Matthew McConaughey: It’s time for us to ‘embrace’ President Trump

World premiere of 'Gold'

Can we cancel Matthew McConaughey? I think we might need to. I’ve never thought of Matthew as a very politically active guy either way – he’s a white guy from Texas, so I assumed that his political leanings would fit into that demographic, although he’s also married to an immigrant and he likes to get high and play the bongos naked, which screams “Democrat” to me. So maybe it could have gone either way. Matthew is currently promoting Gold, and he sat down for an interview with BBC One’s Andrew Marr. No one knows exactly when this interview took place, but Matthew does make a reference to what was seen during the inauguration, so I think the interview was probably conducted in the days immediately post-inauguration, likely early last week. It probably came after the Women’s Marches too. Just keep that in mind.

First, Marr asked if Gold was about “redneck America sticking one up to the snotty East Coast elites.” Which is a stupid question in general. Then Marr asked if Matthew thought Hollywood should give Emperor Baby Fists a “break.” This is what Matthew said:

“Well, they don’t have a choice now. He’s our president. And it’s very dynamic and as divisive of an inauguration and time as we’ve had. At the same time, it’s time for us to embrace and shake hands with this fact and be constructive with him over the next four years. So even those who may strongly disagree with his principles or the things he’s said and done – which is another thing we’ll see, what he does compared to what he’s said – um, no matter how much you disagreed along the way, it’s time to think about how constructive can you be, because he’s our president for the next four years, at least.

[Transcribed from video]

Nope. It’s time to think about how constructive you can be for The Resistance. Because he’s not going to be our president for the next four years and the sooner people realize that a fascist madman is at the helm of our republic, the sooner we can all start working together to defeat him. Even if McConaughey didn’t give this interview following Trump’s Muslim Ban, MM still saw and heard everything Trump said and promised throughout the campaign. The “give him a chance” people make me sick. Trump used up all of his “chances” during the election and no one believed that he would really implement the lunatic, fascistic policies that he promoted. Well, here we are. Gear up.

'Gold' - Premiere

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  1. Nev says:

    Oh man.

    • SilverUnicorn says:

      Just to add my point of view from UK, Marr on BBC is inviting a long string of fascist-type people on his show, he had Farage countless times there, Marine LePen, etc etc.

      So it’s no good when someone appears there and they are allowed to spout their ‘preachings’ (Labour leader Corbyn was invited too but was really, really interrupted a lot)

      • ell says:

        omg yes, why are they giving these people a voice? we don’t need that.

      • Ramona says:

        Isnt Andrew Marr the one who is famous for scoffing at his guests ard riding them hard? Maybe I’m confusing him for someone else but I podcast this BBC show called HardTalk and I think I’ve heard him host. If so, he is incredibly tough and exactly the kind of host I would want interviewing Trump and Brexit supporters.

      • SilverUnicorn says:


        I think the Brexit Broadcasting Channel has veered into Fox News territory, that is why we have to stomach all those unsavoury characters spouting their hateful bile.

        Farage yesterday wanted to publish all the names of MPs who had voted against the art. 50 bill in a “enemy of the people official list”.

        This is Hitler’s sort of stuff, no way around that.


        He hasn’t challenged a single one of those far right wing ones. He has basically half destroyed/provoked Corbyn and Sturgeon, so I guess he is tough only on some people.

      • Becky says:

        Silverunicorn, the Guardian has already published a list of the 50 MPs, they usually do for an important vote like this, . Farage is just mouthing off in his usual vile way.

        When they published the list of MPs who voted for the tuition fee rise, I found out my mp was there, I didn’t vote for her in the last election. The one I voted instead was against this bill.

        I’ve moved since the last election and it looks like my new mp voted for the bill. I’ll be contacting him to find out why, in a Remain-voting area of London, he did that and what he proposes to do to make sure Mayhem doesn’t make a mess of everything.

      • dodgy says:

        The BBC don’t want to lose their licence, so they’re going straight Right Wing, I think. I was gobsmacked when one of their reporters was asking Milliband about how great it was to have May be the first foreign leader to meet Trump.


        At least my MP didn’t vote to trigger Article 50. Small mercies. I do need to get out of Britain though. I’d rather be in the EU than out of it.

      • Sixer says:

        Andrew Marr has really just become a stenographer for power, hasn’t he? I don’t bother with his show any more.

    • Megan says:

      He needs to eat a big bowl of STFU.

      • Cranberry says:

        Hahaha. Thank you for that little laugh. Haven’t been able to keep up with CB lately. Only quick lurking. All you C-beechas are great. Stay the course Kaiser great work.


      • LoveIsBlynd says:

        How can anyone with eyes and ears tell any other sentient being to “embrace hitler”. No. And thank you CB- I embrace the Resistance- because I’m not an entitled bongo playing model marrying head in the cloud’s anything. Damn this sobriety, hard work and parenting, I care about EVERYTHING.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      This is NOT alright alright alright. #Resist

    • MostlyMegan says:

      Since when did living in a democracy mean deferring to the president? “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. – Abraham Lincoln” (you know, that guy who is doing a great job, who is getting recognised more and more)

    • Bichon says:

      I know. I wish he hadn’t said that.

    • Shambles says:

      Another one bites the dust.

      And to think some amazing woman immortalized Wooderson at the march, holding a protest sign that said, “Women deserve all rights, all rights, all rights.”


      • Pamela says:

        I almost feel bad for MM. ALMOST…. Look Trump has been awful throughout his entire campaign, so there is really no excuse for saying we should EMBRACE him.

        That said, the wording MM used sort of sounds like “hey, we know what he has said…but we don’t know whether that is really what he will DO”. There were, sadly, many people who erroneously thought that all that talk was for votes and that he would simmer waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down once in office. Unfortunately, they were wrong and so far he has actually done worse than I thought was possible and I was already terrified.

        This interview may have been conducted in that tiny moment post-inauguration, and PRE all the horrors, appointments and executive orders.

        Maybe MM was hoping that Trump wasn’t going to be so bad. (Though that is such a stretch)

        Ok, I admit it…I am a fan of MM and want to grasp at straws so I don’t have to hate him. But it just won’t work.

        Sigh……another one bites the dust, indeed.

      • LadyT says:

        Yes. That explains my thoughts pretty well. Even though I ALWAYS hated Trump and his views, I’m embarrassed to say that 12-13 days ago I was still desperately clinging to the hope that SURELY this idiot wasn’t going to try to actually DO the absurdities outlined in his campaign or if he did there would be sufficient checks and balances in the government to keep him constrained. This prior naïveté has been demolished. Eyes are wide open now.

    • jojo says:

      he means no harm but he’s a bimbo.Especially with his swarthy “illegal immigrant” wife, or at least that’s how the trump administration will see her and their babies.

      • Really? says:

        I thought he was smart enough to avoid responding. He was on a talk show once and a question was posed about Texas independence. He just laughed off the question. If he wanted to stay apolitical, he should have just said, “No comment.” Now he just sounds like Jon Stewart.

  2. Hannah says:

    Just like Tom Brady, another men married to an immigrant who has absolutely no clue.

    • astrid says:

      Much like Trump himself who married immigrants

    • jinni says:

      And what makes it worst is that she is actually part black and indigenous Brazilian unlike Gisele who is white. You would think seeing as his wife and kids are the very people this psycho President wants to hurt would make MM be against Trump. But MM would not be the first racist ( because yes, anyone who stands with Trump is a racist) to get with a PoC.

    • paolanqar says:

      I am appalled by this behaviour. Their wives should kick them out.

    • ash says:

      dont forget Nicole Kidman…. a child of dual citizen ship who still has strong ties to a foreign nation and should understand the issues that Trump ran on, xenophobia being one, and her asking for us to support our president…. FCK OUTTA HERE

      • Justjj says:

        New rule: If you are a rich, white, celebrity… STFU about embracing and accepting things.

      • BB-Buckshot says:

        Guess what ? Even white and Rich people are entitled to their opinion and have every right to express it ? STFU because someone is white ? Really? And you wonder why / how Trump got elected ?

      • Justjj says:

        @BB Not today Satan, not today…

  3. frisbee says:

    I didn’t read that as McConaughey saying ‘embrace him (and all his idea’s) I read that as saying, “he’s here, it’s done, now lets try and do something constructive for as long as we’re stuck with him,” problem with that statement is it possible to to something constructive when the only really constructive thing is to campaign to get this appalling human being out of office?

    • Esmom says:

      That’s kinda how I took it, too. I don’t feel particularly inclined to give McConaughey a pass because I don’t really like him but I get the sense that he was coming from a place of denial, as in thinking we (the people and Congress) might still be able to treats this as a semi-normal presidency and possibly be able to keep him in check. His response might be different today after all that’s happened just in the last couple days. Maybe not. Who knows.

      • LadyT says:

        That’s how I read it too. Absolutely not “embrace Trump.” Very cautious lets see what he does compared to what he said he’d do. (Hoping he was more talk than action IMO.) Then be constructive. Very mild statements but certainly not backing Trump.
        Let me assure you of one thing. There are plenty of white males in Texas that despise Trump. In my wide circle of friends, family and acquaintances I had exactly one distant idiot relative voting for him.

    • SM says:

      That’s not what I am getting from this. If he was really in opossition he would say WE instead of THEM and I instead of YOU

    • jinni says:

      Nope nope nope. Ain’t nobody got anytime for some pussyfooting bullshit, if a mfer isn’t firmly against Trump than fuck them. I hope MM movie bombs.

    • V4Real says:

      Sorry Matt has no right to tell people to accept Trump and the people are doing something constructive, they are protesting his orange ass.

      Matt I like you but Im sending you a huge go fudge yourself.

    • zxc says:

      He’s like an oblivious relative telling you to make nice and “just try” with your abusive parent or spouse. You can’t expect reasonable behaviour because you’re not dealing with a reasonable person. But he doesn’t know that and can stay chill because he doesn’t have to deal with them as this BS won’t affect him.

    • frisbee says:

      SM the ‘You’ instead of ‘We’ slipped past me rather.
      also jinni, V4real
      As I said in my original post, “The problem with that statement is it possible to to something constructive when the only really constructive thing is to campaign to get this appalling human being out of office?”
      Yes I am well aware people are fighting, I’ve been signing petitions, writing to my MP and Marching to keep the Tangerine Troll out of my country, I don’t see what else to do but protest.

      • LadyT says:

        I took the we/them/I/you as making his statement as mildly generic as possible. Regardless, if I’m going out loaded for bear I’m not wasting my ammo on a little bunny hiding behind a bush.

      • frisbee says:

        This comment made me giggle, I think I’m suffering from low level, constant hysteria because I then immediately thought “Good Grief your’e not one of the Alaskan Bush People are you?” :)

    • Betsy says:

      That’s being constructive – building ways to get the squatter out of the Oval Office.

    • Keaton says:

      Me too. I don’t think the quote is as bad as the write-up makes it out to be. I don’t have an issue with his quote except he seems to be assuming that many of the people resisting Trump are behaving in a destructive way. Other than a few anarchists that rioted in Seattle right after Trump’s win and the brainiacs last night in Berkley, I don’t think the resistance has been particularly destructive. I bet McConaghy is out of touch with what is going on.
      Also I doubt he has much if any influence so I’m giving him a pass.

    • Same here. I also feel like it’s speaking to the divisiveness of this circus. Instead of letting that divide grow further (and we know how that would make the powers that be happy), we have to be constructive with our actions.

  4. MissBB says:

    A*shole (both of them, Matthew and the Orange one)

  5. sarri says:

    Did he forget he was part of “I will survive” –

  6. Millenial says:

    Camila, come take him away. Talk some sense into him. Please.

  7. Trixie says:

    I honestly don’t think 45 will be president for 4 years. I doubt he’ll make it an entire year before impeachment.

  8. Sarah says:

    Oh look, another white rich old man who thinks we should support dangerous Twitler.

  9. amy says:

    My boycott list is growing since Trump is president.

  10. tifzlan says:

    Ya’ll tried to convince me with True Detective but i knew i couldn’t stand this mumbly bumbly bongo banging drawly asshat for a reason.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Lol. mumbly bumbly bongo banging drawly asshat is sheer poerty tifzlan. It just rolls off the tongue.

  11. jmooo says:

    Guess the reason why he opens his mouth is because he isn’t nominated for an Oscar so he doesn’t need to kiss Hollywood’s a$$ this year.

  12. SilverUnicorn says:

    Bye Matthew McConaughey, you were never one of my favourites but now you have joined the dark side, so bye bye.

  13. Rocio says:

    Nope. Just nope.

  14. Alix says:

    Can we embrace him around the throat? Like, really hard?

  15. alfaQ says:

    Bye, bitch!

  16. Greata says:

    “Give him a chance?” Trump has proven to be reckless, misogynistic, malicious, and dictatorial with absolutely no regard for the office he holds,or the laws of the land. I could go on and on.He is dangerous. There is a deep rooted insanity there. Protest should be the rule of the day.

  17. ell says:

    yes, let’s cancel him.

    i mean, i can somewhat understand the argument of ‘well, it’s done. all we can do is trying to engage like adults, and try to get something good out of it’. i wouldn’t necessarily agree because i don’t believe you can get much out of trump and his lot of fascists with constructive criticism, but hey i can at least understand where that sentiment comes from. but ‘embracing’? pipe down, man.

    also, can someone explain to me why all these men siding with trump (and trump himself) are married to immigrants, yet they act like it isn’t the case and it doesn’t affect them? it makes me think really badly of their spouses as well, like wtf?? i’m a first generation immigrant, the lucky kind, as i’m white, fluent in english and with a double citizenship, and if my partner was siding with this anti-immigration sentiment i’d be furious and i would most likely leave.

    • Aren says:

      Racists probably like submissive women, and if none of their race is willing to be around them, they might just take whatever is available.
      It’s clear theirs wives have little self-esteem.

    • Emily says:

      Because THEIR spouses are the GOOD kind of immigrant. Not the job-stealing, raping, unattractive, or Muslim kind. (I hope you can detect the eye-rolling behind those statements)

  18. DeepSouth says:

    …sorry to see him go — I thought he was kinda cute; liked him in ‘Mud’ — but there’s no excuse for that kind of obliviousness. That is exactly the kind of thing that helped elect [ ] because people hear stuff like that and believe (correctly) that rich/white/elite/intelligent(?) people don’t understand what matters to them. Of course, neither do I, but the other kind are more often in the news, even Fox.

  19. Ramona says:

    Having an immigrant wife means nothing. As Trump has shown us, “hot” immigrants are welcome. And as we discussed in the Salma Hayek post the other day, some latinas are exempt from the “we hate brown” rule, if they aporoximate whiteness and convey an exotic sensuality. As for the nude bongo playing, may I remind you that the republican party is driven by known hedonists and sluts like Donald Trump, Bill Oreilly and Newt Gingrich. Matthew is welcome to bring his bongos along as long as he is a rich white man and he knows it.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      I was just going to say, what does nude pot smoking have to do with it? Isn’t it more often than not the “conservatives” who pop pill, solicit gay men in bathrooms or replace wives every few years?

      My sh*t list is growing every day. I have no patience for this.

  20. Bitbet says:

    Thank goodness he’s revealing himself to be the douche he always has been

  21. adastraperaspera says:

    And so it begins. One by one the people become collaborators. That is not kind to the rest of us, and history will not be kind to them.

  22. Jayna says:

    He’s rarely coherent in answers, having his own Matthew-speak. I do think this interview was done right after the inauguration, not after his million executive orders that show us what he’s doing.

  23. grabbyhands says:

    Not much I can say except-co-signed!

    YOU reach out and embrace him, MATT. You can afford to, as you have zero to lose. Most of the rest of us have too much at stake.

    But I sure as hell am not going to forget who the apologists and appeasers were when this is all done. I hope you’re there to offer help and relief when the hammer really starts to fall and the disastrous results of so many people trying to placate this unhinged lunatic when they should have challenged him make themselves apparent. When it starts to cost us all dearly. And it will.

  24. coffeeonmymind says:

    Oh hell no. Resist the orange menace!

  25. Miranda says:

    To paraphrase Dorothy Zbornak, I think it’s time for every rich white man who says this sh*t to embrace a landmine.

    • greenmonster says:

      Paraphrasing Dorothy Zbornak puts your right up there on my list of favorite people ;)

      • Nicole says:

        Right there with you. I can always relate a Golden Girls scenario to real life and it makes me happy.

      • greenmonster says:

        Yip, me too. Don’t know how often I start sentences with “Well… as Sophia Petrillo would say…”. They just make me happy and that is more important than ever.

    • cd says:

      But would they do that, would they embrace a live landmine and blow themselves up? They are just hypocrites.

  26. Jade says:

    Shut up.

    Sometimes I think the sane Americans have got to give it as good as those insane people. If they can have a birther movement for a freaking birth certificate, there should also be a movement to call for impeachment of #45, that is just as aggressive. I say call because it seems the public can’t vote to impeach a President. Do correct me if I’m wrong. If Pence gets in, repeat and rinse. If Bannon gets in, repeat and rinse. Get on their cases. I doubt it will but it’s something.

    • Deeanna says:

      There is already a movement to impeach Trump at

      Correct that the people cannot vote for impeachment – it is up to Congress to do that.

      If Trump is impeached and removed from office, Pence would assume the office. If Pence would then get impeached and removed, the next up would be Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

      In no case would Bannon ever get the office. He was not elected to anything, is not in the line of succession.

  27. HK9 says:

    When will people learn that you can’t appease a fascist? We know exactly who he is, we must resist and keep them from destroying the Republic-period.

  28. Eric says:

    Maybe he means embraced in a wrestling hold…
    Maybe Joe Biden can embrace Emperor Zero in the MMA cage

  29. Jenns says:

    Orange Buttface is starting sh*t with Australia. AUSTRALIA. This is not a man we need to embrace. Unless by embrace, you mean embracing him by the shoulders and tossing him out of The White House.

  30. Beatrice says:

    Mr. McConaughey, You may choose to “embrace” the liar we elevated to our country’s highest office, but I am choosing to ignore your advice. That’s the great news about the freedom of speech. I can stand up for what I believe and tell you to sit down in the same sentence. And you are allowed to do the same. This is NO time to be silent, people. RESIST!

  31. boredblond says:

    The new poster boy for ‘your brain on drugs’ ?

  32. Slowsnow says:

    Regardless of when the interview was made, we all knew Emperor Cheeto’s program at this stage. It was all a question of when and not what. With Brannon as chief strategist all was said.
    And his wife is a hot “tanned” (not my words of course) woman. She get’s a pass and a grabbed pussy if caught in a dark corner for those creeps.

  33. Cannibell says:

    Looks like someone’s angling for a cabinet position.

  34. SusanneToo says:

    Put down that bong, Matthew, and face reality. A terminally stupid madman with the nuclear code is just winging it moment by moment. No surrender!!

  35. Nancy says:

    The celebs that are not on board and refuse to accept the regimen of trump, rally, discuss and encourage people to stand up for their rights for the most part. But this dude appears to be standing at a podium in the school gym, half stoned, telling us how to think. I suggest he get his house in order, is he not married to an immigrant. Allright allright allright my ass.

  36. Merritt says:

    Oh another white man telling me what to do. No. Not going to happen.

  37. JulP says:

    I’m not even going to bother responding to this drivel. Just here to say that I’m glad the McConaissance is over because I can’t stand this self-absorbed asshole who stole Chiwetel’s Oscar!

  38. Deby says:

    Am probably gonna be insulted or ridiculed for this,since this site is so Anti-Trump but he’s right..Think its high time America embraces Trump as their president because no matter what you say or do,he’s going to rule for the next 3 years..God bless Trump and the United States Of America.

    • Insomniac says:

      If there’s a God, she is turning her face away from this country in shame right now.

    • Tata says:

      Trump doesn’t need your or God blessing, he is a billionaire who pays no taxes.

      That’s like eating at the food bank when you have more than enough money to buy groceries for yourself and your parents.

      Bannon said we are definitely going to war in the South Seas of China.

      No wall has ever worked before – not the one in Israel against Palestine, nor China’s wall against Mongolians, nor the wall in Spain against North Africa, nor the Berlin Wall, but hey, we will be the first in history to make it work, Right?

      let’s make a $25 billion dollar mistake which has no history whatsoever of effectiveness, because what else could we do with that money?

      i hope you don’t find this insulting – I am trying to deal with facts, historical perspective, and that to me being a patriot means speaking up when someone wants to start a war to make America great again.

      Our military does so many important things, I don’t want to trivialize their efforts and send them all around the world for trump’s ego to be satisfied. That’s patriotism.

    • steerpike says:

      Presidents don’t “rule”. That is what kings do. Presidents “govern”. No one has “ruled” us since the American Revolution and Trump better not try to start now.

      As for Trump “governing” for the next three years, I wouldn’t count on it.

  39. Franny says:

    Sure, give him a chance to threaten to send troops to Mexico, a sovereign nation, to deal with “bad hombres;” a chance to insult and alienate Australia; a chance to brag about sexually assaulting a woman who was working with him in a professional capacity; and a chance to employ cheap, transparent, race-baiting tactics to keep out innocent refugees while still allowing people from countries that are proven threats to cross our border because Trump has business dealings with them.

    Still none of this compares to his embrace of Russia after it was proven that they launched a cyber attack on our country, his steps away from NATO, and his appointment of Bannon on the national security council.

    It is deeply suspicious.

  40. OriginallyBlue says:

    Damn it Matthew, shut up.

  41. Kay says:

    I get what Matt was saying. I tried embracing Trump too, but there are certain things I can’t ignore. Matt will come around esp with his wife being an Afro Latina. Giselle and Sophia Vergara are safe being White Latinas or having at least enough white origins in them. Let Trump keep talking…

  42. robyn says:

    Awww … I will never look at him ever in the same way. This makes me sad and disappointed because I like him as an actor and those car commercials are awesome. Unfortunately, you simply CANNOT embrace a human snake or he will bite and poison you. It’s hard to stay vigilant but Trump requires dedicated constant resistance. Resist!!!!! Hopefully, Trump will NOT be there for four years. Maybe jail for treason or impeachment will see him out the WH door.

  43. teresa says:

    It’s so easy when you have nothing to lose. He can afford health insurance for his family regardless of who is president, he will be fine, he thinks. PresFubar is mentally deranged, he threatened to send troops into Mexico to take care of bad hombres! He yelled at the Australian PM! He threatened Iran on twitter just this morning, and to cap it all of at the National Prayer Service he prayed for Arnold to get improved ratings! I’m exhausted, it’s been what, 12 or 13 days?
    So, STFU Matt, you go ahead and accept this mentally deranged narcissist, who will be threatening to use nuclear weapons on his enemies soon enough. The rest of us, we Resist.

  44. Olenna says:

    Not surprised. Don’t care who he’s married to, he’s always been *red* to me.

  45. z says:

    Damned straight! He won’t last 4 years.

  46. detritus says:

    It’s always nice when the people with the least to lose tell everyone else to buck up.

  47. RedWeatherTiger says:

    #boycottgoldmovie #boycottmcconaughey

    Is he entitled to his opinion? Sure. Can I boycott him and all his films for not encouraging resistance to Twitler? Yes indeed. And believe me, I will.

  48. Tessa says:

    We’ve give him a chance and look what he’s done ALREADY . Does this norbert not read a paper or turn on the telly.
    I know we are being sucked along with you by Theresa ‘Bridget Jones’ May, but I can’t stop thinking about how awful it must be over the pond for you.
    Andrew Marr is known to be an utter Twunt btw

  49. RS says:

    Thank you for continuing to post on this! These are scary times and it’s important to have discussions out there.

  50. chaine says:

    Yuck. he just lost me as a fan.

  51. Kate Kack says:

    Kaiser this is to you:

  52. perplexed says:

    Well, another celebrity bites the dust…

  53. Neener says:

    I remember reading he and his brother have one of those trophy “canned hunting” ranches down in Texas.

    So surprise.

  54. Tara says:

    What the what what?!! Embrace, as in a choke hold?

  55. ashley says:

    I honestly didn’t take this as a compliment to Trump as much as a subtle dig, like, “we need to hold his hand and work with him to not be a fascist.” To a degree, it’s true that we’d be well off if we had a Trojan horse in the white house to mess with Bannon’s agenda. Hmmm… now I’m thinking of new strategies. Someone call Olivia Pope! But I dunno. I think he was trying to please both sides and didn’t answer the question well at all. I’m surprised.

  56. 1801cpe says:

    “Nope. It’s time to think about how constructive you can be for The Resistance.”

    Our country is so divided and you are truly really with PBF or against everything he is doing and wants to do. I watched John Oliver last night the episode on Sunday after the election and he was spot on. I recommend it. Since then, the dismantling of our democracy and our constitution, everything PBF promised.

    • cd says:

      Seriously, unless your Constitution is an enormous Kaiju that feeds on republican flesh, the constitution will not protect you, people! You have to protect IT! Resist!

  57. Gisele DeCorvin-McGraw says:

    Matthew McConaughey is not known for his intellect nor for his perspicacity. Time to solicit the opinions of the brainier actors Hollywood.

  58. Hannah says:

    I respect him so much for speaking his mind. I agree with him completely and I know I’ll be shunned and taunted for it because on this site it’s unpopular to have a different opinion but I don’t care. I love Matt!

  59. JRenee says:

    Absolutely not. Wonder if his wife’s relatives were banned from visiting if he would feel the same ( I know that she is not from any of the banned countries). I am so tired of White men especially telling us to just go along with the b.s.!

  60. perplexed says:

    He shouldn’t have used the word “embrace.” That’s too….kind? Anyway, sounds dumb…

    The only theory I can come up with is that he doesn’t want his wife stopped at the border so he’s trying to be as nice as he can to Trump. Yeah, I got nothing.

    Edited to add:

    I watched the clip and realized he said “embrace and shake hands with the fact”, not embrace Donald Trump, which I guess sounds a little less bad? I don’t know. I couldn’t figure out what he actually thinks although his words sound more “charismatic” or whatever when you see him saying them in the clip rather than reading them in print, if that makes any sense.

    • LadyT says:

      The write up does not reflect what he said. And the interview clearly took place before Trump starting making his moves- MM interrupts himself to say let’s see what he actually does. Perhaps MM is a total jerk but I’m not going to put words in his mouth to make him so.

      • cd says:

        No excuse! Since the campaign it has been more than clear the shitstorm approaching your country! No excuse!

    • bitchy says:

      Well, the meaning of “being constructive” in matters of politics can include peaceful democratic protest (e.g. demonstrations, letters to congress representatives, law suits and more).

      One should consider the full spectrum of what McConaughey said and what he might have ment. It seems that only the very negative interpretation is considered and that doesn’t seem fair.

  61. Tess says:


  62. The Original Mia says:

    Hey now, why don’t you stfu and stfd? We don’t have to embrace the Mango Mussolini. We know he doesn’t have our best interests at heart. In fact, we know he means minorities, LGBTQA, and non-Christians great harm.

  63. yogapants says:

    Nah, it’s time for Matthew M to get a swift kick in the pants. Brat.

  64. Luci Lu says:

    I think Matthew should go to the white house, and embrace TrumPutin, and post it online. He won’t do it……he’s good at pretending to be slow….but he’s not stupid.

  65. Chantal says:

    Ugh. What an idiot.

  66. me says:

    Most rich people love Trump, he’s helping them pay LESS taxes.

    • bitchy says:

      And worse, those “less taxes policies” will result in cuts in many medical and educational and social policies and others.

  67. Susan says:

    Get the fuck out of here, you’re drunk McConaghey.

    It will never happen. Matthew can sell his soul to the devil so he can be comfortable and not be so upset with the discord. But I will never sell my integrity to support a fascist no matter what you want to achieve. And if that means living in a shitty, combative life until we can get rid of him, so be it. Fighting fascism has never been an easy thing to do.

  68. Lilly says:

    I don’t with this guy since his comments about that Washington team and how they should be able to keep their name, since he’s nostalgic about it and some of his best friends are Native and don’t agree. Maybe he meant Blake Lively. A big NO on this too. Never seeing a movie of his again. Thank goodness I have Thor again. (Honestly his apology had me teared up and his support of #NoDAPL.)

  69. Angry artiste says:

    Easy to say if you are a privileged white man. There’s not much Trump is doing that will affect the rich white male demographic…as for the rest of us…. we are not so fortunate.

  70. Sam H x says:

    Does Matthew want Merriam Webster dictionary to check his privileged behind on the definition of constructive?

    Hopefully his wife Camila can thump some sense into him.

  71. Umila says:

    Yeah, I’m from a very conservative West Texas town and most of the people I know here HATE Trump (including white men). The march on our campus the other day was spectacular. It was a beautiful thing to see everyone in “the resistance”.

  72. Bee says:

    Well, damn. He’s off my list. And he’s so sexy, too.

  73. Mary says:

    no. thanks but no.

  74. brincalhona says:

    So Trump can be a pussy-grabber but we have to embrace the c___?

  75. Lisa says:

    I think f*cking not! If I were American, I wouldn’t dare normalize one word or action that comes from this sewer rat.

  76. GMonkey says:

    I will give MM the benefit of the doubt and say that I think he’s just kind of stupid. I think he’s not especially involved in politics and wants to see people relaxed and happy and just hopes that stuff will be ok. I don’t think he’s actually endorsing DT.

    While I will do everything in my wee bit of power to oust Trump, Pence, Bannon, Flynn, Ryan…If an initiative, EO, law came about sponsored by them that I liked, I would support that piece of legislation. I don’t know if that will ever happen. Everything I’ve seen so far has been terrifying. But, if he were to actually invest in infrastructure spending (besides the stupid wall), truly protect Medicare, negotiate with pharma, I would support those initiatives. I really don’t think those are going to happen though. He got right in and did a bunch of mean, stupid, evil things right away rather than moving on any of the campaign promises that were palatable. Also, I don’t think the Republicans will let him do any of that stuff.

    • bitchy says:

      Sadly it took just one meeting with big pharma and Donald T. started to defend his pledges on lower drug prices and such with far less aggression. I think that he will cave in. Perhaps he needs some “support” in the form of “constructive” peaceful democratic public protest to remember his pharmacy pledges in full? ;-D

  77. Bringbacksassy says:

    Agreed. Not the brightest. We have to be careful in this culture of venerating those most visible – famous actors all fall in this category. Reality tv has made the most ridiculous baffoons around ‘famous’ and rich (Jersey shore show alumni, for ex). And people listen. Look how powerful that medium is — it got a stark raving mad (in both senses of the word) cheeto into the White House. I don’t think we’re talking enough about this – not necessarily the media coverage per se, but what the media chooses to highlight and revere in pop culture. It’s turned this country upside down, and has been the biggest global upset since Hitler came to power (tell me I’m wrong). War hasn’t happened…yet. But can you smell it on the horizon?!? I mean who HASN’T he pissed off in his *second week* of being president?? With demonstrations in *other countries* that he’s at the helm of this nation?!? Straining our relationship with AUSTRALIA?? Who knew that was even possible?? That’s like making Big Bird angry. Everything points to ‘everything is wrong’ about this. #resist #react #reject. This can’t continue. Mike M. Is reflecting what most uneducated people think and feel ..that wave can’t take hold or we’re f#%^d.

  78. bitchy says:

    Benefit of doubt? McConaughey isn’t known as a racist or suprematist or anything disgusting like that, right?

    “Listening with a well-meaning ear” = consider the full spectrum of what McConaughey said and not just the version you disagree with. I will start with that:

    Well, perhaps McConaughey just expressed himself rather ineptly.
    Perhaps when he said “constructive” he ment to suggest that people act in a way that would “tell” Donald T. in a “constructive” way that US America isn’t “having” any of his antics. In other words: peaceful democratic republican protest which does “contructively” achieve something meaningful.

    Note that McConaughey didn’t say anything that would indicate that he approved of Donald T.’s policies. He just said that he is the elected president so be “constructive” about that fact. He never said that US America should bend over to Donald T.’s policies. Being “constructive” in politics can mean that you do actively stand your ground for what you believe is right.

  79. Nibbi says:

    This. All the This and thank you Kaiser for daring to put it so plainly.

  80. Louisa says:

    I don’t think all actors should shut up about politics, just some of them, let’s remain polite and call them the ‘less informed’ ones.
    Actually I would kind of agree with a few things he said (Matthew), and in a different context, I would be the first to call on people to calm down and to be fairplay, “you wanted him, now you got him, that’s called democracy, deal with it”. The trouble is he wasn’t even elected democratively, The US doesn’t have to pull up with this shit, nor does the rest of the world.
    So please, american people, you have to IMPEACH TRUMP. You have to. Please :3

  81. Achoo! says:

    Maybe we could give him a Mafia style embrace.