Angelina Jolie scored a modeling gig, already donated the money to charity


Over the years, Angelina Jolie has taken some modeling gigs. I think she’s always donated the money to charity. I remember when she was the face of St. John clothing, and how that contract pretty much built one of her charities from scratch. She also donated the money from her Louis Vuitton contract several years back. And back in 2007, she was the face of beauty company Shiseido, in ads that were only released in Japan. I don’t know if she donated that money or what, but I suspect she did. Still, it’s been a few years since Angelina got a modeling gig. I imagine she gets offers all the time – say what you will about her acting skillz (I think she’s good, but I’m sure that’s a controversial opinion) – but she’s a great model. And now she’ll be the new face of Guerlain Parfumeur’s latest perfume.

Angelina Jolie has scored a new gig. The Maleficent star has been named the face of Guerlain Parfumeur’s new fragrance for women. The collaboration between Jolie and the beauty brand came together in 2015 in Cambodia while the A-list actress was directing her film First They Killed My Father. Jolie’s affiliation of Guerlain has emotional roots, too, as it was one of her late mother’s favorite powders.

“We create perfumes for the women we admire,” said Jacques Guerlain in a press release. The scent, he said, was meant to express the idea of the “notes of a woman”: the choices, emotions and dreams that embody modern femininity. Jolie donated her entire salary from the Guerlain campaign to charity.

[From E! News]

I can’t wait to see the print ads! I wonder if there will be commercials too. I hope not. While I love Charlize Theron’s modeling work, some of her Dior commercials make me cringe so hard, and I don’t want to see Jolie do the same kind of cringey stuff. Best to just do print ads. I want to smell the perfume too! I’m a perfume person – CB is not! I love perfume, but something tells me this Guerlain scent is probably not going to be my cup of tea. (Then again, I’m wearing J.Lo Glow right now.)


Photos courtesy of St. John ad, WENN.

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  1. Lahdidahbaby says:

    She’s got the perfect face and figure for it, I guess. Wow, she was beautiful in that St. John ad.

  2. Fa says:

    The advertisements is already filmed by none other than Terrence Malick, some media already saw 1 minute of the clip

  3. Shambles says:

    Yaaaaay more Angelina face! Bring it on. She is out of this world beautiful and I love to look at her.

  4. Jeesie says:

    Ugh, I was really hoping her and Pitt would just promote what they’re obligated to promote and then back way away from the spotlight for a couple of years. Their public drama has been so gross, it would do both of them well to give people time to forget it.

    • Maya says:

      Umm this campaign was signed back in December 2015 to go with her movie First They Killed My Father.

      The campaign is being released now because the movie will get premiered next month in Cambodia.

      I don’t mind either Brad or Angelina working as they are professional.

      • nemera77 says:

        People don’t read facts.. regardless of their “personal drama” they still have business to conduct. Hopefully Moonlight will get some Oscar Love today.. and I will be looking forward to Angie’s ad campaign..and yes how amazing that Mr. Malick is the one that shot it.

      • V4Real says:

        “People don’t read facts.. regardless of their “personal drama” they still have business to conduct’

        That’s what I said on other posts but some people were still criticizing Brad for promoting his film.

      • almondmilk says:


        False equivalence.

        People were criticizing Brad because the scuttle was that soon after he had purportedly been a raging alcoholic on a plane who got physical with his child spurring a 4 agency investigation and modified rehab which consisted of therapy and drug/alcohol testing.. he did several movie promotions on three continents and went on an island vacation.

        Angelina stayed home and parented her kids.


        Maybe you’ve been too invested in hearing about them. Other than the fact that they did split and Brad may have alcohol/substance abuse issues that spawned the split and the altercation which the family has been dealing with – there hasn’t been any wall to wall coverage or commentary outside of the first few cat claws at Angelina (before people knew it was Brad’s issues) by the usual suspects.

        It wasn’t even covered as much as the Garner Afflecks nanny boinking.. or the Stefani and Rossdale drama or the Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert stuff…which was ongoing for a year or more and is still being discussed.

        What I’m saying is, sure we’ve been gabbing on brangelina centric message boards, but the efforts they’ve taken to mostly keep it out off tv shows and out of papers and mags that aren’t tabloids has worked. Maybe because of the nature of the problem (addiction) or bec the children are involved, perhaps because of the high powered people they hired to prevent it- but it’s not that all encompassing where your average Joe or Jane can’t escape it.

        Some women who have never ever gotten over it have just always wanted them to go away. Starting back in

      • Lana says:

        Lol V4Real is so transparent at this point.

    • Cel2495 says:

      She truly is a beautiful woman…. and I love her acting too :)

  5. trollontheloose says:

    i’m not bigly on Gherlain perfume.

    • Esmom says:

      Lol. Sorry, this just cracked me up for some reason.

    • Erinn says:

      I’ve actually never smelled any of them. I’m pretty sensitive to a lot of perfumes – I can wear some, but they usually have to be more of a vanilla, or mainly citrus/fruity smell. Anything too heavily floral or earthy or whatever makes some perfumes smell ‘warm’ (I know that sounds weird, but that’s the best thing I could use to describe it) usually give me headaches.

      The CK Light Blue was the first one that I actually went out and bought a large bottle of after testing it because it just never made me feel too sick; I think because there’s a strong green apple, and citrus scent to it that kind of comes out more than the woodsy kind of smells.

      Also – I still love that silvery dress she wore. She looks SO good in it. Stunning in the black and white photo as well – and props to her for donating her earnings to charity.

      • Lambda says:

        It’s often the musk that make them “warm”, and I know what you’re talking about, it’s that type of scent good for winter day, but you couldn’t suffer in the summer.

      • Peeking in says:

        I love their scents. My fav is Mandarin Basilic, it’s light and fresh, and I love how it smells on me.

  6. Maya says:

    Go Angie – ignore the haters and continue to rise in your career and humanitarian work.

    It’s a well known fact that Angelina has of written in her contract that 1/3 of her salary goes to charity. I think Oliver Stone was the one who told the world about that.

    She has always given the modelling salary to charity. For the LV campaign, she got £10 million and not only did she do the campaign in Cambodia, she also donated the whole amount to preserve the Cambodian wildlife.

    I loved her in Shiseido and St John commercials and she looked gorgeous in those advertisements.

    Angelina knows what she wants and only works with the best. She will nail this campaign as well.

  7. YepIsaidit says:

    The word is Terrence Malick filmed the commercial. That’s what some French sites are claiming anyway. They say the commercial is about her as a mother, lover and activist.

    • Maya says:

      Angelina truly is one of the world’s greatest feminist.

      And I love how people claim she is not liked by Hollywood and yet she only works with the best.

      • Jeesie says:

        She won’t even publicly say the word feminist.

      • Maya says:

        I don’t think she has ever been asked if she identities herself as feminist.

        And my guess is that the media knows it’s a moot point because she has already shown by her deeds that she is a feminist.

      • nemera77 says:

        @jessie.. the word doesn’t mean much.. It is your actions. She supports women. Never puts other women down. She works for girls to get educated. Those are actions.. not a word. and there are many women that use the word feminist to describe themselves. YET their actions say something different.

        Actions speak louder than WORDS

      • Polly says:

        Did the “world’s greatest feminist” participate in the women’s march or at least voice her support? I am happy to be corrected but as far as I know there wasn’t a peep from AS.

      • Lana says:

        Who is AS, Polly?

  8. Sushi says:

    I am not perfume person but I will go and buy to support her and her charity. Hope she rise higher and stronger than ever.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      I hope this is a new beginning for her as an actress, too. Fingers crossed. I don’t care what others say- I want her in more movies. LoL

      • Maya says:

        Me too – I want her to direct more movies and also act in more.

        Maleficent 2 is already in the bag and I still have hopes she does Cleo – she will be amazing in that.

        I know she said few months ago that she now won’t be doing Africa but I hope she will. Her directing that movie with Daniel Day Lewis as the hero and maybe Helen Mirren as his mother will be amazing.

      • Jeesie says:

        Seriously, you actually want her to direct a movie called Africa starring two white English actors? That project is an atrocious idea, from the title down. It would be almost as bad as the time she did a role in blackface. She somehow got a pass for that, but no way in hell will ‘Africa’ get a pass in this current climate.

      • Maya says:

        @Jeesie: do you know what the movie Africa is about? Or who the true story is based on?

        Richard Leakey is British so DDL is perfect choice and HM as his mother as well.

        They can change the title of course but it will be white actors who will play in this movie.

      • Fa says:

        Really! Africa is continent where white people lives as well, the man the movie portrait has Kenyan/British citizen he has dual passport which practically means he is from Africa

      • Jeesie says:

        Yes, I know what it’s about.

        There are many prominent black African anti-poachers with amazing stories. But of course of all the possible options Hollywood picks the white saviour story, and decides to give it the title of Africa when the story barely touches on more than one African country. It’s just gross all round.

        And Richard Leakey was born and raised in Kenya, so no, DDL is not the perfect choice. At the very least, if this had to be the story they chose to tell, they could have at least cast white Kenyan actors.

    • Aminah says:

      I don’t think the money from the fragrance purchases will go to her charity; I believe her fee for modelling/promoting the fragrance will instead.

      • Esmom says:

        Yeah, no, they are not about to give up any profit, I’d venture to guess.

      • Fa says:

        Her salary from the ads is going to charity, as she did with other endorsements of her previous campaigns, everyone knows any company want her to front their products but she always looks a company that will help her charity causes like Louis Vuitton. She always said that she good with money, she never overspend and careful with money.

      • Lucy2 says:

        I agree, it sounds like she donated her fee, not a percentage of sales. Best to donate directly if this inspires anyone.

        I’ve often thought this is a great way for a celebrity to fund a charity. It’s usually a decent amount of money, for a relatively small amount of work. How great to be able to do something quickly and then turn around and make a big difference to a charity.

    • Lena says:

      Don’t do that, her modeling job is only a tiny amount of the budget for something like that
      And anyway, she got paid already, rather donate directly.

      • friend of says:

        I hope she keeps some of the money to help support her and her children. I’m sure she doesn’t intend to depend 100% on Brad for her daily support. Its good to see her moving ahead into well paying jobs.

  9. Aminah says:

    I love a couple of Guerlain perfumes, so I’ll keep an eye out for this new release to test out.

    Also, this could be a sneak peak of the preliminary print ad:

    Or it could be fan-made. But, I think she’s a good fit for the brand.

  10. Incognito says:

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Glow by J.Lo. That’s one of my favorite scents and it’s one of the few that doesn’t give me a headache.

    Angie is beautiful and I’m sure she will look stunning in the ads. And good on her for donating the money to charity.

    • Jayna says:

      I get headaches from perfume. My sinuses close up and a headache comes on quickly. And I’ve tried a ton of perfumes, etc. And my sensitivity to perfumes seems to be getting worse as I get older. I usually resort to very lightly scented body lotions.

      I will have to try Glow.

  11. hoopjumper says:

    What charity did she donate to? Sorry if I’m just not seeing it…

    • nemera77 says:

      Probably one of the VERY MANY she supports..
      So take your pick

      • Lorelai says:

        I think it is a fair question to ask. I don’t doubt for a moment that Angelina IS in fact donating her fee, but when Prince William said he was donating his “pilot’s” salary to charity, many people on here wanted to know details before they would believe it.

      • bap says:

        On the Today Show Tom Brokaw said Angelina is the real deal.

      • hoopjumper says:

        Really just asking. She knows her stuff and I am curious where people who know their stuff are putting their money. I also think it’s slightly weird on the part of E! News that it wasn’t mentioned. I’m sure she would have said if they had thought to ask. That’s all.

    • Felicia says:

      The People article about this says she’s donating to one of her own charities. Doesn’t say which though.

  12. Esmom says:

    The Charlize ads made me cringe too, lol, especially when she whispered “Dior” and did that uber fierce model walk. And let’s not forget Brad’s faux philosophical ads for whatever it was. So cheesy. I did always like the Michelle Williams Vuitton print ads, though, even though some people found them twee.

    I’m sure Angelina’s ads will be beautiful, hopefully they will keep the cheesy factor in check.

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      I’ve yet to see a perfume ad (that was a commercial) that didn’t make me eyeroll. I don’t get them at all. They are always ridiculous, no matter who does it.

      But I agree–they will be beautiful. I like print ads better.

    • coconut says:

      charlize was pretty cringeworthy. so was brad and his shaneel waxing poetic about something or another.
      if i remember correctly a long time ago i tried one guerlain perfume. was too sweet and heavy.i love the fresher smelling ones. my favourites are good old hugo boss and aqua di gio (men’s..used to sneak from my dad.ha)
      but Angelina is so beautiful that no matter what she does it’s beautiful to look at. and i’m not even (br)angeloonie.

    • Sage says:

      Johnny Depp’s Sauvage was the worst ad! 😂

      • doofus says:

        no, there’s one I’ve seen for Polo Sport that has a kindasorta Christian Bale lookalike that is SO CHEESY. cringeworthy.

        but sauvage was pretty bad, too.

  13. bap says:

    A Great Beautiful Soul! Dame Angelina donated from her Louis Vitton adds in 2010 her salary of 10 million to charity.

  14. bap says:

    Angelina supports women causes with her actions not words.

  15. Sera says:

    So proud of her . I am sorry she and Brad couldn’t make it work but they have very different goals and personalities. I pray that they can remain friends for their kids and I hope they continue along paths that make them happy without hurting each other. I do believe they love each other but that is not always enough no matter what the movies say. Can’t wait for Angelina to be out and about and happy.

    • YepIsaidit says:

      Yeah, Brad’s goal is to get drunk and treat his children like trash and hers is to protect her kids. Lol

      Guess he doesn’t have to do the drug and alcohol testing anymore as Us weekly says he was spotted taking all the alcohol from a private hotel party he threw. Lmao back to drinking but then again that leaves the system fast.

      I’m happy Angelina is done with the coward and hopefully she’ll find someone else or not. Whatever makes her happiest. Hoping she meets a chef who will cook hearty meals for her tbh.

      • bap says:

        There pictures on fussyeye with him coming out of the hotel with his security guards carry bottles of wine and balloons.

      • GoOnGirl says:

        Call me shallow as hell but I’d love to see Angie out and about enjoying herself without the children. And yes, I know Brad is throwing parties, showing up at Golden Globes, cause it’s his job.

  16. molly says:

    She has built girls schools so they have a right to education. She advocates for rape victims, she stands up for herself in a male dominant industry, never puts down other women & yet you question if she is a feminist? Women who say they are feminists but do nothing about it, are they more for women rights than what angelina does?

  17. Sage says:

    I liked her St Johns campaign and I don’t remember seeing any of the LV ads. Anyway, good for her. I can’t wait to see the commercial.

    They are both slowly moving on.

  18. Heather says:

    Gag. Back to her old tricks again. Do something horrible and then set up a “charitable” story to try and manipulate the public. Not. Buying. It.

    • Jayna says:

      Why does it have to be one or the other? It’s two-fold for Angie. She gets a big paycheck and donates to a worthy cause and announces to the world it’s for charity and gets great PR for herself with the photos and the philanthropy of donating the money. It’s how she’s always used fame and her career and at times offsetting bad headlines, and why she didn’t have to hire a publicist for all these years Another example, the happy family photos on covers. Great PR and she donates the money for great causes.

      Sure, she’s doing this now to offset the narrative of the nasty divorce. I don’t blame her for doing that. They all do it in one form or another. She does it usually in a way that also benefits not just herself but others in need.

      She didn’t last this long in the business without being savvy.

      • bap says:

        @Jayna This was a done deal in 2015.

      • LadyT says:

        Yes bap, the deal was made in 2015. But the tease was today, and the big release is in March. She is brilliant and beautiful. She is in control. Of course this timing is aimed at rebuilding/enhancing her image. How is that a negative?

      • bap says:

        @ LadyT I am Angelina Fan. I was just pointing out she was not trying to re invent herself because of the divorce. Dame Angelina an ICON.

      • Paige says:

        @Jayna She made this deal in December 2015, when she was in Cambodia.

      • LadyT says:

        I’m agreeing with Jayna. Was this big news in 2015 or today? She is a master at public relations. That is a compliment! But this is a strategy to re-emerge and refocus after all the negativity around the divorce. And it will peak in March with the perfume release and related press.

      • Paige says:

        It was a decision made long before she divorced Brad. So Angelina decided to come up with a strategy to rebuild her image, nine months before the divorce news. Damn, she can see into the future!

        Yes, I do believe she uses PR, but in this case if the situation was already made ahead of time, it was going to be released.

    • Maya says:

      So do tell us what horrible things she has been doing for the past 15 years?

      Even people like you cannot disregard the decades of humanitarian work she has been doing.

      It really bugs people like you that Angelina doesn’t respond to your attacks and instead continues to do good.

      It’s a win win situation all around and yet you have issues with it.

      If you have issues with people being charitable then you are the one with the problems.

      • EMAu says:

        Humanitarian work = making guest appearances in war zones, before making other guest appearances in London, etc.
        You do realise that the real humanitarian workers are those who spend longer amounts of time actually working with displaced people without the PR. Like the workers who rescued refugees off the island of Lesbos, like those who live among refugees etc. Not Hollywood celebrities who live like nomads to minimise tax. Brad and Angelina reminded me of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. If you read about them, they too set up production companies and spent their marriage sailing around (not staying in one place long enough) so they could minimise tax. People who avoid tax or try to minimise tax are not humanitarian. Taxes exist to contribute to society – health, infrastructure, etc. Humanitarians also don’t accuse people of heinous crimes like child abuse via ‘insiders’ who leak to the media.

      • Maya says:

        Oh please – Brad did the crime and YOU are attacking Angelina?

        Verbal abuse is abuse and it was not Angelina who “leaked” anything. She filed the papers to the court and the media got hold of it.

        As for the humanitarian stuff – those very same humanitarian workers themselves have said how Angelina spends hours on the field with them, is well prepared for each situation and never asks for special treatments.

      • V4Real says:

        They both leaked info to the press. Can we get passed that now? Seems like both of them are trying to.

      • Stella says:

        EMAu, there are MANY types of humanitarians, not just ones that work in the field 24/7. Angelina is a UN Special Envoy. She has done humanitarian work for 14 years now. Your attempt to belittle what she has done is sad and anti-woman. And shows a negative, bitter, jealous and sad personality in you. I feel sorry for you. I bet you have never lifted a finger for humanitarian deeds, and prefer to shit all over others that make you feel guilt.

    • GoOnGirl says:

      So if Angie’s up to her old tricks again, does that include Brad, coming out of his hotel with liquor? We should gag on that.

    • Cara says:

      The deal was made in 2015 while she’s in Cambodia to make the movie but get released now to coincide with the movie coming out next month February.

    • Stella says:

      What has she ever done that is horrible? Heather it seems like you are manipulated by hatred and ignorance. I feel sorry for you. It must weigh you down, all that hatred and jealousy.

  19. Anare says:

    I’m not a AJ fan but cannot deny that she is stunningly beautiful. She should do more modeling and skip the acting.

  20. molly says:

    Heather what horrible thing did she do? Brad was the one who did something bad. All she did was file for divorce. She didn’t ask for child services to be part of her life for over three months. They set the rules of brad’s visitation & tests he has to do. As for the drugs & alcohol? Everyone can see it was an issue. Dcfs wouldn’t set out such a plan if he didn’t have a problem. She had every right to file for sole custody if his issues were preventing him for being a trusted parent. As usual he gets a free pass & Angelina is villified for trying to do best by her kids. This perfume deal was made last year & guerlain said about the charitable donation. Not her.

  21. Luila says:

    I thought Angie was bit more careful than this….but did hear she is a trump supporter

    • Maya says:

      Angelina is Trump supporter? Seriously how low are you Angelina haters that you now create rumours about her?

    • L says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
      Oh, you!

    • V4Real says:

      I think you’re trying to say that why would AJ align herself with a company where the owner used a racial remark but isn’t he separated from the company now?

    • Fa says:

      Ha ha you forget one thing family Guerlain don’t own the company anymore, I can give you direction how to do research just go on google and try Wiki for information

    • manta says:

      I haven’t been able to buy anything from this brand since hearing this disgusting man and his use of the N-word
      And the argument that he doesn’t own the company anymore felt so much like damage control from fearful executives . The reason, in first place, why he was invited on this news set was because, wheteher in a honorific or benevolent way, he was fronting and selling his beloved company.
      Rational or not, I can’t stand to see anything with Guerlain written on it in my house.

    • almondmilk says:

      Really @Luila?

      Why would you say something so disgusting? How much do you have to hate a person who’s done so much good in the world that you’d align her with a man whose done the worst and created more racial hatred. You’d say that about a mother of immigrant children of various races, who’d get spit on by Trump supporters?

      This is misogyny, this is why some women can march and proclaim to be feminists (looking at you Handler) but in the end when you lash out so hysterically and hatefully it shows your true colors.

      I dont see why anyone short of being a Nazi or klans man would support that gross pos, so why would Angelina Jolie (of all people!) support a racist sexist grotesque rumored sexual assaulter/molester and narcissistic scum bag like Trump?

      Add to that, why would Angelina support a man who has obsessively slurred and demeaned her own character and her looks to boot.

      Please stop being so transparent. Try to be a better person for the love of God.

  22. EMAu says:

    Whenever she is on the PR trail she always has the Botox vein bulging out of her forehead. It’s a sign of fresh botox.

    • Maya says:

      Try again – she has had that vein showing since she was in her teens. There are pictures out there.

      Plus there are lots of people who has their vein showing on their foreheads when animated.

    • L says:

      But that humanitarian/charitable work though….
      amazing right? 😉

    • almondmilk says:

      Thank you @Maya

      Also, @EMAu

      Famous forehead veined people include myself (I’ve never had botox) Julia Roberts, who has always had a forehead vein, and Robert Pattinson.

      That vein doesn’t mean what you think it means.

      It’s just the physiology of some people.

      Also, watch her films and her candids, botox means your forehead is immobile – she has one of the more expressive faces around, i used her frown in wanted for a gif for a long time. You can’t frown like that and be on the tox.

      Sorry to ruin your diss of the beautiful girl.

      Here we are a few days after the march and already. pouncing and clawing our betters to shreds.

      Tsk tsk.

  23. Laura says:

    Angelina Jolie is quite possibly the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on! I think her acting is decent – loved her “Maleficent” and “Gia” – but like another person said earlier, I could stare at her physical beauty all day long. She really is blessed in the looks department! I also appreciate and applaud her efforts to help those in need. There is no law that requires her – or anyone else – to contribute to charities/do humanitarian work, so I respect her decision to do what she can to help. If we all do our part – whether it is Angelina, myself or all of you – this world could be a much better place for those who have nothing and/or are in a desperate situation (this includes animals and the environment as well as humans!)

    • Jayna says:

      Well, the self-proclaimed authority on beauty (here’s where I vomit orange cheetos) says not. And we all know a handsome man like him should know. (Blech)

      “The Presidential candidate (and owner of the Miss Universe pageant) deems himself an authority on the subject of women’s attractiveness.
      “I understand beauty and she’s not a great beauty by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t even find her attractive,” he said, during an interview with Larry King.
      Continuing his unbelievable commentary, Trump added: “She’s been with so many guys she makes me look like a baby.”

      Donald Trump has made a habit of voicing his opinion on females’ attractiveness.
      In 2006, he also appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, where he took a random jab at Jolie, declaring, “Angelina Jolie is not beautiful.”
      When the host asked him how he could possibly think that, Trump replied, “Well, that’s why they have menus at restaurants.”

      • doofus says:

        you know she must have turned him down, that’s gotta be why he says crap like that.

        he’s one of those people who, when he gets dissed by woman, says “well, you’re ugly and I wouldn’t have F-ed you anyway!”

        just like all the celebs he invited and who turned him down. “we didn’t want them there, this is for the people! they all wanted to come but I said no.”

      • Stella says:

        What did she ever do to you Jayna? Its obvious you hate her. Why even bring up Trump. Who cares what he said? Unless you are trying to get a dig in. Just give it up.

  24. Sera says:

    It will be so sad to see Brad at SAG, Oscars without Angelina. I won’t b e able to watch any of those shows without being too upset. Missing Angelina. So happy about the new project and FTKMF coming out. Love her. Not sure how I feel about Brad right now. One minute I could ring his neck and the next I am just disappointed.

  25. Truxiepixie says:

    I always love Angelina Jolie….i will support her

  26. SusanneToo says:

    Just one example of the coming censorship. They’ve also hit the EPA.

    Oh, and just in, he’s keeping his BFF Comey at FBI.

  27. bap says:

    Some day Angelina will the Nobel Prize for Peace. She will be recognized for her Humanatarian work.

  28. BlueSky says:

    I have J. Lo Glow too. I never thought i would be one wearing celebrity perfume. I also like Heat by Beyonce and Curious from Britney Spears.