Julie Bowen isn’t apologizing for her benign comments about Barron Trump

Women's march with some of my faves! @curlefreye #womensmarchlosangeles

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Here’s a wonderful and joyful Instagram from Julie Bowen, who attended the Women’s March, like millions of people around the world. Julie attended the march in LA and she even wore the wonderful pink hat. If you go to her IG page, you’ll see that the comments on her IGs are a f—king mess. I’ve never really thought of Julie Bowen as that political, nor did I ever think that she would find herself in some politically-charged controversy, but this is Baby Fists’ America after all. It’s the moment where relatively benign social media posts from one of the most popular actresses on one of the most popular television shows in the country will somehow draw the ire of the Deplorables.

So what happened exactly? During the actual inauguration, Bowen started posting screencaps of Barron Trump and making some comments about how he seemed pretty much over this whole mess. Keep in mind… she wasn’t commenting on paparazzi photos or something like that. The Trump family chose to bring Barron out in public to join in the inauguration. He was seated just behind his father, and the cameras caught him on screen many times. This is just a sample of the kind of benign comments Julie Bowen made:

I think Barron is on his Gameboy. Can't say I can blame him.

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Barron, a voting majority shares your horror. #barronforpresident

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When your dad is boppin' his head to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. #dadshame #barronforpresident

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Like, that’s it. She wasn’t running around, diagnosing Barron with any kind of condition. She wasn’t saying anything bad about the kid other than he looked slightly embarrassed and bored. And for that, the super-sensitive deplorable snowflakes claimed she was “stalking” and “bullying” Barron and that she’s a “leftist fool” and a “dumb bitch.” Julie reacted by NOT taking the Instagrams down. She also tweeted this response to the criticism:

Yeah. I’m Team Julie Bowen. I believe that no one should attack, bully or trash-talk Barron Trump or any child. But when the child is the part of the First Family – and thus, a public figure – it’s okay to simply comment. Like, “Oh, there’s Barron Trump.” Or “Hey, Barron looks so bored.” That’s not bullying or stalking.


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  1. Lahdidahbaby says:

    I don’t see the harm in anything she said, honestly. The Trumps brought him out, so they had to know he would draw attention. He’s a beautiful looking kid, by the way, and I thought his behavior was entirely normal.

    Unlike his father’s.

    • Kat says:

      An now, he’s cut out of his father.

      • Megan says:

        IDK, Melania watches him like a hawk. I wonder if it is to prevent him from becoming like the rest of the family. During the signing ceremony on Friday she never took her eyes off of him.

    • Erinn says:

      Honestly what 10 year old WOULDN’T be bored at this kind of event? I mean, it’s kind of sucky in a way. You don’t get to coast like a ‘normal’ ten year old and read or play a gameboy to keep yourself entertained and fly under the radar – people are looking at the presidents kid.

      Julie’s comments were funny. They were just silly – not at all hurtful. People that get their knickers in a knot over this kind of thing seemed to be completely absent when people were constantly making racist remarks over the Obama’s.

      • LadyDragon says:

        As a High Schooler at St George’s in 1987, Julie L. Was a “typical” kid and obsessed about getting calories near her and running every one off. No big deal, but images of her acting this way plastered all over and commented on by celebrities then would have made her a thousand times more self conscious. She knows the difference btw cruel and cute. She would have died if same “funny stuff” had been said about her typical girl habits as a girl 5 or 8 years older than her target today.

    • Sambam says:

      Every celebrity who posted anything about the March is being treated like this. the fact that people have the right to their opinions is piss*ng the Trumpbots off. They really thought after the election we would all fall in line and bow down to baby fists! Nope

      • Kelly says:

        Not just some celebrities. Some friends who I thought were reasonable were crucifying me after I attended the march in my city. The deplorables are furious that no one showed up for the inauguration, the the women’s march had massive turnout, and that people aren’t just falling into line and accepting what emperor baby fists is bleating about.

      • Esmom says:

        Kelly, it really is interesting how the marches are rankling people. Seems like a nerve was struck indeed.

        I’m surprised that Trump hasn’t found a way to spin the marches as somehow reflective of support.

      • Shark Bait says:

        I was on a high from the march on Saturday. Then I noticed some viral post written by a woman who was saying the march was a bunch of privileged women in the US wearing pink va jay jay hats and she didn’t support it. I’m sure some of y’all saw that nonsense.
        Well I’m a stay at home mom. I’m a freelance artist. I sell my art at shows, am able to do some illustrations for publications, I’ve done some wall art and murals etc, but for all intents and purposes I’m a stay at home mom. Well a lot of the women I have met through staying home posted that and posted things like I’m not a feminist and that’s ok. They truly believe feminism is an attack on being a stay at home mom. Well, I’m a hardcore feminist and a stay at home mom. If my husband died or left me, I’d have to use my education and skills to get a job to support them on my own. So I feel like Imma be ok. I also am starting to draw more feminist and social art (think BLM, LGBTQ rights) and I’m currently trying to network to get jobs and possibly do some blogging and writing. I’ve also applied to volunteer at a woman’s shelter, planned parenthood and a crisis hotline. I’m fired up lol.
        So I posted something to let these ladies know that no one who was marching thought less of them. However there was no need to share that post to try and shame the women who marched.
        I have been really vocal about this for a few days. I’m an introvert, so it’s a shock to some I am sure. I have been defriended by a lot of people. Oh freaking well.

      • Insomniac says:

        Sharkbait, I saw that crap too. Here is a perfect rebuttal from a writer on Medium if you need it: https://medium.com/@susan.speer/to-christy-on-facebook-who-doesnt-need-the-women-s-march-beb4948e1e4b#.m9qo9t4az

      • Jp says:

        Shark Bait. I agree. That woman is obviously uneducated, meaning she gets her information from TV and internet. I am one of the many women who worked their whole life, supporting themselves and others, only to discover that we were unemployable at age 50 (conveniently coinciding with menopause). The US has a sea of these women. Like you, we do service in our communities and to our families. We are the ones who took care if our elderly, sick, parents. We developed considerable skills in the work world, yet the patriarchy doesn’t want us because we are no longer pretty young things and we stand for the fraud and abuse we witness in the workplace. Whether we were married and are now divorced or never married, we are facing an impoverished old age and possible homelessness. We are commiting suicide. Where is the privilege in that???????????These women marched–and not just for ourselves. We are horrified by everthing Trump stands for.

      • Isabelle says:

        Saw a FB post from one of my friends, she was a woman and felt like she wasn’t welcomed. Why?….because she was stay at home mom and a white woman. When the marchers were diverse, white faces everywhere. Many of these conservative women have painted this picture to make themselves feel better about voting for a man like Trump. They know down deep he isn’t was a good choice and they are trying to justify it by changing the topic and becoming the victims. They have such a big victim mentality don’t they?

      • Godiva says:

        Shark Bait, good for you. You sound like a strong woman and I really appreciate every single one of you Americans, who are letting your voices be heard. Please know, that the rest of the world is watching, hoping and praying that your strong civil society, your ability to mobilize and work through the people, for the people, is gonna get America and the rest of the world through these difficult years. I am a Dane, and we are pressuring our leaders to take a stand against this demagogue’s lies and deceit. So I am so happy to read comments like this, that you are using your voices and your arts and educating yourselves even further. I’d also just like to say, that even though we don’t have a Donald in Denmark yet, we have the same horrible populism and lies, just not as obvious and shameless as the Donald, more concealed, but it is generally the same deal. So you are not alone, your president just has so much more power, than our political leaders. Like J. K. Rowling said, what we have to do is hold the line. And that responsibility lies with all of us. Thank you so much for everything you do. Please stay strong America, and we, the people of the rest of the world, will do our utmost to support you.

    • Nancy says:

      He acted very well for a ten year old. He is the son of the man, so it was imperative he witness the swearing in ceremony. I read many disturbing things online directed straight at Barron, calling him a future serial killer and hilarious comments like that….not. Like always kids should simply be off limits. If people have the need to comment on the children of the corn, it should be those over 21, at least they can fight back.

      • jwoolman says:

        Kids at such events are always going to be occasionally funny. But he really has been a good sport about the campaign and the Inauguration, and rather restrained for a ten-year-old even when he was falling asleep on his feet on election night. But kids show their emotions and also just don’t worry so much about what other people think, so it’s easier to get a funny photo! There was nothing mean about the captions.

    • marjiscott says:

      As I have heard, no confirmation though from official sources, Barron Trump has a form of Autism. Even if this is incorrect, he didn’t ask for any attention in this manner. If you want to make a joke of his children, go ahead and pick the grown up ones. Not a 10 year old.

      • Sarah says:

        What upsets me is that people who have wondered if he has autism are being beat up like it’s a shameful, terrible tragedy to have autism. As a teacher, that really offends me. There is nothing shameful about having Aspergers or autism; sadly, I can see Trump finding it shameful, but I have taught many of these kids and they are usually wonderful, smart, very funny kids!!!

        And BTW, since Trump said he won’t release his tax returns, a tax march on April 15th is being planned. I’m going!!! That will piss the Trumpians off even more!

      • ME says:

        Actually her jokes were innocent and about the 10-year old son of POTUS being bored, etc. Nothing offensive about her comments at all – what is absolutely ridiculous that so many of the whiners were the same ones calling Chelsea ugly (remember that phase people) or saying pretty dark things about Mrs. Obama.

    • Shaunnainca says:

      THE KIDS SHOULD NOT BE COMMENTED ON. Period! Even if you think it is harmless. It does not matter if it is Obama’s daughters or Trumps son. Just no!

  2. Kat says:

    Are these now the same sages who were angry at the Obama girls for disrespecting a turkey ceremony?

    • .... says:

      Probably. I’ve talked to a Trump supporter and he said that Hillary supporters always insult Trump’s kids etc. He conveniently forgot all the bad things they said about Chelsea Clinton during the election or about Obama’s daughters.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        No shit! Which GOP politician called her “ugly” and “a dog”?!? She was at such a sensitive age, too — like 12 or 13! Poor kid, I don’t know how she got past all that GOP bullying.

      • .... says:

        I remember that a lot of Trump supporters wrote things like “Chelsea is so fugly compared to Ivanka”, “Even Donald Trump has standards and wouldn’t touch her” during the election. And let’s not forget all the racist comments about Malia and Sasha when Barack was president.

      • Becky says:

        Iirc Chelsea Clinton got much worse. I haven’t followed enough US media or social media on the Obama girls, but I’m not surprised if they were on the receiving end of such crap.

        There was that idiot complaining why Malia got a place at Harvard and his white daughter didn’t.

      • .... says:

        Really? What an idiot but I’ve read worse things about these poor girls… racists/Trump supporters often use the “n” and “m” words when they write about them.

      • SusanneToo says:

        @Lahdidahbaby. That was Rush Limbaugh. Such a stunning specimen himself, he would really recognize beauty.

      • Trillion says:

        the Chelsea mocking was not just form the peanut gallery either. It was on FOX, Limbaugh, etc. Full-on teasing her for not being pretty enough.

      • Betsy says:

        And let’s not forget that saying stuff about his adult kids – who have actually helped get that orange fool where he is – is not the same as talking about actual children.

      • AnnaKist says:

        The trumpeters still bang on about Chelsea, and recent events have brought her detractors out in droves. The same gronks have weighed in on Mrs Obama and worse, her daughters, with obviously veiled racist comments ABOUT THEIR LOOKS – you just know they donned their pointy white hats before composing their vile remarks.

        I had to stop reading the posts on DM. All the trumpie acolytes could focus on was how beautiful, lovely, classy, pretty, elegant etc. etc., Melania and Ivanka are, as opposed to previous wives and daughters of presidents. Apart from beauty being subjective, it seems to have completely escaped them that beauty is not a prerequisite or skill for executing your work/duties/position as a country’s First Lady, or indeed any job. What’s worse is that many of these opinions were and are expressed by women, who also disparaged the women who took part in the marches, completely disregarding or not understanding the reasons for the marches. No wonder there’s still so much to be done; no wonder women sill have to fight the fight so vigorously, when even their own “sisters” are against them. It’s disheartening and quite sickening.

    • Shambles says:

      Yeah… I don’t even want to imagine what they said about the beautiful and black Obama girls, let alone Chelsea Clinton. Julie was essentially writing funny memes and I see nothing hateful about this. It’s the same thing people were doing with MOBama’s facial expressions.

      • Esmom says:

        Yeah, I detected no bullying or insensitivity from Julie, just very benign humor.

        These are very likely the same people who I saw in social media either disingenuously asking “why is everyone marching again? It hasn’t even been 24 hours.” or viciously saying “they’re marching because they’re afraid they won’t be able to kill babies anymore.” I saw one supporter raining about how Barron “has autism” and should be left alone. She didn’t even get that she was right in the thick of it with speculation.

        Disgusting. Hopeless.

      • Shambles says:

        Not hopeless, my love, never hopeless. We outnumber them, and we out-love them. We can do this. ❤

      • SusanneToo says:

        Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, Malia & Sasha Obama were all savaged by right wing nutjobs while they were preteens. The Bush twins caught flak for their bar hopping fake id’s, but they were 19 when GWB entered the WH. Apparently, it’s ok to attack a preteen if her parents are Democrats. And the Republicans bill themselves as the godfearing, family values crew. I always find that gutbustingly funny.

      • Kitten says:

        I was SO proud to march on Saturday with my BF, parents, bro and sis in law.
        It was such an incredibly emotional experience for me.

        I like this response to “Christy” and other naysayers:

      • Shark Bait says:

        I posted my own rebuttal of “Christy’s” post that was shared (and liked and loved) by several facebook friends. I’ll go ahead and assume “Christy” voted for Trump and probably liked and shared nasty memes about Hillary. I love that response, Kitten.
        Ugh and a real “pinteresty” “homemakery” mom I know shared something that said “I’m not a feminist and that is ok.” I wanted to tell these people THIS ISN’T ABOUT YOU! Some women apparently saw the posts about the march and projected their own insecurities onto us. I never said women who didn’t march were “less than.”
        I’m not exactly happy with my 53% of fellow white ladies who voted for trump, but I will continue to fight for their rights too.

    • Lahdidahbaby says:

      Oh right! Thanks, SusanneToo–I remember now. Yes, he’s such a fine specimen of manhood, yeccch.

    • Scout says:

      I will never get over those girls being “sl*t shamed” because they wore skirts to their father’s annual Turkey Pardoning Event. That they were both clearly under age just really drove home how truly horrible the remarks really were.

    • George Donati says:

      She is a breastless buffoon of a woman

  3. Runcmc says:

    Wow, what a mild thing to be “in trouble” for! I agree with you- she did nothing wrong.

    I commented on my (private) twitter that Barron is way taller than I realized and a friend chided me saying “kids are off limits.” Uhhhhhh…ok? I didn’t say anything bad.

    • Alix says:

      Julie’s comments (and yours!) were completely benign. Observing that a child seems bored, or looks tall, should be perfectly acceptable. I’m glad Bowen isn’t caving in and apologizing. That said, people are freakishly sensitive on this topic (the world being black and white, ya see), so she might be better off focusing on another Trump…

      Maybe, @Runcmc, your friend needs a chill pill?

    • Shambles says:

      Wow, are you kidding me?

      You can’t even make a simple comment about a Trump’s appearance without getting your head bitten off? These people are insane. Just like their Dear Leader, any criticism, perceived or actual, is met with an insane tantrum. PERIOD.

      • Becky says:

        Like Trump, his supporters are insecure and highly sensitive to criticism. That and they’re emotionally invested; they voted subjectively in the first place.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        Glad you said this Becky, I think it’s true, it was an emotional vote, even for people who seem “ordinarily” thoughtful. Now they have to keep justifying that vote. There is very little reasoning with that.

      • Trillion says:

        yeah, but we’re the ones being “Snowflakes”. Right.

      • detritus says:

        The world used to be their safe space, and now they are mad people are taking pieces back. Like a kid with too much Halloween candy, some of these people are so intent on keeping their piece they don’t realise its making them sick.

        I don’t mind being a snowflake, a bunch of angry snowflakes make one hell of a blizzard. Let it snow bitches =)

      • Llamas says:

        There was one lady, an snl writer, who said that Barron is going to be the country’s first homeschool shooter, or something like that. I thought that one was inappropriate but these are just memes.

      • Birdix says:

        love your metaphor, detritus :)

      • lucy2 says:

        “Now they have to keep justifying that vote.” WATP, you are SOOOOO right about that. I see a lot of people doing that. I think some of them realized they made a mistake but can’t bring themselves to admit it. Not yet anyway.

        I am definitely a “kids are off limits” person, and while I wouldn’t have posted it myself, I don’t see anything terrible in what Julie said.

      • Betsy says:

        @detritus – let it snow, indeed!

        @lucy2 – I totally agree with you!

      • Redgrl says:

        @becky – very well put!

    • Megan says:

      If Julie had commented on how cute it was that Barron was playing peek-a-boo with Ivanka’s baby would the Trump’s sheeple be going nuts?

    • Chaine says:

      Ridic! Btw I, too, am surprised to learn he is only ten. His height seems unusual for ten.

      • swak says:

        My grandson is 8 and he is very tall for his age. His sister is 4 and also tall for her age. Some boys get their height early but it seems if most boys don’t get their height until high school.

      • marjiscott says:

        Kids are bigger these days, especially when you have a father over 6 feet and a mother who is 5″10.

      • jwoolman says:

        My brother was 6 ft tall when he was only 12. Barron comes from tall parents, so it’s not so surprising. I think he’s had growth spurts since last summer, he was noticeably taller in the Fall and seems even taller now if we compare him with his dad. That’s hard on a kid, still being a child on the inside but being perceived as older. Melania is right to protect him as much as possible.

      • Lucrezia says:

        A workmate’s little brother was just over 6ft at 12 years old. His dad is 6’5 and his mum 6’1. His half-brothers (who have a shorter mother) are all 6’5. So it was obvious where he got it from, but they still sent him off for testing to make sure there was no underlying medical problem. He got the all clear, but they also do predictive tests … which suggest he’s going to hit 7’3!

        I was initially wondering how he was going to cope as an adult (a standard door-frame is only 6’8), but then I remembered how tiny everything is in primary school. Tiny chairs, tiny desks. Toilet doors that are only 5ft high. Monkey bars only 6ft off the ground.

        Being 7 foot as an adult is probably less of a problem than being 6 foot while you’re still in primary school.

    • Juls says:

      And what you said wasn’t inaccurate either. My boys are 9 and 11. Their father is 6’4″. And Barron looks way older/taller than them.

  4. detritus says:

    The joke is that 45 is boring and his kid is even bored. That is at the expense of 45, not Barron, that’s why this is ok.
    Yeah Julie.
    Ps that dress is still a matching belt away from perfection.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      I’m glad you said that, because it was my takeaway, too. It’s all poking fun at tRump the Elder, but the snowflakes are just too obtuse to understand that.

      • Syko says:

        The thing is, they don’t think we should be poking fun at the Elder either. We should be prostrating ourselves on the floor and worshipping him because he is “our president”. He’ll never be mine. I respect the office, but not this occupant.

      • Esmom says:

        Syko, Ha, “occupant.” I love it. That about sums it up.

  5. smcollins says:

    Much ado about nothing, per usual.

  6. Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

    The poor kid did look bored and very nervous. He kept looking at the floor – that sort of situation would have been overwhelming for a 10 yr old.

    • Malificent says:

      Exactly. Some kids are more comfortable in crowds or in front of an audience than others. I decided not to do the march in Denver because my almost 10-year-old kid hates big, noisy crowds and he would have been miserable. If he had to be in front of a crowd like Barron — he would have been beside himself.

    • Syko says:

      This is a little boy who lives in a penthouse in New York. Has his own floor. Goes to a fancy private school in a limo. Not a lot of kids in the neighborhood to drop by and invite him to play catch with them. Not an only child, but the only sibling who is still a child. His social skills are probably not ready for being thrust on a stage in the national spotlight to be criticized for anything he does. I saw one video of him playing some sort of game with Melania, he’d try to high-five her and she’d look away, then she’d look back and he’d take his hand back, they both were smiling and seemed to be enjoying each other, and that made me smile. Poor little guy, he’d no doubt rather be home with his Legos than to have to go through any of this.

      I’m old, so I’ve seen a lot of presidents. I can remember people ripping Margaret Truman apart, she was a singer with a very proud, supporting father, and not everyone appreciated her talents like he did. And people made fun of Amy Carter and Chelsea Clinton’s looks, poor little things – who ISN’T awkward at 12 or 13? It’s pretty low to pick on a child. I resent the fact that Donald Trump is even breathing, but I’d never say anything bad about his youngest child. And I don’t think Julie Bowen said anything bad either.

    • Bridget says:

      I feel so bad for this kid. He is so clearly uncomfortable with any sort of spotlight.

  7. Sixer says:

    I agree. No harm, no foul.

    That said, I have seen armchair diagnoses of this child in many places. However well-intentioned, people should not be doing this and perhaps some (but clearly not all) the bad reaction was influenced by it.

  8. Sarah says:

    Melania and Barron seem to be extremely unhappy with all the attention.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      She can fix that by divorcing. New York City is extremely unhappy with traffic jams and a million dollar a day security detailing.

      That said, this was the first time I heard friends and commenters wonder about some level of abuse in her marriage, and his behaviour toward her at the coronation was so dismissive.

      • Sarah says:

        One of them will definitely file for divorce when he’s out of office, I doubt it will happen during his presidency. Pretty sure he verbally abuses her.

      • BJ says:

        If she divorced him ,which will happen when Hell freezes open, doesn’t the Secret Service still have to protect Baron in NY?

      • @BJ says:

        I think so, yes.

      • Ramona says:

        I dont think its inconceivable that Trump would divorce her while in office. It would be a very easy thing to spin for his base; she is a foreigner, she has posed naked and is therefore a slut. His base would ignore the fact that he married her knowing this and urge him to find a good woman who will follow him wherever he goes like a good Conservative wife. For the rest of us, we already have so much against him, what would it matter if he ditched Melania?

      • Isabelle says:

        She isn’t going to divorce him why he is President and that is actually understandable.Sshe seems to dislike the attention she is getting now, can you imagine the attention she would get if she divorced him while in office.

      • ol cranky says:

        even if she divorces him, Barron would still get secret service protection and would continue to get it until he is 18 even if/when the GOP feels it’s safe for them to remove his father from office

      • Scout says:

        He’s 70 years old, in absolutely terribe shape, refuses to let us know his health records and he has the most stressful job in the world. Melania doesn’t have to divorce him, she just has to wait. The only way she’d divorce him would be if he did something truly horrific to Barron or was caught with a group of under aged prostitutes on a urine soaked bed after being impeached.

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      That was my observation too! I mean, Barron is a kid he gets a pass, but Melania has looked MISERABLE this entire time!

      I don’t know why but for some reason I give her a *tiny* break in all of this. I had this gut feeling she was going to divorce his ass once he lost the election. Then he didn’t….

      • Sarah says:

        Yep, she looked so unhappy the whole time, she doesn’t want to be FLOTUS. I’ve said the same thing. If Donald Trump would have lost the election, there would be a divorce this year.

    • SusanneToo says:

      I posted this late last night, so, if you missed it, here it is. Melania could make history by being the first to divorce a sitting president.


      • Sarah says:

        Thanks, he really treats her like crap. Sad…

      • Llamas says:

        That actually is pretty sad. The Obamas were more thoughtful to her than her own husband. Though I don’t agree with Obama’s politics I have a lot of respect for him and his family as people.

      • Thnuggaboo says:

        It would be epicly bigly if she pulled a Katie Holmes divorce on him!!!!

      • Tessiecat says:

        Did The Donald’s body language seem aggressive during the first dance? I just cringed watching them dance. Melanie could not disguise how uncomfortable she was. Plus, The Donald is a crappy leader as he dances. Prophetic?

      • Shark Bait says:

        FREE MELANIA!!!
        I hope she does file, she would have lots of support.

    • Bridget says:

      Melania makes me sad. I get that the general consesus is that ‘she made her choice, she should live with it’ but every time I see her, I see a woman who is simply resigned to the choices she’s made. Her choice to stay in NY as long as possible, Ivanka’s taking over of the “first lady” duties, it’s painting a picture of a woman who is afloat in a sea by herself, not in a partnership. And then you see how miserable poor Barron is? Nope.

      • Snowflake says:

        You guys are being WAY too sympathetic to Melania, imo. She didn’t marry trump for companionship or love, but for money. Do you think she really cares about having a relationship with him? She’s happy to have his $$ and live in a penthouse. She’s just playing her part. If trophy wife has to put in a few appearances, well, she has to do it, part of playing the game. Shes not divorcing him, this is as good as it can get for a trophy wife! The access, getting to do things others don’t, etc. Don’t waste any tears for her

      • SusanneToo says:

        He is totally dismissive of her, which is exactly how he feels about “the people” who put him in office. I’m looking forward to their shock when it finally dawns.

        I don’t believe that any of his wives have been anything more than spawn carriers/arm candy for him.

      • Shark Bait says:

        I know Melania is a gold digger, but I would still support her if she chose to leave the slug. She clearly hates this, and I would definitely believe Donald could be verbally and/or physically abusive to her. Even a trophy wife living in a penthouse shouldn’t be subjected to the rantings of that maniac. Pure assumption on my part, of course, but I still have a bit of sympathy for Melania.

      • Isabelle says:

        I couldn’t care less if a woman marries for money, its her choice and if the man is OK with it so be it. Its as much of a choice as any other choice women can make for their lives. Women do it all the time if they realize it or not, women often marry for security and love isn’t always at the top of the list. We think of our future when we marry. Poor ones, rich ones, middle class ones. Women even in modern times fare better if they marry someone with financial means. It reflects how sexism exists economically, a woman marrying rich can be set for life versus those that have worked their whole lives. Not going to judge women on those choices.

      • Bridget says:

        She married Trump for money and security, he married her for a beautiful arm piece. The transaction goes both ways. And she’s still a person, who is clearly unhappy. But even wealthy and beautiful women have barriers to leaving. He probably has an iron clad prenup and if she were to humiliate him by leaving him he could go nuclear on her. Think about all the reasons why women stay with abusive partners.

      • jwoolman says:

        Melania is married to a vindictive narcissist who most likely did not reveal his true nature completely until they were married (very typical). She will do whatever the thug wants because he could go after the child not because he wants custody, but because he wants to deny it to her. Even joint custody would be a nightmare for mother and child.

        They are essentially informally separated now. Even if formally divorced, Secret Service would still have to protect the minor child so Americans had better get used to the need for split protection no matter what the cost. Complain about the way the police are doing it and the reluctance of the Feds to reimburse the city, but it’s wrong to expect them to go join the Pussy Grabber in Chief in the White House. I hope they both stay in NYC.

  9. I Choose Me says:

    The deplorables are as think skinned as Trumpty Dumpty. Much butt. Too hurt. #Sad

    • doglover says:

      LOL one Trumpster attacked me when I wrote that Donald and Melania’s marriage is loveless and they won’t stay together forever. They’re really thin-skinned.

      • I Choose Me says:

        Just noticed, I wrote think instead of thin but I’m gonna leave the typo as it also applies.

  10. OriginallyBlue says:

    They’re on edge and ready to pick a fight when there isn’t one to be had.

  11. Dee says:

    I don’t have any issue with these comments. The SNL writers tweet about him on the other hand…

    • Char says:

      Agreed. When I kept hearing that Julie made comments I was confused, because I’d already heard about the SNL comedians comment, which was awful & completely over the line. Julie wasn’t saying anything inappropriate or mean.

  12. Lucy says:

    Oh, for f*ck’s sake. I’m glad she didn’t take them down. She didn’t say anything bad about that poor kid.

  13. Aang says:

    Her comments were funny and at the expense of his father not him. I think seeing the outrage directed at his father’s behavior may be a lesson that serves him well. One his siblings could have benefited from at a formative age.

  14. Loo says:

    She didn’t say anything mean about him at all. People have said the same thing about Obama girls at these events. And I didn’t think those comments were racist or hateful or evil.

  15. Maria T. says:

    I actually think her comments make him and the family seem pretty normal – like, anyone who has a 10 year old kid can relate to her comments. Glad she didn’t take them down. I canNOT imagine my sons sitting through that kind of interminable ceremony and being on camera. I give him kudos for keeping the tie on!

    • Indiana Joanna says:

      Julie Bowen has three sons who she’s described lovingly as messy, emotional, unruly and completely chaotic to live with. So she understands the minds of young boys. I think she was spot on describing Barron’s feelings.

  16. tifzlan says:

    Trumpets are Special Snowflakes. What did we expect? They’ll get their pants in a bunch over nothing if it even as much as mentions the word ‘Trump’

  17. Margo S. says:

    Well most of these deplorable are anything but rational and collected. They will say or do anything to “win”. I’ve said it before. Trying to debate with a deplorable is like talking to an alcoholic on their 7th beer. There is zero reasoning with them.

  18. Embee says:

    Apologies aren’t necessary with these comments. These were not mean and nasty, just pointing out how bored he looked. Definitely nothing to get mad about

  19. lightpurple says:

    My FB feed is full of people screaming that Barron is off-limits but these very same people are also screaming that Malia and Sasha dared to snub Trump by not attending the inauguration; that they owed it to the American people to be there to say good-bye; and they insulted the new President and the American people by not attending. What?

    While I agree that kids should be off limits, I see no harm in what Julie posted – my great aunt said pretty much the same thing and asked if he was playing with his phone, and I find the attempts of some to diagnose the kid rather offensive, I do not and will not consider the parenting by his parents off-limits. A 10 year old child should not have been in the direct line of the camera – the poor boy was actually yawning at one point and fidgeting a great deal. There also should have been an adult responsible for watching the 10 year old child during the proceedings to keep him engaged and to redirect him from playing with his phone, playing with the program. That is on his parents. It is also on his parents that they have decided to bill the taxpayers $3 million a year to guard the child while he stays in NYC instead of Washington DC. And it is on his parents that they allow his older half brothers to bully the kid, as one of them did at the end of the ceremony.

  20. Patricia says:

    I have felt extremely protective of this little boy and have absolutely hated all the gossip about him possibly having any condition, and harsh things said about him. I’d love to see Trump rot in jail, but his little son is a child and should be off the table.
    So I opened this thread ready to accept zero amount of bullying of him. And guess what? That’s what I saw from Julie… ZERO bullying. Zero disrespect. Her comments were so innocuous it’s ridiculous to attack her.

    But these Trump supporters have reached a point of maximum cognitive dissonance and they are just in a vacuum of denial and anger in order to continue their support of the monster. After his press secretary came out and blatantly lied about the inauguration attendance, they have to be in a very twisted mental state to STILL think Trump is god’s gift. It’s scary.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      “But these Trump supporters have reached a point of maximum cognitive dissonance and they are just in a vacuum of denial and anger in order to continue their support of the monster.”

      Well said, Patricia.

  21. smee says:

    Yeah, she didn’t say anything too mean or too personal – but I always thought the President’s 18 and under kids were “hands off”. They’re actually forced to be there – no choice. So, Julie, maybe next time focus in on one of the older siblings. Oh, and quit screwing around with your face.

    I’m not Cheeto-In-Charge fan. I felt the same way about Sascha, Malia, the Bush girls, Amy Carter, etc. So just bc the morons did it to the Obama’s children doesn’t mean we should stoop, even a little.

    • megs283 says:


    • Oopsiedaisy says:

      Totally agree with smee:

      smee says:
      January 23, 2017 at 8:31 am

      Yeah, she didn’t say anything too mean or too personal – but I always thought the President’s 18 and under kids were “hands off”. They’re actually forced to be there – no choice. So, Julie, maybe next time focus in on one of the older siblings

  22. Soprana says:

    Sasha and Malia always looked happy at their Dad’s big events early in his career, when they were very young.

    THAT BEING SAID, their parents were always extremely outwardly affectionate with them…touching them, looking at them, engaging with them. Nobody seems to pay mind or be sensitive to Barron, not even the mom whom he’s so close to. No wonder the poor kid looks so chagrined.

    • BJ says:

      Also the Obama girls had each other.If I was his parent I would have invited his best friend or a relative about his age to keep him company.They could keep him company.I am an only child so I understand being in all adult settings.Sometimes you need a peer with you.

  23. grabbyhands says:

    People behaving that this is the same as saying he will be the first home school shooter or speculating that he has autism are just looking for shiz to be pissed about. There’s nothing bullying about observing that a 10 year old looks bored with an hours long ceremony that has little to do with him.

    Having said that, at this point just leave the kid put of the convo because as evidenced here, anything said by anyone even remotely considered to be left leaning will be subject to abuse and have their words twisted by the delusional lunatic fringe and that just fuels the orange fire.

    • K2 says:

      Yep. These comments are fine. The homeschool shooter one was a disgrace, and likewise the autism commentary (with bonus side-order of ableist stereotyping of autism) but these? They’re just mild jokes about the way kids behave.

  24. Maria says:

    And let’s not forget that the Trump grandchildren are prominently featured in the social media.

    Nobody is complaining about pics of them in the White House bowling or having breakfast etc etc. If you are exposing your kids in order to gain public support, you are also running the risk that some people will start making fun or use them for jokes in bad taste.

    I am not defending it, people suck, but i also hate to see how the family itself courts public opinion with such small children.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes. And it’s funny how Melania is making big deal about moving her kid to DC when apparently the Kushners aren’t batting an eyelash about it. So how do the supporters reconcile the two opposing stances, lol?

      • CityGirl says:

        Because Melania’s kid is 10 and in the middle of a school year, and the Kushners’ kids are much younger (Baby, toddler, and what 5-6 years old). The impact a dramatic move will make on the children is totally different. As a former army brat, I can tell you first hand how difficult it is uprooting in the middle of the school year.
        Just saying….

      • SusanneToo says:

        I was an Army kid, also. Eleven different schools in twelve years, several in the middle of the school year. It was no problem at all – new town, new people,new adventures.

        What is different in my case is that my father was a wonderful man, not a monster that my mother had to protect me from.

        I think that is the overriding factor in Barron’s situation, having a horrible father. Perhaps Melania doesn’t want him to grow up like Qusay and Uday.

      • Isabelle says:

        Obama’s kids were young and they were uprooted. The youngest was around the same age as Barron. Honestly think Melania doesn’t want the spotlight and don’t blame her really.

      • ol cranky says:

        Ivanka & Jared are happy to move to DC because they will be running the country for dear old dad and using the position to fill their respective company coffers

        BTW did anyone else see the news that Joshua Kushner (Jared’s brother) was at the March in DC on Saturday?

    • lightpurple says:

      Ivanka is constantly diverting from her father’s bad behavior by posting pictures of her kids.

      • HappyMom says:

        This times one million. I saw someone on FB talk about how “wonderful” the Trump family is . It took everything I had to not snap back. (It was someone I don’t know on an acquaintance’s post)

      • Shark Bait says:

        I used to follow her before all this because our oldest daughters are the same age. Not falling for it now, girl!

  25. JudyK says:

    Those comments ARE benign and funny. The one that got her in trouble and got deleted and the one that caused the fallout is this one: ‘Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter’

    And for that, she should be FIRED.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      Julie Bowen didn’t tweet that. A writer from SNL did.

      • JudyK says:

        Oh, lord, I am SO embarrassed. I am brain dead this morning, but that’s no excuse. I know that Katie Rich from SNL tweeted that…I even took part in a big response to it over the weekend saying that Katie Rich should be fired for it.

        My apologies to Julie Bowen. Her Instagram remarks were “bigly” funny.

        Thanks for waking me up this morning.

  26. Insomniac says:

    Good grief; I agree that people should lay off Barron, but nothing Julie Bowen said here even raised an eyebrow. I think the Deplorables are desperate to change the narrative from “Everyone went to the women’s march instead of Dumbpf’s inauguration” to “TEH MEEN LIBERALS R PICKING ON CHILDRENNNNN.”

    And I find it hilarious that Tinkles supporters are offended by Tweets and want them taken down. It’s almost as funny as the Tinkles supporters in my Facebook feed who suddenly find the word “pussy” (as in pussyhat) deeply offensive. Where were they a few months ago?

    • lightpurple says:

      A few months ago, they were defending locker room talk, brushing it off as something we hear every day and tellling us that we are special snowflakes if we’re offended by men being men and “but Bill Clinton …”

      • Llamas says:

        I agree with everything you said except for the bill Clinton part. Bill Clinton IS creepy.

      • Kitten says:

        But Bill Clinton isn’t our current president. Still very confusing to me why he and his wife’s names are continually invoked as a response to any valid criticism of a Trump.
        Why are we still talking about the Clintons?
        Oh yeah, to conveniently deflect from actions of the Groper-In-Chief.

      • K2 says:

        I never got the Bill Clinton as defence. I’m like – wait, you’re saying the Dems had a sexual predator in office, so you want one too to make it fair? Seriously?

    • Isabelle says:

      Oh yeah for sure trying to change the narrative. I had a friend that was hurt as a conservative women wasn’t invited to the march or felt like she could attend. When i told her some Trump supporters attended, she didn’t believe it. Told her it was open to everyone but of course she kept with their trying to change the topic narrative, the victim one.

    • Shark Bait says:

      That sounds like my mom. She is on a roll with this Barron needs to be off limits stuff. She said she was “proud” of me for attending the march but then went on a whole rant on fb post about Madonna needing to be arrested for threatening the president and how Ashley Judd was vulgar and disgusting. And of course she liked and shared that stupid, viral rebuttal post.
      Ugh, yeah so proud.

      • UmamiMommy says:

        I don’t know exactly what your mom said, and I voted against Trump and fully supported the march, but I think Madonna and Ashley Judd were both extremely inappropriate. Their statements were no better than many of Trump’s. So much for going high.

  27. vava says:

    I thought Barron was the most interesting of the entire clan. He was great! He enjoyed the parade, played with his nephew as The Orange One signed some papers, and he’s a good looking kid.

  28. Shura says:

    I thought the gameboy post was funny. The SNL writer’s “homeschooling shooter’ comment was way out of line though. Amy Carter and Chelsea Clinton had so much hurled at them over their looks, it ttue. Imagine making negative comments about a 12 year olds attractiveness! Worse was said about Amy … she wasn’t bright, she was ‘slow’. Hoping the nasty personal comments about Barron stop here.

  29. Missy says:

    I don’t think the comments are the problem…the problem is she’s repeatedly posting pics of his ten year old son, not necessary. If someone was posting pictures of celebrities kids over and over they would be pissed. There are so many things you could post about trump, his family, the whole nonsense inauguration, leave the little boy out of it.

  30. Radley says:

    I agree her comments weren’t insulting at all. They were funny and honestly the White House should welcome the humanizing impact of Barron Trump. At this point, he’s the only redeeming thing associated with Orange Apocalypse.

  31. Shark Bait says:

    My mom is SO UPSET about the comments about Barron. Like others have said, I understand being upset about the SNL writers tweet. That trivializes school shootings as well. Barron can’t help who his dad is. Plus, I think he hardly spends time with him and mostly hangs out with his mom anyway.
    I said to my mom, I hope you were just as outraged by the nasty things said about Sasha and Malia and Chelsea when she was first daughter. Even Barbara and Jenna when they were underage. She said “well I never heard anything bad said about them.” I said really mom, really??? Off of the top of my head I can think of how they were compared to little monkeys many times. She replied “well you are always going to have your racists.” Ugh. So she posted about it fifty times or so on fb and one of her deplorable friends (who really is awful, Trump supporting aside) said some nonsense about where is Meryl Streep criticizing her liberal buddies for bullying a poor innocent child.
    WTF???? I know life isn’t an echo chamber (Philly is my safe space- where I grew up not so much lol) but I can not with these people. It’s selective outrage. How about getting upset about the children who will be harmed under this new administration!!

    • HappyMom says:

      That’s how I feel to. I saw a FB friend had signed some stupid petition to get that SNL writer fired. JC on a cracker-it was ONE stupid comment. It’s not like everyone is going on and on. Talk about a NON issue. UGH.

      • Isabelle says:

        To be fair it was an awful comment. On my FB I’m seeing more wrath over Barron than anything that was said about Trump, so it was a bad decision on her part. The writer should have never made it and these days there are petitions for everything, even silly thing.

      • ol cranky says:

        it was a heinous comment but the right-wingers want her fired because GOP staffer had to resign for slut-shaming the Obama girls and they’re all acting like that was the only time anything negative was said about them by any republican

    • Insomniac says:

      The more I’m seeing people fuss about this, the more I think it’s people trying really, really hard to deflect attention away the fact that way more people went to the women’s marches all over the world than went to Twitterfingers’ inauguration. And those folks really better hope that people pay little attention to Baby Fists’s horrific address at the CIA this weekend.

  32. Sves says:

    Totally harmless comments. My read: she thought it was cute that he is just a normal kid. No apology necessary! People are idiots.!

  33. Katherine says:

    I somehow stumbled on those posts of hers when she first posted them and was shocked by the comments – like, that came out of nowhere, it was witty not cruel

  34. MellyMel says:

    Thin-skinned like their leader.

  35. Nikki says:

    I despise Trump, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to use a child to mock his own father. True, she wasn’t attacking Barron at all, but she WAS still using his picture and expressions to disparage his own father, and the poor child may love his own dad. Picture doing this with the kid of anyone you REALLY LIKE, and I think you may see it as less fun. Leave kids out of this stuff! I DO find it refreshing when someone refuses to apologize, though; I’m SO sick of “I apologize if I offended anyone..” !!

  36. Isabelle says:

    I just kept thinking Barron is the spitting image of Trump. He looks more like Trump than any of his other kids. He also seem very opposite in personality from his Dad. Not comfortable in the spotlight, introverted body language and think Malania is the same. He seems like he a sweet shy kid….and its best for celebs to not say anything about him. Its territory that neither side like to hear comments on and could be turned off by it.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      Melania also seems very protective over him – rightly so, given the stories of how he treats/has treated his other kids (I recall reading a story about how he slapped one son for not wearing a suit when they were going out to a football game – made him go change). Trump clearly has expectations of his kids, their appearance is one thing. You never see his sons/SIL in casual clothes and his daughters/DIL’s all look like they stepped out of a fashion catalogue whenever you see them. Ivanka is only 35 and an attractive woman but she’s clearly had work done on her face – so sad. Image is everything to Trump.

      If i were Melania I’d want to stay in NYC for as long as i could as well.

      • Isabelle says:

        Oh jeezz…never heard Trump as a Dad stories. Melania does seem very protective of him. Noticed when they were on the parade route he kept looking at his mother, rarely interacted with his Dad. Trump has said many times his kids turned out good because of their mother and she did mostly raise them. One of the few compliments I’ve ever heard the man say about anyone. Notice they have very stiff body language around him just like Melania. Wooden and astute.

      • Deeanna says:

        And yet at least two different published stories have revealed that daughter Tiffany was given absolutely no financial assistance by her billionaire father in assembling a wardrobe for the inaugural events she attended.

        One of the stories was by a hairdresser who was asked by Tiffany and her mother Marla Maples to work for free. The hairdresser declined to work for free, says she bartered with them to charge $200 for both of them.

        The second story was written from the standpoint of a designer who was apparently contacted a week or so ago and asked to assist Tiffany with a gown for the inaugural ball.

  37. Kri says:

    I’m fine with JB’ And her remarks. It was something that can be applied to most 10 yr olds. The writer from SNL tho…nope.

  38. Sam H x says:

    Julie didn’t say anything wrong about Barron. He is a kid who will no doubt get super bored at adult events like this. He does look like his father but he has his mother’s bone structure. It seems by all accounts Melania and Barron have a loving parent and child relationship.

    Whereas what the SNL writer said was out of line. Barron didn’t choose his father.

    I saw the clip of Donald and Melania dancing on Facebook. They looked so stiff and uncomfortable with each other. It’s clear she has no interest in politics, in being FLOTUS or her husband. I think she knows she doesn’t fit in with the political DC circles.

    Although I think it’s selfish for her to stay in New York at the taxpayers expense and causing the people who live there hassle. On the other hand I could understand she wants to stay away from her bully of a husband.

  39. Marley says:

    Nothing in it. I also noticed that Barron looked pretty tired and over it on ekection night when Trump was giving his victory speech. It’s no big deal. He’s a kid. Not a seasoned public figure.

  40. Courtney says:

    Chelsea was 12 years old when her Father was sworn in as our 42nd president on January 20th 1993 she turned 13 5 1/2 weeks later. she and Ivanka are friends. what Julie said about Baron was wrong many children his age are scared of large crowds. I know I’ve always hated big crowds due in part to being disabled legally blind and autistic and having been pushed down the stairs in school during a fire drill

  41. Deeanna says:

    I have a grandson this exact age. Allowing him to use a device would be the ONLY way he would make it through something like the inaugural ceremony!

    I have suspected that Barron Trump is medicated.

  42. Bread and Circuses says:

    It’s only harmful in the sense that his dad is a maniac who might scream at the boy for “embarrassing” daddy.

    There is a story of Trump once slapping Don Jr. at college, in front of Don Jr.’s dorm-mates, after Trump arrived to pick up his son for a football game and Don Jr. was wearing…a football jersey. Apparently daddy figured son should be wearing a suit. To a football game. And that this transgression justified hitting his adult son.

  43. Laura says:

    I am getting off track here but I had to say something about this march.I voted for Hilary and never supported Trump nor will I ever support him;however,maybe this march was symbolic but to a certain extent hypocritical:women in reality do not support each other at all and in a professional workplace tend to bully each other and get each other fired.I have witnessed this time and time again in my career .Women of all ages in my places of employment have all expressed preferences to work with a male manager because men are considered to be less emotional and less likely to become unhinged and can handle pressure.That is the stereotype anyway .The point is if we are out to get each other in the work environment how can we hope to have any true unity.Also to the person who commented that women are shoved out of the workplace after age fifty,It depends on the profession.In industries that require higher level of technical expertise they tend not to kick women or men out after a certain age or at least that is true with the companies I have worked for.However,if a company can get someone for less money for the same job they will replace the older worker with someone younger and cheaper.That applies to men as well an women who are no longer pretty young things.It is just good business.

  44. Jennifer says:

    I guess I would rather be a snowflake than a jackass.

  45. robyn2 says:

    Not sure why my comments aren’t going through.

  46. Pt says:

    She was using a 10 year old child as the butt of her jokes that were intended to insult the child’s own father. She was not merely commenting on his boredom. Pretty obvious., and pretty trashy. And a pretty pathetic attempt to downplay it after the fact.

  47. Basi says:

    Nor should she have to apologize! It was a benign comment.
    I am all for leaving Barron out of the spotlight. He’s off limits. I do however think the SNL tweet is being blown way out of proportion. I have 3 kids one of whom is 13.
    This comment (I took it) meant that even Barron can’t stand his dad and kellyanne and might do away with them. Not making fun of BARRON rather how horrible the two are that even innocent child might snap.

    If you go on conservative sites, they want to KILL this writer. The same group who support Trump and his horribleness and his “non PC” stance.

    Our country is sitting on a freaking powder keg and it’s scary. Unfortunately the angriest are the gun toting ones.

  48. robyn says:

    I have been having difficulty posting comments and am not sure why. Anyway, I wanted to make the point that Chelsea was horribly put down as a teen and still is by Deplorables everytime she steps out the door. Amazing they are so thin skinned about Barron … like their leader is about everything!!

  49. Anare says:

    People need to settle down. I have so much outrage fatigue. Julie Bowens IG posts were fine. Take a seat band of deplorables.

  50. Ana says:

    So you cover this inane news but not that a SNL writer was suspended for her inappropiate comments about a 10 year old kid? That was a lot worthier of debate.

  51. Jezza says:

    She didn’t say anything malicious about him. She didn’t repeat any rumors of him having autism. Didn’t call him names. Nothing meanspirited. It was lighthearted kid being a kid stuff. Chill, people.

  52. suze says:

    Ignore his existence completely? Why, when it’s not a standard that is used for other children in the public eye?

    The Obama children were always commented on, sometimes in mildly unflattering terms. I remember on this very site comments about Malia and Sasha looking bored, looking as if they would rather be getting a froyo than sitting through an event, and so on.

    Children of royals are always being being described as “looking over it” or “not having it”. “Prince George was having none of it today!”

    I remember when the young child of John Edwards sucked his thumb – or tried to – onstage at the Democratic National Convention. The intenets had a field day.

    These comments of Bowens were very mild.

  53. Lightpurple says:

    No, I wouldn’t want it done to my kid which is why, as I explained above, I would not have had the child seated directly in front of the bank of cameras; I would have had an adult seated near him to redirect him should he start fidgeting or playing with his phone

  54. S says:

    Hi, I’m an “adult” and I tease my kids about how they look in family photos ALL THE TIME — like, ‘Wow, you were really enjoying that one, eh.’ I also make fun of how I look, or my husband. It’s called, having a sense of humor, including about one’s self. An important trait of adult-ing.

    We have 3. Getting a photo for the Christmas card is roughly as much fun, for all of us, as a three-day forced swamp march, and it shows. I sometimes use the “outtake” shots for humor, as well as the one — if we get it — where we all look reasonably like the happy, unified family everyone pretends to be for their holiday portrait. Heck, I’ve got a big framed one of my husband putting our oldest in a (fake) headlock, while his little brother screams bloody murder on my lap and the look on my face says, ‘Help, I’m in a hostage situation, send reinforcements.’ We think it best captures the “real” us.

    When my daughter asked “Where me?” … My answer was: “On that day we planned for you to never, ever exist, but then wine made us forget that promise.” I’m sure they’ll all be deeply scarred for life.

    I also used to call my kids b-r-a-t-s when they were acting as such (yes, I spelled it out). I said it once in Target and my oldest, then 4, was like, ‘Mommy, I know that spells brat,’ much to the delight of the grandmotherly lady shopping next us who guffawed in delight. As, by the way, did I.

    I certainly don’t advocate picking on anyone’s kids, but I also have not a speck of concern about Barron turning out to have self-esteem issues because someone posted a photo of him looking bored at his father’s inauguration and commented he’d rather be playing video games. Take a gander up the family tree, and you’ll see that none of the Trump children lack self-confidence (nor self-delusion).

    I don’t remember the outrage when Guilliani’s kid became a meme because he took the oath of office with his father, or that more recent incident where Paul Ryan reprimanded a new congressman’s kid for dabbing in the official portrait and people were all, ‘lighten up, it’s funny,’ so Ryan, oh-so-awkwardly, did it himself later.

    Oh my gosh, Barron Trump was acting like the 10-year-old he is, and people, gasp, noticed it, because he’s now the President’s kid. Pearl clutch. SMDH.

  55. suze says:

    Very righteous of you to pick up on it when it’s Trumps kid, but not when it’s someone elses. But I guess Barron is a victim now by circumstances of birth alone.

    Comments around the family, even benign ones, are being shouted down left and right.

    Fine. We’ll set the special rule. Leave Barron alone!! No comments other than “Barron was there. He looked fine.” !!

    It is Right and Just.

  56. S says:

    Saying someone looks “bored” isn’t teasing … It’s a general observation. This is wholly benign commentary, not bullying by any definition. To compare this to scathing comments about a teenage Chelsea’s looks OR clearly racist comments about the Obama girls is false equivalence. Bigly.

    Calling him disparaging names or saying he looks like a future criminal? Absolutely beyond the pale. Saying he looks bored or commenting that he was “squirming” … Not even close to the same ballpark.

  57. robyn says:

    Yes, Obama kids looking bored, skirts too short, etc. And now p*ssygrabbing Trump brings his nude model wife into the WH and no one is to utter a word about her or Barron. Hypocrisy rules!!?????!

  58. Deeanna says:

    I am thinking that the word “bigly” may actually have a place in our language!

  59. Annetommy says:

    I used to say to my daughter that she wasn’t too old to have her adopted. She wasn’t bothered. She knew no one else would have her….