Bella Hadid ‘believes Selena Gomez did her dirty by dating The Weeknd’


Did we promise drama or what? Last week, Selena Gomez and The Weeknd seemingly confirmed their coupled-up status. There were photos of Selena hanging on Abel, there were sugary quotes dropped to People Mag, E! News and Us Weekly, and there seemed to be a concerted “couple rollout” in general. Within 24 hours of the photos going public, Abel’s ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid had unfollowed Selena on social media. Bella could have left it at that and we would have had enough material for plenty of gossip. But no! Not with this generation of celebrities. Why do a wordless unfollow when you can leak some info to E! News and TMZ? First, E! News got a source to say this about Bella:

“She is actually not over The Weeknd. She still loves him. They are on fine terms, but she is bitter about the romance with Selena. She was not happy when all of that gossip went everywhere between The Weeknd and Selena. It really hurt her seeing Selena be all up on her man. She still feels like they have a connection.”

[From E! News]

And that’s not all! TMZ also had this story:

Bella Hadid believes Selena Gomez did her dirty by dating The Weeknd behind her back. Sources close to Bella tell TMZ she feels betrayed because her ex and Selena hooked up almost immediately after Bella and Weeknd ended their relationship.

Here’s where it gets interesting. We’re told it was actually Bella who pulled the plug 2 months ago, because the bi-coastal relationship was just too difficult. Nevertheless, the breakup hurt. Also interesting … a Selena source says the thing between Selena and Bella’s ex is 2 months old. They even spent the holidays together. Bella is especially incensed because she and sister Gigi helped Selena when she was on the skids dealing with numerous emotional and other issues.

And there’s more. Despite the 2-month relationship, Selena never uttered a peep about it to Gigi, who’s her best friend. Gigi and Bella found out about it when they saw the pics on TMZ. And that’s when Bella unfollowed Selena on Instagram. As one Bella source put it, “Giving Bella and Gigi a heads up would have been the respectful and honorable thing to do … but I guess that’s just Hollywood.”

[From TMZ]

I agree that if this involved a series of real friendships, it would have been the right and decent thing to do for Selena to go to the Hadid sisters and break the news. The issue is that Selena and the Hadids aren’t actually BFFs. They hang out in the Taylor Swift Squad, of course, but it’s not a real, hardcore friendship. Us Weekly’s Selena-source basically says that too, that Selena couldn’t give two sh-ts about the Hadids and there’s no “girl code” violation if you start dating some acquaintance’s ex. Of course, I also believe that it’s stupid to make this into a girlfight, like Abel is so passive here. It sounds like Bella broke up with him for reasons, and he immediately got on the phone with Selena just hours later. Bella’s issue should be with both Abel and Selena, right?

Also: It seems like there are significant fissures in the Taylor Swift Squad and it’s all over a boy. How will this all pan out? Selena was one of Taylor’s original collected/curated friends, so I tend to believe the Hadids are going to leave the squad, no matter what. Plus, the Hadids are tight with the Jenners, and Tay-Tay can’t have that. I also sort of believe that Selena and Abel aren’t going to last very long, so all of this drama is going to be old news by March. Hopefully.


One last thing… Bella has a message for Selena, it seems.

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  1. cedar falls says:

    I doubt the lesser Hadid is annoyed at Selena per se. She’s annoyed that – instead of mooning all over her and trying to win her back – her ex reacted to getting dumped by shrugging his shoulders and diving straight back into the diving pool (with a woman possessing more than one facial expression).

  2. OhDear says:

    Wonder if Bella thought that Selena had went after him when they were still together? Or that she suspected that Selena and Abel were having a low key thing before they broke up?

    None of this is very mature, of course, but it stings when an ex finds someone else so quickly after a breakup. Since Bella’s 20, I assume that this may have been her first serious relationship?

    On another note, is there anyone else in Swift’s squad who’s either her age or older, besides Jamie King and Blake Lively? They all seem to be at least 3 years younger than Swift.

    • teacakes says:

      she’s been friends with Emma Stone (one year older) for years, but Emma has stayed the hell away from the squad.

      Which is for the best, Emma doesn’t need to be associated with all this low-grade teenage-level drama crap, especially at this point in her career.

      • Sam says:

        I don’t think she’s friends with Emma Stone anymore. She always makes it a point to show who her friends.

        So yea as far as I know her close friends that are “older” (I can’t believe I’m saying older) are Jaime King and Blake Lively.

      • Bridget says:

        Taylor Swift has her “squad” and then also has a lot of friendships that aren’t featured the same way. Emma Stone, Karlie Kloss are 2 off the top of my head (Karlie has moved away from the Squad thing now that she wants to be taken seriously), and don’t forget how many people were surprised that Swift is friends with Serena Williams.

        I really hope the whole squad thing is done because that was so lame.

    • Wiffie says:

      she’s 20? 😲😲😲😲😲

      I thought she was the big sister, around my age, 33. my husband guessed she was 31.

      surgery really aged her, huh? wow.

  3. Nicole says:

    If they were friends then yes this is messy. It was pointed out that they’ve hung out together without Taylor so they are more than acquaintances. Thing is there’s plenty of guys out there but Selena or Abel went for maximum messy drama. It’s a bad look.

    But I’m not surprised Selena is super messy. I’ve always thought that even when she was with JB. As sucky as he is I believed the rumors that Selena got him into some mess as well…JB was just such a bigger target that she went unnoticed. Plus she’s bff with the biggest snake of all so cmon no shock there.

    • Yura says:

      tmz loves to create drama so they’re acting like taylor and bella are besties. But taylor and Bella aren’t even friends. She only hangs out with Gigi…And what does that even have to do with Selena anyway?

      So basically Selena is friends with taylor who’s friends with Gigi who’s sister is Bella. And Selena should have rejected the relationship based on that weak connection? Dumb.

      • Nicole says:

        Please notice that I said IF they were friends. Because I don’t know enough about the stupid squad to know.

        Even without that Selena has always been messy she just hides it better

    • Cassiopeia says:

      Selena started dating JB before he turned into a jerk. it’s not her fault he turned out so bad

      • Kate says:

        She went back to him after he spit on fans, harassed his neighbours, urinated in mop buckets, slept with barely legal prostitutes and got caught being racist on camera. She knew who she was with, and she obviously didn’t care.

        And he was always known for being an incredibly rude douchebag anyway, even when he was just posting videos on YouTube.

  4. Feline says:

    I used to think Swifty was totally anti drugs, and so would be dropping Selena again, but now it seems to be a coke fest – her song with rumoured addict Zayn, Abel has spoken candidly about drug use so it seems they are all linked to substances at times. She’ll drop whoever will offer her less attention long term, I think her ‘principles’ have disappeared lately after people are seeing through the sorority sweetheart act. it’ll all be for business.

    • QueenB says:

      as much as i dislike her and her image you cant really work in the music business without being surrounded by addicts. Or with models like Cara.
      i dont think she is a goody two shoes at all but someone that controlling will be more likely to not do drugs.

      • Ramona says:

        I agree that theres no way to avoid drug users in the industry and it isnt fair to taint her for that. But I can also definitely see Taylor taking the suburban housewives fav drugs like Ritalin and Adderal. Something to help them cram more into their day but not a street level drug because then they wouldnt be able to look down their noses at the “real drug users”.

    • Sam says:

      If you assume that someone is on drugs because they’re working with or is friends with someone on drugs then every single person is on Hollywood is technically on drugs. Just like you can point out her friendships with folks who are on drugs, she’s friends with people who aren’t drugs too. It doesn’t mean anything.

    • Matomeda says:

      I have done zero drugs in my life and I’m friends with people from all walks of life, including a few who have been through jail and rehab. They aren’t my closest friends but they are people I know and treat well. I’ve even dated one or two long ago and never partook. So it’s perfectly possible not to do drugs regardlsss of who’s around.

  5. Onika says:

    God. Grow up. SMH.

  6. Eva says:

    According to the tabloids Gigi
    Hadid is everybody’s best friend.

  7. Cherrypie says:

    Does Selena’s face look different?

  8. CornyBlue says:

    I know people would be like she should blame the Weekend and not Selena but she is like 19 years old . Let her live. also Young Hollywood is so incestuous it makes me sick.

    • OriginallyBlue says:

      Selena is 24 she just has a baby face.
      I agree young Hollywood or social media stars are very incestous and it’s probably hard to branch out and date people not in the same situation.

  9. Chaine says:

    Ugh, why are all of these young women fighting over this loser? It’s almost as inexplicable as Kylie and Tyga, although I guess Mr. Weekend has a more successful music career…

    • Mike says:

      He doesn’t seem like a “loser” to me given that he is very successful musically and seems to be doing great in his personal life as well. Not sure how you define loser but I would be interested in your definition

      • Aren says:

        I agree with the loser definition because musically he’s a carbon copy of another artist, and all along his relationship with this Hadid girl there were stories of him cheating, so he’s not a nice person either.
        Both Selena and Bella are successful women, The Weend’s style (which he copied) won’t be trendy forever.

      • Kate says:

        I would call a drug addict who preyed on and dated an underage girl a loser.

        He also hates black women, so there’s that.

  10. teacakes says:

    hey, at least this isn’t as pathetic as Head Mean Girl aka Taylor Swift getting salty at Katy Perry dating an ex (Mayer) TS broke up with THREE YEARS BEFORE.

    like, there may have been some actual overlap here, I don’t blame Bella for being a bit angry, if she is.

    • Matomeda says:

      I’d be upset if any of my friends dated any of my exes, so I guess I’m an ass. I did most of the breaking up but they are people I was still close to at one point and care about. I think I that’s normal. I wouldn’t date a friends ex either. (But I’m married now so it’s moot)

      • teacakes says:

        But would you be mad at a friendly acquaintance for dating an ex of yours several years later, after you’d been through at least two more relationships?

        Because that just sounds a bit psychotic to me, caring about an ex does not mean you get to call dibs on said ex within your friend/acquaintance circle forever!

    • Bridget says:

      It depends on how bad the breakup was. If it was BAD, then I wouldn’t have been thrilled to have a friend date them, even 3 years later.

    • Matomeda says:

      No, you’re right. I wouldn’t take it that far! 🙂

  11. Talie says:

    Selena is the bigger star — you really think Taylor Swift is going to jettison her for the Hadids? …I don’t think so. I agree, these aren’t real friendships anyway. They all just crave fame.

    • Lynnie says:

      The Hadids (at least Gigi for sure) will surpass Selena in relevancy soon. Especially if Selena keeps on doing things to reduce her likeability with everyone (dissing BLM, being messy with her life/other people, shading instathots, staying friends with Taylor, which is understandable but still, etc.), and keeps on struggling with her music career. At that point I wouldn’t be surprised if Taylor started being seen with the Hadids more.

      • African Sun says:

        Okay wow had no idea about the BLM stuff @Lynnie so I had to google it.

        The Weeknd took the Dream’s style and went x1000 with it and he’s reaping the benefits.

      • African Sun says:

        Selena should be taking notes or being mentored by J.Lo.

        She could have done the J.Lo or Shakira thing and been a big crossover star by singing in Spanish and English.

        Not sure about her management but whatevs

      • Mp says:

        Yeah except her spanish is awfull, I don’t think she even speaks any spanish at all.

      • teacakes says:

        The Hadids have the high fashion connections and careers, Taylor may well want to stick with them for the sake of image/association, rather than Selena who risks going the way of Hilary Duff.

      • Bridget says:

        Selena’s fame has always seemed precarious to me. Her acting is TERRIBLE, and her music isn’t great either and benefits hugely from the push she gets from her record company.

        And apparently Cassiopeia has no clue what an actual terrorist organization is.

  12. Sam says:

    Taylor isn’t even good friends with Bella though. She’s good friends with Gigi. I know that Selena is good friends with Gigi as well. But like Taylor I don’t believe she’s good friends with Bella.

    Bella for all intents and purposes is an acquaintance to BOTH Taylor and Selena only because they’re friends with Gigi. How close each one of them is to Gigi personally is unknown but let’s not act like Bella is part of their friendship circle. Taylor doesn’t even follow Bella on Instagram and we all know she follows every squad member on there.

  13. Louise177 says:

    I agree that the squad are acquaintances not friends. With a few exceptions they don’t usually hang out together. I always see them as a big group with Taylor almost never with each other. That being said Selena knows this will bring on drama considering Gigi is close to Taylor.

  14. Scal says:

    This just gives me vibes of the whole Lindsey Lohan vs. Hilary Duff when they both dated Nick Carter. <(and yes I'm dating myself)

    Overrated the whole lot of them.

    • cedar falls says:

      AARON Carter. Not even the Backstreet Boy himself, but his Z-list sibling!

      I miss the more innocent Paris, Li-Lo, Hilary, Nicole Richie, papped at Kitson days of tabloid gossip…

    • Shambles says:

      Yaaaas I love this.

      And yeah, it was Aaron Carter. He spammed me with Instagram likes once, so that should tell you where his career is.

      • Lex says:

        Fairly sure he is still stalking Hilary Duff – remember when she announced her divorce? He was like publicly pining after her…

  15. HeyThere! says:

    So, she broke up with him. And is mad when he, the famous singer, shows up with another famous person. LMAO Get over yourself girl. You can’t brake up with someone but still call dibs because you ‘feel connected still’. Maybe you shouldn’t have broke up with him? Bella is seen out with JB in 5,4,3,2,….

    • Ninks says:

      Logically, I agree. But I think it’s the type of thing that hurts emotionally, no matter how illogical that may be, especially if they are still friends and only broke up because of the distance thing. Seeing your very-recent-ex move on so soon, and so publicly hurts

      Isn’t Selena just out of rehab, seems like having any kind of relationship right now is a really bad idea, and particularly one with somebody who has a history with drugs too.

  16. Svea says:

    Bella did have a right to expect some consideration after a 2-year relationship. The in-your-face broadcasting ofthe relationship was hurtful. People aren’t robots–yet. We run on feelings. And do unto others is the best policy. But celebrity culture demands that everything be used for self promotion. You can’t expect class or consideration from oure narcissists. Weekend was also clearly paying back. Someone’s intention and desire to harm you hurts more than the act. Selena is a fool because she just comes off as low class and tacky.

    • Shambles says:

      I do hear you on this. I was in a 2 year relationship, which I ended because the guy was a nasty, cheating, emotionally abusive twat. However, when he was public with a new relationship 3 days later, quite literally, that still hurt. There was obviously some overlap. But the biggest thing is that it makes you feel completely unimportant to someone you gave all that time to.

      • Mp says:

        I feel you, but isn’t this very common? I’ve seen this many times, couple breaks up and the guy is with a new girl in a nanosecond. It’s like they can’t be alone.

  17. Shambles says:

    Yet… I’m most concerned about the fact that Bella’s plastic surgeon did her dirty with that terrible nose job, SorryNotSorry

    • minx says:

      I can never see her without seeing her nose job.

      • Erica_V says:

        There have been side by side pics of Bella & Gigi and people are like omg they are twins!

        Ummm no – Bella just went to her surgeon and said “Give me my sister’s nose.”

  18. me says:

    Why did she only unfollow Selena? Why not unfollow The Weeknd too? Bella and Selena were not close friends. Bella even said the split was mutual and her and Abel remain good friends. I think she’s just hurt he moved on so quickly. Also, does anyone remember the speech Selena gave a few months back talking about how she doesn’t want young people to show off their bodies on instagram instead she cares about what’s inside? Yet this week we get a new pic of her posing in a thong. Ok Selena.

  19. K.T says:

    Celebrity circles are like high school where it’s too easy/necessary/pressured to co-mingle (my term *startupping*) for a variety of reasons like proximity, convenience, publicity or paranoia.
    Everyone here seems reduced by their actions, though. He’s such a weeny-douchebag and in my mind Bella and Selena should go on a long cruise w/or without TayTay. The Weekend at Victoria’s Secret was just cringe af 🙁

  20. Katherine says:

    How about – they are all in on it? The relationship seems sorta posed, both need publicity, and wouldn’t put it past the model to join the bandwagon

  21. racer says:

    Oh please, the number of famous people aged 19-25 is small. They will have all slept with each other bi-proxy by the time they reach age 35.

  22. Elisa the I. says:

    IMO Selena and the Weeknd are better suited. And in my experience it’s a typical guy thing to quickly move on – especially if she ended the relationship.

  23. serena says:

    This is stupid. Why is Bella mad at HER? It’s surely doesn’t feel good when your ex moves too fast, but weren’t they over? And it’s not like Selena did everything by herself.. god, it makes me mad seeing women pitting themselves against each other.

  24. Jade says:

    I don’t believe Bella is upset because of Selena. I don’t think they’re friends. I think she is upset because the ex moved on fast, doesn’t matter with who. To add to it, it’s becoming a public romance. Yes it is silly but I give her a pass because I had a lot of stupid feelings at 20. This was a teen relationship. Bella will find something else. Not on Selena or ex bf side either, although I will give the side eye to both if the ex really cheated on her with Selena (and probably others) during the relationship.

  25. Suzie says:

    It just seems PR to me, a publicity stunt anyway. They wanted attention and they got it. It’d have been so easy for Selena and Abel to avoid being papped a little while longer.
    And on another note, I’m starting to grow tired of their hypocrisy. With the Hadids pretending they lost a ton of weight without dieting, which is totally not credible, and Selena telling her fans in her AMA acceptance speech that she didn’t want to see their bodies on Instagram, only to parade in a thong on Instagram a couple of days ago. They’re playing the same game as the Jenners/Kardashians but more subtly. I just don’t take them seriously.

  26. Cassiopeia says:

    Selena was dating Taylor Lautner, who she really liked, when he suddenly dumped her for her best friend Taylor Swift yet nobody made a big deal about that

  27. Scout says:

    Selena did herself dirty by risking her sobriety for some jackass whose one true love is Coke.

  28. Beep Beep says:

    I’ve been told that dating someone right after they break up with someone is just something you don’t do period. Of course it’s gonna hurt. Now I understand how Calvin Harris felt when Taylor got with Tom. It was unfair for her to do him dirty like that especially after proclaiming he’s the love of her life, and marriage and babies and blah blah blah…

  29. Elle says:

    Selena was the girl that got really hurt, really burnt by Justin. When I was 3 years less than her age, I got really hurt by someone that should not be trusted. After that I tried to respect other women even if they weren’t friends even more than before. Selena was hurt and unfriending people here and there on social media for much less. If she hasn’t learn how to act around womanizers and how to act to freshly ended relationships yet…. Well, then she deserves Weekend and all his player ways.

  30. Libra girl says:

    Selena is a codependent, weak-minded girl. She loves the womanizer. I say shag and split but these girls always need a man. Pathetic.

  31. A says:

    Stuff like this is the reason why I’m so glad I left high school far far behind, lol.

  32. coffeeisgood says:

    Nah Bella and Gigi aren’t friends with Selena. Im pretty sure Selena does not get along with the Jenners (over bieber drama i think) and since the Hadids are tight with the them, I’m guessing they aren’t friends with Selena. They might all be “friends” with Taylor, but I think the Hadids probably recognize that beings friends with the Jenners is better career-wise than being associated with TayTay. I’d argue that being friends with Kendall and Kylie got them the instagram following they have now which of course boosted their careers. Taylor has lots of models in the “squad” but none are really as famous as Gigi and Bella.

  33. Spiderpig says:

    It’s so weird seeing their names together in this context. Selena looks 15 and Bella easily looks 35-40.

  34. Joanie says:

    Selena does everybody dirty, doesn’t she? I mean, one of the reasons she fell out with Tay Tay is that Taylor hooked her up with Ed Sheeran after her breakup with Beebs. Instead of enjoying a ‘decent guy palate cleanser’ after having dated a guy who’d been banging hookers during their relationship, she used her pap shots with Ed to get back at Beebs, then promptly bounced as soon as Bieber came crawling back. Ed Sheeran said as much on a radio talk show.

  35. Luci Lu says:

    Keep your head up Bella. That young man is going to “bone” any young pretty girl that crosses is path, for years to come.