Winona Ryder in satin Viktor & Rolf at the Golden Globes: ’90s fab or ’90s fug?


For a ‘90s Girl like me, I easily recall when Winona Ryder was a HUGE deal on the red carpet. Everyone loved her and we couldn’t wait to see what she would be wearing. Literally decades have passed and part of me was still excited to see her… until I actually saw this Viktor & Rolf dress. Apparently, they customized for her, to which I say… REALLY??? This is a standard-issue prom/pageant dress from the ‘90s. I love Winona but… no. Her date was Scott Mackinlay Hahn. Who is he? He’s a fashion designer and they’ve apparently been dating for more than five years. PS… this dress has a giant f–king bow on the back which was hideous, but there are thankfully no photos of it.



Claire Foy in Erdem. People love her and they love The Crown (which won over Game of Thrones and Westworld last night). Personally, I feel like The Crown is going to become another Downton Abbey situation, where Americans fall over themselves because of the posh soap opera of everything. Meh. As for the dress… it was disappointing. I like that she wore a British label though.



Pharrell Williams wore a years-old Chanel ensemble. He described it as from Chanel’s “Bombay Collection,” to which I say… Chanel made British empire cosplay?? Pharrell looks like The Last Viceroy.


Riley Keough in Chanel. Considering the elitism of the Chanel label, I find it odd that Riley was the most high-profile woman wearing the label. I also find it odd that this is the dress she chose.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Dolkite says:

    I dig Winona’s dress if they got rid of about 30% of the fabric. It looks like she’s dragging it around.

    • Anitas says:

      I agree, too big of a dress especially for a petite woman. But overall I don’t mind it, simple but kind of goth, it fits her style I guess.

      I’ve never seen an Erdem dress that I liked. Terrible label, IMO.

  2. Mikasa says:

    That’s a boring dress.

    • pix says:

      I agree it’s boring, but i think she chose boring intentionally. She looks so uncomfortable in all the photos, like she wishes she could disappear and not be noticed at all, ever.

      • NeoCleo says:

        I agree. But I’ve noticed that she’s gone from her default look of terror to just being uncomfortable so I take that to be a good sign.

      • emilybyrd says:

        Yeah. Her shoulders all hunched in that one photo–it’s sad. She’s clearly still so uncomfortable being on the red carpet. When I think back to how confident and glowy she looked there in her heyday, makes me sad.

      • Alex says:

        Thats what happens to women when they reach their 40s trying to fit in to a youth thirsty society. We need to learn to love ourselves for what we are

    • Chaine says:

      Bores me to tears… and no necklace to dress it up, she literally did not even try.

  3. Macscore says:

    All disasters here. You’re right, Winona’s dress is just a _tad_ better than the hideous taffeta off-the-shoulder dress I was forced to wear as a bridesmaid in the early 90s.
    Claire Foy is beautiful and talented, and her dress… does her no favours whatsoever.
    WTF is going on across the bodice of the Chanel dress? Black Alpine peaks? The overall patterning on the dress chops her up into a serious of unfortunate geometric shapes – total fail for something that probably cost a fortune. *sigh*.

  4. LAK says:

    Chanel are not the company for eveningwear. Always fugly.

    Also, their Indian collection……every year they have a special resort collection inspired by a place/country. They’ve done everything from Dallas, USA to Moscow, Russian to Shanghai, China to Bombay, India. Personally i feel these collections are the only chance they experiment and try new ideas even if the result feels vaguely costumey.

    The Indian collection was really beautiful and least costumey of the lot.

    Their Dallas collection was the worst. It was all Texan cowboy chic trying to be Parisien chic. Didn’t not translate at all.

    • teacakes says:

      @LAK – the only times I’ve liked awards red carpet Chanel have been during the 2005 Oscars on Kirsten Dunst (everyone else in fussy mermaid gowns and pageant hair but she nailed it with a sleek bob and a sheath dress) and Nicole Kidman at the 2002 Oscars.

      It’s crazy to think I have to go that far back to find stuff I like.

    • sienna says:

      I love the resort collections for the bags though. I splashed out on the flap bag with waist chain from the 2016 Seoul Resort Collection and love that it is a cross over version of this iconic purse!

  5. The Other Katherine says:

    Winona’s dress is super-boring, but more importantly — THE WOMAN DOES NOT AGE. Like, AT ALL. Seriously, how does she DO that? I think she is still one of the great beauties of Hollywood today.

    • Elizabeth2 says:

      Agree with you! She is just so drop-dead beautiful. Holy smokes, those eyes! Her skin looks fabulous, too–she seems to be smart about staying out of the sun. Can’t ever remember seeing her with a tan or even a hint of one. I actually like her dress. Her sense of style has always been just about peerless. Go, Winona!

  6. Lucy2 says:

    Winona’s is rather boring, but I imagine she chose it to not stand out, if that makes any sense.
    I think I would like Claire’s more without the sleeves.
    Pharrell’s look is hilarious. But I doubt that’s what he was going for …

  7. hkk says:

    That chanel dress is everything for me… i LOvE it!

  8. Adrien says:

    She used to be cute and daring in her red carpet choices. I still remember that flapper girl style gown she wore at the Oscars and the pink gown too. Her gown now isn’t fug but it looks like it was bought off the rack.

  9. Bridget says:

    None of the Chanel women aside from Riley were there, who may have been more likely to make it a first choice. There are probably a bunch of Chanel gowns being packed up with the other options that didn’t make the cut, to go back into the Awards rotation

  10. teacakes says:

    That dress is not even close to worthy of Winona. She looks beautiful as always, but her fashion mojo was absent last night.

    Also, I like Claire Foy’s dress! I love the multicoloured glitter of it all, and the fact that it basically looks like a Regency-era dress dipped in glitter. At least the silhouette is different from what we usually see on the red carpet.

  11. gene123 says:

    I love the concept of Winona’s dress (minus the butt bow because what grown woman needs a bow above her butt?) but it feels weird that it was “customized” for her when it looks so..basic. If they hadn’t mentioned it being customized I probably would’ve liked it more but I felt underwhelmed by it. Also if she did a red or wine colored lip it would be jaw dropping. Almost grown up vampire chic. I can never get over how gorgeous Winona is

  12. Locke Lamora says:

    I never realised Winona had such a shrill voice.

    I sorta like Riley’s dress.

  13. Beer&Crumpets says:

    Awwww, I like Winona’s dress. From the front, anyway… I do not care for ass-bows but if I don’t see it I can’t hate it. I’ll just pretend it’s not there. Ass-bow aside, I think she looked lovely and I don’t mind her being in a 90s prom dress. Maybe it was supposed to be a shout-out to her best decade or whatever.

    Also, besides being in awesome late-80s to 90s movies, and kind of kicking ass in Stranger Things, one time she played Amanda Grayson (Spock’s mom) so she will be awesome forever as far as I’m concerned- just for that one tiny role.

  14. Brea says:

    Honestly I didn’t expect to enjoy the Crown as much as I did, it’s not groundbreaking but it’s a nice show with excellent actors especially John Litgow and Claire Foy. That said I would have been happy if Stranger Things had won too.

  15. Barrett says:

    Winona is still so beautiful even in an ok dress

  16. Kiki says:

    I have always love Winona Ryder. Even when she was arrested for shoplifting, I still love Winona Ryder and she turned herself around, unlike most actress *cough* Lindsay Lohan *cough*. She looks great. Although I don’t love the dress but she looks fine and I am glad she is better than ever and I wished her all the success. Also, I love Tracee Ellis Ross, well deserved award and second best speech of the night,

    As for Riley Keogh (forgive the spelling), I think this is one of the worst dresses of the night.

  17. sage says:

    Winona is a natural beauty.

  18. Rivkah says:

    Claire Foy’s dress is so weird but I kind of liked it. Well deserved wins for her and The Crown

  19. Lucy says:

    The dress is not great, but her face and hair were on point. Pharrell reminds me of Professor Utonium from The Powerpuff Girls.

  20. Dani says:

    I may be in the minority but I adore that Chanel dress. It’s interesting and beautiful. Poor Winona and her ugly prom dress. It’s unbelievable that it was made for her. I am sure it could have been bought off the rack from Penneys in 1989.

  21. Marianne says:

    Winona’s dress is super boring. Riley’s dress is interesting.Very art deco-y. But somehow looks like its too saggy or something. And I would have liked Claire’s dress if the sleeves were cut off.

  22. Lady Rain says:

    I love Winona, she looks great but her dress is reminiscent of a Jessica McClintock ad from 17 magazine straight from late 80s.

  23. serena says:

    I didn’t hate Winona’s dress to be honest, I like it was 90s stile with some gothic elements (and how cool is a black gown?), the only problemi I have with it is the fabric/texture. I think it would have been so much prettier in another texture, maybe velvetry, but definetely not that shiny mess.

  24. Lisa says:

    It could just be me…I doubt it but it’s possible…..BUT no one on this thread looks good in what they were wearing!

  25. Mei says:

    I was a little dubious about The Crown, it didn’t seem on the surface that it would be that interesting, I’m not that much of a fan of our RF. But it was actually really great! Claire Foy was outstanding, and also Matt Smith was great as the curmudgeonly Prince Phillip (who if this is true to history is a major a$$).

    As much as I like Claire Foy, that dress is ghastly. As are all of the clothes on this post imho :/

  26. LaDiabla says:

    I actually still have a black satin ball gown from the 90’s in my closet that is remarkably like Winona’s. I bought in Mexico on impulse and by the time I wanted to wear it (as a costume) it was waaaayyy too tight. Ah, well. At least Winona can still fit into her 90’s ball gown. I think she generally did not want to stand out, given that’s she’s not really all that comfortable at these events. Loved the fact that she was asked about Christian Slater and she said that she still loves him..that she emailed him and he wrote back, so she thought, yes, friends forever. AWWWW! JD and Veronica Sawyer 4 evah….:D

    I can see the intent behind Claire’s dress. The color of the dress compliments her skin tone and eye color, hair and makeup perfectly, so I think this is a win for her. And yes, I may be in the minority as well, but I love that Chanel dress on Riley.

  27. jinglebellsmell says:

    Does Riley Keogh have no waist?

  28. SpareRib says:

    Personally, I’m so happy The Crown won as I did the flowers for it <3