Brad Pitt stepped out for a charity event in Malibu with Sting & Chris Cornell

Brad Pitt continues to pop up in unexpected places. Some people took his appearance at the Golden Globes as some kind of victory lap, or Hollywood’s Golden Boy coming home to his people. I tend to believe it was more about Brad being genuinely proud of Moonlight and wanting to throw his weight behind the film he executive-produced, and if that’s the case, props to him. He should be very proud of Moonlight, it’s arguably the best film of the year. So what was next for Brad Pitt’s comeback tour? He stopped by a Malibu charity event with his “good friends”… Sting and Chris Cornell? Really?

Rockin’ out for a cause. Brad Pitt hung out with rockers Sting and Chris Cornell at a Malibu charity event on Saturday, January 14, less than a week after his surprise appearance at the Golden Globes. Pitt, 53, popped onstage at several points throughout the star-studded evening, which was jointly put on by jeweler Alex and Ani and the Epidermolysis Bullosa Medical Research Foundation. The Fight Club actor looked to be in good spirits as he bantered with the musicians, at one point playfully mocking Sting, 65.

“When I started my career back in, uh,” he said as he sat next to the Police frontman with his legs crossed, copying Sting. “When I started making wine back in, uh … very good wine, by the way.” He then proceeded to introduce the “Desert Rose” singer’s performance. The Allied star also introduced a “very very good friend” of his, Chris Cornell, to the stage. Pitt called Cornell, 52, “someone I’ve known for quite a while and that I’m a huge fan of.”

Also present at the event, which was hosted by Zach Galifianakis, were Kaley Cuoco, Courteney Cox, Heidi Klum, Elizabeth Olsen, Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek.

[From Us Weekly]

I didn’t know they were friends, although I do remember that Sting and Trudie used to go to the same events as Brad and Jennifer Aniston back in the day? Maybe? But I had no idea Brad was friendly with Chris Cornell. Sure. I find it interesting that Courteney Cox was there too. Cox has never been a Pitt hater, even in the early days of the Brangelina though. I tend to believe that Courteney and Brad have always maintained a loose friendship. Anyway, this is your “What’s Brad Pitt Up To These Days?” update.

Also: Brad’s face is looking hella refreshed these days. A little Bo to the ‘Tox?

Photos courtesy of Getty.

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  1. Mrs.Curious says:

    Botox? Nah, but he should eat some hamburgers. He’s very skinny.

  2. bap says:

    Question why would He hide a glass behind his back at the event? Please refer to pictures at DailyMail.

  3. Lucy says:

    They look like an actual band.

  4. Mrs.Curious says:

    Is Cox also friends with Handler or is just Aniston friends with that woman?

    • bap says:

      They all hang out on occasions.

      • almondmilk says:

        Hey Bap,

        For whatever reasons, hopefully it’s because Courtney is a decent person and doesn’t play Aniston’s dirty tricks re PR (having bullies beat up perceived imagined rivals so her hands stay clean?) I’ve never seen her with Handler.

        I could have missed it, but i even did a quick Google on both, and nada.

        If she’s normal and not a hypocrite, she probably steers clear.

  5. k37744 says:

    I’m extremely jaded due to an abusive, addict baby daddy….but I came here to say Chris Cornell can GET. IT.

    Man gets better with age.

    • doofus says:

      he is fine, for sure.

    • CeeCee says:

      Good gravy, the man oozes sexiness. Yum!

      • Sage says:

        He does. The only time I questioned his looks was during the promotion of BTS. He looked a botoxed and bloated mess.
        He is a man that has always taken pride in his appearance. Too bad Depp let himself go because he was the only one who could rival Brad in looks during the 90s.

  6. nemera34 says:

    Brad’s manager. Cynthia Pett’s sister’s son has EB.. Brad has co hosted this event in the past. He and Chris have been friends for many many years. There are pics of Chris attending a lot of Brad’s movie Premiers. Brad took Zahara to Chris’ daughter’s birthday. I remember they were swarmed by fans and the paps. He doesn’t look “refreshed to me” just very thin. There are close up pics of his face and you see lines and movement.

    He looks good. too thin to me ..but he is a good looking man and will always be.

  7. bap says:

    He will always put his image before anyone.

    • nemera34 says:

      So attending a charity event is putting his image above everyone else?? So he exactly what is he allowed to do in your view. Angie has worked on her charity and humanitarian causes during this whole thing. She has done PSA for her causes.. does that equal her “putting her image above everyone else”.

      I’m sure Brad will be glad to know he is not living his life to meet your perfect standards.

    • Shijel says:

      This just in, put your contractual obligations as well as charity obligations on hold as if one cannot and is not supposed to maintain a semblance of a life during an ugly divorce.

      Pitt screwed up good and well but man if I was expected to hide and put everything on hold while sorting out this One Horrible Thing in my life, I’d go crazy inside an hour.

    • Red says:

      I don’t understand what you want him to do. Angelina is also trying to put out a certain image. No one really knows the details right now except for them, so what is he supposed to do right now? Hide forever?

      • almondmilk says:

        Can we stop with the tit for tat?

        Angelina doesn’t have to ‘try and put out a certain image.’ She wasn’t the one being investigated, tested and who has temporarily not had physical custody of her kids. That’s Brad, because HE effed up.

        This isn’t a competition between Brad and Angelina, though I’m aware there are women on these boards who want Angelina to be just as culpable as Brad, and to see her come out the loser in whatever this is. Sad they think her wanting a clean and sober responsible father for her kids, is her ‘losing,’ but there you have it.

        Brad hopefully is still trying to clean up and that is hopefully not an alcoholic beverage in his hand.

      • Dani says:

        It’s not tit for tat. We only know what’s being leaked so for all we know they’re both wrong, not just one of them. It’s not fair to speculate one parent and then get offended when someone speculates the other. You hang your dirty laundry in the streets for everyone to see, therefore everything is fair game.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Allegedly is the key word here…not sure if you have kids but anybody can make a phone call and say a parent did this or that. DCFS is required to investigate any allegation of abuse. Their standards of proof are much lower than a criminal conviction. It is common for divorcing couples to use DCFS to gain the upper hand. When a person is cleared it’s unfair to label them an abuser. Another issue that isn’t brought up enough here is initially when someone is investigated, DCFS will put a safety plan in place i.e. The person investigated can’t be alone with the kids, or go to rehab or counseling. But after they are cleared the plan is dropped. The writing on the wall is pretty clear here.

    • Tallia says:

      As stated above – Brad’s manager. Cynthia Pett’s sister’s son has EB.. Brad has co hosted this event in the past. Stop eating bitter pie.

    • Snowflake says:

      Here we go…sigh. i like both brad and Angelina, the hate on these posts is crazy.

  8. Misti64 says:

    Brad looks great.

    • Millennial says:

      Agreed it’s the best he’s looked in years, TBH. Gives some definite credence to all the drinking and smoking he was likely doing.

  9. bap says:

    Question why does not the media question his holding a glass of whatever is in it behind his back, since perhaps he has to be tested weekly? If it was Angelina the media would be all over it along with some of the public.

    • katie2you says:

      Beeeecause…it’s no ones business? Just because you continue to ask the same question over and over isn’t going to make what he’s doing wrong. No matter HOW much you and your Angiloonie buddies want him to screw up!

    • lili22 says:

      Not really, I think the tests do speak for themselves…thus far all negative.

  10. Talie says:

    Whoever told him to clean up his image…thank god. He has looked terrible the last few years.

  11. Jayna says:

    I’m here for Chris Cornell.

  12. Dippit says:

    BP never did it for me but now I think he’s looking quite fine; and I’m not seeing the Botox – his face seems naturally mobile.

  13. Fa says:

    All these celebrities most of them is managed by Brad manager company including Courtney C, as everyone know Brad met JA through his manager and JA manager, so his manager is a matchmaker so expect Brad to meet his next young girlfriend soon

    • bap says:

      @fa. You make great points.

    • Michelle says:


      I think you’re right!

    • Maya says:

      Everyone here knows that I don’t like the way Brad handled the divorce and how he choose his image.

      But I still think he loves Angie and might have hopes that one day she will forgive him for breaking their family and will get back together one day.

      That and also his obsession with his image will make sure he stays single for at least a year or so. It won’t do his image any good if he started dating someone else almost immediately when he is fighting a custody battle.

      • Ramona says:

        You like to play against the odds, dont you. You go, girl.

        As for the dating, read around the net and the tabloids. Brad has an enormous amount of public goodwill. Plus an established narrative of loneliness by himself without the kids. People are actively rooting for him to move on. If not for those reasons, then to stick it to the ex. I think he’ll give it a few more months because it does take time to get over whats happened but he’ll be spotted with someone new by June. I’m sure of it.

      • Sage says:

        Brad and Angelina are not getting back together. I don’t understand why people think this will happen. What are you seeing or reading?

      • pwal says:

        I can’t entire agree with you, Ramona. I can see him getting papped with a woman, but I suspect it will be a good long while before he ‘goes public’ with a new love. I suspect that he’s going to be extremely private and protective of her, since she likely be compared to Jolie and Aniston.

        Plus, his guard will likely be up as well. Fingers crossed that no come-up artists willattract his attention.

      • Anna says:

        The first day I met my mother in-law, I had known my husband for many years already because his parents lived in Paris where he was from. She spoke broken english, but one of the first things she told me when we were alone, was that he “had never been without a girl”. He never had any period of time where he did not have a woman in his life. If you look at his history, Brad is the same. He has ALWAYS had a girlfriend/wife. He also seems to lean to the serial monogamist type. The only difference now is there are children and that does have an impact on ones feelings about relationships and taking them public.

      • Paige says:

        I roll my eyes at the comments I read online that act like Brad or Angelina is a complete victim in this situation. If they were having problems and couldn’t work on their relationship it was going to end. Angelina just pulled the plug faster. The relationship failed and each person needs to take blame.

        It shouldn’t be, Brad was screwed over, he can do so much better than her and she destroyed her marriage. Same goes for him. It shouldn’t be, Brad hurt Angelina she could do so much better, he destroyed his family. I think it’s better to be logical and realize they both played a part in their relationship failing. But the Brad only and Angelina only fans aren’t seeing it that way.

      • almondmilk says:


        It’s certainly clear some women here can’t wait for this 53yo father of six minor children to be back on the market ASAP, so as to stick it to the woman they’ve clawed at for 12-13 years.

        @Ramona is right, *women* (she says ‘people’.. Heh) ARE actively rooting for him to move on because they see it as some kind of karmic punishment for Angelina (we saw that with the initial split reports which were absent the facts and allowed for tabloids to invent a Marion Cotilliard affair)- mostly women were literally orgasmic at the thought that Angelina had been ‘Anistoned.’ I’ve never seen such mass euphoria.

        It’s just primal the way we can’t get passed that kind of hatred and bitterness, especially when the root cause is so effing shallow and superficial.

        Like, Jolie could literally cure cancer and women with cancer would be like, ‘big lipped bish thinks she’s my savior – Team Aniston, yall! ‘

        Also, notice how they never speculate about who Angelina will be with next, and when?

        Main reason is that they’d probably rip her up one side and down the next (along with the usual abuse) if she dared started seeing anyone before ‘poor Brad,’ moved on.

        Funny thing is, due to the depth of female hatred, Brad could literally have done the worst, and be the worst, and he’d still always be ‘Poor Brad,’ to these women.

        It’s not about him, it never was – it’s about Angelina.

      • Malak says:


        ‘Also, notice how they never speculate about who Angelina will be with next, and when?’

        Actually, I’ve seen the usual ‘sources’ and ‘insiders’ (lol) linking her to Johnny Depp, Liev Schreiber, a married man from the Middle East, William Hague, Prince Andrew, Tom Cruise.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Interesting that some posters accuse others of misogyny and then make negative comments of another actress who has nothing to do with the article above.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        I’ve seen plenty of speculation on who Angelina might be with next. I think it’s better for both of them to concentrate on their kids and building a new life than start dating. Pitt does tend to always have a girlfriend though. Maybe that’s why people are wondering more about him.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Tom Cruise?!?! Are you kidding? Never in a million years. I think the only possible actresses Tom could possibly get are the extremely young ones who need a career boost or someone who’s already firmly established in Scientology. No way any mainstream actress would touch him with a ten foot pull.

      • Dolphin7 says:

        Not okay to bring up cancer patients as a point in a post about celebrities divorcing. Nothing to do with the post and a frivolous spin on an imaginary scenario.

      • lucy2 says:

        No way they’re getting back together, I think things went too bad too quickly for that. I do hope they are able to move past it and form a good relationship coparenting their kids though.

        I can’t imagine what it will be like for anyone who dates either of them next. The tabloid attention will be suffocating. For the sake of the kids, I hope neither gets involved with anyone too soon.

      • Lady D says:

        @pwal: “I suspect that he’s going to be extremely private and protective of her,”
        He doesn’t exactly have a track record of protecting women. I doubt he would start now.

      • doofus says:

        “I think it’s better to be logical and realize they both played a part in their relationship failing. But the Brad only and Angelina only fans aren’t seeing it that way.”

        Paige, I couldn’t agree with you more.

        I think that their marriage had been having problems for a while and this incident on the plane was the breaking point for Jolie. she did what she thought was right for her kids and their well being.

    • KB says:

      lol aren’t you one of the ones always saying he cares about his image more than his family? You think people would like him going out with some hot, young actress? I’m guessing he doesn’t go for a woman under the age of 40 and it won’t be for a long time.

  14. Tila says:

    I think he looks hot! He’s certainly doing it for me

  15. Maya says:

    Brad looks good now that he was forced to go clean on alcohol and drugs.

    But he also looks like man who knows he messed up big time and struggling to heal/fix the issue with Angelina and his children.

    Now if he would just choose his wife and children over his image and release a statement protecting his children…

    • GoOnGirl says:

      Sad to say Maya, but I don’t think Brad will choose his wife and children over his image. After all, Angie filed for divorce. He didn’t. And you kinda get the feeling that no one leaves him. I want Angie to lead a full, productive and happy life with the children after the divorce is all said and done. Too bad Brad has to be included in this life.

    • bap says:

      @Maya That would be a Real Miracle if he issued a truthful statement.

    • Michelle says:

      Maya and GoOnGirl,

      Great posts, I have the same thoughts!

    • Tanakasan says:

      He sealed the court records for his children. The public has no say in his relationship with his children whatsoever. You want him to make a public apology for YOUR sake, not theirs. He’s their father. There are therapists and family. They can sort it out. It’s not FOR you.

    • lili22 says:

      There’s no statement needed to be made by either Brad or by Angelina to the public, as this is a private family matter, and should remain so.

  16. bogos says:

    Some men seem to abuse the hell out of themselves but still end up looking great and attractively aged. I guess freedom is better than safety for a lot of men. And, I wonder if his full head of hair is natural.

  17. Meadowlarky says:

    I think he looks great, definitely de-bloated. He’s always been a skinny guy, so I don’t think he looks sick or anything. If anything, he looks PALE. A little color to the complexion does wonders (but don’t forget your spf!)

  18. . says:

    Handsome man, can someone force Johnny Depp to go clean?

    • Jane says:

      Have you not seen the recent pics of him on a film set? He looked clean.

    • Malak says:

      LOL So agree with you. JD likes to have pieces of rag hanging around his neck, and plenty of trinkets. Maybe he is but he doesn’t LOOK clean.

  19. KiddVicious says:

    Hmmm, a Chris Cornell/Brad Pitt sandwich. Don’t mind if I do.

  20. Who ARE These People? says:

    He resurfaced looking like Ethan Hawke.

  21. Sage says:

    The tabs would go nuts if Brad and Jennifer are pictured together. However, I have never seen a photo of Brad and Goop together after their break up.

  22. bap says:

    @BOGOS A barber once told me you can have hair sewn in.

  23. Anna says:

    I worked with Chris/Soundgarden etc.’s business manager, Bo Gardner, back in the 90s and he was in the office a lot (obviously), and he was there one day with Brad. Incidentally, Rick Rubin was also a client (American Records at that time) and Bo came to my husbands gigs and brought people, and got Rick Rubin to send A&R reps. She was a VERY nice lady and great to work for. She had the Lollapolooza Tour at that time and every band that was hot, Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Jane’s Addiction, Stone Temple Pilots, Lenny Kravitz and she was nice enough to put energy into our lives and support us in that way. Good Times! Love Chris Cornell. Good Guy!

  24. AV says:

    I don’t know, how many 50 something year old men do you see in real life who look this good?

  25. YepIsaidit says:

    He looks haggard without his spray tan. And yeah, no one expects him to hide out but his victims had to hide out for months. Creepy how people always choose to support the abuser over the victims.

    What’s up with his eye lids? Eww

    I would love love it if Angelina finds a man before Pitt can use another woman for publicity. He needs the publicity as his starring vehicles are not faring well anymore. He gets credit for producing in reality the two producing partners do the heavy lifting and choose which movies to produce.

    He’s using this event like Johnny Depp uses the childrens hospital for good publicity 😂

    • bap says:

      @Yeplsaidit. You Are Speaking the Truth!

    • lili22 says:

      I certainly don’t see either of them rushing for the wrong reasons, as some competition to be seen with someone. They are both far beyond this; having been together for so long, I am sure that they both desire some space right now..

  26. bap says:

    @Almondmilk My mistake I thought Courtney hung out with that evil Handler. Glad she does not hangout with her.

  27. Kimberley Barnette says:

    How’s my friend ?

  28. Libra girl says:

    I’m having a flashback- wasn’t he friends with Sting and he was on stage with JA?? I think he looks good, yes thin but considering his divorce… we’ve all been there.

  29. Lily says:

    Brad and Sting has been closed friend for a long time. The first time public realized that Jen was engaged to Brad was after a pic of the two of them at a concert of Sting and she was wearing the ring.

  30. MyLittlePony says:

    Has Sting done smth to his face? I thought he would age really well with those cheekbones and all, but now it looks like the opposite… Anyway, he is my forever crush 😁