Britney Spears frolics in the Bahamas in a bikini


Britney Spears is on vacation after completing the US leg of her comeback tour. Not only did she work hard to get in shape for her concerts, but Brit clearly wasn’t letting herself chomp the Cheetos backstage either. She looks great. So Brit’s rewarding herself by vacationing in the Bahamas with her sons, dad, and agent/maybe secret boyfriend, Jason Trawick. The Blemish thinks Britney would make a good dinosaur based on just-released bikini photos of her because, “She has those thick, muscular legs, an insatiable appetite and is slow and lumbering.” I’ll grant them the thing about the legs – part of it seems to be that she’s got a long torso and relatively short legs. And for some reason I can’t explain, a lot of celebs look like they’re lumbering when they’re photographed on the beach. It must just be something about the way people move on sand – it doesn’t photograph well. Nonetheless, Brit looks awesome.

With her U.S. tour over—a three-ring circus filled with random awesome one-liners and terrifying weave mishaps—and the European leg about to get started in London on June 3, Britney Spears takes some time to relax.

The pop star, joined by her usual entourage of Sean Preston, Jayden James, papa Jamie, brother Bryan and secret agent (boyfriend?) Jason Trawick, has been building sandcastles and chilling with dolphins in the Bahamas.

And it’s not a real vacation if it’s not mentioned on Twitter, so Brit took care of that: “Nothing better than a day at the beach with my family! -Britney”

Now, beach vacations are widely considered the best because of the opportunity to glimpse famous people’s bodies in little clothing. So ogle away at Brit’s toned abs, because ’tis the season and all.

[From E!]

Britney’s done a good job of keeping her maybe-relationship with Jason Trawick under wraps. If they are dating, then they’re truly trying to hide it from the press, and not in a “we’re denying it so we get more attention” sort of way. While there have been reports here and there, every so often some random rumor of another guy pops up for about two days. I’m betting Brit and Jason really are a couple, and he’s working the PR people to throw the press off the trail. Because Jason’s sure joined Britney for a lot of family vacations when most agents stay home. Or maybe he’s just really hands-on. So to speak.

Images thanks to Mavrix.

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  1. barneslr says:

    She actually looks healthy. Good for her.

  2. georgiagrl says:

    Brit looks good!
    But you sure can’t help thinking she is one unhappy young woman with very little, if any, freedom. Great job Mr & Mrs Spears for raising a child who can’t take care of herself and her kids. I guess that’s one way for you two to earn a living- off her!

  3. stewie says:

    I’m no fan of her music, and I think she’s got MAJOR mental health problems. (as well as a family that mooches off of her didn’t provide the proper coping tools for adulthood.)

    however, I’ll give credit were it’s due…she looks great, physically. I hope her mental health is progressing to where her mind “looks great” as well.

  4. pebbles says:

    i would love to see The Blemish in a bikini……..snarky comment.

  5. nikkers says:

    wasted enough of my day looking at the pics. don’t really wanna waste any more thinking of something catty or witty or (heaven forbid) nice to say.

  6. kiki says:

    she is one of those women who looks great in a bathing suit but horrible dressed up. she or her stylist dont know how to dress her body

  7. Codzilla says:

    Is there something dangling from her belly button?

  8. just a poster says:

    Its nice to see her looking happy.

  9. Bigfish says:

    She is healthy? Look at those chins and fat around her piercings.

  10. SixxKitty says:

    So happy to see her still in one piece, and what a piece she is.
    Go Brit!
    Whatever your doing sure works for you, keep it up!

  11. paranel says:

    Britney looks fit and fab. She had the most successful tour in US and all sold out in Europe. I love her and wish her the best. The boys look adorable in their little trunks.

  12. lway says:

    You go girl. Brit is looking good and really seems to be enjoying motherhood. Her kids also look relaxed. I’m happy for her!!

  13. the original kate says:

    she looks healthy. i hope she’s found some happiness…for a while there she really kind of broke my heart. i always hate to see people who look unhappy…unless it’s ann coulter. mwah ha ha!

  14. Jen says:

    What brand and where can I find that bikini? I love it

  15. Ari Permana says:

    I think she’s not made me fan on her music but she is the one of the women great looking in bathing suit … I like to see her with the blemish in bikini … good for her.

  16. She actually looks healthy, sexy and really beautiful.

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