Mary Kay Letourneau hosting “Hot for Teacher” night at Seattle club


Mary Kay Letourneau, the statutory raping Seattle-area (former) teacher, has found a way to make some extra cash. Letourneau, who served seven years in prison after her 1997 conviction for raping 13-year-old student Vili Fualaau, later married him. He’s now 26 (she’s 47) and they have two daughters together. So what’s Letourneau doing for cash? Hosting a “Hot for Teacher” themed night at a downtown Seattle club. And Fualaau – never one to just sit back while Letourneau gets all the attention (he wrote a book about their relationship that was only published in France and poorly received) – will also be joining the event, working as the D.J.

Mary Kay LeTourneau, who was imprisoned as a 34-year-old teacher for raping a sixth-grade student, will host a “Hot for Teacher” night this weekend at a Seattle bar, KOMO-TV and the Associated Press report.

KOMO reports that Mike Morris, owner of the Fuel Sports Eats & Beats bar, says the event “is all in fun, and he hopes people take it in the right spirit.”

LeTourneau, now 47, later married the student, Vili Fualaau, now 26, after serving 7 1/2 years in prison. Fualaau will also be at bar, working as the D.J. for the Top 40 event.

“It’s turned into sort of a love story,” says Morris. “I realize it had a sick twist at the beginning, but they’re both adults now. They’re both married by the state of Washington. So, it’s just go and have fun on a Saturday night — and if people are looking to have some fun, just come check us out.”

Morris tells KOMO that this is actually the third time that the pair, who have two children together, have hosted the event, but the first two times were kept low-key.

The couple first met when Fualaau was in the second grade. Their relationship became sexual when he was 12 and she was a married mother of four, the AP says. LeTourneau was released from prison in August 2004.

[From USA Today]

Call me uptight, but I don’t think there’s anything funny or darkly humorous about exploiting your sex offender status and child-raping infamy for cash. Or for more infamy, which, given LeTourneau’s bizarre mental health issues, is probably just as big a factor. I lived in Seattle until three years ago, and she loved to pop up in the news here and there. Nothing as overtly salacious as “Hot for Teacher” night though. According to TMZ, the whole concept was Fualaau’s idea.

I’m surprised it took the bar two events to realize they could milk this thing for more attention. And I’m sure they’ll get it – it’s Seattle after all, it’s not brimming with celebrities, lowbrow or otherwise. Bill Gates doesn’t party it up like you’d think. LeTourneau is quite the oddity and the public still has a bit of a fascination with her. I think it’s disgusting, but I’d have a hard time not going, just to see what I’m guessing will be quite the spectacle. Luckily the event is over 21-only – so we can at least rest assured LeTourneau probably won’t be a danger to any of the guests.

Thanks to Evil Beet for the lead.


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34 Responses to “Mary Kay Letourneau hosting “Hot for Teacher” night at Seattle club”

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  1. Ggirl says:

    Everything is for sale

  2. Annie says:

    I agree Jaybird.

    I think I just threw up in my mouth.

    LeTourneau is seriously perturbed and frankly, what she needs is therapy. “Love story”?!? What’s so romantic about rape? What’s so lovey-dovey about the exploitation of a kid who BARELY HIT PUBERTY.

  3. kelly138 says:

    Next month, the bar will be hosting “Don’t Stand So Close” night featuring a male teacher who was convicted of raping a sixth-grade female student. Right?

  4. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Uh, that’s gross. I mean, I’m glad, I guess, that they’re married now and raising their two daughters and he’s an adult now, but seriously, there’s no excuse for having sex with a TWELVE YEAR OLD, I don’t care what the genders are.

    I hate that double standard.

  5. Me! says:

    Distasteful. Disturbing.

  6. TaylorB says:


    Thank you for your comment, a perfectly succinct remark regarding the disgusting double standard that ‘hot for teacher’ night stands for.

  7. Becca says:

    I agree with Kelly 100%. If the sexes were reversed, there would be no party. Total double standard.

  8. mae says:

    She is so incredibly disgusting. I work with children and the idea of what she did to a child is horrifying.

    If she were a male teacher who had done this to a female student (regardless of whether they got married or not), she would be vilified by the media for even showing her face in public.

    Its no worse just because 12 year old boys think they want to have sex.

  9. Cinderella says:

    There will come a day when he will not be hot for his teacher. A guy that age working in clubs is bombarded with temptation, and the girls are way younger than 47.

  10. Zoe (The Other One) says:

    Ugh, this is vile. Horrendous double standard.

  11. Dingles says:

    Kelly pretty much nailed it. This wouldn’t be deemed a “love story” by any means if the genders were switched.

  12. gg says:

    I saw a clip of their scary ghetto wedding. They’re doing the ceremony, beginning the vows, the groom reaches into the ringbox to get the ring to put on her finger, doesn’t see it immediately, since it slipped from the middle into the side — YET, instead of really looking for it, he immediately turns around and, in the middle of the vows, loudly announces to the crowd of friends and family, “There’s a THIEF in the room!!” and he pitches a huge hissy fit until a person checks and finds it right away. Mary Kay just stood there smiling and pretending this was completely ordinary. Freaked me out.

    This totally cringeworthy scene further illustrated the extreme issues they both have.

  13. Iggles says:

    Yep. It’s a double standard. It’s cool that their raising their family together. However, I feel for her OTHER 4 kids. O_o

  14. guest says:

    beyond bizarre then – beyond bizarre now.

  15. ! says:

    Don’t even. Don’t EVEN insinuate that Seattle would show up at this just because we don’t have celebrities. That is insulting. THIS Seattle-lite ain’t happy about it!

  16. kelly138 says:

    Taylor B and others — thanks.

    I’ve actually heard people arguing that it doesn’t matter as much for boys because what boy wouldn’t love to get jumped by an older woman? And twelve-year-old boys already think about sex all the time! Well, children have sexual thoughts and curiousity at even younger ages, but adults have no business exploiting that fact in any way. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, a 12-year-old is a CHILD.

    I hope Mary Kay’s own children (all of them) are somehow magically blessed and come out of this as normal people.

  17. boomchakaboom says:

    OH my.

  18. Legend says:

    She’s a pedophile.

  19. jeannified says:

    She and he are a couple of choclate messes!

  20. Codzilla says:

    Does anyone know if she still has contact with her other children? If so, I hope it’s supervised.

  21. Judy says:

    It is a shame that this happened and that he was so young. I remember my boys in 8th grade having crushes on their teachers and over heard some conversations when they were in high school and I doubt if they would have turned a few of their teachers down if they had the chance to have sex with them. What amazes me is that he waited for her to do her time and then married her and they are still together. SHe didnt molest any other boys so she is not a predator and I doubt if she will ever approach another young boy it was just him that she fell in love with and wanted. I dont understand it but for some reason they are still together and I wonder if they will stay together since they have been thru so much and most people who are married as adults have broken up for much less then these 2 have been makes you wonder ..

  22. dew says:

    In addition to the “if the genders were reversed” discussion, I know this won’t be popular, but they’re both quite attractive people. It’s like being very attractive is almost as much of a “get out of jail” card as being rich is.

    I hope the media is the only people at this bar, but if anyone else shows up, I hope the media interviews them, and asks if they’re teachers and/or parents.

  23. loldongs says:

    Their pairing is about as much an affront to the nature of healthy relationships as any I’ve seen.

    It’s only compounded when it’s appropriated as a marketing gimmick.

    As another has commented.

    Everything’s for sale.


  24. Lita says:

    It’s just like that Romeo+Juliet that baz luhrman did, you know? A modern take on the eons old love story .. simply beautiful; I think I am tearing up. Sigh!

  25. nikky says:

    Kathy…you’re everything thats wrong with the world. Seriously. You’re like those tools who use the whole ‘Well, i love my dog, so why can’t i just marry my dog, thats totally gonna be the same thing if homo’s get to marry’ argument.

    Look up the word ‘consent’, you ignorant fool.

  26. gg says:

    dew – you really think he’s attractive? yeeeeek. (imho of course)

  27. ccoop says:

    Kathy is a troll. Don’t encourage her by responding to her idiocy.

    Mary Kay is deeply disturbed and it’s tragic for her children that she is putting her mental and emotional issues out there as “entertainment”.

  28. DiMi says:

    Wow. This is disturbing on so many levels.

    However, it does bother me that this woman got seven years for statutory rape (where the boy was willing but not old enough to give consent) while so many men who rape completely unwilling women hardly spend any time in jail.

  29. orion70 says:

    Kathy, I can only assume that you are being sarcastic.

    If these two are married, why is she still using her former name ?

    I’m guessing that the two newer children won’t be affected by this crap at all..nooo.

    I can not for the life of me understand how any any adult can find a 12 year old sexually attractive, and particularly given that 12 year old boys often look much younger than their female counterparts.

    Judy: you shouldn’t be amazed that they remained together and he stuck by her while she was in jail etc, nor should that be taken as evidence of deep everlasting love. It’s called GROOMING. Never mind the fact, as I recall, that his own mother was fully on the side of this whole thing. Many young victims of incest and sexual assault in general, often profess to still love their perpetrators, and don’t want them to go away (even in anger against the non-abusive parent), because they’ve been groomed to believe this is normal.

    I’m with many here, and if this was a 12 year old girl, no one would be gushing love story.

  30. Ophelia says:

    So, I guess Kathy the Troll is also probably a homophobic pedophile trying to justify things? Idk, but that’s sick and insulting to compare two adults of the same sex getting married, to a teacher raping a twelve year old. Gross, Kathy. The saddest thing is that you actually think you have a point. Stupid people should not be allowed in front of computers.

  31. mike says:

    Pedophilia has been practiced by good Christians for ages, Kathy. I don’t know why you keep equating pedophilia with gay marriages; gay marriage has always been condemned by Christians almost everywhere, in contrast to pedophilia.

    A grown man or woman marrying a child younger than 12? Blessed by pastors and priests for very long time. Just because these libruls tell you God-fearing Christians that it is wrong to marry a kid doesn’t mean those Godless libruls are right.

    Kathy, fight for your rights as a Christian. Go marry a 12 yr kid and then take this all the way to the Supreme Court. Who knows? SCOTUS has two very God-fearing honest Christians on it (Thomas, Scalia) and the others are Christians to one degree or another. Maybe they’ll agree with you and finally allow all good Christian American adults to marry kids again.

  32. Shay says:

    I hope she doesn’t have contact with her kids. She’s a child molester plain and simple. Only reason why they let them get away with this is because she’s a woman. If a male pedophile did this he’d be ran out of town.

  33. Wresa says:

    Kathy, you are so ignorant it disturbs me.

    Do you know any homosexuals? Obviously not. My brother and 2 of my best friends are gay and for you to place them on the same level as pedophiles and trolls and dogs (seriously, WTF is wrong with you) I find to be insulting beyond words.

    Go to school. Educate yourself. Oh, and not with a.m. radio and conservative blogs. I mean BOOKS and SCHOOL. Ever hear of it? Or did you trade that in at age 16 to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen?

  34. Magsy says:

    OMG, soooo wrong on sooo many levels. How can she even think that’s she’s acceptable to society, a former rapist and pediophile while all across America other sex offenders, who have also served their time can’t rent apartments, can’t live in neighborhoods etc. It’s definitely because she’s a woman. Okay she’s paid her time but go low profile somewhere. Can you imagine her poor children and ex-husband? They must be sooo embarassed.