Matt Damon doesn’t think Baby Fists will be ‘against’ clean water foreign aid

Over the weekend, Matt Damon went to the Sundance Film Festival for an event with Stella Artois. Matty D’s clean-water campaign has joined forces with Stella Artois for collaboration. The collab involves Matt being the face of Stella Artois’s new campaign called Buy A Lady A Drink. The basic gist is that Stella Artois is helping raise money and awareness for clean-water issues, which affects women, because women in developing nations are the ones walking for miles to find clean water. Still, a campaign called “Buy a Lady a Drink” seems a bit… tone-deaf. Almost like they’re making fun of the situation.

Anyway, at the Sundance event, Matty D was available for press, and he was asked by the Associated Press whether he would speak to Emperor Baby Fists about the clean water issue. Matty D said:

“It’s not one we think he’d be against. Foreign Aid in general we’re not sure where he stands because he hasn’t said a lot about it, you know. I think we just have to hope for the best. I genuinely mean that, we have to, you know, I think, obviously, he’s got a pretty full plate right now. Everybody’s going to be coming at him so hopefully we get our turn.”

[Via the AP’s video]

I’m including the video below. I get what he’s saying, which is that clean water should be a bipartisan or at least apolitical issue. But certainly that’s naïve at this point? I mean, SCIENCE is a political issue, CONSENT is a political issue, so why would water NOT be a political issue? I can’t wait to see what bigly words – remember, he has the best words – Emperor Baby Fists says about water.

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  1. Don't kill me I'm French says:

    Matt,You are optimist or very naive !

    • ME says:

      Or option 3 – ignorant/uninformed. That man has not respect for life unless you are white and very wealthy – he will do anything and everything to make everyone else suffer. Plus apparently a bee must have stung him at some point in his life because he is hell bent on ruining the environment which includes clean water … so Matt you are very, very wrong.

  2. Dtab says:

    Sure…whilst Emperor Orange doesn’t touch the water and contaminate it with cheeto dust then I am sure it will be all fine.

    Although I am sure he will find a way to ruin it ALLLLLLLL

  3. lucy2 says:

    Matt unfortunately is likely wrong.
    Baby Fists is undoing environmental protections here in the US and has made it clear he doesn’t care about other countries at all. 1 + 1 = 2, Matt. He’s not going to help, that’s for sure.

  4. Megan says:

    The pResident may not be against clean water in foreign aid, but I doubt he will be for it.

    • Firerabbit says:

      Well according to some of those leaked drafts of proposed executive orders he’s already looking at defunding all types of foreign aid, starting with our contribution to the UN. He doesn’t care about the American people, so I dont think he’ll care about anyone else.

      Why are white men in this country so deaf and blind to what he is doing? Trump has shown what he is and was honest, in that twisted , projecting way of sociopaths, about what he was going to do. Even the ones who worry about him seem to fall back into this naivete as Trump continues to dismantle our country.

  5. Jayna says:

    Matty, you can always dream.

  6. Nev says:

    This guy again?!!!!

  7. Aims says:

    Nothing is safe

  8. JulP says:

    Um, Trump’s team has already made inquiries into providing aid to Africa, and those inquiries suggest that he doesn’t see the value in providing humanitarian aid at all, let alone supporting clean water initiatives. And his actions here (freezing EPA grants and contracts and deciding to proceed with the DAPL) indicate that he doesn’t give two shits about clean water. But sure, you keep on dreamin’ the dream, Matt!

  9. minx says:

    Take a seat Matty.

  10. Fiorella says:

    Well if he offends Dt there’s no way. Buttering himup for that slim chance

  11. Norman Bates' Mother says:

    Since this is another Trump related post – I have a question about the amount of power that Trump now has, because I had an argument with my father about it. He doesn’t understand why everyone says that Trump’s presidency is such a (h)uge tragedy, because the President doesn’t make any crucial decisions independently and it’s the Congress that decides about everything. His thinking is analogical to our national political system, in which we have a Parliament with representations from many different parties (not just two), so when our Prime Minister (the most important person in the country) has a completely terrible idea (like when she wanted to ban abortion even for women who were raped), the Parliament still votes against it and it’s over. Some pretty bad ideas still come through, but nothing completely controversial. I’m under the impression that POTUS is much more powerful than our Prime Minister though, so when Trump decides to do something completely idiotic, there is actually a bigger chance that he might make it happen? Especially that you have a two party system and he has the entire Republican Party on his side (officially)? Could someone be so nice and explain how it works?

    • Firerabbit says:

      Yes. The Executive, Congressional, and soon to be Judicial branches are all under the stranglehold of the conservatives. We no longer have checks and balances, so in reality, he’ll be able to do whatever he wants. The GOP has certainly done nothing to stop him. Anymore, if you are the minority party in this country you basically have no power, so the Dems can only use legislative delays. We the People have no more power, which is why the USA has been downgraded to a flawed/in danger democracy. Great.

  12. Radley says:

    Water is definitely a political issue. It’s more valuable than oil for obvious reasons. People without access to clean water are vulnerable and therefore, controllable. Why does Matt Damon think access to clean water is STILL an obstacle in 2017?? Think about it, my dude. I think a lot of people are naive to just how callous and evil some powerful and influential people really are.

  13. Ashley says:

    Matt is so dumb and ignorant,it as come to the point where I can’t watch his movies anymore:(

  14. Jeesie says:

    If a big Hollywood celebrity like Damon answered that question with a statement about how awful Trump is and how we have to protect water aid, guess what would suddenly be top of Trump’s to do list.

    As it is, water aid is unlikely to be something Trump specifically goes after (foreign aid in general, yes), so it does this particular cause no good to antagonize him over it and draw his attention to it.

    There’s a difference between going after him for the things that are on his agenda, and giving him new ideas and new grudges. You don’t wave a red flag at a bull when you’re standing in front of something precious it hasn’t yet noticed.

  15. Odette says:

    I don’t know, you guys. I think I’m fully “off” Matt Damon. Was this a huge deal? No. But it does provide the teensiest window into his actual worldview, which more and more feels like “I’ll respect white men, but man-/white-splain to everyone else.”

    And he is definitely not a guy who got better looking with age. Both him and his buddy Affleck. It’s like they both made a Faustian deal with the 90s. (Wow — I never, ever snark on peoples’ looks, but letting that loose felt good….just because Ben and Matt are starting to work my last celebrity nerve, lately…)

  16. Clare says:

    Matt Damon has the privilege of being able to ‘hope’ that president twatface will come around, because he is, by viture of being white, male and rich, protected from some of twatface’s insanity – unlike the rest of us.

    Get your head out from under the sand, pal. as I said on another thread, we don’t want your concern and outrage if it comes with your voice and actions.

    • Dizzie says:

      Same good ‘ol boys club- Buy a LADY a drink? How tone deaf if that? Hey buddy, it’s 2017 and WOMEN were marching a few days ago to protest this poop and a biglie pile of other poop. I wonder what he’s getting paid by Budweiser for this campaign? BTW pussies can by their own damn drinks.

  17. Ariel says:

    White male privilege bubble. Aw, he’s not so bad, he’s a white guy, like me.

    • cd says:

      Damon said the same lollycrap at Davos… I bet his non/profit is mostly a tax rebate/avoidance scheme.

  18. nicegirl says:

    “Matt Damon doesn’t think” . . . covered it for me. LOL

    j/k I think endeavors toward clean water globally for all is an awesome goal. GO

    I do not think it is a BIGLY enough worry for the great Cheeto. He’s got water coming out of gold fixtures.

  19. Dizzie says:

    Buy A Lady A Drink, lord your power and connections over her, hint at giving her a job, slip something in that drink, invite her somewhere to talk “business”…. Who in Bill Cosby hell approved this branding?

  20. Kori says:

    I get what he’s hoping for. Trump and the GOP control it all right now. Given how petty trump is, I could see him cutting off Aid because overrated actor MD was mean about him. The issue is an important one that doesn’t need to have bridges burned. But it would give me heartburn to have to bean advocate for something in the Age Of Trump.

  21. Katherine says:

    Tone deaf all around. Sigh

  22. Babalon says:

    I’d like them to work on clean water for Flint, first.

  23. M says:

    Everyone has already posted basically what I think about this issue so I’ll focus on something else — he looks terrible. Is that alcohol bloat? He looks hungover af.