Fox News fired Stacey Dash two days after Emperor Baby Fists was inaugurated


In 2014, professional idiot Stacey Dash took a gig doing political commentary on Fox News. Her role seemed to be to say the most nonsensical, trollish things possible about President Obama and race. Dash was (and is) one of those people who thought that racism was invented by the Democratic Party and Barack Obama, that BET is totally racist, that women and black people had it great back in the 1950s and 1960s, and that Jesse Williams is a “Hollywood plantation slave” for speaking about Black Lives Matter. Every day was opposite day for Stacey Dash. Well, funny story. Two days after Emperor Baby Fists took power, Fox News fired Stacey Dash. Oh, honey!

Stacey Dash’s sporadic career as a Fox News pundit is over, after the network declined to renew her contract. The sometime-actress and author, an early and vocal Trump supporter, made her Fox News debut in 2014, but hasn’t been seen on air since last September. A representative told The Hollywood Reporter that the decision not to renew was taken last fall.

However, as of Sunday, Dash’s Twitter profile still listed her role as a Fox News contributor.

Dash is best known for her role in the 1995 film Clueless, but in recent years has become better known for her politics. Since her high-profile decision to vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket instead of Obama-Biden in 2012, Dash, 50, has staked out increasingly conservative positions, reveling in the notoriety on Twitter, as well as on Fox News. In 2015, she was suspended temporarily from the network for swearing on-air in a rant about President Barack Obama. Last year, she created more controversy over her strident views on transgender issues, as well as Middle Eastern immigration into the U.S. following the Orlando, Fla., nightclub shooting.

[From THR]

Several things are funny to me. One, this happened two days after her 50th birthday too, in case you need any additional evidence of the ageism at play at Fox News and other cable news networks. They’d rather fire one of their few token non-white commentators than put a 50-year-old woman on air. And of course this happened now that Baby Fists is emperor. There’s no need to have a black woman yelling about a black president now. As of this morning, Dash still hasn’t changed her Twitter bio either.

As you can imagine, Black Twitter threw a party.

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  1. Tate says:

    Lol, how does that feel, Stacey?

    • V4Real says:

      I have no sympathy for her.

      • Esmom says:

        Seriously. She sold her soul, that always seemed pretty obvious.

        On another note, I’ve yet to join Twitter but in the past few months I find myself checking it periodically just to find a humorous take on things. I think I want to finally join but I hardly know who/where to start following.

      • Peeking in says:

        Ending – first thing you do is following all the writers on here, then you’ll find people to follow either from their lists or those who are talking to them. Plus there are lots of hilarious accounts that are just for the Lulz.

      • Esmom says:

        Peeking in, thanks!

      • pinetree13 says:

        Esmom, I joined twitter and I seriously couldn’t figure it out. Like I do not get it. After four days of frustration I gave up.

        Now my gmail social folder is filled the rafters with emails from twitter and I sometimes look at them. I don’t understand how to be involved or have people read my tweets like how people found the above tweets.

        #I am old #brain is mush #unhip # help me

      • Carmen says:

        @pinetree: welcome to the club. I have a Twitter account and I have no idea how to use it.

      • Mary mary says:

        Republican troll-tools have time-sensitive pull-off-the-shelf expiration dates, just ask Karl Rove and Sarah Palin.

        It is now the time of the Trump-bots, leading the parade is Ivanka Stepford-in-tune to dance and spin to all things orange.

      • gogoboot says:

        What the h#ll was she thinking? Why on earth would she go on FOX News and put down President Obama, put down MLK day, put down the African American community both inside Hollywood where she works and the AA community in general. I don’t know what she thought she would gain.

        She’s just sad. Talk about ruining a career.

    • Megan says:

      Speaking of not letting the door hit you in the ass …

      • Lilly says:

        I got on board with Twitter post-election and it has become my go to source for news to the point where I am addicted. I started by following a few celebs that were making their opinions heard via Twitter (Sarah Silverman, George Takai, Patton Oswald, Andy Richter) and from them I found non-celebs who are doing some of the best investigative work and writing on what is going on. It is eye opening and a bit frightening but it is reality as oppose to the b.s. mainstream outlets (esp tv) that are barely doing real reporting.
        I keep my list of people I follow to a minimum- about 40 – to keep the stream of info somewhat manageable. I also have a variety of types of people I follow including reasonable Republicans like Evan McMullen. The links and articles that are shared via Twitter are really important if you follow the right people.

    • gogoboot says:

      Just a question but does anyone know what happened to the AAmerican woman Trump had as spokesperson before Kelly Conway? The AA women is gone, yet when he was running in the primaries she was on every channel backing his LIES.

  2. maria says:

    Never liked this woman.

    • Mke says:

      Not many people did. I am sure she will find a way to excuse what Fox did. She is all the way delusional

      • gogoboot says:

        I don’t think the AA community will excuse her. She said some off the wall things and insulted the AA community many times.

    • Saras says:

      She mocked the womens march about the skywriter in Australia on her Twitter then when she got fired almost immediately after she was flamed “Your fired!”. These guys are so racist even if you help them get elected they will kick out the Uncle Tom’s!

  3. Nicole says:

    Exactly. Pandering to white supremacy never works out forever. Have fun in the unemployment line

    • Sixer says:

      You make your bed, you lie in it, right?!

      I suppose there’s not much virtuous in schadenfreude but I think we are allowed to enjoy a bit of it in these horrible times!

    • Megan says:

      She should be thankful no one punched her in the face.

    • dotdotdot says:

      Pandering to white supremacy works for rich white people just fine, tho 🙁

  4. OriginallyBlue says:


  5. RussianBlueCat says:

    Time to update that resume Stacey! I would bet she will now write a book about her time working at FOX

    • NastyWoman says:

      She’ll write about how she became “hated” by the black community because didn’t “follow the crowd” or something equally stupid. Good luck trying to get anybody to buy it.

      • Peeking in says:

        She’ll likely end up at Breitbart or Infowars. Or some other RWNJ site, if they’ll have her.

  6. Runcmc says:

    SuperficiL comment: she’s FIFTY?!? I guess selling out your race is great for the skin.

    • detritus says:

      Science says satan has great cosmetic benefits.

      But really, 50? That’s real brujeria, banks and her need to chat.

    • Jeesie says:

      Right! Between her, Alicia Silverstone, Paul Rudd and Donald Faison, I’m convinced there was something in the water on the Clueless set.

    • Crox says:

      That was where my jaw hung in disbelief too. Wow!

    • Ramona says:

      The secret is in her God given melanin, which is quite ironic given how much she seems to resents the identity that comes with it.

      • Chandra says:


      • Radley says:


        She’s so embarrassing. There’s always someone out there who is so filled with self loathing that they will utterly betray their own just for the chance to receive kudos from their oppressor. I guess a paycheck was her motivation to push it to outrageous levels of wtf. She can kindly slip back into obscurity again, thanks.

      • MellyMel says:

        OMG this!!

      • vespernite says:

        Seriously! What an idiot!

    • Adele Dazeem says:

      Seriously. That is unfathomable. And for what it’s worth, whatever she’s doing is subtle, she doesn’t look dramatically different, frozen or cat woman ish.

    • lucy2 says:

      She does look amazing and has always been a beautiful woman…on the outside. Inside, not so much.
      Hope she has health insurance!

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      Most visible aging comes from sun damage, so being darker than the latitude you’re living at requires is going to leave you looking pretty great in old age. Just take your vitamin D, too, because by the same logic, you might not be getting enough.

    • Frank drebin says:

      black don’t crack

  7. Joni says:


  8. Aiobhan Targaryen says:

    Those tweets and gifs are savage (especially the racoon and Django gifs), but I have little to no sympathy for her.

    Now it is time for people like David Clarke to get their wake up calls.

  9. Rice says:

    Stacey Dash is an intelligent political pundit with sensible ideas and thoughts #alternativefacts.

  10. OSTONE says:

    One has to wonder what is going through her head right now, or if she regrets her words or attitude. She is a has-been, unfortunately, and turned her back to her community in order to further the ignorant agenda on a hateful network or to create a “persona”. She had it coming, and she should have seen it from miles away. I wonder if Omaroosa is getting a phone call today for any openings..

  11. Shambles says:

    I find this more disturbing than funny, honestly.

    It’s like Aziz Ansari said in his SNL monologue: these people (in this case those at Faux News) don’t feel the need to pretend to not be racist anymore. This is a blatant act of, “yeah, we don’t need you anymore, because Trump is in office so Make America White Again.”

    I know Stacey sucks and is extremely problematic. But damn. Here we go.

    • Really? says:

      She reminds me of Megyn Kelly. Megyn was fine with the sexual harassment and sexism of Faux News until her network didn’t support her actually conducting an interview with Trump (with hard questions that “forced” him to insult her). She probably knew her time was up at Faux News after that interview and jumped ship, revealing her own harassment by Ailes in the process.

  12. Rocio says:

    She’s 50!!!!! OMG!!!! Superficial comment aside… I hope she had learnt her lesson. You don’t turn your back to your people.

  13. Ramona says:

    Shes going to bounce back as the face of some even more blatantly racist organisation. Breitbart perhaps. Or maybe Trump will stuff her where he keeps all his black staffers, in some Urban Housing role. Still lmao at her dumb self hating ass though.

    • NastyWoman says:

      No, she won’t. They “won.” They don’t need her anymore. She will try to slink back into acting. I hope no one gives her a role, but I can see Tyler Perry doing it (which would be deliciously ironic, in and of itself).

    • Abbess Tansy says:

      No, I think they’re all done with her. And Juan Williams should be looking over his shoulder too.

  14. Loo says:

    Of course they didn’t renew her contract, she outlived her usefulness. Unfortunately she’s not going to learn that shuckin and jivin for Massa is a fool’s errand.

  15. cleveland girl says:

    I think they fired her because she is an idiot…not really because of her age or race.

    • teatimeiscoming says:

      Not for nothing, but, when has being an idiot ever been a problem for the talking heads of Faux News?

    • MellyMel says:

      Have you watched Faux News?

    • doofus says:

      cleveland, if that were the reason, they never would have hired her in the first place.

      they fired her because, as so many have stated, they no longer have a use for a black woman who parrots their talking points so that they can say “SEE?! Even a black person agrees with us that Obama is the devil.”

  16. NastyWoman says:

    blah, blah, blah, alternative facts, blah, blah, blah.

    Sheep are the people who think Dump is going to do anything for them when he’s proven time and time again that he’s only in it for self and his family and friends (the 1%). Keep caping for Trump as you lose your health care, benefits, jobs, etc. I’ll keep marching with the other “sheep.”

    ETA – The comment I was responding to disappeared.

  17. Nev says:


  18. ladyhawke says:

    You guys are something else. Those tweets are very racist. Just flip it around to Stacey having liberal views and being treated like that. Oh man I would hear your screeching from here.

    This place is a gossip site. Fine, the owners of it have decided to make it political. It is the most unwelcoming place I’ve ever seen. I remember someone said something good positive about Trump on election night and you guys just turned rabid on them. Sorry you are all so spoiled and narrow minded you can’t handle a differing opinion.

    By the way, where is the outrage over CNN firing Donna Brazile? Wolf Blitzer was outed in the leaks as having been very biased for Clinton. He was asking her campaign what to ask her in interviews. Donna was accused of passing one debatw question to Hillary’s camp and they fired her. Fox not only fired Stacey but 3 other white men. Which one seems racist?

    • minx says:

      I’d be curious if you remember what that “positive” Trump comment was. Or any pro-Trump comment, really, because I can’t think of one good or admirable thing about him.
      Did everybody catch how he left Melania at the curb at the WH?

    • anniefannie says:

      Liberals don’t sell their soul, turn their back on their people and/or are filled with self loathing.
      White privilege is well represented and doesn’t need a spokesperson to flourish. Nice try but a false equivalency is you’re arguments undoing.
      If your looking for DT supporters you’ve stumbled on the wrong site, not that opposing views aren’t welcome but uninformed bias is…

    • Frida_K says:

      How could you flip it around? By doing what? Can you give an example of “flipping it around”?

      I don’t care what color, gender, or religion you are. If you make a career of helping a powerful class undermine your own people, that means that you are troubled. Do I feel a little sorry for a black woman who has internalized the hatred of the white patriarchy to the degree that she opts to vigorously participate in it, thereby, ultimately, propagating it? Yes, I do. But I am saving most of my compassion and focus for the people that she and her ilk have damaged. And if I’m snippy-snappy today, now that the Dash chickens have come home to roost, well…I’d be just as sharp with someone else of her profile and history, no matter the color or political view.

      Google “Antonio Gramsci” and “hegemony theory.” Stacey Dash is not a new phenomenon and our vitriol, in response, is in no way out of place.

    • Veronica says:

      The difference with Donna Brazile is that she was vice-chairman of the DNC at the time she was working on CNN, which made it a conflict of interest that blew up even once Wikileaks hit. She wound up being the sacrificial lamb for the DNC in their attempt to rebound from the PR disaster that followed. Not quite the same situation as flat out dropping the contract.

      • tracking says:

        I wouldn’t call Brazile a sacrificial lamb. She did something completely unethical, and deserved to be fired. Hardly the same thing as a conservative racist network dropping a colored woman who had outlived her usefulness as an anti-Obama hack.

    • doofus says:

      how, pray tell, are they racist? I’ve been trying to figure it out but can’t…can you elaborate?

      And yes, the owners have decided to ADD political stuff to this gossip site because, well…the president, at any time in the past 20+ years, IS a celebrity, as the media has changed. Clinton was, Bush was, Obama was, and…let’s face it, Drumpf is the MOST “celebrity” of them all, seeing as how he was NEVER a politician before this, and was, in fact, a reality TV player. so…yes, a celebrity. it is, in fact, what he wants more than anything, including the job of president. he wants to be a part of the celebrity crowd. too bad they don’t want him, and it drives him batty.

      as for it being “the most unwelcoming”, I trust you’ve never read comments on Yahoo News, CNN, or literally ANY “right-leaning” “news” site? if not, read how people respond to each other on there and get back to me. And it has nothing to do with someone having a differing opinion. you wanna disagree with me on foreign policy, or the best way to stimulate the economy? that’s OK, we can argue that. but when your “difference of opinion” is that some of my friends (black, Hispanic, LGBTQI, etc) don’t deserve the same right to exist as a straight, white, Christian male, then we got issues and yeah, you’re going to be called exactly what you are and run out of here.

      the bottom line here is that NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO READ ANY POLITICAL POST, on this site or anywhere else. if you don’t like it, scroll right on by. if you feel like you ABSOLUTELY MUST RESPOND, prepare to defend your opinion and possibly be flamed by others who don’t share it. those are your choices, but you sure as heck don’t get to come on here, offer a differing opinion and then get upset when people react to said opinion.

      It’s like that pesky “freedom of speech” thing that so many don’t understand. freedom of speech DOES NOT mean “freedom from consequences” of that speech. go ahead and stand on a corner in Harlem and shout the N-word. you’ve got the right to do so. but you’re also going to face some consequences.

    • Lambda says:

      You don’t feel welcome? Are you marginalized?

      Now, where did I put my very small violin…?

    • Lightpurple says:

      Oh! I am so honored that you saved my post! Rabid? Hardly. And that bit is old and worn. So sorry that you cannot deal with the simple facts that I pointed out in that post.

    • Frank drebin says:

      butthurt much?

  19. Nev says:

    She sent a tweet out or Instagram telling Trump that she would help him get rid of the squatters living in the White House. CANT.
    Have a seat. Girl, bye.

    • HK9 says:

      Noooooooooo, she did not. :-0 If she was going to sell her soul like that she should have at least made sure she had a job when everything was said and done. Karma…….

      • WeAreAllMadeOfStars says:

        Yup, she knows how to bring the full-on racist nut clown. She should’ve just stuck with Clueless….the movie I mean.

  20. JenB says:

    If she turned 50 two days ago wouldn’t that make her the exact same age as Kellyanne? I heard the inauguration was Kellyanne’s birthday. Maybe Stacey can take over her job because it’s almost painful to look at KA lately.

  21. Cee says:

    She’s a coconut! (thank you Mindy Kaling for giving me a new phrase).

    Let this be a lesson that Karma and racism are actually real.

  22. teacakes says:

    “The Black president is gone”


    I’m not even American and being reminded of it is still upsetting.

  23. Pandy says:

    Omg the twitter comments are hilarious lolllll.

  24. Veronica says:

    Same thing I tell all of the idiot women on my Facebook who whine about feminism – the ones in power do not give a shit about you. Playing to their prejudices will not save you. You will never be on of them, and as soon as they get what they want, they will turn on you – and you’ll deserve every minute of it.

  25. Abbess Tansy says:



  26. Naddie says:

    I wonder when people are going to learn that, when u sell your soul to the devil, he’ll always come up for it.

    • minx says:

      Yep. I wonder what she’ll do. No African American president anymore, so no need for commentary from the likes of Stacey Dash. Did she even think that far ahead? Probably not.

  27. Cannibell says:

    I can’t help but think of Barack Obama’s farewell address, in which he quoted his mother: “Reality has a way of catching up to you.”

  28. Eva says:

    Has she been in anything since Clueless?

  29. Ani says:

    Definitely not here for her politics. Sounds like karma came calling if it’s true. But damn, 50?! Really?! Woman is looking good! Props where they’re due.

    • minx says:

      She really does. I can’t stand her but she has beautiful skin and looks really good, nowhere near her age.