Donald Trump went Full Baby Fists at the National Prayer Breakfast

Every morning, I wake up bright and early and I check to see if there are any gossip stories that broke overnight. Since the election, I try to avoid the “real news sites” because if I start reading them first thing, my whole day will be ruined. That’s where we are now – millions of Americans wake up and feel a sense of dread, a sense of “what travesty has happened now?” and “who did he piss off this time?” In the past 24 hours, Emperor Baby Fists has hung up on the prime minister of Australia, he’s threatened a nuclear-armed Iran, he and Steve Bannon continue to alienate China, and he thinks Frederick Douglass is his golfing buddy. I, for one, welcome war with Australia. Why not? I hope they send rabid dingos after us. We deserve it.

Anyway, in his continuing pursuit to never be prepared, never research anything, never read from a prepared speech or listen to advisers or anything of the sort, Baby Fists attended the National Prayer Breakfast this morning. This is an event for politicians to talk about God and for religious officials to talk about politics. Usually there’s some reference to abortion, however oblique. Usually there are references to persecution, usually Jewish or Christian persecution. What rarely happens – and what happened this morning – was that a fascist overlord would start talking about the ratings for The Apprentice. That he would use his Prayer Breakfast pulpit to mock Arnold Schwarzenegger. MY GOD.

Incidentally, the Prayer Breakfast happened at the Trump hotel, because of course it did.

Arnold reacted on Twitter. You know what? I would not mind it at all if Arnold was president at this point.

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  1. Tiffany27 says:


    • Radley says:

      The failing President has been going downhill for years and should really turn over duties to someone more competent. America made a lousy deal! Bigly! #incompetent #fakepresident

      You inspired me Tiffany! LOL

    • jojo says:

      I want arnold to kick his big ass. Arnold was a hot mess as governor but after seeing him on the apprentice weeks ago, even I said to my husband, ” Why can’t arnold be our president instead of Trump?”


  2. HappyMom says:

    Wow. I mean. Wow. I am speechless.

    • Megan says:

      FFS. He is so much crazier than we thought. He needs a 5150 STAT.

      • Saras says:

        So can the republicans grow a collective pair and get Trump out of office due to insanity!

      • Tate says:

        No. It is power over country for them. I hope history judges them as harshly as they deserve to be judged.

      • Megan says:

        Blathering about a TV show is crazy, but declaring his intent to destroy the church/state separation is beyond dangerous. He is truly dismantling our democracy.

      • Chrissy says:

        My God, someone put a muzzle on him already!

      • Vox says:

        I always thought it was a bad thing that in Australia when there’s internal problems in a party the leader can be voted out by their peers without any input from Australian citizens (which is exactly how our current Prime Minister got into power), but it does seem safer than the American way, where no matter how bad the leader is his own party can’t vote him out because he has all the power.

  3. Insomniac says:

    Oh my god, Arnold had me howling. Trump looks like Uncle Owen *and* Aunt Beru after that burn.

  4. Daisy says:

    While I think Obama was extremely overrated as a President ( esepecially when it comes to foreign policy, some od the things he did were very bad), at least he was sane. With Trump there is a feeling he could blow up the world tomorrow.

    • HappyMom says:

      Yeah-I’m an indépendant voter, and I wasn’t thrilled with several of Obama’s decisions. But I never felt embarrassed by him-I respected him and felt like he would keep our country safe.

      • Jessica says:

        Thank you! THIS you didn’t have to LOVE Obama or even be a Democrat to understand that Twitler is going to burn this country down to the ground! HE IS OUT OF CONTROL!

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      We never really got to see what kind of pres Obama could have become as the Reps controlled congress and blocked everything he tried to do. He’s a good man who only wanted to do what was right for the US and the world, that shone throu but I agree that when it came to foreign policy his lack of international experience really showed, esp in his first term.

    • Daisy says:

      “A good man who only wanted to do what’s best for the world”. Yeah, no. A man who only wanted the best for the world would not have used drones that killed innocent people. Did he want what’s best for the US? Maybe. But for the world? I don’t think so.

      Besides, he was a politician. Good people never become politicians.

      • jwoolman says:

        Daisy- I personally know several good people who are politicians at both the local and national level.

      • IlsaLund says:

        I didn’t agree with the drone bombings. But I do realize that leaders must sometimes make decisions that affect innocent people…..I believe the term is collateral damage. I honestly wouldn’t know what to do if placed in such a position. I guess the thinking goes along the lines of do the least harm. The 2 atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945 to end WWll killed an estimated 129,000 people (in addition to the radiation effects on survivors). The Allies were preparing to invade Japan at the time the bombs were dropped. Allied casualties were estimated to be up to 4 million while Japanese casualties would have been around 5 to 10 million. President Truman had to live with that decision.

      • Keaton says:

        I agree with you @IlsaLund
        I don’t automatically assume that makes Obama a bad man. I think it’s really hard to judge some of these national security decisions because the information and context isn’t as freely available and it’s often quite complex. It’s why it’s so important that we support a strong, free press to keep us informed.

        I don’t think Truman was a monster but he had to make a monstrous choice. We may not be able to judge Obama properly until many decades later. Having said that I’m inclined to believe he’s a good man and I base that opinion on other things he did as President.

        Also saying no good person becomes a politician is very sad and it’s part of the reason I think we’re in this situation today. We need more regular people to run for office to counter the nutjobs and the crooks that are in there now. The one positive about Trump’s win is that it should encourage good people who may feel they lack experience to try to run for office. Don’t be deterred. We need good people to run for office now!

      • AnotherDirtyMartini says:

        We still have freedom of speech (for now), but I’m stunned to see people bad-mouthing President Obama in this thread. Look at the POS who’s in office now. He’s doing whatever the eff he wants (unlike Obama) because he’s white. Truly nauseating. I’d LOVE to have the Obama’s back in the White House.

  5. jmooo says:

    TV ratings are so important to him, it’s abnormal.

  6. Shambles says:

    Oh heavens Christ Jesus God Allah Ganesh Shiva… I just have to laugh. It’s all I can do.

    At some point he said he was going to “destroy” the law that prevented tax exempt churches from engaging in political activity. Welcome to the autocratic theocracy of America, y’all.

    This reminds me of a clip I saw a couple days ago, showing Trump’s response when they asked him about God on the campaign trail. He literally told a five minute story about how awesome he was for purchasing the property they were standing on, and then threw the word “God” in at the end.

    But yeah, Christian Right. You finally got God* back in the White House, right? Hmm?

    *white people

    • Tate says:

      The Christian right showed us who they are. They are bunch of hypocrites who hide behind Jesus to justify voting for this monster. They make me sick.

      • HappyMom says:

        But the unborn babies! Screw them if they’re already born or not here in the US or white-but if they’re unborn!!!!!

      • Tate says:

        @HappyMom Exactly!! It is all so rage inducing!! Their right to life shtick is complete bullshit.

      • Megan says:

        The Christian Right has always maintained that life begins at conception and ends at birth.

    • jwoolman says:

      Churches aren’t prevented from political activity, they just have to give up the tax exempt status.

  7. Khaleesi says:

    I would choose President Schwarzenegger over President Trump any time.

  8. eugenia says:

    And it has only been two weeks. In 6 months the US will be in utter shambles.

    How the hell does an American President have beef with Australia? How Sway?!!?

    • NastyWoman says:

      I think it’s wonderful. The Australian PM actually supported Twitler in his Muslim Ban UNTIL he refused to take the Australian refugees. It’s rich, I tell you.

      • vauvert says:

        Exactly. And luckily, Australia is far enough to not worry that American troops will come down if Twitler decides to deal with “bad hombres”. Mexico (and Canada) lack the same protection distance affords.

      • Kori says:

        Yes those refugees weren’t welcome in Australia and have been held in offshore detention centers. The PM is no hero or Cheetos victim.

    • Aloe Vera says:

      Most of us here in Australia couldn’t work our why Obama had agreed to that deal. I suspected that taking those refugees/illegal immigrants/boat people/people in detention centres/immigrants (whatever your side of politics is calling them) was an exchange for us allowing US spy/military/etc bases be located in our country.

  9. ida says:

    OMG!!!! *faint*

  10. sarri says:

    I have never hated someone so much in my life.

    He’s not going to make America great again, he’s going to destroy it…. I miss BO.

  11. Esmom says:

    OMFG. The depths of his complete and utter cluelessness knows no bounds. WHY does he have to be surrounded by such evil tools? He’s such a dumb puppet that I feel like if only the right person wormed their way in they could maybe start turning this sh%tshow around.

  12. Jem says:

    The real tragedy here is that there are plenty of followers who will excuse him fake news CNN is out to get him, etc

    • Liz says:

      I wonder if his followers still believe or are too embarrassed to admit they were suckered by an obvious con man

      • Original T.C. says:

        According to this well written Wallstreet profile (really worth reading by fellow resistance peeps) they agree with everything he is doing. They just wish he would stop the silly twitter beefs. Don’t be fooled by their silence, they are happy with Trump!

        These people want him to take away environmental regulation so more environmentally dangerous jobs can come back, they want protectionism and hated HRC from the jump due to NAFTA, they don’t want to compete with educated immigrants for jobs and those that own independent pharmacies said Obamacare killed their business so they want it ripped to shreds.

        And on an NPR radio show some Trump voters said they are happy that the Muslim ban is giving all other immigrants second thoughts about coming to University here because “those people” are taking space in college over U.s. students and setting the GPA bar too high! (On Point with Tom Ashbrook-also recommend).

    • Kitten says:

      I wish there was a forum where we could just copy and paste comments from Trump-supporters. It continues to blow my mind how delusional these people are. I was just engaging with my friend’s Trumpster nephew and it was like talking to someone who dropped out of elementary school and never bothered to pick up a book after that.
      The dude literally has no idea what he’s talking about. But I guess maintaining that level of ignorance is necessary in order to support a monster like Dump.

  13. isabelle says:

    Bet some of those religious people voted for him after he referred to Scripture incorrectly a few times and claims to be a Christian. Any Christian or religious person for this man need to do a lot of self-reflection.

  14. JustME says:

    At this point I’m hoping for a heart attack for DT/SB.

    • NastyWoman says:

      I actually hear people saying this all the time and really, that would be the best solution. I’ve never found myself wishing death on anyone before.

    • Nancy says:

      I couldn’t wish death on anyone. He is still on his honeymoon. If he continues to make decisions like he has and to act irrationally like he is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a mystery illness or sudden heart attack. The real powers calling the shots can tolerate so much and can make people disappear without a bullet. I hate talking like this, but I hear it continuously, and never have before. He is digging his own grave, but I think he knows it. He is very pleased that he is getting things started or done that he promised. I think he would be pleased to be remembered as a martyr.

      • Kitten says:

        Who do you think will stroke out first: Sean Spicer or Donald Trump?

      • Nancy says:

        I have a feeling neither of you believe my theory. Maybe I’m wrong for listening to too many people who are superior to me in their knowledge of these things. Kushner will go nowhere. Ivanka could easily be used as a tool of fear to straighten trump out. Kellyanne will eventually get the boot as time goes on but it’s hard for cockroaches to disappear. Sean Spicer actually has a good reputation in D.C. and is well liked but will soon come unraveled. He just about did at his first press conference when he read trump’s words about how his was the most watched inauguration…period! The aforementioned people aren’t in my equation for an untimely demise by ways Americans don’t understand or comprehend, but trump will learn to follow the rules or won’t last four years. Of course, none of the big three networks would dare tell you this. Too heavy, have a good night ladies!

    • mayamae says:

      I try to avoid wishing death on people, I really do. But I took comfort in Cheney’s bad ticker. I take comfort in Trump’s obesity and lack of sleep. And I take comfort in the necrotic spots on Steve Bannon’s face. It looks like untreated skin cancer, and untreated melanoma has been known to metastasize to brain cancer.

      ***I’m not claiming moral superiority. I have been known to state – may he burn in hell. Often reserved for baby and animal torturers.

  15. Maum says:

    Yes bring President Schwarzenegger in!

    Seriously I was even more shocked by the beginning of his speech. Who cares about the Senate Chaplain’s political affiliation? Isn’t he meant to be a neutral man of God? And what does Trump have to re-appoint him?
    Seems that since he sacked the Attorney General he actually believes he can dismiss whomever he wants.


  16. Mia4S says:

    Are you there God? It’s me Mia4S….

    Seriously please smite this fool.

  17. Sixer says:

    Oh, Kaiser. And to think that we spent weeks in 2016 castigating Normal Bill for publicly admitting he didn’t bother to read his briefing notes when on visits abroad. At least he’s just a ribbon-cutter!

    Also: nobody actually believes that the Orange One has any kind of religious faith, do they?

    • Esmom says:

      I think it’s pretty apparent that Trump doesn’t have any kind of religious faith or even a spiritual bone in his body. Yet what the deplorables would have condemned in anyone else seems ok with them if it pertains to Trump.

      • Sixer says:

        It’s blindingly obvious he doesn’t believe, isn’t it? I don’t think he is anti-abortion either. Or anti-gay. Why would he even care? This kind of stuff is not about him and doesn’t impact his making money. So is entirely irrelevant. It makes it even more disgusting that he’s leveraging the support of this demographic. Actual people mean nothing to him.

      • Esmom says:

        Sixer, exactly. And as you said below, if I were part of the religious right I would find his faux Christian act offensive. In fact, I think they did when he was a primary candidate. Once again, their hypocrisy is showing.

      • Sixer says:

        Yep. Sigh.

      • SusanneToo says:

        This was the first election in my long memory when the candidates didn’t have to constantly, hypocritically thump bibles. Because, of course, the Religious Right knew their candidate had never read or even owned a bible.

      • Kitten says:

        Yes you described it perfectly, Sixer.
        The only thing this man worships is money, adulation, and power.

      • Miss Melissa says:

        Why would he have a bible? He doesn’t read books.

      • Lahdidahbaby says:

        You nailed it, Sixer. Nailed it.

    • Giddy says:

      He worships his own version of the golden calf, the neon Trump sign.

    • Lightpurple says:

      He has heard more prayers in the past 13 days than in his prior 70 years of life.

    • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

      The Republicans are using him, he and Bannon are their scapegoats. Once they have what they want, lets face it they are getting pretty much what they want right now, they will turn on Trump and impeach him. Pence will be President in 6 months and the world will either be at war or on the brink of it.

      It will be the US, UK and Russia in one corner and the rest of the globe in the other. Am off to Google maps to find an underground cave someone remote.

      • Sixer says:

        Do you think the Orkneys would be ok? This is where Mr Sixer fancies.

      • Lady D says:

        Well, Canada doesn’t sound safe anymore. I wonder who would come to our aid against Russia and the States?

      • Digital Unicorn (aka Betti) says:

        @sixer – hmm I dunno, it would be one of the first places Russia (or the rest of Europe) would ‘land’ if they invaded the UK isles during said WW. Beautiful place, thou to my shame I have never visited there – being Scottish and all :(

        @Lady D – the Mexicans

        Am currently looking at glacial ice caves in the arctic circle – i guess I could put up with the cold to escape the madness.

    • Chrissy says:

      The Orange Turd prays at the altar of the Church of Cash. As does his whole family it seems. He hasn’t, after all, paid any taxes in decades. Right about now would be a good time for a bolt to lightning to strike. I doubt there would be many tears shed.

    • attackofthekb says:

      Oh goodness girl, yes. My folks believe he is a good Christian man and my mother got mad when I said I didn’t believe trump had never had a drink in his life. Legit “throwing evil daggers my way” mad. My parents believe he is doing what is best to preserve Christianity and the poor working man. I want to knock my folks upside the head with a damn rock lately. They raised me to be a compassionate, empathetic person who would never vote for a trump and here we are. The worst is my grandmother. 73 years old and she sits in her room listening to Faux News all day. She spouts the worst of the rhetoric on that channel daily during dinner. My dad last night asked me why it was so bad that Melania is putting Barron first and staying in NY. I flipped out. I have had enough of it. Worst part of it all, I am a poor single mother who has to live with them to make ends meet.

      • Snowflake says:

        That sounds like my family! Thankfully I don’t have to live with them. I love them but they are total Fox news fans and watch it constantly. We don’t talk politics around each other because we know it will not end well.

      • Sixer says:

        This makes me sad. Best of luck to you, attackofthekb.

    • Neverwintersand says:

      I’m pretty sure he’s a Ba’al worshiper :)

  18. littlemissnaughty says:

    Yeah, I’m done. I’m dusting off my West Wing DVDs and I’m moving to TV land for a while. Where the president of the United States is a Nobel laureate. My blood pressure simply can’t take it.

    • Christin says:

      I’m tuning into classic sitcoms / movies, yet I find myself flipping over to the news channels to be sure we are not at war yet.

  19. anniefannie says:

    At this point I think it’d be more entertaining to just have the camera’s focus on the crowds he’s speaking to and watch their reactions to this sh!;show! Can you imagine what the Monsignor was thinking at his self agrandizing bs!??

  20. Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

    I mean. I MEAN …. wuuuuut??

    Sigh. I have no words.

  21. Workdog says:

    When one of your spokespersons uses the phrase “talking smack” in official statement…yeah, we’re all still in clique-y, adolescent, be the big dog at all costs high school. Only now stealing the rival’s mascot before the big game is now akin to “if I can’t be #1 I’ll just fuck it up for everyone and show y’all I have the power!”. Going down along with everyone else isn’t even a gleam in their eyes. I truly don’t have words to comprehend the insanity laden bizarro world we are experiencing. The man and his acolytes have no shame, no moral center, and no fucking sense. Damn.

  22. Dolphin7 says:

    Omg Arnold best comeback ever!!! And yes, I would sleep a lot better too!!!

  23. Nene's Wig says:

    It still blows my mind that ANYONE thought this man could/would be a capable president.

    • I Choose Me says:

      Your name is a reference to Nene Leakes right? If so thanks for giving me, however briefly, a reason to smile.

  24. robyn says:

    Doesn’t he still own some part of that show? He might be talking about it so as to increase ratings. He knows people are curious and will give it a look … all he needs to do is mock it and create a little “feud”. Corrupt p*ssygrabbing conman Trump always has his own personal best interests at heart.

    • swak says:

      I believe he is still an executive producer. Could be wrong.

    • Lightpurple says:

      He is still Executive Producer. His name still appears on screen. He still gets money. We are watching a major ethics violation of him using his office to ask for enrichment of another business.

      • robyn says:

        Well then … he is obviously trying to build up ratings. Where is the ethics department. There is an avalanche of corrupt violations and conman comrade Trump seems to get away with all of it.

      • Indiana Joanna says:

        Robyn, You are absolutely correct. babyfists is trying to build up ratings for his reality show. At a national prayer meeting. In front of world leaders.

      • Christin says:

        I thought the same, though he or someone in his camp claimed it’s just listed in the credits.

        Yet I read that Burnett was with him today (introduced the orange one). Who is going to pursue these obvious issues? I also read that of 43 or so issues Chaffetz’ committee is planning to review, none have to do with orange one’s potential conflicts of interest. In the CNN interview yesterday, he actually said the president is ‘exempt from most of all of the conflict of interest laws.’ Fox, enjoy the henhouse.

      • Indiana Joanna says:

        Arnold was in on the entire schtick. Both these sleazy scumbags think the presidency is a joke. We can’t take anything babyfists does at face value. He is truly evil and will continue to manipulate and debase us if we aren’t constantly vigilant.

  25. koparbadi says:

    three stories on Trump but not a single one about the riots in Berkeley? Truly unacceptable and reprehensible behavior on “our” part, as in the left. Trump can be blamed for so many things and everyday he’s doing something new that’s terrible and awful but calls for violence, setting things on fire, vandalization of property in opposition of alt-right speakers is wrong and I am having a lot of trouble condoning and seeing past the left’s behavior in response to such things. I’m a staunch democrat and will continue to be but calling Trump voters and supporters Nazis is really insulting and minimizing the actual holocaust and the behavior of actual Nazis. There are clearly millions of people who don’t share our viewpoint; calling them nazis, rioting and beating them and destroying private property + arson is not going to make them change their mind.

    • robyn says:

      You are SO right!!! Even I can so easily let some silly Trump antic distract me. I saw what happened last night but am not up on it this morning. I agree with them that they should not have had what I consider to be “hate” speech on campus if they didn’t want it there. So I agree with the protest in general but as always feel their goals are extremely diminished when violence occurs.

      • koparbadi says:

        thanks for agreeing, robyn! thought i was gonna get crucified for saying that on here lol i am really disappointed. i think we have forgotten the “when they go low, we go high” mentality we had leading up to the elections and i fear the ramifications of our protest turning into violence. the message is always undermined and diminished because of the violence.

      • robyn says:

        From what I hear now the protesters were peaceful until a masked group wearing dark clothing showed up. This might have been a set up from an unexpected source. I so distrust Trump that I wouldn’t put it past him to have his supporters behave violently in order to disenfranchise the peaceful protesters. I have zero trust in lying Trump and wouldn’t put anything past him.

    • swak says:

      I don’t believe in vandalizing either but I was not surprised that it was happening at Berkeley. The students at the time were heavily involved in protesting Vietnam.

      • koparbadi says:

        hey swak, thanks for the response. i just want the media to report it for what it is- it’s rioting. if republican or conservatives “protesting” had turned it into violence, we’d be calling it riots, if black people were protesting and it became violent, we’d call it riots. We should call it a riot because that’s what it is and it’s important for us to speak up when Trump supporters do something wrong AND when we do something wrong too.

      • Brittney Buckley says:

        “please stop calling everyone who supports trump a nazi.”

        No, YOU stop using this straw man argument. No one here is using Nazi as a synonym for all Trump supporters. They’re using it to describe ACTUAL NAZIS. The alt-right is a white supremacist, anti-Semitic movement that doesn’t get to idolize Hitler and rebrand themselves.

        You’d better believe we will keep calling them what they are, and that we’ll resort to property destruction if that’s what it takes to stop them and their literal Nazi propaganda. Human lives have more value than property, property damage is NOT violence but the ban most definitely is (people have already died). It’s disturbing that you can’t see that.

      • koparbadi says:

        @Brittany Buckley- people were injured and beaten in these riots. If there are others who agree with you, that force, brutality and violence is necessary accomplish your goals, you can do so but there are many of us who will never agree or support it. It’s not a straw man’s argument. Nazi Germany is not happening in this country right now and nobody has died from the ban. Inflammatory language and exaggerated claims like this is what lends to protests (which should be peaceful like the women’s march) to turn into violent riots where cars are being set on fire and people are being beaten unconscious. if that’s what you advocate and stand for, you will find that few will stand by you supporting it.

      • Brittney B. says:

        “It’s not a straw man’s argument. Nazi Germany is not happening in this country right now”

        So now Nazis have to be German to be considered Nazis? They literally use Swastikas and advocate genocide, I’m not sure why you’re so eager to distance them from the “real” monsters.

        ” and nobody has died from the ban.”

        Might want to Google the name “Naimma Hager” before you keep pretending the ban is nonviolent.

      • koparbadi says:

        @Brittany, not pretending about anything- no need to be accusatory. I didn’t need to google that name because i’ve been following that story. Her son recanted that story and their mosque’s imam has confirmed that she died days before the EO was signed.

    • NastyWoman says:

      Sort of like Trump not denouncing the shootings at the Mosque in Canada?

      I don’t believe in violence, either, but as anyone can see, peaceful demonstrations have accomplished nothing. The Muslim ban still stands, the cabinet of deplorables is being affirmed unabated. The riots at Berkeley, at a minimum, accomplished their goal – to not give that Nazi a platform. Was it the best way to accomplish that? I don’t know. But the alt-right/Nazi movement doesn’t seem to be listening to anything else.

      • koparbadi says:

        please stop calling everyone who supports trump a nazi. It really takes away from what actual nazis did and the gravity of the holocaust and the role that nazis played during that horrible time. I am not a trump supporter but I don’t believe that name-calling is changing anyone’s mind or is going to effect change in any way. I respectfully completely disagree with the sentiment you expressed that “the riots at berkeley accomplished their goal.” destruction of property and beating people unconscious is reprehensible. That you think or that people share in the opinion that it is a valid way to accomplish goals is not a mentality i want to get on board with, ever.

        also, I don’t care what Trump does or doesn’t denounce in Canada. I am specifically talking about people being beaten and horrible actions taken by “our side” last night and you are justifying it instead of condemning it. I never want to be associated with that kind of thinking. You and others of your ilk would be up in arms and calling the alt-right terrorists/arsonists/ and murderers if they behaved the way the left did last night. It really takes away from your message if you have to resort to violence to prove it and then you double down and defend it like it was necessary to accomplish our goals.

      • Angelica says:

        But see, that’s what’s so disheartening. Our standard for Trump is low–so low that him not denouncing any monster, ever doesn’t surprise us. So why bring up a comparison when we are better than him/them? I’m not ready to make excuses for the extreme on either side because of our idiot president. You control your own life and not even Trump would make me become a full-blown criminal and resort to this level of violence. If this is how others who I thought think like me feel is how to get their point across, then they’re not like me at all. This is not the way. We can “not sit back and take fascism” without beating a man unconscious.

      • NastyWoman says:

        “Nazi” is an ideology and not limited to 1933. Milo and Bannon (and Trump) are Nazis. They subscribe to the belief that they – as white men – are superior to everyone else. Milo and Bannon are clear and explicit about their beliefs; Trump has spoken about the “genes” of some people being better than others. That is Nazi ideology. That is what the alt-right is. That is what Breitbart promotes. Sorry you’re offended by the word, but that’s what they are and I will continue to call them that.

      • jwoolman says:

        By the way, at least one woman has died because of the ban. She and her son (former US military) were coming home to the US and she was blocked at the airport. She had been a legal US resident for many years. She had been feeling ill and her son is convinced that if she could have come home with him, she would have received proper treatment without the extra stress. She died the next day.

        There are also several critically ill children blocked from scheduled treatment in the US. They will almost certainly die with the delay.

      • koparbadi says:

        @jwoolman, the son recanted the story and their mosque’s imam said that his mom had passed a few days before the EO was signed. I think the EO is reprehensible as well but I don’t think the answer is for violence, rioting, injuring people and arson. i am taken aback at how many people on here aren’t even accepting that violence of that nature is unacceptable no matter who does it.

      • greenmonster says:

        Nazi is just short for National Socialism (or Nationalism/Nazism?)… It existed before Hitler entered the stage. Although today this ideologie is tightly connected to his ideology. But the very idea of what Trump is proposing (“America first”) is nationalist in my eyes. You don’t have to be in the middle of a Holocaust to be a Nazi. America First, MuslimBan… that’s where it starts.

    • Neelyo says:

      @koparbabi, i read that the students were peaceful and it was an outside group that started the looting. Unfortunately they were liberal as well but it was NOT an entire group of rioters.

      • koparbadi says:

        yeah, i read similarly. that it was an outside group but that group identifies as liberal as well. i am waiting for more info to come out on who actually instigated it as well.

    • Angelica says:

      I was hoping that my favorite website would denounce those rioters, myself… I’m all for protesting pretty much anything but people were getting beaten with flag poles and maced just for attending. That’s violence. I do not condone that and I hope no one else here does either. I was really disappointed to not see more coverage of it. The right is claiming we’re self-destructing and please, please if any of us hope for eventual peace, don’t let the few taint the values of the many. Please.

      • koparbadi says:

        hey, glad you replied and i was hoping cb would denounce it too but i am not really surprised. there’s a couple of users on here who think the violence last night was justified and necessary. idk if cb, as a website, shares in that sentiment as well. pretty disheartened.

      • Angelica says:

        I just want to clarify that I generally agree with most commenters on here. My beef is solely with violent rioters. I don’t agree with violence, ever, and can applaud protesters any day of the week, but people did get assaulted. This isn’t some rumor, a man was getting beaten with poles until unconscious and caught on video. I hate Milo, Trump, Bannon, you name it, but I can’t agree with this. They get no applause from me, whatsoever. For all the other peaceful protesters, you’re still fighting the good fight. If this was a setup, well, whoever orchestrated this, you’re disgusting too. I really hoped that I wasn’t alone in my line of thinking.

    • Veronica says:

      I find it very curious that we keep seeing a pattern of otherwise peaceful demonstrations suddenly interrupted by “anarchist” or unaffiliated protestors that immediately generate violence…which is always well documented. I find it very curious indeed.

      My paranoia aside, when fascists take power, violence is inevitable. People’s lives are literally under threat by this administration. The clash between the AG and customs officials is setting up grounds for intergovernmental conflict. If people weren’t expecting something like this to happen when he took power, they haven’t been paying attention in history class.

      • koparbadi says:

        hey veronica, thanks for taking the time to reply. i don’t think it’s curious. we had tons of social media coverage of the women’s march and it wasn’t curious at all that it was documented. jus the era we live in that everything is mostly documented on snapchat, video, and/or twitter/periscope or Facebook live.

      • Insomniac says:

        I find it curious too, Veronica. Did these people ever show up at Tea Party or “right to life” marches?

      • isk8 says:

        I live in the East Bay near Berkeley, and our local news broke into programming last night to cover the situation. Something was not right about the violent protesters. They were all wearing the same black clothes, same black gloves, same black face wrap. They had fireworks (!?!), which are difficult to get here, especially in the winter. The students had home made signs and were wearing regular clothing. I’d love a first hand account of how things got out of control. I feel like it was a set-up or something.

      • IlsaLund says:

        Sounds like the anarchist group that demonstrated during the inauguration here in D.C. I believe the group is called DisruptJ20.

        ‘Bursts of chaos erupted on 12th and K streets as black-clad “antifascist” protesters smashed storefronts and bus stops, hammered out the windows of a limousine and eventually launched rocks at a phalanx of police lined up in an eastbound crosswalk. Officers responded by launching smoke and flash-bang devices, which could be heard from blocks away, into the street to disperse the crowds’ CNN

    • koparbadi says:

      @nastywoman- i am genuinely curious if we expect any kind of breakthrough or hope to convince any of his supporters of anything different or that they shouldn’t support him by calling them nazis? i just don’t know how constructive it is to name call someone. i think if anyone called me a name (whatever derogatory label you can give someone on the left) i would shut down and stop listening to what they’re saying. how can we get through to anyone if we label them all nazis?

      • NastyWoman says:

        Okay. Last time. Not calling everyone who supports Trump nazis – I’m calling Bannon and Milo nazis based on their self-professed ideologies about the supremacy of the white race. That is Nazism. If someone calls me a “liberal,” I won’t care, because that’s what I am. YOU are taking the position that “Nazi” is a slur (and to a decent person, it would be), but I doubt that Bannon and Milo would care about being called nazis. To the contrary, they probably revel in it. Those types of people are incorrigible. The decent people who voted for Trump because of economic reasons or what have you are not nazis and no one here calls them that. But if they start subscribing to racist notions of racial superiority, too, then guess what? They’re nazis!

      • Tata says:

        @koparbadi – I condemn violence. I have seen it on both sides, during the campaigns, post election. I denounce it all. You created a straw man that just Bc Kaiser didn’t cover those riots, she and CB commenters accept violence.

        I get savaged as a crybaby, libtard, feminazi.

        When presidents began to call names, decorum is lost.

        Trump started this movement of freeing up ppl to use hate speech.

        And still, I communicate.

      • Sunshine says:

        You have to call things what they are. Bannon and Milo subscribe to NAZI ideology. They are vocal about that. They ARE Nazi’s Why not confront that fact?

    • jwoolman says:

      I would want to know how many protesters were violent compared to those who were not. It only takes one to draw attention from the many. And were they serious protesters? Have you seen frat boy behavior? Very easy for a protest to bring out the fools who want an excuse to destroy.

      I’m always skeptical because I remember how the events at Kent State were reported. The people who were killed by the National Guard were described as foolish to go out in the middle of a riot. When I actually saw the campus, I realized the acoustics were such that very loud events in that area were not audible elsewhere on campus. One girl was killed outside her dorm, as far away from the Guard as I am from downtown (at least a 20 minute fast walk). I’m sure she didn’t hear anything. There’s a reason KSU has an efficient bus system to get people between classes. People who were there did not feel as though they were on the middle of a riot until the Guard started shooting.

      So it’s wise to reserve judgment until more information is available, especially since we have a government that wants to claim protesters are violent. We have a long history of paid disrupters to discredit protests.

    • Disco Dancer says:

      Frankly anyone who voted and supports the Nazi wannabe Trump and Bannon to power, deserves A smack down- if only to stop them from spreading their hate. Sometimes you need to fight fire with fire, peaceful rhetoric doesn’t cut it.

      The 2016 election wasn’t a regular election, where being on the left or right is part of the beauty of being in a democratic country where freedom of speech and beliefs are protected and respected. It is not the fact that a Republican is now in the WH that these lefties are protesting.

      We are already seeing the hateful policies and the tragic results of them within Muslim communities. Calling trump and his supporters Nazis isn’t diminishing the suffering of those who were tortured under and died during the Third Reich. It is actually reminding us that even after all of the bloodshed, we as a people still make the same mistake again and elect a Nazi wannabe to power who had promised to treat Muslims and Mexicans as trash. And he’s staying true to this campaign promise so far. Remember, Hitler was also an elected leader and he didn’t start his genocide in one day.

    • Shark Bait says:

      I honestly believe Milo craves this kind of stuff. Number one it gives him more attention, number two it reinforces the snowflake, not tolerant of different opinions stereotype the right loves to throw out, number three it makes protesters look violent, unhinged etc, and number four it gives the right a chance to call us all hypocrites who denounce free speech.
      Milo is a troll. He is going to spew troll speech wherever he goes to get a rise out of people. He is Anne Coulter new and improved edition. I get wanting to protest him, but then it turns into chaos.
      I’m also curious about the group of anarchist protesters. I wouldn’t put it past Bannon to arrange these things. Some right winger was claiming it was people on the left starting violent protests to force Trump to bring in the feds so we would have more ammunition to call him Hitler. Hmmm… ooookkkaaayyy.
      This is why, even though I applaud students for protesting that troll’s hateful speech, I hate giving that toad EXACTLY what he wants.

      • koparbadi says:

        lol sharkbait, thanks yup! this is exactly my point too. not only is it bad but it feeds into the right’s need to say “protesters are violent, unhinged etc, and number four it gives the right a chance to call us all hypocrites who denounce free speech.”

        thanks for brining that up too!

      • Keaton says:

        Agreed @SharkBait. Milo lives for this crap. He gets to play the victim and he uses it as proof that the left is anti-free speech. I’m not sure what the best response would be. Maybe the best way to handle that would have been to have an alternative activity that takes attention away from Milo et al. I don’t know. I just know there’s a reason we love to say “Don’t feed the trolls.” There is nothing a troll loves more than attention and that’s exactly what people gave Milo.

    • Angelica says:

      @JWOOLMAN and @BRITTNEY B. I googled Naimma Hagar and got both that she died and also that her son lied about her dying. I don’t know what to make of it or if I should feel sad or disgusted, but I put a link on here and it got removed, so maybe if anyone here wants to look into they can give me their take of this story.

      • jwoolman says:

        I don’t know if she would have survived if she had come home to the US, but it was pretty clear from the son’s remarks that he felt she would have had a chance. It certainly made her last days far more stressful than necessary. He probably feels awful that he left her, but he probably thought it was a temporary problem.

        Not sure why he would lie about it, but I’m sure it can be checked. There are definitely people who benefit from claiming he lied, though. So applying the “who benefits from a lie” test, the story is likely true. Just watch the news to see which media pick it up and actually interview the guy (he’s back in the US, they let him through).

  26. swak says:

    He has also threatened to send the military to Mexico if they don’t stop “bad hombres down there”. I fear for all. My grandson turns 18 in March and will have to sign up for the draft. Scares me that him and every other young man may be forced into service for a war that was needlessly started.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      By a guy who repeatedly dodged the draft and doesn’t pay his taxes.

      That’s Trump’s lifelong MO, though: make everyone else pay for it.

  27. cindy says:

    So, are his followers eating this stuff up? The things that are making normal people horrified/terrified/dumbstruck, this is their dream come true? I have kind of a morbid curiosity concerning the people who voted him in….so this is it, right? This? This is why you elected him. So he could ban Muslims, threaten Iran with “notice” (??????wtf???), hang up on the Australian president, threaten Mexico with invasion, and brag about his reality TV show. THIS is the change you wanted. This is your revolution. When Trump does this stuff, ramble like an unhinged lunatic, to them this is a breathe of fresh air? I’m just curious. Can someone please explain this to me? Please? Somewhere out there, people are watching this prayer breakfast monologue and thinking “thank god! Finally a president we can get behind!” What are they hearing that I’m not. What are they seeing that I’m not. For the love of God, what. the. f-ck.

    • koparbadi says:

      i’m sorry but i don’t think the left’s behavior and our behavior is great either considering the events that took place in Berkeley last night. It’s unacceptable to vandalize, beat Trump supporters and set things on fire because we don’t agree with their ideas. I am a staunch reporter but I am sick to my stomach at the actions of the left last night and I am further saddened that nobody here and some other sites i love to visit are condemning the behavior from last night. We are so quick to be harsh to the Trumpers (as we should) but we should criticize our approach too when it’s wrong.

      • Lady D says:

        You missed the question. What are Trump supporters seeing and hearing that the rest of the rational thinking country is not?

      • Radley says:

        This is really coming across as professional trolling. Repeating the same thing at multiple points in a thread, being polite, explaining you’re one of us and then blanket criticizing lefties. I have some knowledge of these things and you’ve tipped your hand. Move on, maybe?

      • Lady D says:

        I believe you are right, Radley. I had the same suspicion.

      • koparbadi says:

        @radley, i’m not trolling. i’ve been on this site since 2010 and i literally am on here everyday at 7:35 am which is when the stories start loading for me. i love coming here but at times like this i feel like there is no winning or communicating my point and i am ostracized for pointing out that the lack of coverage on riots carried out by atleast one group that strongly identifies as liberal is wrong. If I can champion peaceful protests carried out aka women’s march and championed it and loved reading about it here, why shouldn’t there be some coverage or denouncing of people’s lives and safety as well?

        if i even slightly disagree with the otherwise hive mentality and am polite but critical, that’s professional trolling. if i am really harsh and say something very blunt, i will be called a nazi when i’m neither of those things. i supported bernie in the primaries, i donated and got behind hillary in the general election and i am involved in local politics b/c i’ve lived in the same town for 16 years. i don’t want to see a cause i identify with to not be taken seriously because we don’t condemn violence when it is wrong. if we’re critical of trump supporters for blindly following his agenda, shouldn’t we do so when people on our side of the movement and resistance also act in unsavory ways?

        i am not blanket criticizing the left but i am saying that if people who identify with the left like you and i don’t rightfully criticize violence, our goals will be frustrated by it. this isn’t professional trolling or anything but if you’re gonna think that, i can’t help it. and i shouldn’t have to move on from expressing an opinion. there are a few people on here who agree with me so if i’m a troll, so are they…?

      • Radley says:


        I invite you to contextualize your concerns. Millions of lives at risk vs one incident on a college campus. Please note the neo-Nazi alt-right wants people like me dead. Dead and perhaps, raped, tortured and experimented upon beforehand.

        Millions of lives at risk vs people who supported Trump getting their feelings hurt for rightly being called Nazi sympathizers. Please note Hitler didn’t become Hitler overnight. It’s was a process. A process that looks a lot like Trump right now. People need to understand that. They need to be able to recognize fascism when they see it.

        I think you’re worried about the wrong thing, all things considered.

      • jwoolman says:

        But from the local description of the violent individuals, they sound like an organized group that also was responsible for violence at the inauguration protests and who have nothing to do with the overwhelming majority of protesters. You also keep talking as though we all are “the left” and “liberals” when I don’t even apply those terms to myself. I am speaking against idiocy and unConstitutional behavior in the White House and plans for mass murder and don’t care for labels. Nazi is an accurate description of some people like Steve Bannon, though, and we shouldn’t be afraid to say that.

        I want to find out who the thugs in black really are. Are they just a bunch of independent violent anarchists driven by ideology? Or are they paid by somebody else? Steve Bannon has called himself a Leninist who wants to destroy the state. Their behavior is in line with his thinking, and it is not out of line to wonder if Bannon himself is directing and paying for such actions to discredit the real protests. Look at the result, people like you are identifying them with the protesters in general and castigating us for not condemning them. I can condemn the actions, but I also want to know who the heck they are before tying them to the protest.

        Advocates of violence in such situations are very often paid agents of the government or other entity that is the focus of an otherwise peaceful protest. The aim is to discredit and neutralize the protest and make people more reluctant to identify with the protests and to participate. I’ve seen this myself in anti-war protests I’ve been involved with, we would train peacekeepers to watch out for such disruptions and hold training sessions to help protesters practice how to maintain their own nonviolence in the face of provocation. I don’t think this is being done so much at the moment because protests are rather spontaneous at the moment. Vietnam War protesters report the same thing, the paid government agents in their groups were the ones pushing for violence. It’s important to be prepared for this and shut it down, but the media is attracted by violence and typically does not investigate the sources of violence at all. So they often never correct their early reports attributing the violence to protesters, even when it would not be difficult to find out.

        I would strongly advise that people at least start reading up on nonviolent protest and how to deal with folks like the thugs in black who are beginning to pop up at the current protests. Also keep hammering at the media to find out the real story. Don’t assume that reporters will go deeper on their own.

    • Liz says:

      I’ve often said and definitely think that Trump supporters must be too embarrassed to admit that they were suckered by this guy. Would anyone vote for a guy they thought would end up being so babyish and dangerously reckless? When I hear them say he’s doing a great job already and nothing would be worse than having “Killary” as president I worder what they’re looking at. Humiliating that so many fell for this conversation mans lies. The world is laughing at us

    • koparbadi says:

      also, i just want to say that when those of us have any opinion or approach that slightly deviates from that which the majority on this site espouse (for ex- we don’t support arson or people being beaten or maced) it just divides us further and robs us of the opportunity to be on a site we all love and enjoy using as well. i’m not a troll or anything but i don’t like violence and i’ve been calling my governor’s office, gotten more vocal and had a presence in my local town politics and ent in two letters so far to my HOR and Senator’s office. Just because our approaches are different doesn’t make me a troll for denouncing violence.

      • jwoolman says:

        I don’t think you’re a troll. But you need to listen to what some of us are saying about violence being used to deliberately discredit legitimate peaceful protest. Don’t fall for it. In this case, it’s become clear that the violence was due to people who came as thugs to disrupt, whether paid or unpaid, and not due to peaceful protesters suddenly deciding to mace people and beat them up. Who brings mace to a protest anyway?!?

        It’s becoming very obvious that the violence was planned by an outside group. I want the media to focus on finding out about that group. Of course most people are against beating people up, we have laws against that. You’re worried about the wrong thing here. There is no universal acceptance of the violence that occurred, but we need to find out who actually did it. The word “riot” implies everybody joined in, and that doesn’t appear to be the case. People were assaulted by a bunch of thugs who came for that purpose.

      • Tata says:

        @koperbadi who here supports arson, macing?

        I am sorry you Have been so traumatized by these riots and their violence. But as everyone is saying, let’s wait until we know the full story (in part because milo is really despicable..he thrives on chaos and drama)

        there have been deaths from lack of gun control, deaths from disproportionate use of violence by police, people living horrible lives in refugee camps (my grandparents were in one) despite being promised refuge by trump, there are a lot of horrible things going on.

        milo, he is a troll of the worst kind.

        He maintains he should be able to use the n word as free speech don’t u know, and if someone were to get angry it’s Their fault Bc his free speech trumps your sensitivity.

        It’s one of breitbart’s banner causes.

        And again, I in no way support violence, arson, etc BUT many sports fans ‘riot’ in cities and the media calls it sporting exuberance. Do you see the coded difference? Sports fans riot – exuberance. BLM or anything else to demonize – a riot. Both destroy property, both have arson, violence.

        So Why not call the students exuberant protesters? it depends on how much the person reporting wants to criminalize their actions.

        You have expressed your views, and we have heard them but I do feel you are creating a straw man argument and keep repeating it, which is frustrating.

      • Rapunzel says:

        koparbadi- You are not getting criticized for having a different opinion. You are getting criticized because your position is stereotyping the protesters at Berkley. Small amounts of troublemakers, loud as they are, should not be used to discredit protest.

        And while caring about violence at Berkley is all well and good, it does not and should not overshadow the real violence taking place — women having rights removed/limited, access to health care being removed/denied, medicare/medicaid/social security potentially being ransacked, etc. And the wars Trump is starting on twitter.

        Violence serves no purpose except ill purpose, that’s true, but look at the bigger picture here.

    • Shark Bait says:

      The die hard ones I know are. I had some going on and on about his visit to Dover yesterday. Saying Obama was a military hating, evil man who never respected soldiers and now we finally have a real president in office.
      They are also saying the same thing in regards to the police. That Obama hated the police and now we finally have a president who loves and respects our police.
      Oh and that the “grown ups acting like babies” protesting Trump are just mad that America finally has the strict disciplinary dad it needed to make us act like grown ups and go out and work. That was a meme some high school classmate shared this morning.
      When it comes to stuff like this, they just say oh well that’s just his style. No one can filter him, especially the lying media.
      BBC News has videos on their facebook page of Trump supporters, very eye opening.

  28. Nancy says:

    So now he is Don Rickles. Just as old….he is not a president, he’s a master of ceremonies. How does one accept this atrocity. The man is calling out Arnold at a prayer breakfast. WHY is he talking about his effen reality show. There is no rhyme or reason to his thought process. Is he really this narcissistic or is the man senile. Where the f is Jared Kushner the sil who is supposed to be advising him, or in truth, reeling him in. Prayer breakfast indeed, let me go light a candle for all of us.

  29. Reece says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. I lived through Arnold running CA and it was not good but it wasn’t this!

    Sadly, since he wasn’t born in the US, the only way to get him in the White House is to change the Constitution. (which I do believe is one of the things that should be changed)

  30. dubblk says:

    I know this isn’t directly on-topic, but I just had to hop on here and say how much I appreciate all of you. I’ve been reading this website for years (never commented) and while I’ve always loved the comments, I’ve never NEEDED them until now. You guys have been such a consistent source of sanity for me through all this craziness. It’s nice to know that despite the shitshow I can still come here and find some joy. So I just wanted to say thank you. Seriously… THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  31. robyn says:

    This guy rarely laughs and is completely lacking in a sense of humor. However, why is there always a hint of a smirk when he closes his eyes and pretends to pray?

    • gwen says:

      …because he’s only focusing on himself….

    • Liz says:

      Tough to get the smirk off that tiny butthole shaped mouth

    • Shark Bait says:

      Remember when Pres Obama made a joke about him at the WHCD? And Trump had a stone face? I wonder if people are going to boycott that this year? They should.

      • jwoolman says:

        Trump has essentially no sense of humor so he interprets joking about him as an attack. He never forgets any perceived slight. Having him at the White House Correspondents Dinner would be a disaster. They should break with tradition and just not invite him, especially considering his efforts to get rid of them entirely.

  32. Veronica says:

    Bannon’s interview is just chilling. War with China was probably bound to happen at some point. I think we were all hoping it wouldn’t happen because of people like him eagerly encouraging it.

    • robyn says:

      War with China? Another distraction? There is a real war going on between Russia and the Ukraine. People are dying. Russia wants to gobble up the Ukraine.

  33. Cerys says:

    Every day is worse than the one before with Trump. I dread turning on the news :(

    • jwoolman says:

      I also find myself saying “This is not normal” a lot these days. Bears repeating, though. This simply is not normal. No way, no how.

  34. TJ says:

    Jesus. (That was a prayer).

  35. Spike says:

    To call This Guy unhinged is ratcheting it down exponentially. Thanks Kaiser for the update. I a few small Abbie normal precancerous brain cells. Reading about this is going to to amplify them to a brain tumor. I have a neurologist, so I’m fine – twisted but okay ;)

    Hmm, I guess my education in mathematics was a bit different than his. To call 1250 immigrants negotiated by President Obama & the Austalian PM “thousands” is a tremendous exaggeration. Because you know everything he does is tremendous. And you hang up on allies because well he had a super tantrum. Because he’s super.

    He’s also threatening to cut federal funding for University of California/Berkeley
    Students protested an appearance by one of his & Bannon’s alt right buddies. Subsequently the appearance was cancelled. He’s threatening to cut the university because, you know free (*cough* hatred) speech must be allowed. Suck it up buttercup. Students have protested speakers & appearances have been cancelled for well over 40+ years.

    It was awesome to hear about his bro Frederick Douglas. He’s in that Broadway musical, but not that horrible Hamilton. Rosa Parks has that great fleet of buses. And Sylvester Stallone was excellent in that Judge Dredd Scott movie. So many disgraceful & disrespectful speeches in absolutely inappropriate settings.

    A distressing chain of events is occurring that is threatening the safety of our troops, our relationship with allies, our democracy. He is undermining & ignoring critical resources in government. He’s ridiculed intelligence agencies. He’s partnered with a former high ranking KGB agent who interfered with our election. His reign is a clear & present danger for all of us.

    • Tata says:

      I hope everything turns out ok with you and your neurologist!

    • jwoolman says:

      Spike – your mention of Trump’s desire to cut funding to the university raises another interesting possible connection. Milo might very well have been hoping for protest and cancellation. Peaceful protest might not have worked to get the event cancelled. But violence would. Perhaps there’s the special motivation for the obviously organized masked thugs vandalizing and assaulting. So far I have not heard about the identity of the thugs. Were any of them students? Were any of them not students? Were any of them arrested? In DC, it seemed as though they were arresting people who were not the thugs (even journalists just there to report) and dealing with them in an unusual way (not normal for D.C.). Was that happening here also?

      Trump/Bannon have considerable motivation to paint the protesters as violent and against free speech. They very much need incidents like this to promote their agenda. They should be prime suspects in the mystery of who might be promoting the thugs.

  36. gwen says:

    Trump is nothing but a showboat who’s now dancing on the edge of dementia.

  37. SusanneToo says:

    J____ F______ C_____!!

  38. Marcy says:

    Trump is about as Christian as Judas was just using Christians to get their support. I’m Christian but my God loves everyone and would not condone his silliness.

  39. Jayna says:

    Love Arnold’s comeback. Yes, switch. I’m all for it. Anything is better than the Trump/Bannon presidency.

  40. Jayna says:

    OKay. This brought tears to my eyes. Hill and Bill out on date night last night attending the music In Transit, and the reaction for Hillary and Bill, but especially HIllary, was moving. Hill, yeah.

  41. adastraperaspera says:

    Jesus wept.
    ~John 11:35

  42. Stacey says:

    There were FSB sanctions lifted on Russia earlier today so many are saying his remarks at the Prayer Breakfast were an attempt to get people to not talk about that. The Russian parliament knew and was reporting on it even before our own Congress knew.

    I don’t care how Trump leaves office – I just want him to leave office as soon as possible. We will not survive 4 years of him.

    He has already had one botched military raid and now Bannon is itching for war with China and most likely Iran.

  43. Christin says:

    Besides promoting the show that still bears his name in the credits, MSNBC is reporting he also vowed to get rid of the Johnson Amendment (a law since 1954). This could open the door to funneling political donations to tax-exempt churches, with no oversight.

  44. I'mScaredAsHell says:

    So now, he’s made it easier for Russia to hack everyone’s elections

    U.S. eases restrictions on cyber-security sales to Russian spy agency

  45. Tess says:

    Omg I love Arnold’s response!!

  46. Indiana Joanna says:

    And Arnold was in on the entire schtick. Both he and baby fists are disgusting famewh@r#s. Using a national prayer meeting in such a cynical way. They think the presidency a big joke.

    • jwoolman says:

      Wouldn’t be so sure that Arnold was expecting the Orange Maroons’s comments. Much earlier, when Trump tweeted gleefully about the ratings of the first Apprentice show with Arnold as host, claiming they were nothing compared to his ratings, Arnold told him to get back to work…. I doubt that they’re too friendly at his point. Arnold has a sense of humor and Trump does not. No way Trump would be in on anything that made fun of him.

      Besides, Arnold is actually a better businessman than President Tweeter.

      • Amy Tennant says:

        And he’s an immigrant, too, with a Hispanic child. He may be a conservative and a Republican. but many are deserting Trump like rats from a sinking ship.

        That said, I want to believe Trump was trying to be funny.

  47. wood dragon says:

    As a pagan and a Buddhist, I would like to thank all those fundamentalist heretical morons for saddling us and the world with an anti-Christ lunatic. Seriously, thanks, morons.

  48. Emilia says:

    Kaiser, I love you. You make me feel better (and laugh out loud in agreement) every day with your thoughts and insights. Plus, I don’t feel so alone, waking up with dread and who Emperor Baby Fists has pissed off, knowing you and others feel it too. I read Celebitchy first now every morning just to ease myself into the day’s new disasters. ‘Cause we know they’re coming…

  49. Persephone says:

    Australia actually lost a war against Emus so we’re recruiting them into service and preparing the squadrons of the Non-flying Corp now, their claws are being sharpened and we’ve been telling them Trump’s been saying nasty things about their small wings. Drop bear guerrilla training isn’t progressing as hoped, keep going after backpackers.

    • jwoolman says:

      How are the kangaroo commandos doing in training? They look pretty tough.

      • Persephone says:

        The gloves are off the big Reds and we’ve been mixing up their hand-to-hand training with squats and tail strengthening. The smaller wallabies are learning the smuggle supplies in their pouches. We’re not going to bother training the Devils, just let them loose to be Devils.

        Our coat of arms is both delicious and will f#*% you up.

      • jwoolman says:

        This would make a wonderful cartoon, then President Tweeter might even watch it. You have to find the right way to explain things to him.

        Carry on.

    • Lucrezia says:

      God I love the Emu War story, thank you for reminding me of it :)

  50. lor lor says:

    I have been a pacifist since I was in high school, and protested the Vietnan war. I am a now a vegan after being a vegetarian for 35 years.

    I think Cersei Lannister got it right when she “disposed” of those, en masse, she believed were threats to her kingdom.

    I believe this man, and those he is appointing and those who follow him, are indeed a threat to our beloved country and the values that make our country so great. Kindness, tolerance, diversity, acceptance, caring, fairness & helping those in need or the less fortunate.

    I have never felt this way about any person, or his followers, in my 64 years on this planet.

    I know there is a special place for the Donald and his ilk and I do believe that place is called CrazyTown.

    SNL & Kate McKinnon got it right when she parodied Love Actually, playing Hilliary holding cue cards that read, “If you vote for Trump, He will kill us all.”

    Im hoping the Universe intercedes and we will be spared 4 years of this Theatre of the Absurd.

  51. Deeanna says:

    There is a means to get rid of an incapacitated president who is “unable to discharge his duties”.
    It is in the 25th Amendment, Section 4. It involves the Vice-President and the cabinet heads notifying Congress. It has never been used.

    You can read about it on Wikipedia.

    • lor lor says:

      Thank you for sharing this information. Very much appreciated.
      I just shared this with everyone (except my cousin who is a right-wing republican) on FB & asked that all my friends share this info

  52. Anare says:

    I want to laugh but I am too afraid of what is going to happen to us with this insane orange clown at the wheel. Help us baby Jesus!😱

  53. Bringbacksassy says:

    You all are my sanity. #celebitchy4eva
    Hearing the voice of reason in this virtual space has given such comfort, as well as hope✨..hope because truth, REAL TRUTH will prevail. It has to. We have no choice but to believe that, because anything less – well the thought is unbearable..

  54. cheese says:

    hahaha I thought South Africa was flucked under our illustrious, corrupt Zuma presidency. Oh America, you guys are so so badly screwed.

  55. Keaton says:

    Ok I took one for the team and watched the whole 19 minute speech (I know. I know. I am a saint…or a masochist. ). I hated how, over the last 8 years, some attacked Obama for things that were clearly untrue. If you just took the time to listen to him speak you’d see they were patently false – e.g., “Obama is the divider and chief”, “Obama picked BLM over the police”. etc Total nonsense. I’m not saying that people are doing that to Trump but I wanted to be consistent. Moreover, it’s good to be aware of what other people are seeing, hearing and being influenced by.

    My major takeaway is Trump is really trying to nail down the social conservative base’s support. He quotes the bible (awkwardly), he promises to get rid of the Johnson Amendment, he claims he was raised to believe “to whom much has been given, much is expected” (hahaha), etc. Truthfully, Trump was far less absurd and inappropriate at the National Prayer Breakfast than he was at the CIA. (I watched *that* entire speech as well and almost the whole thing was him bragging about his success and complaining about the “crooked media.”) This speech was definitely more appropriate overall, so good for Jared and his minders I guess in keeping him on script? :/ He was still narcissistic of course and brought it back to himself over and over again (e.g., “I was so touched when people would say ‘I’m praying for you’ “). It’s always about the Donald. He also said some nice things about the people who serve in the military (I think his fondness for them is because they voted for him in large numbers. Once again, it always comes back to The Donald).

    I have to say, the speech was disturbing to me for a number of reasons. One of the biggest is because if he keeps making speeches like this and convinces enough people the media is crooked – he will garner more and more support from a large part of the voting population. Some of the comments on twitter and youtube from Christian conservatives truly made me sick. They really are buying into his conjob.

  56. Vox says:

    As an Australian, even joking about a war with the US isn’t funny to me. Too many of our countrymen have died fighting in American wars. We’d be destroyed.

    Besides, we don’t have rabies here anyway. Our dingoes are 100% rabies free and are too rare to waste on tearing down Trump supporters. It’d be much better to sic Koalas with chlamydia on them, or Tasmanian Devils, or angry Wombats, or Cassowaries… Never underestimate the damage a pissed off Wombat can do.