Where is Joaquin Phoenix? Is he OK? Casey Affleck seeks footage for film

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One of the photo agencies we use has a picture of scruffy Joaquin Phoenix on their homepage. Whenever I see it I wonder where the hell he is and if he’s ok. Joaquin, you probably remember, decided to scrap the whole Hollywood star thing in favor of a rap career that rivals K-Fed’s career change in the “most ill-conceived foray into rap” category. He also seems to be on just about the same talent level as K-Fed without the bling-enhanced uncalled-for bravado.

We haven’t heard anything from Joaquin in over two months. Usually no news is good news, but in this case it’s worrying. Causing even more alarm is the fact that Joaquin’s buddy, his brother-in-law Casey Affleck, is asking for user-submitted footage of Joaquin for the documentary he’s making on his transition from movies to music. Does this mean that Casey has lost touch with Joaquin and that he’s no longer helping out with this film? Casey seemed to be about the only thing holding Joaquin together.

Attention amateur concert videographers and collectors of trainwreck footage: Casey Affleck wants your handiwork for his upcoming film on actor-turned-rapper Joaquin Phoenix. And he’s serious about it.

Perhaps in a knowing nod to the, uh, overwhelming amount of amateur Joaquin footage floating around on YouTube (most of it catastrophic in nature), Affleck — who, along with a film crew, has been with his brother-in-law Phoenix throughout his bizarre ride through the world of hip hop — has started JoaqDoc.com, a Web site that allows users to upload their own videos of Phoenix rapping on — and subsequently off — stage.

Of course, whether or not your footage ends up on Affleck’s film seems to be entirely up to him … but he wants you to be very clear — via some rather impressive (and lengthy) legalese in the site’s “Terms and Conditions” section — that once you upload it, you might as well kiss it goodbye for all eternity:

“By posting any content, images, photos, video, sounds, profiles, works of authorship, or any other materials (collectively, ‘Content’) on the Website, you hereby grant to Flemmy [Affleck's production company], a non-exclusive, fully-paid and royalty-free, worldwide license (with the right to sublicensees) to use, copy, modify, adapt, translate, publicly perform, publicly display, store, reproduce, transmit, and distribute such Content in any and all media and by any means now known or hereafter devised that Flemmy, in its sole discretion, shall deem appropriate.”

Dang, man … who thought footage of a bearded dude in Grandma shades tumbling off a stage would warrant such wordy legal wrangling? Still, if you’re not frightened away by all that, you can upload your Joaq clips right now. Just don’t blame us when Phoenix and Affleck show up to claim your first-born son. Making films is serious business, baby!

[From MTV]

This isn’t funny at all and I’m really concerned for this guy’s health and well being. Some people said that Joaquin’s whole in-the-toilet image and rejection of his career were some kind of elaborate stunt, but I never got that impression. It looked to me like he had serious drug and/or mental health issues. Joaquin had to do press for his last film, Two Lovers, which resulted in his disastrous appearance on David Letterman. Maybe he realized he needed to give up his plans for a rap career and withdraw from the public in order to focus on his sobriety. That would explain why Casey doesn’t have enough footage for his film. The alternative, that he’s just too disturbed to perform or even bother to contact Casey, is too scary to consider. Please get help Joaquin! We lost your brother, we don’t want to lose you too.

Joaquin Phoenix is shown on 3/11/09 before a performance. Credit: Johnny Louis/WENN.com

joaquin phoenix 120309

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23 Responses to “Where is Joaquin Phoenix? Is he OK? Casey Affleck seeks footage for film”

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  1. alecto says:

    so would that make casey a leech?

  2. someone says:

    Perhaps there was an intervention..finally..and hes getting help for his mental issues..

  3. Amy says:

    No way, I still think it’s some kind of Andy Kaufman performance art. He’s sitting by the pool in the Hollywood hills with a few supermodels, I’ll bet.

  4. yuzuriha says:

    At first I though he was joking, or maybe doing this for a film role that he didn’t what to talk about. But right now im doubting of Joaquín’s mental state.
    Hopefully, if this is a serious business he gets all the help that he needs.

  5. ! says:

    If Joaquin is missing, I’m sure there are more people than just Casey who’d be looking for him. This smacks of a set up. And if it isn’t…then Casey Affleck is scum.

  6. KDRockstar says:

    I’m-a thinkin’ he is in rehab somewhere out of the country, but Casey still wants to complete the movie. Joaquin will come back clean (for a while), and the documentary will come in second at next year’s Canne.

    Do we have archives here? I don’t want to say I told you so.

  7. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    My guess is that he’s in rehab. At least I hope so, I do think he was struggling with some issues that were getting to crisis point lately.

    That’s so weird, I had totally forgotten that River Phoenix was his brother. I had such a crush on him back in the 80s and was very sad when he died.

    Joaquim Phoenix can be such a handsome man. I hope he’s ok, but if it comes out that this is all just a hoax, I’ll write him off forever, because that’s just STUPID.

  8. dirtyoldman says:

    This was the dumbest publicity stunt/performance art I’ve ever seen. It was an ill-conceived idea from the get-go.

    Fire everybody involved!

  9. Magsy says:

    What a strange dude. He looks ridiculous.

  10. Wresa says:

    I thought it was a joke at first too, but now I’m not so sure. When you think about it, would someone whose brother died b/c of drugs make a grand joke or performance art piece out of it? If it’s for real I hope he gets better soon…

  11. Tia C says:

    Unless I missed something in the story, I don’t see a connection between Casey Affleck seeking “homemade” footage of Joaquin and Joaquin being missing. Why would one necessarily mean the other? Maybe Casey is just wanting to add some rough footage to his documentary.

  12. czarina says:

    Oddly enough, I think JP has mental health issues whether this whole thing is real OR a set up. Either one makes me question his sanity.
    I agree, I don’t think Affleck’s request for footage is an indication that he is out of touch with JP, and it’s quite a leap of logic to assume that.
    Mostly, I just don’t care. He can stay home by the pool, or in rehab, or in Tahiti. One less useless idiot to clutter the internet with. (and wherever he is, please let Heidi and Spencer join him!!!)

  13. rick may says:

    who cares…shave and a haircut 2 bits

  14. rick may says:

    shave and ahaircut 2bits who cares

  15. Kevin R. says:

    It looks as if he is about to join the Taliban.

  16. james says:

    Dude over-played his hand. He thought he could pull the crazy actor turn raper turned mind wasted druggy. But everyone is on to him its a stunt. —-that has ended up hurting his career instead of helping it. Put it all on the line……and lost it.

  17. kelly says:

    It seems to be really difficult to hear any news about him. I hope he’s all right and I more then hope that he returns to making movies and taking on inspiring rolls. It would be nice to see what hes up to

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  20. Amanda says:

    Relax. Joaquin is fine and having the time of his life. He’s walking around clean-shaven and no one is recognizing him. He doesn’t give a hoot what anyone things about him or the stunt. He’s finally got his life back.

  21. Sarah says:

    I love him and wish that one day i could meet him ,as i think he is my soulmate… i have followed him and watched all of his movies…. come back soon… you are correct the person (Amanda) who wrote before me, yup he is okay and doing what he wants to do i just really want to meet him…. sounds stalkerish but i am not… LOL

  22. Anthrogilles says:

    Why is it we always feel sorry and concerned for morons who seem to have an opportunity of a lifetime to make millions play acting…boo hoo…feel sorry for the people who bust their asses for 35 years and end up with back problems and very little retirement…now days you do one movie and seem to be set for life, while normal people struggle to get through life…maybe if they made $20 an hour making a movie they wouldn’t get so stupid…but I guess you can afford to act stupid at those wages…

  23. knife blades says:

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