Taylor Schilling in Adeam at the SAGs: terrible but her speech was awesome

Orange is the New Black won for best ensemble in a comedy last night for the third time. When Taylor Schilling accepted the award and gave a speech celebrating the diversity of the cast and their backgrounds from different countries. There was some minor backlash on twitter for putting her in front of the mic instead of any of the other women. She’s the star though and I do think her speech really encapsulated the spirit of the night. (More speeches are here.) People are understandably upset and worried that the latest executive orders violate everything we stand for and put immigrants and minorities at risk. Here’s some of Taylor’s speech and you can see it here. “We stand up here representing a diverse group of people representing families who have sought a better life here from Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Ireland, and we know that it’s going to be up to all of us and you to keep telling stories that show what unites us is stronger than the forces that seek to divide us.


Taylor’s cranberry Adeam gown was really complicated and weird. (For what it’s worth Kathryn Hahn was also in a fashion-forward Adeam with some unique features but she pulled off the look.) From the waist up this is ok, but it has diagonal chaotic ruffles mixed with that same mesh and floral pattern on the skirt. It makes no sense.



Uzo Aduba did not win her fourth SAG for her portrayal of Crazy Eyes but she was nominated! She was in a black and white Elizabeth Kennedy gown which was a little too tightly tailored up top, to put it lightly. Without the fold on top, and with a bustline that left her a little more room, I would like this dress.



If you focus solely on Taryn Manning’s Rami Al Ali gown, it’s really amazing in its old Hollywood styling and color. Her hair and makeup are just so bad though. Taryn recently got sober and I hope that she’s doing well and has a lot of support.



Dascha Polanko is really feeling herself in the Jean Paul Gaultier suit despite how fug it is. It’s far from the worst thing she’s worn, I’ll say that.



Samira Wiley is so cute in a Novis Resort gown. I wish the pattern wasn’t on the entire dress, but she’s so lovely it doesn’t matter.


I saw a lot of compliments on Twitter for Danielle Brooks’s hair. She was in a white Christian Sirano gown with a peplum, cape and cap sleeves. It looks like pants from some angles, but you can tell it’s a skirt from others. There’s too much going on with this dress but at least it’s all one color.


Finally, she’s not in OITNB like the other women in this post but I wanted to include Shannon Purser, Barb from Stranger Things, who is also in Christian Siriano. THIS IS BARB! She looks like a million bucks and is working that barbie dress.


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  1. Susan says:

    Who knew that Bride of Frankenstein would be a popular look for 2017?

  2. ell says:

    barb was crying during hopper’s speech, bless her. literally the stranger things’ cast is so cute.

    uzo should win all the awards, she’s amazing.

  3. mia girl says:

    Uzo Aduba is pure joy.

    On the other hand, I have an irrational dislike of Taylor Schilling. I’m not sure why – maybe it’s her attitude in interviews.
    Can anyone relate?

    • QQ says:

      ME all day sis, Idk what it is? Maybe Residual eyerolls at Piper is the protagonist thing? LOL cause I Know it is for me

    • Littlestar says:

      Maybe because Piper is a dislikeable character? I don’t like Piper lol

  4. jess1632 says:

    Barb loooks amazing!

  5. Merry says:

    Good for Barb. You are not forgotten, girl. Daschas make up is so pretty. I had no idea Taryn had formally acknowledged an addiction issue but I’ve always thought that she had one for some reason. I think the WOC in OITNB have a problem getting dresses. Even when they get designer, I doubt they receive first or second choice. We all know designers want to push a brand when they loan a dress and I think they assume that the diversely sized and shaped brown and black girls will soil that brand.

  6. als says:

    Danielle is wearing pants.
    I saw a photo of her celebrating backstage. She was super cute.

  7. paolanqar says:

    Perrie Edwards, Katy Perry and Taylor Schilling must come from a triplets.
    The resemblance is striking! My god!

    I cannot stand Dascha Polanco. She is an asshole.

  8. Jess says:

    I thought I was going to like Taylor’s dress until I saw the rest of the bottom, eek. It would’ve been cute to do a simple maroon bottom at tea length or something, but it looks a mess as is!

  9. Tata says:

    I think Dascha and Danielle look great. Barb from stranger things look amazing too. Samira is gorgeous! I can’t help it, I like almost every one here except for Taylor Schilling

  10. Beckysuz says:

    You know what stuck out to me looking at Taryn Manning? Not so much the bad hair and makeup, but her arm hair !! I noticed it, and I feel like I shouldn’t have ? Arm hair is perfectly normal. Are all other celebs waxing their arms and that’s why its registering as odd ? Or am I just a weirdo ? Lol

    • Rae says:

      I think it’s quite common, or they’re naturally lightly dusted. I get my arms waxed/epilated and I’m not even a celebrity.

      Also, people wax facial hair too, and its noticeable at certain angles, and camera flashes, when a celeb doesn’t.

  11. notsoanonymous says:

    Danielle Brooks is a breath of fresh air. She’s gorgeous, puts forth a very body-positive message and seems to really be going places with regard to her Broadway work. Dascha on the other hand is ALWAYS feeling herself and appears to be pretty ugly on the inside. Not a fan.

  12. serena says:

    Damn, Barb looks hot! As for the OITNB cast.. 1) I liked Taylor speech, but her styling was beyond fug ( hairstyle and make-up disaster) 2) Dasha Polanko looks good.. until I saw she was wearing a one piece.. 3) Samira Wiley is the cutest, but when I think about her character I feel tears in my eyes.. It won’t be the same without her :(.

  13. Tanakasan says:

    Taylor Schilling plays the most annoying character on the show. I always want her off my screen. More of the STUNNING Danielle Brooks, please!!!