors? I’ll tell you why. It’s not because he’s the producer (although that’s a good excuse). It’s because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who gives the Golden Globes, uses this ceremony to do a lot of PR with celebrities. They usually nominate people that really shouldn’t be nominated just because they are famous, to get more celebrities to attend. It’s well known in the industry. Brad was there simply because he’s the one the HFPA is most interested in keeping a good relationship with.