TMZ: Justin Bieber thinks Selena Gomez is a thirsty opportunist, basically


I wouldn’t say that Justin Bieber is still obsessed with Selena Gomez, but they are definitely still on each other’s minds, even after all of this time. I think it’s probably because of that intensity of being each other’s first loves, their first official boyfriend and girlfriend. Young love can be so dumb and dramatic, and put Selena and Justin into the mix and you up the drama times a million. Many believe Justin still keeps tabs on Selena. I believe she still keeps tabs on him too, especially judging by the swiftness with which she beefed with him on Instagram last year (when he started dating Sofia Richie). So does Justin have any thoughts about Selena’s new boyfriend The Weeknd? Oh, brother.

Justin Bieber can spot an opportunist from a mile away … at least now he can, and the opportunist is Selena Gomez. Our Bieber sources tell us … the singer says he’s been there, and believes Selena’s using The Weeknd for promotion. Bieber’s intel — and ours — is that Selena and The Weeknd are working on music together.

We’re told Justin feels this is all cookie-cutter stuff … she did it with him, Nick Jonas, Zedd and now with good ol’ Abel. When Selena wants to push new music, it seems she dates stars with whom she wants to collab. Long story short … we’re told Justin’s rolling his eyes at the Selena/Weeknd love story.

[From TMZ]

I hate to agree with Pissy Baby Bieber, but here we are. I too am side-eyeing this whole Selena and Abel thing. I think she’s doing it for the ‘grams, as the kids say. I think she’s doing it to stick it to some of the upstart ladies in the expanded girl squad. I think she also just loves the rush of dating a super-famous guy. As for Abel… he doesn’t need Selena Gomez to get attention, so I’m assuming there’s something real on his end (although I doubt Selena is his only girlfriend). Also: Justin Bieber needs to stop calling up TMZ to bitch about his ex. Even if I agree with him, he needs to stop.


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  1. Snazzy says:

    Meh, it’s part of the game they all play – not just Justin and Serena. Not really a surprise, is it? EIther way, gotta admire the hustle. And since mini-muscles is commenting, it gets her even more exposure. Win-win really.

  2. Lora says:

    Never thought I would say this, but I agree with him too 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Frank drebin says:

      then you’re an idiot

      • Shijel says:

        lol. She is, though. It’s what’s keeping her in the news – her connection to JB, the drama, the T-swizzle crew. On top of that, a nasty coke problem. She may have been a reasonable girl once, but today the’s very much just another starlet who needs to keep herself in the news lest her star burns out completely. Sad, really.

  3. Nicole says:

    Yea JB needs to stop but he is totally right. I said it last week she is SO messy and into drama. She just pretends she’s above it. Much like her bff

  4. I Choose Me says:

    No lies detected. I do believe her feeling for the Beibs was genuine though. And I totally agree that they’re both not over each other.

  5. QueenB says:

    it seems like Selena mainly keeps afloat through other people. those mentioned and Taylors Squad. without her and Justin she would not be succesful.

    • Red says:

      The thing is, they all do it. Gigi Hadid probably would not be as famous if she didn’t attach herself to Taylor and Zayn. Most of Taylors squad too. Taylors career is based off getting with high profile men and singing about it. If we’re going to call out one, we should call out them all.

      • ell says:

        zayn? he’s really not that famous. anywhere.

      • Suzie says:

        Zayn, not famous? You’re kidding right? Since when Zayn isn’t famous anywhere?
        Anyway I agree with Red. It’s hard these days with social media to know who has a genuine relationship and who doesn’t. I definitely see Bella and Gigi using their relationship with Abel and Zayn to increase their profile and visibility, but I also see Abel and Zan benefiting from it too.
        I don’t get that vibe at all from Miley and Liam though. It looks more genuine.

      • Red says:

        Zayn has tons of fans. Maybe not adult fans, but he’s pretty popular with the teen crowd. And when they first got together, they were everywhere in the media. Even on Celebitchy a few times. So yeah, I’d say he’s popular.

      • Lynnie says:

        Zayn did have a big break when he first released his album, but I agree with Ell that he kind of fell off a bit. That’s not to say he won’t regain it, but he’s definitely not as famous as he should be, especially being the ex-member of 1D and as talented as everyone says.

      • Suzie says:

        Zayn isn’t Bieber famous of course, but most people I know, even my grandmother, know who he is. I’m not sure he wants to be Bieber famous either; apart from when he visits Gigi in NY he hardly ever gets papped and seems to avoid pap-friendly places and showbiz events.

      • Nicole says:

        No I agree Zayn isn’t as big anymore and that’s because his album flopped. He has fans for sure but where were they for album sales? Because he didn’t move many units AT ALL. He has one song that everyone knows (Pillowtalk) and is more known for his dating life at this point. Its no mistake that he’s dating Gigi (and did right after she broke up with Joe Jonas) or that his knew song features taylor. He needs the publicity because his album didn’t do well for all the promotion it got

      • Bridget says:

        I think social media has screwed with people’s perception of time, because Zayn was part of the biggest act in music not that long ago. He’s still a big deal. Someone of that level of fame doesn’t just drop off in 6 months even if his album wasn’t huge.

      • Suzie says:

        Zayn didn’t flop, his album still went gold in the US and various other countries, but of course he didn’t do as well as he could have because he was unable to tour or perform live due to anxiety. Shame because his album is actually quite good.

      • African Sun says:

        @Nicole, wow Zayn’s album flopped? I am shocked with all the PR. Lynnie girl you right, social media followers do not translate into sales!

      • Nicole says:

        Sorry but gold for the amount of promo they did for Zayn was not that big. He was #1 for a week and then his sales fell off a cliff. 500,000 units to date and the album was released last year. That’s not a ton considering they pumped a lot of money into his promotion.
        Now the tour thing is something I hope he overcomes (not a fan but I empathize with his struggles with anxiety). But not many artists move tons of units because of a tour. The tour is really how the artist themselves make money because typically the studio takes the most profit from sales, the artist from the tour.
        But even still adele manages to move millions of units and she tours every few years. Heck she didn’t finish her 21 tour and that’s one of the best albums…ever.

      • Suzie says:

        He didn’t do great, but he did just fine, not what is considered a flop in the current market. Live performances and touring help, he’d have released more singles if he had been able to perform live – he only released 2. There’s very often a peak in sales after live performances at award shows or live TV. More people get to hear your music; plus he sings very well live, people would get to hear he’s actually talented, not just hype. When you tour, you visit local radio stations and do promo at the same time – I saw how touring helped Shawn Mendes with sales. Plus you consolidate your fan base and develop a reputation with the gp and the industry. Also chat shows help with likeability and reaching a new audience. Zayn himself said his anxiety would be his downfall, and it’s definitely a liability.
        As for Adele, no comment of course, I’m not sure why she’s brought up because she’s in a league of her own.
        Zayn did a lot better than DNCE, Nick Jonas and many other acts, and his streaming figures are quite good. So all in all he did ok.

    • Jaded says:

      Doesn’t selena have the most followers on instagram?? If so not sure she needs anybody to up her popularity.

      • Suzie says:

        Most of her followers are very young. Maybe she’s trying to reach a more adult audience? All the acts with a tween fanbase like One Direction, Selena, or even Fifth Harmony are very popular but it doesn’t really translate in sales. Even a band as huge as One Direction didn’t sell as much as you’d think proportionally to their following.

    • Frank drebin says:

      wrong. she was famous before either of those 2

  6. RussianBlueCat says:

    I was waiting for Justin to comment on Selena and The Weeknd’s relationship. This is like high school all over again

    • Jan says:

      Then maybe , the Beebs and Bella can get together and get back at then real good. (rolls eyes)
      This is really more like middle school. Will any of these twenty-somethings every grow up?

  7. Louise177 says:

    I do agree with Justin a little bit. Of all of the guys in the world, Selena starts dating the ex of a squad member. Or is Bella just a sister of a squad member?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yeah just like the Hadid Sisters that only date famous singers to stay relevant.
    So do your thing Selena !

    • WeAreAllMadeOfStars says:

      Yeah….But couldn’t they at least try to maintain relevancy through learning how to sing or model or something like that? Being a hanger oner is a lot more work than it looks like.

  9. Ever bloom says:

    I used to like him immensely when he first hit the scene, fresh and promising. His cute songs got me through 9th standard heartbreak. But I believe he got bullied by the society (girly, not macho) and his self destructive brat mode was triggered. That is why we need feminism because patriarchy expects boys to be aggressive and they act like one to fulfill their natural place. Which is sad really. The boy has a good heart, though.

    • Frank drebin says:

      No he was a jerk before he got famous. Read what his neighbors in canada say about him

    • Shijel says:

      What Frank said though. He was a little sh-t and a bully long before he got famous. Yes, I absolutely believe that fame, money and media exacerbated his already bad traits, but lol, even as a kid he was apparently horrible to others.

      I find it hard to blame an actual kid for it though. What, with parents like Biebers, the boy didn’t have a shot.

  10. Monsi says:

    I don’t know, she’s a cute girl but she isn’t a particularly good actress or singer… Let’s just say her friendship with Taylor and her relationships have help her to stay relevant

    • Fiorella says:

      I believe you that she can’t sing or act (haven’t watched her acting but obviously there’s autoune on her hits) but from Disney she’s very rich right? What’s the point of being more famous? I guess the attention is monetized as we’ve read about for the kardashians. I recommend her carpool karaoke she is super chill <3

    • Frank drebin says:

      No he was a jerk before he got famous. Read what his neighbors in canada say about him

  11. Merry says:

    If we agree that The Weekend doesnt need her for attention that must hold doubly true for her. She does have the largest instagram following in the world and her youtube views are in the hundreds of millions. I think like Drake and Jlo, Taylor and Tom, this is probably real and beneficially also for self promotion. As in, they know in their heart of hearts this isnt going anywhere but they were going to bang anyway, may as well get some publicity out of it.

    • Lynnie says:

      I’m pretty sure that the majority of her Instagram following is paid bots seeing as how she never gets 1/10th of that support in real life for her albums and/or acting. The YouTube views I’ll give to her, but getting millions of views now is the norm not the exception for big artists.

      I think people are saying The Weeknd doesn’t need her, because previously his M.O was staying private and his latest album did super well. Otherwise I agree with you that this is just a fling.

      • Merry says:

        You are going over and above to trash this girl. There are apps to detect bots and while I am sure she has some, I highly doubt that its a significantly larger proportion than anyone elses. If its so easy to go unexposed, I guarantee you the Kardashians would have the highest instagram figures by a mile. Followed by all the thirsty celebrity spawn out here. And since you cant dispute that she has exceptionally high youtube viewing numbers, you then dismiss it as expected for “big artists”. Except you have therefore just admitted that she IS a big artist.

      • Lynnie says:

        Lol I’m sorry that I’m not as big of a Selena stan as you seem to be… That being said paid bots are definitely a thing with the whole younger celeb set on insta. It’s why you see Kylie, Selena, and others (including the Kardashians lol) with huge follower numbers, but then when it comes time to sell something it doesn’t do as well as expected in proportion to their following.

        Big (relatively speaking) artists have huge YouTube views. It’s basically the new MTV. It would be more surprising if she didn’t have them honestly. That’s all I was getting at no need to get out of shape lmao

      • Merry says:

        I’m actually not a Selena stan but I have followed her on Jezebel since she was so open about her autoimmune disease and her mental health challenges. I really hate when people resort to that weak “..if you are such a fan” thing you used. The facts are; I came here to say that she actually does very well at exposure without Abel and you show up all worked up about how she needs The Weekend, who gets significantly less exposure than she does, more than he needs her. You basically came with “err nope ..insert weak argument here because I like to hate people”, get called out on it and then act as though you didnt just blunder your own argument. In case you didnt notice, you once again just confirmed in your own reply that she IS a big artist so I still see no point to your repeated posts under my comment.

      • tegteg says:

        @Merry you need to simmer down lol.

        Lynnie made a good point about the number of Insta followers vs actual sales. Also, if you took the time to read Lynnie’s comments, then you would have noticed that she did not say that Selena needed the Weekend more than he needs her (you pretty much just fabricated that accusation). The only thing Lynnie said was, “I think people are saying The Weeknd doesn’t need her, because previously his M.O was staying private and his latest album did super well.” And then you got super bent out of shape. You’re right, the Weekend gets less exposure (by choice, in my eyes), but he was pretty much THE ARTIST of 2015 and 2016 and his albums did much better than Selena’s.

        The way you overreacted and read things that weren’t there makes me think you are some unhinged super stan.

      • Bobbie says:

        @Merry you are a super fan of Selena that’s why you are so blinded from seeing that what Lynnie is saying is absolutely true. Stop being so darn defensive just because you’re in denial about your fav.

      • Dan Lopez says:

        So true. Listen we all know that those follower #’s are BS. Selena had 55.5 million Instagram followers when Revival went on sale & only sold 83k units that first week. Less than 1% of her follower #. What good are followers who don’t buy her stuff

      • Frank drebin says:

        Then why don’t richer celebs like taylor or Miley pay for more instagram bots? Thought so

      • Bobbie says:

        @Frank because they’re stuff sales on it’s own and they also don’t need fake publicity. If you look at Selena’s album sales she clearly needs all the help she can get.

  12. ell says:

    lmao, whether she’s doing it for pr or not, i find it hilarious that all the sleazy male celebs spill their crap to tmz.

  13. Lucy says:

    Abel must be the only person here who’s like “ain’t nobody got time for this”…

  14. ZombieLover says:

    She is famous and has a ton of songs on the radio the last few years. She doesn’t need these guys. And the weekend is super hot right now. Who wouldn’t want t date him? They are both single. What exactly is the problem?

  15. Spiderpig says:

    I have no idea who or what “the weekend” is but Bieber needs to stop stalking and badmouthing his ex, it’s so creepy.

  16. African Sun says:

    The W is such a fame-wh/re of epic proportions. I have a subscription to the Wall Street Journal magazine and he did a splashy interview in their mag last year to promote this new record.

    It reeked of him wanting to rebrand himself as a pop-star and of course one of the prerequisites for that is a hot popstar girlfriend.

    He is very transparent and a true womaniser at heart. I think he is using Selena for attention so that he can be even more famous as well.

    He probably has no feelings for her but he is loving the attention she is bringing him.

    • Suzie says:

      I agree. People say he doesn’t need her because his album is doing so well, but I remember him saying in an interview that he wanted to be huge, like one of the biggest pop stars in the world. And being seen in the arm of young hot girls like Bella and Selena helps get attention and trend on twitter and all that. I’d say they’re both using each other – they got their photograph taken only once and had everyone talking since.

      • African Sun says:

        @Suzie, you hit the nail on the head girl, everyone is talking about it and it does work. Gosh we fall for the same S these celebs give us every single time yet we still here talking about it.

        Showmances really do work to sell records!

  17. serena says:

    Pfff, b*tch please. Like he wasn’t taking advantage of her fame too when they dated. He may be right on this one but bitching about your ex just shows he’s still hung up on her and also extremely childish.

  18. Beatrix says:

    As mentioned above, he’s not wrong. I usually side with the woman in these kinds of shenanigans, but the true genius was Selena’s PR team back when they set her up with Bieber. Her public relationship with Bieber put her on the map. On her own merit, she had very little to offer aside from her face and “personality.”

  19. Libra girl says:

    Yah stop calling TMZ Justin, just pass her a note in gym.

  20. kk says:

    Go to
    That’ll explain a fair amount of his behaviour. Selena is nasty

  21. ohplease says:

    Oh please Justina.. The weekend doesn’t need to be warned, he’s using selena just as much she’s using him. He’s not some young naive doormat. He needs to stop with the dramatics, it makes him look like he’s still hung up on his ex.

    Besides, Justina isn’t above using people for promotion. After all, no one made him go on a “I still love selena Gomez” tour while promoting his purpose album. Dropping her name even when he wasn’t asked for those sympathy votes. Same with Kourtney Kardashian. Wasn’t some of his text messages leaked where he talks about how good the hook up was for publicity? Probably right about selena and Abel, but Justina isn’t above the same acts so he needs to have a seat.

    • Shijel says:

      Can you maybe not add a feminine suffix to Justin’s name to deride him? Not only is it juvenile, you’re implying that he’s being ‘girly’ – a negative stereotype that affects both men, women, boys, girls.

  22. Cassiopeia says:

    Famous people date other famous people. Selena was already the most followed person on instagram so why would she need to date a famous guy for more followers? Both Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift have dated more famous guys than she has

  23. Joanie says:

    Well, Beebs and his buddy Ed Sheeran wrote a single called “Love Yourself”, which was a hit and purportedly about Selena.

  24. Loca says:

    I wouldn’t take the Wknd so seriously not sure if Selena is releasing all these stories about their relationship. But if she was that into him she would keep it more private. Especially since she always talks about the media being so involved in her life but I have yet to see her remove herself from all of it. If people love your music, movies, or whatever you are putting out there then they won’t need to be swayed. I wish she would make smarter choices. And at some point her and Justin need to hash it out then drop it make amends and move on but privately of course.

  25. Rebecca says:

    I think the Selena/Weeknd romance might be an equal opportunity using. She is with him for all the reasons you stated and he is with her to get back at Bella. Apparently, Bella was the one who broke up with him.

    It might also be a fake romance for publicity. They both looked really awkward in those pap pictures.