Donald Trump is ‘unusually fraught’ when Jared Kushner observes Shabbat

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We’ve been hearing for months that Ivanka and Jared Kushner needed to move to Washington so that they could advise Emperor Baby Fists. We were told that Ivanka is Baby Fists’ favorite child, the only one of his kids to whom he will listen, and that Baby Fists is particularly close to Jared. We were told that Jared is the rare ray of sanity in the lunatic politics of the Orange Administration. Well, guess what? Steve Bannon is successfully outmaneuvering Jared and Ivanka. And Jared probably wants people to know that he disagrees with the Muslim Ban and he wouldn’t have let it go through, except he wasn’t taking calls because it was the Shabbat. Vanity Fair had an interesting piece about how Jared and Ivanka came to look so f–king out of touch with their formalwear-tweet this weekend:

Kushner, along with his wife, Ivanka Trump, is also an orthodox Jew who observes Shabbat. From sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday, the couple abstains from technology and work. And early in the incipient Trump administration, that brief period has been unusually fraught. Last week, the president personally called the Park Service on the morning after his inauguration to inquire about the size of the crowds who came to watch him take the oath of office. He subsequently delivered a widely derided speech at C.I.A. headquarters that afternoon, during which he blathered on about the media’s treatment of him and his inaugural crowd size. He then sent his press secretary, Sean Spicer, into the briefing room to falsely claim that it was the largest audience for an inauguration in history.

During the tumult, some noticed the conspicuous absence of Kushner’s allegedly calming presence. “He wasn’t rolling calls on Saturday when this happened,” one person close to Kushner told me last week. “To me, that’s not a coincidence.”

The timing of Trump’s executive order on Friday, just moments before sundown, meant that Kushner would not be in the West Wing to absorb another cataclysmic Saturday. Indeed, Kushner observed the Sabbath as thousands of people protested outside airports across the country, children waited for their detained parents, lawyers rushed to federal court rooms, taxi drivers went on strike, and one Democratic leader broke down in tears on live television.

Trump’s first Sunday in office, following a tumultuous Saturday, was a more delicately managed day. (Among other mollifying maneuvers, Trump tweeted “peaceful protests are a hallmark of our democracy.”) So many observers were surprised when Kushner and Ivanka Trump not only emerged from the Sabbath to attend the annual Alfalfa Club dinner, which Trump himself had skipped, but also when Ivanka posted a photo of herself in a metallic silver Carolina Herrera gown, tucked into the tuxedo-ed arm of her husband, who had his hand on her posterior… A source close to the family noted that Kushner and his wife were aware of the fallout from the executive order only in an oblique way until after sundown and the photograph was posted to social media.

[From Vanity Fair]

Do you think it’s coincidence that Bannon timed the Executive Order just as Jared was out of reach? I do not. I think this is less a story about Jared and Ivanka doing damage control and more a story about Steve Bannon’s triumph of the will. Bannon’s temporary goal is push out Ivanka and Jared. The long-term goal is a president who is nothing more than a blathering, unhinged, needy, petty figurehead with Bannon as the power behind the throne.

As for that photo (the header photo, which Ivanka tweeted out)… she tweeted it on Sunday. Shabbat was over. Do you think she and Jared just “forgot” to watch the news or check their messages? Of course they knew what had gone down. They just didn’t care. That’s Ivanka in a nutshell – she’s all about her brand of “glam mommy” or whatever. She thought she was changing the conversation.

Photos courtesy of Getty, Ivanka’s Twitter.

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  1. sarri says:

    I’d like to know what kind of relationship Bannon and Kushner have…

    • Melly says:

      I think Kushner is greedy and likes the power of being son in law to the president. I think Bannon is evil in that he wants to burn our government to the ground. I think Bannon and Kushner’s relationship is fake-friendly while also being competitive and underhanded. Bannon is not a dumb guy, I’m sure he realizes who he needs to play nice with.

    • HK9 says:

      I’ve been wondering that for a long time now.

    • Megan says:

      I hope it implodes soon. Trump will choose Kushner over Bannon. I’ll take Kushner’s Machiavelli over Bannon’s Lenin any day of the week.

      • Hannah says:

        @Megan When Lenin steped out, Stalin showed up, so be careful.

      • Locke Lamora says:

        Why Lenjin?

      • adastraperaspera says:

        @Locke Lamora – Bannon has said that he admires Lenin.

      • Susan says:

        Trump is definitely not choosing Kushner. It’s much more likely that he and Ivanka retreat back to NYC citing personal family reasons or other bullshit.

      • jwoolman says:

        Locke – in an interview a couple of years ago, Bannon said he was a Leninist and wanted to destroy the state, break everything down. He’s definitely a destructive force and will magnify the Orange Maroon’s destructive tendencies.

      • lissanne says:

        Lenin wanted to destroy the capitalist state, rightly or wrongly. Gannon just wants to destroy something, anything. Referring to himself as Leninist is just pathetic.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      Fake friendliness with the eye on who pulls Trumps strings and at the moment its Bannon. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jared and Ivanka end up shut out completely

      Both are power obsessed but Jared is green around the ears and Bannon is just plain evil.

      • Disco Dancer says:

        Don’t worry guys, if Bannon becomes too powerful and undermines the Trump kids, Ivanka will let daddy grab her by the p***y, and all will be fine in Trumpland again with Ivanka and Jared at the top of the pecking order. She’s an opportunist, a liar just like dear ol’ daddy and probably an incestuous sl*t on top of it. Yep, don’t feel bad about calling Ivanka names or slut shaming her.

      • sauvage says:

        Disco Dancer, I think Ivanka Trump is evil incarnated/ inherited, I think she is another narcissist living in a bubble, without any care or understanding for the people outside of it . That being said, please leave wishing sexual assault upon ANYONE out of it.

    • BTownGirl says:

      Oh, I have so many questions too. My one hope here is that Bannon will overplay his hand trying to push out Jared and The Chosen One.

      On the 0.00000007% chance she may ever read this…..Ivanka, you are your father’s favorite and, from what I’ve heard from people who know you in real life, a decent person. Put that brain to good use and get to work outmaneuvering this lunatic before we’re all up a creek. If you can’t do it for America, do it for your kids. Like, now.

    • MorningCoffee says:

      According to a friend who works at State, Kushner is his one hope. He describes him as intelligent, curious. thoughtful and calm. He also has high praise for Ivanka. He despises Don, Jr. and doesn’t really have an opinion on Eric. He absolutely thinks that Bannon was not happy when Kushner took on a formal role in the administration, leading he and Ivanka to move to DC. He also says that they are devout and fully believes that their Sabbath observances are wholly legit. He was the first person to raise the whole Sabbath thing when we were messaging inauguration weekend.

      Now, she certainly could have/should have checked out what her crazy daddy might have done before posting, but then again, she probably looked at it as a fairly benign post.

      • ol cranky says:

        This is Ivanka & Jared Kushner’s downfall. They are so myopic relishing the position they are in due to her father and the power it gave them that they didn’t consider the implications of Trump’s temperament and how easily he is led by the nose by others. Personally, I’m starting to wonder if there is a significant clinical/mental health issue that the family has always been able to keep from public knowledge but the pressures of the campaign and being POTUS removes the family’s ability to control access to him, etc. I’m not sure he’d pass a mental health competency assessment and the only chance Jared & Ivanka have to redeem themselves for their part in this fiasco would be to divulge that they know he’s not competent. They won’t because (a) he is all that will protect them against Bannon’s plans; (b) they love the power and (c) the GOP won’t let them do anything that would raise the specter that the campaign (including Pence) helped cover this up during the election and committed a fraud on the country

      • Disco Dancer says:

        Kushner is intelligent and curious? Has anyone read the paper he owns, the New York Observer? It pretends to be a real
        Newspaper, when it really is the more sober and socially acceptable cousin of the Breitbart News.

      • sauvage says:

        My armchair diagnosis is that Trump is a malignant narcissist with delusions that are bordering on and sometimes crossing over into psychotic territory, i.e. loss of touch with reality. The additional problem with malignant narcissists is that, unlike their benign counterparts, they DON’T mellow out as they age; instead, they come to closer and closer resemble psychopaths.

        I’v e been around way more of those people than I ever cared to. I’m not a professional, just someone who, um, had the opportunity to study that breed at close range.

  2. Radley says:

    I don’t think Jared is a good guy. Because if his “calming influence” is still resulting in this trainwreck, he’s a fail. I think he’s a bad guy but maybe not quite as bad as Bannon. It’s just different shades of villainy here but they’re all villains. And yeah, I think Bannon is outsmarting Kushner. Let’s hope is results in public fisticuffs. LOL

    • Susan says:

      I fully agree. Kushner sold his soul to the devil and now the time has come for him to realize what that entails. Just because Jared isn’t out there spewing crazy false narratives like Bannon on a public forum, doesn’t make him less dangerous. At least with Bannon, his evil is on full display so you know what you are getting. People like Jared and Ivanka are much more dangerous because they have the same beliefs and goals as people like Bannon but are able to maintain an outside veneer of normality and respectability that allows the naive and duped to think they are not so bad. Meanwhile they can accomplish their heinous goals with less resistance.

      • Esmom says:

        “Meanwhile they can accomplish their heinous goals with less resistance.”

        Exactly. In fact the post with them in their formalwear seemed calculated to draw all the supporters out to fawn over them. An old client of mine, who interestingly was Jewish until she became an evangelical Christian at about the age of 60 (no idea why), posts all these Ivanka things and the way people fall over themselves with love for her and Jared is disturbing.

        This “they were observing Shabbat” is BS. It’s surprising to me that VF, of all outlets, wouldn’t call this out. Hiding behind their religion, of all things, seems so cowardly.

      • Lightpurple says:

        @Esmom, and given that Shabbat ends shortly after sundown on Saturday (high school friend used 3 stars in the sky rule), they would have clicked back in with the world around the time the news of the airport protests were breaking.

      • Annetommy says:

        I think the “jew free” Holocaust Memorial Day WH statement shows that Bannon is calling the shots. He seems a man whose vileness stands out even in a sea of vileness.

      • sauvage says:

        I think that Jew-free Holocaust statement was a deliberate F*** You from Bannon to the Kushner-Trumps.

    • Suzy from Ontario says:

      I read some interviews Jared’s grandmother did about escaping during the Holocaust. Rae Kushner, who died in 2004, describes atrocities in Nazi-occupied Novogrudok, Poland, and laments America’s refusal to admit Jewish refugees. Her experiences echo those of refugees from Syria and the six other nations seeking safety in the United States.

      “We felt the anti-Semitism,” Kushner recalled. “We felt something was coming, but we couldn’t help ourselves. The doors of the world were closed to us.”
      Of her parents and three siblings, only Kushner, her father, and one sister survived. They escaped the ghetto through an underground tunnel and lived in the woods for nine months. Eventually Kushner boarded a train to Czechoslovakia by concealing her Jewish identity and walked through Austria and Hungary to Italy, where she lived with her husband for 3 1/2 years in a camp for displaced persons before being allowed into the United States. Kushner said the Italian camp was “like being in the ghetto again” and described her desperation to leave Europe.
      “We wanted to go to Africa, to Australia, to Israel,” she said. “We would go anywhere where we could live in freedom but nobody wanted us.” (What is now Israel was at that time part of the Palestine Mandate, under the control of Great Britain, which excluded most Jewish refugees.)

      “Nobody opened their doors to us. Nobody wanted to take us in. So for three and a half years, we waited until we finally got a visa to come to the United States. For the Jews, the doors were closed,” Kushner said. “We never understood that. Even President Roosevelt kept the doors closed. Why? The boat, St. Louis, was turned back. What was the world afraid of? I don’t understand.”

      I think, if she were alive today, that she would be horrified at what Trump is doing, and that her grandson is part of it. Jared Kushner is fully aware of all his grandmother went through. He “wrote about his grandparents’ experiences last summer in a letter defending his father-in-law against allegations of anti-Semitism. He warned that their story would be trivialized if “accusations like ‘racist’ and ‘anti-Semite’ are being thrown around with a carelessness that risks rendering these words meaningless.” – from

      That he could be involved in an administration that has made such bigoted and racist remarks, as well as this immigration ban and his refusal to allow refugees into the US… after he heard about how his grandmother was denied for so long…? I think that’s beyond disgusting.

      • sauvage says:

        I know. The disconnect is astonishing. The thing is, he’s right: It doesn’t affect him. He’s filthy rich; he can afford security; he’s married to the president’s daughter. He’s not the one being beaten up on the streets due to a rise in antisemitic hate crimes: the middle class Chasidic school boy is.

    • Maisie says:

      Kushner is a self-hating Jew. “Observing the Sabbath” was a nice touch while his FiL recreated Hitler’s persecutions of the Jews, only this time with Muslims. He’s a collaborator of the worst kind, the sort who consorts with the likes of the anti-Semitic Bannon AND Russian oligarchs, all for the love of money. Way to live up to the stereotype, Kushner. You’re a shande in a fancy suit, & your poor bubbe would be horrified at what you’re doing.

  3. A says:

    I can’t believe after Hitler, after fascist regimes, after Franco, how can we just witness another tyrant raise to power and just let them?
    This is not the “great America” we all know from movies and such. This is a flock of lambs begining with the WH staff all the way to the so called common people.

    • midigo says:

      I wish the guy had the chance to listen to his Grandma: “The world’s doors were closed’: Jared Kushner’s grandma on refugee life. Grandmother of Trump’s son-in-law gave interview criticising America’s refusal to accept Jews fleeing Holocaust.
      The Guardian

      • ol cranky says:

        he used his grandmother’s story for Trump’s gain (and his family was pissed about it).

        he is as corrupt as his wife and he may be an Orthodox Jew but his G-d is money & power. I know it’s awful to say but I’m hoping Trump pays a very personal price for the power he’s given Bannon and I hope that price is in the form of karma catching up to Ivanka

    • Cee says:

      I honestly believe americans believe they are immune to fascism and tyranny. Trump can be stopped.

  4. Frida_K says:

    Emperor Baby Fists, Tinkler-in-Chief is such a tool. Someone is always yanking his puppet strings. If it’s not the shadow president (Bannon) pulling him one way, it’s Big Daddy Putin with his dossier, or Glam Mommy, aka his ideal wife (Ivanka). I’d call him Mephistopheles but he is too stupid for that, and he had no soul to sell anyway.

    I saw a meme and I’d link it but am not sure how. Glam Mommy in her silver dress next to a photograph of a child in a heat reflecting blanket. The question beneath the two photographs: Who Wore it Better?

    The child, a refugee, with her weary eyes and her dirty face, wore her sparkling silver garment with pathos and dignity. Ivanka, as anyone with eyes to see would note, looked tone deaf and smug and the epitome of grifter chic next to the child.

    I would like a president who is able to think for himself and who would act with integrity and for the benefit of our country as a whole. Ameliorating tweets by the son-in-law are paltry crumbs, indeed.

  5. TheOtherOne says:

    This is bs and a poor attempt to do damage control to save their brand. Too late. You both will forever be social and political pariahs. Even their synagogue spoke out against the Muslim ban. They should have stayed in NY with Melania. Jared you sold your soul for power and influence and your father in law and his white nationalist adviser just reminded you of what they think of people who not like them. Good. I hope you wake up everyday realizing you normalized this and played a part in. Karma is a b—-h and it’s only day 11.

    • Susan says:

      Exactly, forgive me if I can’t conjure up any tears of sympathy for Jared and Ivanka. They thought they were going to profit immensely from siding with some of the worst dregs of society. The snake is eating its own tail now and they are rightfully part of that dining experience.

      • TheOtherOne says:

        @Susan: love “the snake is eating its own tail.” I will definitely use that line again. They are greedy, self-serving brats trying to spin their way out of their just and timely comeuppance. But let us never forget – not a single one or single thing – and keep taking them to task.

    • Sandy says:

      The PR machine thought selling these two as the beautiful power couple was a win, but it back-fired this weekend! Now, they’re just unwitting victims and “poor” Jared is losing weight and pale. Yeah, right! It’s ironic that his grandmother fled Nazi Germany and was welcomed into America. But the Kushners made their money by stiffing contractors, just like Trump. Not nice people, no matter how attractive they are!

      • sauvage says:

        You know who else is losing weight and looking pale right now? An awful lot of people who actually give a d*mn about humankind!

    • lyla says:

      opps…replied to the wrong post….

  6. Feebee says:

    If we’re on to it, how are they not?

  7. Triple Cardinal says:

    Easy does it. Technically, they’re not allowed to watch the news or check their phones. They’re not allowed to work, period.

    But there is no prohibition against dispatching a messenger to their place to share the news. No action can be taken until after sundown, but at least they’d be made aware.

    • TheOtherOne says:

      I believe this story was fabricated for damage control. Are there some truths? Yes I believe they were at Shabbat. But had Ivanka not gotten backlash from the photo I doubt this story would have been released.

    • Moneypenny says:

      You don’t really think this entire thing was cooked up in the 24 hours of Shabbat, do you? What’s their excuse for not trying to stop it beforehand then?

    • Lightpurple says:

      Sabbath ended as the news of airport detentions and protests was breaking. They knew. Ivanka thought she could divert, as she always does, by posting pretty pictures of her perfect life.

    • jwoolman says:

      I’ve known devout Orthodox Jews who simply put the tv on a timer if they wanted to watch something on the Sabbath. The prohibition is not generally interpreted as on watching tv, but rather on turning the tv on. In my mother’s day, her Jewish friends’ families would just hire non-Jews to switch on lights etc. There may be different interpretations, though.

      However, he might not be able to travel in a car except in an emergency. Or maybe it’s drive a car? Don’t know for sure, but my Jewish professor stayed overnight with a grad student within walking distance to attend a conference.

      With Trump, it’s wise to be absolute about the Sabbath rules or else he would declare everything an emergency and insist that they work whenever he wanted.

      • JustBitchy says:

        Hire a shabbos goy to hold the iPad and read the tweets. Same as pushing elevator buttons

  8. adastraperaspera says:

    Jared’s father Charles is a convicted felon who in 2004 pled guilty to 18 counts of making illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion and witness tampering. It’s clear to me that the elder Kushner shifted money and power to Jared as the pressure was on him, even though at that time Jared was just coming out of college. Their primary business is real estate. Sound familiar? Jared is just the fresh face of this corrupt family, and I suspect Trump married Ivanka to Jared to cement some kind of shady deal. The Trump regime is full of unstable alliances. We can only hope that they start stabbing each other in the back.

    • pinetree13 says:

      Wow that was fascinating!

    • VirgiliaCoriolanus says:

      I honestly think that Ivanka/Jared/allll the Trumps don’t know what they are getting into. Truly. Sure, they have been in the public…………….but their lives have never been on display like it has now. You know–I always knew Trump was an ignorant fool, and I actually thought Ivanka was a smart woman with an unfortunate father/parent…………..but now? It was only because of this election that I found out that Trump constantly and consistently cheated small business owners out of their money. Ivanka is the same. I honestly don’t think they are prepared for this level of publicity–because they are doing the same sneaky underhanded shit, as though no one is truly paying attention to them. They are not subtle in the SLIGHTEST.

      To me–they are/were tolerated because they have the money and clout to bully those who are weaker than they are, those who can’t afford to not take change ($) vs. what they were actually owed. And I think it is going to be a rude awakening when it all comes crashing down. You can act like an ass or you can be a cheat. You can’t be both.

      • Christin says:

        From what I have read, the oldest spawn have been active participants in the ‘brand’ selling, as in traveling internationally to supposedly help lure investors. One article specifically mentioned the golden girl stating she was planning to purchase a condo or whatever in the yet-unbuilt ‘luxury’ development.

        (Birds of a feather and apple-tree sayings liberally apply, even if one or more players are more outwardly attractive than others.)

  9. AnotherDirtyMartini says:

    I wish I could like all your comments.

  10. Eric says:

    As things have proceeded so far, I’d accept Jared Kushner trying to reel in that flopping Orange fish and his Nazi-inspired sidekick Goebbels Bannon.

  11. minx says:

    Kushner just oozes privilege and selfishness.

  12. lemonbow says:

    I’ll get heat for this but if you have a job that important I really don’t think you can choose to go radio silent for entire days for ANY reason.

    • Who ARE These People? says:

      And he doesn’t have to … as has been said, a messenger can be sent to inform him/them of anything significant. Orthodox Jews have served in the government successfully in this way. Kushner and Ivanka just choose to tune out.

      • Susan says:

        Who Are These People: I agree with you but don’t fall into the trap of accepting their Shabbat excuse at face value. They are lying that they knew nothing of what was happening, especially because there is no way they were all dolled up and ready to take that pic the moment the sun went down on Saturday. There was surely at least an hour or two between the end of Shabbat and them going out.

        Also, even without messengers, someone can call their assistants or even their security detail and pass on messages.

    • Christin says:

      This seems a PR deflecting use of religious practices. As if they received zero landline calls or conversations, and were just sealed off for 24 hours. Then she innocently posts the glam behind-grab photo.

      Keep spinning. What will be the excuse for dumb moves on other days of the week? Children’s activities?

      • Moneypenny says:

        Even if they did, are we to accept that Bannon called Trump at 5:01 and cooked up this whole thing? Please, they knew about it before Shabbat.

      • Christin says:

        To be clear, I don’t believe any of it. No clean hands in the WH, in my opinion.

      • ol cranky says:

        I’m sure they have staff to serve as a “Shabbat Goy” who could have taken a message & determined it was urgent enough to fall within the constraints under which you are permitted to work on Shabbat.

    • Lorelai says:

      @Lemonbow, I completely agree with you.

  13. pinetree13 says:

    I agree that Bannon will absolutely use Jared’s unreachable Shabbat times to his full advantage.

    • mayamae says:

      Maybe Kushner can consult with his Rabbi. What’s more important – observing Shabbat, or fighting to keep the Nazi from controlling the puppet POTUS.

    • Really? says:

      This plan was in place for months. Giuliani gleefully opened his big mouth and said that Trump asked him to put a commission together to find a way to “legally” ban Muslims from the country, which is exactly what Trump promised to do on the campaign trail (but no one cared or believed him). As Kushner isn’t Muslim and likely doesn’t have any Muslim friends, why would he care? As for the rest of the Kushners, they voted Democratic and didn’t side with Jared’s father-in-law, but that still didn’t stop this crash test dummy of an election.

  14. Greenieweenie says:

    Welp, prepare for this Saturday then.

  15. Nameless says:

    That dress looks like something that would flunk out of Project Runway. “My inspiration was mercury glass, and I used all of my $50 craft budget on tin foil.”

    • minx says:

      Lmao I’m dying! That’s exactly right.

    • Liz says:

      Only a billionaires daughter would pay $5,000 for this dress. Pocket change

    • Susan says:

      There is a perfect meme going round about Ivanka’s dress. It shows her picture in the Fred side-by-side with a pic of a Syrian refugee girl wrapped in an emergency foil blanket with the caption “Who Wore it Better?”

    • Chrissy says:

      That dress looks like all the pieces of tin foil in my kitchen drawer sewn together and called a dress.

  16. JRenee says:

    But Dems & Liberals are special snowflakes huh? This is an abomination. There are no moderate Republicans in a position of influence. Absolutely fires Evers every where and we are only into week 2…
    Jared is seemingly the lesser of the evils at this point. ..

  17. Mophita121 says:

    I just noticed his hand is definitely on her butt – I don’t have a problem with consensual touching – that’s not my issue. But(t)… way to package the “I’m a mom, ceo, glam lady and btw my husband totally still wants me.” I feel like making sure that image is in the shot says “Men can be sexually attracted to powerful women” with the subtext “but not feminists… and you still want to be available for your man” I don’t know if I’m articulating my thoughts well and I might be reading too much into it, but… why else include it in a picture distributed to the public?

    • Bootsie says:

      Absolutely agree. Everything about them is so calculating. The hand-on-arse was included for a reason.

    • Flowers M says:

      My thoughts exactly. It’s not possible they just didn’t notice that mirror behind them. They did this on purpose, and it’s just bad taste to post a picture where your husband is grabbing your but, one day after the muslim ban.
      I have no words for this family…

    • mayamae says:

      She probably thinks they’re the new Brangelina.

    • ol cranky says:

      BTW Ivanka’s tin-foil dress (without the matching hat) & make up of her packaging seems to fall outside the Orthodox view and halacha interpretation of vanity.

    • Melly says:

      It’s Ivanka’s way of saying “Daddy isn’t the only man who is sexually attracted to me!”

  18. Kathryn says:

    So the evening of the inaugural balls they did NOT observe Shabbat? I thought true orthodox jews didnt make exceptions for parties.

    • Christin says:

      Great question. I also wondered about their social calendar and how observant they are.

    • Louisa says:

      I was just coming to say the same thing. An orthodox Jewish friend of mine said that they had permission from a rabbi to attend the inauguration ball…. and even she was rolling her eyes at that.

    • Tillie says:

      They got a dispensation (frum) to attend the inaugural balls.

      • MrsK says:

        No they did not, however TMZ reported it.

        The only “dispensation” is when a life is endangered. Then, if needed, an observant Jew is not only permitted but actually required to transgress the Sabbath to summon or provide emergency assistance. That is the dispensation under which Orthodox doctors, nurses, or EMT’s can work on the Sabbath. They may do what is necessary to preserve life.

        TMZ somehow spun this one loophole into the notion that the Kushners would be “endangered” if they had to walk from one event to another, and that’s why they got a “dispensation” to ride in a car. That is, simply, ludicrous.

        No Orthodox rabbi in the world – not even the most modern – would even consider a request like that.

        I actually looked for photos of them at all the inaugural balls but could only find pics at the first ball. So it’s possible that they attended one ball and then remained at that location, or somewhere within walking distance, the remainder of the Sabbath. Technically that would be kosher.

  19. lyla says:

    deflecting much? are they trying to separate themselves from Kim Jong Orange? Too late for that. They already hitched their wagon to him, so no I refuse to feel an ounce of sympathy for them.

    What did they think was gonna happen when you have an antisemite on the team? I know both Jared and Ivanka aren’t the brightest bulbs – both their degrees were bought and paid for by their families – but come on.

    Maybe Jared should have listened to his own grandmother, who was herself a Jewish refugee fleeing the Nazi regime. She has spoken out about the US’s reluctance to take people in. I don’t see how the grandson of a Holocaust survivor can cozy up to a white supremacist. That’s mind-boggling. I wonder what his family thinks? We know his brother Josh voted for Clinton and was at the march. His dad probably doesn’t care, since he lacks morals too. He tried to set up his own sister and brother in law. I wonder what passover at the Kushner will be like. What about members at this temple? Wonder how they feel.

    Here’s a video of Rae Kushner, Jared’s grandmother talking about the Jewish refugees in 1982:

  20. Missmarirose says:

    I think the funniest thing about Jared’s PR statement is that it tells the world Trump is not in charge.

    After all, Twitler could have told Bannon he wanted to wait a few hours to talk to his son in law.

    But apparently Col. Orange Blake just signs whatever Nazi Radar Oreilly puts in front of him.

  21. SM says:

    Blah. A bullshit excuse of a bullshiters of the highest level. He did not know. Maybe. But to imply that he is so against it is bullshit. If you really understand that this whole mess is moraly and politicaly wrong you do not become an adviser to Trump. Seems like both Ivanka and her shit piece of a husband want to be in power and yet sustain their beand of being young and so progresive. Well you can’ t have it both ways.

  22. Justmeonlyme says:

    She knew, look at her smile – she looks strained- think she knows that her once “perfect and oh so admired richy-rich life” is exploding to hate, because of her father. Poor sheparded lamb has followed her Dad blindly and drunk from her Dad’s Kool-Aid ALL HER LIFE. All she could see was more fame, exposure and more power for the Trumps with his winning, in her braing, she thought everyone would eventually love him too – but that smile says “Oh F!! I’m screwed, my brand is being laughed at, I’m now a joke, I can’t believe I am no longer being applauded,”. She knows.

  23. Sam H x says:

    I read about the synagogue where one of their kids attends has spoke up against Twitler. Both of them thought they could do the usual deflection crap with that photo but little did they know it back fired on them. Hard.

    Very late to do any damage control of any kind.

    Javanka won’t be having any power nor influence on Steve Bannon’s watch. Bannon will only put up with him because he is Twitler’s son in law.

    I don’t feel sorry for either of them because they sold their soul to the devil & are reaping the rewards for it now. They knowingly got into bed with a white supremacist, anti-semitic, racist & xenophobic monster.

    Ivanka’s own father mocked Senator Chuck Schumer for crying at a rally where he spoke up about the ban. Chuck Schumer’s great-grandmother & 7 of her 9 children were all murdered by the Nazis. Twitler is a vile piece of work.

    I thought it was in really poor taste to exploit his grandmother’s story of the holocaust to justify that his father in law isn’t racist. As we all know is BS.

  24. jana says:

    Ivanka’s problem, other than her being oblivious, shallow and completely apathetic, is that she broke the first cardinal rule of marriage with Jared…never marry a man whose ass is smaller than yours. It’s a problem that only grows larger with time.

  25. SF says:

    FYI – The Torah says that if something is a matter of life and death, a true emergency on the Sabbath, you must deal with it. Just as if someone needs food to stay alive on Yom Kippur, they don’t have to fast.

    So don’t fall for “It’s the Sabbath so I can’t.”

    The downside for Jared is — every minute DJT is in office things will be life or death emergencies.

  26. Pandy says:

    Total BS that they aren’t checking their phones. You don’t become senior adviser to the president and then get to say you are out of touch EVERY WEEK FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS for 24 hours.

    Nice try though.

    • jwoolman says:

      As someone pointed out, they could have non-Jewish staff handle the machines and just read messages to them in person if important enough. Depends on how they interpret not working, though, it might have to be really important and let’s face it, Trump is putting the government in 24/7 crisis mode… At some point with Trump you just have to say “no, I’m not available”. What exactly could he have done, anyway? Trump already signed it.

  27. Ellis says:

    Everyone needs to get their senator’s emails, representatives, whomever, readily available, and just hammer them every time Trump opens his mouth. Mine pop up after the first two letters. It isn’t just about what these two power-mad enablers won’t do, it’s about what we the people can do.

  28. shouldawoulda says:

    Jewish holidays are about being with the family to teach the young humility and simplicity. Working to protect human rights would be required. Though, dumping your kids with the nanny, throwing on an expensive gown to go party IS NOT A JEWISH HOLIDAY.

    Then, to lie and blame this on your religion, I can’t, these people are VILE and DISGUSTING.