Steve Harvey under fire for mocking the attractiveness of Asian men


For a few days now, everyone has been yelling at Steve Harvey, with good reason. I’m sorry, but when did anyone take Steve Harvey seriously? The man is trash. He built an empire out of slut-shaming women (and they buy it!) and pandering to the lowest common denominator and calling it “family entertainment.” Harvey’s latest is that he went off on a “funny rant” about how Asian men suck, because isn’t that just SO funny?

Steve Harvey has caused trouble with a new clip from his show. The talk show host has come under fire for comments he made about Asian men during his “Steve Harvey Show” on Friday. A clip of the moment began gaining viral attention after it circulated online this week. During the show, Harvey shares a 2002 book cover with the title “How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men.”

“Excuse me, do you like Asian men?” he said. “No, thank you.” He said if there was a similar book titled “How to Date a Black Woman: A Practical Guide [for] Asian Men,” it would be “one page too!”

“‘You like Asian men?’ ‘I don’t even like Chinese food. It don’t stay with you no time … I don’t eat what I can’t pronounce.”

[From Fox News]

Obviously, think-pieces have been written and statements have been issued from Asian and Asian-American advocacy groups. I watched about a minute of the clip and it made me sick – not just what Harvey says, but the fact that his feeble racism is met with laughs from the audience. Here’s the clip.

So in honor of Steve Harvey, here’s a little mini-Hot Guy Thursday. Featuring Daniel Dae Kim, Daniel Henney, Naveen Andrews, Godfrey Gao, Tony Leung, Alan Yang, Aziz Ansari, Randall Park, Rick Yune, Ian Anthony Dale and of course, Dev Patel.








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  1. Nicole says:

    It amazes me how many people (especially black) that buy into his brand of misogyny. He’s always been shit and the only time I find him kinda funny is on FF

    • NastyWoman` says:

      Exactly. “Land a husband by closing your legs and playing hard to get.” Because that is all women aspire to in life.

    • Ramona says:

      Thank you!

    • Vivivoom says:

      Could someone explain to me why he is specifically mentioning white women?

      • perplexed says:

        I was wondering about that too.

        Actually, I don’t know how he’d know what women in general are attracted to since he’s a guy.

    • akacarmenjones says:

      He is such a disservice to the black community and has been an unfunny egoistic jerk for years. I dislike him so very much and find it incredibly ridiculous that anyone would follow his guidelines for anything. He needs to write a book on screwing over your wife and refusing to pay alimony and support at a livable rate because he certainly knows that! One of my friends read his trash advice book which is just blatant misogyny and denial of a woman’s right to engage in healthy sexual relationships and she bought into that mess. A lot of black women think he is a relationship guru but everyone I know who’ve used his book for life advice are either still single or in horrible relationships.

      And Asian men totally are sexy. I am a black woman. I know firsthand the shaming and blaming that we (black women) get from misogynistic idiots like Steve Harvey. Some black people are very small-minded and ignorant and spew all types of asinine bigotry and racism towards other minorities. If a media personality made that comment about black men there would be all kinds of protests and petitions. I hate it when someone who is a minority subjugates other ethnic minorities. Just stfu Steve and worry about updating your tired look and stale comedy.

  2. Ilove6kies says:

    I mean I’ve always know he was a talentless twat, but as an Asian person this makes my blood boil. Sayonara Family Feud!

    His new show is also unwatchable by the way

    • Rianna Moore says:

      U wanna talk about racism? Then view the Chinese laundry detergent commercial and the story of air China and their lame ass apology for what they wrote about visiting London where there are lots of blacks and then think about what u r saying, besides these are famous actors who have to have done kinda good looks going for them and they do not rep average pple

      • Really? says:

        Are you saying that because some Chinese corporations (Air China and some random Chinese laundry detergent co.) are racist, it’s ok for Steve Harvey to be racist as well? Because Asian men as a whole specifically targeted Steve Harvey, this is payback? Do you have something against Asian men, Rianna Moore? Or are you applauding Harvey for giving Asian men dating tips for how to land a non-Asian girlfriend?

      • akacarmenjones says:

        That commercial was terrible. I believe the black actor stated he was unaware of what the commercial’s finished product would be BUT a laundry commercial made in mainland China is not pertinent to this discussion. I feel that many homogeneous countries have stunted views on race due to not being personally exposed to others from different ethnicities and gathering information from media which portrays certain races as bad and others as good. It’s not an excuse merely an explanation.
        Steve Harvey is an American citizen and has been exposed to many people of all ethnicities and religions and what he has said is inexcusable. He doesn’t get to assign attractiveness to anyone and to assume that he can speak on how handsome an entire continents males are…he needs to shut up.

      • Cassiopeia says:

        amen sister

  3. NastyWoman` says:

    I’m just struck by the irony of STEVE HARVEY questioning anyone else’s attractiveness …

  4. Erinn says:

    Well Steve. I love asian men, so whatever.

    I always find it hilarious when Steve Harvey thinks he’s the authority on ANYTHING. Can we just make him go away forever? Because I’d rather sit and watch a Kardashian marathon than watch 5 minutes of this asshat speak.

  5. marthe says:

    Oh! where is the attractiveness of Steve Harvey ?

  6. original kay says:

    my god I love asian men. so so beautiful.

    Chow Yun -fat too please! but the best- Sung Kang

    ETA Sendhil Ramamurthy !

    • gene123 says:

      I was scrolling through the comments looking for Sendhil’s name. Seriously, the hair! That smile! Those cheekbones

    • vauvert says:

      And where is the gorgeous Byung-hun Lee? I just loved him in Red 2 and I started watching Korean movies because of him. And if you haven’t watched Front Cover with Jake Choi and James Chen, give it a try…

      • DTX says:

        I was just about to post about him but you beat me to it! Lee makes my teeth sweat!!! I had seen him in Korean movies before (he even makes crying look sexy!) & I was pleasantly surprised to see him in RED 2!

      • K.T says:

        *fans self*
        Ooooooohh, thank you for that name, that was a very satisfying google image search! Mh hm, Lee Byung-Hun, why yes he can. I’ve also been watching 1Milllion dance videos and the kboys there can be so hot & can dance too…

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Omg, I harbor the same lust for Asian men… the planes of their faces are so gob-smackingly beautiful.
      Vidyut Jamwal

    • hogtowngooner says:

      I remember once on the subway, at some ungodly hour on my way to work one morning, a man stepped on who appeared half east-Asian (Japanese maybe) and half-something else and my jaw actually dropped he was so handsome. Anytime someone says they don’t find Asian men attractive, I think of him.

    • Melanie says:

      Hiroyuki Sanada and Ken Watanabe both were in The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise. Saw that movie over and over because of them

  7. rosalee says:

    ken watanabe and Chow Yun Fat are spectacular looking men.. If I may objectify men for a moment..every time I see them I simply say wow..

  8. Ramona says:

    I loathe this man. He has built an entire career from pedaling misogyny to women and some lap it up it seems. His stand up was painfully unfunny. And he cant even read a simple name off a card without messing up. Idiot.

    And when he is done apologising to Asian men can he also apologise for mimicking a black woman while spouting this crap. I dont even have to go to celebrities, I have known Asian guys in my life who I knew were way out of my league but a girl still hoped, and I am certain no black woman has ever thought that about his ugly ass.

    • pwal says:

      Let’s remember that this the same dude who tried to backstab Bernie Mac when he got the Oceans gig and still had the nerve to deliver the eulogy at Bernie’s funeral.

      Maybe dude watched Delirious recently and believed that bit about Asian men. A 30 year old bit that hasn’t aged well at all.

      Things have changed in a very marvelous way.No race has a monpoly on attractiveness. It’s an orgy of man candy yumminess, and Steve knows he wpuld be turned away at the door.

  9. Eye of Whorus says:

    Steve is so thirsty for attention. Pathetic.

    Please include Tadanobu Asano – (from the movie, Mongol) to your list of fine Asian men.

  10. Sarah says:

    Rick Yune is HOT.

  11. HK9 says:

    The man is a fool and has been for a long time. Colour me permanently unimpressed.

  12. GingerCrunch says:

    It’s too bad it took a story like this for us to get a Hot Asian Guy list! Naveen & Dev just did it for me. Oops! Did I say that?

    • ria says:

      If you want to make your list longer, put Hideo Muraoka on it.

    • eatingpie says:

      Exactly. Instead it’s always the same pasty white English dudes. Let’s start talking about other actors please!!

      • astana says:

        Why do you have to be nasty about those pasty white English guys? More diversity would be fine but is it necessary to take a swipe at them based on something they can’t help? Why does it always have to be about tearing someone down, especially if they’re pasty?

      • eatingpie says:

        Because it’s the same guys that constantly say problematic things, but keep getting passes just because of their race (you know they’d be getting shit if they were POC). And I’m sick of seeing extremely talented POC getting constantly overlooked in favour of mediocre white actors/singers. We need to work ten times as hard and be ten times as attractive and talented to get anywhere near the recognition that white people can get on mediocre talents and looks. So perhaps I shouldn’t have sounded so snippy when mentioning those same 5 actors this site enjoys regugitating so much, but you’ll have to pardon me for being bitter over the unfairness of it all.

      • eatingpie says:

        Also…they’re being torn down ESPECIALLY because they’re pasty? No, they don’t even face half the criticism and shit that people of colour face, so I don’t want to hear that.

      • GingerCrunch says:

        All are welcome…

      • Mira says:

        why did you focus on “pasty” instead of “Let’s start talking about other actors please!!”
        I feel like you diverted the attention from the real point here. Who cares if she thinks they are pasty? The point here is they don’t get the same attention- including on this site which seems to be posh english guy central. and for that too change we- the posters have to change the conversation. The sites are just posting about whatever gives them the most clicks.

      • eatingpie says:

        @GingerCrunch I didn’t say that white actors aren’t welcome anymore though? Just that maybe we should extend the courtesy of having more posts on other POC actors that frankly often get overlooked for their white contemporaries.

    • jlw says:

      Haha, GingerCrunch, I was thinking of posting the same thing as I was scrolling through. I don’t condone what the asshat says, but it got us a hot Asian guy post!

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I, for one, sorely miss Hot Guy Friday lists .😪

  13. Locke Lamora says:

    It amazes me that people even think this way, let alone say it in public. And the notion that an entire race of people is inherently unattractive is beyond ridiculous.

    Also, add Steven Yeun to the list.

  14. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    Unfortunately, some people do take this jackass seriously as he has been peddling his BS (bigotry and sexism) on the radio for more than decade. The popularity of his first tv show and long stint on the comedy circuit is how he got the book deals and then those terrible films made.

  15. Lena says:

    My first big, big crush was Leslie Cheung. And many other have followed from Randall Park to Liu Ye. How about some more coverage on Asian hotties on here somthat at least something good came out of this garbage?

  16. Margo S. says:

    What an utter moron. Asian men are hot as hell Harvey. Indian men, Korean, Japanese, doesn’t matter. Sure, there are “ugly” people out there but that isn’t specific to race. Plus is has a lot to do with personality. Isn’t this obvious though? Why am I explaining what I learned when I was 3 to Steve. So dumb.

  17. Missy says:

    Who’s the guy in pic #3…….????

  18. Lemon says:

    HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GO AFTER ASIAN DUDES LIKE THAT? Like forreal there are ridiculously attractive Asian guys (like there are of every race)! For instance:

    hrithik roshan:
    Dae Na:
    Hideo Muraoka:

  19. kodakay says:

    I’ve never found him funny. He is crass. He cheats on his wives then writes a book about being a good husband. Wait…. What?

    I don’t like and can’t figure out why he has 100 shows on TV. Seriously give somebody else a damn show! Sick of him. Sick of Anthony Anderson too, but I like him. I watch “blackish” but I refuse to watch “To Tell the Truth” or any other show he’s associated with.

    One show per person, people!

  20. eggyweggs says:

    Whoa, someone sounds bitter! What Asian dude broke your heart, Steve?

  21. Greenieweenie says:

    I grew up a white minority in an Asian-majority first/second generation immigrant neighborhood. Around age 12, the Chinese kids (most from Hong Kong) were the coolest kids in school. I wanted to be them, date them, blahblahblah…coolest haircuts, coolest clothes, cars, etc. The Indian kids, too, had their thing going on.

    Cut to teaching in US schools as an adult and all of a sudden there’s this stereotype of Chinese kids are nerds, only good at math, unattractive. I’ve honestly never understood how stereotypes form so strongly–as if no other perspective exists–and spread so widely. And they’re just accepted at face value so often! First, Americans have bizarre hangups over math and then they have these rigid ideas about who is/isn’t cool. Idk, get out more.

  22. Jade says:

    Where’s my sweetheart John Cho? And I’ve recently been appreciating Donnie Yen.

  23. Rachelle says:

    He must not have gotten the memo that dev Patel exists. 🙌🏻

  24. CItyHeat says:

    And if anyone still wants to argue that racism doesn’t exist across all spectrums of the human race……….

  25. lightpurple says:

    My neighbor Ning is stunning. Especially in the summer when he does yardwork without a shirt. Even my 88 year old aunt likes to sit on the porch to watch the show next door.

    • shelly says:

      lightpurples Aunt, for the win….

    • Snowflake says:

      Oh, that’s funny



    • magicgolfcartride says:

      LOL. Thanks for this. I needed that laugh.

      I’m a white girl who married an incredible Asian man, originally from Laos. All these pics of sexy Asian men are getting me all hot and bothered!! Goodness gracious.

      Steve Harvey and those who think like him are blind idiots. Ya’ll are missing out. :*

  26. Tobbs says:

    Ugh! He needs to go away. But Dev Patel at the globes? I’m crushing hard right now.

  27. detritus says:

    I just had a heart attack from all that hot, and my heart was only barely restarted by Daniel Dae Kim’s cheekbones.

    That man.

    Also, dear peesus, what in the everlasting cheeto hell is Steve Harvey on? STFU you silly twit.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      Is that the guy six down? With his head kind of shaved down on the sides, more hair on top? I want to lick his cheekbones.

      And I came here to say that I have been crushing the previous semester and this semester on my Asian professor who is so damn cute and handsome………..even more so when he opens his mouth and is sarcastically funny.

      • Snowflake says:

        Yes, he is hot!

      • detritus says:

        In purple, yes, oh yes.
        He was the only reason I watched Lost for awhile. Well and Naveen Andrews.

        Ahaha, the courses you do extra well in because you need the hot prof to not think you are a dummy. Makes the class much more interesting yeah?

      • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

        It makes it my favorite class even though I HATE science with a burning passion, just to a) stare at his face, and b) giggle at his quips. He is honestly one of the funniest guys I have ever met.

    • Stacy Dresden says:

      Ken Watanabe…Chairman!! *Drool*

  28. Sandra says:

    Really? One word Zayn. You won’t find a prettier guy in Hollywood.

    Dev Patel got sexy AF lately. Riz Ahmed is so handsome.

  29. QQ says:

    No country EVER EVER for Steve “Patron Saint of telling women to play coy to catch a Man and Buttons” Harvey, Ya’ll HAVE GOT TO STOP LETTING THIS BOZO SPEAK

  30. gene123 says:

    Steve Harvey, my crushes on Daniel Dae Kim, Rick Yune, Steven Yeun, and John Cho say otherwise.

    I think in honor of this incident, hot guy friday should be all men of asian descent

  31. oliphant says:

    I’d like to add Iko uwais from the film The Raid- so attractive 🙂

  32. Lemon says:

    I FORGOT TO MENTION CARY “SEXIEST HIPSTER EVER” FUKUNAGA!!!!!! How are you going to say Asian guys are ugly when he exists I mean COME ON! (This last pic is kinda dumb but whatever he is sex on legs)

    • Frida_K says:

      Oh my wow. I think my heart stopped when I looked at that first picture.

      I think Asian men are incredibly sexy and attractive. Those beautiful dark eyes and the hair! I prefer Mediterranean, Latino, and Asian guys above all, but I have had long-term relationships with other men of color (most notably, a marvelous West Indian Black man).

      I don’t get it when people think Asian guys aren’t attractive.

      I don’t know, but for me, I love brilliant, quirky, and interesting packaged in dark eyes and hair and preferably olive or dark skin. That, to me, is sexy and attractive.

      And, while I’m here: Steve Harvey is an @sshole for saying what he did here and I hope he is dragged by social media, chewed up, and spit out. He needs to just go away and stay away. What a JERK he is, my God.

    • detritus says:

      Oh no, I am ashamed that I forgot my hipster love.
      He is vury pretty is he not?
      I don’t think it would work for us in real life, he is more fashionable and prettier than I, and I’m too fragile for that.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Yes gawd! to Cary Fukanaga. Yum to Daniel Day Kim mentioned in the post. And who else is down for Naveen Andrews? John Cho has also been giving me feels for years. Shiiiiiiiiit I got a list that also includes Jet Li and Rick Yune.

      Basically Steve Harvey is an idiot and needs to stay in his bigoted, narraw-minded ass lane.

      • detritus says:

        woman after my own heart haha I mentioned Naveen and Dae Kim in the same post. Really, Lost did an excellent job of giving everyone eye candy.

      • WTW says:

        Cary Fukunaga is dreamy, but I also can’t believe no one has mentioned Russell Wong from the “Joy Luck Club,” “Vanishing Son,” “Romeo Must Die,” etc. Maybe everyone on here is super young. Anyway, I also want to say that the comments Harvey made don’t exist in a vacuum. Chelsea Handler has steadily trashed Asian men, and somehow been let off the hook for it. The stereotypes about Asian male attractiveness/desirability date back decades and are rooted in white supremacy/imperialism. It’s the flip side to the stereotypes about black men being sexually threatening. Sadly, a number of Asian women also believe that Asian men just aren’t attractive. I live in Cali, where you can easily find white guys with “Asian girl fetishes” and Asian women who don’t mind dating a string of white guys, or even black guys, but would never deign to date an Asian man.

      • Abbess Tansy says:

        Yes, yes another shout out for Russell Wong, who was probably one of my first Asian male crushes. So freakinhot!

    • Kitten says:

      Gah! I almost forgot about Cary.
      Seriously one of the hottest guys ever. Also, talented af.

      I love it when he looks angsty lol:

    • Original T.C. says:

      Cary Fukunaga all day, all night. I’ve had a crush on that man for YEARS. He is the only man Mr. T.C. would not trust me alone with!!

      A super long list of lovely Asian men with cheek bones for days, lovely dark eyes and dark silky black hair that you can just wrap your naked body around…. This man is completely out of touch with modern Black women. Disgusting man.

  33. BarkingTree says:

    No Riz Ahmed?!

  34. Sadezilla says:

    Honking twice for boycotting Steve Harvey, his bigotry and his nonsense and for hot Asian men!

  35. Jamie says:

    I’ve a crush on Yoo Ah-in. He’s not the typical pretty man but that’s why I like him:

  36. Lalu says:

    Really rude. But, consider the messenger.
    I also think it is beyond weird that there’s a book like that. Considering each individual person is unique, good luck finding those answers…

  37. anon says:


    You forgot Kenta Seki!!!! (Seriously, look him up. He’s fire)

  38. minx says:

    I’ve always liked the chef Ming Tsai.

  39. WendyNerd says:

    Jon Foo!!!

  40. LAK says:

    We can all list upto 100 hot Asian actors/celebrities/models without breaking a sweat. And that’s Only the ones working in Hollywood/western entertainment industry.

    Throw in The various Asian entertainment industries and that list has no end.

    This guy is a tool and his racism and misogyny should be pointed out at every turn.

  41. MylaRoma says:

    The face thing that came into my,mind when I saw his face was “horse face”. I mean his face and smile. But lets forget about him n list the fiooone Asian guys I have seen n fell in Love with .; Jet Li,Lee Joon Gi,Lee Min Ho,Park Si Hoo,Song Jong Ho.Daniel Yun,Amir Khan,Salman Khan etc….. they r more handsome than this Bozo and his rigid bristle of a moustache.

    • teacakes says:

      Salman Khan is a drunk-driving murdering poaching asshole who thinks he’s above the law so I’d leave him off the list. And Park Shi-hoo too, he creeps me out ever since he was accused of rape and admitted to sleeping with his accuser (who was too drunk to walk on her own but he insists it was consensual, surejan.gif).

  42. eatingpie says:

    Add Riz Ahmed to the list please!! I’ve been obsessed with him since watching The Night Of (and Rogue One!) and he’s distractingly gorgeous.

  43. manta says:

    The racism and misogyny seem strong in that one.

    But if I’m not mistaken his garbage bit is based on an actual book. I don’t understand how the outrage isn’t directed also towards a man who penned “How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men”. Because, even without reading it, I sense that he can share a seat with Harvey.
    And since no one has mentioned them , I’d add Takeshi Kaneshiro and Andy Lau (The secret of flying daggers forever).

  44. MissMarierose says:

    Who’s the guy in the last photo? He’s amazing!

    Also, the beautiful man in the purple suit in front of the CBS backdrop? Wow!

    I feel bad for ogling men without knowing their names. 🙁

  45. Ayra. says:

    The Asian men on this thread are heaven sent, lord help me *fans self*.

  46. Wren33 says:

    Thank you for the morning eye candy.

  47. TyrantDestroyed says:

    Steve Harvey is trash and he should be under fire for opening his mouth.
    I googled the book and it does exist. Is it a joke book?, because it sounds like a shitty one.

  48. Marianne says:

    I mean, its one thing to have a personal preference and another to then make a ” joke” about how unattractive they are.

    To add to the list Eugene from Buzzfeed is hot

  49. Lambda says:

    Daniel Henney! Thank you! Happy mid-week to me!

    And thanks to all the other posters who added links and reminders to all that Asian hotness. Some of my faves: Lee Jung-jae, Jung Woo-sung, and Liu Ye.

  50. Mel M says:

    Still appalled and confused as to why this man still has a show and people actually listen to him. He insults every group under the sun and he’s disgusting. Also, I used to be obsessed with Asian guys and I fell in love with Takeshi Kaneshiro after seeing House of flying daggers, so so pretty. Andy Lau who is also in that movie is easy on the eyes as well.

    • Adrien says:

      Yes please. I spent time watching non subtitled Kdramas on Arirang just to ogle at that beauty.

      • JennaR says:

        That’s awesome! My jaw dropped when I first saw him in Red 2. He was the only reason I kept watching.

  51. MellyMel says:

    Steve Harvey is an idiot and has no room to talk about anyone’s look…ever! He also shouldn’t be giving relationship advice, especially to women, when he doesn’t have a good track record in that department himself.

  52. Who ARE These People? says:

    Thanks for that gallery and thanks everyone for the additional names.

    Signed, someone who doesn’t quite get it with the usual suspects.

  53. detritus says:

    I very much forgot one of my first crushes.
    Oded Fehr in the Mummy. yum
    Plus giant sense of humour, he was the gigolo in Duece Bigalow. But be careful what you wish for, if you google Oded Fehr + shirtless, there are some pics of more than shirtless that come up. – this one is sfw

  54. Littlestar says:

    Like a commentor said above, Steve Harvey questioning anyone’s attractiveness is rich. Steve Harvey has been trash, misogynistic trash.

    • Almondjoy says:

      Exactly!! He has no room to talk. I can’t stand him. Not sure when he became an expert on everything but he needs to be taken down a few notches. His comments are disgusting.

  55. Kid Kodette says:

    Steve is a moron…
    I would like to add the lovely Remy Hii from Marco Polo!!! He looks so hot with long hair! 🙂

  56. Adrien says:

    We need more Dev Patel posts here instead of 20 different posts about Tom Hiddlestone’s silly speech. Dev Patel breathing is already headline worthy. And where is my sweet Brit Pakistani boy, Riz Ahmed? That guy is so hot.
    As a half Asian, I am not that offended coz it’s Steve Harvey. No one values his opinions anyway. His idea of Asians: Chinese looking people.
    Anyway, John Cho, Goong Yoo, Bruno Mars, Steven Yeung, BD Wong, Takeshi Kaneshiro TAKESHI KANESHIRO!!!! and if I may add, I am strangely attracted to Ken Jeong.

    • Chels says:

      I agree I would love more of Dev instead of Hiddleston for sure. Also Cary Fukunaga is really interesting and talented and superhot!

  57. Mrs Fonzieface says:

    Thanks for all the hot guys! Needed me some of that today…

  58. Jasmine says:

    Wasn’t that guy that was discovered pouring tea and got a modeling contract a few months ago South Asian?

  59. Eva says:

    He’s disgusting, I always thought he was disgusting and if I looked like him, I wouldn’t talk about anybody else’s looks.

    I wouldn’t use his books for toilet paper OR on the bottom of a bird cage.

    BTW, how can he be a relationship guru when he’s been married like three or four times?

  60. Chels says:

    What’s he smoking? Zayn, Riz Ahmed, Cary Fukunaga are on my list of men I would dump my boyfriend for 😂

  61. MarcelMarcel says:

    Loving the mini hot guy Thursday!

    The first guy I slept was incredibly good looking however because he came from a Vietnamese background my friends would tease me about his small dick. The ridiculousness of their racism really struck me because a) racism and b) he was objectively hotter than their boyfriends. (Slightly vapid teen attitude about the importance of his looks). Unfortunately I wasn’t confident enough to call them out.

    Tmi just to give an everyday example of how I as a white girl was being policed by other white girls just because I briefly dated an Asian Australian. Unchecked racism is disgusting.

  62. Kri says:

    Horribly racist and misogynistic. Unbelievable that people think they are being funny.

  63. Holly says:

    Yup. Asian guys are hot….. I married one. Clearly I don’t want to generalize and I’m aware that everyone is different, but I love how they don’t seem super consumed in projecting masculinity or macho-ness. It’s like they prefer to feel powerful due to honing a skill or developing talent instead of being beefcakes. Not to mention Asian languages are so beautiful to listen to.

  64. gene123 says:

    We need to talk about Naveen Andrews. Because hes rugged and handsome and I love him

  65. jen says:

    Hot DAMN! Those men are YUM-MY!!! 🙂

  66. S says:

    Thanks to our Cheeto in Chief no one else can claim the mantle of “The Worst” for at least the next 4 Years, or until the impeachment (fingers crossed), but it’s nice to see Steve Harvey still making a valiant run at the title.

  67. nicegirl says:

    I literally have dreams about John Cho. I find him so dang sexy. In my dreams, I’m the girl from the Selfie show and John is totally enamored with me . . .

    I have never had a dream about Steve Harvey, and I hope I never do – that would be a nightmare.

    • TheSageM says:

      Love John Cho!

    • teacakes says:

      John Cho has been making me swoon since the very first Harold & Kumar movie.

      Seriously, NO ONE has any business looking that good in a white t-shirt and dirt smudges all over.

  68. Mika says:

    No John Cho?! Am v. salty right now tbh

  69. me says:

    Is he out of his f*cking mind? There are good looking people in every ethnicity. Has anyone seen Mariah Carey’s new bf? He goes by the name Tanaka…I watch her show just for him…damn !

  70. TheSageM says:

    Am I too late to the party? Hiroyuki Sanada OMG! He is so hot!

  71. GreenieWeenie says:

    oh…who could forget, Bruce Lee?? Bruce Lee was hot!

    For some weird reason, he kinda reminds me of young OJ Simpson (also hot….and evil)

  72. Laura says:

    Takeshi Kaneshiro

  73. Kirsty says:

    Harvey has built his career on misogyny and now racism. My daughter is obsessed with Korean musicians at the moment, especially this guy Teamin, who has replaced Harry Styles in her affections.

  74. Mira says:

    My first serious boyfriend was chinese/french, so i have always had a thing for asian men.

  75. Papaya says:

    I am a long time reader that has never commented, but Steve Harvey’s stupid is so monumental and offensive that I finally feel compelled to share my opinion. I find Asian men (particularly Korean) gorgeous. My biggest crush is Seung Hyun Choi (T.O.P.) of Big Bang fame.

    I hate belittling of any kind, but for some reason this just really unnerved me. He needs to apologize.

  76. Y. Baines says:

    Please!! Get over it people!! It’s comedy. I’m a African American Women and I hear terrible jokes about my race on a daily basis. Like him or not it’s jokes. Stop being so thinned skinned.

    • casey says:

      would you find someone in blackface paint funny, it they came out in it to tell jokes?

      • stopkiddingyourself says:

        Pretty sure T is ttrolling. How much you want to bet that this person is not “a African American Women”? Any self-respecting person of color, or otherwise, would find these comments unfunny and appalling. If you hear terrible jokes about your race on a daily basis, you would not find his comments ok, and you would likely be empathetic to people who also suffer through these “jokes.”

  77. Lauraq says:

    Well, my sister insists that Indian people aren’t Asian… She also insisted that Sandra Bullock and Jesse James had a biological child together and that Liz Hurley was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader that posed for Playboy and that’s how she got famous, so I’ve stopped trying to argue with her dumb ass.
    On another note, WHEN THE HELL DOES MASTER OF NONE SEASON 2 ARRIVE? I’ve followed Aziz as a comedian and while he was always funny I feel like I’ve watched him mature through his specials (from complaining that chicks only like bad boys to becoming a feminist), and that really shines through on MON while still being hilarious.

  78. Elizabeth says:

    The astoundingly handsome Silas Carson is half-Indian.

  79. Pink lady says:

    He is a comedian and his job is to tell jokes! It seems to me that a lot of yall need to stop being so racist if you don’t like him or his jokes you do have a choice to listen or not. SMDH

  80. minx says:

    This thread has been…wonderful. All those beautiful Asian men!

  81. weegiewarrior says:

    Manish dayal – ull find him in a nice little movie called th hundred foot journey – gorgeous boy.

  82. Jennifer says:

    I seriously cannot stand him. There was a driver of the shuttle I take to work and she would listen to him on the radio ever morning. It was awful. One morning he was talking about women having their periods and how gross it is. I actually called the management office to complain which is something I never do, and I said exactly what he had said. The woman I was speaking to was appalled.