Viola Davis in bespoke Jenny Packham at the BAFTAs: lovely or meh?

2017 EE BAFTA Film Awards - Arrivals

Viola Davis came into this awards season the “favorite” for all of the Best Supporting Actress awards, and she’s been dressing like she knows she’s going to be photographed extensively too. Sometimes, the pressure of being the frontrunner gets to a lady, and they completely bungle their awards-season style. But now Viola… hopefully. I mean, we still have to see what she wears to the Oscars, but thus far, she’s been flawless. For this evening’s BAFTAs, Viola chose a British designer, Jenny Packham. Apparently, Packham made the gown specifically for Viola using “flowing ribbons in shades of blue silk chiffon.” Beautiful.

2017 EE BAFTA Film Awards - Arrivals

Penelope Cruz in gold. She looks gorgeous! I even like the kind of 1970s/disco vibe of the look, mostly because she’s the one attempting it. It really works on her. She attended the BAFTAs as a presenter.

2017 EE BAFTA Film Awards - Arrivals

Daisy Ridley in Roland Mouret. Yeah, I really, really like Daisy and I think it’s great that so many little girls look up to her, and all of that is absolutely more important than her style. That being said, her style is a huge problem. This dress looks like a repurposed quilt (and the quilt wasn’t even cute to begin with).

2017 EE BAFTA Film Awards - Arrivals

Sophie Turner in Louis Vuitton. There was a lot of LV on the BAFTA carpet and I really don’t know why? Like, LV is not that great these days. This dress is okay, in that it’s not offensive, twee or immensely unflattering.

2017 EE BAFTA Film Awards - Arrivals

Here’s Eddie Redmayne and his wife Hannah. Both wore McQueen! I love her dress, actually. Hannah always makes an effort to wear British designers. Also: the Duchess of Cambridge wore McQueen too and now I can’t help but think that maybe Hannah’s dress would have been better on Kate?

2017 EE BAFTA Film Awards - Arrivals

Anya Taylor-Joy in Gucci. I had a “???” thought bubble when I saw her name, but she’s everywhere these days – she’s one of the kidnapped girls in Split and she’s absolutely “up and coming.” She’s nominated for the Rising Star BAFTA. Unfortunately, this Gucci is awful. It’s so bad, I feel sorry that such a young woman got stuck with this terrible dress.

2017 EE BAFTA Film Awards - Arrivals

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  1. Veronica says:

    I don’t mind the design of Daisy’s dress – it kind of fits her twee personality – but I do think the top mismatches the bottom. If you’re going to do a patchwork look, the whole gown has to be on the same page and look old-fashioned.

    The color of the tiers on the Gucci dress is awful, but I love the tiger print. That’s a look that deserves a dress with a little more spirit to it.

  2. monette says:

    Oh Viola, you are giving me a lady boner! :)) She is stunning and the colors on the dress with her skin tone….perfection!

    • Carmen says:

      That skin tone can wear anything. I’m so jealous.

    • Megan says:

      Viola’s look is perfection. I think this is the best gown Packman has ever created. It belongs in a museum because it is pure art.

      I can’t wait for Viola’s Oscar look.

  3. imqrious2 says:

    Viola looks GORGEOUS; that dress is amazing. I know it must’ve been cold, but I’m glad she lost that awful, car-length black coat she was wearing with it in other pics. Why wouldn’t they line the red carpet with heat lamps is beyond me. Those women wearing the skin-baring dresses are far braver than I! lol

  4. minx says:

    The Gucci dress looks like Communist-bloc fashion from the 1970s.

  5. ichsi says:

    Anya has worn worse and that’s probably very telling given how ugly this dress is. Sophie’s dress is the first LV in a VERY long that I kinda, sorta like? It works on her, let’s say that. And Viola is stunning, simply stunning.

  6. Bee says:

    Hannah Bagshawe isn’t even a “star” but somehow still manages to wear the best dresses. I really like her style and always covet what she is wearing.

    • Daisy says:

      Yes, absolutely. This dress is great on her. She’s not an actor so she’s probably not being dressed by the brands, yet still manages to do very well. She sometimes misses, but usually is gorgeous: she wore a Burberry to the Met Gala a few years ago that I still love.

  7. OhDear says:

    Viola Davis looks gorgeous! Nice colors on the dress.

  8. Rocio says:

    Something’s going on with the GOT girl.

  9. Fiorella says:

    These odd Gucci dresses lately make me feel very out of the loop! Not appealing to me at all

  10. aahhhh says:


  11. Sam says:

    I love Viola, and she has a beautiful skin tone and looks amazing in every color. She deserves better than this cheap-looking, uninspired dress. It looks like it came off a rack at Anthropologie.

  12. Locke Lamora says:

    I think Viola looks awful. The dress does nothing for her figure, the colours are off and look way too summer-y for February London and the red lipstick doesn’t go with the dress.

    The only one out of this bunch who looks good is Hannah.

  13. Bridget says:

    I loved how whimsical the Gucci dresses have been this year. This one hasn’t been my favorite, but I have loved that the drssses have all had a sense of fun.

    Sophie’s LV is gorgeous.

    Daisy’s dress is nice, but she needs to find a stylist that works better with her vibe. Every time I see her, the hair and makeup look off.

  14. Anitas says:

    Penelope Cruz looks amazing! Best look of the night for me. Don’t like Viola’s dress much, but she makes it look OK.

  15. kri says:

    Hannah,Penelope,Viola, sophie………..YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  16. bettyrose says:

    Well, Sophie Turner certainly doesn’t look like a young teen star any more.

  17. Jayna says:

    Viola is rockin’ that gown. Penelope just gets better and better. She looks stunning in that gown and love her hair.

    Hannah’s gown is perfection.

  18. Alix says:

    I think Viola looks great and the dress is beautiful, I just suspect it would’ve been more flattering on her in a different color. The blue isn’t making her shine. Yellow, maybe?

  19. seesittellsit says:

    Hannah Redmayne the only one in an interesting dress for a brainy adult woman that is interesting AND pretty. Every one of the other gowns shown up on this thread is awful. I actually love the colors on Davis’s dress, they make lovely contrast to her skin but the dress itself looks like curtains. The others are beyond bad.

  20. Natalia says:

    Hated Viola’s dress at first, then decided if it were in golds, creams and maybe silver, it would be so much more stunning and classy. All the blue is just too much.

  21. Chinoiserie says:

    This is one of Violas better dresses but its not saying that much. Hannah’s dress is nice.

  22. tw says:

    Viola and her dress are absolutely gorgeous. She looks stunning

  23. Breakfast Margaritas says:

    Viola’ s dress is beautiful. It shows too much of her chest and I think this makes her self conscious. If the bust of the dress were a bit higher We would see that great posture and warm smile. Too much chest exposed.

  24. Cel2495 says:

    Viola, Penélope and Sophie look amazing!

  25. TheSageM says:

    Viola looks amazing but I am biased. I wore Jenny Packham at my wedding last year 🙂

  26. Annetommy says:

    I normally like Viola’s style but didn’t really care for this. The frou frou dress with the tiger is an abomination.,,

  27. Petunia says:

    I actually really love Anya’s dress, it’s fun and whimsical, perfect for a girl her age. I do like Sophie’s dress, but it ages her and I miss the red hair.

    I love the color of Viola’s, but I just hate strapless dresses. Daisy’s is terrible.

  28. lucy2 says:

    I like all of these except for Anya’s.