Moby: Donald Trump is ‘this un-evolved, feral, self-interested man-baby’


Emperor Baby Fists’ inauguration will hopefully be a disaster. And we’ve seen, it wouldn’t be so funny and painful if Baby Fists didn’t actually care. He cares, BIGLY, about having cool people and celebrities at his inauguration. Too bad that his people kept inviting celebrities who want nothing to do with him. One of those celebrities? Moby. Moby is a HUGE liberal. I can’t believe he even got an invitation, but he says he did. He told Mashable that he was asked to perform and that he turned down the offer, because of course.

What he realized when he got an offer from Trump’s people: “I feel like at this point, they’re probably trolling karaoke bars to find someone who will sing at the inauguration.”

Art is vital: “I would love to be alive in a world where art could be superfluous. I would love to be alive in a world where we weren’t facing dire existential crises, political crises, environment crises, health crises. I don’t want to indulge in too much hyperbole, but the world is falling apart.” Moby stresses how critical it is for artists and anyone with a platform to avoid gratuitous self-promotion and materialism. “Those things would be fine if the world weren’t an inch away from collapse.”

He thinks Trump’s tax returns reveal some “really gnarly, dark stuff.” So he trolled the president-elect with a playlist and said he’d take the gig if Trump comes clean about his finances. “We have no idea what’s going to be motivating his decisions. And because he is this un-evolved, feral, self-interested man-baby, we can just assume that the decisions he’s going to make are decisions that benefit him and his family. I also think he’s embarrassed, because I don’t think he’s really worth as much as he makes himself out to be.”

Artists need to know how to fight for their freedoms: “Just because we’ve grown up with certain freedoms doesn’t mean they’re always going to be there.”

[From Mashable]

“He is this un-evolved, feral, self-interested man-baby…” That’s a great description. There truly is something “feral” about Baby Fists, and something “unevolved,” like he’s a caveman, grunting through life. The thing is, Baby Fists thinks he’s the most suave operator in the world. Ugh.

Moby also just released a new video for his new song, “Errupt & Matter.” I’m not into the song but the video is pretty disturbing.


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  1. . says:

    “because I don’t think he’s really worth as much as he makes himself out to be.” – I think that’s the main reason why Trump doesn’t release his tax returns.

    • Megan says:

      That, and he probably owes millions in loans to Russian oligarchs.

    • NastyWoman` says:

      Why can’t Anonymous hack into his accountants’ database and release that?? (That and Fannie Mae and erase all student loan debt…)

      • jmooo says:

        Anonymous is a joke. They always say they do this or that but nothing happens then.

      • robyn says:

        Anonymous seems all talk and no action. Why couldn’t THEY find a way to release his ruddy taxes.

      • Meee says:

        They are Pro-Dump Truck, which is frightening, even more!

      • @Meee says:

        ‘You are going to regret the next 4 years’: Hacker collective Anonymous warns Donald Trump and threatens to expose his ‘personal ties with Russian mobsters’

      • MunichGirl says:

        @Meee: Could it be that you think about Wikileaks, not Anonymous?

      • Meee says:

        Check out Anonymous Official on YouTube…that’s where it appears that they are pro-DT…

        Maybe that YouTube account is fake. IDK…
        I am frightened for our Country.

      • MunichGirl says:

        @Meee: Donald Trump is hated by Anonymous so I guess it’s a fake account, yes.

      • Emily C. says:

        They aren’t really the greatest hackers in the world. I mean, Scientology? Soft target. I’m totally on Anonymous’ side there, but still, we’re not talking about the greatest brain trust in the world. The IRS is a whole different ball game. As it should be; I don’t want everyone’s tax records being easily accessible.

        HOWEVER. If Anonymous takes on Trump, they might draw some seriously skilled people to their side. Silicon valley haaaaaates Trump. Scientology’s a tiny fish in a tiny barrel. The president (gag me) of the United States? That’s not just more difficult; it’s far more dangerous. Anonymous is rather full of themselves — let’s see if they have good reason to be.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      According the Trump’s son via a 2013 interview, a “disproportionate” amount of the Trump family’s income comes from Russia, and the money is “pouring in”. Around the same time, Trump boasted about how close he is with the Russian government, and his high opinion of Putin. He does *not* want people to know where this money came from. Rumor has it that Russia bailed him out of his last bankruptcy, and he owes them bigly.

      • Emily C. says:

        At the same time, if Putin expects to be able to control a demagogue, he’s dreaming. As he should know from his own life and his own country’s history. You cannot control these things once you empower them, ever. Idiots in power think they can leash rabid dogs, and over and over again, they find their faces eaten. Which would be fine if the demagogues didn’t go on to destroy so much else as well.

  2. SM says:

    Ok. I had enough. Could we stop making the Trump babies parallels? That is insulting to all babies. Baby hands are cure and calming and baby fists will spoil baby hands forever.

  3. Lucy says:

    Those of you who don’t follow Moby on social media, do go take a look. He’s so deliciously bitchy. He and Tom Ford should have a bitch-off.

  4. greenmonster says:

    “Just because we’ve grown up with certain freedoms doesn’t mean they’re always going to be there.” – That line is not only true for artists, this is ringing true for a lot of people.

  5. Brittney Buckley says:

    Moby!!! My man!! He’s a vegan feminist who looooves animals, so even when his music isn’t my thing, I have so much love for him. Anyone who has empathy for non-humans is Good until proven Bad in my book.

    Moby has actually been appearing all over CA for the last month or two, doing protest shows and benefits for Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

    My favorite podcasting progressive comedian/musician, Jamie Kilstein, is one of his close friends and collaborators now, and it’s so cool to watch these white men acknowledge their privilege and give women/POC bigger platforms along the way. (Also I miss Melissa Harris Perry so much; Jamie was a frequent guest.)

  6. lightpurple says:

    Trump is tweeting about his MOVEMENT again. Seriously, this man is really obsessed with his own toileting needs.

    • Esmom says:

      Ha. I actually just went to his twitter feed for the first time instead of just reading about his tweets secondhand. That photo of him “working” on his inauguration speech is ridiculous!

  7. Who says says:

    The right has been all bent of shape calling actors like Meryl Streep and Beyoncé liberal whiners, but if i was in the arts I wouldn’t go either to the inauguration Baby Fists is planning to cut the Budget of the National Endowment for the Arts. He is going to streamline it and make Public TV and other Arts organizations that receive federal money run on just private donations.

  8. I'mScaredAsHell says:

    Just read that Emperor Baby Fists plans on ending funding for the National Endowments for the Arts, the National Endowments for Humanities and privatize the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Cause you know who really needs them and besides they take up too much government spending…not!

  9. Miss Jupitero says:

    *Lighting my lighter and swaying back and forth for Moby*

    Say it!

    FYI: Nearly half a million people showed up for Obama’s inaugural concert eight years ago; by contrast, less than 10,000 showed up for the Cheeto Mussolini. It is reported that portions of that concert resembled the Gong Show.

  10. bex says:

    I really believe that when times are tough the best literature, music, poetry and art generally is produced. I love this music by Moby and hope that we’ll see a huge outpouring of creativity in protest over the next few years.

  11. Abbess Tansy says:

    Always had a soft spot for Moby, still listen to his music. I wouldn’t have thought to use feral as a descriptive for Trump but it fits. The man has a stone age personality.

  12. DesertReal says:

    It is ridiculous how much I still love this dude. Thanks for taking me back to days of MySpace & reading the hell out of his page lol