Shailene Woodley vows to keep fighting Dakota Access Pipeline ‘we mobilize’


The women’s marches are over, so many of us came out in record numbers and now is the time to organize and do the hard work on the ground. The new administration under Baby Fists has announced so many alarming changes in such a short amount of time, which include but are not limited to: stripping away women’s rights, veteran’s assistance and healthcare, gagging and intimidating government scientists, potentially restricting Internet freedom, putting targets on endangered animals’ backs, discriminating against immigrants from specific countries and of course moving ahead with the Dakota Access Pipeline, which Baby Fists is invested in. It’s enough to make you want to punch a Nazi but of course we should channel our outrage into resisting and calling these people out on their sh-t. We can also call our congresspeople and senators and let them know what we think about specific Trump appointees and executive orders.

Shailene Woodley was arrested last year protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline and she’s currently speaking out against the pResident’s plans to ignore the will of the people, move forward with the Dakota and Keystone Pipelines, and potentially poison millions. She had a lot of thoughtful things to say about it on MSNBC earlier this week.

Asked what her next move will be in protesting the pipeline, Woodley told MSNBC on Tuesday, “We mobilize.”

“We saw people being shot with rubber bullets. I was arrested, hundreds were arrested. People being sprayed with water cannons in subzero degree temperatures trying to protect not only the earth, but indigenous sovereignty and indigenous rights,” she told MSNBC.

Woodley also reiterated comments she made over the weekend at the Sundance Film Festival, where she urged the festival’s chairman Robert Redford to cut ties with Sundance sponsor and pipeline funder Chase Bank.

“What we could do now as a population, as a society, is to hold our corporations accountable and hold our banks accountable, because there are a lot of banks that are invested in this pipeline,” she said. “Regardless of any executive order or what our politicians want to do, if there’s no money invested in the pipelines, then they can’t be built.”

In addition to violating native sovereignty, something she said “has been overlooked in our country for far too long,” Woodley believes the pipeline could be disastrous for the environment.

Woodley also addressed proponents of the pipeline who argue its construction would create thousands of jobs. “I agree that is time to bring more jobs to this country, but that’s why I think we need to start investing in renewable energy, because that is not a temporary job situation, that is something that would be permanent, and it’s something that would require actually implement energy independence in our country,” she said.

“There’s a lot of rhetoric and narratives out there that oil — in this country, these particular pipelines — are going to encourage energy independence, but that’s not true,” she explained. “We know that this oil is going to be exported, so there’s lots of false narratives and a lot of lies, and if we’re talking about creating jobs, renewable energy is the way to go. It’s untapped territory and it would create millions of jobs

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You can see a video of Shailene’s interview on MSNBC’s site and I’ve embedded it below. (I love her knit cap.) I especially liked how she called out the false narrative that the pipeline will create jobs. It was never about jobs to these people, it was about money and about hoodwinking a certain segment of the population to think this would benefit them when they’re on the same sinking ship as the rest of us. Shailene may have a lot of misguided thoughts about the election but she deserves credit for continuing with this cause and for helping publicize what’s happening on the ground. Given everything that was done to these protesters last year it’s only going to get worse. Let’s support them on social media, in local protests and by donating to the cause.

I wanted to share a link to this video interview with a technician and veteran in Standing Rock working to provide Internet access to the protesters. This is a different side to the protests that we don’t always see. The police use all kinds of shady tactics to try and block Internet and cell service, monitor access and reroute the cell and Internet connections of the camp. There are incredibly smart and resourceful technicians on the protesters’ side who make sure that they are able to stay connected.

snap shot in mind. stories for our children. Repost from @_nativeindc I spy….RESIST. So many across the country yesterday, organized in their communities for solidarity rallies and marches for #NoDAPL and #NoKXL. Yesterday was emotional but so uplifting to unify with people that care and stand with you, that stand for all. This morning, @greenpeaceusa scaled a crane, just blocks away from the White House, with a banner Drop: RESIST. My čanté is happy and thankful. Let's keep actions going every day if we have to. We stand. We march. We fight. We rise. For life, for land, for water, for our ancestors, for you. ✊🏽❤️ – – – – – – – – – – – – – #Resist #HonorTheTreaties #AllNations #NoDAPL #NoKXL #WaterIsLife #KillThePipelines #SaveTheLand #RenewableEnergy #GreenPeaceUSA #IndigenousRise #WeThePeople #WeRise #DirectActions #Peaceful

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  1. Nicole says:

    So glad shailene not only talks the talk but also does the work. Much more than many others.
    Donate to the protestors or the legal defense fund. With the state of things people are going to be arrested for nothing. This won’t be the Women’s March and they won’t be protected. NYC already had two protests last night

    • Tiffany :) says:

      If we had President Clinton, this would not be happening. Shailene was a 3rd Party advocate, and in several swing states Jill Stein’s vote count was greater than Clinton’s loss. There are consequences for votes. But at least she gets to live elsewhere, right? She’s sheltered from the real consequences.

  2. Megan says:

    Trump has investments in the pipeline so they are in for a major battle.

    These executive orders are infuriating not only because of the damage they do, but because they let Republican lawmakers avoid taking votes that may come back to haunt them.

    These are troubled times.

    • kimbers says:

      Ya he does. Total conflict of interest. Many of those companies with interest were bought up in the 90s by a select few. I dont understand how some people dont see trump’s leading style is dictatorship. He tries to disguise it, but it’s there to be seen. I fully support the indigenous people of this country for standing up to these powerful companies and their lackies.

      The dow was up bc ppl forsee infrustructure boom ie this wall that is ridiculous. Half the people in this country have never been to Laredo tx, or anywhere along the border. A wall does nothing except give americans something to do in the years to come when they take it down.

  3. Greenieweenie says:

    Claims of job creation are a persuasive technique not grounded in economic reality. Meaning this is a strategy used deliberately by banks/resource companies to secure permission for their projects and it works well in an environment of economic recession, especially. But it’s wrong on so many levels. For example, whatever net benefit comes from new jobs isn’t evaluated against net costs to society imposed by projects. But also, these job estimates are always wildly off base. “Job creation” is BS.

  4. MarcelMarcel says:

    When I was a part of a student occupation one of the best donations we were given was internet dongles (by the Maritime Union). Having the ability to upload information about a political situation is really crucial!

    I admire the tenacity of the people at Standing Rock. If the pipeline goes though it will have disastrous results. Today, I was at a rally in Sydney about Indigneous rights for Australia. Someone in the crowd was carrying a placard with the slogan ‘In Solidarity With Standing Rock’. I really hope this topic continues to be discussed and investors are so publicly shamed that they decide to their money out.

  5. Digital Unicorn (aKa Betti) says:

    I feel this could be what impeaches Trump as he has business interests connected to it. Has he actually divested those interests? We all know his sons will defer to him on business decisions. The Democrats need to get involved and mount legal challenges to this. The Brexit case proves that it’s possible for the people to use the law to challenge the gov.

    Trump has only been In Office a few days and has already shown his utter contempt for the constitution and the values of the American people.

  6. Slowsnow says:

    I really admire Shailene Woodley for this. She is coherent, informed, a real celeb activist: she brings attention where attention is due with her popularity but you sense it is not a narcissistic move.

    This is a real catastrophe – and to think Trump has invested in the pipeline makes me sick to my stomach.

  7. QQ says:

    IDK about you guys, I’m making my calls today in a couple minutes but… I feel Demoralized, i low key don’t want to check the news anywhere

  8. serena says:

    I’m so glad she’s still fighting for this cause, it is so important to have known people spread the word. Even Mark Ruffalo is doing it, and I hope they’ll reach some sort of win over this shameful catastrophe.

  9. racer says:

    Do these people use petrol to get to the protest site or do they fly? Does Starbucks use petrol to make coffee accessible or do they use messenger pigeons?

  10. mar_time says:

    Why did you have to add that she has misguided thoughts about the election?? She was VERY involved in the primaries and saw/experienced things you never did so maybe she has a clearer understanding of what happened…as someone who got her news from outside sources (not mainstream media) I saw the truths she speaks of as well. Now for the pipeline, I’m so upset about Donald signing that order – but I’m going to keep my ears open and see how I can work towards fighting it. There were immediate protests planned Monday but I had a doctors appointment planned and had to miss it. We won’t let him win since he’s not looking to benefit this country, only his pocketbook 👎🏻

    • WeaughTeaughPeaugh says:

      Shailene didn’t speak truths on the election, just as she didn’t speak truths regarding her views on feminism. Go back and look at what she has said. She boasts that her opinions are Truth yet skates right past the issue that she has no facts to support said opinions, just fallacies and assumptions. Texas sharpshooter fallacy, anecdotal fallacy, strawman argument, bandwagon fallacy––that’s a shortlist of her reasoning errors if you want a primer. To say that Shailene is misguided is not simply the author’s opinion, but a verifiable statement based on her past claims.

      Unlike her normal tenuous grasp on how critical thinking works, Shailene is very well-informed on the DAPL issue. The author felt the need to make the distinction and give credit where credit is due to someone who otherwise lacks credibility.

  11. Wren says:

    There is a Punt the Pipelines for the People protest here in Houston on Super Bowl Sunday at NRG Stadium. Search FB for the event.

  12. Lotal says:

    Love her and hope more celebs use their fame to help this worthy cause